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Full text of "Genealogy of the descendants of Lawrence and Cassandra Southwick of Salem, Mass. : the original emigrants, and the ancestors of the families who have since borne his name"

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The original emigrants, and the ancestors of the faniilii 
vjho have since borne his ?iatne. 


JAMES M. CALLER, of Salem, Mass. 
Mrs. M. a. OBER, of Sciota, N.Y. 





The following Illustrious Persons were 

EITHER Quakers, or Descendants of 


William Penn, a Quaker. 

Solomon Southwick, of Newport, R. I., son of a 

Solomon Southwick, of Albany, N.Y., grandson of 
a Quaker. 

Isaac T. Hopper, of Philadelphia, Pa., a Quaker. 

Elias Hicks, of New York, a Quaker Preacher. 

General Nathaniel Greene, of Rhode Island, son of 
a Quaker Preacher. 

Lucretia Mott, of Philadelphia, Pa., a Quaker 
Preacher, and daughter of Quaker parents, of Nan- 
tucket, R. I. 

Abraham Lincoln, son of Quaker parents. 

John Bright, of Birmingham, England, a Quaker, 
and son of a Quaker, Jacob Bright. 

John Greenleaf Whittier, a Quaker Poet, of Quaker 


TT is a laudable part of human nature to desiie to know 
-*- as much as is possible of its Ancestr}', in order to 
contemplate the various forms of religion and govern- 
ment, and their civilizing influences. It is paradoxical 
that any religion should ever ha\e been vindictive ; rob- 
bing, torturing and murderiiig (for the glorv of (jod 
and the salvation of souls) all who would not conform 
to their bigoted and tyrannical ideas of religious dutv. 

But amidst all these persecutions there have been a few 
noble and fearless people who adopted the motto that''' re- 
sistance to tyrants was obedience to God,'" thereby planting 
the good seed which has grown by slow and sure growth, 
developing the ti'uest and best theocracy and democracy. 

It is always interesting and j^i'ofitable to read the say- 
ings and doings of good, noble, independent people, who 
have battled heroically against wrong in all ages and who 
have been martyrs for truth's sake. 

It is a sad and dark picture to contemplate the iiistory 
of the Puritans^ who fled from persecutions only to be- 
come worse persecutors in turn ; leaving homes and 
kindred, coming to this then wilderness country to 
enjoy religious liberty, and by their dishonest practices 
with the Indians incurring not only their contempt but 
their hatred and vengeance. It is said the Piuitans were 
continuallv in danger of the tomahawk of the Indian 


here, and the perfidy of a corrupt and profligate Court in 
Enghmd. The Indians were not long in discovering the 
want of good faith and common honesty practised by the 
Puritans, hence their hostility, which was dreadful in the 
pious Puritans' eyes. How different was the example of 
William Penn, wdio founded a colony and dealt honestly 
with the Indians, and whose treaty with them, as 
Voltaire says, "was the only treaty ever made which 
was not sworn to, and the only treaty which was ever 
sacredly observed." 

In the course of thirtv-five years after the landing of 
the Pilgrims in 1620, there came to these shores a peace- 
loving people called Friends or Qiiakers, who were a 
sober, industrious, thrifty, truth-loving people, who soon 
came under the terrible scourge of these intolerant Puri- 
tans, and were whipped, imprisoned, lined, banished and 
hung for having the audacity to love and embrace the 
truth as taught by George Fox. 

It is said that the blood of the martyrs was the seed of 
the Church, so of the noble martyrs who shed their blood 
in the cause of truth and honest religion, and who have 
taught bigots in religion that honesiy is the onl}' t?'2ie 
basis for any religion, and have produced a public senti- 
ment which has broken the chains of the slave and has 
taught people the simple lesson that in order to have 
your 1-ights respected you 7>iust respect the rights of 

In noble contrast with Governor John Endicott, of 
Massachusetts, stands William Penn, who founded a 
Colony on the principle of equal and exact justice to all, 
white, red and black ; he tolerated and respected all 
religious opinions, and would not take the large sum of 
$80,000 due his father. Admiral William Penn, from 
the English government, because it was earned in War., 


but took in lieu a deed of Pennsylvania, and then came 
over and told the Indians that although he had a deed of 
their lands he did not consider that he owned a foot of it. 
For seventy years no white person was killed in Pennsyl- 
vania by the Indians, and they did not carry^ weapons of 

There is a tradition that the Qiiaker garb is a pass- 
port of safety to the wearer to this day amongst the 
Indians on our Continent. 

Lord Baltimore, a Roman Catholic, founded a colony 
where all religions could be enjoyed without molestation. 
Roger Williams, a Baptist, founded a colon v where all 
religious opinions were protected. 

That nobility which prefers Right to Power is the truest 
Aristocracy of the world. 

Jas. M. Caller. 


SouTHwicK Genealogy. 


Setting forth reasons atid causes for separating a7id dissentittg 
from the Established Church of the old Colony of Massachu- 
setts Bay by the Quakers in 1656. 

'HEN from a clear conviction of our inherent 
rights and duties as conscientious and humble 
followers of that noble man George Fox, the 
apostle of peace and good-will on earth ; who 
dared brave the corruptions of a venal, corrupt and 
tyrannical church and boldly proclaim those eternal 
principles of truth and right which were clearly in 
accord with the best teachings of the Bible; we feel 
that it would be just to set forth the reasons for leav- 
ing a church which was the right hand of political 
power and was a power behind the throne greater 
than the throne, hence Church and State — church 
first, which sought to crush and destroy all independ- 
ence in Church or State. 

"We deem our salvation to be an individual work 
which we cannot do by proxy or for another. 

"We deem it proper to eat our bread by the sweat 
of our brows. 


"We deem it proper to wear the yoke of self-de- 
nial, and inculcate by our practice as well as by our 
precepts our friendship for all our fellow-creatures, 
as we are all God's children. 

"We deem it proper to beat our swords into plough- 
shares and our spears into pruning-hooks, and to re- 
fuse to participate in any and all wars against our fel- 

"We deem it proper to declare and proclaim to all 
the world our abhorrence of all wars, and our inde- 
pendence of all despotic rulers, either spiritual or temp- 

"We deem it our duty to have all our children and 

all children under our care educated sufficiently to 
read and write, in order that all persons at mature age 
may be able to read and interpret the Scriptures for 
themselves, in order that the ligJit ivitliin may direct 
aright. "Ask and it shall be given you : seek and ye 
shall find : knock and it shall be opened unto you." — 
Matt. VII, 7. 

"While we recognize our Duty towards our God, 
we utterly refuse to bow the head to any earthly po- 
tentate, for we cannot serve two masters. 

"We deem it proper to declare and protest against 
the cruel and vindictive persecutions of our (so- 
called) Christian Church, and we proclaim our inde- 
pendence of the same, and we recognize the true 
brotherhood of man. 

"The seeds thus sown brought forth a class of 
sturdy independent thinkers who were the men who 
boldly declared for the Independence of our Conntry 
in 1776." 


From South Coast Saunterings in England. 

'T^HERE was printed in the county of Hampshire 
a curious "Annual Repository," two vokimes of 
which I have been enabled, through the kindness of 
a friend, to examine. These are records of the agri- 
cultural, social and religious condition of the various 
parishes in the county and many entertaining accounts 
of their antiquities. Of the latter, I was struck with 
the form of a conveyance by Henry I. (A. D. 1133) 
of land to Southwick Priory: "I will and firmly de- 
cree that the said canons, their officers and servants, 
shall have and hold all their possessions .... free 
and unmolested from shires and hundreds and all 
manner of suits, pleas and complaints and payments 
for murders and larcenies, from homsuchen and forest 
law, from scutage and hidage, gelds, denegelds and 
homgelds, assorts, assizes, dodande, saides, sum- 
mages, avepenny and hundred-penny, miskinnings 
and blodewyte." — M. D. Conway, Harper s MontJily, 
Vol. jp, page 344. 

Sewel's History of the Quakers. 

In 1657, William Shattuck, a shoe maker of Bos- 
ton, being on the first day of the week found at his 


house instead of coming to the place of worship was 
taken to the house of correction, where at his first 
entrance he was cruelly whipped and then kept at 
work whilst his wife and innocent children were in 
want on account of his absence. Richard Bellingham, 
Deputy Governor, said to William's wife that since he 
was poor and could not pay five shillings per week 
for not coming to church they should keep him in 

John Copeland and Christopher Holder coming to 
Dedham were taken by the Constable to Boston, 
when being brought before the Governor, John Endi- 
cott, lie said in a rage "ye shall be sure to have your 
ears cut off." Soon after, John Rouse came to Boston 
and was arrested and put into prison. Then Governor 
Endicott called the three prisoners by name and said 
in a great passion, it is the sentence of the Court that 
you three have each of you his right ear cut off by 
the hangman. The sentence ^vas executed in private. 

In 1658, Sarah Gibbons and Dorothy Waugh came 
to Boston, and having spoken in the public meeting- 
place, were brought to the house of correction, and 
three days before and three days after being whipped 
were not allowed to have victuals, although they 
offered to pay for them ; and when Sarah afterwards 
asked Governor Endicott whether this was justice 
and equity, he answered that it mattered not. 

Not long after, Hored Gardner, an inhabitant of 
Rhode Island, came with her sucking babe and a girl 
to carry it to Weymouth. Being a Qnaker she was 
hurried to Boston, where both she and the girl were 


whipped with a three-fold knotted whip. Hored after 
being whipped knelt down and prayed the Lord to 
forgive their persecutors. 

Daniel and Provided Southwick, son and daughter 
of Lawrence and Cassandra Southwick, seeing how 
unreasonably their honest parents and brother Josiah 
were dealt with, felt themselves encouraged to follow 
their steps and not frequent the assemblies of such a 
persecuting generation ; for which absence they were 
fined ten pounds, though it was well known they had 
no estate. To get this money an order was issued 
in the General Court at Boston that they should be 
sold as slaves to any of the English nation at Virginia 
or Barbadoes to answer said fines. 

Rev. John Selby Watson's Life of George Fox. 

In 1656 two women, Mary Fisher and Ann Austin, 
came to Boston to preach as humble followers of 
George Fox. There had been no law made against 
Quakers in New England, yet Richard Billingham, 
the Deputy Governor, committed these two women to 
prison on their landing, as being of the sect called 
Quakers, because one of them in speaking to him 
said '' tJion" instead of ''yon!' They were afterwards 
barbarously treated ; they were undressed and searched 
on pretence of ascertaining whether they were 

They were kept in confinement five weeks and al- 
most starved ; and at last the captain of a vessel was 
forced to carry them back to England, and the jailor 


kept their beds, which had been brought on shore, 
for jail fees : such was the '" cntcrtainvicnf the Quak- 
ers first met with at Boston from a people who pre- 
tended that for conscience sake they chose the wilds 
of America rather than the well-cultivated Old Eng- 

Four male and four female " Quakers'' who landed 
about a month afterwards were treated in a similar 
manner by Governor Endicott, and after eleven weeks 
stay were shipped back to England. 

Cassandra Southwick was arrested July, 1656, for 
absence from worship. 

A law was then made prohibiting all masters of 
ships from bringing " Quakers " to New England and 
" Quakers'' themselves from landing there under pen- 
alty of imprisonment. 

Quakers, however, still continued to appear in New 
England, and most cruel measures were adopted for 
their exclusion. At length two " Quakers," William 
Robinson, a London trader, and Marmaduke Steven- 
son, an agriculturist from Yorkshire, both of whom 
persisted in frequenting Boston and the neighbor- 
hood, were ordered by the court to keep themselves 
out of its jurisdiction '' uuder paiu of deaths and as 
they did not feel "free in mind" to obey the order, 
were in the latter part of the year 1659 actually 
hanged, and their dead bodies were stripped and 
mangled by the hands of the mob. A woman named 
Mary Dyer was executed soon afterwards. 

And in the early part of the following year William 
Leddra and Wenlock Christison were also hung for 
same reasons. 


But these proceedings, which far surpassed any- 
thing that had been done against the ''Quakers'' in 
England, excited the attention of the Enghsh people 
as well as the " Quakers" themselves, and an applica- 
tion being made to the King, Charles II, a mandamus 
was addressed by the English government to the au- 
thorities of New England, directing that if there were 
any ''Quakers" in that country under sentence of 
imprisonment, corporeal punishment or death, the 
proceedings against them should be stopped and they 
should be sent over to England to be dealt with ac- 
cording to English laws. 

This order was so far obeyed that the "Quakers" 
who were then in prison were set at liberty, and three 
deputies. Colonel Temple, a priest named Norton, 
and Simon Broadstreet, one of the magistrates, were 
sent over to England to inform the King of their re- 
lease and to deprecate his displeasure. 

During their stay in England George Fox and some 
of his friends found an opportunity of speaking to 
them and charged them boldly, at least Norton and 
Broadstreet (who acknowledged that they were con- 
cerned in the persecutions), with murder, in having, 
though subjects of England, put to death peaceable 
citizens, not by English laws, but by arbitrary enact- 
ments of their own ; and many of the old Royalists 
says " Sezuel" were earnest with the "Quakers" to 
bring the New England persecutors or as many of 
them as possible to trial, but George Fox replied 
that he would leave them to Him to whom vengeance 
belonged, and consequently nothing was done in the 


It does not appear that any more " Quakers'' were 
put to death in New England, but persecutions were 
not discontinued and ill-treatment of them by whip- 
ping, imprisonment, and other modes of vexation 
were indulcred to a great extent. 

Bishop's New England Judged. 

In 1657, Lawrence Southwick and Cassandra his 
wife, an aged and grave couple, inhabitants of Salem, 
Mass., and members of First church, who for enter- 
taining two strangers, viz. : John Copeland and Chris- 
topher Holder, were committed to prison at Boston. 
Lawrence was released as being a member of First 
church, to be dealt with by said congregation ; but 
Cassandra was kept in prison seven weeks and then 
fined forty shillings for owning a paper written by the 
two aforesaid strangers in reference to the truth and 
the Scriptures. Gov. Endicott putting questions to 
her to ensnare her and bring her under the law, which 
was illegal, said law being enacted to punish any 
person who should write or hold any heretical papers, 
said papers were not proved to be heretical but were 
the truth. 

In the 5th Month, 16, 1658, Old Style, Lawrence. 
Cassandra and their son Josiah were imprisoned at 
Boston for being Quakers, and were kept there twenty 
weeks on a charge of violating a law enacted while 
they were in prison. 

historical extracts. 9 

James Savage's Genealogical Dictionary of 
First Settlers of New England. 

1658 and 1659. In the dark days of delusion 
against the Quakers the whole family of Lawrence 
and Cassandra Southwick suffer much from fines and 
imprisonment. When the fines of Daniel and Pro- 
vided were unpaid, the tender hearted General Court 
with intent to magnify the GLORY OF GOD ordered 
them to be sold for Slaves to any Christian in Vir- 
ginia or Barbadoes. 

Lawrence made his will at Shelter Island in 1659 
and died there three days before his wife, in spring 
of 1660; his will was proved at Salem in 1660, in 
which he mentions sons John, Josiah and Daniel, and 
daughters Provided and Mary (who married Henry 
Trask), and some grand children. 

Felt's Annals of Salem. 

In July, 1656, Cassandra, the wife of Lawrence 
Southwick, is arraigned for absence from worship. 

March 23, 1657. Josiah Hobart is preaching at 
Cape Ann Side. 

Sept. 21, 1657. Christopher Holder and John 
Copeland, Quakers, attempt to address our people 
after the Minister closed. They are secured until 
Monday, then sent to Boston where they received 
thirty stripes and were imprisoned nine weeks. 
Samuel Shattuck, for interfering when Holder was 
apprehended, was imprisoned at Boston till he gave 


bonds. Lawrence Southvvick and his wife, for enter- 
taining Holder and Copeland, were confined in the 
same town. 

In March, 1658, John Small, Josiah Southwick and 
John Burton are apprehended in Dedham for being 
Quakers, while on their way to Rhode Island to pro- 
vide a residence for themselves and families, and to 
escape from their persecutors. They -were released 
and resumed their journey. 

June 29, 1658. Among the persons punished for 
attending a Quaker Meeting at Nicholas Phelps' are 
John, Daniel and Provided Southwick, Joseph Pope, 
Anthony Needham, Edward Wharton, Samuel Gaskin, 
or Gaskill, Henry Trask and wife, Joseph Bufifum's 
wife and his son Joseph, and Thomas Brackett ; the 
wives of Needham, Phelps, Pope, and Geo. Gardner 
are indicted ; Edward Harnett and his wife Priscilla 
are fined. 

March ii, 1659. As the fines of Daniel and Pro- 
vided Southwick are not paid tJicy are ordered to be 
sold into Slavery to any of the English living in 
Virginia or Barbadoes ; but this was not done. Law- 
rence and Cassandra Southwick and their son Josiah, 
Samuel Shattuck, Nicholas Phelps and Joshua Buffum 
are banished on pain of death. 

Oct. 18, 1659. Hannah Phelps is admonished, and 
Wm. King is sentenced to be whipped. Margaret 
Smith and son, and Mary Trask are in prison ; they 
had attended the trial of Robinson, Stevenson and 
Mary Dyer in Boston. 

Nov. 3, 1659. Edward Wharton is whipped and 


fined for asserting that the two former were unjustly 

Nov. 29, 1659. Joseph Miles, Thomas Spooner, 
James Smith, and Francis Simpson are arraigned with 
other Quakers. 

May 18, 1660. Henry Bacheller and (June 26) 
the wife of Edmund Nicholson, the wife of Wm. Vin- 
cent, Samuel Salmon, and other Friends are prose- 

Nov. 27, 1660. The wife of Robert Stone, John 
Burton and other Quakers are prosecuted. 

Dec. 21, 1660. A letter from Mary Trask and 
Margaret Smith to the Governor, relative to the per- 
secution of their denomination, concludes: "From 
your house of correction (in Boston) where we have 
been unjustly restrained from our children and hab- 
itations, one of us about 8 months, the other 10 
months ; and where we are yet continued by yon 
oppressors, yet know no Shame." 

March 6, 1661. Of several things for which a fast 
is observed by the church in Salem is renewal of 
covenant and adding to it as follows : "Therefore we 
do covenant by the help of Jesus Christ to take heed 
and beware of the leaven of the doctrine of the 

* How absurdly false this pretence is, for the Qiiakers did 
not have any Doctrine or Code of Faith and Belief. They simply 
by their discipline enjoined the reading of the Bible ; and each to 
interpret for themselves, that the light xvithin each and every 
person was sufficient to guide them aright, " that he who runs 
might read, and need not go astray." 


March 14, 1661. Edward Wharton attends on 
Wm. Leddra executed at Boston and assists to bury 
his body. 

Sept. 9, 1661. Josiah Southwick having come from 
banishment, is ordered by the assistants to be stripped 
from his girdle upwards, tied to a cart's tail and 
whipped ten stripes in each of the towns of Boston, 
Roxbury and Dedham. 

Nov. 27, 1661. The General Court vote to comply 
with a letter from the King (Charles II.) which re- 
quired them to cease proceedings against the Quakers, 
and to send such of them as are apprehended over to 
England for trial. This Royal injunction was brought 
by Samuel Shattuck from London, whither he had ■ 
gone after being banished by our authorities. 

Dec. 10, 1 66 1. Several of the Friends are fined 
as usual. 

June 6, 1663. Mr Higginson writes to the Legis- 
lature; in a postscript is the following: "I doe fur- 
ther entreate y* ye hon*^. Court will please to consider 
what course may be taken for ye dissolueing ye 
Quaker Meetings here which we have frequent and 
constant without interruption a long time, strange 
Quakers often repairing hither, y^ occasion may be 
given for others abroad to looke upon Salem as a nest 
of Quakers from hence to infect ye rest of ye coun- 

Philip Veren is sentenced to be severely lashed for 
saying that our authorities "had murdered the dear 
saints and servants of God, and that he saw one of 
them murdered at Boston himself" 


To build a prison here ^50 are appropriated, which 
sum was the price of lands taken from Quakers. 

Nov. 24, 1663. Twenty-five of this denomination 
are fined and they continue to be thus treated for 
several years. 

June 26, 1666. John Blevin is among the Quakers 

Nov. 24, 1668. Nathaniel Hadlock suffers with 
the Quakers. 

June 29, 1669. Robert Gray, also of the Friends, 
is fined. The will of Robert Bufifum is not allowed, 
because the witnesses would only testify, and not 
swear, to its correctness. 

July 18, 1676. After a few years' respite, the 
Quakers are renewedly prosecuted. 

Dec. 12, 1695. -^^ order of General Court re- 
quires that all the copies of a book entitled "Truth 
Held Forth," and edited by Thomas Maule, be 
searched for and seized. This work contained severe 
reflections on the government for their treatment of 
the Quakers. 

THE Massachusetts Bay of New England. 

Oct. 14, 1656. Whereas there is a cursed sect 
of heretics lately risen up in the world, which are 
commonly called Quakers ; who take upon them to 
be immediately sent of God, and infallibly assisted by 
the spirit to speak and write blasphemous opin- 
ions, despising government and the order of God in 


church and commonwealth, speaking evil of digni- 
ties and reproaching and reviling magistrates and 
ministers, seeking to turn the people from the faith 
and gain proselytes to their pernicious ways. This 
Court taking into serious consideration the premises, 
and to prevent the like mischief as by their means 
is wrought in our native land, doth hereby order, and 
by the authority of this court be it ordered and enacted 
that what master of any ship, bark, pinnace, catch, 
or of any other vessel that shall henceforth bring into 
any harbor, creek or cove within this jurisdiction any 
known Quaker, or any other blasphemous heretics as 
aforesaid, shall pay or cause to be paid, a fine of one 
Hundred Pounds, to the treasurer of the country; 
except it appear that he wanted true knowledge or 
information of their being such, and in that case he 
hath liberty to clear himself by his oath, when suffi- 
cient proof to the contrary is wanting ; and for de- 
fault of payment or good security for it, shall be 
committed to prison and there remain till the said 
sum be satisfied to the treasurer as aforesaid ; and 
the commander of any such ship or vessel that shall 
bring them, being legally convicted, shall give in 
sufficient security to the Governor or any one or 
more of the magistrates who have power to deter- 
mine the same, to carry them back to the place from 
whence he brought them, and on his refusal to do so 
the Governor or one or more of the magistrates are 
hereby empowered to issue out his or their warrants to 
commit such master or commander to prison, there to 
continue until he shall give sufficient security to the 


content of the Governor or any of the magistrates as 
aforesaid, and it is hereby ordered and enacted that 
what Quakers soever shall arise in this country from 
foreign parts or come into this jurisdiction from any 
parts adjacent, shall forthwith be committed to the 
house of correction, and at their entrance to be se- 
verely whipt, and by the master thereof to be kept 
constantly at work and none suffered to converse or 
speak with them during the time of their imprison- 
ment, which shall be no longer than necessity re- 
quireth ; and further it is ordered if any person shall 
knowingly import into any harbor of this jurisdiction 
any Quaker books or writings concerning their Devil- 
ish opinions, shall pay for every such book or writ- 
ings, being legally proved against him or them, the 
sum of five pounds ; and whoever shall disperse or 
conceal any such book or writings and it be found 
with him or her or in his or her house, and shall not 
immediately deliver into the next magistrate, shall 
forfeit and pay the sum of five pounds for the dis- 
persing or concealing of any such book or writing. 

And it is hereby further enacted that if any person 
within this colony take upon them the hereti- 
cal opinions of the said Quakers, or any of their 
books or papers as aforesaid, ''ex animo,'" if legally 
proved shall be fined for the first time forty shillings, 
and if they shall persist in the same and shall so 
again defend it, the second time four pounds ; if still 
notwithstanding they shall again so defend and main- 
tain the said Quakers' heretical opinions, they shall 
be committed to the house of correction till there be 


convenient passage to send them out of the land, be- 
ing sentenced by the Court of assistance to banish- 
ment. Lastl}\ it is hereby ordered that what person 
or persons soever shall revile the office or person of 
magistrates or ministers, as is usual with the Qtiakers, 
such person or persons shall be severely whipt, or pay 
the sum of five pounds. 

Oct. 15, 1656. (Page 279.) It is ordered that 
the secretary forthwith issue out a warrant from this 
Court to the Marshall General or his deputy, to im- 
press a meet boat and sufficient and convenient help 
to carry down and deliver the Qtiakers aboard Mr. 

Oct. 14, 1657. (Page 308.) As, in addition to the 
late order in reference to the coming or bringing in 
any of the cursed sect of the Quakers into this juris- 
diction, it is ordered that whosoever shall from hence- 
forth bring or cause to be brought directly or indi- 
rectly any known Quaker or Qiiakers or other blas- 
phemous Heretics into this jurisdiction, every such 
person shall forfeit the sum of one hundred pounds 
to the countr}', and shall by warrant be committed to 
prison and there remain until the penalty be satisfied 
and paid ; and if any person or persons within this 
jurisdiction shall entertain any Qtiaker or Qtiakers or 
other blasphemous heretics, shall forfeit forty shillings 
for every hours' entertainment and concealment, and 
shall be committed to prison until the fine is paid : 
and it is further ordered that if any Qtiaker or Quak- 
ers, after they have once suffered what the law re- 
quireth, come into this jurisdiction, every such male 



Qtiaker shall for the first offence have one of his ears 
cut off and be kept at work in the house of correc- 
tion till he can be sent away at his charge, and for 
the second offence have his other ear cut off, and kept 
at house of correction as aforesaid. And every woman 
Quaker that hath suffered the law here that shall pre- 
sume to come into this jurisdiction shall be severely 
whipt and kept at the house of correction at work 
till she shall be sent away at her own charge ; and so 
for her coming again she shall be alike used as afore- 
said, and for every Quaker, he or she that shall a 
third time offend, they shall have their tongue bored 
through with a hot iron and kept at the house of cor- 
rection close to work till they shall be sent away at 
their own charge ; and it is further ordered that all 
and every Quaker arising from amongst ourselves 
shall be dealt with and suffer the like punishment as 
the law provides for foreign Quakers. 

May 19, 1658. (Page 321.) That Quakers and 
such accursed heretics arising among ourselves may 
be dealt with according to their deserts, and that their 
pestilent errors and practices may speedily be pre- 
vented, it is hereby ordered that as in addition to the 
former law against Quakers, that every such person 
professing any of their pernicious ways by speaking, 
writing, or by meeting on the Lord's day, or any other 
time, to strengthen themselves or seduce others to 
their diabolical doctrines, shall after conviction incur 
the penalty ensuing, that is, every person so meeting 
shall pay to the country for every time, ten shillings ; 
and every one speaking in such meeting shall pay 


five pounds apiece, and in case any such person hath 
been punished by scourging or whipping the first 
time according to the former laws, shall be kept at 
work in the house of correction till they put in se- 
curity, with two sufficient men, that they shall not 
any more vent their hateful errors or use their sinful 
practices, or else shall depart this jurisdiction at their 
own charges ; and if any of them return again, then 
each person shall incur the penalty of the laws formerly 
made for strangers. 

Oct. 19, 1658. (Page 348.) Whereas this Court, 
well understanding the dangerous events of the doc- 
trines and practices of the Quakers, hath by law en- 
deavored to prevent the same, but finding that some 
of them do disperse their papers, so expressing them- 
selves therein as that they may deceive divers of weak 
capacities and so draw them on to favor their opinions 
and ways. Now for the further prevention of infec- 
tion and guiding of people in the truth in reference 
to such opinions, heresies or blasphemies by them 
expressed in their books, letters, or by words openly 
held forth by some of them, the Court judgeth meet 
that there be a writing or declaration drawn up and 
printed to manifest the evil of their tenets and dangers 
of their practices, as tending to the subversion of re- 
ligion, of church order, and civil government, and 
the necessity that this government is put upon (for 
the preservation of religion and their own peace 
and safety) to exclude such persons from amongst 
them, who after due means of conviction shall remain 
obstinate and pertinacious, and this work the Court 


doth commend to the care and pains of the Rev. Mr. 
John Norton, speedily to effect. 

Oct. 19, 1658. (Page 349.) It is ordered that 
the Quakers in prison at Ipswich be forthwith sent 
for ; warrant issued out accordingly and return to the 
warrant made ; the Court convented the said Quakers 
before them and after much endeavor to convince 
and reform them, ordered that Samuel Shattocke, 
Lawrence Southwick and Cassandra Southwick his 
wife, shall be enjoined at their peril to depart out of 
this jurisdiction before the first day of the Court of 
election next, which if they neglect or refuse to do, 
they shall then be banished under pain of death, and 
if in the meantime they shall transgress against the 
new law made by this Court against Quakers, they 
shall be proceeded with as the said law requires ; and 
it is referred to the County Court of Suffolk to 
declare this sentence to them, and thereupon release 
them out of prison. 

May II, 1659. (Page 366.) Whereas Daniel and 
Provided Southwick, son and daughter to Lawrence 
Southwick, have been fined by the County Courts 
of Salem and Ipswich, pretending they have no es- 
tates, resolving not to work, and others likewise have 
been fined for siding with the Quakers and absenting 
themselves from the public ordinances ; and in answer 
to a question what course shall be taken for the sat- 
isfaction of the fines, the Court, on perusal of the law 
title arrests, Resolve that the treasurers of the sev- 
eral counties are, and shall hereby be impowered to 
sell the said persons to any of the English nation at 
Virginia or Barbadoes. 


May II, 1659. (Page 367.) It is ordered that 
Lawrence Southwick and Cassandra his wife, Samuel 
Shattocke, Nicholas Phelps, Joshua Buffum and Jo- 
siah Southwick, hereby are sentenced according to 
the order of the General Court in October last, to 
banishment, to depart out of this jurisdiction by the 
8th of June next, on pain of death ; and if any of 
them after the 8th of June next, shall be found within 
this jurisdiction, they shall be apprehended by any 
constable or other officer, there to lye till the next 
Court of assistance, when they shall be tried, and 
being found guilty of the breach of this law, shall be 
put to death. 

Oct. 18, 1659. (Page 383.) It is ordered that 
William Robinson, Marmaduke Stephenson and Mary 
Dyer, Quakers now in prison for their rebellion, sedi- 
tion, presumptions obtruding themselves upon us, not- 
withstanding their being sentenced to banishment on 
pain of death as underminers of this government, etc., 
shall be brought before this Court for their trials, to 
suffer the penalty of the law (the just reward of 
their transgressions), on the morrow morning, being 
the 19th inst. 

William Robinson, Marmaduke Stephenson and 
Mary Dyer, banished this jurisdiction by the last 
Court of assistance, on pain of death, being com- 
mitted by order of the General Court, were sent for, 
brought to the bar, acknowledge themselves to be the 
persons banished ; after a full hearing of what the 
prisoners could say for themselves, it was put to the 
question whether William Robinson, Marmaduke 


Stephenson and Mary Dyer, the persons now in 
prison, who have been convicted of being Quakers 
and banished this jurisdiction on pain of death, 
should be put to death according as the law provides 
in that case. The court resolved this question in 
the affirmative, and the Governor in open Court de- 
clared the sentence to William Robinson, that was 
brought to the bar, "William Robinson, you shall go 
from whence you came and from thence to the place 
of execution and there hang till you be dead. The 
like sentence the Governor in open Court pronounced 
against Marmaduke Stephenson and Mary Dyer, 
being brought to the bar one after another, in same 
words. W^hereas William Robinson, Marmaduke 
Stephenson and Mary Dyer are sentenced by this 
court to death for their rebellion, etc., it is ordered 
that the secretary issue out his warrant to Edward 
Michelson, Marshall General, for repairing to the 
prison on the 27th of this instant October, and take 
the said William Robinson, Marmaduke Stephenson 
and Mary Dyer into his custody and them forthwith 
by the aid of Captain James Oliver, with one hundred 
soldiers taken out by his order proportionately out of 
each company in Boston, armed with pike and mus- 
keteer with powder and bullet, to lead them to the 
place of execution, and there see them hang till they 
be dead, and in their going, being there, and return, 
to see all things be carried out peaceably and orderly. 
Warrants issued out accordingly. 

Whereas Mary Dyer is condemned by the General 
Court to be executed for her offence, on the petition 


of William Dier. her son, it is ordered that the said 
Mary Dyer shall have liberty fbr 48 hours after this 
day to depart out of this jurisdiction, after which 
time, being found therein, she is forthwith to be exe- 
cuted, and in the meantime that she be kept a close 
prisoner till her son or some other be ready to carry 
her away within the aforesaid time, and it is further 
ordered that she shall be carried to the place of exe- 
cution, there to stand with a rope about her neck 
till the rest be executed, and then returned to the 
prison and remain as aforesaid. 

Oct. 18, 1659. (Page 390.) It is ordered that 
there shall be a sufficient fence erected about the 
common prison in Boston, and house of correction, 
such as may debar persons from conversing with the 
prisoners, and the charge thereof to be borne half by 
the county of Suffolk, and the other half by the 
country; that the treasurer of the county of Suffolk 
see the same effected. 

Oct. 18, 1659. (Page 391.) Whereas Christo- 
pher Holder, a Quaker, hath suffered what the law 
formerly appointed, after being sent to England with- 
out punishment, presumptuously coming into this 
jurisdiction without leave first obtained, the Court 
judgeth it meete to sentence him to banishment on 
pain of death; in case he be found within this juris- 
diction three days after the next ship now bound from 
hence to England be departed from this harbor, and 
between this and the ship's departure, with the keeper 
at his own charge, he shall have liberty one day in a 
week to go about his business, and in case he shall 


choose to go out of this jurisdiction sooner on the 
penalty aforesaid, he shall by order from the Gover- 
nor or Deputy Governor be discharged the prison, so 
as he stay not above three days after his discharge 
from the prison in this jurisdiction. 

Oct. 16, 1660. (Page 432.) For explication of 
the law or laws referring to the manner of trial of such 
persons as are found in this jurisdiction after banish- 
ment on pain of death, this Court doth judge meete 
to declare that when any person or persons banished 
on pain of death shall, after the expiration of their 
time limited for departure, be found within the limits 
of this jurisdiction, all Magistrates, Commissioners, 
Constables and other officers of this jurisdiction, do 
use their best endeavors for their apprehension and 
conveying to safe custody, and being there secured, 
such person or persons shall at the next Court of 
assistance, whether in ordinary or specially called, 
according to direction of the law for calling of such 
Courts, have a legal trial by a jury of twelve men, 
and being found by evidence of their own confession 
to be the person or persons formerly sentenced to 
banishment on pain of death, shall accordingly be 
sentenced to death and executed by warrant from the 
Governor or Deputy Governor, directed to the Mar- 
shall General, unless they be regularly reprieved in 
the mean time. 

There being some women Quakers now in prison 
liable to sentence of banishment, whose husbands are 
innocent persons in that respect as far as we know, 
and are inhabitants in this jurisdiction, this Court 


doth order that the said women, named Margaret 
Smith and Mary Trask, be committed to the house of 
correction and there kept to constant labor and mean 
diet, according to the order of said house, until this 
Court release them, and that the sexitence of banish- 
ment upon the said persons be suspended, any law to 
the contrary notwithstanding, unless their husbands 
shall choose to carry them out of this jurisdiction, 
and not return without leave first obtained. 

In answer to a motion of the Quakers now in pri- 
son that they may have their liberty to go for Eng- 
land, the Court judgeth it meete to declare that all 
the Quakers now in prison shall forthwith have their 
liberty to go for England in this ship now bound 
thither if they will, and for such as will not go for 
England, shall have liberty to depart this jurisdiction 
within eight days, as they solemnly engage under 
their hands delivered by them to the Governor or 
Deputy Governor, that they will not return into this 
jurisdiction without leave from the Council or General 
Court first by them obtained. 

Whereas Joseph Nicholson and Jane his wife, being 
two Quakers banished this jurisdiction upon pain of 
death, and returning some time since into this jurisdic- 
tion, were called before the Court, where manifesting 
their desire to go for England the Court granted 
liberty to the aforesaid persons for three days to de- 
part this jurisdiction either for England or elsewhere, 
the said persons accordingly repairing to the ship 
then bound for England, but by reason of its fullness 
of the ships lading could not obtain their passage, 



and on their return tendering themselves to the Gov- 
ernor to be secured in prison until they may get 
passage for England, another ship being bound for 
England the undertakers whereof being willing to 
transport the said persons, the Court grants the said 
persons liberty to pass for England by the next op- 
portunity, and in the interim to be secured in prison, 
any law to the contrary notwithstanding. 

The court understanding that several inhabitants 
of this jurisdiction have lodged the Quakers now in 
prison, do order that the secretary issue out a warrant 
to the several persons and send the same by messen- 
ger of purpose to bring them all with speed to this 
Court to answer to their offence therein. 

May 30, 1660. (Page 419.) The whole court 
met together, sent for Mary Dyer, "who rebelliously 
after sentence of death passed against her, returned 
into this jurisdiction ; being come before the court 
she acknowledged herself to be Mary Dyer, the per- 
son, and was condemned by this court to death. Be- 
ing asked what she had to say why that sentence of 
death should not be executed, she gave no other 
answer but that she denied our law, came to bear 
witness against it and could not choose but come and 
do as formerly. The whole Court met together, voted 
that the said Mary Dyer, for her rebelliously return- 
ing into this jurisdiction (notwithstanding the favor 
of this court towards her), shall be by the Marshall 
General on the first day of June, about nine of the 
clock in the morning, carried to the place of execu- 
tion and according to the sentence of the General 


Court in October last, be put to death. That the 
secretary issue out warrant accordingly, which sen- 
tence the Governor declared to her in open Court, 
and warrant issued out accordingly to Edward Mich- 
elson, Marshall General, and to Captain James Oliver 
and his order as formerly. 

May 30, 1660. (Page 419.) Whereas Joseph 
Nicholson and Jane his wife, Quakers, formerly ban- 
ished this jurisdiction on pain of death (and being 
contrary to the sentence of the court, found within 
the same), were apprehended and committed to 
prison ; this court having called the said Joseph and 
Jane his wife before them and examined them on 
grounds of their not departure, do judge meet so far 
to declare their farther clemency as yet to give them 
respite on penalty of their former sentence, to depart 
this jurisdiction by the next fourth day, and if they 
or either of them after that day shall be found in any 
part of the same, they shall again be apprehended 
by any magistrate, commissioner or constable or other 
person and brought to the prison at Boston, where 
they shall be kept close prisoners and being legally 
convicted thereof, shall be put to death. 

It is ordered that the Quakers now in prison shall 
there remain until the next Court of assistance and 
then they shall be tried by a jury accordingly as the 
law provides in that case. 

Oct. 8, 1662. (Page 59.) This court heretofore 
for some reasons inducing did judge meete to 
suspend the laws against Quakers as such, so far as 
they respect corporal punishment or death, during 


the Court's pleasure. Now forasmuch as new com- 
plaints are made to this Court of such persons 
abounding, especially in the eastern part, endeavor- 
ing to draw away others to that wicked opinion, it is 
therefore ordered that the last law '^ title Vagabond 
Quakers, 1661," be henceforth in force in all respects, 
provided their zuhipping be but through three towns, 
and the Magistrate or Commissioners signing such 
warrant sJiall appoint the tozvns and number of 
stripes in EACH to be given. 

Oct. 21, 1663. (Page 88.) Whereas it is found 
by experience that there are many who are inhabi- 
tants of this jurisdiction which are enemies of all 
governments, Civil and Ecclesiastical, who will not 
yield obedience to authority, but make it much of their 
religion to be in opposition thereto and refuse to bear 
arms under others, who notwithstanding combine to- 
gether in some towns and make parties suitable to 
their designs in election of such persons according to 
their ends, it is therefore ordered by this Court and 
the authority thereof, that all persons, Quakers, or 
others who refuse to attend upon the public worship 
of God established here, that all such persons whether 
freemen or others acting as aforesaid shall and hereby 
are made incapable of voting in all civil assemblies, 
during their obstinate persisting in such wicked ways 
and courses, and until certificate be given of their 
reformation ; and it is further ordered that all those 
fines and mulcts of any such delinquent as aforesaid 
which are not gathered nor paid to the several treas- 
urers of the Counties, as also what fines shall be 


laid on them for the future, shall be delivered by the 
order of the County treasurers respectively to the 
selectmen of the several towns whereunto they be- 
long, to be by them improved for the poor of the 

A Review of the Past from the Quaker 

Salem, Mass., 9 mo. 30th, 1878. 
To the editors of the Observer: — 

My Dear Friends: — Please allow me, through 
the columns of thy paper, to present a few facts and 
reflections brought to mind as I have read, with 
interest, the report of the exercises in Mechanic Hall, 
9 mo. 1 8th, to commemorate the landing of Gov. 
Endicott upon our New England coast in the seven- 
teenth century. With much, of course, both of the 
letter and the spirit of those exercises I am in warm 
sympathy, but I have been led to see clearly that they 
present to the public, facts, solemn Jiistorical facts, in 
a somewhat one-sided manner. In simple justice to 
the present and rising generations, it seems to me 
that more of the truth, the whole truth, in the case 
should be stated. Had the scenes of violence and 
intolerance which marred the annals of the early days 
of this colony, transpired but ten or twenty years ago, 
we should consider ouf Christian faith and dignity 
and charity not a little compromised, if we came to- 
gether to celebrate them with song and oration and 
feast; why should the interval of two hundred and 


fifty years that has elapsed make us to feel so very 
differently in the matter? Why not with equal pro- 
priety, push this matter of historical research and 
commemoration yet a little further ; perchance we 
should find a line of descent with some unimportant 
breaks, running away back, through the years, as far 
as the founders of the Spanish inquisition. 

Now about this time, there were in different parts 
of England, some ten thousand Quakers, taken from 
their homes, their vocations, and their meeting-houses, 
and placed in jails, prisons — honest, industrious, in- 
offensive and God-fearing people. Many of the 
prisons were vile and filthy places ; oft-times they 
were placed in the same apartments among murderers 
and criminals of the lowest order, and numbers of 
the prisoners died during their incarceration from 
disease contracted, some being thus shut up for years. 

William Penn was about this time committed to 
Newgate, and in response to Sir John Robinson, who 
sentenced him and accused him of sedition, he 
said : — 

"We (Friends) have the unhappiness to be mis- 
represented. But bring me the man that will dare 
to justify this accusation to my face, and if I am not 
able to make it appear that it is both my practice 
and that of all the Friends to instill principles of 
peace on all occasions, (and war only against spirit- 
ual wickedness, that all men may be brought to fear 
God and work righteousness) I shall contentedly un- 
dergo the severest punishment your laws can expose 
me to. As for the King, I make this offer, if any 


one living can make appear directly or indirectly 
from the time I have been called a Quaker (since it 
is from thence you date my sedition) I have contrived 
or acted anything injurious to his person, or to the 
English government, I shall submit my person to 
your utmost cruelties. But it is hard that being in- 
nocent I should be reputed guilty." 

Robinson said to him: — "You bring yourself into 
trouble, heading parties and drawing people after 
you." Penn responded: — "I would have thee and 
all men know I scorn that religion which is not 
worth suffering for, and which is not able to sustain 
those who are afflicted for it. Mine is, and whatever 
be my lot I am resigned to the will of God. Thy 
religion persecutes, mine forgives, and I desire that 
God may forgive you all that are concerned in my 
commitment. I leave you, wishing you everlasting 
salvation." Well, it was natural amid such surround- 
ings and trials that some should be led to leave their 
native country and seek an asylum in our then wil- 
derness colony. Endicott now had the opportunity 
to play the part of a hero and a true Christian ; but 
no, he chose rather to be a tyrant and a persecutor ; 
whippings, imprisonment and death here awaited the 
coming of the poor, down-trodden Quaker. He had 
them publicly lashed, confined in jails, and three were 
hung on Boston Common. Between Penn and Endi- 
cott it was not so much a question of time, of edu- 
cation, of generation, (for they both figured in the 
same century,) as of obedience to the Light; the 
former followed and obeyed, the latter trampled it 


lander foot. And surely these must be rated as days 
of religious declension when high functionaries in 
•church and state could so far come to "believe a lie," 
as to give their countenance and their aid to the per- 
petration and the consummation of the follies, the 
horrors, and the crimes of the witchcraft delusion. 

The names of the three victims mentioned above 
■were William Robinson, Marmaduke Stevenson, and 
Mary Dyer. William Ledra was also executed later, 
in another place. Mary Dyer is described as "a per- 
son of no mean extract and parentage, of an estate 
pretty plentiful, of a comely stature and countenance, 
of a piercing knowledge in many things, of a won- 
derful sweet and pleasant discourse, fit for great 
affairs." She was a minister in the society, as were 
also the other two. Nicholas Upsal, notwithstanding 
the infirmities of old age, was exiled from Boston in 
the winter of 1656. "He had ventured to remon- 
strate with the rulers of Massachusetts, on their pass- 
ing a law for the banishment of ' that cursed sect of 
Jierctics lately risen up in the world, commonly called 
Quakers,' and prohibiting all commanders of ships, 
under penalty of a heavy fine, from bringing them 
into that jurisdiction. Leaving his wife and children 
and the colony in which long before he had taken 
refuge from persecution at home, the old man at 
length reached Rhode Island. Although during 
many years he had taken deep interest in the partic- 
ular Puritan congregation of which he was a member, 
he had found that forms and ceremonies could not 
satisfy his soul, and on hearing the views maintained 
by Friends he was "much refreshed." 


Rhode Island had, with the assistance of Roger 
Wijliams, been purchased by the new sect of Narra- 
gansett Indians, and immediately these faithful re- 
formers illustrated their forgiving spirit and true 
philanthropy by enacting that " none should be ac- 
counted a delinquent for doctrine." But no Puritan- 
ical power, no human hand, was strong enough to 
suppress the heaven-implanted and divinely directed 
zeal of the Friends to share their spiritual treasure- 
with others. About this time six of those who had 
been driven from Boston the previous year believed 
that the Lord was calling them thither again, and 
were assured that He w^ould give them grace to en- 
dure any suffering they might have to pass through." 

In the summer of 1657, eleven Quakers came to 
America from England in a little craft called the 
"Wood house." Their names were Humphrey Nor- 
ton, Robert Hodshon, Dorothy Waugh, Christopher 
Holder, William Brend, John Copeland, Richard 
Doudney, Mary Weatherhead, Sarah Gibbons, Mary 
Clarke. The master of the ship, Robert Fowler, was 
also a Friend ; five of them landed at New York 
while the remaining six went on to Rhode Island ; 
others came from time to time. Soon after their 
arrival John Copeland says in a letter to his parents : 

"Take no thought for me. The Lord's power hath 
overshadowed me, and man I do not fear ; for my 
trust is in the Lord who is become our shield and 
buckler, and exceeding great reward." Thus did 
God prepare His youthful servant to suffer for His 
sake. A few weeks later, Christopher Holder and 


himself were lying in Boston gaol, without bedding 
or even straw, lacerated from the effect of thirty 
lashes barbarously inflicted with a knotted scourge. 
For three days the gaoler refused to supply them 
with food or water, but they were sustained by their 
Saviour, and enabled to rejoice in His manifested 
love. Being accused as *' blasphemers, heretics and 
deceivers," they issued a declaration of faith, con- 
taining the following sentences: — 

"In Him do we believe, who is the only begotten 
Son of the Father, full of grace and truth. And in 
Him do we trust alone for salvation ; by whose blood 
we are washed from sin ; through whom we have 
access to the Father with boldness, being justified by 
faith in believing in His name. Who has sent forth 
the Holy Ghost, to wit, the Spirit of Truth, that pro- 
ceedeth from the Father and the Son ; by which we 
are sealed and adopted sons and heirs of the kingdom 
of Heaven. 

Believe in the Light, that you may be the children 
of the light ; for as you love it and obey it, it will 
lead you to repentance, bring you to know Him in 
whom is remission of sins, in whom God is well 
pleased ; who will give you an entrance into the 
kingdom of God, an inheritance amongst them that 
are sanctified." But the Governors would not allow 
any such assertion to alter their opinion that Quaker- 
ism was a dangerous heresy, and terribly rigorous as 
was the law against its promulgators it was not suffi- 
ciently so to satisfy them ; for Endicott and Belling- 
ham gave orders that all the Friends then in prison 


should be severely whipped twice a week. But the 
humanity of the inhabitants of Boston revolted at 
this decree, and the sympathy thus aroused led to the 
release of the sufferers, who were at once banished 
from the colony. Soon afterwards, John Copeland 
and his friend, William Brend, were sentenced to a 
severe scourging while passing through New Ply- 
mouth. The age of the latter awoke no compassion 
in the hearts of the persecutors. The following year 
after holding several meetings with William Ledra of 
Barbadoes, he was imprisoned at Boston, and received 
such brutal beatings, inflicted with a pitched rope, 
by a gaoler who had previously kept him without 
food for five days, and most cruelly fettered him for 
many hours, that he appeared to be dying ; Endicott 
being alarmed at this, sent a phj^sician to him, who 
thought his recovery impossible. But the hand of 
an unseen Healer was laid on him, and he must have 
been at least ninety when, eighteen years later, the 
following burial note was made out: — "William 
Brend, of the Liberty of Katherine's, near the Tower, 
a minister, died Seventh mo.. Seventh, 1676, and was 
buried at Bunhill Fields." Before returning to Eng- 
land he labored in Rhode Island and the West Indies. 
In 1662 he was one of the many hundred Friends 
confined in Newgate, fifty-two of whom died in con- 
sequence of diseases caused by the loathsome state 
of that prison. We may form some idea of the heav- 
enly consolation granted to this venerable pilgrim in 
his hour of need, by his beautiful "salutation of all 
Friends," from which a brief extract follows : — " It 


hath been upon my heart, when in the sweet repose 
of the streams of my Father's love and Hfe, by which 
my heart hath been overcome, to visit you with a 
loving salutation from the place of my outward 
bonds." After bidding them " flock together into our 
Father's fold, to get into His tent of safety, and lie 
down in the arms of His dear love," &c., he adds: 
"Oh, in the love and life of the Lamb, look over all 
weakness in one another, as God doth look over all 
the weakness in every one of us, and doth love us 
for his own Son's sake — in so doing peace will 
abound in our borders, it will flow forth amongst us 
like a river, and it will keep out jars, strifes and con- 
tentions." 1192420 

As the Governors of Massachusetts were regardless 
of old age, so were they of the weakness of women. 
We read of the astonishment of the people of Boston 
at hearing Sarah Gibbons and her young friend, 
Dorothy Waugh, offering praise and thanksgiving 
for the gracious support granted them during a 
cruel scourging, three days before and three days 
after which they were kept without food. A little 
later, Endicott sentenced Hored Gardner, of Rhode 
Island, to the punishment of the knotted scourge. 
She had left her home at Newport, from the belief 
that her Lord had called her to labor for Him at 
Weymouth, in Massachusetts, where her ministry was 
cordially received. The maid who had accompanied 
her on this perilous journey, to assist in taking charge 
of her infant, was the victim of a similar sentence, 
and the only protection granted the baby was that 


afforded by its mother's arms, who, when the execu- 
tioner stayed his hand, prayed that her persecutors 
might be forgiven, because "they knew not what 
they did." At a later date, Alice Ambros, Mary 
Tomkins, and Ann Coleman, who was apparently 
young, and in delicate health, were sentenced to be 
whipped through eleven towns, covering a distance 
of nearly eighty miles. Although they were them- 
selves enabled to praise the Lord for the marvellous 
help He granted them, the sight of their "torn bodies 
and weary steps" in the third town through which 
they passed, excited so much pity that one of the 
inhabitants induced the constable to commit the pris- 
oners and the warrant to his care, and at once set 
them at liberty. Taking advantage of their unlooked- 
for release they went to New Quechawanah, where 
they had a meeting. Subsequently it was for a time 
feared that Ann Coleman would die from the effect 
of other barbarous scourgings. To George Fox she 
writes : " Oh the love of the Lord, who hath kept 
His handmaid that put her trust in Him ; what shall 
I say unto thee of the love of my Father ; none can 
make me afraid; much service for the Lord in this 
land, and it hath not been in vain, and so, let thy 
prayers be unto the Lord for me. In that life and 
love which is unchangeable art thou near me." Good 
cause indeed had that patient historian, Sewel, for 
exclaiming: — "but when should I have done, if I 
would describe all the whippings inflicted on Quakers 
in those parts!" Sarah Gibbons and Dorothy 
Waugh, soon after leaving Boston, returned to Rhode 


Island, where they had previously been engaged in 
religious service, and we now find their names asso- 
ciated with that of Mary Dyer. About this time Hum- 
phrey Norton was finding a short respite from perse- 
cution in the same colony. A few months earlier his 
ministerial labors had been interrupted by an impris- 
onment at New Haven, Conn., where his right hand 
was deeply branded with the letter H, as a sign that 
he was a condemned heretic, and he was flogged in 
such a manner as to make some from the crowd, gath- 
ered by the beat of drum, exclaim, "do they mean to 
kill the man?" But He, who of old caused His chil- 
dren to receive "no hurt" in the midst of the seven 
times heated furnace, v/onderfully upheld him in this 
hour of extremest need, for he states that his "body 
was as if it had been covered with balm." Much did 
the people marvel when, at the conclusion of the inflic- 
tion, he raised his voice in thanksgiving and prayer. 
Not long after, Humphrey Norton received another 
scourging in New Plymouth. His rest in Rhode Is- 
land was a very short one, for he soon thought it 
right to go to Boston in company with a young 
Friend, named John Rous, who had previously been 
his associate in service, and sometimes in suff'ering, 
for their Lord. He was the son of Lieutenant Colo- 
nel Rous, a wealthy sugar planter of Barbadoes, who 
afterwards became a Friend, having, it is said, been 
much impressed by the ministry of his son. When 
Humphrey Norton told John Rous that sleep had 
fled from him because of the sorrow occasioned by 
a "sense of the strength of the enmity against the 


righteous seed" in Boston, he also felt that he must 
bear a part "with the prisoners of hope, which at 
that time stood bound for the testimony of Jesus." 
Longing to lose no time, they travelled night and day, 
and on their arrival at Boston were told of the state 
in which William Brend then lay from the effect of 
the gaoler's cruelty, and were begged by their infor- 
mant to leave the town, or they would be "dead 
men." But they were bound on a holy mission, from 
which no human power could turn them aside. 
"Such was our load," says Humphrey Norton, "that 
beside Him who laid it upon us, no flesh nor place 
could ease us." And a few hours later we find him, 
at the conclusion of the usual lecture of John Nor- 
ton, a minister who notoriously instigated persecu- 
tion, beginning an address in these words: "Verily 
this is the sacrifice which the Lord accepts not ; for, 
whilst with the same spirit that you sin, you preach 
and pray and sing, that sacrifice is an abomination." 
Although a charge of blasphemy could not be 
proved against him, there was no doubt that his com- 
panion and himself were guilty of being Quakers, and 
as such they were sentenced to imprisonment and 
whipping. The former, as the son of Lieutenant Colo- 
nel Rous, who had formerly resided in the colony,, 
was at first courteously treated by the magistrates, 
who hoped they might induce this young champion 
of the Cross to cast aside "the heresy" he was up- 
holding. But, notwithstanding their flattery, he 
steadfastly maintained his ground, vindicated the 
doctrines which he had adopted, and, as an English 


citizen, claimed the right of a trial in an English 
Court. But the Governors, well knowing what an 
alarming exposure of their conduct towards Friends 
would be involved by this, would not hear of such a 
course. "No appeal to England! No appeal to 
England!" was their cry. Three days later the 
prisoners underwent the flogging to which they had 
been condemned ; but when this punishment was 
soon renewed, the public indignation, already aroused 
by the treatment of William Brend, became so strong 
that it soon led to the liberation of the prisoners. 
In the midst of all afflictions the Friends were aided 
by the belief that their labors and sufferings were 
not in vain in the Lord. In a letter to Margaret Fell, 
John Rous says: "A firm foundation is there laid in 
this land, such a one as the devil will never get 
broken up." He writes, when again in Boston prison, 
where, about a fortnight later, he and his companions, 
John Copeland and Christopher Holder, underwent 
the mutilation of having the right ear cut off. Shall 
we shrink from reading their sufferings when we see 
the spirit with which they were enabled to endure 
them? "/;/ the strengtJi of God,'' is their language, 
"we suffered joyfully, having freely given up not 
one member, but all, if the Lord so required, for the 
sealing of our testimony, which the Lord hath given 
us;" words which may recall those of Brainerd with 
regard to his prayers for his brother and himself — 
" My heart sweetly exulted in the thought of any 
distresses that might light on him or me, in the ad- 
vancement of Christ's kingdom upon earth." 


So on, and on, and on, runs the record of the in- 
human cruelty of these early magistrates, a record 
which was most carefully avoided at the proceedings 
of the late celebration ; but I hasten on to conclude 
the narration : — 

Early in 1659, William Robinson, who had been 
preaching in Virginia, where his ministry was much 
blest, and Marmaduke Stevenson, who had lately 
come from Barbadoes, felt required of the Lord to 
go to Boston ; the former receiving a clear revelation 
that his life would be taken, he writes : " Obedience 
was demanded of me by the Lord, who filled me with 
living strength and power from His heavenly pres- 
ence which at that time did mightily overshadow me, 
and my life did say amen to what the Lord required 
of me." The two young ministers arrived at Boston 
on one of the public fast days, and were soon ar- 
rested. Like the apostles of old they tarried or they 
journeyed as they were restrained or constrained by 
the Spirit of the Lord. In a letter to George Fox 
from Boston gaol, Wm. Robinson writes: "Oh! my 
dearly beloved, thou who art endued with power from 
on High, who art of a quick discerning in the fear of 
God; oh, remember us — let thy prayers be put up 
unto the Lord God for us, that His power and 
strength may rest with us and upon us, that faithful 
we may be preserved to the end. Amen. 

Soon the aged Mary Dyer arrived at Boston, con- 
strained to carry comfort and cheer to her captive 
fellow-believers there, and was shortly imprisoned 
also. A Friend, writing with reference to their 


preaching before imprisonment, says: — "Divers were 
convinced, the power of the Lord accompanying 
them, and with astonishment confounded their ene- 
mies before them ; great was their service abroad in 
that jurisdiction for four weeks and upwards." Being 
brought before the Governor, Wm. Robinson asked 
leave to read an explanation which he had pre- 
pared: — "After describing the heavenly intimation 
he had received that it was God's will that he should 
lay down his life for the cause of Christ, he writes : 
I, being a child, durst not question the Lord in the 
least, and as the Lord made me willing, dealing 
gently and kindly with me as a tender father by a 
faithful child whom he tenderly loves, so the Lord 
did deal with me in ministering his life unto me, 
which gave and gives me strength to perform what 
the Lord required of me. Therefore all who are 
ignorant of the motion of the Lord in the inward 
parts be not h'asty in judging in this matter. The 
presence of the Lord and his heavenly life doth 
accompany me so that I can say in truth. Blessed be 
the Lord God of my life who hath counted me worthy 
and called me hereunto. Will ye put us to death 
for obeying the Lord, the God of the whole earth ?" 
Endicott took up this document, and after reading 
it pronounced sentence of death on its writer. A few 
days before his execution, in an epistle addressed 
"to the Lord's people," Wm. Robinson says: "The 
streams of my Father's love run daily through me, 
from the Holy Fountain of life to the seed through- 
out the whole relation. I am overcome with love, 


for it is my life and length of days ; it is my glory and 
my daily strength. I am full of the quickening 
power of the Lord Jesus Christ. I shall enter with 
my Beloved into eternal rest and peace, and I shall 
depart with everlasting joy in my heart and praises 
in my mouth." 

After Marmaduke Stevenson had received his sen- 
tence, he solemnly addressed the magistrates, conclud- 
ing with these words: "Assuredly if you put us to 
death you will bring innocent blood upon your own 
heads, and swift destruction will come upon you." 
It is a remarkable fact that many of these persecutors 
came to an untimely end, or were visited by severe 
personal calamities which resulted in death. "The 
hand or judgment of the Lord is upon me," were the 
words of John Norton, who, whilst walking in his own 
house, leant his head against a chimney piece and 
sank down never to speak again. And Major Gen- 
eral Adderton, who had scofifingly said "the judge- 
ments of the Lord God are not come^ upon us yet," 
was overtaken by a sudden and shocking death. 

During his imprisonment, Marmaduke Stevenson 
wrote his " Call to the Work and Service of the Lord," 
and not losing sight of his old friends he prepared an 
address to his "neighbors and the people of the 
town of Shiptown, Weighton and elsewhere." A few 
days before his execution he wrote a letter "to the 
Lord's people" from which the following extracts are 
taken : 

" Lambs of my Father's fold and sheep of His 
pasture, the remembrance of you is precious to me, 


my dearly beloved ones — who are reconciled to 
God, and one to another, in that which sea and land 
cannot separate ; here you may feel me knit and 
joined to you in the spirit of truth, and linked to you 
as members of His body, who is our Head and Rock 
of sure defence; here we are kept safe in the hour of 
temptation, and in the day of trial shall we be pre- 
served in the hollow of His hand ; here His banner 
of love will be over us ... . So, my dear friends, let 
us always wait at the altar of the Lord, to see the table 
spread, that so we may sit down and eat together, 
and be refreshed with the hidden manna that comes 
from Him who is our life, our peace, our strength 
and our preserver, night and day. Oh, my beloved 
ones ! let us all go on in His strength, who is our Prince 
and Saviour .... If I forget you, then let the Lord 
forget me. Nay, verily you cannot be forgotten by 
me ; so long as I abide in the Vine I am a branch of 
the same nature with you, which the Lord hath 
blessed ; we grow together in His life and image, as 
members of His body, where we shall live together 
to all eternity." 

After Mary Dyer had heard her sentence she only 
replied by the significant words, "The will of the 
Lord be done." And when Endicott impatiently 
exclaimed "Take her away, Marshal," she added, 
"Yea, joyfully I §0;" for her heart was filled with 
heavenly consolation from the love of Christ, and 
from the thought that she was counted worthy to suffer 
for His sake. She told the marshal that it was un- 
necessary for him to guard her to the prison. "I 


believe you, Mrs. Dyer," he answered, "but I must 
do as I am commanded." From the House of Cor- 
rection she addressed "An appeal to the Rulers of 
Boston," in which she asks nothing for herself, but 
manifests — as an anonymous writer remarks — "the 
courage of an apostle contending for the truth, and 
the tenderness of a woman feeling for the sufferings 
of her people." She writes : " I have no self ends, 
the Lord knoweth ; for if my life were freely granted 
by you, it would not avail me, so long as I should 
daily hear or see the sufferings of my dear brethren." 
It is said that on the day preceding that appointed 
for the execution, Mary Dyer's oldest son arrived at 
Boston, and was allowed to remain all night with his 
mother. He came in the vain hope of inducing her 
to make such concessions as might be the means of 
saving her life. 

The erection of gallows on Boston Common for 
these guiltless victims awakened such strong feelings 
of amazement and indignation amongst the inhabi- 
tants, as to give alarm to the magistrates. On the 
morning of the day appointed for the execution a 
great number of people gathered round the prison, 
and gave earnest attention to William Robinson, who 
addressed them from an open window of an upper 
room. But the rulers, who always studiously en- 
deavored to prevent the Friends from holding inter- 
course with the colonists, were afraid for the crowd 
to listen, at this crisis, to Quaker preaching, and ac- 
cordingly sent a military captain to disperse them. 
Finding this impracticable, he entered the gaol in a 



violent passion, and hurling some of the prisoners 
down stairs, shut them into a low, dark cell. One of 
this little company writes : "As we sat together wait- 
ing upon the Lord, it was a time of love, for as the 
world hated us, so the Lord was pleased in a wonder- 
ful manner to manifest His supporting love, and kind- 
ness to us in our innocent sufferings ; especially to 
the worthies who had now finished their course .... 
God was with them, and many sweet and heavenly 
sayings they gave unto us, being themselves filled 
with comfort. While we were yet embracing each 
other, with full and tender hearts, the officers came 
in and took the two from us (Robinson and Steven- 
son) as sheep for the slaughter." 

Boston Common was separated by the distance of 
a mile from the gaol, and the prisoners were escorted 
by two hundred men, armed with halberds, guns, 
swords and pikes — in addition to many horsemen. 
It was thought the safest arrangement for this proces- 
sion to avoid the direct thoroughfare through the city, 
and the drummers were ordered immediately before 
the three captives, and to beat more loudly if they 
should attempt to speak. Thus when William Rob- 
inson did so, the only words which were audible were, 
"This is your, hour, and the power of darkness." 
Marmaduke Stevenson's voice was drowned by the 
same means. "Yet they went on," as Sewel says, 
"with great cheerfulness, as if going to an everlasting 
wedding" — which indeed they were. In reply to a 
coarse taunt from the marshal, Mary Dyer said: 
"This is to me an hour of the greatest joy I ever had 


in this world. No ear can hear, no tongue can utter, 
no heart can understand, the sweet incomes and the 
refreshings of the spirit of the Lord which I now feel." 
Having bade farewell to his friends and mounted the 
scaffold, William Robinson addressed the assembled 
crowd : "We suffer not as evil doers, but as those who 
have testified and manifested the Truth. This is the 
day of your visitation, and therefore I desire you to 
mind the light of Christ which is in you, to which I 
have borne testimony and am now going to seal my 
testimony with my blood." Wilson, a minister of the 
city, changing the scoffing tone he had assumed 
whilst they were walking to the Common, now ex- 
claimed — "Hold thy tongue; be silent; thou art 
going to die with a lie in thy mouth." After the ex- 
ecutioner had adjusted the rope, William Robinson 
said, "Now are ye made manifest; I suffer for Christ 
in whom I live and for whom I die." Marmaduke 
Stevenson also spoke a few words to the spectators : 
"Be it known unto you all this day, that we suffer, 
not as evil doers, but for conscience sake. This day 
shall we all be at rest with the Lord." 

The friends of the martyrs were not allowed to 
provide coffins for them, nor even to enclose the pit 
into which the bodies were thrown. Wilson, the min- 
ister to whom allusion has already been made, com- 
posed a scoffing song on the sufferers. But no amount 
of indignity which might be heaped upon them 
could prevent their death from being a solemn 
attestation to the futility of every effort of a blind 
bigotry to crush the conscience of those who, bearing 


the image and superscription of Christ, rendered unto 
God the things that are God's and consequently with 
regard to these "things" acknowledged no ruler but 
him in whose kingdom their spirits dwelt. So deep 
an impression was made on John Chamberlain, an in- 
habitant of Boston, by what he saw and heard that 
day, as to cause his convincement of the truth of 
the doctrines held by Friends ; before two years were 
over he had been imprisoned, banished, and also 
cruelly whipped through three towns ; yet his Sav- 
iour suffered not his faith to fail, for we learn that 
this persecution "so far from beating him from the 
truth rather drove him nearer to it." 

After Mary Dyer had ascended the ladder, she was 
told that if she would return home her life should be 
spared. "Nay," she answered, "I cannot; for in 
obedience to the will of the Lord I came, and in his 
will I abide faithful unto death." To the charge of 
being guilty of her own blood, she replied: "Nay, I 
came to take blood guiltiness from you, desiring you 
to repeal the unrighteous and unjust law; therefore 
my blood will be required of your hands who wilfully 
do it." When asked if she wished any of the people 
to pray for her she said that she desired the prayers 
of all the people of God ; and to the proposal that 
an Elder should do so, she answered: "Nay — first a 
child, then a young man, then a strong man, before 
(being) an Elder in Christ Jesus." When accused 
of having said she had been in Paradise, she replied 
without hesitation, "Yea, I have been in Paradise 
these several days." The few more words she spoke 


were on the everlasting happiness now so near at hand. 
A Friend, who had united in her ministerial services 
on Shelter Island, sums up his description of her 
by saying: "She even shined in the image of 

Some eight or nine months later, Wm. Ledra, who 
is said to have been a Cornishman, though his home 
was in Barbadoes, was condemned to death for hav- 
ing returned to Boston after sentence of banishment. 
When in 1658, after mutual labors for their Lord, 
he had shared the imprisonment of his friend Will- 
iam Brend in an unventilated cell — the cruelty of 
which he had been the victim had imperilled his life ; 
and now, notwithstanding the inclemency of a New 
England winter, he was kept chained in an open 
prison. On the day before his death he addressed 
a letter to "the little flock of Christ" in which he re- 
marks that he was filled "with the joy of the Lord 
in the beauty of holiness, whilst his spirit was wholly 
swallowed up in the bosom of eternity. As the flow- 
ing of the ocean (he continues) doth fill every creek 
and branch thereof, and then retires again towards 
its own being and fulness, and leaves a savour behind 
it ; so doth the life and virtue of God flow into every 
one of your hearts, whom he hath made partakers 
of His Divine nature." Alluding to his tender yearn- 
ings for the young he says: "Stand in the watch 
within in the fear of the Lord, which is the very en- 
trance of wisdom and the state wherein you are ready 
to receive the secrets of the Lord. Hunger and 
thirst patiently, be not weary, neither doubt ; stand 


Still and cease from thy own workings, and in due 
time thou shalt enter into rest and thy eyes shall be- 
hold His salvation. Confess Him before men ; bring 
all things to the light that they may be proved 
whether they are wrought in God. Without grace 
possessed there is no assurance of salvation. By 
grace you are saved." The following day the fetters 
which had so long bound him were knocked oft', and 
we are told that he went " forth to the slaughter in 
the meekness of the Spirit of Jesus." He was sur- 
rounded by soldiers in order to prevent intercourse 
with his friends ; but before mounting the scaffold he 
exhorted one of them to faithfulness, and on bidding 
him farewell added, " all that will be Christ's disciples 
must take up His cross." A visitor to the city, from 
England, who witnessed this scene, having asked leave 
to speak, said: "Gentlemen, I am a stranger both to 
your persons and country, yet a friend of both. For 
the Lord's sake take not away the man's life, but re- 
member Gamaliel's counsel to the Jews : ' If it be 
of men it will come to nought ; but if it be of God 
ye cannot overthrow it ; be careful ye are not found 
fighters against God.'" This courageous stranger 
also told them that they had "no warrant from the 
word of God, nor precedent from our country, nor 
power from His Majesty to hang the man." 

William Ledra's last words were, "I commend my 
righteous cause unto Thee, O God ! Lord Jesus re- 
ceive my spirit." A few weeks before his death he 
wrote the following testimony to the willingness of 
God to supply all the need of his faithful follow- 


ers : — " I testify in the fear of the Lord God that the 
noise of the whip on my back, all the imprisonments, 
and the loud threatning of a halter, did no more af- 
fright VIC, through the strength and poivcr of God, 
than if they had threatened to have bound a spider's 
web on my finger — which makes me say with un- 
feigned lips, wait upon the Lord O my soul !" Like 
Josiah Southwick of Salem, he might have said, 
"Tongue cannot express the goodness and love of 
God to his suffering people." "Here is my body" 
were the words of the latter when sentenced to a 
severe scourging, " if you want a further testimony to 
the truth I profess, take it and tear it in pieces ; 
your sentence is no more terrifying to me than if you 
had taken a feather and blown it in the air." 

On the day of William Ledra's execution, Wen- 
lock Christison, of Salem, was placed at the bar ; he 
also had experienced, as Milton says, of those days 


" Heavy persecution shall arise 

On all, who in the worship persevere 

Of spirit and truth." 

Although exiled on pain of death, he had re- 
appeared at Boston and caused such consternation 
by entering the court just as sentence of death was 
being pronounced on his friend, as to cause perfect 
silence for a while. When now in his turn con- 
demned to die, he said, "The will of the Lord be 
done. If you have power to take my life from me 
the ivhich I question, I believe you shall never more 
take Quaker's lives frojn them. Note my ivords!' 



Just at this crisis the rulers of Massachusetts re- 
ceived tidings from England which caused a sudden 
change in their conduct; for on the day preceding 
that which had been fixed on for the execution of 
VVenlock Christison, he and twenty-seven other 
Friends were set at liberty ; and after two of them 
had been whipped through the town they were taken 
by a body of soldiers out of the jurisdiction. Would 
it not be a false refinement of feeling to be unwilling 
to contemplate the sufferings which, not young and 
strong men only, but tender and delicate women 
were enabled to endure for Christ? Moreover, is 
there not instruction for us in this: — 

"Mournful record of an earlier age, 

That pale and half effaced lies hidden awaj 

Beneath the fresher writing of to-daj." 

"Thou shalt lose thy life and find it, 

Thou shalt boldly cast it forth ; 
And then back again receiving, 

Know it in its endless worth." 

And here I close my recital of Puritan barbarities, 
a designation which in truth and justice I feel to ap- 
ply — a record of cruelty which for atrocity has prob- 
ably never been exceeded on the American continent; 
except possibly in the cases of Andersonville horrors 
during the late war, and the brutal practices of slave 
masters under the old slave-holding oligarchy. 

Compare now for a moment the early days of 
Massachusetts and Pennsylvania. — Here was strife, 
contention and constant affright from Indian alarms ; 
tliere, Penn arrived in 1682 and made his famous 


treaty with the Indians, in the which they pledged 
themselves in their strong, quaint language "to live 
in love with Onas, (Penn) and his children as long 
as the sun and moon shall endure." I quote from 
Penn's biography: "When the account of this 
treaty reached Europe most of her politicians awaited 
with sneering smiles the consummation the}- ex- 
pected to follow. Going among the cruel Indian 
savages without arms, and pledging themselves never 
to use violence towards them ! What folly ! What 
madness!" But they waited and watched long, and 
still no violence or bloodshed ensued. Whilst the 
surrounding colonists were ever and anon at war with 
the Indians, and the scalping-knife and tomahawk 
brought death and terror to many a hearth, the 
Quakers of Pensylvania and all their possessions re- 
mained uninjured. 

Safe that quiet Eden lay, 

When the war-whoop stirred the land ; 
Thence the Indian turned away 

From their homes his bloody hand. 

"He remembered the treaty with the sons of Onas 
and kept it inviolate." The Friends of Pennsylvania 
on their side acted truthfully and honestly towards 
the red men ; and the Indian people, even when at 
war with other English colonies, and when the orig- 
inal parties to the treaty had died off, regarded the 
lives and property of the children of Onas as sacred. 
Such was the treaty of peace and amity of which 
Voltaire remarked that "it was the only one ever 
made without an oath, and the only one that never 
was broken." W'hittier writes : — 


" The Quaker of the olden time ! 

So cahn, and firm, and true, 
Unspotted by its wrong and crime, 

He walked the dark earth through ; 
The lust of power, the love of gain. 

The thousand lures of sin 
Around him had no power to stain 

The purity within. 

With that deep insight which detects 

All great things in the small, 
And knows how each man's life afl'ects 

The spiritual life of all, 
He walked by faith and not by sight. 

By love and not bj' law ; 
The presence of the wrong or right, 

He rather felt than saw. 

He felt that wrong with wrong partakes, 

That nothing stands alone. 
That whoso gives the motive makes 

His brother's sin his own ; 
And, pausing not for doubtful choice 

Of evils great or small, 
He listened to that inward voice 

Which calls away from all. 

Oh ! spirit of that early day. 

So pure and strong and true, 
Be with us in the narrow way 

Our faithful fathers knew; 
Give strength the evil to forsake. 

The cross of truth to bear. 
And love and reverent fear to make 

Our daily lives a prayer." 

Had Gov. Endicott listened as attentively to the 
Voice of Eternal Truth, Justice and Mercy within 
his breast, and obe}'ed this light of Christ in the soul, 
as faithfully as did William Penn, in Pennsylvania, our 


New England colony would have been spared those 
blood-stains upon her name and her fame — the mas- 
sacre, of Indian tribes, and the persecution of Quaker 
and Baptist settlers. Penn came as an ambassador 
of the Prince of Peace, and proved himself by his 
deeds to be one. Endicott, seeking to "serve two 
masters — God and Mammon," at times allowed the 
love of fame and earthly power to dim and utterly 
obscure his spiritual vision. So this same determ- 
ination to erect a state, to found a nation, at 
any cost, led on step by step to the perpetration 
of that national crime, the War of the American 
Revolution, which was a deliberate setting aside of 
the Gospel command, — "But I say unto you that ye 
resist not evil ; but whosoever shall smite thee on thy 
right cheek, turn to him the other also." And like- 
wise that solemn admonition of our Lord: — "My 
kingdom is not of this world. If my kingdom were 
of this world, then would my servants fight." — A 
crime as clearly the forerunner of our national woes, 
as that pain and suffering are sure to follow in the 
train of disobedience. 

The Ship of State was launched amid bloodshed 
and animosity, and hatred, and therefore the estab- 
lishment and perpetuation of slavery, for so many 
years in the Southern states, with its blighting influ- 
ences, as well as the upheavals and terrors of the great 
rebellion, were but the natural fruit of the tree just 
planted, and the legitimate consequences of the first 

If we owe something (and we do) to the sturdy 


morals of the Puritan, we certainly are equally in- 
debted to the character of those obscure Quakers, 
who right at the time, at the peril of their lives, pro- 
tested faithfully, earnestly and conscientiously, against 
blind and short-sighted bigotry, and against practices 
and methods which, though Christian in name, were 
in reality little better than Pagan. These hated and 
despised ones were true Protestants, holding up in the 
midst of ©position and persecution, the great truths 
of the gospel in their simplicity and purity. They 
were faithful ministers, preachers, witnesses ; their 
Lord owned them, and His peace was their portion. 
"Little ones," they may have been, but their Master 
pronounced positive condemnation against any who 
should '" ojjcnd one siichy We desire to judge no 
man, or men, uncharitably, wishing always to be 
found in the mind and of the spirit of Him "who, 
when He was reviled, reviled not again;" but this 
same "High Priest," the "Son sent of the Father," 
hath declared, as touching harm done to His lowly 
followers: "Inasmuch as ye hav^e done it unto one 
of the least of these, my brethren, ye have done it 
unto me." 

So, if praises and adulation are to-day so lavishl}- 
bestowed upon these ancient blinded guides, surely 
one little word of explanation, one little word of 
commendation, one little word of blessing, is due to 
the memory of those innocents slain at the hands of 
the Puritan governor and his associates ; and though 
we, their spiritual descendents, (the New England 
Yearly Meeting of Friends), may have but a fraction 


of the faith, courage, fortitude and patience of these, 
our fore-fathers in the Truth, yet, in the exercise of 
that fraction, it becomes our duty, boldly to state 
their case, and hold up the bright example of their 
lives of self-denial, even in these latter days ! 

And to-day, amid the enjoyment of civil and relig- 
ious liberty, are we not to look back with as much of 
gratitude, because of their ''faithfulness unto death,'' 
as for the deeds and misdeeds of the Pilgrim fathers? 
Truly thy friend, 

Henry A. Chase. 

{Salem Observer, Oct. 5, 187S.) 

History of the People Called Quakers. 

By John Gough, published, 1790, in Dublin, Ireland. 
Vol. 1 : Lawrence and Cassandra Southick, their 
surterings, p. 349, 361 ; Josiah Southick, p. 349, 
361 ; Daniel and Provided ordered to be sold tor 
slaves, 376 to 381. 

The severities already inflicted on the members of 
this society had so affected many of the inhabitants 
of this colony that they withdrew from their public 
assemblies and met on the first day of the week, to 
worship quietly by themselves, for which they were 
fined 5 shillings per week, and imprisoned. Particu- 
larly Lawrence and Cassandra Southwick, an aged 
couple (who in the last year had been imprisoned 
and fined for entertaining Christopher Holder and 
John Copeland), with their son Joseph, were sent to 
the house of correction, whipped in like manner as 
those before mentioned, and had their goods taken to 


the value of i^4, i 5 shillings, for not coming to church. 
For the same cause Edward Harnet, aged 69, and 
his wife, 73 years of age, had 37 shillings taken from 
them without regard to their circumstances, which 
were but mean, or their age, which would natural!}' 
excite tenderness. About this time (1658) there was 
a meeting at the house of Nicholas Phelps in the 
woods about five miles from Salem, and upon the 
information of one Butler, the six following residents 
were taken up and committed to prison: Samuel 
Shattock, Lawrence Southwick and Cassandra his 
wife, Josiah their son, Samuel Gaskin (or Gaskill), 
and Joshua Buffum, who being kept close in the 
house of correction during the heat of the Summer, 
from their husbandry, after three weeks confinement, 
represented their case to the court in the following 

This to Magistrates at the Court in Salem. 
Friends: — Whereas it was your pleasure to commit 
us, whose names are under-written, to the house of 
correction in Boston, although the Lord, the righteous 
Judge of Heaven and Earth, is our witness that we 
have done nothing worthy of stripes or of bonds ; and 
we being committed by your court to be dealt with- 
al as the law provides for foreign Quakers, as ye 
please to term us ; and having some of us suffered 
your law and pleasures, now that which we do ex- 
pect is, That whereas we have suffered your law, so 
now to be set free by the same law, as your manner 
is with strangers, and not to put us on the account of 
one law, and execute another law upon us, of which 


according to your own manner we were never con- 
victed, as the law expresses. If you had sent us 
upon the account of your new law, we should have 
expected the jailer's order to have been on that ac- 
count, which that it was not, appears by the warrant 
which we have, and the punishment which we bare, 
as four of us were whipped, among whom was one 
that had formerly been whipped ; so now according 
to your former law, friends, let it not be a small thing 
in your eyes, the exposing as much as in you lies, 
our families to ruin. It is not unknown to you, the 
season and the time of year, for those that live of 
husbandry, and what their cattle and families may be 
exposed unto ; ' and also such as live upon trade. 
We know if the spirit of Christ did dwell and rule 
in you these things would take impression on your 
spirits. What our lives and conversations have been 
in that place is well known, and what we now suffer 
for, is much for false reports, and ungrounded jeal- 
ousies of heresy and sedition. These things lie upon 
us to lay before you. As for our parts we have true 
peace and rest in the Lord in all our sufferings, and 
are made willing in the power and strength of God, 
freely to offer up our lives in this cause of God, 
for which we suffer: yea, and we do find (through 
grace) the enlargement of God in our imprisoned 
state, to whom alone we commit ourselves and our 
families, for the disposing of us according to his 
infinite wisdom and pleasure, in whose love is our rest 
and life. From the house of bondage in Boston 
wherein we are made captives by the wills of men, 
although made free by the Son, (John 8, 36). 


In which we quietly rest, this i6th of the 5 th month, 

Lawrence Southick, Josiah Southick, 

Cassandra Southick, Samuel Shattock, 

Joshua Buffum." 

The first victims to this severe law were Lawrence 
and Cassandra Southick, their son Josiah, Samuel 
Shattock, Nicholas Phelps and Joshua Buffum. They 
were called before the court iith of 3rd mo., 1659, 
and on their trial (such as it was), the same arbitrary 
spirit of tyranny appeared in their manner of execu- 
ting as in passing their laws. The prisoners making 
a rational objection to their proceeding against them 
by their law as being in custody when it was made, 
and therefore as to them an ex post facto law. To their 
query whether it was for an offence against that law 
which then had no existence, they were committed 
to prison and banished, they received no reply; then 
one of them desired the governor that he would be 
pleased to declare before the people the real and 
true cause of their proceedings against them. He an- 
swered, it was for contemning authority in not com- 
ing to the ordinances of God. He further charged 
them with rebelling against the authority of the 
country in not departing according to their order ; 
to which they answered they had no other place to 
go, but had their wives, children, families and estates 
to look after ; nor had they done anything worthy 
of death, banishment or bonds, or any of the hard- 
ships or ignominious punishments which they had 
suffered in their persons, beside the loss of one hun- 


dred pound's worth of their property 'taken from 
them for meeting together. This remonstrance of 
their recent accumulated injuries silencing the Gov- 
ernor, Major General Denison made this unanswera- 
ble reply, that they stood against the authority of 
the country in not submitting to their laws, that he 
should not go about to speak much of the error of 
their judgements but added he, you and we are not 
able well to live together, at present the power is in 
our hand, and therefore the strongest must fend off. 
After this the prisoners were put forth for a while, 
and being called in again, the sentence of banishment 
was pronounced against them, and no more than a 
fortnight's time allowed for them to depart on pain 
of death ; and although they desired a respite to at- 
tend to their affairs and till an opportunity of a con- 
venient passage to England might occur, the unre- 
lenting malice of their persecutors would not grant 
them even this small and reasonable request; so 
Samuel Shattock, Nicholas Phelps, and Josiah South- 
ick were obliged to take an opportunity that offered 
four days after, to pass for England by Barbadoes, 
in order to seek redress from the parliament and 
council of state there, but without success. 

Lawrence and Cassandra Southick went to Shelter 
Island, where they soon died, within three days of 
each other; and Joshua Buffum retired to Rhode 
Island. The proceedings of these haughty rulers 
are strongly marked throughout with the features of 
self-importance, inhumanity and bitter malignity, but 
I know of no instance of a more persevering malice 


and cruelty, than that wherewith they persecuted the 
aforesaid Lawrence and Cassandra Southick and their 
family. First, while members of their church, they 
were both imprisoned for entertaining strangers, 
Christopher Holder and John Copeland, a christian 
duty which the apostle to the Hebrews advises not to 
be unmindful of; and after seven weeks imprison- 
ment, Cassandra was fined 40 shillings for owning a 
paper written by the aforesaid persons. Next, for 
absenting from the public worship and owning the 
Quakers' doctrine, on the information of one Captain 
Hawthorne, they, with their son Josiah, were sent to 
the house of correction and whipped in the coldest 
season of the year, and at the same time Hawthorne 
issued his warrant to distrain their goods for ab- 
sence from their public worship, whereby there were 
taken from them cattle to the value of £<\, 15 shillings. 
Again they were imprisoned, with others, for being 
at a meeting, and Cassandra was again whipped, and 
upon their joint letter to the magistrates before re- 
cited, the other appellants were released, but this 
family, although they with the rest had suffered the 
penalty of their cruel law fully, were arbitrarily de- 
tained in prison to their great loss and damage, being 
in the season of the year when their affairs most im- 
mediately demanded their attendance ; and last of 
all were banished upon pain of death, as before re- 
cited, by a law made while they were imprisoned. 
Thus despoiled of their property, deprived of their 
liberty, driven into banishment, and in jeopardy of 
their lives, for no other crime than meeting apart and 


dissenting from the established worship, the suffer- 
ings of this inoffensive aged couple ended only with 
their lives. But the multiplied injuries of this harm- 
less pair were not sufficient to gratify that thirst for 
vengeance which stimulated these persecutors, while 
any member of the family remained unmolested. 
During their detention in prison they left at home a 
son Daniel and a daughter Provided ; these children, 
not deterred by the unchristian treatment of their 
parents and brother, felt themselves rather encour- 
aged to follow their steps and relinquish the assem- 
blies of a people whose religion was productive of such 
relentless persecution ; for their absence from which 
they were fined ;^io, though it was well known that 
they had no estate, their parents having been reduced 
to poverty by repeated fines and extravagant dis- 
traints ; wherefore to satisfy the fine they were ordered 
to be sold for bond-slaves by the following mandate : 
"Whereas Daniel Southick and Provided Southick, 
son and daughter of Lawrence Southick, absenting 
themselves from the public ordinances, having been 
fined by the courts of Salem and Ipswich, pretending 
they have no estates and resolving not to work, the 
court upon perusal of a law which was made upon 
account of debts, in answer to what should be done 
for the satisfaction of the fines, resolves, that the 
treasurers of the several counties are, and shall be 
fully empowered to sell the said persons to any of 
the English Nation at Virginia or Barbadoes, to an- 
swer the said fines." Pursuant to this order, Edward 
Butler, one of the treasurers, sought out for a passage 


for them to Barbadoes for sale, but could find none 
willing to take them thither. One master of a ship 
to whom he applied, in order to evade a compliance, 
pretended the}' would spoil the ship's Company. 
Butler replied, no, you do not fear that, for thej- are 
poor harmless creatures that will not hurt anybody. 
The master rejoined, will you then offer to make 
slaves of such harmless creatures? and declined the 
invidious office of transporting them, as well as the 
rest. Disappointed in his designs and at a loss how 
to dispose of them, the winter approaching, he sent 
them home to shift for themselves till he could find 
a convenient opportunity to send them away. 

Is it strange that a few people became excited unto 
insanity, after such terrible outrages upon themselves 
and friends, as to appear naked in public ; rather is 
it not a wonder that more were not made insane .> 



Page 92. Ebenezer, 39, should be 40. 

Page 95. John Southwick, 56, should be 57. 

Page 96. Isaac Southwick, 62, should be 63. 

Page 116. Abraham Southwick, 59, should be 60. 

Page 117. Benjamin Southwick, 61, should be 62. 

Page 130. John Southwick, 90, should be 87. 

Page 132. Benjamin Southwick, 42, should be 43. 

Page 136. Joseph Southwick, 79, should be 171. 

Page 138. Ruth Southwick, 205, should be 204. 

Page 139. Zacheus Southwick, 195, should be 196. 

Page 148. Abigail Southwick, 160, should be 161. 

Page 148. Lydia Southwick, 156, should be 157. 

Page 150. Moses Southwick, 158, should be 159. 

Page 151. Daniel Southwick, 152, should be 153. 

Page 151. Caleb Southwick, 153, should be 154. 

Page 163. Isaac Southwick, 155, should be 152. 

Page 164. William Southwick (11 1), was born in 17 15, and 

died before 1767. Married first wife, name unknown, Aug. 6, 
1748; second, Sarah Elizabeth King; third, Lucy Kilburn, of 

Page 188. Maria Brown, 369, should be 370. 

Page 192. Simeon Southwick (252), was married in 1793. 

Page 193. James Southwick (509), son of William and Sarah, 
married, April 25, 1787, Mary Day, not Persis Peabody. 

Page 197. Solomon Southwick, 249, should be 248. 

Page 200. Henry Collins Southwick, 522, should be ^i2>- 

Page 203. Mary Southwick, 530, should be 531. 

Page 213. Elisha Southwick (464), was a tanner at Union 

Page 214. Rachael Southwick, 534, should be 535. 

Page 215. Chade Southwick (473), was not a tanner. 

Page 2^7. Hiram Brown, 370, should be 369. 




Lawrence South wick'. There is a tradition in 
the Southwick family that Lawrence came from Lan- 
cashire, England, to America in 1627, and returned 
to England and brought his wife Cassandra and son 
John and daughter Mary to Massachusetts in 1630, 
on the May Flower, in company with VVm. Bradford 
and others, and settled at Salem, Mass. We do not 
find any mention of his name in the public records of 
Salem until 1639, when he and his family were admit- 
ted as members in the First Church of Salem, and 
two acres of land was given him by the town of 
Salem to carry on the business of manufacturing glass 
and earthen ware. There is a tradition that he was 
one of the first to manufacture glass in America. 
This two acres of land was called glass-house field, as 
there were two others engaged in the same business, 
and the land is so designated to-day on the records 
and maps of said property, although the manufacture 
has long ceased to be carried on there. Said land is 
a valley running easterly from Aborn Street, and is on 
the south side of what is called Gallows Hill, where 
several persons were hung during the Salem Witch- 
craft delusion, a very dark page in the history o"f sec- 
tarian bigotry in Massachusetts. 



Lawrence and wife Cassandra and son Josiah and 
daughter Mary were fined, whipt, imprisoned and final- 
ly banished for being Quakers, and their son Daniel 
and daughter Provided were sentenced by the General 
Court to be sold into slavery. Lawrence and wife 
Cassandra went to Shelter Island, Long Island Sound, 
being banished under pain of death in 1659, and died 
there in the spring of 1660 from privation and expos- 
ure ; his wife died three days after him. Their son 
Josiah went to Rhode Island and established a home 
for himself and family. He came back to Salem in 
1660 to look after his parents' property and found the 
property in very poor condition, and was whipped 
for returning to Massachusetts. It seems incredible 
that any followers of Christ could have so belied their 
professions, but it was an illustration of the saying of 
Robert Pollock, in regard to the hypocrite, 

"Who stole the liverj of the Court of Heaven 
To serve the Devil in." 

Copy of Lawrence Sethick''s Will. 

I, Lawrence Sethick, late of Salem in New England, 
now being at the house of Nathaniel Silvester, on Shelter 
Island, being weake in body but of sound mind and mem- 
ory, do make and ordayne this my last will and testament, 
tenth day of fifth month, 1659. 

I first give and bequeath unto my sonne Daniel Sethick 
my dwelling house at Salem, with all the houses, orchards, 
gardens and appurtenances ; and Gyle's lot, provided that 
John Burnell shall have a house lott on the ground at the 
further end of the orchard newly fenct in. 


Item. My will is that the lott which T had of Josiah 
Sethick shall return to him again. 

Item. I give unto John Sethick the lott next to his 

//<?/;/. Mv will is that the great meadow which hes at 
Ipswich River, fenct in, shall be divided Daniel vSethick 
and John Burnell equally. 

Itetn. I give unto Samuel Burton fortv shillings. 

ItetJi. I give unto Joiin Burnell, if he stand faithful in 
the truth, two young steers and the first mare foal. 

Item. I give unto Henry Traske Marshall's lott join- 
ing to his orchard, provided that Daniel may have liberty 
to mow a load of hav everv vear thereon. 

Item. I give unto Mary Traske mv daughter, wife of 
Hemy Traske, ten pounds sterling. 

Itemi. I give unto Deborah Sethwick and young Jos- 
iah, each of them fift}' shillings sterling. 

Item. I give unto Ann Potter forty shillings, in she 
thinks beneficial for her. 

Item. I give unto Mary Traske, daughter to Henry 
Traske, one good serge suit of clothes ; and unto Sarah 
and Hannah each of them a suit of clothes. 

I give and bequeath unto Samuel and Sarah, John 
Sethick's children, to each of them thirty shillings sterling. 

Furthermore my will is that Daniel my Sonne, and 
E*rovided my daughter, shall possess' and enjoy all that 
which remains of my estate after debts and legacies paid, 
and my will above mentioiied fulfilled, equally to be di- 
vided between them so that Daniel may have that part 
which belongs to husbandry. 

Lastly my will is that in case my wife survives me shee 
shall be my executrix and keep all possessions during her 
life, and after her decease my will to be performed accord- 
ing as above expressed ; and I do ordayne William Rob- 


inson and Thomas Gardner to be overseers of this my 
hist will and testament, signed and sealed by me the day 
and year above written with mv band and seal follcjwing. 

In presence of 
Nathaniel Silvester, signed by 


William Durand, 

This will was allowed by the court 29, 9 mo., 1660. 

HiLLARD Veren, Clei'icus. 

Lawrence and Cassandra* Southwick, both bap- 
tised 2 mo., 24th, 1639, at First Church, Salem. Their 
children were : 

2. John'^, born 1620, died Oct. 25, 1672 ; married first, Sarah Tidd ; 

second, Hannah Flint; third, Sarah Burnett (or Burnell) 

3. Mary^, born 1630; married Henry Trask, son of Capt. Wm 


4. Josiah^, born 1632, died 1693; married Mary . 

* Cassandra, according to Homeric Legend, was the faires^ 
daughter of Priam and Hecuba, and the twin sister of Helenas. 
The children playing in the court of the temple of the Thym- 
brucan Apollo, not far from Illium, till it was too late for them 
to return home; a bed of laurel twigs was made for them in the 
temple, and there in the morning two snakes were found licking" 
their ears, from which resulted such an acuteness of hearing that 
they could hear the voice of the Gods. Cassandra afterward at- 
tracted the love of Apollo by her beauty, and he taught her the 
secrets of prophecy; but displeased by her rejection of his suit, 
laid upon her the curse that her vaticinations should never be 
believed. Accordingly she prophesied in vain of the treachery 
of the Grecian horse and the destruction of Troy. On the cap- 
ture of the city she fled to the temple of Minerva, and being 
captured she fell to the share of Agamemnon, to whom she bore 
twins, but she was inurdered by Clytemnestra. — Chamber $ 
Encyclofedia . 


5. Provided^, born 1635, died 1640; was baptized in First Church, 

Salem, Dec. 6, 1639. — Salem Court Records. 

6. Daniel", born 1637, died 1718-19; married Esther Boyce, 1663. 

7. Provided-, born Dec, 1641 ; married Samuel Gaskill, Dec. 

30, 1662. 

In 1653, Lawrence Southwick is overseer Wm. 
Bacon's will. — Town Records, p. 235. 

April 8, 1659, Lawrence Southwick of Salem 
bought of Edward Lummus, of Ipswich, 3 acres of 
land. — Salem Records. 

Henry F. Waters, of Salem, Mass., says: "The 
names Southwick and Eastuic (Eastwic), found on our 
Salem records both suffered more or less change by 
the slighting of the w; the former occasionally ap- 
pears as Sethick, Southerick, Suderick, etc., and the 
latter being rather fixed as Estick." 

"In 1639 there were two acres of land set off for 
each of the persons Annanias Conklin, Obediah 
Holmes, and Lawrence Southwick ; and there was 
granted to the glass men several acres of ground ad- 
joining to their houses. This was in the neighbor- 
hood of Aborn street and near Strong Water Brook," 
(now, 1 88 1, Salem and Peabody). — Felf s Annals of 
Sal cm. 

Daniel Appleton White's records. First Church, 
Salem: "This covenant was renewed by the church 
on a solemn day of humiliation, March 6, 1660, 
when also considering the power of temptation 
amongst us by reason of ye Quaker doctrine to the 
leavening of some in the place where we act and en- 
dangering of others, doe see cause to remember the 
admonition of our Saviour Christ to his disciples, 


Matt. 1 6, 'take heed and beware of ye leaven of 
the doctrine of the Pharisees', and do judge so far as 
we understand it yt ye Quaker doctrine is as bad or 
worse than that of ye Pharisees, Therefore we do cov- 
enant by the help of Jesus Christ to take heed and 
beware of the leaven of the doctrine of the Quakers." 

What an impious act, as the Quakers have no creed. 


John SoUTHWICK^ (Lawrence'), son of Lawrence 
and Cassandra Southwick ; born in England, 1620, 
died October 25, 1672. — Salcm Toivn Records. 
Married first, Sarah Tidd, widow of Samuel Tidd, 
1642; second, Hannah Flint, widow. May 12, 1568; 
third, Sarah Burnett, daughter of John Burnett (or 
Burnell). Children: 

8. Sarah'', born June 16, 1644: married Thos. Buffington. Dec. 

30, 1670. 

9. Marj^, born Oct. 10, 1646; married Thos. Burt, Nov. 18, 1672. 

10. Samuel^, born Feb. 19. 1658, died 1709-10; married Mary — — 

Married second wife (a widow) Hannah Flint. 

11. John'', born January, 1669; married Hannah Follett, Dec. 23. 


12. Isaac'', born Nov. 1669, died Feb. 1670. 

13. Isaac', born Jan. 27, 1671. 

Married third wife, Sarah Burnett (or Burnell). 
After John Southwick's decease his widow Sarah 
married Thomas Cooper, June 12, 1674; they had 
one child, Elizabeth Cooper, born Nov. 12, 1676. 

Samuel Tidd and Sarah his wife had one child, 
Eliza Tidd, born 1642. 

Jan. 4, 1660. John sells to William King and 

Robert Stone, 6 acres of land in Salem. — Salem 




April 4, 1654. John buys of Joseph Armitag^e 

20 acres in Willases meadow. — Salem Records. 
April 4, 1654. John buys of Joseph Armitage 

21 acres in Willases meadow. — Salem R&cords. 
March 16, 1657-58. John buys of David Corwithen 

3 acres near Realls side. — Salem Records. 

March. 25, 1685. Thomas Buffing'ton and wife 
Sarah mention John and Samuel Southwick as broth- 
ers in law. — Salem Records. 

June 29, 1685 Samuel and John Southwick deed 
to Isaac Cooke and John Tomkins. — Salem Records. 

Feb. 9, 1685-86. Samuel and John Southwick 
deed to William Ozburn land of their late father John 

July 20, 1681. Samuel Southwick sells to Philip 
Cromwell a dwelling house and 2 acres of land which 
was his father's, John Southwick. — Salem Records. 

John Southwick, Salem, to William Burnell, of 
Pullers poynt, Boston, 80 acres land and buildings, 
and 1 1 acres from meadow in Williston's meadow. — 
Salem Records, Vol. I, p. 71. - 

May 22, 1 67 1. John Southwick bought of Eleazor 
Giles 13 acres. 

April 13, 1685. Samuel and John Southwick sell 
to their uncle Daniel land. — Salem Records. 

Be it known unto men bv these presents that I, John 
Southwick, of Salem, in the county of Essex, — farmer, — 
doe promise to pay or cause to be paid to Henry Skerry 
Marshall of Salem, or his assigns, fewer pounds five shil- 
lings in current money of New England at or before the 
day of June next ensuing the date of these jDresents, and 


unto the true performance hearof I doe bind myself, my 
heirs, executors, administrators firmly by these presents, 
as witness my hand this 12th day of February, Anno 
Dom. 1671. tiie mark of 


Copy of yohu SothzcicF s Will 

Oct. 26, 1672. This, God willing, doth declare that 
John Sovvthick being upon mv sick bed but in perfect 
memory doe leaye this my last will and testament. 

First. I giye and bequeath unto my son Samuel one 
half of my lands and one half of my barns. 

Second. I give unto my sons John and Isack all the 
rest of my lands and the other half of the barns equally 
divided, in case my father Burnet gives them the medoe 
he promised and lying in Williston Medoe, but if not 
then m\- son John shall liave two thirds and Isaac but one 
third ; but in case luy father Burnit doe give them the 
medoe then my will is that both lands and medoe shall be 
equally divided between them except the seven acres I 
ha\e give; to my daughter Sarah and her heiis forever, 
provided that either of my three sons dy without issue it 
shall fall to the survivors, and if two of them dy without 
issue it shall fall to the survivors and his heirs forever. 

Third. I give luito my daughter Sarah, besides the 
seven acres of land before mentioned, one acre of meadow 
lying in Williston medoe and three pounds in Corn and 

Fourth. I give to my daughter Mary, tenn pounds in 
Corn or Cattle and four acres of upland, beginning at the 
draw-barn and to the pond and soe to go towards the 

Fifth. I give to Elizabeth Giles, alias Tidd, £'4 in 


Sixth. I do appoint my loving wife whole and sole 

SeventJi. I intreat my true loving two brothers Josiab 
Sowthick and Daniel Sowthick to be my overseers to 
see this my will to be performed. My intent and mean- 
ing is that my two sons enjoy the estate when they come 
of age and this I leave as my last will and testament. In 
witness hereof I have set my hand and seal the day and 
vear above written. 


[ohn Pudue and Edward Grover gave oath in Court at 
Salem, 29, 9 mo., 1672, that the above written was de- 
clared b}' the said John Sowthick to be his last will and 

HiLLARD Veren, Clerk. 


Mary South WICK^ ' (Lawrence'), daughter of 
Lawrence and Cassandra Southwick ; born about 
1630; married Henry Trask, son of Capt. William 
Trask, 1650. Children: 

14. Marj^, born Aug. 14, 1652. 

15. Aiin^, born April 14, 1654. 

16. Sarah^. born July 271 1656. 

17. Henry-', born April, 1669. 


JosiAH SoUTHWICK^ (Lawrence'), son of Law- 
rence and^ Cassandra ; born 1632; died 1693. Mar- 
ried Mary' -, 1658. Children: 

18. Josiah Jr.^, born 1660, married Ruth, daughter of James and 

Elizabeth (Browning) Sjmonds, of Salem, Mass. 


19. Joseph'', born April 1662, married Ann . No account 

of him or his family. 

20. Mary^. born Nov. 1664. , 

21. Cassandra^, born 1666; married Jacob Mott of Portsmouth. 

R. I., 16S9.* 

22. Deborah^, born 1667. 

23. Solomon^, born 1672 : married in 1712. 

24. Ruth\ born Feb. 21. 1674. 

25. Jonathan'', born 1676. 

26. Deliverance^, born 1678. 

27. Hopestill-^, born 1680. 

In March 1658, Josiah Southwick, John Small, and 
John Burton were arrested for being Quakers, at Ded- 
ham, Mass., while on their way to Rhode Island to 
provide homes for themselves and families and to es- 
cape from the intolerant persecutions of the Puritans. 
They were released and resumed their journey. — Fclfs 
Annals of Saicni, Vol. 2, p. 581. 

Dec. 30, 1670. Josiah Southwick bought of Rich- 
ard Bishop 10 acres in North Fields, Salem, — Salcin 

March 8, 1659. Josiah Southwick bought of John 
Putnam 100 acres of land lying on North Neck. — 
Salem Records. 

April 9, 1703. Josiah, now of Northampton, in 
New West Jersey, but formerly of Salem, eldest son, 
heir and administrator to estate of my father Josiah, 
late of Salem, to Daniel Jr., and Lawrence Southwick, 

* Nathaniel Green, a preacher of the Society of Friends or 
Quakers, father of Gen. Nathaniel Green, of the Revolution, 
married Cassandra Mott, daughter of Cassandra Southwick and 
Jacob Mott, for his second wife. 


Salem, the Bishop lot in North Field, containing lo 
acres, etc. — Essex Co. Deeds, Vol. 15, p. 179. 

May 13, 1727. James Southwick, son of Josiah, 
of township of Northampton, County of Burlington, 
New Jersey; Ruth, wife of said James, and daughter 
of James Simonds, late of Salem, Mass., joiner; 
William Cranmer of said Northampton, and Ruth 
his wife, and daughter of said Josiah ; appeared be- 
fore me, Samuel Bustill, Notary and Tabellion Pub- 
lick, and made their brother Josiah, eldest son and 
heir of said Josiah by Ruth his wife, to be their law- 
ful attorney to collect all the legacies bequeathed 
unto the children of Josiah Southwick wherever the 
same may be found, etc., etc. — Essex Co. Deeds, Vol. 
49. p. 219. 


Daniel SoUTHWICK^ (Lawrence'), son of Law- 
rence and Caasandra, born 1637; baptized in First 
Church Salem, Mass., Feb. 21, 1640-41; married, 
Feb, 23, 1663, Esther Boyce, daughter of Joseph Sr., 
and Eleanor Boyce. Children : 

28. Lawrence'', born 1664; died 1717-1S; married Tamson Buflum. 


29. Esther^, born June 26, 1665; married James Buxton. 

31. Elizabeth'', (called Bettv), born June 24, 1668; married 


30. Hannah'', born Aug. 7, 1667; married Thomas Buffington. 

32. Daniel'^, born March 25, 1671, died 1732-33; married Jane . 

33. Eleanor', born June 25, 1674; married Osborn. 

34. Mercj'', born 1676; married John Osborn. 

April 13, 1685. Daniel and wife Esther deed to 
Deliverance Parkman. — Sa/eiii Reeords. 


Will proved Feb. lO, 171 8-19. Bequeathed to his 
wife Esther and gives to his son Lawrence and his 
son Daniel and to his daughters, Esther Buxton, 
Eleanor Osborn and Mercy Osborn. 

May 8, 1682. Daniel sold Joshua Buffum and 
Samuel Nurse }> acre of land, southwesterly by Strong 
Water Brook, southeasterly by highway. 

^7Z1)-1)A- Esther deeds to her brother Daniel one 
acre of land situated in Salem in a place commonly 
known as Northfield. 

Nov. 28, 1659, Daniel sold John Blithen, Lynn 
4A acres and house and barn by Strong Water Brook. 

Feb. 15, 1706. Daniel Southwick executed a deed 
of gift to his son Lawrence of half his house and 

April 9, 1 714. Elizur Keysor of Salem deeds to 
Samuel Gaskill Jr., and Lawrence Southwick, both of 
Salem, lands situated in field known as Southfield, 
in township of Salem. 

April 10, 1 71 7. James Meacham deeds to Daniel 
and Lawrence Southwick a certain lott situate in 
Salem, in a place called the Northfield, containing 
about 4 acres. 


Provided Southwick', (Lawrence'), daughter of 
Lawrence and Cassandra, born Dec, 1641 ; married, 
Dec. 30, 1662, Samuel Gaskill, or originally Gas- 
coigne, (born, 1633). Children: 

35. Samuel'', born Jan. 23, 1663. 

36. Edward'', born Oct. 23, 1667. 


37, Hannah^, born Jan. 2. 1669. 

38. Provided'', born April 22. 1672. 

Edward Gascoyne or Gaskoyne, originally Gas- 
coigne, had the pleasure before his death of turning 
into a Gaskin and then into a Gaskill, by which latter 
name his son' Samuel was always known. — Salem 
Records, Henry F. Waters. 

" Cassandra Suuthwick." 

This ballad, by John G. Whittier, has its foundation 
upon a somewhat remarkable event in the history of 
Puritan intolerance. Two young persons, son (Daniel) 
and daughter (Provided) of Lawrence and Cassandra 
Southwick, of Salem, who had himself been impris- 
oned and deprived of all his property for having en- 
tertained two Quakers at his house, were fined ten 
pounds each for non-attendance at church, which they 
were unable to pay. The case being represented to 
the General Court, at Boston, that body issued an 
order, which may still be seen on the court records, 
bearing the signature of Edward Rawson, Secretary, 
by which the tifeasurer of the County was " full}^ em- 
powered to sell the said persons to any of the English 
nation at Virginia or Barbadoes, to answer said fines." 
An attempt was made to carry this barbarous order 
into execution, but no shipmaster was found willing 
to convey them to the West Indies. — Vide Sezua/Z's 
History, pp. 225-6, G. Bishop. 



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l^^Wlr^Y^ ^ \ 

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SjC'-'^^ "■ ^^..^ 



37, Hannah^, born Jan. 2, 1669. 

38. Provided'*, born April 22, 1672. 

Edward Gascoyne or Gaskoync, originally Gas- 
coigne, had the pleasure before his death of turning 
into a Gaskin and then into a Gaskill, by whicli latter 
name his son' Samuel was always known. — Salcin 
Records, Henry F. Waters. 

" Cassandra Southwick." 

This ballad, by John G. Whittier, has its foundation 
upon a somewhat remarkable event in the history of 
Puritan intolerance. Two young persons, son (Daniel) 
and daughter (Provided) of Lawrence and Cassandra 
Southwick, of Salem, who had himself been impris- 
oned and deprived of all his property for having en- 
tertained two Quakers at his house, were fined ten 
pounds each for non-attendance at church, which the}' 
were unable to pay. The case being represented to 
the General Court, at Boston, that body issued an 
order, which may still be seen on the court records, 
bearing the signature of Edward Rawson, Secretary, 
by which the tj^easurer of the County was " fully em- 
powered to sell the said persons to an}' of the English 
nation at Virginia or Barbadoes, to answer said fines." 
An attempt was made to carry this barbarous order 
into execution, but no shipmaster was found willing 
to convey them to the West Indies. — Vide Se^uall's 
History, pp. 225-6, G. Bishop. 


To the God of" all sure mercies let my blessing rise to-day, 
From the scotier and the cruel He hath plucked the spoil away, — 
Yea, lie who cooled the furnace around the faithful three. 
And tamed the Chaldean Lions, hath set His handmaid free' 

Last night I saw the sunset melt through my prison bars, 
Last night across my damp earth floor fell the pale gleam of stars ; 
In the coldness and the darkness all through the long night time. 
My grated casement whitened with Autumn's early rime. 

Alone, in that dark sorrow, hour after hour crept by; 
Star after star looked palely in and sank adown the sky; 
No sound amid night's stillness, save that which seemed to be 
The dull and heav\- beating of the pulses of the sea; 

All night 1 sat unsleeping", for I knew that on the morrow 
The ruler and the cruel priest would mock me in m^- sorrow. 
Dragged to their place of market, and bargained for and sold. 
Like a lamb before the shambles, like a heiter from the fold .' 

Oh. the weakness of the flesh was there — -the shrinking and the 

shame ; 
And the low voice of the Tempter like whispers to me came: 
•■ Wh\' sit'st thou thus forlornly I" the wicked murmur said. 
■■ Damp walls thy bower of beauty, cold earth thy maiden bed.^ 

■•Where be the smiling faces, and \oices soft and sweet. 
Seen in thy father's dwelling, heard in the pleasant street.'' 
Where be the vouths, whose glances the summer Sabbath ' 

Turned tenderly and timidly unto thy father's pew.' 

'■ Why sit'st thou here, Cassandra ? — Bethink thee with what mirth 
Thy happy schoolmates gather around the warm bright hearth ; 
How the crimson shadows tremble on foreheads white and fail-. 
On eves of merry girlhood, half hid in golden hair. 

Not for thee the hearth-fire brightens, not for thee kind words 

are spoken. 
Not for thee the nuts of Wenham woods by laughing boys are 

No first-fruits of the orchard within thy lap are laid. 
P"or thee no flowers of Autumn the vouthful hunters braid. 


•' Oh ! weak, deluded maiden ! — by crazy fancies led, 

With wild and raving railers an evil path to tread ; 

To leave a wholesome worship, and teachings pure and sound; 

And mate with maniac women, loose-haired and sack-cloth-bound. 

" Mad scoffers of the priesthood, who mock at things divine, 
Who rail against the pulpit, and holy bread and wine; 
Sore from their cart-tail scourgings, and from the pillory lame. 
Rejoicing in their wretchedness, and glorying in their shame. 

" And w^hat a fate awaits thee? — a sadly toiling slave, 
Dragging the slowly lengthening chain of bondage to the grave ! 
Think of thy woman's nature, subdued in hopeless thrall. 
The easy prey of any, the scoff and scorn of all." 

Oh I — ever as the Tempter spoke, and feeble Nature's fears 
Wrung drop by drop the scalding tlow of unavailing tears, 
I wrestled down the evil thoughts, and strove in silent prayer. 
To feel, oh. Helper of the weak ! — that thou indeed wert there I 

I thought of Paul and Silas, within Philippi's cell, 
And how from Peter's sleeping limbs the prison shackles fell. 
Till I seemed to hear the trailing of an angel's robe of white, 
And to feel a blessed presence invisible to sight. 

Bless the Lord for all His mercies ! for the peace and love I felt, 
Like dew of Hermon's holy hill, upon my spirit melt; 
When, '■ Get behind me, Satan!" was the language of my heart. 
And I felt the Evil Tempter with all his doubts depart. 

Slow broke the gray cold morning; again the sunshine fell. 
Flecked with the shade of bar and grate within my lonely cell ; 
The hoar frost melted on the wall, and upward from the street 
Came careless lausjh and idle word, and tread of passing feet. 

At length the heavy bolts fell back, my door was open cast, 
And slowly at the sheriff's side, up the long street I passed ; 
I heard the murmur round me, and felt, but dared not see 
How, from everj' door and window, the people gazed on me. 

And doubt and fear fell on me, shame burned upon my cheek. 
Swam earth and sky around me, my trembling limbs grew weak : 
"Oh, Lord! support thy handmaid ; and from her soul cast out 
The fear of man, which brings a snare — the weakness and the 


Then the drearv shadows scattered like a cloud in morning's 

And a low deep voice within me seemed to whisper words like 

these : 
•' Though thy earth be as the iron, and th>- heaven a brazen wall. 
Trust still His loving kindness whose power is over all." 

We paused at length, where at mj feet the sun-lit waters broke 
On glaring reach of shining beach, and shingly wall of rock; 
The merchant-ships lay idly there, in hard clear lines on high. 
Tracing with rope and slender spar their net-work on the sk\'. 

And there wei"e ancient citizens, cloak-wrapt and grave and cold. 
And grim and stout sea-captains with faces bronzed and old, 
And on his horse, with Rawson, his cruel clerk at hand, 
Sat dark and haughty Endicott, the ruler of the land. 

And poisoning with his evil words the ruler's ready ear, 
The priest leaned o'er his saddle, with laugh and scotl' and jeer: 
It stirred my soul, and from my lips the seal of silence broke, 
As if through woman's weakness a warning spirit spoke. 

I cried, "The Lord rebuke thee, thou smiterof the meek. 
Thou robber of the righteous, thou trampler of the weak I 
Go light the dark, cold hearth-stone — go turn the prison lock 
Of the poor hearts thou hast hunted, thou wolf amid the tlock I ' 

Dark lowered the brows of Endicott, and with a deeper red 

O'er Rawson's wine-empurpled cheek the flush of anger spread : 

•'Good people," quoth the white-lipped priest, •■ heed not her 

words so wild. 
Her master speaks within her — the de\\\ owns his child I 

But gray heads shook, and young brows knit, the while the sheriff 

That law the wicked rulers against the poor have made. 
Who to their house of Rimmon the idol priesthood bring 
No bended knee of worship nor gainful offering. 

Then to the stout sea-captains the sherift' turning said : 
■' Which of ye, worthy seamen, will take this Qj-iaker maid.' 
In the Isle of fair Barbadoes, or on Virginia's shore. 
-You may hold her at a higher price than Indian girl or Moor." 


Grim and silent stood tlie captains; and when again he cried. 
Speak out my worthy seamen !" — no voice, no sign replied ; 
But I felt a hard hand press my own, and kind words met my ear : 
•' God hless thee and preserve thee, my gentle girl and dear I" 

A weight seemed lifted from my heart, — a pitving friend was 

I felt it in his hard, rough hand, I saw it in his eye: 
And when again the sheriff spoke, that voice, so kind to me. 
Growled hack its stormy answer like the roaring of the sea : 

" Pile my ship with bars of silver — pack with coins of Spanish 

From keel-piece up to deck-plank, the roomage of her hold, 

By the living God who made me! — I would sooner in your hay 

Sink ship and crew and cargo, than bear this child away !" 

" Well answered, worthy captain, shame on their cruel laws !" 
Ran through the crowds in murmurs loud the people's just ap- 
•• Like the herdsman of Tekoa, in Israel of old. 
Shall we see the poor and righteous again for silver sold ?" 

I looked on haughty Endicott; with weapon halfway drawn. 
Swept round the throng his lion glare of bitter hate and scorn; 
Fiercely he drew his bridle rein, and turned in silence back, 
And sneering priest and baffled clerk rode murmin-ing in his track. 

Hard after them the sheriff looked, in bitterness of soul; 

Thrice smote his staff upon the ground, and crushed his parch- 
ment roll. 

" Good friends," he said, " since both have fled, the ruler and the 

Judge ve, if from their further work I be not well released." 

Loud was the cheer which, full and clear, swept round the silent 

As, with kind words and kinder looks, he bade me go my way; 
For He who turns the courses of the streamlet of the glen. 
And the river of great waters, had turned the hearts of men. 

Oh, at that hour the verj- earth seemed changed beneath my eye. 
A holier wonder round me rose the blue walls of the sky, 
A lovelier light on rock and hill, and stream and woodland lay. 
And softer lapsed on sunnier sands the waters of the bay. 


Thanksgiving to the Lord of life ! — to Him, all praises be, 
Who from the hands of evil men hath set His handmaid free; 
All praise to Him before whose power the mighty are afraid, 
Who takes the crafty in the snare, which for the poor is laid ! 

Sing, oh, my soul, rejoicingly, on evening's twilight calm 
Uplift the loud thanksgiving — pour forth the grateful psalm; 
Let all dear hearts with me rejoice, as did the saints of old. 
When of the Lord's good angel the rescued Peter told. 

And weep and howl, ye evil priests and mighty men of wrong, 
The Lord shall smite the proud and lay His hand upon the strong. 
Wo to the wicked rulers in His avenging hour! 
Wo to the wolves who seek the flocks to raven and devour ; 

But let the humble ones arise, — the poor in heart be glad. 
And let the mourning ones again with robes of praise be clad. 
For he who cooled the furnace, and smoothed the stormy wave, 
And tamed the Chaldean lions, is mighty still to save! 




Samuel SouTHWICK'*, (John*, Lawrence'), son of 
John 1st, and Sarah Tidd, born Feb. 19, 1658; died. 
1709-10; married Mary . Children: 

39. Samuel 2d"', born Jan. 30, 16S8-89, died before 1709. 

40. Ebenezer', born Nov. 1690; married first, Sarah Proctor, in 

1724, no children; second, Mary Whitman, 1727. 

41. Hannah^, born Feb. 24, 1691-92. 

42. Jonathan'', born about 1694; married Elizabeth Dowtj, Dec. 

16, 1727. 

43. Benjamin^, born 1696; went to New Salem and was there 

June 9, 1743; married Abigail Burt, 1722. 

44. David"*, born 1701 ; was over 90 when he died ; niarried 

Thankful Grigg. 

45. Mercy"*, born 1698. 

46. Mary"*, born 1700; married Henry Hutchins, Oct. 16. 1736. 

47. Elizabeth"*, born 1702. 

48. Provided"*, born 1704; married John Carroll, Oct. 26, 1728. 

Inventory of Samuel Southwick's estate taken 
March 13, 1709-10. Administration granted to wife 
Mary and eldest son li\^ing, Ebenezer, Dec. 27, 171 1. 
All the children except Samuel and Ebenezer are 
named m the division of the estate. 

Jonathan, David and Lemuel went to Williamstown, 
Mass., also Ichabod and Jesse, from New Salem Mass. 

Received of my brother Ebenezer Southwick, thirty- 
four pounds, bills of credit, and is in full for my portion 


due from the estate of my honored f\\ther and mother, 
Samuel and Mary Southwick, both late of vSalem and I 
hearb}- aquit the said estate from any claim or demand 
that I or any of my heirs, administrators, executors or as- 
signs, shall make against said estate forever hearafter. 

Salem June 19, 1740. 

her mark. 

Witness my hand, MARY x SOUTHWICK. 

John Leech, 

John Brown. 

Inventory of Samuel SoiitJnvick. late of Salem., 
son of yohn Sottthxvick. 

One end of an old house and 29 akers of land, £145 
one horse, £1, 105. ; two oxin, £5, \os. ; nine sheape 
£3, 14 s. ; three kows, iE5, 5 s. ; two small stears, £3 
one yearlin, 15 ^. ; one cart and wheals, £3 ; one sled, 4^. 
one old axe and old pitchfork, 3 s. ; one draft chane, 7 6\ 
oxin and horse tacklin, 5 .v. ; one beatel and wedges, ^ .v. 
one plow, 65.; old eyron, 35.; one how, 15., 6 d. 
one bedsted and small bed and couvering, £3 ; his weare- 
ing close, £2, Si-., 6d. ; one warming-pan, 95. ; pewter 
and earthin, 45.; eyron cittle (iron kettle), pot, frying 
pan and tramel and feyer (fire) pan and tongs, £1, 45., 
one eyron box and heaters and lamps, 45-. ; old wheals 
and cheast, one table and tubs, one box and pale, £i, 
6 s.^id d. ; onebridel, sadel, one bed &c., £1 ; one table and 
cradle, (y s. ; about 10 lbs. of fethers, 15 i\ ; in the sealla 
(cellar) 20 lbs. tobaco, 6 s. ; barils, 6 s. ; one end of old 
house, £6; sundries, £2, 14 .v. ; one bridel and sadel, 
\z s.\ one bed &c., on ye bed in ye chambers, £1 ; total, 
£i8S, 2.s\, 6d. March ye 13th day, 1709-ro. 



Eleanor SoUTHWICK^ (Daniel-, Lawrence'), daugh- 
ter of Daniel and Esther Boyce, born June 25, 1674, 

died before 1718-19; married Osborn. 

Their children were : 

49. Samuel^. 

50. Eleanor'*. 

51. Hannah*. 

52. Joseph*. 

53. Mercy'' S. 

54. Esther'*. 
55- John*. 

56. Mary-*. 


John Southwick, 2d', (John^ Lawrence'), son 
of John 1st and Hannah Plint, widow, born 1667, 
died 1742-43, was a blacksmith; married in 1688 
widow Hannah Follett, daughter of Robert and Persis 
Black. His will was proved Nov. 24, 1743. Children: 

57. John 3d*, born Dec. 1689, baptized May 1690; married Mary 

Trask, Jan. 8, 1710. 

58. Josepli*, born Jan. i, 1690-91, died Oct. i, 1691. 

59. Sarah*, born Feb. 9, 1693-94, 

60. Abraham*, born July 27, 1696; married Sarah . 

61. Hannah*, born Nov. 6, 1698. 

62. Benjamin*, born Jan. 22, 1701-2; married Sarah Southwick 

daughter of Isaac and Anna. 

63. Isaac*, born Sept. 23, 1704; married Esther Clark, of Wells, 

Me. June 5, 1731. 


Isaac S0UTH^VICK^ (John"', Lawrence'), son of 
John 1st, and Hannah Flint, widow, born Jan. 27, 


1670; married, 1 69 1, Anna . They were at 

Reading in 1696. Their Children: 

64. Anna^, born 1694; married Jonathan Herbert, 1713. 

65. Sarah"*, born and died 1696. 

66. Sarah"*, born 1699; married Benjamin Southwick. 

67. Isaac, Jr. ■*, born 1703; married Mary Dalton, April 12, 1741. 
6S. Mehitable"*, born 1706; married Ebenezer Weston, 1726. 

Isaac, Jr., born in 1703, Hved in the east part of 
West Parish of Reading, and owned the farm now 
(1877) owned by Eben D. Symonds. — History of 


Lawrexxe Southwick', (Daniel'- Lawrence'), 
son of Daniel and Esther Boyce, born in Salem, 1664; 
died, 1 71 8. Married, Aug. 4, 1704, Tamson Buffum, 
daughter of Caleb Buffum. Children: 

69. Daniel"*, born 1705. died Nov. 19, 1776: married Ruth Shove, 

and moved to Mendon (now Uxbridge) in 1742. He was 
a tanner and farmer, and a distinguished preacher of thj 
Society of Friends, of Mendon. Mass. 

70. Josiah 3d^, born 1707, was a tailor: married Mary -. 

71. Caleb"*, born 1709; married Ruth Gould, daughter of Thomas 

and Abigail Gould of Charlestown, Mass., on April 8. 
1732. Caleb was a blacksmith. 

72. Lawrence"*, born Jan. 11, 1711; went to Dighton Mass. Hj 

was a shoe maker and was at Dighton, Dec. 26 1739 

73. Esther"*, born 1712 ; was upwards of 14 years of age in 1729-30. 

when she sold her brother Daniel her share in estate of her 
parents, Lawrence and Tamson. She married Ephraim 
Silsbee, a blacksmith at Boston. 

74. Joseph^, born 1716, died June i, 1791 ; married Bethia Gal- 

ium of Uxbridge Mass., March. 31, 1739. He was a tan- 
ner at Salem, Mass. 


75- David'', born 1714; Went to Uudlev Mass. ; married Hannah 
, 1735- 

Lawrence's real estate divided by will between 
widow Tamson and children Joseph, Josiah, David, 
Caleb, Lawrence and Esther Southwick. Administra- 
tion granted brother Daniel, Jan. 2, 1718. 

April 12, 1 712. Benjamin Gerrish of Salem deeds 
to Lawrence Southwick of Salem a certain piece of 
land, salt marsh, within the limits of a field known 
by the name of Southfield, containing one acre and 
a half. 

1 7 16. John Brown of Reading deeds to Daniel 
and Lawrence Southwick seven acres situated in the 
township of Lynn. 

(3ct. 30, 1739. Josiah and wife Mary, deed to 
brother Daniel their interest in his father Lawrence's 
and mother Tamson's estate. — Salon Records. 


Solomon Southwick'', (Josiah^ Lawrence',) son 
of Josiah and. Mary , born, 1672 ; married proba- 
bly in 1712. Children: 

76. Hannah^, born 1713; married Wm. Jeffries, Oct. 22, 1739. 

77. Marj'', (called Mollj) born 1715 ; married Wm. West. 1739. 

78. Ruth*, born 1717; married Henry Brightman of Portsmouth 

■ R. 1., Dec. 26, 1751. 

79. Joseph'', born 1719. died Sept. 15, 1779, age 60 jrs. : married 

Mary Pitman. 1739. 
So. Martha", born 1722; married Jos. Davol of Portsmouth, R. I. 

Si. Jeremiah"*, born 1725; married Elizabeth Sheffield. 1766. 
82. Elizabeth*, born 172S; married Peter Wilkey. Oct. 1767. 


53. Solomon^, born 1731. died Dec. 23, 1797; married Ann Car- 

penter, nee Gardner, June 20, 1796, born 1748, died Feb. 
22, 1783. 

Ann (Gardner) Carpenter was the daughter of 
Lieut. Gov. John Gardner of R. I. 

Solomon was in Rhode Island, Nov. 22. 171 1, as 
per deed recorded at Salem, Mass., and dated at R. I. 
given to Joseph Boyce, Jr., for 8 acres of land in glass 
house field, and mentions that it was a part of his 
father Josiah's homstead. 


JosiAH SouTHWiCK"\ (Josialr, Lawrence'), son 
of Josiah and Mary Southwick, was born in Salem, 
Mass., 1660, and died before 1 714, at Northampton 
Burlington Co., New Jersey. Married Ruth Symonds, 
daughter of James and Elizabeth (Browning) Sy- 
monds of Salem, born Feb. 19, 1663. They moved 
to Northampton, Burlington Co., N. J., about 1702, 
and prior to April 9, 1703, as per deed to eldest son 
Josiah. Their children were : 

54. Josiah 3d^, born probably 16S6. 

85. Jamas'*, born probably 1689. 

86. Ruth'*, born probably 1692. married William Cranmer of 

Northampton, Burlington Co.. New Jersey. 1716. 

May 13, 1727. James Southwick, William Cran- 
mer and wife Ruth and her mother Ruth and Josiah 
Southwick, attorney for above, of Northampton, Bur- 
lington Co., N. J., settled their father Josiah's estate 
in Salem, Mass. 



Daniel Southwick, Jr.'\ (DanieP, Lawrence'), 
called "the husbandman," son of Daniel and Esther 
(Boyce), born March 25, 1671 ; died, 1732-33. Mar- 
ried in 1696, Jane . 

87. Jonathan, Jr. ^, born 1697. died Aug. 28, 1786; married Han- 

nah Osborn, 1735. 
87a. Elizabeth", born 1702; married Jonathan Buxton, 1742. 

87^. Hannah*, born 1704; married Girdler, 1724. 

87c. John"*, (Shop-keeper) born 1709: married Mary Buftum, Dec. 

12, 1730. daughter of Samuel and Mary Gaskill. 

88. Daniel*, born 1721, died 1804; married Ruth Mussej. Dec. 

12, 1742. 

Daniel was appointed administrator of his brother 
Lawrence's estate in 171 8. 

Daniel bequeathed by will, 1732, to his wife Jane 
and to his sons John, Jonathan and Daniel, and to his 
daughters Hannah (Girdler) and Elizabeth, (Buxton), 
and he gives to his daughter Elizabeth, his Negro 
girl. Will proved Feb. 14, 1732-33. 

1739. Jonathan moved from Salem to Mendon, 
now Blackstone, Mass. 

I733"34- Daniel (and Esther his mother) deed to 
John and Jonathan Southwick "two acres of land 
situate in ' Lin,' being in the 2d division of the great 
common land." 

Jan. 18, 1748. John Southwick Jr., shop-keeper, 
deed to James Buffington. — Salem Records. 

March 24, 1729-30. Elias Trask of Salem deed 
to Daniel Southwick, Jr., three poles of land situated 
in Salem. 

Feb. 28, 1738. John Southwick of Salem binds 


himself to pay all the sums of money and perform all 
the duties intrusted to Jonathan by the last will of 
their father Daniel, late of Salem, deceased, duly 
proved etc., bearing date June 5, 1732. 


• Cassandra South WICK^ (Josiah", Lawrence'), 
daughter of Josiah and Mary, born 1680,* died about 
1 7 19; married in 171 3 Jacob Mott (born 1661), and 
was his second wife. Children : 

89. Cassandra*, born Nov. i, 1714. 
go. Dorcas*, born March i, 17 16. 
91. Ann*, born Oct. 22, 1718. 

Jacob Mott married first wife. Rest Perry, 1707. 
Children : Mary, born April 25, 1708 ; married Nath- 
aniel Green, son of Jabez and Mary, April 18, 1739. 
Nathaniel Green was a preacher of the Society of 
Friends. Rest, born Nov. 29, 1 709 ; married Thomas 

Jacob Mott's third wife was Mary Easton, whom he 
married Nov. 3, 1719. Children: Maria, born July 
21,1720; Jacob, born July 6, 1722; John, born May 
2, 1725 ; Eliza, or Elizabeth, born Sept. i, 1728. 

General Nathaniel Green of the Revolution, was son 
of Nathaniel the preacher of Friends, or Quakers. 

* On page 75 please note corrections as follows : 
21. Cassandra, born 1680; 27. Hopestill, born 1666. 



Ebenezer Southwick', (SamueP, John', Law- 
rence'), son of Samuel ist and Mary, born Nov. 9, 
1690. Married first, April 9, 1724, Sarah Proctor; 
no children. Second, Mary Whitman, Oct. 18, 1727. 
Children : 

92. Sarah^, born May 24, 1728; married Joseph Stacev, May 13. 


93. Mary^, born Dec. 22, 1729; married Upton. 

94. Lois*, born March 3, 1733. 

95. Ebenezer^, born Feb. 3, 1736, died Jan. 8, 1S20 ; married Sus- 

anna Orr, 1758 (Town records, Jan. 23, 1734-35)- Susanna 

born Feb. 2, 1735, died Aug. 9, 1811. 

96 Hannah', born 1738; married Lefavour. 

97. Lydia*, born 1740, baptized Aug. 24, 1760, died before 1771. 

Ebenezer, son of Samuel and Mary, wills, Nov. 
9, I 77 1, to Mary my wife, my Negro named Primas, 
and northeast end of dwelling, for her and my dear 
daughter Lois to dwell in. He gives to son Ebenezer 
among other legacies, his land and rights inTownsend, 
Middlesex County, and southwest end of dwelling- 
house ; to m}^ daughter Sarah Stacey £24 ; daughter 
Mary Upton ^28 ; daughter Lois £28 ; to grand- 
daughter of Hannah Lefavor, daughters of my daugh- 
ter Hannah, deceased, ^30. 


Salem. March 28, 1747. 
I order written promise to pay to James Lindale, or 
order. Twenty shillings, new tenor, for hyre of two rights 
in great pasture and twenty-four eggs from time to time. 
April, 1747. 


David South wick', (Lawrence'', Daniel', Law- 
rence'), son of Lawrence and Tamson (Buftum) 
Southwick, born probably 17 14; married probably 

in 1735, Hannah . Children, as per records 

Congregational church. New Salem, Mass. : 

98. Samuel', born Nov. 19. 1736; baptized Dec 19, 1742, at N. 


99. Hannah', born Aug. 24, 1739. 
100. Sarah', born 1742. 

As per Town records from Dudley, Mass., moved 
to New Salem, Mass. 

Samuel Southwick and wife were admitted as mem- 
bers of the Congregational church. New Salem, in 


Sarah married first, Nathan Eaton ; second, Nathan 
Daniels, probably in 1762. 


Jonathan Southwick\ (Samuef, John', Law- 
rence'), son of Samuel ist and Mary, born 1694. 
Married Elizabeth Dowty, Sept. 17, 1727. Their 
children were : 

loi. Jesse', born 172S; married Copia Wright, 1760. 


102. Ichabod^, born 1730. 

103. Marj^, born 1732. 

104. Rebecca*, born 1734. 

105. Samuel*, born 1736, married Hannah and joined the 


106. Lemuel*, born 1738. 

107. Jonathan*, born 1740. 

108. Elizabeth*, born Aug. 9, 1741. 

Ichabod and Jesse settled in South Williamstown, 
Mass., Ichabod clearing up a farm on Green River, 
now one of the very best farms in town. Jesse lived 
still further south on one of the brooks which form 
Green River. Ichabod was a prominent man in 1770, 
for he is in a list of house-holders of that date. — Pj'of. 
Perry s History of Williauistoivn, Mass. 

Also we find upon examining the deeds and com- 
moners records in the town clerk's office of Benson, 
Vermont, that David, Jesse and Ichabod were three 
of the original proprietors to whom the charter of 
the town was granted. May 5, 1780; also that Icha- 
bod Southwick of Williamstown, Mass., conveyed 
land in Benson, Vermont, to Elic Cobb, Sept. 16, 
■1782. — Pcrlcy Derby s tracings of Sont/rwick Geneal- 

Prof. Kellogg in his account of Williamstown, Mass., 
published in Dr. Field's "Berkshire County," says 
Jesse and Ichabod Southwick came from New Salem 
and settled in this town as early as 1763. 


David Southwtck\ (Samuel'', John^ Lawrence'), 
son of Samuel ist, and Mary, born in Salem, Mass., 


1701, died 1792, over 90 years of age ; married Thank- 
ful Davis Griggs, in 1726. They had one child; 

109. SamueP, born 1727, married Abigal Warner, about lyss- 

David and Thankful were living in Williamstown 
Mass. in 1799 and were then members of the First 
Congregational church ; Rev. Seth Swift was pastor 
at that time. 

Dudley, Mass., April 5, 1740. 
Received of my brother, Ebenezer Southwick Ten 
pounds in full for my portion due from the estate of my 
father and mother, Samuel and Mary Southwick both late 
of Salem, Mass., and I hereby release all claim against 
said estate. 



John SouTHWICK^ (Samuel', John", Lawrence'), 
son of John and Hannah (Follet) Southwick; born 
Dec. 13, 1688; lived in Danvers ; will proved Oct. 
7, 1 771; married Mary Trask, Jan. 8, I 710. Children: 

no. John\ born 1710; made will Jan. 4, 17S5, will proved Feb. 8. 
1785. married Elizabeth Wilson. 

111. William^, born 1715, died before 1767; married Sarah Eliza- 

beth King, Aug. 6, 1748. 

112. Mary^, born 17 17, died Sept, 24. 1796; married Ebenezer 

King, March 23, 1734. 

113. Anna*, born 1719; married Zachariah King, Nov. 9, 1736 

114. Elizabeth*, born 1721 : married Robert Wilson Jr., May 26, 


115. Joseph*, born 1723 ; married Mary Wilson, April 23. 1743. 

116. George', born about 1736, will made June 6, 1803, proved. 

July 19, 1S08. 


Sept. lO, 1735 John South wick and wife Mary 
deed to Joseph Very. — Salem Records. 

Nov. 27, 1735. John Southwick and wife Mary deed 
to Abraham Southwick. — Salem Records. 

May 5, 1747. John Southwick and wife Mary deed 
to James Buffum. — Salem Records. 


Isaac SoUTH\VICK^ (Samuel*, John', Lawrence'), 
son of John and Hannah (Follett) Southwick, born 
Sept. 23, 1704, baptized Oct. 4, 1705; will dated 
Sept. 27, 1774, proved April 3, 1780. Married, June 
5, 1 73 1, Esther Clark, of Wells, Me. Children: 

117. Isaac*, born 1732, baptized June 24. 1733, middle precinct: 

married Elizabetli and moved to Amherst, N. H. 

118. NathanieP, born 1734, baptized May 28, 1738. 

119. Esther', born 1736, baptized June 15, 1740. 

120. John", born 1738, baptized May 6, 1744. 

121. Susanna'^, born 1740; married Jafrey. 

122. Benjamin*, born 1742. 

April 5, 1729. Isaac Southwick bought of Abra- 
ham Loge. — Salem Records. 

April 22, 1742. Isaac Southwick sold Jonathan 
Boyce. — Salem Records. 

May 20, 1767. Isaac Southwick sold Joseph 
Southwick Jr., tanner. — Salem Records. 


Solomon Southwick*, (Solomon^ Josiah^ Law- 
rence'), son of Solomon, born 173 1, died Dec. 23, 
I797» aged 66 years. Married, June 20, 1769, widow 


Ann Carpenter, daughter of Lieut. Gov. John Gard- 
ner of R. I., born 1748, died Feb, 22, 1783. Child- 
ren : 

123. Elizabeth Ann^, born i\pril 10, 1770, married first, Richard 

Woodman; second, James Chace. 

124. John P.*, born March 30, 1771 ; went to sea very young and 

was never heard from. 

125. Mary^, born July 20, 1772, died four days after birth. 

126. Henry Collins', born July 20, 1772, died 1S21, married Marv 

(or Margaret) Wool. 

127. Solomon*, born Dec. 25, 1773; died Nov. iS. 1839, at Albanv. 

N. Y. Married Jane Barber of Albany, N. Y., March 31. 


128. Wilmarth', born 1775: married Mrs. Hannah Churchill. 

Nov. 20, 1800. 

Solomon\ was one of a committee of four to receive 
Gen. Washington at Newport R. I., March, 1781. 
Viz : Christopher Ellery, Wilham Channing, Wilson 
Taggart, Solomon Southwick. 

Colonial Records R. I., 1776. Solomon Southwick 
paid by State £2, 16 shillings for paper for printing 
Rules of the Army. 

Feb. 1778. Solomon Southwick was appointed 
Deputy Commissioner General of issues of R. I. 

Ann Gardner, daughter of Lieut. Gov. John Gard- 
ner, married Willett Carpenter, July i, 1764. 

About 1764, Solomon Southwick purchased of the 
heirs of James Franklin the printing establishment of 
the Neivport Mercury, R. L 

On the following page will be found a transcript 
and outline of a two pound Colonial Currenc\- 
note printed by Southwick and Barber. 




so . 




















3" ^ 







^ M ^. > 
O c/5 

■* 3 


3 O 

C/5 i-^ 


en fu 








I— I 




































Newport, March i, 1793. 
For Eighty Silver Dollars, which I hereby acknowledge 
'<co have received, I now sell, set over alid deliver to 
Joseph Southwick, my mahogany printing press with 
♦everything thereunto belonging and now in possession of 
Capt. Geo. CornellT of this Town, as witness my hand 

July 20, 1774. The Legislature of Rhode Island 
met oftener, and each session brought up questions 
of great moment. Solomon Southwick of New- 
port had just published "Lord Somer's judgment 
of whole Kingdoms and Nations concerning the RigJits^ 
Pcnucrs and Prerogatives of Kings, and the Rights^ 
Privileges and properties of the people" and as the 
legislators of R. L read this inculcation of resisting 
evil and destructive Princes, the}' felt their own reso- 
lution strengthened and saw the path of duty plainer 
to their eyes. All began to feel that " the time zvas 
near approaching when tJiey must gird on //;r/r Swords 
and ride forth to meet their Enemies."* — G. W. 
Green's Life of Gen, NatJianiel Green, p. 74. 

Solomon Southwick, 

In 1783 represented to the assembly of Rhode Island 
that during the war, owing to the active part he took 
early in the war, he was compelled to leave the Island 
with his family and wandered for (14) fourteen 
months, during which time he was put to a cost of 

* Forces Archives, published in Connecticut. 


($5,000) five thousand silver dollars. That before 
the war he had bought two houses of Samuel Marr- 
yott, which were pulled down by the enemy. At this 
time he had half paid for the houses and could have 
paid the balance at any time in paper money, but he 
could not in conscience do this, as he thought to do 
so would be wrong. That he was then confined in a 
single chamber a prisoner on an obligation he gave 
Marryott for ($170) one hundred and seventy dollars. 
That at this time he was greatly distressed with a ner- 
vous disorder, and had been for several months, and 
there was no possibility of his recovery, but with the 
aid of good air and free exercise. That he has all 
the books and papers as Deputy Commissary General 
of this department for upwards of four years. He 
prayed that he might be set at liberty as it was abso- 
lutely impossible for him to pay his debts. He asked 
for two months to compound with his creditors. The 
assembly gave him the liberty of his house and the 
back yard. 

In October 1784, Solomon Southwick represented 
to the assembly that he had been a prisoner for debt 
for more than (13) thirteen months; that he had 
lost several thousand dollars by the war and could 
not collect one-tenth part of the debts due him ; that 
his two houses had been destroyed by the enemy ; 
that he had made proposals to his creditors which 
most of them were willing to accept ; but his com- 
mitting creditor would not come to any terms ; where- 
fore he prayed to be liberated. Prayer granted, liber- 
ated from prison, and no action was to be commenced 


against him for five years. — J. M. K. Southwick, per 
Hon. William P. Sheffield, about Solomon the Printer 
at Newport. 

From Newport Illustrated, by George O. Mason. 

The first newspaper published in Newport was is- 
sued in 1732 by James Franklin, elder brother of Dr. 
Benj. Franklin. It was a small sheet, the size of or- 
dinary letter paper, and was printed on a press 
brought from Boston, which was imported by James 
Franklin, and was long standing in the office of the 
Newport Mercury. 

On the 14th of Feb. 1734-35, James Franklin died, 
aged 38, after a long indisposition. The printing 
office he left to his son James, then a child. On the 1 2th 
of June, 1758, the son issued the first number of the 
Newport Mercury. He was assisted in the manage- 
ment of it by his mother, Ann Franklin, and in a few 
years, James having left Newport for some cause 
never made known, and never to return, her imprint 
alone appeared on the paper. The daughter of Mrs. 
Franklin having married one Samuel Hall, the Mer- 
cury was made over to him, and subsequently it was 
transferred to Solomon Southwick, who published it 
until December 1776, when it was discontinued for a 
time. Southwick, fearing the British, who were pre- 
paring to land on the Island, would destroy the pro- 
perty, to preserve his press and types, then standing 
in the office on Queen Street, near the middle of the 
parade ground, from falling into their hands, they 


were removed to the rear of the old building ore 
Broad Street, known as the Kilburn house, where \\\Q.y 
were buried in the garden. The fact that the property" 
was so secreted was made known to the Commander- 
of the British troops, who caused it to be removed to- 
the building known as the Vaughan house, making 
the north corner of parade and Thames Street, where 
in the chambers one John Howe, who was known as 
printer to his Majesty, regularly issued tlie Rhode 
Island Gaz-ctte during. 1777, 1778 and 1779, copies, 
of which papers can now be seen at the Redwood 
Library at Newport. After the war the property was. 
purchased by Mr. Henry Barber, and the Mercury 
was again issued Januar}^ i, 1780. It continued in 
the possession of the Barber family for over seventy 
years, having been owned by father, son and grand- 
son in succession. It is now the property of Messrs. 
Coggeshall and Pratt in 1879, 

From Colonial History of R. I. 

Pursuant to a resolution of Congress of Jan. 13, 
1778, last, Solomon Southwick, Esq., is appointed 
Deputy Commissary General of issues within this 
state. — Colonial Records of R. I. Vol. 8, p. 356. ^ 

June, 1780. At the request of Col. Christopher 
Greene, it is voted and resolved that Solomon South- 
wick, Esq., commissary of issues in this state be, and 
is hereby empowered to receive of Capt. Samuel 
Carr one hundred and fifty bushels of Indian corn (be- 
ing part of the rent of the farm in Exeter which he 


hires of the state) for the use of the continental troops 
in this state ; that the same be deHvered by the said 
Samuel Carr at Bissells Mill ; and that it be considered 
as part of the supplies of this state. — p. 8i. 

June, 1780. It is voted and resolved that Solomon 
Southwick, Esq., Deputy Commissary General of is- 
sues ; be, and is hereby empowered to receive of 
Charles Hoiden, Esq., Commissary of purchases of 
this state, such quantities of provisions and other sup- 
plies from time to time as m.ay be necessary for the 
supply of the troops in this state. — p. 124. 

July, 1780. It is voted and resolved that Charles 
Hoiden, Esq., Commissary of purchases in this state 
be, and is hereby directed to furnish and supply Sol- 
omon Southwick, Esq., Deputy Commissary General 
of issues, with the necessary provisions and liquors for 
the Hon. Major General Heath and his family while 
in this state. — p. 162. 

Oct., 1780. And whereas the army is in want of 
bread, it is voted and resolved that Solomon South- 
wick, Esq., D. C. G. I., be, and he is hereb)^ directed 
to receive the said corn, that he receive such a pro- 
portion thereof if new, as will make it equal to mer- 
chantable corn and that the same be charged against 
the United States as part of this state's quota of sup- 
plies. — p. 254. 

Whereas Col. John Cooke hath represented unto 
this assembly that he has a quantity of corn ready to 
be delivered to the state on account of rent due on 
the lease of the said estate on the Island of Prudence, 
late belonging to Joseph Wanton, Esq. 






From "History of Printing in America, 

VV ith a Biography of Printers, and Account of News- 
papers," By Isaiah Thomas. 

Solomon Southwick was born in Newport R. I., 
but was not brought up to the business of printing. 
He was the son of a fisherman, and when a lad assisted 
his father in selling fish in the market-place. The 
attention he paid to that employment, the comeliness 
of his person, and the evidence he gave of a sprightly 
genius, attracted the notice of the worthy Henry Col- 
lins, who at that time was said to be the most wealthy 
citizen in Newport, one of the first mercantile charac- 
ters in New England and greatly distinguished in the 
Colony of Rhode Island for philanthropy and benev- 
olence. Mr. Collins took a number of illiterate boys 
whose parents were poor, under his patronage, and 
gave each an education suited to his capacity, sev- 
eral of whom became distinguished in the learned 
professions. Among the objects of his care and 
liberality was young Southwick, who was placed at 
the Academy at Philadelphia and there provided for 
till he had completed his studies. Mr. Collins then 
established him as a merchant with a partner by the 
name of Clarke. Southwick and Clarke did business 
on an extensive scale ; they built several vessels and 
were engaged in trade to London and elsewhere : but 
eventually they became bankrupts and their partner- 
ship was dissolved. After this misfortune Southwick 
married a daughter of Col. John Gardner, who for 
several years had been Governor of the Colony, and 
by this marriage he became possessed of a handsome 


estate. About this time Samuel Hall, who had a de- 
sire to leave Newport for Salem, offered his printing 
establishment for sale. Southwick became the pur- 
chaser in March, 1768, and succeeded to the business 
of Hall. He continued the publication of the New- 
port Mercury, and made some attempts at book print- 
ing. He published for his own sale several small 
volumes, but the turbulence of the times checked his 
progress in this branch of printing. Southwick dis- 
covered a sincere and warm attachment to the interest 
of the country. He was a firm Whig and sensible 
and spirited writer, and in other respects was qualified 
to be the editor of a newspaper and the conductor of 
a press in times of revolutionary commotion. 

The severity of the British Government to the prov- 
ince of Massachusetts particularly, was manifested by 
several acts of Parliament which were passed in 1774. 
By one of these acts the people were deprived of 
many of their chartered rights and privileges : b}' 
another the port of Boston was shut and the transac- 
tion of every kind of commercial business on the 
waters of this harbor was interdicted. These arbitrar}' 
edicts aroused the indignation of the people in all the 
colonies. They loudly expressed their resentment in 
various ways and the press became the organ through 
which their sentiments were energetically announced. 
Southwick was among the number of printers who 
were not backward to blow the trumpet in our Zion 
and to sound an alarm in the Holy Mountain of our 
liberties. He wrote and printed an address to the peo- 
ple of Rhode Island which was headed with the motto 


" Join or did' This motto had appeared in several of 
the newspapers, as will be mentioned hereafter. In 
this appeal Boston was represented as in a state of 
seige, which was actually true, for the harbor was 
completely blockaded by ships of war, and a large 
number of troops were quartered in the town. It is 
also further stated that these measures of the British 
government were a direct and hostile invasion of all the 
Colonies. The address was concluded by observing 
that the Generals of Despotism are drawing the lines 
of circumvallation around our bulwarks of Liberty, 
and nothing but unity, resolution and perseverance 
can save ourselves and posterity from what is worse 
than death. Slavery. Southwick, by his publications 
and exertions in the cause of the country became very 
obnoxious to those who were of the opposite party : 
and he with other zealous Whigs were marked as 
objects of punishment. When the British fleet and 
army took possession of Newport in 1776, he barely 
eluded the threatened evil. As soon as a part of the 
arm}' had landed, a detachment of both horse and foot 
were sent in all parts of the town to arrest the patriots 
who were endeavoring to effect an escape. South- 
wick, his wife with a child in her arms, and some other 
persons had got on board of an open boat and were 
just putting off from the shore into a very rough sea 
occasioned by a high wind, when a party of soldiers 
who were in pursuit of them came in sight. South- 
wick's wife had a brother who was a Royalist, and as 
such was known to the British officers, who however 
wished to secure the retreat of his sister and her 


husband. Aware of their danger, this brother put 
himself in the way of their pursuers and for a few 
moments arrested their attention by giving them in- 
formation of the several parts of the town Avhence 
the proscribed Whigs would probably attempt to 
make their retreat, etc. This friendly interference 
gave Southwick and his friends time to get a few rods 
from the shore before the party arrived at the spot 
they had just quitted; the boat was yet within reach 
of their shot : the soldiers fired at them but without 
effect, the passengers fortunately received no injury 
and were soon wafted to a place of safety.* Mr. 
Southwick was at this time a member of the General 
Assembly of Rhode Island ; he owned two houses 
in Newport, which with other property, were destroyed. 
He sought an asylum in Attleborough, on the fron- 
tier of Massachusetts and there erected a press, 
but being soon after appointed Commissary General 
of issues for the state of Rhode Island, he removed to 
Providence. As soon as the British troops evacuated 
Newport he returned to that town and resumed the 
publication of his paper which he contmued until 1 787, 
when by ill health and embarrassed circumstances he 
was obliged to relinquish business and to place the 
Mercury in other hands. 

In a historical sketch of the Mercury published in 
that paper after it had completed a century of its exist- 
ence, June 12, 1858, it is asserted that Southwick did 
not return to resume his paper, but that Henry Bar- 

* Mr. Southwick with his wife and eldest son Solomon, escaped, 
but a younger child and its nurse were captured. (M.) 


ber revived its publication in 1780. As yet no copies 
of the Merciiry have been found that were published 
from 1776 to 1780, when Barber's name appears, but 
it is mentioned by Mr. Thomas in the second volume 
of his work that Southwick resumed its publication at 
Attleborough, Mass. Copies of the Mercury are pre- 
served in the library of the American Antiquarian 
Society at Worcester, which show that Southwick 
was associated with Barber in May, 1785 ; that he was 
printing it alone in 1787, and that Barber was again 
printingitin his own name in 1788. Southwick's monu- 
ment is still seen in the cemetery at Newport ; a copy 
of the inscription has been furnished by Mr. Fred A. 
Pratt, the present editor of the Mercury, as follows : 
"In memory of (Solomon Southwick, Esq.) a gen- 
tleman of liberal education and expansive mind, for 
many years editor and proprietor of the Newport Mer- 
cury and Commissary General for the state of R. I., 
in the revolutionary war. He died Dec. 23, 1797, in 
the 66th year of his age. 

"•Just, generous, benevolent and sincere 

Was he whose hallowed dust lies here; 

If e'er a partial prayer he breathed to heaven. 

That prajer was for his Country's Glory given." 

The house which Mr. Southwick occupied on his re- 
turn to Newport with his printing office is that in 
which the Newport Bank is now located. Children 
of his son Henry Collins, reside in Albany, N. Y. and 
preserve volumes of the Mercury and other mementoes 
of their ancestor, among which is a diploma from 
the college and acadamy of Philadelphia for profi- 


ciency in philosophy and mathematics, 1757, conferr- 
ing upon him the degree of B. A. (M.) 

Southwick's pecuniary concerns were greatly im- 
paired by the rapid depreciation of the paper currency 
before the establishment of peace. He, like many 
others, cherished a belief that the nominal sum speci- 
fied in the bills would eventually be made good in 
specie. The impracticability of the thing was not con- 
sidered, even when one hundred dollars would not 
buy one dollar in silver. The delusion was not dis- 
covered by some until they found themselves involved 
in ruin. The government of the Union was indebted to 
Southwick both for his services and for money loaned. 
This debt, like others of its kind, was liquidated by 
notes known as final settlement. In the course of 
some months after they were issued, they were sold 
in the market for one-eighth of their nominal value. 
To this depreciated state was national paper reduced 
before the assumption of the public debt by the new 
government, and when it was at that state Southwick 
was compelled to sell his final settlement notes for the 
support of himself and family. He was engaged in 
the cause of his country in the times of her adversity 
and danger, but he had no portion of the benefits re- 
sulting from her prosperity. Assailed by poverty 
and borne down by infirmity, he lived in obscurity 
from the year 1788 to the time of his death, and be- 
ing unable to provide for his children, he left them to 
make their own way in the world. He lost his wife, 
who was a most excellent woman, in 1783, and he died 
himself Dec. 23, 1797, aged 66 years. 


Newport Printers. 

Mr. Geo. C. Mason, in an article in the New York 
Evening Post, under this caption, describes the early 
printers of NeWport and gives some account of their 
work. He says: 

Among the early printers were those of Rhode 
Island. There was a press in Newport in 1729. This 
was the fourth press set up in America, and James 
Franklin was the founder. He had been engaged 
in Boston in printing the New England Courant, a 
newspaper that strongly opposed the introduction of 
inoculation for smallpox, and did many other things 
that annoyed its readers. In 1 727 the journal was sup- 
pressed, and soon after that event Franklin removed 
to Newport. Here he brought out as early as 1729, 
a reprint of "Barclay's Apology for the True Chris- 
tian Divinity, as the same is set forth and Preached 
by the People, called in scorn Quakers." This was a 
large quarto volume, originally written in Latin and 
English, and then "translated into High Dutch, Low 
Dutch and French, for the edification of Strangers." 

In 1730 Franklin printed the charter granted by 
King Charles II. to the colony of Rhode Island, and 
in September, 1733, he issued the first number of a 
small sheet called the Rhode Island Gazette, which 
had but a short life, for it was discontinued on the 
24th of the following May. 

The Acts and Laws of the Colony were printed by 
Franklin until the time of his death, in 1734; and 
after his death, his widow, who had brought up her 
sons and daughters as printers, continued the business. 


There is ample evidence that Mrs. FrankHn was an 
energetic woman, and her imprint, "The Widow 
Franklin," may be found on many of the publications 
of that day. During and after the year 1745 the 
name of James Franklin often appeared with that of 
his mother, and in 1758 he began the publication of 
the Nezvport Mercury, a newspaper that has come 
down to the present day. One of the works that 
came from his press was : "The Strange and Wonder- 
ful Predictions of Mr. Christopher Love, Minister of 
the Gospel at Laurence-Jury ; who was Beheaded at 
Tower Hill, in the time of Oliver Cromwell's govern- 
ment in England ; giving an account of Babylon's fall ; 
or the Destruction of Popery, and in the glorious 
Event a general Reformation all over the world." 

Love's history was a singular one. He was opposed 
to King Charles, and yet was beheaded for plotting 
against Cromwell. He lias been spoken of, on the 
one hand, as an " angelical and holy writer," and on 
the other, as "guilty of as much treason as the pulpit 
could contain." 

In 1762 James Franklin died, and the business was 
carried on by his mother, "the Widow Franklin," who 
took for a partner Samuel Hall, a printer then working 
in Newport. The connection was a short one, for 
Mrs. Franklin died the following year. Hall continued 
to print in Newport, and many of the almanacs of 
that day bear his imprint. He sold out to Solomon 
Southwick, who became one of the most energetic 
of the early New- England printers. He was a poor 
boy, who had been taken up and aided by Henry Col- 


lins, a prominent merchant, in obtaining some educa- 
tion, and was engaged in trade when the Mercury 
office was offered for sale in 1768. How his attention 
was brought to it is not known, but he bought it and 
at once entered upon the duties of the office, all of 
which were new and strange to him. At the outset 
he espoused the cause of liberty, and on every occa- 
sion his views were expressed openly and clearly. As 
early as December 18, 1769, he had for the motto of 
his journal: "Undaunted by TYRANTS — we'll DIE 
or be FREE !" and this he followed up with sturdy 

But Southwick did not devote himself exclusively 
to the Mercury, for he brought out many pamphlets 
and small volumes that are now sought after by col- 
lectors. Among others, "Church's Entertaining His- 
tory of King Philip's War," Nathaniel Morton's "New 
England Memorial," "The Tryal of a False Prophet," 
and also a sermon preached in Newport by the "Ven- 
erable Hocham, the learned Rabbi Haign Isaac Kari- 
gal, of the city of Hebron, near Jerusalem." "A 
Discourse on Saving Knowledge," delivered at the in- 
stallation of the Rev. Samuel Hopkins, by Dr. Styles, 
was printed by Southwick in 1770, on a press and on 
paper made in this colony, and some of the types 
were made in Connecticut. But he gave most of his 
time to publications that had a bearing on the dispute 
between England and the colonies. In 1774, he is- 
sued a reprint of "The Whole of the Celebrated 
Speech of the Rev. Jonathan Shipley, Lord Bishop 
of Asaph, on the Bill for Altering the Charter of the 


Massachusetts Bay," which was prefaced with the re- 
mark, "It is allowed to be one of the best pieces 
wrote on the present dispute between North America 
and Great' Britain." Of Shipley it was said at the time 
of his death: " His talents were acknowledged on all 
sides, and whichever party triumphed in his assist- 
ance, the other wished for his support." 

During the same year Southwick printed from the 
Boston edition "An Oration delivered March 5th, 
1774, at the Request of the Inhabitants of the Town 
of Boston, to commemorate the Bloody Tragedy on 
the 5th of March, by the Honorable John Hancock, 

The time and the circumstances attending the de- 
livery of that oration I need not refer to ; Southwick 
gave his readers all the particulars that had reached 
him, and in the same paper, in the "poet's corner," 
he printed some verses growing out of the affair, with 
the title: "A Song for the Fifth of March. 
Tunc, ' Once the Gods of the Greeks,' &c." The verses 
closed with these lines : . . 

"A raj of bright Glory now Beams from afar, 
Blest dawn of An Empire to rise : 
The American ensign now Sparkles a star, 
Which shall Shortly flame wide thro' the Skies. 

" Strong knit is the Band which unites the blessed Land, 
No Daemon the Union shall Sever : 

Here's a glass to fair Freedom, come give us your hand — 
May the orator flourish forever!" 

While thus engaged, Southwick turned aside for a 
moment to give some aid to the anti-slavery move- 
ment, which was then beginning to take shape. 
Among other papers under this head, he printed an 


address signed by Drs. Stiles and Hopkins, concern- 
inp- the sending of black freemen to the coast of Af- 
rica. But when the British approached Newport and 
showed a disposition to land, he beat a hasty retreat, 
for the loyalists were anxious that he should fall into 
the hands of the enemy, and were quite ready to 
turn him over the moment an opportunity offered. 
The Mercury was discontinued December 2, 1776, and 
six days later the British army, under General Clinton, 
took possession of the southern part of the island. 

While here they published a newspaper called the 
Nczvport Gazette, of which copies have been pre- 
served. The French, in turn, had a press here, and 
in 1 780 they issued an almanac from the office of the 
Gazette Francaise, which is now very rare. It contains, 
with other matters, the names of all the French offi- 
cers, army and navy, and the vessels or regiments to 
which they belonged. 

The British evacuated Newport October 25, 1779, 
and on the 5th of January, 1780, the first number of 
the reissue of the Mercury appeared. It had then 
passed into the hands of Henry Barber. Southwick, 
after his return, was associated with Barber in the 
management of the Mercury. In 1787 he was again 
sole proprietor of the journal, but shortly after that 
it passed back into the hands of Barber, and his de- 
scendants continued to be its publishers until 1851, 
when the last publisher of the name died. 

After the war Peter Edes, who at one time printed 
the Boston Gazette and County Journal, established 
the Neivport Herald to oppose the paper money party, 


but it ruined him, and when he died in 1803 he was 
" as poor as a church mouse." Ohver Farnsworth was 
another unsuccessful printer. He started a newspa- 
per in Newport in 1799 and another in 1800. Both 
journals "died young." While^irinting the later one 
he brought out a small volume, the "Memory of 
Washington," a collection of eulogies and orations, 
intended to meet a demand of the moment, but of 
no lasting value. He also did a little business at trunk 
making, and probably in that way worked up some of 
his unsold publications. 

The people were too poor after the war to sustain 
the printer, and only occasionally an oration, or a ser- 
mon of more than ordinary interest, found its way 
into print. In 18 10 Rousmaniere & Barber, who were 
then publishing the Newport Mercury, brought out 
the first American edition of "Oberon." Weiland 
was then greatly admired. Wiesbeck had sounded 
his praise, the Monthly Review dwelt at length on his 
merits, and Napoleon had helped to make him popu- 
lar by the notice he took of him in the salon of the 
Duchess of Saxe -Weimar, all of which, no doubt, had 
great weight with the American publishers. The pre- 
face, giving a biographical sketch of the author, was 
written by William Hunter, then a young lawyer, who, 
in maturer years, was made Minister Plenipotentiary 
from the United States to Brazil. During the next 
year the same publishers put to press " Paley's Works," 
in five volumes, with a memoir by G. W. Meadley, 
who, two years later, was the author of a memoir of 
Algernon Sidney, of whom Coleridge was led to say, 

"What a gentleman he was !" 


I have thus briefly sketched what the press has 
done in this part of Rhode Island. No work of any 
great importance was ever printed here, but in the 
early history of the colony its printers were frequently 
employed by writers and publishers in other places. 
A. long list of such works as "Sermons by Samuel 
Fothergill" and "A Dialogue from the pen of Wesley" 
might be mentioned. The only American reprint of 
the "Fables of Pilpay," is that of 1784, printed in 
Newport by Solomon Southwick. — Nczvport Daily 
News, Oct, 29, 1880. 


Abraham Southwick*, (John', John', Lawrence'), 
son of John 2d and Hannah Follett, born July 27, 
1696; died before 1769. He was a bricklayer. Mar- 
ried in 1729, Sarah . Their Children: 

129. Isaac*, baptized April 26, 1730; died before 1754. 

130. Abraham Jr.*, baptized April 26, 1730; married Mary Aborn, 

Jan. II, 1755. 

131. Sarah*, baptized April 26, 1730; married Nathaniel Clark, of 

Wells, Me., Oct. 24,1751. 

132. Joseph*, baptized July 18, 1731 ; died before 1754. 

133. Margaret*, baptized Oct. 6, 1734; married Amos Newhall, of 

Lynn, Dec. 7, 1750. 

Oct. 12, 1754. Abraham gives by deed of gift to 
his only son living, Abraham, Jr., his dwelling-house. 

April 18, 1739. Abraham Southwick and Sarah 
his wife deed to John Cabot. 

Oct. 13, 1767. Abraham Southwick, Jr., and wife 
Mary, deed to Amos Trask. 

June 10, 1739. Abraham Southwick, the brick- 
layer, deeds to William Shillaber. — Salem Records. 



March lO, 1774, Abraham, Jr., sold his dvvelHng- 
house given him by his father (Abraham), to Joseph 


Benjamin Southwick', (John^ John^ Lawrence'), 
son of John 2d and Hannah (FoUet), born Jan. 22, 
1 70 1 ; married in 1720, Sarah Southwick, daughter of 
Isaac Southwick and Anna. They hved at Reading, 
and moved to Salem and Danvers, Mass.* Children : 

134. Isaac^, born 1720. 

135. Benjamin', born 1722; settled at Mendon ; married Miriam 

Benson, 1737. 

136. Sarah^, born 1724. 

137. Mercj^, born 1730. 

Ezekiel Marsh to Benjamin Southwick, of Salem, 
husbandman. — Salem Records. 


Daniel Southwick*, (Lawrence^ DanieP, Law- 
rence'), son of Lawrence and Tamson (Buffum), 
born in Salem, 1705, died Jan. 19, 1776. Married, 
Feb. 8, 1730, at Swansey, Mass., Ruth Shove, daugh- 
ter of Edward and Lydia Shove, of Dighton, Mass., 
as per record Friends' meeting at Somerset, Davius 
Buffington, clerk, May 14, 1880. Children: 

13S. Eawrence^ born Jan. 11, 173 1, died Dec. 17, 1757. Married 
Dorcas Brown ; Jan. 1753, second, Hannah Southwick, dau- 
ghter of Jonathan and Hannah (Osborn) Southwick, Oct. 

6: 1759- 

* From History of Reading. 


139-. Edward^, born March 15, 1734; married Elizabeth Southwick, 
daughter of Jonathan aad Hannah (Osborn) Southwick, 
June T, 1769. 

140. Lydia"", born Dec. 22, 1735; married Amos Osborn, Dec. 3, 

1761. His second wife was Hannah Southwick. 

141. DanieP, born Oct. 18, 1737; married Marj Mabbett. 

142. Eleanor^, born Feb. 2, 1739; married Daniel Read, son of 

Jonathan Read of Smithfield, July i, 1762. 

143. Josiah^, born July 17, 1742. Was killed wrestling in his 

father's barn with hired man. 

144. Elizabeth^, born Sept. 4, 1744; married Solomon Haight, son 

of Moses and Rachael Haight, of Nine Partners, Dutchess 
Co., N. Y., Sept. 3, 1779. 

145. George^, born Dec. 14, 1747; married Judith Southwick, 

daughter of Daniel and Ruth Mussey, June 5, 1777. 

146. Theophilus'', born Nov. 29, 1750; married Anna Remington. 

Daniel took a certificate from Salem to Smithfield 
monthly meeting, which was well accepted, Feb. 29, 


Daniel was a tanner and currier, and also had sev- 
eral hundred acres of land in Mendon. 

Sept. 17, 1737. Daniel and wife Ruth deed to 
Caleb Southwick. — Salem Records. 

Oct. 27, 1739. Daniel and wife Ruth deed to 
William Osborn. — Salem Records, 

Feb. 17, 1745. Daniel and wife Ruth deed to Dan- 
iel Purington. — Salem Records. 

Daniel Southwick, son of Lawrence and Tamson 
Bufifum, was born at Salem, Mass., in 1705. He 
learned the tanning business of his brother and moved 
from Salem to Mendon (now Uxbridge), Mass., in 
1742, as per testimonial and records of the Smithfield 
monthly meeting of Friends. He bought 200 acres 


of land of Benjamin Taft, of Mendon, or Uxbridge, and 
started a tan-yard. He became a distinguished 
preacher of the Society of Friends, and after his 
death they passed as a tribute for his good work, a testi- 
monial setting forth his great ability as a preacher 
and his excellence as a man. Said testimonial was 
signed by Moses Brown,* David Buffum, Daniel Al- 
drich and eleven others of the prominent members of 
the Society of Friends of the Smithfield monthh' 
meeting. Daniel expired Nov. 19, 1776; the above 
memorial was signed Dec. 26, 1776. 

The tan-vats which Daniel used at Mendon are now 
visible (in 1880) ; i. e., the ground shows deep hollow 
places where the vats were. The farm which Daniel 
bought is now owned by James Comstock Southwick, 
and has been owned by some Southwick ever since 
Daniel's death. 

Testimony of the Monthly meeting held at Smith- 
field, in New England, Dec. 26, 1776, Concerning 
Daniel Southwick, late of Mendon, deceased : 

Forasmuch as it appears probable to us that some 
account of this, our valued friend, may be beneficial 
if committed to record as an encouragement to virtue, 
the following is preserved. He was born at Salem in 
Massachusetts in the year 1705, and descended of the 
family of Southwicks mentioned in Sewels and Bishops 
History. His father dying while he was young, he 

* Moses Brown was the founder of the Friends' School at Provi- 
dence, Rhode Island. The property, consisting of many acres of 
land, has become very valuable owing to the growth of the city to 
and about it. 


was deprived of his parental instructor, an advantage 
too lightly prized by many youth, to their own loss. 
He was educated amongst Friends, and when come to 
man's estate was religiously inclined, forsaking youth- 
ful follies. In this course he passed through experi- 
ence and discouragements till at times ready to sink. 
But a language passing though his mind in a season 
of this kind, "That he who had begun a good work 
was able to carry it on," so strengthened him that 
from thence he took courage, and embracing the cross, 
perservered in the way he saw to be that of duty, 
and not long afterwards was concerned to appear in 
the ministry in our meetings to the satisfaction of his 

He moved from Salem to settle amongst us in the 
year 1742, subsequent to which we were favored with 
his company most of the time to the period of his 
death, and we can say of him according to our view, 
that pride, covetousness, and anger had as little room 
in him as in any of our acquaintance. In his public 
testimonies he was much concerned to shew the nature 
and value of love and the pernicious consequences of 
hatred, ill will, and contention, and also to maintain 
the universality of the light of Christ, clearly proving 
this by the testimony of the scriptures. 

He was very able to point out and illustrate how 
opposite war and bloodshed are to the precepts of the 
Gospel, which teach to beat swords into plow-shares 
and spears into pruning-hooks, and to learn war no 
more. And he was sorely affected in viewing the la- 
mentable state of the English nation at this time. He 


was constant in the attendance of our religious meet- 
ings and exemplary in his deportment therein. He 
was peaceable and a peace-maker in the neighborhood 
where he dwelt, and as he lived so he died, evincing 
as death drew nigh, his strong love for his friends and 
desires for their preservation, and his example being 
worthy of imitation, we hope his concern may have 
increasing weight with each df us to excite watchful- 
ness and care, in order for our preservation in the truth. 
His understanding remained sound till near his last, 
and he uttered during his sickness many instructive 
and comfortable expressions, observing that "it much 
affected him to see persons advanced in life, with fam- 
ilies, trampling upon the testimonies of truth." At 
another time, after lying silently for some time in 
great pain, he cried out "I didn't know that I could 
bear this had it not been that our Master bore it be- 
fore me, but now I find I can bear this and more too, 
patiently," or words *to that effect. The evening be- 
fore his death he observed, '* I think the pains of death 
are upon me and that I shall not see the light of an- 
other day. The pain of body that I endure is very 
great, but the peace of mind overbalance all, for my 
mind is in perfect peace." His last sickness continued 
about three months, and during that time he under- 
went much bodily pain, which he bore with exem- 
plary fortitude unto the end. He expired on the 19th 
of Nov. 1776, in good unity with his brethren, and has 
we believe, arrived "where the wicked cease from 
troubling, and where the weary are at rest," and on 
the 20th of Nov. 1776, his remains were interred in his 


own grounds, attended by a large concourse of friends 

and others. 

Signed in and on behalf of the meeting aforesaid by 
Benjamin Arnold, Moses Brown, 

David Buffum, Daniel Aldrich, 

and eleven other Friends. 


Lawrence Southwick*, (Lawrence^ DanieP, 
Lawrence'), son of Lawrence and Tamson (Buffum), 
born 171 1, died at his son Joseph's, Uxbridge, 1795, 
aged 84, as per records Friends' meeting at Somerset, 
Mass. Married first, May 8, 1739, Hannah Shove, 
daughter of Edward and Lydia, of Dighton, as per 
records Friends' Meeting, Somerset, Mass. ; second. 
Patience Handy, or Hendee, born 1739. Children : 

147. Edward^, born March iS, 1740, died June 18, 1833. Married 

Elizabeth, daughter of Jonathan and Hannah (Osborn) 
Southwick, June i, 1761. Elizabeth was born Feb. iS, 1745, 
died June 18, 1834. 

148. Elizabeth^, born 1748; married Moses Farnum, May 2, 

1777. She was his second wife, no children. 

149. Joseph*, born 1750; married Ailsie Sayles, of Smithfield, R. 

L, April I, 1779; she was the daughter of Jonathan Sayles. 

150. NathanieP, born May 2, 1752; married Elizabeth Southgate. 

151. David*, born 1754; married Elizabeth Sweet, April 16, 1779. 

Married second wife, Patience Handy (or Hendee) 
at 15 years of age, 1754.* 

152. Isaac*, born Dec. 13, 1755. Went to Danby Vt. ; died 1823, 

aged 68. — History of the Town of Danby. 

* Patience Handy's mother was the daughter of John Franklin, 
brother of Benjamin Franklin. 


153. DanieP, born 1756, died in 1S46, at Holland Purchase, Erie 

Co., N. Y. , aged 89 years, ii months, 2 days. Married Jem- 
imah Bartlett, daughter of Jacob and Judith, May 2, 1792. 

154. Calebs born Feb. 4, 1757, died 1819. Went to Peru, Clinton 

Co., N. Y. Married Phebe Osborn, Oct. 1793. 

155. Amos^, born 1760. 

156. Amos*, born 1762. 

157. Lydia*, born 1764; married Obediah Frye, Jan. 12, 1791. He 

was born in 1763. They lived at Farmington, Ontario Co., 
N. Y. 

158. Asa*, born Aug. 3, 1766; went to North x\dams, Mass., 1826, 

at 60 years of age ; married Lydia Sherman. 

159. Moses*, born 176S; married Anna, daughter of Adam Hark- 

ness, in 1792. Moses was a shoe-maker and was killed by 
an accident. 

160. Esther', born 1770; married Case; went to Hoosic, 

N. Y., to live. 

161. Abigail*, born 1772; married Asa Wheeler, 17S9; lived at 

Bolton, Mass. 

162. Mary*, born July 12, 1773, died Feb. 26, 185 1, at Clarks- 

borough. Mass. Married Israel Chilson ; lived at Clarks- 
borough. Married second, Jacob Brown, 1S05. 

163. Jacob', born 1774; inarried Osborn; went to Peru, N. Y. 

164. Anna*, born 1775, died 1794. 

165. Josiah*, born 1777, died at Danby, Vt., March 4, 1S74, at 97 

years of age. — History of Town of Danby Vt. Married 
first, Mary Baker of Granville, N. Y. ; second, Rachel 

166. Hannah^, born 1779; married Seth Ballard, St. Lawrence 

Co., N. Y. She was an acceptable preacher of the Society 
of Friends. 

Lawrence was a cordwainei', i. e., shoe-maker, at 
Dighton, Bristol Co., Mass. 

Lawrence was received in Society of Friends at 
Woonsocket, on certificate from Salem, Mass., Feb. 29, 


Josiah' went to Danby, Vt., 1801, at 24 years of age. 
— History of Danby, Vt. 


Sept. 9, 1740. Lawrence, cordwaincr, and wife 
Hannah, of Dighton, Mass., deed to Caleb and Joseph 

May 24, 1730. Lawrence, cordwainer, and wife 
Hannah, deed to Ebenezer Burrili. 

June 7, 1739. Lawrence, cordwainer, and wife Han- 
nah, deed to Daniel Southwick, Sr., tanner, of Salem, 


Joseph Southwick', (SoIomon^ Josiah", Law- 
rence'), son of Solomon, born 17 19, died Sept. 15, 
1780, aged 60. Married in 1738, Mary Pitman, born 
1722; died Oct. 16, 1788, aged 66. Children: 

167. John', born 1740, died 1803, aged 63. Married Rebecca 


168. Marj^, born 1743, died in 1S19. Married John Tripp Griers, 

Oct. 3, 1765. 

169. Hannah*, born 1743, died in 1S30, aged S7. Married Henry 


170. Catharine^, born 1745 ; married Jeremiah Sheffield. 

171. Joseph^, born 1746, died in 1829. Married first, Mary Irish; 

second, Susanna Pitts. 

172. Josiah^, born 1748; married Rebecca Meggs. 

173. Deborah^, born 1749, died May 9, 1765, aged 16. 

174. Jonathan", born 1764, died March 15, 1832, aged 68. Married 

Lydia A. Handy, born 1762, died May 17, 1855, aged 93. 

Joseph'' was the brother of Solomon, the printer, 
who married Ann, the daughter of Gov. John Gardner. 
Joseph owned the house in which Solomon lived and 
died in 1797. 

Joseph was admitted a Freeman of Colony, May 
I 759. — Colonial Records R. I. 


Joseph was a member of Sabbatrian Church, R. I. 

Joseph's children all married but Deborah. 

Joseph and Josiah are all who have (1880) male 
representatives living, and only one of Josiah. 


Joseph Southwick', (Lawrence', Daniel', Law- 
rence'), son of Lawrence and Tamson Buffum, born 
1 7 16, died June i, 1791 ; married Bethia Galium, 
daughter of Caleb Callum of Bellingham, Mass., at 
Uxbridge, Mass., May 31, 1739; she died April 8, 
1803. Children: 

175. Bethia^, born Oct. 2, 1741. Married Hanson, at Bruns- 

wick, Me. 

176. Anna^, born Dec. 30, 1743, died July 30, 1775. Married Jer- 

emiah Hacker. 

177. Joseph^, born Sept. 3, 1746. died Nov. 19, 1773. 

178. Esther^, born Oct, 24, 174S, died June 26, 1772; marrie.d 

James Torrej, Fahnouth, Me. 

179. Tamson% born Oct. 28, 1750, died Jan. 11, 1831. Married 

Wm. Frje of Andover, Mass. 

180. Josiah^, born Sept. 14, 1752, died Oct. 18, 1775. 

181. Cassandra^, born M^rch 11, 1755, died Aug. 15, 1775. 

182. Edward', born March i, 1757, died Jan. it^, 1836. Married 

Abigail Rowell, of Amesburj, Mass. 

183. Caleb', born April 3, 1763, died Oct. 4, 1775. 

Joseph was a tanner at what is now Peabody, and 
was a very thrifty and excellent man, and a Quaker. 

Bethia, although a Quaker, on the morning of April 
19, 1775, when the company of soldiers formed in 
line before marching to Lexington, made a large arch 
kettle of coffee and took it to the company with bread 


and other food. The spot where they formed was hi 
front of her house, where the monument now stands, 
which was erected to the memory of those who fell 
that day, one of whom was George Southwick, aged 
25. On a marble slab on this monument is recorded 
the names of the seven men from Danvers who fell at 
the battle of Lexington, April 19, 1775 : Samuel Cook, 
aged 33 years; Benjamin Daland, aged 25 years; 
George Southwick, aged 25 years; Jonathan Webb, 
aged 22 years ; Henry Jacobs, aged 22 years ; Ebenezer 
Goldthwait, aged 22 years; Perley Putnam, aged 21 

Joseph Southwick bought of Benjamin Prescott, 
Innholder, Danvers, Oct. 10, 1758. — Salem Records. 

Feb. 23, 1755. Joseph Southwick bought of John 
Shillaber and others. — Salem Records. 

Feb. 23, 1755. Joseph Southwick bought of Joseph 
Boyce, of Beckman, Dutchess Co., N. Y. — Salem 


Jonathan Southwick', (Daniel", Daniel", Law- 
rence^), son of Daniel and Jane, born 1697, died June 
28, 1786. Married in 1735, Hannah Osborn, daughter 
of Stephen Osborn of Salem, Mass., died 1775 ; sec- 
ond, widow P21izabeth Comstock, nee Bufifum, widow 
of Daniel Comstock. Children : 

1S4. Jonathan', born 1736; married Judith Mussej, Nov. i, 1759- 

185. Enoch", born 1738, died young. 

186. Zacheus", born 1740, died young. 

187. Hannah'', born 1742; married Lawrence Southwick, son of 

Daniel and Rutli (Sliove) Southwick. 


158. John^, born Sept. 6, 1744. died Jan. 23, 1S31. Married Cliloe 

Bartlett, born Oct. 4, 1749, died April 25, 1817. 

159. Elizabeth*, born 1746; married Edward Southwick, son of 

Lawrence and Hannah (Shove) Southwick, June i, 1769. 

190. Esther', born 1748; married James Buxton. 

191. George', born Feb. 8, 1750, died Oct. 12, 1825, at No. Collins, 

Erie Co., N. Y. Married, Feb. 15, 1774, Lydia Sargent, 
born Sept. 7. 1757, daughter of Richard Sargent. 

192. Jacob', born June 4, 1751 ; married Sarah Fowler, June 4, 


193. Enoch', born 1754; married Marj' Swett, 1798. 

194. Mercy', born 1757. 

195. Zacheus', born Sept. 5, 1760, died Jan. 4, 1845. Married La- 

vinia Sayles, daughter of Thomas and Mary, Jan. 4, 1787. 

March 3, 1738. Jonathan and wife Hannah deed to 
John Southwick. 

April 25, 1730. Jonathan and John bought of 
Elias Trask. 

March 26, 1739. Jonathan and wife Hannah and 
mother Jane to John, Jr., and Isaac Southwick. 

Copy 0/ Jonathan Southwick'' s Will. 

This twenty-first day of the second month, one thous- 
thousand seven hundred and eighty-three, I, Jonathan 
Southwick, of Smithfield, in the county of Providence, 
and state of Rhode Island, yeoman, being in a weak state 
of bodily health, but of sound and disposing mind and 
memory, do make and ordain this my last will and testa- 

My bodv I recommend to the eaith, to be decently 
buried at the direction of my executor hereafter named : 
and touching such worldly estate wherewith I have been 
favored in this life, I give devise and dispose of the same 
in the following manner, viz : 


Fii'stly. I give and bequeath to Elizabeth Southwick, 
my wife, all and everything whatsoever that she brought 
with her into my estate, together with all the rents 
now due upon and for her right and privilege in and 
unto her first husband's estate, according to an agreement 
that she and I made before our marriage ; and further my 
will is, and I hereby direct and order my two sons John 
Southwick and Zacheus Southwick, for and in considera- 
tion of the larger part of my estate herein willed unto 
them for the intent and on account of their paying out 
sundry sums to divers of mv family, to render and de- 
liver unto her m}' said wife the following articles in the 
manner and proportion hereafter expressed, viz. : The 
said John Southwick to render and deliver to her six 
bushels of merchantable Indian corn yearly during her life, 
and that the said Zacheus render and deliver to her twenty 
pounds of merchantable fresh pork yearly during her life, 
or in other articles to that value as she and the said John 
and Zacheus may agree, which as I judge it a reasonable 
and sufficient maintenance, do make no further provision 
for her. 

Item. I give and bequeath to my ton, the said John 
Southwick, mv farm which licth partly in Uxbridge and 
partly in Mendon, containing about ninety acres, with 
the buildings thereon erected, it being the farm whereon 
he, the said John now dwells, to him his heirs and assigns 
forever, he fulfilling the following articles, viz. : To pay 
or cause to be paid to my daughter Hannah Southwick 
wife of Lawrence Southwick, Jr., six pounds, lawful 
money ; and to Elizabeth Southwick another of my daugh- 
ters, and wife of Edward Southwick, the sum of ten 
pounds, lawful money; and to my son Enoch Southwick, 
the sum of ten shillings, lawful money ; and to my son 
Jacob Southwick ten shillings, lawful money ; all and 


every of which within one year after my decease, and 
render to my said wife the corn as hereinbefore is ex- 
pressed, and paying one half of my just debts and funeral 

Item. I give and bequeath to my son, the said Zach- 
eus Southwick, the whole of my real estate lying in said 
Smithtield, to him the said Zacheus, his heirs and assigns 
forever, provided he complies with and fulfills the follow- 
ing articles, viz. : That he pays or causes to be paid to 
my son George Southwick, the sum of twelve pounds, 
lawful money ; and to my son Jonathan Southwick, five 
shillings, lawful money ; and to my daughter Esther Bux- 
ton, the sum of six pounds, lawful money. 

Money all to be paid within one year after my decease, 
and that the said Zacheus delivereth the pork to mv said 
wife in manner hereinbefore expressed, and that he also 
payeth the other half of my just debts and funeral charges. 

Item. I give and bequeath to my son, the said George 
all my wearing apparel. 

Item. I give and bequeath to my said three daughters, 
Hannah, Elizabeth and Esther, all my household goods, 
to be equally divided among them. 

Item. I give and bequeath to my two sons, the said 
George and Zacheus, all my money securities for all \r\\ 
live stock, together with the rest and remainder of my 
personal estate hereinbefore not disposed of, to be equally 
divided between them. 

And I do constitute and appoint my son, the said Zach- 
eus Southwick, sole executor to this my last will and tes- 
tament ; revoking and disannulling all and every other or 
former will or wills, legacies, executors by me heretofore 
willed, named or bequeathed ; ratifying and confirming 
this and no other to be my last will and testament. In 


witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal 
the day and year first above written. 


Signed, sealed, published, pronounced and decreed bv 
the said Jonathan Southwick to be his last will and tes- 
tament, in presence of us, who in his presence and in 
presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names 
as witnesses : 

Caleb Arnold, Jonathan Newhall, 

George Comstock. 


John Southwick 3d*, (DanieP, Daniel', Law- 
rence'), son of Daniel and Jane, born May 1709, died 
Oct. 1,1784; was called shop-keeper. Married, Dec, 
12, 1730, widow Mary Bufifum, born June 1703, died 
May 12, 1790. Children: 

i95rt. Mehitable^, born Aug. 19. 1725. died Oct. 6. 177S. Mar- 
ried Varne_v, Oct. 6, 1758. 

196. Zacheus", born April 14, 1732. 

197. Hannah', born Aug. 22, 1734, died March 14, 1793. Married 

Abijah Purington, of Salem. 

198. DanieP. born Aug. 10. 1736. 

199. Elizabeth^, born Feb. 8, 1738, died June 28, 1786. Married 

Jonathan Buxton. 1767, in Friends' meeting, Salem. 
I99«. Josiah, born July 17, 1742; married Elizabeth Southwick. 

Sept. 8, 1740. Jonathan Buxton and wife Elizabeth, 
to John Southwick, shop-keeper. 

March 5, 1738. John and wife Mary and mother 
Jane deed to John Henderson. 

March 31, 1739. John and wife Mary and mother 
Jane deed to Gideon Foster. 



Daniel Southwick*, (DanieP, DanieP, Law- 
rence'), son of Daniel and Jane, born 1721, died 
March 3, 1804. Married, Feb. 8, 1742, Ruth Mus- 
sey, daughter of James Mussey, of Smithfield, born 
Feb. 18, 1722, died Jan. 16, 1790. Children: 

200. David^, born Sept. 27, 1743, died JUI3' 19, 1846. 

201. Elizabeth^, born March 29, 1746. Married Jeremiah Wilkin- 

son, of Cumberland, R. I., Dec. 4, 1777. 

202. Jane*, born Sept. 14, 174S, died June 24, 1772. Unmarried. 

203. Hannah*, born March 19, 1750; married Jesse Darling, at 

Smithfield, Jan. 4, 1771. 

204. Ruth*, born March 20, 1755, died June 10, 1813. Married 

Benedict Remington,* Oct. 5, 1780. 

205. Judith*, born Oct. 13, 1757, died Feb. ii, 1837. Married 

George Southwick, son of Daniel and Ruth Shove, June 

5. 1777- 

206. Ljdia*, born Feb. 4, 1761, died Oct. 8, 1848. Married James 

Congdon,t Dec. 6, 1781. 

Daniel was called red-Jicaded Daniel, to distinguish 
him from other Daniels. 


Caleb Southwick\ (Lawrence^ Daniel', Law- 
rence'), son of Lawrence and Tamson (Buffum), born 
in 1709; married, April 8, 1732, Ruth Gould, daugh- 
ter of Thomas and Abigail Gould, of Charlestown, 
Mass. Caleb was a blacksmith. One child: 

207. Tamson*, born 1736: married Daniel Aldrich, Maj i, 1759. 

* Benedict Remington was the son of John and Mary Reming- 

t James Congdon was the son of Ephraim and Penelope Cong- 
don, of Cranston, R. I. 


Sept. 17, 1737. Caleb and Ruth Southwick his 
wife, deed to John Cabot. — Salem Records. 

Jan. 5, 1741-42. Caleb and Ruth Southwick his 
wife, deed to James Bufifington. — Salem Records. 

Dec. 25, 1744. Caleb and Ruth Southwick his 
wife, deed to Joseph Southwick. — Salem Records. 


Benjamin Southwick*, (SamueP, John', Law- 
rence'), son of Samuel ist and Mary, born probably 
about 1696, died 1795, in Congregational church. New 
Salem, Mass. Married April 22, 1722, Abigail Burt. 
Their children : 

20S. Samuel^, born 1722, baptized Nov. 19, 1742. Married Abi- 
gail , 1741. 

209. Benjamin, Jr.^, born 1723, baptized Nov. 19, 1742. Married 

Sarah , 1745. 

210. Abigail^, born 1725, baptized Nov. 19, 1742. Married James 

Cook, March 26, 1740. 

211. Hannah^, born 1727, baptized Nov. 19, 1742. Married Ezek- 

iel Kellogg, May 10, 1750. 

212. Sarah", born 1729; married James Wheeler, Jan. 13, 1748. 

213. Rebecca^, born 1731 ; married Joseph Ballard, Jan. 12, 1759. 

214. Simeon^, born 1733; married Ruth Felton, Dec. 15, 1755. 

Dudley, Mass., March 7, 1743-44. 
Received of my uncle Ebenezer Southwick, of Salem, 
Mass., thirty-two shillings in bills of credit, old tenor, 
in full for all right and interest I have in my grandfather 
and grandmother Southwick's estate. 



Joseph Pierpont. mark 


From records Congregational church, New Salem, 
Mass., Samuel and Benjamin Powers, sons of Benja- 
min Southwick, baptized Sept. 19, 1779. 


JOSIAH Southwick\ (Josiah^ Josiah", Lawrence'), 
son of Josiah and Ruth (Symonds), born probably 
1683 ; married in 1705, Elizabeth Collins, daughter of 
Francis Collins. Children : 

209«. Josiah', born 1706; married Elizabeth , 1737. 

2io«. James^, born 1708; married Rachael Dawson, 1737. 
iwa. Ruth^, born 1710. 
2i2rt. Abraham^, born 1712. 

Josiah"*, lived at Mount Holly, N. J., and was inter- 
ested in a large iron foundry there. He was a man 
of considerable estate, as per John Clement's "His- 
tory of the first settlers of Newton Township, Glouces- 
ter Co., N.J." 

Josiah^ and Edward Gaskill purchased of Samuel 
Jennings 871 acres of land at Mount Holly, N. J., as 
per deed recorded and dated March 14, 1701. 


James SoUTHWICK^ (Josiah^ Josiah^ Lawrence'), 
son of Josiah and Ruth (Symonds), born probably 
1685 ; married probably in 1712. Children: 

21312. Solomon^, born 1715; married Ann Shreve, 1749. 

2i4rt. Zacheus, Jr.^, born 1718; married Hannah Southwick, 1750. 



Samuel Southwick', (David', Lawrence', DanieP, 
Lawrence'), son of David and Hannah, born Nov. 19, 
1736, baptized at New Salem, Mass., Dec. 19, 1742. 
Married in 1759, Abigail . Children: 

215. Marj^, born 1760, baptized at New Salem, June 19, 1784. 

216. John^, born 1762, baptized at New Salem, Sept. 9, 1795. 

217. Betsey'', born 1764, baptized at New Salem, May 7, 17S0. 

Samuel and wife were admitted as members of Con- 
gregational church, 1795. 

All of the above is from records of Congregational 
church. New Salem, Mass. 


Jesse Southwick", (Jonathan', Samuel", John^ 
Lawrence'), son of Jonathan and Elizabeth (Dowty), 
born 1728. Married in 1757, Copia Wright. They 
came from Williamstown, Mass., to West Pittsfield. 
Children : 

21S. Jesse**, born 1758, died Sept. 1826, aged 64. Married Nancy 
Moore. — Tombstone record. 

219. Lemuel^, born 1761, baptized in Congregational church, New 

Salem, 1761 ; married Mary Spencer, 1790. 

220. Mary®, born Nov. 29, 1763, died at West Pittsfield, Shakers, 

1830, aged 67. Was not married. 



221. Sarah^, born 1766; married Pierce; went to Illinois at 

an early date, as per Orin Southwick. Junius, N. Y. 

222. Samuel^, born 1768; married Hannah , had two sons, 

Lucius and Elvj. 
222,- David®, born 1770, died 1843, aged 73 ; settled in Junius, N.Y. 
Married Eunice Deming, 1801. She died in 1836. 

224. Jonathan'', born 1772; was the youngest child and died a 

young man ; was not married. 

Collins says Jesse and Copia had seven or eight 
children, and that Mary was datighter of Jesse and 
Copia, and that Jesse and Copia came from Williams- 
town, Mass., and that Mary, daughter of Jesse and 
Copia Wright Southwick lived at West Pittsfied and 
died there 1830, aged 6"] \ and says Samuel had two 
sons, Lucius, who lived with the shakers at Grove- 
land, Livingston Co., N.Y., and Elvy. Says Jesse 
and Copia joined the Shakers at West Pittsfield, and 
both died there and that their children all seceded 
from the society when grown up. Jesse says his 
brothers and sisters were Jesse, Lemuel, Samuel, Da- 
vid and Jonathan and perhaps Sarah. Mary was bap- 
tized in Congregational church at New Salem, Mass., 
Nov. 29, 1762. 


Sarah Southwick', (David', Lawrence', Daniel', 
Lawrence'), daughter of David and Hannah, born 
in 1742; married, probably in 1762, first, Nathan 
Eaton; second, Nathan Daniels. Children: 

225. Lucinda^, born 1763. 

226. Deborah®, born 1765; married at Paris, Oneida Co., N. Y. 

Adam Lamberton, of Pittsfield, Mass. He was a farmer at 
Paris, N.Y. 


227. Sarah®, born 1767. 

228. Charlotte'*, born 1769. 

229. Luana®, born 1770. 


ICHABOD Southwick', (Jonathan\ SamueP, John% 
Lawrence'), son of Jonathan and Elizabeth (Dowty), 
born in 1730, baptized July 29, 1832, at Williamstown, 
Mass., died at West Pittsfield, Mass., March 5, 1822 ; 
married in 1759. Children: 

230. Jonathan^ born 1760, died March 26, 1828, aged 68. Was a 

prominent leader of the society of Shakers, at West Pitts- 
field, Mass. 

231. Lemuel®, born 1761. 

232. Israel®, born 1763. 

233. Ichabod®, born 1765; married Beula . 

234. Jacob®, borrf 1770. 

235. Benjamin Franklin®, born July 19, 1774; married Charlotte 

Haddock, 1797. 


Joseph Southwick', (Joseph", Solomon', Josiah', 
Lawrence'), son of Joseph and Mary (Pitman), born in 
1746, died June 19, 1829, aged 83. Married in 1768, 
first, Mary Irish ; second, Susanna Pitts, born 1756, 
died Dec. 21, 1839, aged 83. Children: 

236. Josiah®, born 1769; married Mary Congdon. 

237. Mary®, born 1770, died 1835. Married Joseph Lew. 

Second wife, Susanna Pitts. 

238. Tilley®, (or Silence) born 1774, died 1829. 

239. Sarah®, born 1779, died 1849. Married Peleg Turner, of 

Middleton, April 1802. 

240. Joseph®, born 1780, died 1S64. Married first, Dorcas Easton ; 

second, D.orcas Sweet. 



241. David^ born 1785 ; was lost at sea May 1S07, aged 22. Mar- 

ried widow Betsey Moore, nee Dunell. She died Aug. 7. 

242. Betsey^, died 1844; married James Brightman. 

243. Susan^, born 1792, died i860. Married Arnold Pierce. 

244. Pitts^, born 1795; married first, Sarah Sweet; second, Marv 

Comstock {nee Eldred). 

245. Catherine®, died young. 

246. George H.'', born 179S; married Elizabeth Sweet or Larvet. 

Was with Com. Perry on Lake Erie, as carpenter. 

247. Ruth^. 


Jonathan Southwick', (Joseph', Solomon', Jo- 
siah*, Lawrence'), son of Joseph and Mary (Pitman), 
born in 1763, died March 25, 1832, aged 68, Mar- 
ried Lydia A. Handy, born 1762, died May 17, 1855, 
aged 93. Children : 

248. Solomon", born 1786, died June 6, 1833, aged 27. 

249. Joseph*^, born 1782, died 1861. Married Sally Herswell. 

Was with Com. Perrj on Lake Erie. 

250. Sarah®, — — -; married N. White. 


JosiAH Southwick', (Joseph', Solomon'', Josialr, 
Lawrence'), son of Joseph and Mary (Pitman), 
born in Rhode Island, 1748 ; married Rebecca Meggs. 
One child : 

251. Stephen®, born Oct. 17, 1783, died Sept. 13, 1853. Married 

Lydia Backus. 


Simeon Southwick', (Benjamin', Samuel', John', 
Lawrence'), son of Benjamin and Abigail (Burt), 


born at New Salem, Mass., 1733. Married Ruth Fel- 
ton, Dec. 15, 1755. One child : 

252. Simeon®, born 1763; married Pattie , 1793. 


JOH\ SoUTHWiCK', (Joseph\ Solomon'", Josiah■^ 
Lawrence'), son of Joseph and Mary (Pitman), born 
at Newport, R. L, 1740, died Nov. 9, 1803, aged 62. 
Married in 1767, Rebecca Mosher, born 1747, died 
Feb. 9, 1805. Children: 

253. Benjamin*^, born 176S, died Oct. 2^, 1S54. 

254. Deborah*, born 1769, died 1S51. Married William Swann. 

255. Silas®, born 1780, died 1864. Married Widow Hannah Lovie, 

Tiee Heath. 

256. Frank®, (or Francis) born 178S, died 1820, at Richmond, Va. 

Married first, Maria Fasten, nee Hull ; second, ■ Cogge- 


J. M. K. Southwick, of Newport, R, I., has a note 
signed by Benjamin Southwick dated Aug. 3, 1790. 
He went west. 


Ruth Southwick*, (Danier, DanieP, DanieP, 
Lawrence'), daughter of Daniel and Ruth (Mussey), 
born March 20, 1755; married Benedict Remington, 
son of John and Mary, of Jamestown, Newport Co., 
R. L, Oct. 5, 1780. Children: 

257. Hannah®, born Nov. 6, 1782 ; married William Aldrich, of 

Blackstone, Mass. 

258. Benedict®, born Julj 25, 1799, died 1861. Married Mary 

Carthcart; lived in Northbridge, Mass. 

259. Daniel®, born March 21, 17S6; married Patience Moulton, 

lived in Smithfield, R. I. 


260. John^, born Aug. 23, 1793, died 1S62. Married Anna Rem- 


261. Marj®, born April 8, 1791 ; married Lewis Warfield. 

The above is taken from the Smithfield Friends' 
Meeting Records. 


Elizabeth South WICK^ (Danier, DanieP, Dan- 
• ieP, Lawrence'), daughter of Daniel and Ruth (Mus- 
sey), born March 29, 1746; -maVried, Dec, 1777, 
Jeremiah Wilkinson, of Smithfield. Children : 

262. Daniel^, born 1778; married Aldrich. 

263. James®, born 1780; married Aldrich. 

264. Judith®, born 1782; married Louis Walcott. 

265. Ljdia®, born 1784; unmarried. 


Hannah South wick*, (Danier, Daniel\ Daniel', 
Lawrence'), daughter of Daniel and Ruth (Mussey), 
born March, 19, 1750; married, June 4, 1771, Jesse 
Darling, of Gloucester. Children : 

265^. Elma®, born in Mendon, 1772 ; unmarried. 

266. James®, born in Mendon, 1773, died April 4, 1804. Unmar- 

266«. Ruth®, born in Mendon, Dec. 3, 1783, died in Boston, Nov. 
3, 1858. Married James Southwick. 


Zacheus Southwick", (Jonathan', Daniel^ Daniel', 
Lawrence',) son of Jonathan and Hannah (Osborn), 
born May 4, 176Q, died Feb. 4, 1845. Married, Jan. 
4, 1787, Levina Sayles, daughter of Thomas and 
Mary Sayles, born Sept. 5, 1760. Children: 


267. Hannah®, born Dec. 23, 1787 ; unmarried. 

268. Dann®, born Sept. 19, 1789; married Martha Cutler, no chil- 


269. Willis®, born June 23, 1791 ; married Sjlvia Albee, Nov. 28, 


270. James®, born June 23, 1793 ; married Desdamona Cook, May 

24, 1S12. 

271. Edith®, born May 3, 1798; unmarried. 

Willis and Sylvia Albee had one daughter who 
married C. Landers and lives at Woonsocket, and 
has no children. , 


Esther Southwick', (Jonathan', Daniel', Daniel", 
Lawrence'), daughter of Jonathan and Hannah (Os- 
born), born 1748, at Mendon, Mass., married in 1773, 
James Buxton. Children : 

27iff. Jonathan®, born 1774; married Seloma Esten. 

272. Ruth®, born 1776; married Whipple Mann. 

273. Rufus®, born Sept. 15, 1778; married Judith Buxton, Sept, 

18, 1802. 

274. Hannah®, born 1780; married Joseph Elliot and John Cromp- 


275. Charity®, born 1782; married Pelatiah Goldthwait. 

276. Elizabeth®, born 1784; married Ellis Albee. 

277. Otis®, born 1786 ; married Seloma Buxton. 

278. David®, born 1788; married Philadelphia Darling. 


Enoch Southwick', (Jonathan', DanieP, Daniel-, 
Lawrence'), son of Jonathan and Hannah (Osborn), 
born April 4, 1753. Married in 1778, Mary Swett, 
born May 11, 1758. They moved from Richmond, 
Vt., in 181 1 or 1812, and settled in the town of Col- 
den, Erie Co., New York, on what was called the 


Holland Purchase, about twenty miles southeast of 
Buffalo. Children : 

279. Cynthia^, born June 17, 1779; married John Bowles, and 

settled in Richmond, Cheshire Co., Vt. 

280. Nancy^, born Aug. iS, 17S0; married Hosea Eddy; had no 

2S1. Betsey^, born Feb. 20, 1782, died Oct. 7, 1851. Married 

George Harkness, at Richmond, Vt. 
282. Abigail®, born March 2, 1784, lived at Hamburgh; married; 

had no children. 
2S3. Jesse®, born Dec 14, 1785; settled at Coldon; married. 

284. Stephen®, born Feb. 2, 1788; settled at Collins; married; 

had no children. 

285. Hannah®, born Aug. 29, 1789; married David Beatty; two 


286. Mary®, born Sept. 20, 1791 ; married William Kester. 

287. Amey®, born July 26. 1793, died Dec. 8, 1793. 

288. Elizabeth®, born March 24, 1795. 

289. Enoch®, born March 12, 1797. 

290. Huldah®, born July 18, 1799; married John Batty; second, 

Kester; two children. 

291. Watson®, born iSoi, died 1819. 

The above records were copied by Pliny B. South- 
wick, of Berlin, from the book of records of the So- 
ciety of Friends, at Bolton. Also the following: 

Enoch Southwick and wife Mary moved from Ber- 
lin, Mass., to Richmond, Cheshire Co., Vt., in 181 1, 
and afterwards to Erie Co., N. Y. 


Jacob Southwick^ (Jonathan\ DanieP, Daniel- 
Lawrence'), son of Jonathan and Hannah Osborn, 
born April 5, 175 1, died Aug. 19, 1833. Married, 
June 4, 1778, Sarah Fowler, born Oct. 20, 1753, died 
July 28, 1829. Children: 


292. Marj Ann^, born July 30, 1779, died 1S69. Married Simeon 


293. Samuel^, born Dec. 10, 1780, died 1843. Married. 

294. Ezra'', born April 14, 1782, died 1854. Married Judith Wiiite. 

295. Esther'^, born Dec. 25, 1783, died July 7, 1858. Married 

Amasa Eddy. 

296. Isaac**, born May i, 17S5, died 1872. Married Tabitha Rob- 


297. Jonathan", born June 19, 1786, died Nov. 8, 1788. 

298. Olive®, born Oct. 20, 1787, died 1S70. Married Martin Davis. 

299. David®, born Jan. 6, 1789, died 1843. Married Lucretia Lar- 


300. Jonathan®, born Jan. 6, 17S9; went away and was not 

heard from. (David and Jonathan were twins.) 

301. Hannah®, born May 29. 1791, died July 4, 1810. 

302. Sarah®, born Jan. 17, 1793, died May 22, i860. Married Zebu- 

Ion Sprague, of Northbridge, Mass.. April 7, 1842. 

303. Phebe®, born July 9, 1794, died June 10, 1880. Married Joel 

Marsh, of Northbridge, Mass. 

304. Lucy®, born May 9, 1797; was living in 1880. 


Jonathan Southwick', (Jonathan', Daniel^ Dan- 
ieP, Lawrence'), son of Jonathan and Hannah (Os- 
born), born Jul}' 10, 1736; married, Dec. i, 1759, 
Judith Mussey, daughter of Thomas Mussey, of 
Mendon. They moved to Hoosic Falls, N. Y., and 
afterwards to White Hall, N. Y. He was a farmer. 
Children : 

305. Nathan®, born 1761 ; married Hannah McWaters. He was 

a brick-mason. 

306. Aaron®, born 1763, went to sea and was not heard from. 

307. Elijah®, born Nov. 6. 1768; married Elizabeth Bently, of 

Point Judith. Went to Oneida Lake Village, Madison Co., 
N. Y., and died there. 

308. Huldah®, born 1770; married Samuel Cottrell. 



John Southwick', (Jonathan^ DanieP, Daniel', 
Lawrence'), son of Jonathan and Hannah Osborn, 
born Sept. 6, 1744, died Jan. 23, 1831. Occupation, 
farmer at Uxbridge. Married Chloe A. Bartlett, 
daughter of Joseph Bartlett, of Cumberland R. I., 
born Oct. 4, 1749, died April 25, 181 7. Children; 

309. Lucy®, born April 22. 1767, died Dec. 17, 1S05. Married, 

Dec. 5, 1787, David Green, of Smithfield R. I., son of Jabez 
and Mary. 

310. Eber®, born Nov. 27, 1768, died Nov. 15, 1856. Married 

Mercy Cass, of Smithfield, R. I. 

311. Philadelphia^, born April 5, 1770. died Sept. 9, 1845. Mar- 

ried Paschal Cook, of Mendon, Mass. 

312. John*^, born Aug. 29, 1771, died Jan. i},, 1831. Married Ann 

Callum, of Mendon, Mass. 

313. Enoch^, born June 7, 1776; married Wait Arnold, of Leices- 

ter, Mass. 

314. Amasa^, born March 15, 1778; married Alice Chase, of New- 

port, R. L 

315. Chloe^, born Dec. 14, 1779, died Nov. 18, 1869. Married Joel 

Aldrich, of Uxbridge. Mass. 

316. Wait**, born Jan. 10, 1782, died June 13, 1841. Married Savel 

Aldrich. of Uxbridge, Mass. 

317. George**, born Feb. 28, 1784; married Sally Daniels, of 

Mendon, Mass. He made known his intention of marry- 
ing out of the Society of Friends in Nov., 1804. 

318. Lavinia'^, born Jan. 2O, 1786; married Ellis Albee ; of Ux- 

bridge, Mass. 

319. Daniel B.^, born Jan. 11, 1791, died April 29, 1871. Married 

Hannah Smith, of Mendon, Mass. 


Edward South wick', (Joseph', Lawrence', Dan- 
ieP, Lawrence'), son of Joseph and Bethia Callum, 
born March i, 1757, died Jan. 23, 1836. He was a 
very large hide-dealer and tanner, of Danvers, Mass. ; 


married, Nov. 25, 1790, Abigail Rowell, of Amesbury, 
born June 14, 1764, died Feb. 10, 1856. Children: 

320. Joseph^, born Sept. 11, 1791, died Maj 10, 1S66. Married 

Thankful Hussej of Portland, Me. 

321. Eliza*, born March 21, 1793; married Samuel Philbrick. 

322. Jacob*, born Oct. 24, 1795, died Feb. 7, 1851. Married Marj 

Wayne, of Vassalboro, Me. 

323. Edward*, born Aug. 30, 179S, died Nov. 5, 1840. Was a 

doctor at Augusta Me. Married first, Margaret Tappan : 
second, Mary Snell. 

324. Abigail*, born June 30, iSoo, died Oct. i, 1801. 

325. Philip*, born March 19, 1802, died Sept. 28, 1806. 

326. Philip R.*, born July 13, 1808, died Feb. 15, 1873. Married 

Amelia Dexter. 

Joseph, Jacob and Philip R., were all tanners and 
carried on a very extensive business at South Danvers, 
and at Vassalboro and several other places. Philip 
R. was als'o largely engaged in manufacturing shoes. 

Copy of Bill. 

The Estate of Sylvester Proctor, 

To Joseph Southwick, Dr. 

1774. £ s. d. 

Oct. 7. To 10 lbs. Leather, at i 5-., 10, o 

Nov. 28. " 14 lbs. Leather, at i3i(^., 15, 9 

" Slaterhouse for killing 2 Cattle, 2.$-., 2, o 

" the Shay in the village, 15., i, o 

£1, 8, 9 
Danvers 11 mo., 4th, 1790. 

Errors excepted, for my Father, 

Edward Southwick. 

Endorsed on the back of above bill as follows : 

Received pay of Daniel Fry, Administrator, 

Edward Southwick . 



JOSIAH SOUTHWICK'', (Lawrence^ Lawrence\ Dan- 
iel^ Lawrence'), son of Lawrence and Patience 
(Handy), born Jan. 27, 1777, died March 4, 1874, 
aged 97. Married first, in 1818, Mary Baker, of Gran- 
ville, N. Y., daughter of William and Phebe (Griffin) ; 
she had two children, both of whom died young. 
Married second, March 1832, Rachael Brown, of 
Queensbury, N. Y., daughter of Howgill and Lydia 
Brown, born Feb. 6, 1789, died April 25, 1876. Chil- 
dren : 

327. William B^, born Dec. 10, 18 19, at Danbj', Vt. 

328. Phebe^, born Sept. 4, 182 1. 

329. Hannah^, born May 17, 1825 ; died Dec. 26, 1S61. Married 

Joseph Fletcher, of Mt. Hollj Vt., born April 11, 1837, son 
of Walter and Mary (Chamberlain) Fletcher. 

330. Infant'', born and died 1827. 

Josiah^ went to Danby, Vt., when he was 24 years 
of age (1801). Josiahwas a Quaker, and very much 
esteemed by all who knew him, for his love of peace, 
and good will towards all. His industry and thrift 
and cheerful disposition made him a pleasant com- 
panion for old and young ; his memory was good 
and eye sight until his death. — History of Danby Vt., 
published in 1874. 

JOSIAH SOUTHWICK, a native of Massachusetts, 
was born in 1777. He came to Danby when he was 24 
years of age ( 1801 ), married Mary Baker, of Granville, 
N. Y., and in 1801 settled on the farm where he no\V 
lives. He is the son of Lawrence Southwick, a native 
cf Salem, Mass., and was one of a family of twenty- 
children, he being the nineteenth child. His grand- 


mother, on his mother's side, was the daughter of 
John FrankHn, a printer of Newport, R. I., who was a 
brother to Benjamin FrankHn, the celebrated philoso- 
pher. Mr. Southwick is at present (1870) the oldest 
inhabitant of the town, being 93 years of age. He is a 
hale, robust, healthy old man ; his mental and physical 
powers being unimpaired. He can read common 
print without spectacles, and his memory at this ad- 
vanced age is good. Nearly the whole world of man- 
kind living at the time he was born have died. He 
has been a hard laboring, industrious farmer, a man 
of good morals and excellent habits. He is a mem- 
ber of the Quaker Society, a peaceable, quiet citizen 
and a good neighbor. Mr. Southwick is a Republican 
by principle and although never having been an active 
politician, he has attended every Presidential election 
since his residence here. We hope many years of life 
and vigor may yet be by a kind Providence meted out 
to him. He is one of the old landmarks and the only 
remaining link which connects us with the revolution- 
ary times. Many changes have taken place, and many 
important events have transpired in his day. Two 
generations have passed away since his settlement 
here, and there are less than a dozen living here now 
who were here at the time of his settlement. He 
is a man of cheerful disposition and of wit and humor, 
possessing a large fund of anecdotes, and is a genial 
companion. Many of his stories, although relating 
to events of seventy-five or eighty years ago, are still 
told with all the ardor of youth. Mr. Southwick is a 
man of domestic habits and a promoter of peace. He 


has been twice married. His last wife's name was 
Rachael Brown, with whom he now lives. He has 
but two children, William, and Hannah who married 
Joseph Fletcher. They live upon the homestead and 
have one daughter. May R. — Records of Toivn of 
Dan by, Vt. 


Tamson Southwick", (Joseph', Lawrence^ Dan- 
iel', Lawrence'), daughter of Joseph and Bethia Gal- 
ium, born Aug. 28, 1 750, died Jan. 27, 1 836 ; married 
William Frye, ist, of Andover, born Aug. 1749, died 
Oct. II, 1 83 1.* Children: 

331. William 2d'', born Nov. 27, 1774- died i860. Married 


332. Cassandra®, born Nov. 27, 1777; married Ichabod Nichols. 

333. Tamson^, born April 28, 1779; married Purington. 

334. Hannah®, born Oct. 4, 1781 ; married Joseph Buxton, of Dan- 


335. Bethia®, born Feb. 26, 1784, died Dec. 18, 1826. Married 


336. Anna®, born May 6, 1786; married Ezra Johnson, of Lynn. 

337. Gertrude®, born Sept. 24, 17S9, died Dec. 9, 1S18. Married 

Moses Whittier, of Dover, N. H., Dec. 15, 1814. 


Asa Southwick*, (Lawrence*, Lawrence^ DanieP, 
Lawrence'), son of Lawrence and Patience (Handy), 
born Aug. 3, 1766, went to No. Adams to live, in 
1826, being 60 years of age. Married in 1787. 
Children : 

* In 1749 there was no rain at Andover, Mass., from spring un- 
til! August, still there was raised a good ci-op of corn; as per re- 
cord of William Frye's Bible. 


338. Lemuel®, born Dec. 4, 1793, died 1875. Went to Ohio to 

live and died there, 82 years of age. He married first. 
Rhoda Arnold, 1814, she died Oct. 5, 1855 or 56; second. 
Widow Julia Hart. 

339. Lydia®, born 1795 ; married Samuel Wilbur.* 

340. Edmund®, born 1797; married Chloe Clarke, and has always 

lived at No. Adams on the old homestead. 

341. Hannah®, born 1797; married Ira Wilbur.* 

342. Nancy®, born 1799. died at No. Adams, 16 years of age. 

Lydia and Hannah married brothers and Hved near 
Detroit, Michigan. 

All the above is from the records of Friends' meet- 
ing at Berlin, Mass. 


Abigail Southwick", (Lawrence\ Lawrence'', 
DanieP, Lawrence'), daughter of Lawrence and Pa- 
tience (Handy), born in 1772; married in 1789, Asa 
Wheeler. Children : 

343. Abel®, born Sept. 10, 1790, died P"eb. iS. 1S3S. 

344. Anna®, born June- 27, 1792, living in 18S0. 

345. Asa, Jr.®, born Jan. 19. 1796, died May 21, 1862. 

346. Dinah®, born Nov. 13, 1797, died Dec. 5, 1872. 

347. Aaron®, born June 14, 1800, died Nov. 22, 1838. 
34S. Abigail®, born Oct. 8, 1803, died Aug. 8, 1852. 

349. Ascha®, born Oct. 29, 1804, living in 18S0. 

350. Seba®, born Dec. 29, 1806, died Jan. 16, 1845. 

351. Allen®, born Jan. 26, 1809, died April 13, 1873. 

352. Roena®, born Dec. 24, 1810. died April 25, 1812. 

353. Obadiah®, born Aug. 13, 1813, died Jan. 24, 1813. 

354. Eliza®, born April 6, 1815, died Aug. 23, 1829. 


Lydia Southwick*, (Lawrence', Lawrence', Dan- 
ieP, Lawrence'), daughter of Lawrence and Patience 

* Brothers at Jackson Co.. Michigan. 


(Handy), born in 1764; married Obadiah Frye, born 
1793- They moved to East Farmington, N. Y. 
Children : 

355. John^, born Feb. 3-, 1793. 

356. Miriam^, born Sept. 16, 1794. 

357. Mary^, born March 8, 1796. 

358. Sarah^, born Sept. 14, 1797. ^ 

359. Ljdia®, born June 5, 1799. 

The above is from the records of Friends' meeting 
at Bolton. 


Mary Southwick*, (Lavvrence^ Lawrence^ Dan- 
ieP, Lawrence'), daughter of Lawrence and Patience 
(Handy), born July 12, 1772, died Feb. 26, 1851. 
Married first, i 79 1 , Israel Chilson, died 1 805 , at Clarks- 
burgh, Mass., and was buried at Stamford, Vt. ; second, 
Jacob Brown. Children : 

360. Moses'', born 1792; married Elizabeth Southwick, daughter 

of Edward and Elizabeth. 

361. Serial®, born 1794, went to Michigan. 

362. Jason®, born Oct. 28, 1798. He has had four wives ; is now 

(1S80) living at Clarksburgh ; had one child, it died joung. 

363. Judson®, born June 24, iSoo: married Oct. 3, 1821, Sophia 

Smith, born Feb. 3, 1802, died June 4, 1S74. Had 7 children, 
viz. : Albert, Martha, Andrew, Almon, Harriet, Mary E. 
and Chester. Judson is living (1880) with his children, An- 
drew and Chester, the rest are dead. Andrew married Jane 
Walker, and lives in No. Adams, Mass. Children : War- 
ner, Cora, Albert, and Edward. 

364. Veloras®, born in 1802, died 1877, has two children: Jacob, 

living in Clarksburgh, Mass., and Mary, a school-teacher 
in Grammar School, at Troy, N. Y. 

365. Israel®, born 1804. was married and lived near Ontario, 

Wayne Co., N. Y. 


366. Child", died young. 

Married Jacob Brown, 1806, in Stamford, Vt. 

367. George Southwick"^, born Feb. 7, 1S07, died Oct. 4. 1828, at 

Ontario, N. Y. , unmarried. 

368. Henry Cummings^, born May 17, 180S; married Clarissa M. 

Baker, Jan. i, 1828. Was living in 1S80, in Ontario, 
N. Y. and has a family near him. 

369. Hiram^, born Aug. 31, 1809, died Oct. 10, 1812. 

370. Maria Fenwick". born April 13, 1811, resides at Fenwick, Mich. 

Married Sept. 8. 1836, Qiiartus Joslin, and has three chil- 
dren, viz. : William Henry, born 1S40, he died in the ser- 
vice in the late Rebellion, aged 22> years, 10 mos., 10 days; 
Charles Franklin, born T845 ; Mary Elizabeth, born 1855. 

371. Huldah®, born Oct. 14, 1817, died Dec. 29, 1844, at No. Adams. 

Mass. ; married Alvin W. Leonard, Oct. 1S36, and has a 
son, Henry W. Leonard, a Methodist Preacher. 

372. Hiram®, born Jan 19, 1814, married Jane Smith, Feb. 14. 

1840, born Oct. 30. 1817. died March 1878, have two chil- 
dren, J. Leonard Brown and Darwin Brown, both married 
and have fainilies. J. Leonard Brown married Nancy 
Day, of Stamford, Vt., Feb. 22. 1S67. Children: Jennie 
H., born Feb. 17, 186S; Henry L., born June 2, 1869: Hiram, 
born March 25, 1871 ; Mary M., born Dec. 12, 1872; Geo. 
C, born March 19, 1874; Laura E., born March 17, 1876. 


Moses Southwick*, (La\^Tence^ Lawrence^ Dan- 
iel", Lawrence'), son of Lawrence and Patience 
(Handy), born Sept. 30, 1768, died June 11, 1836. 
Married in 1792, Anna Harkness, daughter of Adam 
and Hannah Harkness, born Sept. 29, 1759, died Aug. 
16, 1824. Children : 

373. Marj'®, born June 24, 1792, died June 17, 1827. Married 

Royal Tyler, April 28, 181 1. 

374. Annie®, born April 18, 1794, died April 6, 185 1. Married 

Joshua Trask, Nov. 7, 1819. 


375. Phebe®, born April 25, 1796. died Feb. 9. 1853; unmarried. 

376. Nathan^, born March iS, 1798; married first, March 5, 1829, 

Eliza A. Inman. died Sept. 25. 1829; second, Eliza A. 
Arnold. June 26. 1832, died Oct. 26, 1S37; Third. Sarah 
Darling, Aug. 19, 1S39, ^^^^ Jan- 9- 1S41 ; fourth, Clara 
Darling, Oct. 27, 1S41. 

377. Rachael^, born Oct.' 25, 1799. died May 14. 1S06. 


Caleb Southwick', (Lawrence', Lawrence'\ Dan- 
iel"', Lawrence'), son of Lawrence and Patience 
(Handy), born Feb. 4, 1757, died Dec. 28, 18 19. 
He was a farmer. Married Oct. 1793, Phebe Osborn, 
of Danvers, born Nov. 24, 1764, died Feb. 15, 1843, 
they moved to Peru, Clinton Co., N. Y. Children: 

378. Paul'', born May 15, 1797, died Nov. 14. 1858; married Sarah 

Coftee, Nov. 8, 1S26. 

379. Abigail^, born i\ug. 9, iSoi.died Dec. 4. 1S70; unmarried. 

380. Marj^, born Aug. 30, 1804, died Nov. 4. 1818; unmarried. 

381. David®, born Nov. 4, 1794, died Feb. 20. 1824; married Pris- 

cilla Mason, Oct. 1817. 

382. Edward®, born March 12. 1807: married Maria Miller of 

Clinton Co., N. Y., Jan. 3, 1S33. 
3S3. Infant®, died young. 

384. Infant®, died young. 

385. Daniel®, born Nov. 4, 1799. died April, 1800. 


Daniel SOUTHWICK*, (Lawrence', Lawrence", Dan- 
iel", Lawrence'), son of Lawrence and Patience 
(Handy), born 1756, died 1846, aged 89 yrs., 11 mos., 
2 days, at Holland Purchase, P>ie Co., N. Y. Mar- 
ried, May 2, 1792, in Smith\'ille, R. L, Jemima Bart- 


lett, daughter of Jacob and Judith Bartlett, of Danby, 
Vt. ; she died in 1840. Children: 

3S6. Samuel®, born Feb. 11. 1793; married Phebe Southwick. 

Au.!^. 1842, settled at Collins, N. Y., no children. 
387. Sarah^, born 1795; married Luther Colvin. July 1814; went 

to Brant, N. Y. 
38S. Anna^. born 1797 ; married David Clark ; went to Hamburijfh, 

N. Y. 
3S9. George®, born Feb. 14, 1800; married Tjouisa Tennej, of 

Danbv, Vt., in 1827, and went West. He was a school 


390. Judith®, born 1801; married John Roberts. 

391. Patience®, born 1S03. died 1S33. ^I^ii'i'ied Ebenezer Holton, of 

Dorset, Vt. 

392. Asa®, born March 19. 1804; married, in 1S27. Sarah Tenney, 

of Danby. born 1809. went to Brant, N. Y.. and afterwards 
went to Ohio. 

393. Lydia®, born 1807; married Calvin Hitchcock, of Brant. 

394. Nathan®, born April ig, i8d8; married Clarinda Hall, Feb- 

22, 1832; he was a farmer and lived in Brant. N. Y., was 
killed by a falling tree, Sept. 22, 1867. 

395. Maria®, born Jan. 9, 1809; married Austin Shaw, went to 

Collins, N. Y. 

396. Naomi®, born 1S12. died \'Oung. Never married. 

397. Daniel Jr.®. born April 13. 1813; he was a farmer; married 

first, Sally Ann Fisk, Nov. 16, 1S53 ; went to Brant N. Y., 
one child, Mina; second. Lydia Sisson, Dec. 24, 1859, °* 
Qiieensbury, N. Y. 

398. Phebe®. born Jan. 8. 1817; married George Cory, no chil- 


399. Jacob®, born May 20. 1820; married Mary Anna Wealthy, 

Jan. II, 1857, settled on his father's homestead in Brant. 
N. Y. He was a farmer. 

Daniel Southwick, a brother of Josiah, came 
about the same time and settled on the present home- 
stead of Hiram Fisk. He was also a Quaker and a 
man of thrift and industry. He married Jemimah, 



daughter of Jacob Bartlett, and raised a large family 
nearly all of whom removed from town many years 
since. He died in Holland Purchase, N. Y., 1846, aged 
89 yrs., I I mos., 2 days. The names of his children 
are as follows : Samuel, Sarah, Anna, George, Asa, 
Nathan, Daniel, Jr., Jacob, Mariah, Naomi, Lydia, 
Judith, Patience and Phebe. Samuel became a farm- 
er and settled in Collins, N.Y. Sarah married a 
Colvin and moved to Brant, N. Y. Anna married 
David Clark, and resided in Hamburgh, N. Y. Asa 
married Sally Tenney, of this town and settled in 
Brant and afterwards removed to Ohio ; he was also 
a farmer. George married Louisa Tenney, and also 
went West. Nathan was a farmer and lived in Brant ; 
he was killed by the falling of a tree ; he left two 
children, Mercy and Eleanor. Daniel, Jr., married 
Sally Ann Fisk, of Danby, and settled in Brant, she 
died leaving one daughter, Mina. He next married 
Lydia Sisson, of Queensbury, N. Y. Jacob settled 
upon his fathers homestead in Brant. Mariah married 
Austin Shaw, and removed to Collins. Lydia married 
Calvin Hitchcock of Brant. Patience married Eben- 
ezer Holton, of Dorset, Vt., she died in 1833; her 
children numbered five, viz. : Elijah, Plynn, Eliza, 
Lydia and Rachael. — Records of Toivn of Danby, 


David Southwick", (Lawrence*, Lawrence"". Dan- 
iel^ Lawrence'), son of Lawrence and Hannah (Shove) 
born March 21, 1754, died April 16, 1819. Married, 


April 1 6, 1779, Elizabeth Sweet, born June 29, 1760. 
Children : 

400. Tamson®, born March 19, 17S0; married Feb. 5, 1S07. John 

Hoag. He died April 10, 1807, of consumption. 

401. Stephen Sweet®, born July 12, 17S1, died June 28, 1849. Mar- 

ried Oct. 28, 1806, Marv Wheeler. 

402. Huldah*^, born April 6, 17S3, died Qct. 22, 1800, at Berlin. 


403. Hannah®, born Feb. 20. 1785, died April 23. 1809, at Berlin, 


404. David Jr.®. born Jan. ii. 17S7; married Jan. 1789, , Polly 


405. George®, born April 10, 1789, moved to upper Cannda about 


406. Elizabeth®, born Jan. 11. 1791 : married Dec. 6. 1810, Henry 


407. Daniel®, born June 2, 1793, moved to upper Canada about 

1S18, as per Uxbridge Records Friends' meeting. 

408. Elisha®, born March 31. 1795, died Aug. 13, 1S30: married 

Lydia H. Houghton. 

409. Mary®, born April 23, 1797. died Aug. 30. 1797. 

410. Mary®, born Oct. 27, 179S; married Nov. 5, 1S19. Timothy 


411. Marmaduke®, born Dec. 23, 1800, died at Centreville. St. 

Joseph Co., Mich., March 24, 1S70; never married. He was a 
blacksmith, and a very genial man. 

412. Ruth'', born May 17, 1804: was never married. 


Nathaniel South wick^ (Lawrence\ La\vrence^ 
DanieP, Lawrence'), son of Lawrence and Hannah 
(Shove), born May 2, 1752; married Elizabeth 
Southgate in 1775. Children: 

413. Palina®, born 1776; never married. 

414.' Amosa®, born 1778; married Polly Ricliardson. 

415. Cassandra®, born 1780, died in 1871 ; married Joel Kelly. 

416. Abigail®, born 1782 ; never married. 


417. Betsej®, born 1790; never married. 

418. Sebe Maria^, born 1792; married Kent. 

419. Rebecca*', born Jan. 15, 1796; is now living (iSSo). 


Joseph Southwick', (Lawrence', Lawrence^ Dan- 
iel^ Lawrence'), son of Lawrence and Hannah (Shove), 
born Feb. 21, 1745, died March 19, 18 14; married 
April I, 1779, Elsie Sayles, daughter of Jonathan, of 
Smithfield, R. L; born Feb. 5, 1756, died Nov. 11, 
1844. Children: 

420. Ezra®, born Feb. 22, 17S0, died April 19. 1847. Married first, 

Chloe Taft; second, Susan Taft; third, Nancy Turtelotte. 

421. Sarah®, born July 2, 1781, died Jan.i. 1867. Married Gers- 

hom Keith, born 1783, died Oct. 1841. 

422. Moses®, born May 6, 1783, died Oct. 4, 1824. Married Sarah 


423. Elizabeth®, born March 23, 1785, died April 13, 1859. 

424. Marj®, born July 15, 1787, died Aug. 26, 1872. Married Feb. 

28. 1811, Daniel Farnum. 

425. Luke®, born Sept. 11, 1789, died March 24, 1814. 

426. Joseph®, born March 2. 1793, died Aug. 8, i860. Married 

Miranda Lapham.* 

427. Duty®, born July 15, 1794, died Feb. 2, 1803. 

42S. Arnold®, born Feb. 14, 1798, died Nov. 15, 1869. Married 
March 8, 1827. Patience Lapham*. 


Theophilus Southwick', (Daniel', Lawrence', 
Daniel', Lawrence'), son of Daniel and Ruth (Shove), 
born Sept. 29, 1750, died Jan. 10, 1825. Married 
Anna Remington (called Nancy) ; died Aug. 20, 
1824. Children: 

* Sisters. 


429. Remington^, born Nov. 26, 1779, died April 12. 1S07. Mar- 

ried Philena Cook. 

430. Nathan^, born May 18. 17S3, died Dec. 11, 1S45. Married 

Amy \Vilkin.son. 

431. William^, born June 4, 17S6, died July 19. 1828. Married 

Rebecca Bowditch. 

432. Lucy'', born March 8, 1789, died July 19, 1873. Married Parley 


433. Daniel®, born Aug. 17, 1793; married Lucinda Brown, Feb. 

14, 1822. 

434. Marbra*, born Jan. 8, 1795, died March 12, 1866. Married 

Manning Wheelock. 

435. Keziah*, born Sept. 30, 1803. died July 16, 1804. 


Ruth South wick', (Danier, DanieP, Daniel', 
Lawrence',) daughter of Daniel and Ruth (Mussey), 
born March 20, 1755, died June 10, 1813. Married 
Oct. 5, 1780, Benedict Remington, son of John and 
Mary, of Jamestown, Newport Co., R. I., as per Smith- 
field Friends' meeting records. Children : 

436. Hannah", probably born 1781. 

437. Benedict^ probably born 1783. 

438. Daniel®, probably born 1785. 


George Southwick". (Daniel', Lawrence'', Dan- 
iel', Lawrence'), son of Daniel and Ruth (Shove), 
born Dec. 14, 1747, died April 7, 1807; married, 
July 5, 1777, Judith Southwick, daughter of Daniel 
and Ruth (Mussey), born Oct. 23, 1757, died Feb. i i , 
1837. Children, all born at Uxbridge, Mass.: 

439. Thomas Mussey®. born March 17. 1778: married Matilda 




440. Daniel^, born May 28, 1780; married Lucina Thayer. 

441. Ruth^. born Nov. 22, 1782; married Asahel Aldrich.* 

442. Elizabeth*^, born Oct. 2, 1785, died Oct. 24, 1872. Married 

Nathaniel Day. born in Uxbridge, Oct. 9, 1783, died May, 

443. George*, born Jan. 11, 17S9; married Betsey Chilson. 

444. James®, died young. 

445. Judith®, born July 21, 1791 ; married Otis Aldrich.* 

446. James®, born Sept. i, 1795; not married. 

447. Lydia®, born April ii, iSoo, died Nov. 30, 1S28, at Lee, 

N. Y. Married Daniel Morse, Dec. 1822. 


Edward Southwick*, (Lawrence\ Lawrence"', 
DanieP, Lawrence'), son of Lawrence and Hannah 
(Shove), born March 18, 1740, at Smithfield, R. L, 
died March 18, 1833. He was a whaler and captain, 
married June i, 1769, Elizabeth Southwick, daughter 
of Jonathan and Hannah (Osborn), born Feb. 18, 
1745, died June 15, 1834. Children: 

448. Hannah®, born Oct. 3, 1773; married Anthony Comstock. 


449. David®, born Feb. 4, 1777, in R. I. Occupation a farmer in 

Vermont. Married March i, 1804, Mary, daughter of Seth 
and Mary Sherman, born Nov. 15, 1783, at Bellingham. 
Mass. He had a certificate from the Smithfield monthly 
Meeting, to Danby, Vt. monthly Meeting, Feb. 28, 1805. 

450. Mercy®, born Oct. 18, 1779; married Elijah Bull. 

451. Olive®, born July 2, 1780; married Cyrus Carpenter, Feb. 3. 

1800, and went to Danby, Vt., Jan. 29, 1801. 

452. Ezra®, born July 25, 1782, died at Collins, Erie Co., N. Y., 

1845; married Deborah Smith. Ezra, his mother and sister 
Elizabeth moved from Mendon to Danby, Vt., June 26. 
1S06. Edward the husband and father, went up Oct. 29, 

* Asahel and Otis were brothers. 


453. Elizabeth^, born 1787; married Moses Chilsou, 1812 ; he was 

born at Hoosick, N. Y., and her son Edward Chilson lived 
in Wallingford, Vt. 

The above is taken from the records of Wooiisocket 
Monthly Meeting. 

199 a. 

JOSIAH Southwick', (John', Daniel', Daniel', 
Lawrence'), son of John and Mary (Bufifum), born 
July 17, 1742. He was a tanner, at Danvers. Mar- 
ried, in Salem Friends' Meeting, Elizabeth Southwick, 
born Dec. 8, 1767, died Feb. 15, 18 18. Children: 

454. John*^. born March 9. 1768, died May 24, 1833. He was a 

schoolmaster. Married Rebecca Alley. 

455. Daniel^, born March 12, 1769, died Jan. 30, 1770. 

456. Phebe®, born March i, 1770; married Wm. Cobb, of Portland, 

Me.. Dec. 27. 1791. 

457. Hannah", born Nov. 9, 177 1 ; married Abijah Purington, of 


458. Daniel", born Dec. 31, 1773. died July 27, 1799, at Portland, 


459. Elizabeth", born Aug. 10, 1775, died Aug. 28, 1777. 

460. Cassandra", born July 10, 1777. died Aug. 13, 1777. 

461 Elizabeth", born Dec. 5, 1778, died Aug. 12, 1825, at Wind- 
ham, Me. Married Ebenezer Allen, and left a son, Josiah 

462. Cassandra", born March 2. 1781 ; married Stephen Nichols, 
of Salem, Oct. 29, 1812. He was a blacksmith, at Salem. 


Lawrence Southwicr', ( Daniel\ Lawrence'', 
Daniel', Lawrence'), son of Daniel and Ruth (Shove), 
born Jan. 11, I73i,died 1810. Married first, Dorcas 


Brown, in 1753. died Dec. 17, 1757; second, Hannah 
Southwick, Sept. 6, 1759, born Dec. 2, 1741, died in 
1809. He was a tanner. Children: 

463. Sarah^, born April 27, 1754, died Feb. 14, 1836, aged 81 years 

9 mos. 20 dajs. Married Benedict Arnold, Nov. 4, 1774. 
not the Traitor. 

464. Elisha'', born Feb. 17, 1757, died 1841. Married Margaret 


465. Ruth", born 1758, died young. 

Second wife Hannah Southwick, daughter of Jona- 
than Southwick and Hannah Osborn. Children : 

466. Roval*, born Dec. 6, 1760; married Phebe Farnum. 

467. Ruth*"', born March 5, 1763: married David Farnum, Dec. 2. 

1781, at Uxbridge. 

468. Zadock^ born May 8. 1765, died Oct. 23. 1S23. Married 

Sept. 27. 17S6, Elizabeth Carpenter, born Sept. 17, i}66, 
died Oct. 10, 1847. 

469. Edward", born Nov. 2, 1767, died Dec. 13, 1847, Married 

Catharine Wilkinson. 1802. 

470. Dorcas", born Aug. 12, 1770; married Abram Staples. 

471. Jesse®, born Dec. 5, 1772: married Charlotte Marsh. 

472. Hannah", born 1778: married James C. Moore. 

473. Chade". born Oct. i. 1774; married Chloe Giddings. 

474. Lydia", born 1781: married Timothy Alexander. 

Lawrence left his tanning business at Uxbridge, 
Mass., to his son Royal (who married Phebe Farnum), 
and moved to Clinton, Dutchess Co., N.Y., where he 
bought a farm, about 1780, and started the tanning 
business, bringing all his boys up to that business. 
About 1786, his son Zadock started tanning, hired a 
farm about two miles from his father Lawrence, and in 
about three years bought the farm of eighty acres, 
now known (1875) as the widow Halsted farm. He 
was quite a large tanner and currier for his day. 



Joseph Southwick*, (John', John^ John', Law- 
rence'), son of John and Mary (Trask), born about 
1723, at Salem, now Peabody ; married, Sept. 13, 
1743, Mary Wilson, daughter of Isaac and Mary 
Wilson. He was a potter at Danvers. Children : 

475. Marj^, born probably 1744, baptized June 16, 1754. 

476. Susan®, born 1746, baptized 1754, died Sept. 22, 1791. 

477. Hannah^, born Nov. 16, 1756, died May 17, 1806. Married 

Robert Stone. 

478. Elizabeth*^, born Aug. 21, 1759. died Jan. 5, 1844. Married 

Richard Smith, June 7, 1785. 

Southwick male line run out. 

Dec. 29, Joseph and wife Mary deed to Robert 
Wilson, Jr. 


Anna Southwick^ (Joseph^ Lawrence^, Daniel', 
Lawrence'), daughter of Joseph and Bethia Galium, 
born Dec. 30, 1743, died July 30, 1775. Married 
Jeremiah Hacker. Children : 

479. Esther^. Married Thos. Jones, Brunswick, Me. 

480. Joseph". 

481. Anna". Married Wm. Purington, of Fahnouth, Me. 

482. Eunice". Married Stephen Jones, of Brunswick, Me. 


Esther Southwick", (Joseph^ Lawrence', Dan- 
iel*, Lawrence'), daughter of Joseph and Bethia 
Callum, born Aug. 24, 1748, died June 26, 1772. 
Married James Torrey. They had one child : 

483. Esther". Married Butler Weeks, of Vassalboro, Me. 



Benjamin South wick^, (Benjamin', John^ John", 
Lawrence*), son of Benjamin and Sarah, born 1722. 
Married Mariam Benson. Settled in Blackstone, Mass., 
and lived at Dudley. They had one child : 

484. Joseph^, born 1738, died March 23, 1813. Married Hannah 

Hunt. He was a farmer. 


Isaac South wick", (Isaac', John■^ John', Law- 
rence'), son of Isaac and Esther, baptized June 24, 
1733. Married^ Elizabeth Dresser. Lhey moved to 
Amherst, N.H., and were there in 1782. Children: 

485. Nathaniel*^, baptized Aug. 15, 1762, First Church, Salem. 

middle precinct. 

486. Betsey^, baptized July 7, 1765, First Church, Salem, middle 


487. Esther*^, baptized Aug. 14, 1768, First Church, Salem, middle 


488. Isaac Dresser^, baptized July 29, 1770, First Church. Salem, 

middle precinct. 

489. Amos^ baptized Aug. 20, 1775, First Church. Salem, middle 



George Southwtck ist\ (John*. John', John", 
Lawrence'), son of John 3d and Mary (Trask), 
born about 1736, died before 1808. Married, Dec. 
18, 1760, widow Sarah Piatt, {nee Sitchel). Will 
made June 6, 1803, proved July 19, 1808. Children : 

490. George Jr.^, baptized Nov. 9, 1761 ; married Betsey Ashton. 

491. Francis®, baptized April 8, 1764: married Mrs. Hannah 

Nourse {nee Mitchell). 


492. Sarah", baptized Aug. 24, 1766, died young. 

493. Mercy^, baptized March 19, 1769; married Joseph Brown. 

They had eight children, viz. : Betsey. John, Daniel, Joseph. 
Jr., George, Sallj, Rebecca, Mercy. 

494. Nathan^ baptized Sept. 8, 1771, died July 20, 1836: married 

Molly Moulton. 

495. Rebecca^, baptized March 13, 1774; married James Raddiii. 

They had three children, viz. : Albert, Henrietta and Mari- 
etta twins. 

496. Mary®, baptized June 15, 1777 ; married Robert Wilson. 


John SoUTHWICK, 4th^ (John\ John^ John% 
Lawrence'), .^on of John and Mary (Trask). born 
about 1725, died before 1785. Married, first, Eliza- 
beth Wilson, daughter of Isaac and Mary Wilson ; 
second, Eunice . Children : 

497. George®, born 1750, was killed at Battle of Lexington, April 

49S. Prudence®, baptized May 25, 1766, died before 1785. Married 
Stephen Southwick, born 1766, son of William and Sarah 

499. John Flood®, baptized June 5, 176S. 

500. Mary®, born 1766, died Jan. 14, 1852, 86 years of age. Married 

Jonathan Day. 

John and wife Elizabeth deed to Robert Wilson, Jr. 
— Salem Records. 

John 4th made his will Jan. 4, 1785 ; it was 
proved Feb. 8, 1785. He willed wife Eunice, daughters 
Mary Day and Prudence; son John's four children 
^28, viz.: Jonathan Slade £\o, Israel £6, John /,6, 
Elles £6 ; to George's children ^24, viz. : George £6, 
Joseph i^6, Hipsey ^6, Lydia ^6. Cousin William 
Southwick, executor. 



Isaac S0UTHWICK^ (Lawrence*, Lawrence', Dan- 
iel^ Lawrence'), son of Lawrence and Patience 
(Handy), born Dec. 13, 1761, died 1823. Married 
Thankful Parris, born 1765, died 1 830. He was a 
blacksmith by trade, and went to Danby, Vt. Chil- 
dren : 

501. Truman'', born 1S02, died young. 

502. Sylvia®, born 1805. 

503. Edna", born iSoS, died young. 

504. Isaac, Jr.®, born 1S09, died in Starksboro, Oct. ii, 1S32. 

Married Elizabeth Otis, daughter of Harris Otis. 

505. Arthur®, born 1817, died joung. 

Isaac Southwick, brother of Josiah, was early here. 
He married Thankful, daughter of Elkhanah Parris 
and was during his younger days a blacksmith by trade. 
He was connected in this business for a number of 
years with Savid Bartlett, and in the manufacture of 
edge tools. He subsequently settled near the resi- 
dence of Wm. Herrick, where he kept a store for sev- 
eral years. He next settled on the farm owned by 
Capt. A. N. Colvin, where he also carried on the 
mercantile business and where he lived until his death 
in 1823, aged 68. His wife died in 1830, aged 65. 
They had five children: Truman, born 1802, died 
young; Sylvia, born 1805; Edna, born 1808, died 
young; Isaac, born 1809, and Arthur, born 18 17, also 
died young. Isaac, Jr., married Elizabeth, daughter 
of Dr. Harris Otis, and was in the mercantile business 
with his father. He died in Starksboro, Vt., Oct. 1 1, 
1832, leaving two sons: Isaac M., born 1829, and 


Homer H., born 1831. Isaac M. has been twice mar- 
ried, first to Rebecca Williams, who died in 1867, and 
next to Lizzie Wardwell. He is now in the mercantile 
business and lives in Boston, having also been a mer- 
chant in Rutland for a number of years. His children 
are Nelson, Homer and Frankie. Homer H. married 
Catherine Germond, of Middletown, where he resides. 
He is also in the mercantile business and is one ofthe 
prominent citizens of that town, having been a Repre- 
sentative to the Legislature for two years. He was 
member of Co. B., 14th Regiment Vermont Volun- 
teers, and occupied the position of Sergeant. — Records 
of Town of Danby, Vt. 


William Southwick*, (John^ John^ John^ Law- 
rence'), son of John 3rd, and Mary (Trask), born 

about 1 719, died before 1767; married Sarah . 

Children : 

506. William^, born May 17, 1754, died Sept. 11 1828. Married 

Lucy Kilbiirn of Rowley, Mass. 

507. John^, born 1756. 

508. Stephen®, born Dec. 26, 1760; married first, Prudence South- 

wick, daughter of John and Elizabeth Wilson; second, 
Hannah Ropes. 
^09. James®, born Oct. 12, 1768; married Persis Peabody, 

Administration granted son William, who gave 
bonds April 7, 1777, viz.: Ebenezer Southwick and 
Sylvester Proctor. 


Samuel Southwick\ (David*, SamueP, John''. 


Lawrence'), son of David and Thankful (Grigg) ; 
married about 1755, Abigail Warner. Children: 

510. David®, born 1756, died 1841, was baptized at Congregational 

Church, New Salem, Nov. 7, 1762. Married Betsey Stacej, 
of Benson, Vt., in 17S1. 

511. Jonathan**, born Aug. 22, 1772, died at his son Masa Branch's. 

at St. Hilaire, Canada, Aug. iS, 1863. Married first, Feb. 2, 
1797, Sarah Branch daughter of Masa and Thankful Branch, 
died April 14, 1814; second, widow Mary Shaw (^nee Baker). 

512. Daniel®, born June 11, 1773, died Jan. 15, 1S39. Married 

Polly Churchill, of Benson, Vt., Oct. 5, 1797. 

513. Samuel®, born 1780, married Phebe Southwick, daughter of 

George and Lydia (Sargent), 1843. Settled in Western 
N. Y. 


WiLMARTH Southwick', (Solomon*, Solomon^ 
Josiah^, Lawrence'), son of Solomon and Ann (Gard- 
ner Carpenter), born at Newport, R.L, 1775, died 
Aug. 19, 1843. Married, Nov. 20, 1800, Mrs. Han- 
nah Churchill. Children : 

514. William®, born at Plymouth, Mass., Aug. 18, 1801. No 


515. Solomon W.®, born at Plymouth, Mass., Jan. 12, 1804, 

died at Albany, N.Y., July 31, 1835. Married Sarah Rice, 
of Waterford, N.Y. No children. 

516. Mary Ann®, born Sept. 30, 1807, died soon after. 

517. Mary Ann®, born June 30, 1808, died Aug. 28, 1824. 

518. Sarah Sherman®, born April 12, 1812; married Wm. Greene 

Fry, at Albany, N. Y., May 7, 1829. 


Henry Collins SouTHWICK^ (Solomon*, Solo- 
mon^ Josiah^ Lawrence'), son of Solomon and Ann 


(Gardner Carpenter), born at Newport, R.I., 1772, 
died 1 82 I. Married, July 18, 1797, Mary or Marga- 
ret Wool, of New York city, daughter of Josiah Wool 
and cousin of General Wool. Children: ^ / _. / 

519. Maroa;-et«, born 179S. Jk'tOoMXO u^Wr 

520. Marj Ann^, born 1799; married Mowij Q & bo t^o^ Dec. 13, ' 

181 8. 

521. William^, born iSoo. 

522. Catbarine^, born 1804. Married Keeler. 

523. Henry Collins, Jr.^, born Dec. 28, 1806: married Mary 

Parkinson, daugbter of John Parkinson, of Mayfield. Ful- 
ton Co., N.Y. 

524. Charles^, born 180S. 
^1^. John T.®, born 1810. 

526. Edwin*^, born 1S12. 

527. Jane*", born 1814; married, and Avent to Sand T.ake. 

525. Sarah'', born 1816; married Frank McGuigan. He was a 

drover and did a large business, at Albany, N.Y. 


Benjamin Southwick, Jr.', (Benjamin'. Samuel''. 
John^, Lawrence'), son of Benjamin and Abigail 
(Burt), born 1723 ; married, probabl}- in 1749, Sarah 
. Children : 

529. . Samuel'^, born Dec. 8, 1750, baptized at New Salem, Sept. 
19, 1779. Married Elizabeth , and two others. 

530. Hannah**, born 1752, baptized at New Salem, April 23, 1758. 

531. Mary", born 1754. baptized at New Salem, Dec. 13, 1763. 

Married John Hemmenway about 1783. 

532. Jeremiah®, born 1756, baptized at New Salem, May 13, 1766. 

533. Beniamin*, born 1760, baptized Sept. ig, 1779, at New Salem. 

Mass.. died 1801, aged 41. IVIarried Sarah Fiske, Dec. 23. 

534. Simeon", born 1764; married Ruth Felton, 1785. 

535. Rachael", born 1768, baptized Sept. 16, 1770, at the Congre- 

gational Church, New Salem. Mass. died July 1842. Mar- 
ried Nathaniel Rust, born July 8, 1773, died Oct. 10. 1843. 



Samuel S0UTHWICK^ (Benjamin\ Samuel*, Johir, 
Lawrence'), son of Benjamin and Abigail (Burt), 
born 1722, died March 4, 1756. Married, probabl}- 
HI 1742, Abigail . Children; 

536. David^ born 1742; married 1762. 

537. Samuel^, born 1743, died March 4, 1756, aged 13 years. 

538. Marj^, born 1744, baptized June 19, 1784. Married Nov. iS- 


539. Relief'', born 1746; married Oct. 4. 1767. 

540. John®, born 1748, baptized Sept. 16. 1795. 


Solomon South wick', (Solomon\ Solomon", 
Josiah', Lawrence' ), son of Solomon and Ann (Gard- 
ner Carpenter), born Dec. 25, 1773, died Nov. i8s 
1839; married March 31, 1795, Jane Barber of 
Alban}-, N. Y. Children : 

541. Ann GouldbiuT^, born July 2, 1796. died Oct. 16, 1799- 

542. Francis Moore^, born Oct. 12, 179S, died Oct. 21. 1821. 

543. Mary^, born June 21, 1801, died July 20, iSoi. 
,^44. Elizabeth®, born Dec. 27, 1802, died Oct. 16, 1803. 

545. John Barber®, born Dec. 3, 1805, died July 23. 1833. 

546. Henry Collins®, born July 25, 1808, died Juh' 30. 1S66. Mar- 

ried Julia C. Buel, of Albany, N. Y. 

547. Solomon®, born July 12, i8io, died Aug. 11, 1866. 

548. Alfred®, born Aug. 23, 1S12, died Dec. 5, 1862. 

549. Arthur Cummings®, born Feb. 22, 1815. died Dec. 10. 1846. 

Solomon gave a Parchment Deed of land to the 
Redwood Library of Newport, R. I., Sept. 10, 18 13. 

1 68 the south wick genealogt. 

Biography of Solomon Southwick. 

By S. S. Randall, (with photograph, in "• Annals of 
Albany," Vol. V. Published by Munsell, Albany.) 

The citizens of Albany are here presented with the 
speaking" lineaments of a countenance long familiar 
to many of them ; of a man whose pride and boast it 
was to number himself among them ; who for a long 
series of years occupied a commanding position in the 
political councils of the state and whose career affords 
a signal practical illustration of what may be accom- 
plished, even under the pressure of the most discour- 
aging obstacles, by active perseverance, untiring labor 
and sound and fixed moral principles. Left at the 
age of twelve years a destitute orphan, without friends, 
without resources of any kind, other than such as 
nature had bestowed upon him in the inappreciable 
blessings of a sound and vigorous constitution — he 
commenced the work of self-education in the stern 
school of adversity, and progressed step by step with 
an unfaltering determination and an unyielding energy, 
until he found himself in the highest walks of honor- 
able usefulness, guiding the destinies of the state, 
wielding the truncheon of influence, power and wealth, 
dispensing patronage and diffusing knowledge. The 
history of such a man is worthy of the most careful 
study, developing as it does, the elements of self-cul- 
ture, and affording that encouragement to the indigent 
and friendless which may enable them to breast the 
storms of life and work out its manifold problems 
with honor and success. 


Solomon Southwick was born at Newport, R, I., on 
the 25th of December, 1773. His father was one of 
the earHest and most efficient champions in that gallant 
-Struggle for the rights of the colonists, which eventu- 
ated in the war of the revolution. As the editor of 
the Newport Mercury he fearlessly and powerful!}- 
asserted and maintained those republican doctrines 
which pervaded the hearts of the patriots of that da)- 
and materially aided in hastening the eventful crisis 
which was destined to give birth to a free and inde- 
pendent nation. His well-known sentiments and effec- 
tive exertions in the cause of liberty rendered him 
peculiarly obnoxious to the emissaries of the British 
Government; and placed under the vindictive ban of 
an unscrupulous and irritated tyranny, he became one 
of the earliest victims of oppression and power. From 
a condition of competency and even affluence, arising 
from his connection with some of the best and wealth- 
iest families of the province, and by his own industry 
and talents, he was speedily reduced to utter destitu- 
tion and penury. Hunted down by the myrmidons 
of despotism, he was driven from his home and com- 
pelled to seek elsewhere a precarious shelter from the 
vengeance of an exasperated foe. His wife soon fell a 
victim to anxiety, care and physical and mental suffer- 
ings, and he survived her loss but a short time, leaving 
five children dependent upon the world's cold charity 
for the means of subsistence. 

The subject of this sketch commenced his career, 
while yet a mere boy, as cook to a fishing company 
bound for Cape Cod ; and after enduring for several 


months the innumerable hardships and privations in- 
cident to such a station, he returned to Newport and 
apprenticed himself to a baker in his native town. 
Not long afterwards abandoning this employment, he 
went on board a coasting vessel in the capacity of a 
common sailor, where he remained until he attained 
his eighteenth year, when he obtained a situation as 
apprentice in a printing establishment in the city of 
New York. From thence he was transferred as a jour- 
neyman to the office of the Albany Register in this 
city, then conducted by his brother-in-law, John Bar- 
ber, printer to the state ; and soon after became a 
partner in that establishment. On the death of Mr. 
Barber in 1808, he succeeded to his interest in the 
paper ; and in this capacity, his talents, intrepidity 
and energy soon placed hini at the head of the Dem- 
ocratic party, of which the Register was organ and 
champion, and enabled him for a long time to exercise 
an almost unlimited influence upon the political des- 
tinies of the state. He continued in charge of the 
Register for a period of nearly thirty years, during 
which time he successively held the stations of Clerk 
of the House of Assembly, Clerk of the Senate, 
Sheriff of the county of Albany, Manager of the State 
Literature Lottery, State Printer, Regent of the Uni- 
versity and Postmaster of the city of Albany. 

After the discontinuance of the Register, he estab- 
lished and conducted for several years an agricultural 
paper under the title of the Plough Boy, first under the 
anonymous designation of "Henry Homespun, Jr.," 
and subsequently in his own name. At about the 


same period, he also became the editor of The Christ- 
ian Visitant, a periodical devoted to the interests of 
religion and morality, and to the refutation of infidel 
principles. Subsequently he assumed the editorial 
charge of the National Democrat, during which period 
he presented himself to the electors of the state as a 
candidate for governor in opposition to the regularly 
nominated candidate of the Democratic party, the Hon. 
Joseph C. Yates. During the prevalence of the anti- 
masonic excitement, he established and for several 
years conducted the National Observer, \\-\q. ^^xovixx- 
nent organ of anti-masonry ; and was soon afterwards 
nominated as the candidate of that party for the chief 
magistracy, in opposition to Mr. Van Buren and the 
Hon. Smith Thompson, the candidates respectively of 
the friends of Gen. Jackson and Mr. Adams. Failing 
of success however, and disgusted with the manifold 
vexations of political strife, he withdrew from the 
turbulent arena of public life and sought in the con- 
genial atmosphere of the domestic and social circle 
that happiness and peace of mind which he had failed 
to experience in the restless career of personal and 
political ambition. 

His long connection with the party interests of the 
day having terminated, the remainder of his life was 
devoted to study and contemplation, to the welcome 
enjoyments of the family fireside, and to the dissemi- 
nation of religious, moral and intellectual truth. The 
morning of his life was overshadowed with heavy and 
threatening clouds ; his noonday sun shone with a 

brilliant, perhaps a too brilliant and hurtful splendor ; 


but its evening declination was the steady tempered, 
and grateful recollection of a mellowed and softened 
light. It is to this period that we must chiefly refer 
those great exertions in the great field of moral and 
intellectual education, to which we are indebted for 
the most conclusive proofs of the vigor, depth, com- 
pass and soundness of his mind, as well as the com- 
prehensive benevolence and general philanthropy for 
which he was so eminently distinguished. From the 
years 1831 to 1837 ^^ delivered in most of the princi- 
pal towns of the state a course of lectures on the 
Bible, on temperance, and on self-education, which 
were universally admired and highly appreciated. 
He also published during this period the "Letters of 
a Layman," under the signature of "Sherlock," 
addressed to Thomas Hertell, Esq., of New York, 
chiefly on the subject of that philosophical infidelity 
originating with the French Revolution and which had 
taken deep root, particularly in the large cities and 
more populous places of our own country. This pub- 
lication was followed by " Five Letters to Young Men, 
by an Old Man of Sixty," designed to warn the rising 
generation against the many seductive allurements 
and criminalities which infest our cities and larger 
towns. For the last two years of his life he conducted 
the editorial department of the Family Newspaper, 
published by his son Alfred Southwick in this city, — 
a weekly journal devoted to literary and miscellaneous 
topics, — and devoted his leisure hours to a variety of 
literary efforts upon topics of general and local inter- 
est, theological, political, moral, and miscellaneous, 


which it was his intention at a future period to revise 
and prepare for the press. But it was otherwise de- 
creed by the all-wise dispenser of human events. 
Suddenly and without any previous warning, he was 
arrested by the hand of death, in the midst of his 
usefulness, and in the full maturity of his intellectual 
powers. On the i8th day of November, 1839, while 
returning, in company with Mrs. Southwick, from a 
social visit at the house of a valued friend, he was 
attacked by an affection of the heart, which in about 
fifteen minutes- terminated fatally. His age was sixty- 

The chief elements which entered into the composi- 
tion of Mr. Southwick' s character were noble and 
intrinsically great. Reared in the school of adversity, 
struggling with and heroically surmounting the most 
formidable obstacles to advancement and success ; 
working out the materials for usefulness, honor, and 
fame, by his own unaided exertions ; and finally 
triumphing through the force and energy of his char- 
acter, over all the impediments to his progress — ob- 
taining too that most difficult of all victories, the final 
and complete subjugation of the selfish propensities 
to the higher and nobler intellectual and moral nature 
— his example cannot fail to prove eminently benefi- 
cial to the youth of our land. Few men have occu- 
pied a larger space in the political history of our state ; 
few have participated more extensively, or for a longer 
period of time, in the public confidence and regard ; 
and few have experienced more striking vicissitudes 
of fortune in the busy arena of partisan warfare. The 


limits to which we are restricted on the present occa- 
sion, necessarily compel us to pass over this portion 
of his public career, and to contemplate him only in 
that aspect more particularly interesting to the num- 
erous and honorable class of which he was a distin- 
guished member," and for whose benefit his literary 
efforts were especially designed. Himself emphati- 
cally a self-made man — one of nature's noblemen — 
owing all of knowledge, of mental and moral culture, 
of success in life, of honor, fame, distinction and use- 
fulness, to his own exertions and perseverance, it was 
the predominant desire, the master-passion, so to speak, 
of his mind, to communicate to others and especially 
to the laboring classes, to the indigent, the obscure, 
the friendless, and generally to the YoUNG in every 
condition of life, that knowledge of their powers and 
faculties which should render them independent of 
extraneous circumstances and adventitious aid, in the 
development of their minds, and the advancement of 
their personal and pecuniary interest. His celebrated 
address at the opening of the Apprentices' Library in 
this city — an institution to the establishment of which 
his exertions materially contributed, and which long 
remained a proud and invaluable monument of public 
enterprise and private liberality — is an earnest, im- 
passioned and eloquent appeal in behalf of the 
"Young Mechanic," and secured for its author the 
most gratifying tributes of applause and admiration 
from the ablest statesmen and most distinguished 
philanthropists, at home and abroad. Wilberforce 
commended it as one of the noblest efforts of com- 


prehensive benevolence. Jefferson, Monroe, and the 
younger Adams and others addressed to him letters 
expressive of their exalted admiration of his character 
and efforts in the cause of humanity and education. 
This address was indeed a masterly production, over- 
flowing with an energy, a pathos and an eloquence 
which only such a subject, in the hands of such a man, 
could elicit. 

His exertions in aid of indigent and deserving 
j'oung men, and particularly of mechanics, struggling 
under the pressure of poverty and embarassment, 
were unremitted and most effective. While his 
ample fortune afforded the means, he assiduously 
sought out those to whom he might beneficially and 
advantageously extend the hand of assistance, and 
neglected no opportunity of advancing and encourag- 
ing the industrious and deserving, by substantial tes- 
timonials of the interest which he felt in their welfare. 
Many instances of his timely and efficient, but de- 
licate and unobtrusive interference, at critical moments 
in the career of the struggling sons of labor, are 
still gratefully treasured up in honest hearts and will 
be long remembered. In all his various lectures, 
addresses, and orations before literary and other socie- 
ties, at public meetings and on anniversary occasions, 
the welfare and prosperity of the laboring classes 
seemed constantly and steadily to have been kept in 
view; and he availed himself of every opportunity 
which was presented, to communicate the rich results 
of his own experience, of his varied and extensive 
reading and comprehensive and judicious observa- 


tions. with reference to the cultivation and develop- 
ment of the mind. 

A few months previous to his death, he had pro- 
jected the establishment of a literary and scientific 
Institute in this city, to be placed under his personal 
control and supervision, for the purpose of affording 
the requisite facilities to young men desirous of pur- 
suing the course of self-education which he had him- 
self marked out and followed. 

In person Mr. Southwick was somewhat under the 
middle size, with a countenance beaming with benignity 
and expressive of an enthusiastic, ardent and sanguine 
temperament — a countenance indeed indicative of the 
many and active virtues of his heart. When the 
writer of this brief and most imperfect sketch, enjoyed 
the pleasure of his acquaintance and intimacy, age had 
"silvered over his locks" without in any degree fast- 
ening its impress upon the clear contour of his noble 
brow, or bending his manly form. An insidious dis- 
ease, the result of sedentary and studious habits, had 
undermined the citadel of health, and deprived the 
evening of his days of that uninterrupted and placid 
enjoyment to which he might otherwise have looked. 
But his cheerfulness and philosophic amenity never 
for a moment deserted him ; and his domestic altar 
kindled to the last with the bright glow of diffusive 
charity and comprehensive benevolence. Peace to his 
ashes ! So long as the kindly virtues of the heart are 
revered and hallowed, so long will the name of SoL- 
OMON Southwick be held in remembrance by all 
who knew his sterling worth and by all who have par- 


ticipated in the blessings which he aided in securing 
to the young, by all who shall hereafter avail them- 
selves of those signal advantages in the intellectual and 
moral culture of their minds, which it was the high- 
est ambition of his life to promote. 


In Annals of Albanyi Vol. lo. Published by Munsell, 
Albany. (This was written by (jorham A. Worth, 
Esq., who was Cashier of the Mechanics and Far- 
mers' Bank in this city, and afterward President 
of the City Bank in New York.) 

Of the public men of Albany, office holders, poli- 
ticians and jurists, it may be expected that I should 
say something. Among the most prominent were 
Geo. Clinton, John Tayler, Ambrose Spencer, James 
Kent, Chancellor Lansing, Abraham Van Vechten, 
John V. Henry, John Woodworth, Thomas Tillotson, 
Abraham G. Lansing, Elisha Jenkins, Edmond Charles 
Genet, and last though not least, the editor of the 
Albany Register, Solomon Southwick. These are 
names too well known to require any comment. Man)- 
of them are identified with the history of the state, 
and will be chronicled in its pages. I can not in 
courtesy however, pass over my old friend Southwick, 
without some other notice than that of a mere casual 
glance of recognition. Southwick was a man of 
genius, with all the peculiarities which belong to that 
temperament ; its strength and its weakness, its excel- 
lencies and its errors, its delusive dreams and visions, 


its improvidence and its instability. He had great 
fertility of mind united with great enthusiasm. This 
was the source of his eloquence and power. His 
writings were rather outpourings than compositions. 
Yet he imbued them with so much life and animation, 
that he seldom failed to carry his readers with them. 
His style, though well adapted to the public ear, was 
redundant in epithet, inflated and declamatory; and 
his language though often strong and impressive was 
yet in the main loose and inelegant. He read but 
little and only from necessity. He referred to books 
for particular facts rather than for general information. 

He was by nature, honest, warm-hearted and gen- 
erous to a fault, but seemed to have no fixed or settled 
principles. In ethics as well as in politics he travelled 
from pole to pole. Yet the kindness of his nature 
went with him and never forsook him. His heart and 
his hand were always open ; and as he was credulous 
to excess and even superstitious, he was as a matter 
of course, swindled by every knave, and duped by 
every imposter he met with on the road. 

He was extremely fluent and even eloquent in con- 
versation. But he had little knowledge of the world, 
and the predominance of interest or passion, left his 
judgement too often at fault. He had the finest eye 
and forehead that ever belonged to mortal man, but 
every other feature of his face was either indifferent 
or defective. His countenance was therefore the cor- 
rect index to the character of his mind, incongruous, 
mixed and full of contradictions. 

The Albany Register, which he so long and ably 


edited, was pronounced by Judge Spencer to be the 
"Political Bible of the Western District." A greater 
compliment was certainly never paid to the conductor 
of a political journal. 

Mr. Southwick held, at different periods, the office 
of State Printer, Clerk of the House of Assembly, 
Sheriff of the County of Albany, President of the 
Mechanics and Farmers' Bank, and Postmaster of the 
city. Even in the cloudy days of his latter years, 
when friends, fame and fortune had forsaken him, when 
every objectionable act of his life was spread upon 
the record and all his faults and weaknesses blazoned 
to the public eye ; even then he received over "Thirty 
Thousand Votes " for Governor of the State. 

Solomon Southwick went to Albany N. Y. and 
became editor of the Albany Register, which was be- 
gun in 1788 as a Democratic paper, and with which 
he was connected for a period of nearly thirty years. 
He was successively Clerk of the House of the As- 
sembly at Albany, Clerk of the Senate, Sheriff of the 
County, manager of the State Literature Lottery, 
State Printer, regent of the University, Postmaster of 
the city, and President of the Farmers and Mechanics' 
Bank. For a considerable time he was at the head 
of the Democratic party, wielding almost unlimited 
influence upon the political destinies of the State. 
Besides the Register, which he published in his own 
name from 1808 to 18 17, he also published the Christ- 
ian Visitant, in 181 5, and the PlongJi Boy, an agri- 



cultural paper, in 1819. He edited the National 
Democrat in 181 7, the National Observer in 1826, 
and the Family Neivspapcr in 1838. He was twice 
nominated for Governor, but his party was in the mi- 
nority at that time. He was a voluminous writer and 
left several published volumes. He died suddenly 
Nov. 18, 1839, aged 66. His brother, Henry C, was 
a practical printer and was sometimes associated with 
him in the business. He married Jane, the sister of 
John Barber who established the Register, and whom 
he succeeded as its proprietor. She survived him 
several years. Of six sons, but one left posterity. 
The Albany Barbers were of a different family from 
those of Newport. (M.) 

Ebenezer Southwick 2nd', (Ebenezer', SamueP, 
John', Lawrence'), son of Ebenezer ist and Mary 
(Whitman), born in Salem, Feb. 3, 1735, died Jan. 
8, 1820. Married Susanna Orr, of North Yarmouth, 
born Feb. 2, 1734, died Aug. 9, 181 1. Children: 

550. David'', born x\pril 28. 1759. died Oct. 8, 1773. 

551. Susanna'', born March 6, 1761 ; married S_\'lvester Osborn. 

552. Experience^, born Oct. 31, 1762, died Aug. 26. iSiS. Married 

first, Richard Downing, second, ■ Foster. 

553. Molly'', born Dec. 3, 1764, died Nov. 15, 1794. 

'554. Ljdia^, born Nov. i, 1766; married John Osborn. father of 
Franklin Osborn, Sr., now living (18S1) in Peabody, Mass. 

555. Marcy®, born Dec. 176S, lived eight days. 

556. Huldah®, born July 19, 1770: married Master Benjamin Gile, 

Nov. II, iSio, an eccentric teacher, at Danvers, Mass. No 

557. Temperance", born June 19. 17S2 ; married Searls. 


558. Margaret®, born June 25, 17S4. 

559. Richard'^, born July 30, 17S6, died May i, 1S20. 

209 a. 

JosiAH Southwick', (Josiah', Josiah', Josialr, 
Lawrence'), son of Josiah and Elizabeth (Collins), 
born 1706; married Elizabeth . Children: 

560. Solomon^, born 173S; married Rachael Zelley, 1773, had 

four children, viz. : Hannah. Elizabeth, James, Deborah. 
560a. Josiah, born 1740. 

Copy of yosiah SontJnvick's Will. 

Josiah Southwick, of Northampton, in Burlington 
County, West Jersey, yeoman, being of disposing mind 
and memory do make and ordain this my last will and 

Imprimis. My meadow lying near Joseph Rideway's, 
containing about twenty-five acres, I will that my son, 
Solomon Southwick, enjoy that part of said meadow, 
which lies on the northeasterly side of the drain, which 
goes through said meadow, so given to my son Solomon 
Southwick, shall revert back to ye residue of my estate 
for the use of my heirs, hereafter mentioned. 

Item. I give to my son Solomon tenn shillings, he 
being well provided for l^y me heretofore. 

Item. Hannah and Elizabeth, the daughter of Solo- 
mon, my son, I give to each of them one case of Drawers. 

Item. I give to my son Josiah Southwick, five shil- 
lings, also one bed, and furniture. 

Ite?n. I will that as much of my personal estate be 
sold as will pay all my just debts, and five pounds over, 
which five pounds, I will, to be employed toward school- 
ing to my grandson James Southwick, and all the residue 
of my personal estate, whatsoever, I give to my beloved 
wife Elizabeth, then all the residue of my real estate 


whatsoever and wheresoever, I will, that my beloved wife 
Elizabeth, enjoy the same during her natural life. 

Item. All my real estate with the meadow above 
mentioned, after my wife's and my son Josiah's decease, 
I give to my grandson, James South wick, to hold, to him, 
his heirs and assigns forever, reserving to my wife, and 
to my son Josiah, each of them the whole profits, during 
their lives, as is above set forth, that is my wife, the 
whole profits during her life, and then Josiah, his life. I 
appoint my wife Elizabeth, Executrix, and my son Solo- 
mon, Executor, of this my last will and testament, this 
eighteenth day of February, 1768. 

In presence of 

David Joss, Signed 


John Clifton. 

The foregoing will being proved, probate was granted 
by his Excellency, Gov. Franklin, unto Solomon South- 
wick, Ex. 

M. Petti t. Reg. 

Thomas Rogers, Guardian of Deborah Southwick and 
James Southwick. 

Letters of Guardianship was granted by his Excellency 
William Livingston, Esq., unto Thomas Rogers, guardian 
of the person and estate of Deborah Southwick, and James 
Southwick, having first given security to perform the 
trust reposed in him. Given under the great seal, the 

13th September 17S3. 

Bones Reed, Reg. 

Joseph Southwick, Jr., Intestate, 1S33. 
Joseph Southwick, Intestate, 1S2S. 
Copy of Records of Burlington, Co., New Jersey, from 
1740 to 1839. 

Secretary of State office, Aug. 30, iSSi. 

E. P. Southwick. 



James Southwick*, (Josiah*, Josialr\ JosialV, 
Lawrence"), son of Josiah and Elizabeth (Collins), 
born 1708; married, 1737, Rachael Dawson. Chil- 
dren : 

561. Sarah'', born 1740; married Francis Dawson, 175S. 

562. William*, born 1742; married Elizabeth Allen, (1772 prob- 


563. Samuel'', born 1744.* 


Lemuel Southwick^, (Jonathan*, Samuel", John", 
Lawrence',) son of Jonathan and Elizabeth (Dowty), 
born 1738, died Sept. 20, 1831 ; married probably in 
1772, Mary Spencer, born Nov, 2, 1754, died Aug. 14, 
1 85 I. Children: 

564. Lemuel*^, born 1773, died Sept. 1S57; served three months in 

the War of 1812. Married Joanna Rice. 

565. Samuel*, born 1775, died in Iowa. 

566. Henry*, born 1777. 

567. Pollj*, born £780. 

568. David*, born 1784. 

569. Jonathan*, born Sept. 29, 1798, died Nov. 2, 1875. Married 

Esther Corwin, Nov. 30, 1S23. 

570. Arnold*, born June 2, 1802 ; married widow Sally Ellis, Aug. 

5, 1838. 



George SouTHWlCK*, (Jonathan\ Daniel", DanieP, 

*William and Samuel were in Lee's Legion N. J. soldiers of" 
Revolution, as per Adjutant General William S. Stryker, and 
Gov. Theo, S. Randolph's History of New Jersey Soldiers. 


Lawrence*), son of Jonathan and Hannah (Osborn), 
born Feb. 8, 1753, died Oct. 12, 1825, at ColHns, Erie 
Co., N. Y. He was a farmer; married Feb. 5, 1778, 
Lydia Sargent, daughter of Richard Sargent of Black- 
stone, Mass., born July 9, 1757, died July 27, 1845. 
Children : 

571. Jane^, born 177S; married John Bragg, of Glenns Fall, N. Y., 

Jan. 1804. 

572. George Jr. ^, born 17S0, died Feb. 2t,, 1S52; married Jane 

Bowron, Aug. 1809. 

573. Rojal^, born 1782, died April 3, 1S57; married Oct. 1809. 

Christina Langdon, of Aurora, N. Y., died 1872. He was 
disowned for marrying out of the Society of Friends, 1810. 

574. Lydia®, born Sept. 10, 1784; married Hugh McMillan, of 

Adolphtown, Upper Canada, Jan. 1S07, died July 18, 1872. 

575. Jonathan®, born Aug. 15, 1786, died Feb. 23, 1852. Married 

Sept. 1809, Martha Irish, born Feb. 3, 1791, died Feb. 23, 
1852. He moved to Farmington, Ontario Co., N. Y., and 
was a nusery-man and farmer. 

576. Enos®, born 1788, died March 5, 1875. Married July 10 

iSio, Pamelia Barker, of Gowanda, N. Y. , died March 5, 
1S75. He removed in 1810 to Pelham, Holland Purchase, 
Erie Co., N. Y. 

577. Hannah®, born Maixh 12, 1790, died April 20, 1876. Mar- 

ried I>evi Woodward, March 1812. 

57S. Job®, born Feb. 12, 1796; married Dec. 7, 1815, Sophia Smith, 
at Collins, Erie Co., N. Y. He called for Certificate of re- 
moval to Holland Purchase, Erie Co., N. Y., in 181 1. 

579. Phoebe®, born Feb. 20, 1798. died Dec. 29, 187S. Married 
1S43, -Samuel Southwick, born 1775, son of Samuel and 
Abigail (Warner), in Gen. 5. 



Phoebe S0UTHWICK^ (Jacob*, Jonathan*, Daniel'', 
DanieP, Lawrence'), daughter of Jacob and Sarah 
(Fowler), born July 9, 1794, died June 10, 1880. 
Married Joel Marsh, of Northbridge, Mass. Had no 

Obitnajy Notice of Phebe SOUTHWICK Marsh. 

Copied from the Friends' Review of Philadelphia. Vol. 
43, No. 2, Page 35. 

Died on the lOth of 6th mo.. 1880, at her residence 
in Northbridge, Worcester Co., Mass., Phebe S. Marsh, 
in the 87th year of her age, an elder of Uxbridge 
Monthly Meeting. This dear Friend exemplified in 
an eminent degree, during her long and useful life, 
the spirit of her Divine Master. Very simple in her 
habits of living, yet her hand and heart were ever 
open to the cry of distress, and her charities, like the 
gentle dew, were distributed quietly and refreshingly 
on the various objects of her care. With a meek 
and loving spirit, yet firm in the adherence to our 
Christian principles, she filled the station of Elder 
most acceptably. In her last painful illness she often 
exclaimed " it is nothing to what my Saviour bore for 
me," and though in her anguish at times she was 



brought into near sympathy with our Blessed Saviour 
when He exclaimed, " My God, My God, why hast 
thou forsaken me !" yet we have the comforting assur- 
ance that His Grace was sufficient for her, and in hum- 
ble dependence on the mercy of God in Jesus Christ, 
she has entered that rest wJiich remaineth for the 
people of God. 


Jessp: Southwick®, (Jesse*, Jonathan^ Samuel'', 
John^ Lawrence'), son of Ichabod and grandson of 
Jonathan and Elizabeth (Dowty), born 1758, at New 
Lebanon, Mass., died Sept. 1826. Married probably 
in 1793, Nancy Moore. Children: 

5S0. Orpha', born 1794, in New York, died April, 1S27. Married 

Abraham Pease, 1808. 
581. Electra', born April 1796, died Aug. 1S18. Married Marcus 

Martin; he had a son, Martin Cram, died Jan. 13, 1S81. She 

had a daughter, Electra, who married Smith, and 

moved to Michigan, and had children. 
5S2. Eunice', born 1798, died Oct. 1819. Married in 1818, Patrick 


583. Adaline', born 1800, died Oct. 1845. Married Fortunatus 

Berry, a tanner in Wisconsin, Aug. 1818. 

584. Lucinda'. born 1801, died July 1869. Married, Oct. 1824, Wm. 

Haws, born in 1800. Thev moved to Magnolia, Putnam 
Co., 111. William was living in i8So, and was 80 years of 

555. William'', born Feb. 9, 1805, in New York. Married Sept. 

1833, Lovica Proctor, in Sangamon Co., 111. 

556. James Lawrence', born July 1812, died Feb. 1S67. Married 

in 1834, Lovicj Trumbo, died 1875. 
587. Pauline', born 1814, died June 1867. Married Fields. 


560. . 

Solomon S0UTHWICK^ (Josiah', Josiah', Josiah', 
Josiah', Lawrence'), son of Josiah and Elizabeth, 
born 1738; married, 1773, Rachael Zelley. Children: 

588. Hannah'', born 1774. 

589. Elizabeth'', born 1776. 

590. Deborah^, born 17S0. 

591. James', born 1784; married first, Sarah Mick; second, Sarah 



William SouTHWICK^ (James', Josiah', Josiah\ 
Josiah^ Lawrence'), son of James and Rachael 
(Dawson), born probably 1742; married, probably 
in 1772, Elizabeth Allen. Children: 

592. Mary'', born Nov. i, 1773; married Richard Gregory and 
had two children, Richard and Elizabeth. 

593. Dorothy'', born Feb. 17, 1776; married Samuel Goldy, they 

had three children : Joseph, Charles and Elizabeth. He 
also married her sister Priscilla. 

594. Lydia', born Aug. 25, 1778; married Philip Halzel. 

595. Abraham'^, died an infant. 

596. Rachael', born April 9, 17S1 ; married Elijah Gaskill. 

597. Allen', born Sept. 10, 1783; married Beulah Grant. 

598. Priscilla', born Sept. 15, 1786; married Samuel Goldy for 

his second wife, and had one child. 

599. SamueF, born May 19, 1787, died Jan. 31, 1789. 

600. William', born Sept. 10, 1791, died Sept. 15, 1791. 

601. Jemimah', born Sept. 10, 1791 ; married Gershom Jobes. 

William and Jemimah were twins. 
601a. William'', born Sept. 14, 1794; married Eliza Vandergrift". 


David Southwick", (Jesse\ Jonathan^ Samuel'\ 


John''', Lawrence'), son of Jesse and Copia (Wright), 
born 1770, died June 1843; married 1801 or 1802, 
Eunice Deming, of Pittsfield, Mass., died 1836. Chil- 
dren : 

602. Jesse', born 1802, was fatallj injured in 1807. 

603. David', born 1804; married first, Aurelia Hyde, April, 1830, 

second, Catharine Cooper, 1852. He settled at Junius, 
Seneca Co., N. Y. 

604. Maria', born 1806, died 1S61. Married Daniel S. Kendig, 

of Waterloo, N. Y. 

605. Orin', born 1808; married Laura A. Hewes of Junius. N. Y. 

He was a farmer, was elected to the Assembly of N. Y., in 
1850, and was supervisor of Junius, nine years. 

606. Larissa', born 1810; married Amherst Child, of Waterloo, 

N. Y. He was a physician. 

607. A^in Deming', born 1813 ; married first, Susan Hunt; sec- 

ond, Margaret Hunt; lives on the homestead farm at Junius, 
N. Y. 


Maria BROWN^ (Mary", Lawrence', Lawrence', 
DanieP, Lawrence'), daughter of Mary Southwick, 
who married Israel Chilson and Jacob Brown, and 
grand-daughter of Lawrence and Patience (Handy). 
Married Sept. 8, 1836, Quartus Joslin. Children: 

608. William H.', born April 12, 1841, died Feb. 21, 1865, in the 

war of the rebellion. 

609. Charles F.', born April 20, 1846; married No\'. 1872. 

610. Mary E.', born Sept. 25, 1854; married June i, 1871. to S. 

H. Rinker. 


Elizabeth Southwick', (Edward", Lawrence', 
Lawrence^ Daniel, Lawrence'), daughter of Edward 


and Elizabeth, born 1790, at Hoosick, N.Y. ; married 
1 8 12, at Danby, Vt., Moses Chilson, son of Israel 
Chilson and Mary (Southwick). Children: 

611. Anson^, born Aug. 6, 1812, at Danby, Vt. 

612. Martin'', born March 1814. 

613. Sela', born i8i6; married Wallace C. Dana. 

614. Girl', died joung. 

615. Edward'. 

616. Mary', born June 21, 1819, at Wallingford, Vt. ; married 

Thomas Dana, born Dec. 29, 1817. 

617. Emer'. 

618. Marshal'. 

619. Ezra'. 

620. Judson'. 


Silas SouTHWICK^ (John', Joseph*, Solomon^ Jo- 
siah% Lawrence'), son of John and Rebecca (Moshier), 
born 1780, died Oct. 3, 1864, aged 84. Married Han- 
nah Lovie, 7iee Heath, born 1772, died Sept. 13, 1856, 
aged 84. Children : 

621. Benjamin', born 1803, died Oct. 28, 1854. Married Sarah 

Ann Moore, Nov. 2, 1823. He went West. 

622. John', born 1805 ; married Eleanor Cook, of Tiverton, June 

7, 1826. 

623. Mary Ann', born 1807; married Henry Gladding, of New- 

poi-t, R. I., Dec. 12, 1824. 


Nathan SouTH^\TCK^ (Jonathan', Jonathan^ Dan- 
ieP, Daniel^ Lawrence'), son of Jonathan and Judith 
(Mussey) born 1760, died March rr, 1806. Married 
in 1797, Hannah McWaters, whose second hus- 
band was David Rogers. Children : 


624. Hosea^, born Oct. 4, 1798, died March 2, 1S76. Married Anna 

Hatch, Feb. 6, 1817. 

625. Dewej', born Dec. 12, 1799; married Dorcas Bigelow, 1822. 

626. John Wesley', born 1802 ; married first, Esther Chapman, 

Jan. 8, 1823; second, Huldah Wells. 

627. John Hanna', born 1802, died about 1865. He and his 

brother John Wesley, were twins. 

628. Amanda^, born May 4, 1804 at Whitehall, Washington Co., 

N. Y., died July 29, ,1850. Married Sept. 5, 1822, Asa 
Densmore, and has a son Hosea, living near Pleasantville, 
Venango Co., Penn. 

629. Nathan', born May 22, 1806, died March 29, 1866. Married 

Susan Guy, April. 1828. He was a bricklayer; went from 
R. I., to Hoosic Falls and Whitehall, N. Y. 


Susan SouTHWICK^ (Joseph^ Joseph', Solomon^ 
Josiah^ Lawrence'), daughter of Joseph and Susanna 
(Pitts), born 1792, died i860. Married Arnold 
Pearce. Children : 

630. Tilley'. 

631. Arnold', died and left children. 

632. Susan'. 

633. Sarah'. 

634. David'. 
635- Joseph'. 


Isaac Southwick, Jr.^ (Isaac^ Lawrence\ Law- 
rence^, DanieP, Lawrence'), son of Isaac and Thank- 
ful (Parris), born at Danby, Vt., Oct. 10, 1809, died 
Dec. II, 1832. Married June 10, 1828, Elizabeth 
Otis, in Friends' Meeting, at Danby, Vt., born Dec. 9, 
1809. Children: 


636. Isaac Mott', born March 28, 1S29. at Danby. Vt. Lives in 

Boston, Mass, 

637. Homer Hersey', born June 13, 1S31, atStarksboro, Vt. Lives 

in Hoosic Falls, N.Y. 
63S. Harris', died an infant. 


JUDSON Chilson*, (Mary% Lawrence\ Lawrence^, 
.DanieP, Lawrence'), son of Mary (Southwick) and 
Israel Chilson.born June 24, 1800, at Uxbridge, Mass. ; 
married Oct. 3, 1821, Sophia Smith, of Pownal, Vt, 
born Feb. 9, 1802, died June 4, 1871. Children: 

639. Albei-t W.', born May 17, iS23at Williamstown, died March 

"20, 1S24. 

640. Martha A.% born July 25, 1824, died Feb. S, 1854. Married 

John L. Scott, Oct. 3, 1850. 

641. Andrew J.', born Aug. 21, 1828; married Jane M. Walker, 

March 23, 185 1. 

642. Almon F.', born Dec. 11, 1831, died Feb. 14, 1866. Married 

Celestia Walker, June 8, 1853. 

643. Harriet Ann^ born Oct. 18, 1833, died March 18, 1S74. Mar- 

ried Jan. 2, 1S53, George Perkins. She left two children, 
viz. : Harry, born Oct. 25, 1855 ; Arthur, born May 6, 1864. 

644. Mary E.'', born Nov. 9, 1839, died Aug. 2, 1869. Married 

March 14, 1859, Benjamin Franklin Perkins. She left one 
daughter. Bertha, born Oct. 8, 1864; married Nov. 27, 1880. 
Edward Lee, of Springfield. 

645. Chester L.^, born Oct. 21, 1846. married Dennis Jenks. 

Oct. 13, 1869. 


Joseph Southwick®, (Benjamin\ Benjamin\ John'\ 
John", Lawrence'), son of Benjamin and Miriam 
(Benson), born 1738, died March 23, 1813. Married 
1760, Hannah Hunt. Children: 


646. John', born 1761, died Dec. 11, 1835. Married first, Hannafi 

Cass; second, Rhoena Trask ; she died 1868, aged 84. 

647. Jacob^, born 1763, died March 3, 1842. Married Sarah Darl- 


648. Philadelphia', born 1765 ; married Nathan Cass, went West. 

649. Keziah', born 1767; married Tliadeus Prentiss, Sept. 27. 


650. Seth', born Jan. 27, 176S, died Oct. 16, 1S35. Married first. 

Feb. 16, 1794, Lucinda Staples, of Mendon, Mass.; second. 
Alpha Waldron. 

651. Hannah', born March 20, 1770, died Feb, 2t^, 1835. Married 

May 15, 1788, Samuel Harkness, of Blackstone, Mass. 

652. Marion', born 1772; married Sept. 14, 1790. Samuel Prentiss. 

of Mendon. 

653. Benjamin', born March 9. 1777, died June 6, 1836. Married 

first, Agnes Smith, of Smithfield, R. I., born Oct. z-i,, 1780. 
died Mav 31, 1812; second, Ljdia Coates ; no children: 
third, Batcheller, no children; fourth, Eliza Wilson. 

654. Rhoda', born May 24, 17S0, died May 25, 1S48. Married. 

June 27, 1799, Ahab Smith, of Smithfield, R. I. 


SlME(3N SOUTHWICK®, (Simeon', BenjaiTiin\ Sam- 
ueP, John^ Lawrence'), son of Simeon and Ruth 
(Felton), of New Salem, Mass., born probably 1763, 
died May, 1805. Married, 1893, Martha (Patty) 
Newhall, daughter of Thomas Newhall, born July 21, 
1773. He was a trader at Danvers. Letters of Ad- 
ministration granted Patty Southwick, Aug. 5, 1805, 
guard'anship of their children. Children: 

655. Simeon', born Nov. 28, 1794, died aged 11 3ears. 

656. Ebenezer', born 1796, died March 2, 1805. 

657. Patty', born April 20, 1798. died aged 7 years. 

658. Anna', born Aug. 8, 1800, died aged 5 years. 

659. Daniel H.', Feb. 20, 1802, died aged 3 years. 

660. Dorcas', born Nov. 6, 1804, died aged 9 mos. 



James Southwick, Jr.*, (William", John*, John', 
John", Lawrence'), son of James and Mary (Day), 
born Oct. 12, 1768; married, Sept. 24, 1796, Persis 
Peabody. Children : 

661. James', born May 30, 1797. 

662. Oliver', born May 27, 1799. 

663. Fanny', born June 15, i8oi. 

664. Charles G.'. born July 14, 1803, 

665. Persis', born July 9, 1805. 

666. Sally R.', born March 29, 1807. 

667. John", born June 3, 181 1. 

<>68. Tamison', born March 30, 1S13. 


Nathan S0UTHWICK^ (Anna', Lawrence", Law- 
rence^, DanieP, Lawrence'), son of Moses and Anna 
(Harkness), born March 18, 1798; married first, 
March 5, 1829, Eliza A. Inman, died Sept. 20, 1829; 
second, June 26, 1832, Eliza A. Arnold, died Oct. 26, 
1837; third, Aug. 9, 1839, Sarah Darling, died Jan. 
9, 1841 ; fourth, Clarissa Darling, Oct. 27, 1841. 
Children : 

(6g. Maria Elizabeth', born Sept. 7, 1834. ^^ Slatersville. R. I. : 
married Elias Wood, Aug. 4, 1880. 

670. Oscar Arnold', born Jan. 24, 1837, died April 14. 1838. 

671. Sarah Miranda', born July 19, 1840; married July 19, 1S66, 

Fenner Darling. 

672. Gilbert Oscar', born Aug. i, 1S42 ; married first, Sept. 6, 

1867, Martha A. Servey, died June 14, 1878; no children; 
second, Fannie A. Peters of South Coventrj' Conn., Oct. 
20, 1880. He is a newspaper correspondent. Residence, 
Mansfield. Conn. 

673. Clara Darling', born May 2, 1S46, died Aug. 9, 1847. 


674. Nathan Harkness', born Aug. 25, 184S. 

675. Hannah Aldrich', born June 16, 1850, 


Mary SoUTHWiCK Harkness®, (Anna*, Lawrence^ 
Lawrence^, Daniel', Lawrence'), daughter of Moses 
and Ann Harkness, born June 24, 1792; married 
Royal Tyler. Children : 

675ff. Child'', born Oct. 19, 1811. 

676. Moses S.^ born Oct. 18, 1814- 

677. Mary'. 


Amasa Southwick®, (Nathaniel", Lawrence*, Law- 
rence^ Daniel', Lawrence'), son of Nathaniel and Abi- 
gail (Southgate), born Nov. 13, 1778, died March 
27, 1867. Married Polly Richardson, born Sept. 29, 
1780, died Dec. 21, 1868. Children; 

678. Edward^, born May 31, 1812, died May 7, 1867. Married. 

June 3, 1847, Anna H. Earle, of Worcester. 

679. Elizabeth', born Jan. 27, 1S14; living and single, iS8o. 

680. Thomas', born April 28, 1816. 

681. Nathan', born Jan. 30, 1818. 


JosiAH S0UTHW1CK^ (Joseph', Josiah^ Solomcn^ 
Josiah", Lawrence*), son of Joseph and Mary (Irish), 
born 1769; married Mary Congdon. He went to 
Maine and married there, has children and grandchil- 
dren living there. Children : 

682. Silence'. ^ 

683. Eliza'. Silence and Eliza went to the state of New York 

to live. 



Betsey SoUTHWICK^ (Joseph', Joseph', Solomon', 
Josiah^ Lawrence'), daughter of Joseph and Susanna 
(Pitts), died 1844. Married James Brightman. Chil- 
dren : 

684. Susan''. 

685. Hannah''. 

686. Richmond". 

687. George'', lives in Bowenville, Mass, 


Sarah SouTHWICK^ (Joseph*, Joseph', Solomon', 
Josiah", Lawrence*), daughter of Joseph and Susanna 
(Pitts), born 1779, died 1849. Married, i802,Peleg 
Turner, of Middletown, R.L Children: 

688. Eiiza^ born 1803. Not living. 

689. William', born 1805. Not married. 


Hannah SouTHWICK^ (Josiah^ Lawrence*, Law- 
rence'\ Daniel', Lawrence'), daughter of Josiah and 
Mary (Baker), born at Danby, Vt., May 17, 1825; 
married, Dec. 26, 1 861, Joseph Fletcher, of Mt. Holly, 
Vt., born April 11, 1837. One child: 

690. Mary B.'', born July 15, 1S66, at Danby, Vt. 


David Southwick", (Joseph', Joseph', Solomon^ 
Josiah", Lawrence'), son of Joseph and Susanna 
(Pitts), born 1785, died May 1807; married, 1804, 
Betsey Moore, nee Dunnel, born 1773, died Aug. 7, 
1829, at Providence, R. L Children: 


691. William D J, born Sept., 1805; married Fanny Albro. 

692. Betsey'. Married Robert Carroll, or Caswell. 


John Flood SouTHWICK^ (John*, John', John\ 
John", Lawrence'), son of John 4th and EHzabeth 
(Wilson), baptized June 5, 1768. 

All the children were named in their grandfather 
John's will. 

693. Jonathan Slade'. 

694. IsraeF. 

695. John''. 

696. Ellis'. 


Elizabeth Southwick", (Joseph', John', John", 
John', Lawrence'), Daughter of Joseph and Mar}' 
(Wilson), born Aug. 21, 1759, died Jan. 25, 1844. 
Married June 7, 1785, Richard Smith, born 1756, 
died April 15, 1788. Child: 

697. Richard Smith', born March 5, 17S6. 


Hannah Southwick", (Joseph', John', John'. 
John^ Lawrence'), daughter of Joseph and Mary 
(Wilson), born Nov. 16, 1756, died May 17, 1806. 
Married Robert Stone, May 8, 1782. Children: 

698. Joseph', born July 7, 1786. 

699. Robert', born Aug. 22. 17S8. 

700. William', born April i. 1790, died Dec. 29. 1S35. 

701. Nathaniel Holt', born Oct 31, 1793, died Feb. 2, 1838. 

702. Jonathan', born April 1797, died May, 1797. 



Joseph SouTHWICK^ (Joseph*, Joseph\ Solomon^ 
Josiah^ Lawrence'), son of Joseph and Susanna 
(Pitts), born Oct. ii, 1780, died March 6, 1864. 
Married first, Dorcas Easton ; second Dorcas Sweet. 
Children : 

703. Edward^. Married Sarah Sherman. 

704. Eliza^. Married McCiiUouch. 

705. Susan'. Married James M. Winsor. 

706. Harriet. Married George H. Southwick. 

Married second wife, Dorcas Sweet. Children : 

707. Christopher', died 1879. Married Charlotte Almj: 

708. Ann Finances'. Married Henrj Barker. 

709. Joseph', born 1817. died 1880. 

710. William Alfred' born 1824, died May 27, 1833, aged 9 years. 


Solomon SouTHWICK^ (Jonathan", Joseph\ Solo- 
mon^ Josiah^, Lawrence'), son of Jonathan and Lydia 
A. (Handy), born Dec. 18, 1782, died Dec. 25, 1861, 
aged 79. Married Sally Herswell, born 1788, died 
June 3, 18 1 8, aged 30. Children: 

711.- Charles K.' born 1S04, died 1833, aged 29 years. Married 
Sarah . 

712. Henry', born 1S06. 

713. John', born 1S08. 

714. Lydia A.', born 1815, died 1833, aged iS years. 

715. Mary Jane', born 1826, died March 19, 1842, aged, 16 years. 


WlLLL\M SoUTHWICK^ (William', John', John", 
Johh^ Lawrence'), son of William and Sarah, born 


May 17, 1754, died Sept. 11, 1828. Married, Feb. 
4, 1778, Lucy Kilburn. Children: 

716. Lucj', born Oct. 17, 177S. 

717. William'', boirn Nov. 3, 1780, died Dec. 30, 17S7. 

718. Jedediah Kilburn', born June 6, 1783. 

719. Hannah Platts'', born July 20, 1785. 

720. William', born July 30, 17S7, died Jan. 15, 1825. Married 

Betsy Foster, 1S09. 

721. Sally", born Nov. 8, 1790, died July 27, 181 2. 

722. James Chapman", born Nov. 20, 1793, died Nov. 14, 1S41. 

Married Eliza Southwick. 

723. Eliphalet', born Sept. 21, 1795, died April 20. 1796. 

724. Eliphalet', born May 4, 1797. 


Stephen SoUTHWICK^ (William', John', John", 
John*, Lawrence'), son of William and Sarah, born 
Dec. 27, 1759; married first, Feb. 24, 1785, Pru- 
dence Southwick, daughter of John and Elizabeth 
(Wilson) ; second, April, 14, 1795, Hannah (Ropes) 
Foster. Children : 

725. John", born Jan. 17, 17S9, died April 19. 1S47. Married 

Elizabeth Russell, of Ipswich. 

Married second wife, Hannah (Ropes) Foster. 

726. Betsey Foster", born Dec. 10, 1794; married William South- 

wick. She (726) was a child by Hannah's first hvisband. 

727. Nancy', born April 13, 1797; married Chapman. 

72S. DanieF, born March 11, 1800; married Esther Fowler. 

729. Mary", born June 16, 1802; married Samuel Oilman. 

730. Rebecca', born Oct. 16. 1S04: married Amos Mansfield, ot" 



731-. Eliphalet", born Aug. 16, 1S08, died 1855. Married Hannah 
Martin, widow, and after Eliphalet's death she married 
David Hart, Oct. 13, 1856. 

732. Benjamin Ayres', born Oct. 29, iSio, died March 17. 1851. 


Sarah Sherman SoUTHWICK^ (Wilmarth"', Solo- 
mon*, Solomon^, Josiah^, Lawrence'), daughter of 
Wilmarth and Hannah (Churchill), born at Plymouth, 
Mass,, April 12, 1812; married at Albany, N. Y., 
May 7, 1829, William Greene Fry, born at Albany, 
N.Y., July 7, 1805. Children: 

733. Joseph Bowlei'^, born March 27, 1S30; married, April 27, 1S52, 

Mary V. B. Utter, at Albany, N. Y. 

734. Robert Maxwell", born Sept. 7, 1832 ; married, April 9, 1874. 

Mrs. Julia A. Woodworth, at St. Louis. 

735. Mary Ann^ born Jan. 10, 1S35 ; married, Dec. 6, 1S5S. 

Charles A. Edwards, at Albany, N. Y. 

736. Helen M.', born Sept. 30, 1837 ; married, May 17, i860, John 

E. Simmons, at Albany, N. Y. 

737. Solomon Southwick", born June 3, 1841, died Oct. 22, 1844. 

738. Virginia', born Jan. 10, 1844, died Jan. 15. 1846. 


Stephen SoUTH^VICK^ (Josiah', Joseph*, Solo- 
mon', Josiah~, Lawrence'), son of Josiah and Rebecca 
(Meggs), born Oct. 17, 1783, died Sept. 13, 1853. 
Married Lydia Baccus, born No\-. 4, 1789, died Feb. 
7, i860 or 1862. Children: 

739. Rebecca', born 1809; married Abraham Peckham. of Mid- 

dletown, R. I. 

740. Josiah', born 1812, died 1875. Married first, Phebe Place, 

died Aug. 14, 1842 ; second, Mrs. Mary Townsend. 

741. Adeline', born July 28, 1817. 


742. ]Matilda^ born Sept. 28, 1S21, died 1S25, aged 4 yea-rs, re* 

Henry Collins Southwick Jr.', (Henry C.\. 
Solomon', Solomon', Josiah', Lawrence'), son of 
Henry Collins and Mary (Wool), born Dec. 28, 1806; 
married Mary Parkinson, of Mayfield, Fulton Co., 
N, Y., daughter of John Parkinson and Agnes. ( ATcAl- 
lister), born June 14, 1808, died March 20, 1879. 

743. Henry Collins Jr.^ born June 3, 1827, at Albany, N. ^^ fj>a^.^j. 

married, April 8, 1850, Maraaxe t Tuli.a Frase r, of Albany. ^"^F^O. 

744. John Telfair^ born June 28, 1829, at Albany. N. Y. ; unmar- X>tfc^ 

ried, lives at Albany. 

745. Agnes Ann^ born Sept. 22, 1831, at Albany, N. Y. ; married. 

May 6, 185S, Franklin W. Meech. They live at Rockford, 

746. Francis McGuigan', born Sept. 28, 1S33, at Albany, N. Y.. 

died unmarried Feb. 23, 1S3S. 

747. Edwin', born Jan. 17, 1836, at Albany, N. Y. ; married, Sept. 

II, 1874, Margaret:j«rickfistixl. They live at Council Bluff. 

748. Benjamin Whitehouse', born Aug. 7, 1838, at Albany, N. Y. ; 

married, March 16, 1874, Rose Ann Henshaw. They live 
at New York City ; no children, 

749. James McAllister', born Sept. 5, 1841, died unmarried, April 

:;, 1862, at Warwick Court House, Va. He was Lieutenant 
of 93d Regiment, N. Y. S. V. ^ ^ 9\]<.C)(c '"i 

,■^0. Frank', born April 11, 1844, died unmarried at Albany, N. ^-^y^j^/oi^ 
^uM- Mary Wool', born Julv3>J^= mamed Wo),cot H- P'tkin.~r 

^^*- fh^fTh^^TAibiri^T^CY:^ n^ 

752. George Cook', born May 24, 1S50. died unmarried, *Kov. 9. 
1853, at Albany, N. Y. 

753. Jane Gillispie', born July 20, 1852,, at Albany, N. Y^ ; 
married, March 17, 1873, John S. Hastings. They live at 

Brooklyn, N.^)L — ^-s- 




Lydia SoUTHWICK^ ( Ebenezer', Ebenczer', Sam- 
:uel'', John^ Lawrence'), daughter of Ebenezer and 
Susanna (Orr), born Nov. i, 1766; married, March 
22, 1785, John Osborn 3d, father of FrankHn Osborn, 
Sr., of Peabody, now fiving (1881). Children: 

754. Betsej", born June 23,1785; married Jonathan Dustin. 

755. Ljdia^ born April 8, 1787, died Jan. 7, 1S37. 

756. Henrj', born July 4, 1789. 

757. Miles^, born Maj 16, 1792, died March 23. 1793. 

758. Miles', born March 6, 1794. 

759. KendalF, born July 22, .1796. 

760. Polly', born Jan. 25, 1799, died Nov. zt^. 1800. 

761. Pollj", born Feb. 4, 1801 ; married Henry Poor, he died 


762. Franklin', born Feb. 9. 1803. 

763. Susanna', born May 22. 1805. 

764. John", born July 18, 1807. died July 19. 1S14. 

Miles, Kendall, Franklin, and John, were all tanners 
of Danvers. now Peabody. 


Henry Collins SouTHWICK^ (Solomon\ Solo- 
mon'*, Solomon^, Josiah^, Lawrence'), son of Solo- 
mon and Jane (Barber), born July 5, 1808, died Jan. 
30, 1866. Married Julia Catharine Buel, born Dec. 
20, 1816, daughter of Jesse Buel, of Albany, N. Y., 
Children : 

765. Susan Buel', born Aug. 4, 1843 : married George Car_\ 

Briggs, Nov. 10, 1865. 

766. Francis Barber', born Aug. 3, 1S45. 

767. Gilbert Davidson', born July 4, 1847, died Jan. 27, 1852. 
768 Julia', born Feb. 8, 1851, died Feb. 2, 1852. 

769. Howard', born Dec. 14, 1S52. 


770. Marv Gardner^, born July 20, 1S56. 

771. Anna Ponsonby", bom Oct. 8, 1858. 


Pitts Southwick*^, (Joseph*, Joseph', Solomon', 
Josiah^, Lawrence'), son of Joseph and Susanna 
(Pitts), born 1795 ; married first, 18 17, Sarah Sweet, 
born Dec. 25, 1799, died July 20, 1822 ; second, Mary 
Comstock (yiicc Eldred), born 1796, died 1879, aged 
83 years. Children : 

772. Phebe', bom 1S18, died 1875. 

775,. SaimueF, born 1820; married Mary Rose, na cliirdren. 

Married second wife, Mary Comstock. Children : 

774. Mai-y". born 1824, married Clarke H. Burdick. 

775. Sarah", born 1S26; married Edwin G. Angell, of Providence- 

R. I. 

776. Benjamin', born 1828; not maiTied, was in California in 

18S0. ■ 
777- James McKenzie", born 1830; married Mary A. Goodspeed, 


778. Cecelia^, born 1S32, died Aug. 20, 184S, aged 16 years. 


George SouTHWICK^ )Joseph', Joseph", Solo- 
mon^, Josiah", Lawrence*), son of Joseph and Susanna 
(Pitts), born June 21, 1798; married Elizabeth 
Sweet or Larvet. He was with Perry on Lake Erie, 
as carpenter. Children : 

779. George H.". Married Harriet South wick. 

780. Dayid'. 

781. Betsey''. Married Spinner or Spooner. 

782. Sarah^. 

783. Catharine^ Married Peleg Gibbs. 



Mary S0UTHWICK^ (Benjamin", Benjamin', Sam- 
ueP, John^, Lawrence'), daughter of Benjamin and 
Sarah, born 1754; married, about 1783, first, John 
Hemmenway ; second. Dr. Retire Trask. Children : 

7S4. Poll}'", born 17S4; married Nathaniel Brown, of Roches;ter, 

785. John', born 1786. 

Married second, Dr. Retire Trask, about 1790, at 
New Salem, Mass., and went to Rochester, Vermont. 
Children : 

786. Benjamin", born 1791. died 1832, aged 41 years. Married in 

Montreal. Canada; had one child, died in infancy. 

787. John', born Aug. 7, 1793; married, 1816, Mary Winslow, of 

Barnard, Vt-. ; had thirteen children, five died in infancy. 

788. Ezra', born July 1795 ; married Abigail Gilbert, of Sharon, 

Vt. He was a physician and had ibur children. 

789. Sophia', born 1797; married Austin Morehouse, of Roches- 

ter, Vt., 1819; had eight children. 

Mary Southwick was a remarkable woman of supe- 
rior education and force of character ; she showed her 
courage in encountering the many privations of a 
pioneer life. Her husband was a physician and his 
practice became so great and having such long jour- 
neys to attend the sick, that his wife studied and be- 
came fitted to practice medicine under her husband's 
instruction and became a noted physician. She and 
her husband were often called ten or twelve miles and 
had to mark trees to find their way to and from their 
patients. Their hospitality was known far and wide 
by travellers and friends. She had five children ; her 


third child, Benjamin, was a physician, at Montreal, 


James S0UTHWICK^ (Zacheus", Jonathan", Danier, 
Daniel', Lawrence'), son of Zacheus and Lavina 
(Sayles), born June 2^, 1793; married, May 24, 
1812, Desdemona Cook. He and his family moved 
from Uxbridge, to Salem, Mass., about May, 18 18, 
but as his business was keeping a public house and 
selling spirituous liquors, Friends would not give 
him certificate of membership to Salem Monthl}' 
Meeting. Children : 

790. Eloise', born Nov. 18, 1S12. 

791. Alice', born Oct. 4, 1814. 

792. Jonathan', born Oct. 2, 1S16. 

793. Patience', born May 5, 181S. 

794. Alonzo', born Jan. 5, 1820. 

795. Francis', born Aug. 13, 1823. 

796. Desdemona', born Aug. 11, 1826. 


Thomas Mussey Southwick®, (George'\ Daniel\ 
Lawrence^, Danief, Lawrence'), son of George and 
Judith (Southwick), born March 11, 1778; married 
Matilda Carey. Children : 

797. George William'. Married Qiiackenbos, of N. Y. 

798. Julia'. Married Prior. 


Daniel S0UTHWICK^ (George^ Daniel^Lawrence^ 
DanieP, Lawrence'), son of George and Judith South- 


wick, born May 28, 1780, died June 13, 181 7. Mar- 
ried Lucina Thayer, 1803. He received in 1803, 
certificate of marriage to Smithfield Monthly Meet- 
ing. One child : 

799. Benjamin T.'. born Oct., 1804; married Marj Ann Wilbur, 

Dec, 1825. 


Lydia S0UTHWICK^ (George*, Daniel*, Lawrence\ 
DanieP, Lawrence^), daughter of George and Judith 
Southwick, born Jan. i, 1800, died Nov. 1828; mar- 
ried, Dec. 1822, Daniel Morse. Children: 

800. Harriett Elizabeth', born Jan. 5, 1824, died July 31, 1871. 

Married Edwin Jenks. 
'Soi. Ljdia Ann', born Feb. 19, 1828, died Jan. 13, 1829. 


Ruth SouTHWICK^ (George", Daniel^ Lawrence^ 
Danier\ Lawrence'), daughter of George and Judith 
Southwick, born Nov. 28, 1782, died Nov. 29, 1861. 
Married, Feb. 8, 1817, Asahel Aldrich. Children: 

802. Cynthia M.s born at Uxbridge, Mass., Nov. 28, 1818; un- 


803. Daniel Wheelock", born at Uxbridge, Mass., Aug. 28, 1822; 

married Susan Thayer, no children, 

804. William Willis', born at Uxbridge, Mass., Dec. 18, 1825, 

died Aug. 9, 182S. 


Elizabeth SouTHWICK^ (George', Daniel^ Law- 
rence^ DanieP, Lawrence'), daughter of George and 


Judith Southwick, born Oct. 2, 1785, died Oct. 24. 
1872; married Nathaniel Day. of Uxbridge, Mass. 
Children : 

805. Ruth E.', born Oct. 9. 1814; married C. Shaw. 

806. David L.', born Jan. 29, 1822. 


George SoUTH^VICK^ (George', Danier, Law- 
rence^, Daniel", Lawrence'), son of George and Ju- 
dith Southwick, born Jan. 11, 1789; married Betsy 
Chilson, 1820. Children: 

807. Sarah N.', born July 20. 1824; married Thomas Aldrich, Aug. 

15, 1841. 

808. George W.', born May 13. 1826. 

809. James Lawrence^, born 1828. He lives in Philadelphia. 

810. Eloisa', born Sept. 21, 1830; married Hiram Whitney, Oct. 

18. 1851. They live in Bellingham. Mass.: no children. 


Judith Southwick", (George', Daniel', Law- 
rence'\ DanieP, Lawrence'), daughter of George and 
Judith Southwick, born June 21, 1791 ; married Otis 
Aldrich. One child : 
Si I. George Southwick'. 


Georoe Southwick, Jr.^ (George^ John", John^ 
John^ Lawrence'), son of George and Sarah (Sitch- 
ell), of Rowley, Mass., baptized Nov. i, 1761 ; mar- 
ried Betsey Ashton, published June 27, 1782. Chil- 
dren : 

s/ATH generation: 207 

'S>i2. Jonathan StitchelF. born Feb. 3, 17S3. died young. 
813. Joseph Ashton'. born Nov. 5, 17S4- died Aug. i. 1785. 

514. George Jr.'^. born Jul^■ 14, 1786; married Keziah Perkints. 

June 22, 1S08. 

515. Joseph A.', born Dec. 24, 17SS: married Keziah Perkins 

Southwick, widow of George Jr., his brother. 

516. Betsey', born April 3. 1791 ; married Pickering, 

iii/. Abigail', born Dec. 4, 1793, died Oct. 16, 1794. 

518. Mary Smith", born Sept. 15, 1796: married Wilson: no 


519. Platts", born April 9, 1798: married, March 13. 1823. Eliza 

Twiss. born April 27, 1806. 
820. Abigail", born 1801 : married Charles Bruce. Nov. 15. 1S22. 


Nathan Southwick*, (George', John^ Johiv', 
John', Lawrence' ) , .son of George and Sarah ( Sitchel ) , 
baptized Sept. 8, 1771, died July 20, 1836. Married, 
Feb. II, 1795, Mary (called Molly) Moulton. 

S21. Nancy", born June 7, 1797: married William B. Miller. 
They had five children, viz. : William, Maria. Edward. 
Sarah and George. 

822. Sarah', born March 24. 1799. died May 9. 1825. Married 

John Aborn. 

823. Lucinda', born March 19. 1801 ; married William Aborn. 

one child, died young. 

824. Nathan, Jr.'. born March 24, 1803. died May 30, 1817. 

525. Jonathan S.', born May 10. 1805,- married first, Charlotte 

Downing, they had one child Charlotte: second, Mary 
Brown, they had one child. Daniel. 

526. Mary', born July 19, 1809; married Samuel Wilson. The\ 

had five children, viz. : Samuel. Marv J.. Sarah, Elizabeth 
and Abby. 

827. Eben Moulton'. born July 29, 181 1 : married Abigail Locke. 

They had three children. 

828. George', born May 17, 1813: married ^Vbigail Taylor. 

S29. William F.', born June 5, 1815 : married Clarissa Sweetsei-. 
May 24. 1843. 


830. Elizabeth Moulton'. born April 4, 1820; married Albiort 
Law. No children. 


Francis S0UTHWICK^ (George*, John*, John% 
John', Lawrence'), son of George and Sarah (Sitch- 
cll), born April 8, 1764; married, Feb., 1784, Mrs. 
Hannah Nourse, born 1767, at Lynnfield, Children: 

S31. Rebecca', born Dec. 25. 1786; married William Patterson. 
They had one child, Rebecca. 

832. Francis Jr.', born Nov. 3, 178S. Went to Canada, and was 

not heard from. 

833. Jamas', born Jan. 3, 1790, died Sept. 15. 1791. 

834. Hannah', born Sept. 13, 1792; married Jonathan Berry. 

They had one child, Eliza, who married Horatio Bodge. 

835. James', born April 3, 1795; married Ann Downing, and 

moved to Dover, N. H.; had three children. He was 
named in his grandfather's will. 

836. Asa', born 1797; not married. 


Sarah SoUTHWICK^ (Joseph*, Lawrence", Law- 
rence^, DanieP, Lawrence'), daughter of Joseph and 
Elsa (Sayles), born July 2, 1781, died Jan. I, 1867. 
Married Gershom Keith, born 1783, died Oct. 1841. 
Children : 

S37. Elmira', born Aug. 9, 1804, died young. 

838. Lydia', born Oct. 17, 1805, died 187S. Married Nahum 

Mo wry. 

839. Duty', born April 3, 1808; married Phebe Jefferson. 

840. Gershom', born Dec. 6, 1809, died Dec. 16, 1879. Married 

Mary Ann Howard, June 6, 1S30. 

841. Luke S.', born Feb. 28, 1812; married Louisa Ballon, ot" 

Burrillville, R.I., died July 24, 1879, aged 67. 

842. Simon', born Sept. 4, 1815 ; married first, Esther Cook; 

second, Susan Ball, of East Douglass. 


'S43. Collins^, born Feb. 4, 1818; married first. Lattice McKay: 
second, Harriet Howard; third- Phebe Whipple: fourth. 
Marj E. Moore. 

844. Sarah E. S.'^, born July 31, 182 1. died young. 

545. Mary Eliza', born Dec. 4, 1813; married first. Eatham A. 

Albee ; second. Stephen Lougee. 


Ezra Southwick*, (Joseph', Lawrence*, Law- 
rence^, DanieP, Lawrence'), son of Joseph and Elsa 
(Sayles), born 1780, died April 19, 1847, Married 
first, Chloe Taft ; second, Susan Taft ; third. Nanc}- 
Tourtellott. Children : 

546. Duty', born Nov. i. 1803, died 1803. 

847. Ruth", born July 28, 1805, died May 31. 1865. Married John 

E. Baxter. 
S4S. Fenner'', born Jan. 9, 1807 ; married out West, has a daughter 

in Providence, R. I., Mrs. Carrie Bushee. 

849. Susan^, born Feb. 10, 1810, died July 22, 1843. Married 

Silas Comstock, May i, 1842. 

850. Duty'', born 1812; married Sally Paine. Jan. 20. 1833. 

851. John C.Baxter', born 1814: married Ruth Southwick, Sept. 
' 9, 1836. 

S52. George E. Baxter', born 1816 : married Ruth Smith, Ma\ 
12. 1S40. 


ArN(3LD SoUTHWICK^ (Joseph', Lawrence*, Law- 
rence^, DanieP, Lawrence"), son of Joseph and Elsa 
(Sayles), born Feb. 14, 1798, died Nov. 15, 1869, of 
paralysis of the kidneys, at Uxbridge, Mass. Married 
Patience Lapham, daughter of William and Susan 
(Ballou), born Jan. 30, 1803, at Burrillville, R. L 
He was mechanic. Children : 


853. Amanda Jane', born April S. 1828; lives at Millville, Mass-. 

854. ClovisLaphanv, born Dec. 19, 1S29: married Julia A. Henett. 

Jiily 26, 1855. He is a farmer, his trade is a plater of scythes. 

855. Elizabeth Alice S.', born Jiilj 24, 1S33, died March 11, 1834- 

856. Emily Frank', born May 9, 1840^ died April 28, 1877. 


Joseph Southwick", (Joseph", Lawrence*, Law- 
rence', DanieP, Lawrence'), son of Joseph and Elsie 
(Sayles), born March 2, 1793, died Aug. 8, i860v 
Married Miranda Lapham, born Sept. 5, 1800, died 
Nov. I, 1879. Children: 

S57. Julia Chapin'. born Oct. 6, 1823. died Feb. 6, 1869. Un- 

858. William Lapham', born May 17. 1827. died Feb. 2, 1867, of 
paralysis of the brain. Married Mar\ E. Clark. He was 
a Lawyer. 

S59. Chloe", died in infancy. 

860. Susan', died in infancy. 


MoSES South wick", (Joseph^ Lawrence^ Law- 
rence^ Daniel'", Lawrence"), son of Joseph and Elsie 
(Sayles), born May 5, 1783, died Oct. 4, 1828. 
Married, Dec. 8, 1804, Sarah Pulsifer, born May 25, 
1786, at Douglass, Mass., died Aug. 19, 1859. He 
was a millwright, blacksmith, and farmer. Children : 

861. Lucy', born July 7. 1S05. died July 16. 1S52. Married Leon- 

ard Lougee. 

862. Lovell Pulsifer', born Dec. 7. 1806; married first, Phoebe 

Lougee, Dec. 13, 1830; second, Lucinda Thayer, April 4. 
1854. ^^ ^® ^ millwright and carpenter, and has built sev- 
eral first class houses in Uxbridge and vicinity, and is an 
energetic and much esteemed man. 


863. Mary', born Oct. 8, 181 1 , married Chandler Walker. 

864. Elsie', born July 11, 1816, died Dec. 10, 1855. Married Smith 


865. Luke', born Dec. 2, 1S23; married Sarah Thayer. 

866. Moses B.', born Dec. 7, 1827; married Persis A. Thompson. 


Hannah S0UTHWICK^ (Edward*, Lawrence', Law- 
rence^, DanieP, Lawrence'), daughter of Edward and 
Elizabeth Southwick, born Oct. 3, 1773, died Sept. 
16, 1862. Married first, 1787, Anthony Comstock, 
and Hved in Smithfield, R. L, he died 1808; second, 
1843, Samuel Gaskill, died 1847. They had ten chil- 
dren, two died young, eight grew to adult years. 

867. William', born 1790 ; married Abidah Hill. They had four 

children, viz. : Mary, Daniel, Gilbert and William. 

868. Phebe', born 1792; married Abel Aldrich. They had two 

children, viz. : George A. and Marcus M. 

869. Hannah', born 1794; married Wheelock Wood. They had 

ten children, viz. : Charles, Susan, Martha, Elias, Franklin, 
William, Hannah, Amanda, Rhoda and Sarah, they are 
novir living (1880), in the tovfxi of Gray, N. Y. 

870. Anthony', born 1795, was drowned 1819, aged 24 years. 

871. Martha', born 1797 ; married Leonard Taft. They had seven 

children, viz. : Eben, Putnam, Hannah, Enos, Almon, 
Edward and Amanda. 

872. Ezra', borri 1799; married first, Ann Hill; second, Mary 

Ann Hardy. They had three children, viz. : Hannah, 
Edward and Mary. Ezra lost the sight of both his eyes from 
an explosion of rock while blasting on Blackstone Canal, 
when a young man ; he was living in 1880. 

873. Olive', born i8oo; married Millen Taft. They had seven 

children, viz. : Millen, Eliza, Willis, Mary, Harris, Solon 
and Olive. 

874. Eliza', born 1802; married Daniel Sprague. They had one 

child, viz. : Edwin. 



Ezra SoUTHWICK^ (Edward*, Lawrence\ Law- 
sence^, Danier\ Lawrence'), son of Edward and Eliz- 
abeth, born July 25, 1782, died Sept. 25, 1845, ^t 
Collins, Erie Co., N.Y. Married Deborah Smith. 
Occupation, farmer and shoemaker. Children : 

575. Asa Smith^ born at Danb^-, Vt.. Nov. 22, 1807; lives in 

Rantoul, Ills. Married Marv Hopkins. 

576. Abraham Lapham', born Aug. 4, 1809; lives in Collins. 

Erie Co., N.Y. Married, 1836, Smith. 

877. Alfred", born 181 1; inarried Lvdia Fancher. The\' live at 
Ellsworth, Kansas, have no heirs. 

578. Hannah'', born 1813 ; married Alfred Lapham. He died at 

Champaigne City, 111., about 1870. 

579. Phebe', born 1814, at Mount Holly, Vt. : married Eli Rice. 

Thej are living in Creston, Ogle Co., Ills. 

8S0. Elizabeth^, born 1816, at Danbj, Vt., died about 1854, in Li- 
vonia, Wajne Co., Mich. Married Daniel Halleck. 

SSi. Jane^, born 1817, at Pollet, Vt.; lives on Bowen Avenue. 
Chicago, Ills. Married Williard Taves. 

S82. Laura B.'', born 1825, on Gen. Stark's farm, Manchester, Vt., 
died in Livonia, Wayne Co.. Mich., about 1858. Married 
Charles Backus. 

P2ZRA SoUTHWiCK moved from Mount Holly, Vt.. 
to Danby, Vt., about 1817, and in 1826, he moved 
to Holland Purchase, Erie Co., N.Y. He reached 
Kufifalo with his family by canal, from there the)- 
went by team, thirty-six miles through an unbroken 
wilderness to what is now Collins, Erie Co., N.Y., 
and raised a family of eight . children. By the aid 
of his sons Abraham and Alfred he cleared some 
60 acres of land two miles west of the present villag e 
of Collins Centre, Erie Co., N.Y. 



David SoUTHWICK', (Edward", Lawrence', Law- 
rence'\ DanieP, Lawrence'), son of David and Eliza- 
beth Southwick, born Feb. 4, 1777, died 1850. Mar- 
ried, March i, 1804, Mary Sherman, born Nov. 15, 
1783, daughter of Seth and Mary, of Bellingham, 
Mass. David and Mary with infant daughter, Ehza, 
had a certificate of membership from Smithfield 
Monthly Meeting, R. L, to Danby, Vt. Monthly Meet- 
ing, Feb. 28, 1805. He was a farmer. Children: 

S83. Eliza', born Oct. 15, 1804, died 1689, at Bolton, N. Y. Mar- 
ried Franklin French. They lived at Mount Hollv, Vt. 

884. Judith', born July 11, 1806, died at Chester, Vt. 

885. David Sherman', born Dec. 7, 1807, died June 3, 1853. Mar- 

ried first, Susan M. Garfield; second, Widow Mudge. 

886. Maria', born Sept. 9, 1810, at Mount Holly. Vt., died Nov. 

1847, at Fort Ann, N. Y. Married Rev. Peleg Fuller. 

8S7. Abigail', born Feb. 25, 1812; married first, Elijah D. Tar- 
bell ; second, Alpheus Atwood. They live at Chester, Vt. 

888. Edward Seth', born Oct. 3, 1814; married Lucy R. Fuller, 
Aug. 31, 1847. They lived at Rutland, Vt., 1880. He was 
a carpenter and joiner. 

S89. Albert Austin', born Oct. 29, 1816, died June 17, 1874, at 
Chester, N. Y. Married Hannah Fish. 

890. Sylvia', born Nov. 18, 1819, died Dec. 23, 1845. Married 

Rev. Hubbard Crane, at Andover, Vt. 

891. Marshall Silvester', born Nov. 26, 1822; married Calister 


892. Hannah L.', born May 8, 1825. 


Elisha SoUTHWICK^ (Lawrence', Daniel\ Law- 
rence^ Daniel*, Lawrence'), son of Lawrence and 
Dorcas (Brown), born Feb. 17, 1757, died 1841. 


Married, Aug. i6, 1777, Margaret Moshier, born Aug. 
16, 1758. Children: 

893. Waitj', born Feb. 14, 1778; married Moses Giddings. 

894. Daniel, born Sept. 26, 1784, died 1869. Married Frances 

Paine, at Trov, N. Y. 

895. Cynthia^, born Dec. i, 1786, died Feb. 24, 1863. 

896. Sophronia", born Dec. i, 1791. 

897. Phebe M.', born Sept. 16, 1793; married Hussey, at 

Union Springs, Cayuga Co.,N.Y. She was in good health 
and able to attend to house affairs in 1874. 

Elisha settled at Danby, Vt., and kept a tavern 
seven years, was a hatter, and went to Scipio, Cayuga 
Co., N.Y., in 181 1 and followed mercantile business. 
He was noted for being a skillful penman. — History 
of the Town of Danby, Vt. 


Rachael SoUTHWICK^ (Benjamin', Benjamin". 
Samuel'', John^ Lawrence'), daughter of Benjamin 
and Sarah, born July, 1768, died June 12, 1842. 
Married, July 8, 1793, Nathaniel Rust, born July 8, 
1773, died Oct. 10, 1843, ^t Rochester, Vt. Children : 

598. Sally', born about 1796, at Rochester. Vt., died 1856. at 

Carthage, N. Y. Married Solon Woolege. 

599. Horace', born 1798, at Rochester, Vt., died March, 1879, at 

Cambria, Wisconsin. Married Roxanna Mills. 

900. Almon', born 1800, at Rochester, Vt., died 1872, at Rochester. 

Vt. Married Sarah Morse. They had no children. 

901. Asa', born 1806, at Rochester, Vt., died 1873, at Dennison, 

Iowa. Married Minerva Segu. 

902. Hannah', born Jan. 16, 1808; married Orson Perkins. 

903. Gehial', born 1810, at Rochester, Vt., died in Illinois. Mar- 

ried, in Illinois, and had one child, which is probably not 



Chade Southwick*, (Lawrence\ Daniel\ Law- 
rence^. DanieP, Lawrence'), son of Lawrence and 
Hannah Southwick, born Oct. i, 1774, died. March 
16, 1 841, at Palmyra, Wayne Co., N.Y. He was a 
tanner and currier, at Union Springs, Cayuga Co., N.Y. 
Married first, Chloe Giddings,* born Aug, 2, 1773, 
died Aug. 4, 1823, at Walcott, Wayne Co., N.Y. ; 
second, Margaret Jennings. Children : 

904, Hannah', born Aug. 12, 179S. died April 24, 1816, at Otumwa. 


905. Eliza', born Oct. 21, 1800, no record of the time of death. 

Married Isaac Wood, of Montville, Cayuga Co., N.Y., son 
of Walter Wood a distinguished Friend, of an early date. 

They had two children, viz. : Hannah, married Payne, 

and lives at Auburn, Cayuga Co. ; Charlotte, married 

Jennings and lives at Wautoma, Wisconsin. 

yo6. James', born Sept. 13. 1S02, died July 28, 1803, at Manchester. 

907. William Henry', born Feb. 10. 1815, at Manchester, Vt. : 
married. June 23, 1840, Henrietta A. Chapman, died Feb. 
6. 1S79. They live at Palmyra. Wayne Co.. N.Y.. i88i. 

471. Southwick', (Lawrence', Daniel', Law- 
rence^, DanieP, Lawrence'), son of Lawrence and 
Hannah Southwick, born Dec. 5, 1772, died 1832. 
Married, 1794, Charlotte Marsh, at Dorset, Vt., daugh- 

* Chloe Giddings was a relation of Joshua R. Giddings, of Ohio. 
the old anti-slavery hero in days gone by, whose memorj' is green 
in the hearts of those who loved liberty, and hated oppression in 
every form, and were the friends of human rights irrespective of 


ter of William and Mary (French) Marsh, died 1856, 
Children : 

90S. Clarrissa', born 179S, died. unmaiTied, 1876. 

909. Maria", born iSoi ; married Norman Jewell, 1827. 

910. Johnson M^., born 1803; married Ann Castle, i8jo. 

911. Hannah'', born 1805; married Elias J. Mershon. 1826. 

912. Hamilton'^, born Oct. 3, 1806; married, Jan. 1838, Martha 

Sherwood, at Monroe, Mich., born 1816. He has lived at 
Rochester, N. Y., Monroe, Mich., and Danville N. Y. 
1)12(1. Benjamin Franklin', born Oct. 3. 1806; married Eliza 
Riggs, 1836. He and his brother Hamilton were twins. 

913. Dorcas', born 1810. died 1S56. Married Theron Tayton. 


914. George W.". born 1812, died 1870. Married Boutwell, 


915. Jane Ann", born iSiS, died 1S44. Married William 2d, Stud- 

diford. 1839. 

916. William H.'. born 1S20: married Mary Frost, 1845. 

Jesse Southwkk settled at Johnstown, Fulton 
Co., N. Y., had a hat establishment for awhile, and 
then sold out, and followed merchandising. 


Edward SoUTHWIC"K^• (Lawrence", Danier, Law- 
rence^ DanieP, Lawrence'), son of Lawrence and 
Hannah, born Nov. 29, 1767, died Dec. 13, 1847, 
aged 80 years, 18 days. Married, 1802, Catharine 
Wilkinson, of Dutchess Co., N.Y., born July 25, 1772, 
died Feb. 13, 181 3. He was a tanner at Troy, N.Y. 
Children : 

917. Hannah", born May 6. 1S03, died Jan. 8. 1877. Married. 

Dec. II, 1822, Doctor Lester Jewett, died Dec. 23. 1863. 

918. John W.". born March 15, 1805. died 1813. 





919. Ruth", born April 19, 1806, died Aug. 10. 1874. Married. 

Oct. I, 1840, William Todd. No children. 

920. Robert', born March 4. iSoS. died March 8, 1808. 

9JI. Gilbert W.", born July 26, iSio; married Cynthia C. Greelv. 

922. Edward, Jr.', born Aug. 10. 1812. died Nov. 26, 1857. Mar- 

ried. Jan. 1846, Lucinda Smith. 


Ruth South wick'', (Lawrence'', Danier, Law- 
rence^, Daniel', Lawrence'), daughter of Lawrence 
•and Hannah Southwick,* born March 4, 1763, died 
3\Iarch 17, 185 1, at Grafton, Mas.s. Married, 1780, 
David Farnum, born Sept. 29, 1753. died Feb. 29, 
1844, at Grafton, Mass. He was a farmer. Children: 

922rt. Hannah", born Dec. 22, 1782, died Maj 29, i860, Married 
Humphrey Taylor, 1829. They lived at Grafton, Mass. 

923. DanieF. born Nov. 22. 1784. died Dec. 10. 1S79. Married 

Feb. 28. 181 1, Mary Southwick, daughter of Joseph and 
Ailse (Sayles). 

924. Moses', born Jan. 29, 17S7. 

925. Phebe^ born April 15, 1791, died Oct. 3, 1852. 

926. Jesse", born June 7, 1795, died July 10, 1877. 

927. Mowry'. born Dec. 23, 1799. died Feb. 22. 1S6S, at Cedar 

Rapids. Married Evelina Johnson Gibson. 
92S. Samuel Judson", born Nov. 8, 1805: married Sall_\' Ann 
Swartwout, of Pokeepsie, N.Y. They had four children, 
viz. : Ruth, Mary, Morgan L. and Bennetta. 


Royal Southwick, Ist.^ (Lawrence'. Daniel\ 
Lawrence\ DanieP, Lawrence'), son of Lawrence and 
Hannah Southwick, born at Uxbridge, Mass., Dec. 6, 

* Hannah Southwick was the daughter of Jonathan and Han- 
nah (Osborn) Southwick. 


\j6o, died Nov, 30, 1840, aged 79 years, 9 mo. Mar- 
ried, June 4, 1788, Phebe Farnum, born July 2, 1769, 
died June 2, 1843, aged "jt^. He was a tanner, at 
Uxbridge, and also a preacher of the Society of 
Friends or Quakers. Children : 

929. James', born Oct. 7. 1789; married. Oct. 4. 1809, Ruth 

Darling, daughter of Jesse Darling and Hannah Southwick. 
Hannah was the daughter of Daniel and Ruth (Mussej?) 
Southwick. James was a wool puller. 

930. Urania^, born Feb. i, 1792, died April 17, 1811. 

931. Rojal, 2d.'', born Sept. 9, 1795, died Sept. 23, 1876, at Boston. 

Mass. Married Dircja Claflin. He was a manufacturer. 

932. Phebe', born Sept. 15, 1797, died Jan. 25. 1866. at Ironstone. 

Mass. Married Dr. Daniel F. Pond. 

933. Jonathan F.', born Dec. 14. 1799; married first, Chloe Hol- 

brook ; second, widow Lucy Darling. He was a tanner 
and currier. 

934. Farnum', born Sept. 14, 1801, died Nov. 9, 1812. 

935. Lydia C, born April 20, 1807, died Oct. 21. 1834. 

936. Elisha', born April 27. 1S09, died Feb. 6, 1874, at Sturbridge. 

Mass, He was a tanner and manufacturer of shoes. 


Sarah SoUTH^VICK^ (Lawrence', Daniel', Law- 
rence*, Daniel, Lawrence' ), daughter of Lawrence and 
Dorcas (Brown), born April 27, 1754, died Feb. 4, 
1836, aged 81 years, 9 mo., 20 days. Married Bene- 
dict Arnold, (not the traitor). Children: 

937. Dorcas". 

938. William B.' 

939. Mary'. 



Zadock SoUTHWICK^ (Lawrence', Danier, Law- 
rence\ Daniel", Lawrence'), son of Lawrence and 
Hannah, born May 8, 1766, died Oct. 23, 1823. 
Married, Sept. ly, 1786, Elizabeth Carpenter, born 
Sept. 17, 1765, died Nov. 10, 1847. Children: 

940. Lawrence', born Feb. 15, 1788, died the same date. 

941. Sarah', born June 12, lySgj.died Jan. 12, 1845. Married 

John Caller. 

942. Henry', born Sept. 17, 1791, died Feb. 26. 1871. Married 

Hannah Winans. 

943. WillettH.', born Sept. 19, 1793, died Feb. i, 1818. Married 

Laura Capron, of Uxbridge. 

944. Robert B.', born Oct. 6^ 1795, died Feb. 2, 1828. Married 

Julia Adee, of New York city. 

945. Edward C, born May 8, 1797, died Jan. 20, 1S70. Married 

first, Eliza Birdsall, of Rahway N. J. ; second, Margaret 
Laing, of Rahway, N. J. 

946. Lydia', born Jan. i, 1799, died Sept. 13, 1829. Married Dr. 

Samuel Blois. 

947. Stephen", born Dec. 16, 1800, died Oct. 20, 1S70. Married 

first, Adeline Brewster; second, Julia Shelton. He was 
lost on his passage from N. Y., to Galveston, Texas, in the 
fall of 1870, by the foundering of the Steamer Varuna. All 
on board were lost except four of the seamen and the second 
mate, who reached Jupiter Inlet, Georgia, after sixty hours 
exposure, in a very exhausted condition, having had noth- 
ing to eat or drink. The steamer was lost Oct. 20, 1870, 
at 9 p. M. Business was suspended at Galveston one day, 
and the city was draped in mourning on receipt of the news 
of the disaster. 

94S. Adna H.', born April 30, 1803, died Feb. 11, 1875. Married 
Mary Reynolds. 

949. Richard C, born Sept. 13, 1804, died Nov. 18, 186S. Mar- 
ried first, Eliza Bevier; second, Avis Coflan. 


950. George'', born Dec. 22, 1805, died Oct. 19. 1S64. Married 

first, Susan Brewster; second, Cecelia Meyres. He was 
killed by falling through a scuttle at his store in Kingston, 
Ulster Co., N. Y., in the autumn of" 1S64. 

951. William C. born Aug. 21, 1S08: married first, Helen Ever- 

ett; second, Maria Hughs. 

952. Eliza B.', born Nov. 30, iSii, died Feb. 2, 1S66. Married 

Joseph Wright. 

The above twelve all lived to get married, and the 
nine boys were all tanners and curriers and carried 
on business for themselves. 

Zadock Southwick started tanning in a small 
way in the town of Clinton, Dutchess Co., N. Y., and 
after two or three years bought the farm two miles 
north of Friend's Stone Meeting House in said town, 
and two miles from his father Lawrence, now (in 1875), 
known as Widow Halsted farm of 80 acres, and es- 
blished the tanning and currying business quite largely 
for that day, 1789 or 1790. In 1802 and 1803, he es- 
tablished a tanning and currying business at Centre- 
ville, Ulster Co., starting James C. Moore, (who 
married his sister). 

Zadock Southwick continued at Clinton until 1807, 
when he removed to Poughkeepsie, bought a property 
bounding on the Hudson River and erected a tannery 
thereon, starting a leather store in the village in con- 
nection with the currying business, and was very suc- 
cessful. In 1 8 14, he purchased a landed property with 
ample water power in Greenfield, in the town of War- 
warsing, Ulster Co., in the midst of a hemlock region, 
and established a hemlock sole leather tannery thereon, 
using water power to carry on the business, giving 


his oldest son Henry an interest therein and some 
years later selling him the business and property. 

In i8i6, he sold his business at Poughkeepsie to 
his sons Willett H., Robert B., and Edward C, and 
at Willet's death in i8i8, Stephen took his place in the 
business. Willett H., son of Edward C, now (1875) 
occupies the premises and conducts the business, 
which has been continued uninterruptedly since first 
started in 1807. 

Zadock in 1821, purchased a farm, about three 
miles lower down the stream, from the one bought in 
Greenfield in 18 14, and two miles westerly from El- 
lenville and put up a large building enclosing the 
entire tanning operations and also large bark sheds 
and several tenements. 

He died there Oct. 23, 1823, and was buried in the 
burial grounds of Friends, in Greenfield. All his sons 
were brought up to know the art and mystery of tan- 

Zadock let the society of Friends have the use of a 
building for holding meetings in Poughkeepsie, and was 
noted for his hospitality in entertaining Friends who 
came from a distance to attend meetings. His sons 
said facetiously that their father kept Quaker tavern. 
All of his children attended the Nine Partners Friend's 
School. At Zadock's death he appointed his son 
Adna H., to carry out his will, which was to provide 
for the education of those younger than himself and 
to pay them certain legacies on arriving of age. 

Zadock was highly esteemed as a man of sterling 
integrity and for his business energy and capacity, 
for whatever he undertook he was successful in. 



Lydia South WICK^ (Lawrence', Daniel\ Law- 
rence^ Daniel", Lawrence'), daughter of Lawrence 
and Hannah Southwick, born 1781 ; married Timothy 
Alexander. Children : 

953. Julia Ann'. 

954. George". 

955. Abraham'. 

956. James M'. 


Dorcas S0UTHWICK^ (Lawrence', Danier, Law- 
rence^ DanieP, Lawrence'), daughter of Lawrence 
and Hannah Southwick, born 1770 ; married Abraham 
Staples. Children : 

957. MarvU.'; married John Farnum. 

95S. Lydia A.'; married William Starbuck, of Troj, N.Y. 


Hannah SouTH\VICK^ (Lawrence", Daniel', Law- 
rence^ Daniel", Lawrence'), daughter of Lawrence 
and Hannah Southwick, born 1776; married James 
C. Moore. Child: 

959. Emma', died at three years of age. 


Samuel SouTHWICK^* (Benjamin^ Benjamin', 
Samuel'\ John", Lawrence'), son of Benjamin and 
Sarah, born Dec. 8, 1750, baptized Oct. 26, 1761, 

*Samiiel and wife were admitted in Congregational Chuch, 
New Salem, Mass., in 1795. 


died Jan. 7, 1835. Married first, probably in 1774. 

Elizabeth , born March i, 1753, died May 25, 

1775; second, probably in 1 776, Mary , born Oct. 

5, 1753, died April 5, 1823 ; third, probably in 1824, 
Priscilla F. , born Dec. 24, 1766. Children: 

960. Samuel, Jr.", born May 11, 1775- 

Married second wife, Mary , probably in 1776. 

961. Benjamin P.', born Oct. 4, 1777, died Sept. 7, 1802. 

962. Betsey', born April i, 1780, baptized May 7, 17S0, in Congre- 

gational Church, New Salem, Mass., died June S, 1S61. 
Married, July 1800, Lovel Bullock, born April 16. 1775. 
died March 11, 1859. 

963. James', born Jan. 13, 1782; married, Dec. 30, 1S06, at Mont- 

pelier, Vt., Polly Lawson, daughter of David and Hannah 
Lawson, died Oct. 26, 1855. 

964. Polly', born Aug. 16, 1784, died Sept. 8, 1S63. Married, 

May I, 1806, Jacob Goldthwait, born Dec. 28, 1775, died 
April 13, 1845. 

965. John', born April- 18, 17S7. baptized Sept. 6, 1795, died Sept. 

13, 1813. Married Mary Sloan, born 1786, died 1878. 

966. Abijah', born April 16, 1791, died Nov. 22. 1791. 

The above is from the Church records. New Salem, 


Lemuel SouTH^VICK^ (Asa', Lawrence', Law- 
rence^, Daniel', Lawrence'), son of Asa and Lydia 
(Sherman), born Dec. 4, 1793, died Oct. 5, 1875. 
aged 82 years; lived in Mayfield, Cuyahoga Co., 
Ohio. Married first, 1814, Rhoda Arnold; second. 
Widow Julia Hart, 1864. Children: 

967. Jerome", born Nov. 20, 1814; married Rebecca Covert. 


968. Lucien', born July 19, 1S16; married Susan A. Stannard. 

969. Lydia Sherman", born Aug. 9, 1820; married Benjamin 


970. William^, born Maj' 10, 1830; married Harriet Hohnes. 

Lemuel Southwick moved from Adams, Mass., 
to Ohio in the spring of 1834. The two oldest boys 
drove a team through, and the rest went by canal and 
lake, which took about three weeks. 


Edmund SoUTHWICK^ (Asa^ Lawrence\ Law- 
rence'', Daniel', Lawrence'), son of Asa and Lydia 
(Sherman), born May 12, 1796, died Nov. 9, 1879. 
Married Feb. 16, 18 16, in Stamford, Vt., Chloe Clarke, 
born Oct. 4, 1800, died Nov. 2, 1878. They have 
always lived on the old homestead. No. Adams, Mass. 
Children : 

971. Levi', born at North Adams, Mass., Dec. 14, 1S17, died June 

16, 1823. 

972. Nancy A.', born at North Adams, Mass., March 27, 1822. 

died Oct. 14, 1S3S. 

973. Edmund, Jr.', born at North Adams, Mass., March 22, 1833 ; 

married, Nov. 9, 1852, Maria S. Keyes, born Dec. 25, 1S31. 


LVDLV S0UTH\VICK^ (Asa\ Lawrcnce\ Lawrence'\ 
Daniel', Lawrence'), daughter of Asa and Lydia 
(Sherman), born 1795; married, 1815, Samuel Wil- 
bur, born 1797. Children: 

974. Edmond', born 1S16. 

975. Elvira', born 1817; married Foster. 

976. Laui-a", born 1818; married Greenman. 



977. Harriet^, born 1820; married Caster. 

978. Truman', born June 12, 1821; married Jan. 7, 1841, Lucv 

Ann Miner. 

Hannah SoUTHWICK^ (Asa', Lawrence', Law- 
rence^, Daniel', Lawrence'), daughter of Asa and 
Lydia(Sherman), born 1793 ; married Ira Wilbur, born 
1794, he was a wealthy farmer, resident of Almont, 
Mich. One child: 

979. Levi". 


Edward SoUTH\VICK^ (Caleb", Lawrence", Law- 
rence^, Daniel", Lawrence'), son of Caleb and Phoebe 
(Osborn), born March 12, 1807, died Nov. 26, 1870. 
Married Jan. 3, 1833, Maria Miller, of Clinton Co.. 
N. Y., born JNov. i, 18 14. Children: 

980. Caleb T.", born Oct. 4, 1S33 ; married, Aug. 16, 1859, Susan 

W. Dodge. 

951. Eliza Ann", born March 27, 1S36, died Sept. 19, 1S49. 

952. Thomas M.', born June 4, 1S38, died Sept. 20, 1S42. 


Paul SoUTHWICK^ (Caleb', Lawrence\ Lawrence-, 
DanieP, Lawrence'), son of Caleb and Phebe (Osborn), 
born May 15, 1797, died Nov. 14, 1858. Married, 
Nov. 8, 1826, Sarah Coffee, born Sept. 14. 1800, died 
Nov. 12, 1840. Children: 

953. Mar/, born Feb. 28, 1828; married, April iS. 1S64. N. P\ 

GifFen of Heuvelton, St. Lawrence Co., N.Y. 

954. Phebe''', born Aug. 29, 1829 ; married first, Ansel N. Partridge ; 

second. Dr. N. N. Child. 


955. David', born Sept. 29, 1831; married, June i, 1871, Sarah 

Frances Vilas, of Ogdensburgh, N.Y. 

956. Sarah', born June 6, 1833 ; unmarried. 

987. Deborah', born Sept. 15, 1835; married Sept. 16, 1862, Henry 

Harris, of West Chazj. N.Y. 

988. Hannah V.', born Nov. 13, 1837; unmarried. 


Cynthia SoUTHWICK^ (Enoch", Jonathan^ Dan- 
iel^ Daniel, Lawrence'), daughter of Enoch and 
Mary (Swett), born June 17, 1779; married John 
Bowles, and settled in Richmond, Vt. Children : 

989. Emma'. 

990. Jesse'. 

991. Randall'. 

992. Stephen'. 

993. Benjamin'. 

994. Elizabeth'. 


Betsey S0UTHWICK^ (Enoch^ Jonathan\ Daniel", 
Danier\ Lawrence'), daughter of Enoch and Mary 
(Swett), born Feb. 20, 1782, died Oct. 7, 1851. 
Married George Harkness, born Jan. 7, 1782, died 
July 10, 1854. They setttled in Richmond, N. H., 
in 1804-5, and moved to Starksboro, Vt. in 1825. 
Children : 

995. Susanna', born July 27, 1S06, died Dec. 20, 1879. 'Married 

Jarvis Hoag. 

996. James', born Oct. i, 1807; married Phebe C. Taber, June 30, 


997. George', born June 23, 1809; married Mary J. Batty, March 

9. 1837- 


998. Albert^, born June 21, 181 1. died Jan., 1856. 

999. Jesse S.', born July 27, 1813. 
1000. Marj S.'', born Nov. i, 1816. 
looi. Betsey', born June 9, 1819. 


Hiram BROWN^ (Mary', Lawrence', Lawrence^ 
DanieP, Lawrence'), son of Jacob and Mary (South- 
wick), born Jan. 19, 1813 or 1814; married, Feb. 14, 
1843, Jane J. Smith, born Oct. 30, died March 6, 1878, 
aged 61 years. Children: 

1002. J. Leonard', born March 6, 1844. 

1003. Darwin H.', born June 9, 1853. 


Mary S0UTHWICK^ (Joseph*, Lawrence*, Law- 
rence^, DanieP, Lawrence') daughter of Joseph and 
Ailse (Sayles), born Jan. 15, 1787, died Aug. 26, 
1872, aged 85 years. Married, Feb. 28, 181 1, Dan- 
iel Farnum, son of David and Ruth (Southwick) 
Farnum, born Nov. 22, 1784, died Dec. 10, 1879, 
aged 95 years, 6 days, of paralysis and old age. 
Children : 

1004. Jonathan Sayles', born Oct. 15, 1812, died July 14, 1814. 

1005. Joseph Southwick', born Aug. 21, 1814, died Sept. 22, 1873. 

Married Lois Stoddard, 1841. 

1006. Luke Southwick', born Jan. 20, 1817; married Chloe M. 
Taft, 1849. 

1007. Ruth Maria', born Aug. 29, 1819, not married. 

1008. James Moore', born April 11, 1822; married Ophelia Stod- 
dard, 1847. 

1009. Mary Alice', born Aug. 4, 1828, died Dec. 21, 1839. 



Henry Cummings BROWN^ (Mary\ Lawrence\ 
Lawrence^, Daniel", Lawrence'), son of Mary (South- 
wick) Chilson and Jacob Brown, born May 17, 1808, 
at Stamford, Vt. ; married, Jan. i, 1828, Clarrisa M. 
Baker. They Hved in Ontario Centre, Wayne Co., 
N.Y. He was a shoemaker. Children : 

loio. Geo. II.'. born Nov. i, 1S34. He was a shoemaker, 
loii. Corrilla M.', born May 15. 1S38. 

1012. Nelson S.", born April 15. 1S44. He was a farmer. 


Jonathan Southwick'', (George', Jonathan', Dan- 
iel"', DanieP, Lawrence'), son of George and Lydia 
(Sargejit), born Aug. 15, 1786, died Feb. 22, 1852. 
Married, Sept., 181 1, Martha Irish, daughter of Jon- 
athan and Deborah (Wilbur) Irish, born Feb. 3, 1791, 
died 1864. He was a nursery-man and farmer. 
Jonathan was blind twenty-five years and was a tal- 
ented preacher of the Society of Friends or Quakers. 
Children : 

1013. Hannah', born July S, 1S12; married. May 28, 1841, Nehe- 
miah Hall. He was a farmer. 

1014. Mar^'. born March 22. 1814: married Jan. 12, 1S41, Timotln- 

1015. Elizabeth', born Jan. 5, 1816; married. April 1845, Abner 
Taft. He was a farmer. 

1016. Jonathan Irish", born June 16, 1S19; married, .July i, 1S42. 

in Friend's Meeting, at North Collins. Erie Co., N.Y. , Sarah 
Hull, daughter of Nehemiah and Bathsheba (Hoag) Hull, 
of Oblong. Dutchess Co.. N.Y. He was a farmer and a 
fruit grower. In 1S66. they went to Springdale, Cedar Co., 


1017. Stephen Wilbor'. born Feb. 4, 1821 ; married, Dec. 12. 1S3S: 
lives in Sheridan, Chautangua Co., N.Y. 

1018. Anna^, born May 27, 1823; married William Hull, a farmer, 
of Springdale, Iowa, where thev now reside. 

Jonathan Southwick, the fifth child of George 
and Lydia Southwick, born Aug. 15, 1786, was mar- 
ried to Martha Irish about the first of 181 1, and 
started at once for the western wilderness and located 
in what was then known as town of Willink, Niagara 
Co., Holland Purchase, now North Collins, Erie Co. 
From Buffalo (then a small village), to the place in 
which he located was a distance of twenty-five miles. 
The most of the distance was through dense woods 
with no road whatever. Their only effects were 
packed upon a rude sled, drawn by a yoke of oxen. 
Their journey completed, they stopped in the log 
cabin of one of the families who preceded them, till 
he could cut away the trees on his new possessions, 
a large enough place in which to erect a small log 
house. This occupied but few weeks and they were 
soon settled in their new house. Their nearest neigh- 
bor was one mile south ; their nearest store and grist 
mill, in the town of Hamburg, requiring five or six 
days to make the round trip with oxen, through 
swamps, over hills, over logs and brush. Thus they 
began life in the new country, the sighing and moan- 
ing of the forest their only welcome ; the howl of the 
wolf and the screech of the panther the unly token of 
life outside their little inclosure. Here they toiled, 
cleared their land and became one of the 'most re- 
spected families of the rapidly populating country. 


He started a nursery early and supplied the fruit trees 
for nearly all the oldest orchards in the surrounding 
towns. He lost the use of his left eye in the autumn 
of 1810, he was stooping to kindle a fire, when the 
knob upon the end of the crane (which had been left 
out) struck his eye, destroying his sight. Then again 
about the year 1827, he was stooping again in the 
dark, striking a swift stick, which destroyed the sight 
of his right eye : he was now totally blind. He still 
continued his farm work, raising trees and bee keep- 
ing. All the other senses so noticeable in persons 
who are blind seemed wonderfully developed in him, 
and many interesting anecdotes are told of his quick 
wit, and wonderful appreciation of things around him. 
Strange as it seems, he would work for hours in the 
garden, pulling weeds, but never destroying his plants 
or vegetables. Keeping bees, he used to make his 
own bee hives, and it is said upon one occasion, hav- 
ing made several, they were left outside upon the 
ground, some of them wrong side up ; during the 
night there was a heavy rain storm and in the morn- 
ing it was found each one contained water, showing 
his good workmanship, as we all know of many far- 
mers with full possession of their sight who could 
not make a box to hold gravel, much less water. He, 
as well as all the early settlers, experienced much 
annoyance with wild animals. His sheep were always 
kept at night in a yard near the house, on several 
occasions the wolves would surround the house and 
sheep in great numbers, and the only way he had to 
protect his sheep was to keep a brisk fire burning in 


the large fire place, and keep throwing coals and burn- 
ing brands from the door, which kept the wolves at a 
respectable distance. The house and barn which he 
erected in large old fashioned style about the year 
1820, in place of his log cabin and brush barn, are 
still standing and in good repair. 

He died Feb. 22, 1852, after a lingering illness 
caused by overheating himself the summer previous, 
weeding his garden, as he was always so fond of work, 
his ambition outlived his strength. Was in his 66th 
year when he died. His wife Martha outlived him 
twelve years, dying in the spring of 1864. 


Lydia S0UTHWICK^ (George*, Jonathan', Daniel''. 
DanieP, Lawrence'), daughter of George and Lydia 
(Sargent), born Sept. 10, 1784, died 1872. Married. 
1806, Hugh McMillan, born 1775, died 1841. Chil- 
dren : 

1019. Jane', born 1808; married Moses Kimball, 1850. 

1020. Mary', born 181 1; married Abram Soule, 1S28. 

102 1. Hugh', born 1814, died 1S68. Married Susan Starks. 1846. 

1022. George', born 1816, died i88o. Married first. 1835. Marv 
Ann Wilcox; second, 1851, Eliza McMaster. 

1023. Christina', born 1818; married William Wall, 1846. 

1024. Lydia', born 1820. 

1025. Sarah', born 1822. 

1026. John', born 1824; married Mary Emory, 1852. 

1027. Phoebe', born 1826; married Daniel Allen, 1853. 

1028. Moses', born 1829; married Mary Ann McMillen. 1853. 


Job S0UTHWICK^ (George', Jonathan', Danief, 


Daniel', Lawrence'), son of George and Lydia (Sar- 
gent), born Feb. 12, 1792, at Queensbury, N. Y. ; 
married, Dec. 7, 181 5, Sophia Smith, at CoHins, N.Y., 
daughter of Wheeler B. and Priscilla Smith, of Erie 
Co., N. Y., born Oct. i, 1798, at Kent, Litchfield Co., 
Conn., died March, 1871. They hved at Brant, Erie Co., 
N, Y. He was a farmer and nursery-man at North 
Collins. N.Y. Children: 

1029. Phebe', born Feb. 23, 1S17; married Walter Kimball. Oct. 

10. 1S32. 

1030. Richard", born March 25. 1819; married first. Parmeh'a 
Pound, Nov. 6, 183S; second, Elizabeth Stafford, Dec. 25. 
1843. They lived at Eden. He was a farmer. 

1031. Wheeler B.'', born May 8, 1821, died May 27, 1864, in the 
army at City Point. Married first, 1843. Sarah Stafford: 
second. Ellen Borsee. Nov. 17, 1850. 

1032. Edmond', born June 3, 1823; man-ied Marietta Clougb. 
March 26, 1S50. They live at Evans, Erie Co., N. Y. 

1033. Priscilla^. born Sept. 20, 1825, died F'eb. 14, 1868. Married 
Thomas Brownell, Sept. 27, 1847. They live at Evans. 

1034. Josiah', born Aug. 18, 1828; married Huidah Ann Ha\vle\ - 

Nov. 13, 1S50. They live at Angola. 

1035. Sophia^, born April 13, 1S35 ; married Stephen Landon. 
Dec. I, 1861. 

1036. Job, Jr.'. born Oct. 22. 1S37 ; married Arabella Smith, Jan. 

14. 1S63. Thev live in Brant. 


Enos SoUTHWICK^ (George'', Jonathan^ Daniel'', 
Daniel", Lawrence'), son of George and Lydia (Sar- 
gent), born 1788; married, July 10, 1809, Pamela 
Barker, died April 9, 1874. Children: 

1037. George Folger". born Sept. 10. 1810: nu'.rried. Jan. i. 1830, 
Anna Soule. at Collins. Erie Co., N. Y.. died Nov.. 187S. 


103S. Lydia Cassandra', born Sept. 10, 1S12, died at Persia, Cat- 
tarangus, Co., N. Y. Married, Jan. i, 1830, Stiles A. Tar- 
rance, died of consumption, Jan. 25. 1852. 

1039. Enos Henry', born June 30, 1S19, at Collins. Erie Co.. 
N. Y. ; married Clarinda Jane Howe, Julj 9, 1850, at Gow- 
anda, Cattarangus Co., N. Y., daughter of Ziniri and Esther 
(Wilcox) Howe. He was a real estate and loan agent, and 
farmer at East Randolph, Cattarangus Co., N. Y., in 1880. 

1040. Clarinta Barker', born Dec. 29, 1815. died April, 1851. 
Married Thomas Schovil Hibbard, died at Collins, Erie Co.. 
N. Y. 

1041. Pamela Barker', born 1829. died June. 1879. Married 
Phileman Walden. 


Royal Southwick*, (George", Jonathan', Daniel', 
UanieP, Lawrence', son of George and Lydia (Sar- 
gent), born 1782; married, Sept., 1809. Christina 
Langdon, died 1872. Children: 

1042. Enos'. born 1810. 

1043. Lydia', born 1S12. 

1044. Hannah', born 1814. 


George SoUTHWICK^ ( George", Jonathan\ Daniel'', 
DanieP, Lawrence'), son of George and Lydia (Sar- 
gent), born 1780, died June 1878, at Randoph, Craw- 
ford Co., Pa. Married, Aug., 1809, Jane Bowron, 
born 1787, in England, died May, 1838, at Collins, 
Erie Co., N. Y. Children : 

1045. William Bowron', born June 7. 1810. at Peru, Clinton Co.. 
N. Y.. died March. 1S77. Married. March 11, 1838, at 
Leon, Cattarangus Co., N. Y.. Maria Ridout. born Feb. 
28, 1818, at Riga, Genesse Co.. N. Y., died March. 1877. 
He was a carpenter and millwright. 


1046. Jonathan B.', born May, 1812. 

1047. Anna', born Aug., 1S14. 

1048. Clarissa', born July, 1816; married Joel Margott. 

1049. Mary', born June, 1818. 

1050. George Henry', born April, 1S21 ; married Fidelia Ridout. 


1051. Sarah Jane', born Sept. 8. 1S26, died Oct. 9, 1869. Married 
Peter Russell, July S. 1844. 

1052. Phebe Anna', born Sept., 182S. 

John SoUTHWICK^ (Josiah', John', DanieP, Dan- 
iel\ Lawrence'), son of Josiah and Elizabeth, born 
March 9, 1768, died May 24, 1833. Married Re- 
becca Alley, daughter of James and Lois Alley, of 
Lynn, born Sept. 17, 1774. Children: 

1053. James Alley', born March 28, 1799, died June 22. 1820. 

1054. John Alley', born Oct. 15, 1802; married Eliza Kinsman. 

1055. Son' born and died Dec. 22, 1801. 

1056. Lois Alley', born Oct. 30, 1804, died March 24. 1873. Mar- 
ried John M. Ives. Salem, Mass. 

1057. Josiah Erastus', born Sept. 24, 1806, was lost at sea and not 


1058. Rebecca H.', born Nov. 20, 1810. 


Deborah EATON^ (Sarah\ David', Lawrence^ 
Daniel^ Lawrence'), daughter of Sarah Southwick 
and Nathan Eaton, born 1765; married, probably, 
1803, at Paris, Oneida Co., N.Y., Adam Lamberton 
of Pittsfield, Mass., occupation, farmer. Children : 

1059. Henry', born 1804. 

1060. Robert', born 1806. 


1061. Elmina', born Nov. 6, 1808, at Paris, Oneida Co., N. Y. ; 
married Daniel Livermore, March 11, 1830. They live at 
Sangerfield, Oneida Co.. N. Y. 

1062. William Eaton', born iSio: married Liicj Wood. They 
live at Milwaukee, Wis. 

1063. Jane', born 181 1 ; married Thomas Fuller, died at Madison. 


1064. Jarius', born 1S13, died at Caledonia. Wis. 

1065. Charlotte', born 1815 ; married Jedediah Palmer. 

1066. Sarah', born 1817, died at Jackson, Mich. Married Lam- 
bert Southworth. 

1067. George Henry', born 1819, died 1881. Married first, Jane 
Scofield. at Paris, Oneida Co., N. Y. : second, Elizabeth 
Sears, 2d, at Milwaukee, Wis. 


Jonathan S0UTHWICK^ (Lemuel', Jonathan', Sam- 
uel^ John"', Lawrence'), son of Lemuel and Mary 
(Spencer), born Sept. 29, 1798, died Nov. 2, 1875. 
Married, Nov. 30, 1823, Esther Corwin, born 1800. 
He was a tanner and currier by trade and carried on 
the business eight years at Southport, Penn.,and after- 
ward was a farmer. Children: 

1068. Sarah Ann Minerva', born Aug. 26, 1825, died June 29, 1826. 

1069. Charles Corydon', born Nov. 19, 1826, entered the army. 
Sept. 12. 1864. died in the hospital, at Murfreesboro, Tenn.. 
Jan. 22, 1S65. of typhoid fever. Married, Sept. 20, 1853, 
Olive Smith, of Big Island, Marion Co., Ohio. 

1070. Olive Araminta', born March 17, 1828, died Nov. 13, 1857. 
Married, Jan. i, 1852, George W. Rose. 

1071. Desdamona Eliza', born Nov. 10, 1829. 

1072. Clyden McCoy', born May 26, 1831. died Sept. 10, 1832.' 

1073. Artimissa Nancy', born Aug. i, 1833, died Aug. 20, 1848. 

1074. Salina Amelia', born Nov. 15, 1835, died March 28, 1836. 

1075. Admah Zadina', born March 21, 1837; married, Sept. 20, 

1862, Frances Marion Wood, born May ii, 1839. 


1076. Pervina Justina', born April 7, 1839; married, Aug. 12, 1858. 
Frances M. Sargent. 

1077. Fernando Cortez', born Oct. 8. 1S43, <^i^<^ April 30, 1S62, 
entered the army, Oct. 21, 1861. 


Benjamin SouTHWICK^ (Benjaman% Benjamin', 
SamueP, John^ Lawrence'), son of Benjamin and 
Sarah, born 1760, died 1801, aged 41 years. Mar- 
ried, Dec. 23, 1787, Sarah Fisk, born 1765, died Jan. 
5. 1840, aged 75 years, she married second, Samuel 
Kellogg, died Nov. 16, 1826, aged 85 years, and had 
a daughter, Experience Kellogg. Children : 

1078. Benjamin', born June 8, 1789, baptized Aug. 8, 1793, at New 
Salem, Mass., died April 24, 1870. Married, Sept. 10, 1818, 
Clarissa Barton, died May 13, 1872. He was a blacksmith 
at Sangerfield, Oneida Co., N. Y., and was afterwards a 

1079. Sally or Sarah', born Jan. 27, 1791, baptized Aug. 8, 1793, 
at New Salem, Mass, died before 1795. 

1080. Joseph', born April 5, 1793, baptized Aug. 8, 1793, at New 

Salem, Mass. 

1081. Sarah or Sally', born April 3, 1795, baptized July 5, 1795. 
at New Salem, Mass. 

1082. Abijah', born March 9, 1797: married Roxana McDonald, 
July 4, 1825. 

1083. Polly', born Aug. 22, 1799, died April 13, 1826. Married 
Hezekiah Beardsley. 

T0S4. Daniel', born Jan. 3, i8oi. 

From the records of Congregational Church, New 
Salem, Mass. 


Isaac S0UTHWICK^ (Jacob", Jonathan\ Daniel', 


Daniel, Lawrence'), son of Jacob and Sarah (Fowler), 
born 1785, died 1870. Married Tabitha Roberts. 
Children : 

1085. Tabitha Leland'. born Nov. 20, 1809, died 1878. Married 
Harrison S. Prentice, of Worcester, Mass. 

1086. Isaac Harrison', born Aug. 14, 181 1 ; married Clarissa Ann 
Keith, of Grafton, Mass. 

1087. Eliza Lucy^, born Jan. 27, 1813; married Moses Forbes, of 
Westboro, Mass., died 1850. 

1088. Joseph Edward^, born Sept, 12, 1815 ; married first, Miranda 

Chamberlain ; second, Widow Lydia Scott. 

1089. Clarissa Maria'^, born Oct. 11, 1823, died young. 

1090. John Roberts'', born Feb. 3. 1831, died 1859. Not married. 


Mary A. SouTHWICK^ Jacob', Jonathan', Daniel', 
DanieP, Lawrence'), daughter of Jacob and Sarah 
(Fowler), born 1779, died 1869. Married Simeon 
Bucklin. Children : 

1091. Amey', born 1802, died 1877. 

1092. Sylvanus', born 1803, died 1803. 

1093. Stephen', born 1804, died 1823. 

1094. Robert', born 1806; married Luna Hackley. He was a far- 

mer, of West Winfield, N.Y. 

1095. Eliza', born 1808. 

1096. Phebe', born 1810; married Avery Bachus. a farmer of 
West Winfield. N.Y. 

1097. Eber', born 1812, died 1822. 

1098. Mehitable', born 1813; married Herman Clark, died 1878. 

1099. Isaac', born 1816; married Olive Wilcox, Elkhart, Ind. 
HOC. Mary', born 1818, died 1877. 

iioi. Hannah', born 1820; married David Carria, merchant. 
1 102. Ezra', born 182 1, died 1822. 



David SoX.ITHWICK^ (Jacob^ Jonathan\ Daniel'', 
Daniel', Lawrence'), son of Jacob and Sarah (Fowler), 
born Jan. 6, 1789, died Aug. 9, 1843. Married, Nov. 
7, 181 I, in Friend's Meeting, at Northbridge, Mass., 
Lucretia Larkin, daughter of Ephraim and Dina, of 
Berlin, Mass., born July 29, 1790, died Oct. 2, 1878. 
David was a carpenter and farmer. Children : 

1 103. Hannah", born Nov. 8, 1812, died Nov. 18, 1813. 

1 104. Jesse Eddv". born Oct. 30, 1S14: married. 1836. Ruth Taf't. 

of Northbridge, Mass. 

1 105. Nancv", born Oct. 25, 1816, died Dec. 20, 1816. 

1106. George Fox^, born Oct. 25, 1818, died April 27, 1856, at New- 
Bedford. Married, March 1S47. Elizabeth P. Pavne. 

1 107. Jonathan', born Juh" 30, 1820; married, 1845, Miranda 

Carpenter, of Northbridge, Mass. 

1 108. David', born July 30, 1820; married, Nov. 1849, Elsie Fow- 
ler, of Northbridge. Mass. David and his brother Jonathan 
were twins. 

1 109. Nanc\ Maria", born Ma_\- 8, 1823; married, Aug. 1845, Silas 

itio. John Eddy, born Sept. 3. 1827. died Nov. 30. 1864. Married. 
Jan. I, 1850. Nancy E. Flint. 

iiii Louisa Elizabeth^, born Nov. i, 1S34, died Nov. 21. 1880. 
Married, Nov. i, 1854, Edward F. Batcheller, of North- 
bridge, Mass. 

1112. Jane Lucretia', born Dec. 13. 1S37: married, May i. 1855. 
George Winslow. of Boston. 


Bexjamix Franklin Southwick'', (Ichabod^ Jon- 
athan\ SamueP, John", Lawrence'), son of Ichabod, 
born July 19, 1774; married Charlotte Haddock, 1797. 
He settled in Chenango Co., N. Y. Children: 






1 1 16, 

1 117. 
1 1 19. 


I 122- 

Asenath". born March 19, 1798. 

Truman", born Sept. 10, 1800: married Betse^' Waldron- 

Heanan". born Sept. 24, 1S02. 
Amasa'', born Aug. 8, 1803. 
Almoni', born Feb. 7, 1805. 
Anna", born Sept. 4, 1806. 

David', born Feb. 22, 1808, died 1S79. Mfii'ricd. 1832. Laura 
L. Harrington, died 1863. 

Levi', born Oct. 25. 1809. went to Ohio, and died there. 
He had two children, viz. : Sarah and Clara. 
Jesse', born Oct. 23, 1810. 
Benjamin", born Jul>' 9, 1S13. 



Olive SoUTHWICK^ (Jacob% Jonathan^ Danier', 
DanieP, Lawrence'), daughter of Jacob and Sarah 
(Fowler), bora 1787, died 1870. Married Martin 
Davis. Children: 

1 123. Pohxina". born 1812; married Seth Beckwith. of Mendon. 
N. Y. 

1124. Pauline Davis', born 1S13: married Charles F'ountain. 
of Batavia, N. Y. 

112^. Norman', born 1815; married Emily J. Smith, of Mendon. 
N. Y. 

1126. Norton', born 1817: married E. Chamberlain, of Dublin. 


1 127. Jacob', born 1819; married first, Minerva Advit ; second, 

Emeline Lane, of California. 

1128. Joseph', born 1821 ; married Lydia Colvin. of Rochester. 

N. Y. 

1 129. Moses C. born 1823; married Nancy B. Kellogg, of Men- 
don, N. Y. 

1 130. John', born 1S26; married Mary Woolsey, of Rochester. 

N. Y. 

1131. Elias', born 1829; married Catherine Loomis Avon. He 
was editor of the Livingstone Co. "Herald." 


1 132. Stirah". born 1832, died 1858, at Mendon, N. Y. 

1133. Mary", bom 1834; mairried Judson Sheldon, of Mendon, 
N. Y. 


ICHABOD South WICK**, (Ichabod', Jonathan*, Sam- 
ueP, John', Lawrence'), son of Ichabod, born 1765 ; 
married, probably in 1795, Beula . They set- 
tled in Western New York, and late in life moved to 
Marion Co., Ohio, where they died. Children : 

1134. Orin', born probably in 1796. 

1 135. David', born probably in 1798. 

1 136. Erastus', born probably in 1800. 

1 137. Ira H.', born 1802; married. 1825, Ann Jane Ely, born 1802. 


Esther SouTHWICK^ (Jacob", Jonathan', Daniel", 
Daniel', Lawrence'), daughter of Jacob and Sarah 
(Fowler), born 1783, died 1858. Married Amasa 
Eddy. Children : 

1 138. Sarah', born 1808; married Fletcher. 

1 139. Francis', born 181 1 ; married Loring Davis, ot'Grafton, Mass. 

1140. Hannah', born 1813: married Philetta Brooks, of Orange. 

1 141. Thomas', born 1815 ; married Fanny Fosdick. 

1 142. Asa', born 1818; married Minerva Grey. 


Samuel SouTHWICK^ (Jacob', Jonathan', Daniel', 
Danief, Lawrence'), son of Jacob and Sarah ( Fowler), 
born 1780, died 1843. He left home young, went to 


Ohio, and afterwards to Louisville, Indiana; had three 
wives. Children; 

1143. Emory". 

1144. Philo'. 

1 1 45. RiJey', 


Jonathan Southwick*, (Samuel\ David\ Sam- 
iieP, John^, Lawrence'), son of Samuel and Abigail 
(Warner), born Aug. 22, 1772, in Williamstown. 
Mass., died Aug 18, 1863, at Mont St. Hiliare, Province 
Quebec. Married first, Feb. 2, 1797, Sarah Branch. 
of Benson, Vt., died April 14, 18 14, in Champlain, 
Clinton Co., N. Y. ; second, Widow Mar}' (Baker) 
Shaw. Children: 

1146. Semantha", born July 10. 1799, died Jan. 10. 1813. in Benson. 

1147. Masa Branch", born 1801, in Orwell. Vt.. died Oct. 16, 1879. 
Married Eliza Andres. 

114S. Pamela", born April 12, 1803, died Nov. 12. 1845. Married 
April 20, 1822, Alfred Cooley, in the town of Mooers, N.Y. 

1 149. Alonzo Warner", born Sept. 11, 1805, settled in Arkansas, 
and has not been heard from for over thirty years. 

1 150. Loronzo Dow", born March 10, 1807, died Jan. 16, 1877, in 
Castleton, Barry Co., Mich. Married. Jan. 9. 1829, Eunice 
Hart, of Fairfax, Vt. 

1151. Sarah Maria', born Aug. 22. iSoS: married first. Dec. 20. 
1826, John L. Putnam; second, June 13. 1846. Asa Cram. 

1152. Orissa Naomi', born Dec. 17. 1811 : married Parker. 

They live in Brunswick, N. Y. 

1153. Semantha', born April 12, 1813, at Champlain. N. Y. : 
married Piatt Warren, M. D., residence, Reeds\ ille. Meigs 
Co., Ohio, P. O. address, Olivet. 


Second wife, Widow Mary Shaw, iicc Baker. Chil- 
dren : 

1 154. Urie Barber'', died about 1840. 

1155. Elijah Baker', born Feb. 8. 1S19. in Chainplftin. N. Y. : 
married Harriet Brown, 184S. 

Jonathan was an early resident of Champlain, CHn- 
ton Co., N.Y., he was for many years largely engaged 
in the the business of cloth dressing and carding of 
wool. In 1820 he removed to Georgia, Vt., where 
he remained fourteen years. His health failing and 
not being able to continue in business, in 1834, he 
went to live with his son, Masa B., in Mont St. Hiliare, 
Province Quebec, where he remained until his death. 


U.\NIEL SoUTH\VR•K^ (Samuel'", David', SamueP, 
John^ Lawrence"), son of Samuel and Abigail (War- 
ner), born June I I, 1773, died Jan. 15, 1839. Mar- 
ried, Oct. 5, 1797, Polly Churchill, of Benson, Vt., 
born Dec. 21, i 777, died March 3 1 , 1831. Children: 

1156. PhifetUN E.'. born Nov. 7. i£o2. died April S^ 1S64 ; marrried. 
1S27. Ann Elisa Stacej, of Benson, Vt. 

1 157. Maria M.', born Aug. 6, 1804, died Aug. 25. 1S74. in Mooers. 
N.Y. Married, Aug. 13, 1S26. Abel Knapp.* 

1158. Almedfi', born July 4. 1810. died Feb. 20, 1875. Married. 
1838, Solon Knapp.* died 1851. Residence. Ottawa. Ills. 

1159. Rovar, died Feb. 7, 1813 ; married, Jan. 13, 1841, Lydia R. 
Child, resides in Somerset, N.Y. 

Daniel with his brother David moved from Benson, 
Vermont, in 1802, when the country was new in Clin- 

''Abel and Solon Knapp were brothers. 


ton Co., N.Y., and erected log cabins within two miles 
of each other, and in a few years erected commodious 
houses. Daniel was a man zealous in all good works 
and words, and he was a man of strong religious feel- 


David SouTHWICK^ (Samuel', David', Samuel', 
John^ Lawrence'), son of Samuel and Abigail (War- 
ner), born 1756, died 1841, aged 85 years. Married 
first, 1783, Betsey Stacey ; second, Jan. 25, 1825, Mary 
Stacey, widow of his first wife's brother. Children : 

1160. Ebenezer'. born 1784; married Clarissa Williams. 

1161. PoIIj', born May i, 17S6, at Williamstown, Mass.; mar- 
ried, Feb. 25, 181 1, at Mooers, N. Y., Enos Merrill, of 

1162. Fannys born Dec, 1787; married in Benson, Vt.. John 

Eddy, of Whitehall, N. Y. 

1163. Orin', born Nov., 1789; married, May 10, 1829, Hannah 

Stone, of Champlain, N. Y. 

1164. Hosea^, born April 17, 1791, died Sept. 3, 1832. Married, 
April 26, 1819, Maria Smith, of Benson. Vt. 

1 165. Malinda''. born 1796; married, 1814, Capt. Winthrop Whe- 
den, at Mooers, N. Y. 

1 166. Lucretia", born 1798, died April 14, 1867. Married, 1824, 
Dr. E. S. Loomis, of Montreal, P. Q^, died 1873, of paral- 
ysis of the brain. 

1167. Milton', born June 25, 1800, married Harriet Chamberlain. 
Nov. 14, 1826. 

116S. David', born May 12. 1803; married, 1824, Elizabeth Smed- 
ley, of Mooers, N. Y. 

1169. Amos Pettengale', born June 25, 1807, at Benson, Vt ; mar- 
ried Maria Finch, June 26, 1833. 

1170. Erastus Royal', born March 25, i8o8, at Mooers, N. Y. ; 
married, Oct. i, 1832, Mary Williams, at Erie, Penn. 



David Southwick, son of Samuel and Abigail 
(Warner), born 1762, at Adams, Mass., enlisted in 
the U. S. Army, at 18 years of age; he was in the 
war of the revolution, in continental line in Colonel 
Seth Warner's regiment, at Wliitehall, N. Y. He 
served four years, when he was taken prisoner with a 
party who sallied from Fort Ann, to attack the Indians. 
After being in prison two years, he with others, made 
their escape, but were recaptured and taken back to 
prison ; at the close of the war he was exchanged and 
released and sent back to Boston by the way of the 
St. Lawrence river and sea. He went to Williamstown 
in November, barefooted on the frozen ground. He 
soon after married Betsey Stacey, of Benson, Vt. ; sev- 
eral years after he moved to Mooers, Clinton Co., N. Y., 
and bought a farm of 400 acres of General Mooers. 
He made application for pension in 18 18, which was 
granted him in 1822. He started with his wife for 
Lafayette, Indiana, to visit their daughter ; on reaching 
Waterford, Erie Co., Penn., his wife became sick and 
after a year's illness died there. He afterwards mar- 
ried at Benson, Vt., Mrs. Mary Stacey, the widow of 
his wife's brother, Jan. 25, 1825. He lived at Mooers 
until near the time of his death, in 1841, at his daugh- 
ter's, Lucretia Loomis, aged 85 years. He was fond 
of relating his many adventures as a soldier, and after- 
wards as a hunter. He was a very independent and 
religious man, but not a sectarian, which was a prom- 
inent characteristic of so many of his ancestors. 



Marbra S0UTHWICK^ (Theophilus', Daniel', Law- 
rence\ DanieP, Lawrence'), daughter of Theophilus 
and Anna (Remington), born Jan. 8, 1795, died March 
12, 1866. Married, Feb. 19, 1815, Manning Wheelock, 
born May 27, 1791, died Feb. 3, 1853. Children: 

1 171. Daniel S.', born Oct. 15, 1815, died Oct. 27, 185S. Mar- 
ried Marj W. Capron, Aug. 20, 1840. 

1172. Harriet^, born May 30, 1817 ; married Enoch Haythorn. 
May 12, 1867. 

1173. John W.'', born Aug. 24, 1S19, died June 21, 1848. 

1 174. Manning Jr.'', born Aug 28, 1821, died March 5, 1856. 
Married, May 26, 1844, Isabella I. Downie. 

1 1 75. Anna S.', born Feb. 27, 1823, died Aug 5, 1846. 

1176. Calvin A.', born Nov. 23, 1825, died Feb. 21, 1854. Mar- 
ried Abbie E. Butler, Sept. 17, 1848. 

1 177. Lucy S.', born Jan. 7, 1828, died Aug. 17, 1835. 

1178. William', born Dec. 31., 1829; married Henrietta Bush. 

May lo, 1854. 

1179. Nathan', born July 12, 1833, died Nov. i, 1833. 

1 180. Abigail', born July 12, 1833, died Jan. 17, 1834. He and 

his brother Nathan, were twins. 

1181. Cynthia E.', born June 25, 1835; married Daniel H. Hem- 
enway, April 5, 1854. 


Rexhngton S0UTHWICK^ (Theophilus*, Daniel', 
Lawrence^, DanieP, Lawrence'), son of Theophilus 
and Anna (Remington), born Nov. 26, 1779, died 
April 22, 1807. Married Philena Cook, daughter of 
Israel and Sarah Cook, of Burrillville, R. L Children : 

1 182. Aaron Cook', born Sept. 7, 1803. 
11S3. Alpheus Baker', born July 10, 1805. 

"Died suddenly, by a fall from his horse April 22, 
1 807, Mr. Remington Southwick, preceptor for sev- 


eral years of the Washington Academy (the first acad- 
emy built in R. I.), in North Kingston. He was a man 
of superior genius, unassuming manners, placid, hu- 
man and liberal in his disposition ; of sound morality, 
and strictly honorable. He has left a disconsolate 
widow and two small children to lament the irrepar- 
able loss. He was highly respected and esteemed by 
all who had the pleasure of his acquaintance, and 
long, very long, will the inhabitants of the town in 
which he dwelt, and the patrons of the academy, re- 
gret the sad catastrophe, which deprived them of an 
invaluable member of society. Our only consolation is 
derived from the idea that " the memory of the just 
is blessed." — Fj-om the Providence Gazette of April 
2S, 1807. 

Nathan SouTHWICK^ Theophilus*, Daniel', Law- 
rence^ Daniel', Lawrence'), son of Theophilus and 
Anna (Remington), born May 18, 1783, died Dec. 
II, 1845. Married Amey Wilkinson, of Cumberland, 
R. I., daughter of William Wilkinson, died Sept. 21, 
1856. Children: 

1184. Remington", born Sept. 18, 180S, at Cumberland, R. I.; 
married, March 24, 1833, Hannah White, of Burrillville, 
R. I. He was a real estate broker in Providence, R. I. 

1 185. Urania^, born April 24, 181 1, at Uxbridge, Mass. ; married, 
Aug. 29, 1839, Thomas W. Aldrich, of Blackstone, Mass. 

1 106. Elizabeth Wilkinson^, born July i6, 1813, at Uxbridge, 
Mass.; married, Jan. 2, 1839, Robert Aldrich, of Black- 
stone, Mass. 

1187. David Wilkinson', born Dec. 2. 1817, at Uxbridge, Mass., 
died Sept. 18, 1867, in New York city, unmarried. He was 
a carpenter and cabinet maker. 


L\ Memoriam. 
By Rev. Nathan S. Hill. 

Using the beautiful imagery of Apostolic times, 
Nathan Southwick "fell asleep," (Millville, Mass.), 
Dec. II, 1845, aged 64 years. 

If " the memor}- of the just is blessed;" if the de- 
parture oi the wise and good from this sublunarx' 
sphere have any tendency to awaken the minds of 
others to the fleeting nature of their own existence ; 
if this example of those who, "through faith and 
patience inherit the promises," be at all instrumental 
in leading survivors to walk in their steps, it is hoped 
that this brief memento of a most valuable member 
of the Christian church will not be without its use. 

There were many qualities in the character of this 
excellent man which entitled him to peculiar respect, 
and rendered his death the occasion of no common 
sorrow. He possessed a sound understanding and a 
mind well stored with useful knowledge. In his nature 
there was a blending of mental faculties and moral 
powers that developed a character of remarkable 
transparency. The natural strength of his mind, and 
the strict inflexible integrity which marked his whole 
conduct, coupled with easy, unassuming social quali- 
ties, gave him an influence seldom possessed by per- 
sons who move in a much higher sphere, and little 
capable of being understood b}' those who had not 
the privilege of witnessing it. 

Long before his attention was directed to the dis- 
tinctive features of the religious life, we find him 


practicing the lesson of self-denial for the benefit of 
others. When a young man he was remarkably 
thoughtful for the welfare of his aged parents; he 
delighted to minister to their wants and cheer the 
sombre pathway to the tomb. Thoughtfulness of 
others interests followed him through the allotment 
of earthly experience. 

In 1807 he married Amy Wilkinson, a union that 
was marked by domestic felicity throughout. As a 
son, husband and father, he is remembered by very 
many for loyalty and fidelity in every relation. He 
was honest, industrious and virtuous. Truth demands 
that we should testify that he was a man of strict 
honor and undeviating principle, qualities which in 
the imperfection of this w'orld's institutions do not 
always contribute to pecuniary advancement. 

In estimating character it is well for us to bear in 
mind the foundation stones on which it is erected. 
A good man is simply the prelude of righteousness _ 
But that which our friend prized most was the blessed 
religion of our Saviour Christ. In mature life a gen- 
uine religious experience called him to unite with the 
Methodist church, to whose doctrines he was warmly 
attached, and whose faith he adorned with a meek 
and pra}'erful life. The spirit of unpretentious, 
cheerful piety which distinguished him amidst the 
more active scenes of life, did not forsake him through 
lingering months of pain and distress ; and it strik- 
ingly displayed itself through the period of his decline. 
Death entered his chamber and was welcomed by him 
as a messenger from the throne of mercy, sent to tell 


liim that the season of earthly discipHne and labor 
Avas over, and that his mansion, eternal in the heavens, 
was preparing by the Lord that he faithfully served. 
The chamber of sickness was transfigured into the 
Christian's ascension room, and the pale messenger 
Avas foiled by the victory of faith, saying, " Death ! 
I am not thine ! I know in whom I believe ; thou art 
simply my door-keeper to the land of immortal 
blessedness." With another of the true sons of God 
he could sing, in exulting lays: — 

" That more and more a providence 
Of love is understood, 
Making the spring of time and sense 
Sweet with eternal good." 

■' That death seems but a co\ered way 
Which opens into light. 
Wherein no blinded child can stra\ 
Beyond the father's sight." 

When the sun in the heavens had ceased shining, 
when the stars became dim, and while the death-damp 
was gathering, the inner man clothed in the spiritual 
body, yet lisped the fond farewell — '"Peace and J^or." 
And thus repose came to the weary body — rest to 
the emancipated soul. 

•■ Spirit I thy labor is o'er I 

Thy time of probation is run. 
Thy steps are now bound for the untrodden shore 
And the race of immortals begun. 

'• Spirit I look not on the strife ; 

Or the pleasures of earth with regret. 
Pause not on the threshold of limitless life. 
To mourn for the day that is set. 


•'Spirit! no fetters can bind, 

No wicked have power to molest : 
There the weary, like thee — the wretched, shall find 
A haven, a mansion of rest. 

• Spirit I how bright is tlie road 

F'or which thou art now on the wing! 
Th\ home it will be, with thy Saviour and God. 
Their loud halleluiah to sinsf."' 

Ix Memori.\.m. 

By Rev. Nathan S. Hill. 

Am\' Wilkinson S(JUTH\\tck, wife of Nathan 
Southwick, entered into rest, (Millville, Mas.s.), Sept. 
21, 1856, aged 83 years. 

Ftill of years and ripe in wisdom, this good woman 
justly merits the counsel of Solomon, " Give her of 
the fruit of her hands; and let her own works praise 
her in the gates." Not that this mother in Israel ever 
desired words of eulogy to be written in her behalf, 
for the thought never entered her mind. But when a 
life endeared to very many souls passes on and out of 
mortal ken, it is not amiss to speak of departed worth. 

The eulogist is often tempted to overdraw the pic- 
ture of human life; at the outset, then, I disclaim 
partial aids and extrinsic helps. We have only to 
deal with the presentation of a noble, matronly char- 
acter. I well remember the bowed form looking toward 
the westering horizon ; and as I recall the salient fea- 
tures of her life, I can truly aver that she typified the 
excellent wonan described in the book of Proverbs, 
chapter XXI. Born in Cumberland, R. I., she was 


bred in those manners characteristic of the last century 
— great plainness, force of character, and usefulness 
in life. 

While a young lady she attended worship held in 
the now celebrated " Elder Ballou Meeting House," 
one of the ecclesiastical landmarks in Rhode Island. 
This plain, unpretentious two-story building, with 
shingled exterior, its massive, bolt-upright unpainted 
oaken pews, and whitewashed interior, was erected 
by the celebrated Rev. Maturin Ballou, a French 
Huguenot, about A.D. 1700. Here a colony of 
Huguenots settled, and in this wooden meeting house 
they assembled every Lord's day, from an extensive 
rural circuit. In this connection it may not be out 
of place to mention that from this religious stock 
were descended the Rev. Hosea Ballou, the father of 
modern Universalism, and the Rev. Adin Ballou, now 
full of years, and beloved by all. This venerable 
place of worship has recently acquired greater repu- 
tation owing to the fact that here President Garfield's 
mother, Ann Eliza Ballou, attended church when a 
young woman — she being a lineal descendant of the 
founder and first preacher of the parish. 

From this source she imbibed those principles 
which moulded her subsequent career. Never mak- 
ing a profession of religion, she had what was, and 
is, vastly better, a living soul fed by the spirit of truth 
and holiness. The Sermon on the Mount was the 
guide of her life, and whosoever lays hold of its ever- 
lasting virtues, fails not to win the prize of our high 
calling in Christ Jesus. Her life was a living com- 
mentary of "patient continuance in well doing." 


To strong natural sense, and more than ordinary 
powers of mind, she united great energy, firmness, 
decision and dignity of character. As a friend and 
companion she was sociable, sincere, affectionate and 
attached. As a mother she was riveted to her family 
and endeared to her children by the warmest ties of 
tenderness and maternal solicitude. As a wife she 
evinced the kindest love and duty. Her time was 
entirely devoted to the lasting welfare of her family, 
and within that circle she exhibited the greatest in- 
dustry and desire for their comfort and happiness. 

Indomitable perseverance was a prominent charac- 
teristic, to which were allied simplicity of manners 
and unstinted hospitality. Surviving her beloved hus- 
band by a decade of years, she loved to sit by her 
window and watch the glinting sunset hues round 
about the cherished grassy mound in the cemetery, 
not far removed. The deeper themes of life were 
familiar to her thought. The present and future life 
were connected in her mind as the evening and morn- 
ing of a day ; she looked forward with holy joy to 
the exchange of worlds, in assured hope of being re- 
united to the dear ones who had preceded. She 
contemplated death without dismay, and devoutest 
hope filled her longing soul. The closing scene of 
her earthly existence at once displayed mild and un- 
ostentatious piety and evinced the beneficial tendency 
of those principles that had buoyed her up during the 
trials of life. Amid painful sufferings not a murmur 
escaped her lips. Resigned to the will of God she 
passed within the vale of shadows, leaning on the 


Divine rod and staff, in certainty of the resurrection 
unto eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. 

In Memoriam. 

By Rev. Nathan S. Hill. 

David Wilkinson Southwick, youngest son of 
Nathan and Amy W. Southwick, passed on and out 
of sight, Sept 18, 1867, aged 50 years. 

When the living presence of virtue is withdrawn 
from human observation, we derive a melancholy 
pleasure from allowing our thoughts to dwell on the 
picture which memory has portrayed on the tablet of 
the heart, and from recalling to view the various ex- 
cellencies which excited our esteem or won our admir- 
ation. Whilst, too, we indulge this sad privilege, we 
rescue from the hands of the spoiler those imperish- 
able qualities of mind and heart which chiefly en- 
deared the lost one to us, and preserve all that has 
power to soothe the pang of separation. 

In adverting to the character of the lamented sub- 
ject of this brief memoir, we feel warranted in saying 
that it was truly Christian. The religious principles 
which he had imbibed in childhood, whilst they proved 
to him a source of consolation and good hope, were 
doubtless, the spring whence flowed the numerous 
virtues which adorned his life. His was not the noisy 
demonstrative type of religion, pitched to the key- 
note of other men's experiences, but true inwardness 
of life — the indwelling light seeking expression by 


inherent righteousness — in a word, not profession 
before men, but possession of vital rehgion in the 
sight of God and holy angels that do His will. With 
our beloved Whittier he could sing: — 

" To do Thj will is more than praise. 
As words are less than deeds : 
And simple trust can find Thj ways, 
We miss with chart of creeds. 

■• Our Friend, our Brother, and our Lord, 
What may Thy service be '^ 
Nor name, nor form, nor ritual word, 
But simply follow Thee." 

Early instructed in the path of righteousness, our 
friend evinced those qualities of mind, heart and soul 
that made him foremost in every good work. Accord- 
ing to the Christian revelation, and according to the 
example of Christ, we live when we are true to our- 
selves as moral, spiritual, immortal beings. To live 
in the best sense which the Gospel presents, is to 
cherish high aims and pure purposes ; to feel that we 
have souls and treat them worthily, and to conserve 
the interests of humanity. Because our friend was 
actuated by these noble ideals it is fitting that we 
offer a brief word as to his life and work. 

He was born in the " Quaker City," near the " old 
homestead" from whence emanated a large branch of 
the Southwick family. It soon became manifest that 
the lad was fond of study and the best of good books ; 
but the hampering conditions of those days were not 
favorable to extended mental culture. Work on the 
farm and a few months schooling constituted the 


educational outfit. But with these meagre advantages 
he was not content, and thereupon commenced a 
course of self-education. How wisely and well he 
succeeded, is testified by those who said he was thor- 
oughly informed on every subject. In the village 
Lyceum he became a proficient debater, never espous- 
ing a theme that his conscience questioned. After 
making progress in the study of books, he next 
visited the literary savans of Boston and Cambridge, 
and was on intimate terms with the Faculty of Amherst 
College. For quite a while he was a correspondent 
of the Woonsocket Patriot, a paper that enjoyed the 
largest circulation in the compact state of Rhode 

Those who witnessed his every-day career were 
aware of the purity and sanctity of spirit and of life, 
no less manifest and impressive in his earlier than in 
his later years. In his own consciousness he was ever 
within temple gates and on holy ground. While en- 
gaged in artisan pursuits or tilling the soil he lived in 
a world all his own, holding converse with the great 
men of the past, or meditating themes propounded 
by the leaders of modern opinion. Poetry, painting 
and sculpture opened vistas of thought and sources 
of knowledge that enabled him to pursue studies 
under most disparaging circumstances. While living 
in an ideal world his vision was not closed to the 
duties of the ever living present, for his heart ever 
beat warmly in behalf of humanity. In earlier days 
when to espouse the Abolition Movement, the Tem- 
perance Reform, and other philanthropic activities 


was to be branded as a come-outer ; but none the 
less did our friend lend sympathy and co-operation, 
for duty urged, with compeUing force, enrollment 
among the v^anguards of social and political progress. 
In behalf of truth and right he was content to stand 
where God and conscience had prepared the way. 
But with this earnest boldness in the right, one saw 
blended a meekness and gentleness rarely witnessed 
among men. 

There was one characteristic — nay we may call it 
the guiding star of his destiny — Aspiration. Never 
content with past achievement, a laudible ambition 
inspired to redoubled progress. In the midst of a 
useful career the life endeared to so many was sud- 
denly cut short. Why, we cannot discern. But in the 
spirit of the larger hope begotten of Christ, we are 
assured that every one who goes from us to the world 
of light goes holding an invisible chain of love by 
which to draw us there. Beyond the storms and dark- 
ness of mortality ; beyond this mysterious drama of 
sin, disappointment, toil, privation, sorrow and the 
grave, we behold the transporting scenes of that spirit 
land, destined to be the final inheritance of all the 
countless millions who have been, or will yet be, 
created subject to misery and death here, that they 
may be trained up for the more exquisite enjoyment 
of God hereafter. 

The soul has been called into existence to soar up- 
wards when the body goes back to its original ele- 
ments, to span unlimited space and measure endless 
ages, to travel the broad and boundless of a destiny 


that has no end. The broken purposes that fail on 
earth are carried out hereafter, and the worn, shat- 
tered banner of humanity, torn and drooping here. 
is planted again hereafter upon a happier shore. 

••To Heaven is gathered one by one. 
In its capacious breast, 
All that is pure and permanent 
And beautiful and blest. 

'• The family is scattered yet, 

Though of one home and heart : 
Part militant in earthly gloom. 
In heavenly glory part. 

■• But who can speak the rapture when 
The number is complete ; 
And all the children sundered now 
Around one Father meet.' 

'■ One fold, one Shepherd, one employ; 
One everlasting home. 
Our Father's house, from whose dear rest 
No wanderer e'er shall roam." 


William SouTHWICK^ (Theophilus', Daniel', 
La^vrence^ DanieP, Lawrence'), son of Theophilus 
and Anna (Remington), born June 4, 1786, died Jul}- 
19, 1828. Married first, Rebecca Bowditch, of Reho- 
both, Mass., tiled May 23, 1816, aged 29 years; sec- 
ond, Abiah Trask, Jan. 21, 1823. He was a tanner 
at Mendon, Mass. One child : 

1188. Anna Remingion', born Jan. 21, 1813; married, March 11, 
1S32. Thurber Warfield Hill, born Dec. 12, 1802, died Nov. 
15. 1876, at Woonsockett, R. I., was a stone mason. They 
lived in Woonsockett. R. I. 

25s the southwick genealogv. 
In Memoriam. 

By Rev. Nathan S. Hill. 

Mrs. Rebecca Bowditch Southwick, wife of 
William Southwick, passed from things visible to 
things invisible, May 23, 18 16, aged 29 years. 

An intimate friend at the time of her decease, tes- 
tified as follows: — "The premature death of this es- 
timable lady, is a subject of deep affliction to her 
family and friends. She died with animated hopes 
of a happy futurity." 

When the earthly setting of a human life is removed 
from sight, we treasure all that made existence desir- 
able or happy. Although our friend had scarcely 
reached the number of years allotted to a generation ; 
yet the quality was of the highest order. To a mind 
imusually bright and active, there were added moral 
qualities and personal beauty that enhanced the value 
of her life. Keenness and vivacity, were prominent 
qualities, while in the domain of the higher life there 
was an innate consciousness of spiritual virtues. In- 
sight and outsight ever witnessed the bright side of 
things and referred the guidance of life and' the des- 
tiny of man to the Eternal Goodness. Living in such 
an atmosphere, departure from this world in unfolding 
womanhood was welcomed as the angel of God sent 
for beneficient purposes. The immediate cause 
of her demise was owing to a pestilential fever that 
devastated nearly every household of the neighbor- 
hood and which she contracted in faithful performance 
of Christian duty at the bed-side of the sick and dy- 



ing. When prostrated, the faith that had served in 
the active sphere of life was all-sufficient and brought 
its exceeding great reward — the open vision and the 
company of the dear departed. With yearning love 
did she await the dissolution of the earthly taber- 
nacle, and so impressed beholders as to produce the 
conviction that what we call death is not the end but 
the glory of going on. 

•'God giveth quietness at last! 
The common way once more is passed 
From pleading tears and lingerings fond 
To fuller life and love beyond. 

•' What to shut eyes hath God revealed? 
What hear the ears that death has sealed.'' 
What undreamed beauty passing show 
Requites the loss of all we know.^ 

■' O silent land to which we move ! 
Enough if then alone we love. 
And mortal need can ne'er outgrow 
What it is wanting to bestow. 

•' O pure soul! from that far-off shore 
Float some sweet song the waters o'er : 
Our faith confirm, our fears dispel, 
With the dear voice we love so well." 


Daniel Southwick', (Theophilus*, Daniel', Law- 
rence^ DanieP, Lawrence'), son of Theophilus and 
Anna (Remington), born Aug. 17, 1792; married, 
Feb. 14, 1822, Lucinda Brown, daughter of Josiah 
and Mary, born June 3, 1795, at Webster, Mass., died 
Feb. 9, 1874. He is living (Nov. 1881) at Farnams- 
ville, Mass. Children: 


1189. Hannah Westcoat'', born July ti, 1823, died March 4, 1826. 

1 190. Mary Joj', born Dec. 14, 1824; married Edward Foster 
Dyer, Aug. 22, 1849. 

1191. Daniel William^, born Nov. 16, 1S26; married Susan 
Thayer, Feb. 6, 1849. He was a contractor and builder. 

1 192. Susan Maria', born Sept. 19, 1828; married Francis N. 
Hall, Oct. I, 1850. 


Lucy SoUTHWICK^ (Theophilus*, Danier, Law- 
rence^, Daniel*, Lawrence'), daughter of Theophilus 
and Anna (Remington), born March 8, 1789, died 
July 19, 1873. Married Parley Brown, born Sept. 24, 
1789, in Killingly, Conn. Children: 

1193. Theophilus S.', born June 7, 1812, in Mendon, Mass. 

1194. Marbra S.', born July 28, 1813, in Smithfield, R. I.; mar- 
ried, in Douglass, Mass., Jan. 29, 1838, Rev. Isaac Dunham, 
of Bridgewater, Mass. 

1195. Mary Ann', born Oct. 22, 1814, in Smithfield, R. I.; mar- 
ried Foster H. Staftbrd, 1839. He is a cotton manufacturer. 

1 196. Josiah', born July 10, 1816, in Smithfield, R. I., died July 

1875. Married Harriet W. Morse, Feb. 14, 1S39. He was 
a civil engineer, in Fall River, Mass. 

1197. Parley Jr.', born Sept. 27, 1818, in Smithfield, R. I.; mar- 
ried Elizabeth Howard Brown. 

1198. Lucinda', born Dec. 15, 1820, in Douglass, Mass., died Aug. 
1845. Married, Dec. 2, 1841, Alexander Robbins, at Dennis, 
Mass., was a master mariner. 

1 199. Milla Cole', born Jan. 14, 1822, at Douglass, Mass.; mar- 
ried first. May 19, 1842, George W. Taft, died Nov. 6, 1845 ; 
second, Sept. 26, 1852, Rufus J. Staftbrd, died Feb. 7, 1864. 

1200. Deborah C, born May 24, 1825, in Douglass, Mass., died 
Nov. 5, 1844. Married Joshua W. Morse, March 21, 1844. 

1201. Sanford', born May 21, 1828, in Douglass, Mass. 

1202. Corintha', born Jan. 31, 1831, in Douglass, Mass., died June 
21, 1857. Married Freeman Fuller, Oct. 3, 1852. 



Philip R. SouTHWICK^* (Edward', Joseph', Law- 
rence^ Daniel^, Lawrence*), son of Edward and Abi- 
gail (Rowell), born July 13, 1808, died Feb. 15, 1873. 
Married Amelia Dexter. He was a tanner. Chil- 
dren : 

1203. Emma D.'', born April 5, 1834. She was in the hospitals of 
the Army of the Potomac through the war of the Rebellion, 
Had the log cabin at the Centennial, at Philadelphia, 1876; 
has travelled nearly all over Europe, Egypt, Palestine and 
Jerusalem, and wrote letters of her travels for the Boston 


1204. Edward', born Jan. i, 1836, resides in New York city. 

1205. Elizabeth R.', born April 8, 1838; married John Abbott, of 

1206. Joseph', born Aug. 6, 1841 ; married Mary Bean, of Lowell, 


1207. Philip', born Sept. 8, ■ -, died young. 

1208. Abby', born Feb. 24, 1844; married Rev. Mr. Young. 
£209. Jacob', born March 25, 1849; married. 


Joseph SouTHWICK^ (Edward', Joseph', Law- 
rence^, Daniel^ Lawrence'), son of Edward and Abi- 
gail (Rowell), born Sept. ii, 1791, died May 10, 
1866. Married, Oct. i, 181 8, Thankful Hussey, of 
Portland, Me. He was a tanner. Children : 

1210. Abigail', born Sept. 17, 1819; married, Feb. i, 1859, J. H. 
Stephenson, of Newton. 

1211. Sarah H.', born March 3, 1821. 

1212. Anna R.', born April 6, 1823. 

Thankful Southwick, widow of Joseph South- 

* See page 64. 


wick, died on the 29th of April, at her residence in 
Grantville, Mass., in the 75th year of her age. 

All survivors of the old abolition band will remem- 
ber her as one of the very earliest, the noblest, and 
the most faithful of that small army of moral combat- 
ants who fought so bravely and perserveringly for the 
deliverance of the downtrodden. Mrs. Southwick 
was born and educated in the Society of Friends, and 
to their calmness of demeanor she added indomitable 
persistance in the path of duty. 

One of the most exciting affairs that ever occurred 
in Boston was known as the Baltimore Slave Case. 
Two girls had escaped in a Boston vessel, and when 
about to be carried back, were brought out by a writ 
of habeas corpus. All Boston was in a ferment, for 
and against the fugitives. The commercial world were 
determined that this Southern property should be re- 
stored to the white claimants, and the abolitionists 
were determined that this Southern property should 
be restored to the white claimants, and the abolitionists 
were determined that it should remain in the posses- 
sion of the original owners, until a "bill of sale from 
the Almighty" could be produced. The well-known 
" Father Snowdon" was then alive, and by his vigi- 
lance and ingenious arrangements, efficiently aided 
by Mrs. Southwick, the slaves were, at a given signal, 
spirited away from the crowded court-room, and con- 
veyed out of the city. The agent of the slaveholders 
happened to be standing near Mrs. Southwick, and 
while he was gazing in astonishment at the empty 
space where the fugitives had been an instant before, 


she turned her large gray eyes upon him, and said 
very calmly, "Thy prey hath escaped thee." 

Wherever working or thinking was to be done for 
the advancement of our righteous cause, there was 
Thankful Southwick, ever ready with wise counsel 
and energetic action. She and her excellent husband 
were among the very first to sustain Garrison in his 
unequal contest with the strong Goliah of slavery. 
At that time they were in affluent circumstances, and 
their money was poured forth freely for the unpopu- 
lar cause, which had as yet found no adherents among 
the rich. Their commodious and every-way com- 
fortable house was a caravansary for fugitive slaves 
and for anti-slavery pilgrims from all parts of the 
country. At the anniversary meetings, when most of 
the city abolitionists were anxious to have for their 
guests Friend Whittier, or Angelina Grimke, or Theo- 
dore Weld, or Hon. Mr. Birney, or George Thompson, 
or some other lions of the cause, Joseph and Thank- 
ful Southwick were quietly looking about for such 
anti-slavery brothers and sisters as were too little 
known to be likely to receive invitations. And 
through all their long and honorable lives this worth}- 
couple retained the same characteristics. Always 
kindly and unpretending, clear-sighted to perceive 
the right, and faithful in following it, wheresoever it 
might lead. They were upright in all their dealings 
with the world, tender and true in the relations of 
private life, and the memory they have left is a ben- 
ediction. — Lydia Maria Child, in Anti-Slavery Stand- 



Eliza S0UTHWICK^ (Edward", Joseph\ Lawrence^ 
DanieP, Lawrence'), daughter of Edward and Abigail 
(Rowell), born March 21, 1793; married Sept. 7, 
1816, Samuel Philbrick, of Brookline, Mass. Chil- 
dren : 

1213. Anna R.', born Nov. 9, 1S21 ; married Capt. Stephen De- 

i:;i4. Edward S.', born Nov. 20, 1S27 ; married Helen Winsor, 
Sept., 1S57. 

1215. William D.', born Julj 24, 1S34; married Mary Staigg 
Sept. 8, 1863. 

Children of Stephen and Anna Decatur: 

1 2 16. Maria-. Married Capt. Mayo, of Norfolk, Va. 

1 217. William Beverly**. 


Jacob SoUTHWICK^ (Edward^ Joseph^ Lawrence', 
DanieP, Lawrence"), son of Edward and Abigail 
(Rowell), born Oct. 24, 1795, died Feb. 7, 1851, at 
Vassalboro, Me. Married Mary Wayne, of Vassalboro, 
Me. He was a tanner. Children : 

1218. Edward W.^, born 1823, died 1844. 

1219. Eliza W.', born 1825; married N. Longfellow. 

1220. Maria'', born 1827; married Alfred Coburn, of Maine. 

1221. Ellen^, born 1829; married T. Lang, of Vassalboro, Me. 

1222. Margaret^, born 1831 ; married Wales Stockbridge. 

1223. George^, deceased. 


Edward SoUTHWICK^ (Edward\ Joseph^ Law- 
rence', Daniel", Lawrence'), son of Edward and 


Abigail (Rowell), born Aug. 30, 1798, died Nov. 5, 
1840, at Augusta, Me. Married first, Margaret Tap- 
pan, no children ; second, Mary Snell, of Augusta, 
Maine. He was a doctor. Children: 

1224. Caroline'^, died young. 

1225. Eliza Snell'. Married Dr. John Dean, of Boston, Mass. 

1226. Charles", died at 9 years of age. 


George S0UTHWICK^ (David', Lawrence', Law- 
rence^, DanieP, Lawrence'), son of David and Eliza- 
beth (Sweet), born April 10, 1789, in Berlin, Mass., 
died May 14, 1832, moved to Upper Canada about 
18 18. Married, Dec. 13, 181 5. Paulina Howard, 
died Aug. 10, 1864. Children: 

1227. Mary Ann', born Nov. 13. iSi6; married, April 6, 1835, 
John Treffry. 

1228. Henry', born June 12, 181S; married, Sept. 11. 1842, Julia 
Ann McAvoy. 

1229. Caroline Elizabeth', died Oct. 14, 1S78. Married Wm. E. 
Austin, died May 15, 1879, ^o children. 

1230. Augusta Melvina', born Aug. 18, 1828; married Oct. 12, 
1851, John Marshall. 


Daniel Southwick", (David', Lawrence', Law- 
rence^, Danief, Lawrence'), son of David and Eliza- 
beth (Sweet), born June 2, 1793, died Sept. 3, 1866, 
moved to Upper Canada about 18 18. Married, Sept., 
1824, Jerusha McCloud, died Nov. 15,1844. Children: 

1231. Caroline', born Oct. 25, 1825; married Thomas G. Thom- 


123J. Jonathan', born Nov. 17, 1827, started for Calitbrniain 1851. 
was .sick at Panama, nothing authentic heard since. 

1233. David', born Jan. 12, 1829; married Jane Caruthers, Feb- 
22, 1852. 

1234. Elizabeth', born June 30, 1831 ; married Matthew Young. 

1235. Sarah A.', born Nov. 4, 1833. 

1236. Daniel', born Oct. 31. 1836; married Christian Link. 
i236«. Marv', born Oct. 19. 1838, married Marcus Kensella. 


Elish.\ Southwick®, (David*, Lawrence\ Law- 
rence\ Da^iel^ Lawrence'), son of David and Eliza- 
beth (Sweet), born March 13, 1795, died Aug. 13, 
1830. Married Lydia Houghton, born March 20. 
1803, died Sept. 20, 1852. Children: 

1237. Earl', born Jul J 23, 1822 ; in March 1S37 he changed his name 
to George Houghton. He is a large shoe manufacturer at 
Hudson, Mass. 

1238. Sarah', born April 28, 1825, died May 6. 1853. Married 

Williams, Sept. 20. 1841, one child living. Freeman. 

born Dec. 9, 1846. 

1239. Abel', born March 4. 1826, died Aug. 5, 1847. 


Eliz.\BETH S(JUTHWI(•K^ (David", Lawrence,' Law- 
rence^ Daniel', Lawrence'), daughter of David and 
Elizabeth (Sweet), born Jan. ii, 1791; married 
Henry Powers, Dec. 6, 18 10. Children: 

1240. Hannah', born Sept. 5, i8i i. died June. 1846. 

1241. Henry', born Nov. 28, 1S13, died Oct. 30, 1S35. murdered 
at Grafton. Mass. 

1242. Tamson', born March 3, 1820, died Feb. 26, 1845. 

1243. Elizabeth', born May 23, 1826. died May, 1846. 

1244. Mary', born Feb. 9, 1828. 



Henry Powers, Jr., son of Henry and Elizabeth 
(Southwick),was born Nov. 28, 18 13. He was tall and 
well-formed and a very fine looking man. He was 
working for a Mrs. Haden (widow), who lived on 
George Hill, at Grafton, Worcester Co., Mass. Mrs. 
Haden and family esteemed Henry very highly. 
There lived near Mrs. Haden's, a Mr. Brooks, a shoe- 
maker, a very quarrelsome, meddlesome man ; his 
boys were in the habit of stealing Mrs. Haden's fruit, 
and Brooks accused Powers of throwing apples at his 
boys when they were trespassing, but it was proven 
in court that it was not Powers that threw apples at 
the boys. 

Brooks went to Mrs. Haden's, Oct. 30, 1835, and 
told Henry Powers that he had come to have a 
settlement ; Powers told him he had nothing to settle ; 
further conversation followed and Brooks attempted 
to enter the barn, when Mr. Powers pushed him out 
and told him to go home. Mrs. Haden knowing that 
Brooks was about the barn, went and told him she 
wished he would go home. She told Powers that he 
had better come to the house as soon as he had fin- 
ished the job which he was at, which was painting a 
plough. Powers started for the house, which was on 
the opposite side of the road from the barn, and it 
was the testimony of those who saw the whole tran- 
saction that Powers passed Brooks quietly, not dream- 
ing of Brook's murderous intent, but just as Powers 
passed Brooks, the latter struck a back-handed blow 
with a knife which he held in his hand behind him ; 
the knife entered Power's neck under the ear. Powers 


turned towards Brooks and putting up his arms said, 
"pray do not use a knife," but Brooks continued his 
blows, stabbing him in the breast and arms. Powers 
then started and walked a few steps towards the house. 
Brooks followed and stabbed him twice in the back of 
the neck. Powers stepped a few steps and fell, and as 
he fell Brooks stepped up to him and kicked him and 
said, " Damn you, if you have not got enough I will give 
you more." Mrs. Haden and her daughters and 
three or four others witnessed the whole transaction. 
Mrs. Haden rushed to his assistance, but he breathed 
only once or twice after she reached him. The doc- 
tors who examined his wounds stated that there were 
five wounds, either one of which would have proved 
fatal. Brooks helped carry him into the house and 
then went home and told his wife he had killed Pow- 
ers ; she replied, "I begged of you not to carry a 
knife." The men who worked in the shop with Brooks 
knew he intended to have a fight with Powers, and 
were out on an eminence to witness the affair. 

He had ground a shoe knife for the purpose, grind- 
ing the back as well as front. Powers was a ver}' 
powerful man and Brooks was a very small man, and 
if Powers had known of his intentions he could easil}' 
have defended himself, and if he wanted to fight 
could have whipped three like Brooks. Powers was 
a member of the Society of Friends, and was at a 
friend's house at Northbridge, only the Sunday be- 
fore, and the subject of fighting came up, and Powers 
stated that he scorned fighting and that he would 
sooner run than fight. His body was brought to his 


father's in Berlin, and the funeral was at the Friend's 
meeting house in Bolton, the next day. His father 
made a most impressive prayer ; he prayed for his 
son's murderer and hoped the government would be 
lenient and show him mercy ; prayed that he might 
not be executed ; there was hardly a dry eye in the 
vast audience. Brooks was arrested, tried and sen- 
tenced to six years in the state prison. He served 
but four years of the six and was pardoned out. 
Brooks had shot a man previous to this murder. He 
was out hunting with another man and they saw a squir- 
rel. His companion was about to shoot the squirrel 
when Brooks told him not to fire as he wanted to 
shoot it. His companion shot the squirrel and 
Brooks shot at him : the shot passed through his side, 
but as the man was not killed there was nothing done 
about it. 

When Henry Powers was killed, the family consis- 
ted of father, mother, brother and four sisters. Five 
months after, the mother mourned herself to death ; 
seven years after the father died and ten years after 
one sister died ; and eleven years from Henry Power's 
death, two more of the sisters died, leaving the young- 
est sister a remnant of a once happy family. 


David Southwick, Jr.^ (David", Lawrence^ 
Lawrence^ DanieP, Lawrence'), son of David and 
Elizabeth (Sweet), born Jan. 11, 1787, died April 26, 
1826. Married, May 8, 1808, Polly Cooledge. He 


was killed at Bolton Lime Kilns while blasting lime- 
stone. Children : 

1245. Elizabeth', born Jan. 10, 1809, died Jan. 27, 1809. 

1246. AbigaiP, born Jan. 16, 1810, died Nov. 17, 181 1. 

1247. Silas Franklin'', born March 30, 1812, died Aug. 24, 1S54. 

1248. Thomas Osburn', born Dec. 30, 1815, had his name changed 
to Ai Roe. 

1249 Edmond Blood', born Feb. 8, 1818. 

1250. Henry Lorenzo', born April 22, 1820, died May 7, 1851. 

1251. Abigail Elmira', born Jan. 27, 1822; married George F. 

1252. Jane Elizabeth', born May 14, 1824. 

1253. Electra Wilder', born Oct. 12, 1826; married, Sept. 8, 1846, 

Lyman Balcomb. 


Stephen Sweet SouTHWICK^ (David", Lawrence', 
Lawrence\ Daniel^ Lawrence'), son of David and 
Elizabeth (Sweet), born July 12, 1781, died June 28, 
1849. Married Oct. 28, 1806, Mary Wheeler. Chil- 
dren : 

1254. Milton', born July 26, 1807, died July 26, 1807. 

1255. Sj'lvester', born Jan. 25, 1811, died June 29, 1812. 

1256. Miriam', born Oct. 29, 1812. 

1257. Pliny', born Dec. 5, 1814, died July 18, 1816. 

1258. Willard', born April 7, 1817, died Feb. 22, 1877. Married, 
April 5, i860, Sarah Frye. 

1259. Daniel', born June 18, 1819, died June 29, 1S34. 

1260. Pliny Buffum', born Sept. 7, 1821 ; married first, Oct. 3, 
1850, Mary J. Hartwell ; second, Julia E. Smith Burrill. 

1261. George Morrill', born June 25, 1S24, died March 5, 1846. 

1262. Stephen Hanson', born March 9, 1827, died Dec. 30, 1S60. 

1263. Jonathan David', born April 29, 1831 ; married, Nov. 29, 

1855, Jerusha King. 


Mary S0UTHWiCK'',( David', Lawrence', Lawrence", 


Daniel, Lawrence'), daughter of David and Elizabeth 
(Sweet), born Oct. 27, 1798; married, Nov. 5, 1819, 
Timothy Varney, of Kennebunk, Me. Children: 

1264. Elizabeth', born June i, 1821. 

1265. Lydia', born April 5, 1S27. 

1266. George", born Dec. 20, 1836. 

1267. Isaac", born July 19, 1S39. 


Philadelphia Southwick', (John', Jonathan\ 
DanieP, DanieP, Lawrence'), daughter of John and 
Chloe A. (Bartlett), born April 5, 1770, died Sept. 
9, 1845. Married, Sept. 19, 1790, Paschal Cook, born 
May 30, 1764. She was the first to agitate the cause 
of temperance in this country and originated the first 
association and pledge, obtaining twelve signatures — 
she visited the Governor of Massachusetts, the Presi- 
dent of the United States and many others, endeavor- 
ing to enlist them in the cause. Children; 

1268. George'. Married Chloe Emerson. 

1269. Lucv", unmarried. 

1270. Philadelphia', born June 17, 1803, died Nov. 26, 1859. 
Married Jabez Green, he was a mechanic and farmer and 
lived at Lyons, Wayne Co., N.Y. , and at Pike. Wyoming 

1271. Joseph Bartlett'. Married Thankful Benson. March 22. 


"Honor To Whom Honor Is Due." 

I have been for a long time desirous that the pub- 
lic might be made acquainted with certain acts in the 
life of Philadelphia (Southwick) Cook, a lady now 


about 73 years of age, residing at Millville, Worces- 
ter Co., Mass. However unassuming may be her 
pretensions and however little she may be at present 
known to fame, it is the opinion of the writer of this, 
that she, more than any other person, is entitled to the 
honor of having given the first impulse to the cause 
of temperance in this country. 

It was in the year 1 822, now twenty years ago, when 
the evil of intemperance overshadowed this land 
as a deep darkness ; when the fumes of alcohol arose 
alike from the sideboards of the affluent and the 
cupboards of the indigent ; when he who drank was 
honored, and he who refrained was ridiculed ; when 
the wise and the good of the land looked upon the 
scene around them without being sensible of the 
magnitude of the evil, or despaired of doing any- 
thing to stop its devastating course. It was at this pe- 
riod that the subject of this article, unaided and 
unfriended, steps forth as a bold and fearless champion 
in the cause of total abstinence ; but at that early day 
she boldly assumed the ground now advocated by 
the more ardent and active in the cause, her motto 
then was "Touch not, taste not," and so firm, so de- 
cided, so zealous was she, that many thought her not 
in her right mind. She was unceasing in her efforts ; 
she wrote, she travelled, she talked, she warned, ex- 
horted, entreated and prayed ; she visited from house 
to house, and from village to village, urging all whom 
she could induce to listen, to refrain from the use of 
intoxicating drinks, or, as she was in the habit of 
calling it, "the liquid fire." But what renders her 


course the more remarkable and praiseworth)' is, that 
she was not in a situation to command money to pa}- 
her expenses in her travels on these errands of mercy, 
but had to labor by the day at the trade of a tailoress, 
at small wages, in order to earn a little money for 
the above purpose, and when she had thus accumu- 
lated a small sum, she would immediately go forth 
to battle in the cause. She succeeded at an^ early 
day in forming a society in her own neighborhood, 
consisting of a few females, but she plainly saw that 
in order to accomplish any great good it was neces- 
ary to enlist the wise, the philanthropic and influential 
of the land. 

For this purpose she visited the venerable Moses 
Brown at Providence. He acknowledged the evil 
and deplored it, but despaired of doing anything to 
stop its devastating progress. She also visited Gover- 
nor Fenner, but met with little encouragement except 
kind words and wishes. She next visited Boston and 
Quincy, and called on John Quincy Adams, then presi- 
dent of the United States, who was on a visit to his 
native town. In listening to her account of her visit 
to that remarkable man, I was strongly impressed 
with the candor, meekness and simplicity which he ob- 
served in the interview. Mrs. Cook remarked that 
he received her very kindly and listened attentiveh', 
remarking in reply that he did not agree with her 
fully, that he had been in the habit of occasional!)- 
drinking wine, and he had observed no bad effects 
from it. She rejoined, urging the influence of his 
example, etc., and concluded by saying "I advise 


thee to leave it ofif entirely." He thanked her, and 
upon her taking leave, he assured her that he would 
take the subject into serious consideration. She vis- 
ited many other persons of influence, such as ministers 
of the Gospel, and urged the importance of tlie sub- 
ject and entreated them to preach upon it. Her 
efforts apparently met with little success, nor was 
there any cause for a less sanguine mind than hers 
to hope for any great good from these efforts until 
about four years after she commenced, when she re- 
ceived from Boston the first copy of a temperance 
newspaper called the National Philantkropist, which 
had been established by an association of a few gen- 
tleman in that city. Upon receiving this paper she 
remarked that if the joy of Columbus at the first 
sight of land in the new world after his many trials, 
fatigues and disappointments was great, it surely was 
not greater than hers at this first dawning of a glorious 
light upon the temperance cause. Of course we can- 
not at this time determine precisely how much the 
world is indebted to this woman for the glorious re- 
sults of the cause of temperance, but we think we may 
safely conclude, when we recall her visits to a Brown, 
an Adams and a Fenner, and many others, the influ- 
ential and the philanthropic of the country, that to 
her more than any other person are we all indebted 
for giving \\\& first impulse to this glorious undertak- 
ing, and that she is entitled to the thanks and gratitude 
of every well wisher to mankind. Mrs. Cook has 
now resting upon her the weight of seventy-three 
winters, and although she has undergone many hard- 


ships, much laborious toil and anxiety of mind, many 
thanks for the blessings of a temperate life, her mind 
is as clear and unclouded and her nerves as steady as 
when she first unfurled the banner of "Total absti- 
nence" and steps forth single handed to battle against 
the hosts of the army of King Alcohol. Long may 
she live and long may she be enabled to continue her 
warfare in that glorious cause, even till every vestige 
of drunkeness and inebriety is banished from our 
land. Hoping she may meet whenever she goes 
(what is more highly to be prized than gold or silver) 
the welcome of " well done, good and faithful servant," 
and that meed of applause which always attends on 
virtuous and philanthropic exertions, is the sincere 
hope and desire of 

P. S. Thayer. 
Millville, Oct. 8, 1842. 


Daniel B. SouTHWICK^ (John', Jonathan*, DanieP, 
Danie^^ Lawrence'), son of John and Chloe A. (Bart- 
lett), born Nov. 1 1, 179 1, died April 29, 187 1. Mar- 
ried, Sept. I, 1 8 19, Hannah Smith, daughter of 
Samuel and Hannah, born Aug. 6, 1798, died May 
16, 1878. He was a farmer. Children: 

1272. x\manda Malvina", born Oct. 16, 1820; married, Feb. 2. 

1837, George Southwick, died Sept. 2, 1838. 

1273. Cliloe Bartlett", born March 24, 1827; married Orrin Sar- 
gent, April 5, 1846. 

1274. James Comstock', born Dec. 12, 1824; married Elizabeth 

Holbrook. Sept. 18, 1845. 


1275. Catharine Q?, born Nov. 10, 1826; married Seth T. Aldrich. 
Nov. 16, 1850. 

1276. Hannaii Smith', born April 30, 1828; married William P. 
Holder, Apiil 16, 1850. 

1277. Mary Martha', born Nov. 8, 1830; married, Aug. 10. 1864. 

Henry Babcock, died March 8, 1868. 
127S. Lydia Anna', born Feb. 19, 1836; married Dr. George Bill- 


Enoch SoUTHWICK^ (John', Jonathan', Daniel", 
Daniel, Lawrence'), son of John and Chloe A. (Bart- 
lett), born June 7, 1776, died Dec. 5, 1864. Married, 
Dec. 10, 1800, Wait Arnold, daughter of EHsha Ar- 
nold, of Leicester, Mass., born Nov. 12, 1780, died 
Sept. 16, 1859. He was a farmer at Uxbridge, Mass. 
Children : 

I278«. Lydia', born Sept. 10, 1801, died Nov. 27, 1S22. Unmarried. 

1279. Elisha Arnold', born May 31, 1805; married, July, 1831, 

Athaline Inman, at Smithfield monthly meeting, R. I. 
He was a wheelwright, and settled at Uxbridge, Mass. 

1280. Israel Mowry', born Aug. 22, 1809; married Lucy H. 
Sayles, June3, 1840. He is a machinist, lives at Uxbridge. 

1281. Thomas Mussey', born March 9, 1812 : married Lavina 


1282. Joseph Bartlett', Nov. 7, 1813, died Dec. 24. 1879. Unmar- 



George SoUTHWICK^ (John', John\ John'', John'. 
Lawrence'), son of John 3d and Eunice, born 1750, 
was killed at the battle of Lexington, April 19, 1775. 
Married Hephzibah Burrill, July 9, 1769. Children: 



1283. Hephzibah', born Feb. 18, 1770. 

1284. Lydia'. born June 5, 1771. 

1285. George 4th^, born June 3, 1773, died Jan. 7. 1846. 

1256. Joseph', born April 21, 1775; not mentioned in grandfather 
John's will, 1785. 


Eber Southwick", John', Jonathan*, Daniel', Dan- 
iel, Lawrence' ) , son of John and Chloe A. ( Bartlett) , 
born Nov. 27, 1768, died Nov. 5, 1856. Married 
first, Marcy Cass, born 1772, died April 17, 18 14, 
aged 42 years; second, Freelove Usher, born 1794, 
died Aug. 9, 1844. Children: 

1257. Ebenezer Cass', born Dec. 3, 1803; married Sarah Ann 

1288. Eber Bartlett', born Oct. 15, 1806, died May 30, 1812. 

1289. William Riley', born May 25, 1809, died April 22, 1814. 

1290. George Stanford', born Feb. 28, 1813 ; married Maria Morse. 
Second wife, Freelove Usher. One child : 

1291. Diana', born June 3. 1815, died Oct. 23, 1838. Married 

Emer Smith. 


Lucy S0UTHWICK^ (John', Jonathan*, DanieP, 
Daniel", Lawrence'), daughter of John and Chloe A. 
(Bartlett), born April 22, 1767, died Dec. 17, 1805. 
Married, Dec. 5, 1787, David Green, of Uxbridge, 
Mass. Children : 

1292. Mary', born 17S6. Married Joseph Holden, of Bolton. 

1293. Jabez', born Dec. 20, 1791, died Oct. 8, 1864. Married first, 

Nancy Brown, 1815 ; second, Philadelphia Cook, Sept. 30. 


1294. Hannah^, born 1798. 

1295. James'', born April 15, 1800; married Lo\ici Barton, of 
Chatham. N.Y. Thej had one child. Jannette. 


Elijah SoUTHWICK^ (Jonathan', Jonathan\ Dan- 
iel^. DanieP, Lawrence'), son of Jonathan and Judith 
(Mussey), born Nov. 6, 1768, died April 6, 185 i, at 
Lenox, Madison Co., N.Y., aged 83 years, 8 months. 
Married, about 1790, in Richmond, R.L, Ehzabcth 
Bentley, daughter of Gideon Bentley, of Point Judith, 
Washington Co., R. L, born Feb. 6, 1770, died Aug. 
6, 1843, at Oneida Lake Village, Madison Co., N.Y. 
Children : 

1296. Gideon Bentley^, born Sept. 8, 1791, died March 14. 1872. 
Married, Dec. 16. 1816, Hannah Ennis. born Dec. 22, 1789, 
died Jan. 14. 1868. 

1297. Mary', born 1793, died on Great Island in Salt Lake, South 

Kingston, R. I. Married Elias Carpenter. 
129S. Nathan'', born 1795 ; married Mary Kenyon of Point Judith, 
R. I., and settled at Newfield, Conn. 

1299. Daniel Champlin', born 1797. died of consumption at Point 
Judith, R. I. 

1300. Lyman', born 1799; married and settled in Florida. 

1301. Remington", born Jan. 8, 1805, at Richmond, R. I., died Oct. 
31, 1862, at Newport, R. I., with consumption. Married, 
April 14, 1827, Celinda Whitford, at South Kingsford, R. 1. 

1302. Hannah', born Aug. 22, 1S08, died July 18, 1844. Married, 
Sept. 20, 1827, Varnum Ennis. born Oct. 15, 1799, died 
Oct. 20, 1853. 

1303. Bradfoi'd', born 1812; married. 1836, Catharine Antonio 
De Medicis, at St. Augustine, Florida, born Nov. 12, 1814. 


Lavinia SoUTHWICK^ (John', Jonathan', Daniel", 
DanieP, Lawrence'), daughter of John and Chloe A. 
(Bartlett), born Jan. 26, 1786; married, Nov. 26, 



1827, Ellis Albee, of Uxbridge, Mass., was a farmer. 

«304. Laura Southwick', born May 16. 1829, died Jan. 25, 1847. 

3305. Ellis Albee, Jr.', born May. 1830; married. Nov. 24, 1853. 
Sarah J. Southwick, a teacher. They had three children, 
viz.: Louis Fremont, born Oct. 16. 1856; Percy Sumner, 
born Feb. 18, 1859, died Nov. 2, 1877; Everett Ellis, born 
Feb. 18, 1859: he and his brother Percy were twins. 

Lavinia S()L'TH\VK■K^ daughter of John and Chloc 
A. (Bartlett) Southwick, was born in Mendon, Mass., 
Jan. 26, 1786. She was noted for her strong mind, 
excellent judgement and strict adherence to princi- 
ples of right. She learned the tailor's trade of her 
brother-in-law, David Greene. After she completed 
her apprenticeship, she set up in business for herself, 
cutting, making and furnishing goods, emplo}ing man}' 
to work for her, havang taught twenty-seven girls the 
trade. She was very thorough, conscientious and 
prompt in her work. Her fame was not merely local, 
but extended through many towns, people coming 
from a great distance to employ her instead of those 
near by. Her peace principles were very firm ; when 
desired to put a pocket in some garments to carry a 
weapon of war, she utterly refused to do it. She suc- 
ceeded in her business beyond her expectations and 
continued in it until she was forty-one, when she 


John Southwick®, (John', Jonathan', DanieP, 
Daniel, Lawrence'), son of John and Chloe A. (Bart- 
lett), born Aug. 29, 177 1 , died July 12, 1857. Married 


first, Jan. 7, 1795, Anna Callum, born April 5, 1774. 
died April 3, 1825; second, Mary M. G. Bellmer. 
Children : 

1306. Smith Southwick". born Oct. 7, 1796, died Nov. 25, 1824. 

1 307. William Arnold", born April 17, 1797 ; married Betsey Gur- 
ney, 1817. 

130S. Oliver Bartlett', born March 19, 1799; married Marj O. 
Smith, Nov. 22, 1832. 

1309. Hannah Galium", born March i. 1801 ; married first, Phi- 
neas Underwood ; second, Jacob Aldrich, 1839. 

1310. John', born Nov. 5, 1804; married first. May 5, 1836, Harriet 

Walker, of Charlestown, Mass.. died 1840: second, Louisa 
Richardson, Jan. 15, 1843. 

131 1. Lucy Green', born Nov. 11, 1807; married Cyrus Barker. 

1312. Ann Galium', born March 16, 1810; married George F. 
Read, of Salem, Mass. 

1313. Abigail Bartlett', born Jan. 28, 1812 ; married, Jan. i, 1S35. 

Henry V. V. Blanchard, of Gharlestown, Mass. 

John lived at Charlestown, Mass., and was in the em- 
ploy of government at navy yard there, he bought 
and sold much property at Charlestown, from 1 802 to 
1 81 8, as per records of deeds and mortgages there 
as per " Wymans- Genealogies and estates of Charles- 
town, Mass.," he was also the proprietor of the only 
woollen factory ever in Charlestown, and did a pros- 
perous business until the war of 181 2 when he was 
obliged to abandon it on account of the war troubles. 


Amasa S0UTHWICK^ (John", Jonathan', DanieP. 
DanieP, Lawrence'), son of John and Chloe A. (Bart- 
lett,) born March 5, 1778, died at Uxbridge, Mass. 
Married, Nov. i, 1800, in Friend's Meeting House at 


Newport R.I.. Alice Chase, daughter of Peter and 
Hepzibah (Mitchell) Chase.* of Newport, R. I., born 
May 19, 1781, died 1874, aged about 94. Sept. 13, 
181 3, Alice (Chase) Southwick and three children 
received a certificate to go to Rhode Island monthl\' 
meeting. Children : 

1314. Eliza Ann', born at Uxbridge. Aug. S, iSoi ; married, Aug. 
8, i8i8, in Friend's meeting house. Osborn Mowrv. of 
Newpoi-t, R. I. 

1315. James", born at Uxbridge, March 19, 1S03. died Sept. 29. 

1878, at Southington, Ohio. 

1316. Hepzabeth", born at Uxbridge. Julv 19, 1807; married. Jan. 
19, 1835, Charles U. Wood, of Hadlej. Mass. 

1317. Amasa, Jr.'', born at New Lebanon. N.Y.. Nov. 2^. 1810. 
died July 19, 1825, at Pelham, Mass. 

1318. Peter', born at Newport, R. I., July 23, 1813, died Nov. 1. 
1851. at Palmer. Mass. Married Mary Boynton. of Palmer. 

1319. Gilbert', born at Pelham, Mass., May 24, 1822; married. 
Oct. 31, 1849, Alice M. Kellogg, at Amherst, Mass. 


George Southwick*, (John', Jonathan", Daniel^ 
DanieP, Lawrence'), son of John and Chloe A. (Bart- 
lett), born Feb. 28, 1784, died June 20, 1867. Mar- 
ried, Nov. 29, 1804, Sally Daniels, daughter of Moses 
and Abigail (Aldrich) Daniels, born Nov. 27. 1784, 
died Sept. 6, 1842. Children: 

1320. Moses Daniels', born July 9, 1805, died June 9, 1875. Mar- 
ried first, Adeline Fisher; second, Lorana Farnum. He 
was a doctor and highly esteemed at Millville. where he 
practised; he was a member of the Massachusetts Legisla- 

* Peter Chase came over from England in company with his 
brothers William and Aquilla. Peter and Hepzibah (Mitchell) 
Chase had two children, James and Alice. James died a bachelor. 


1321. Baruch A.', born March :;8, 1807, died July 16, 1871. Mar- 
ried. Nov. 6. 1S33. Marj Fowler, of Northbridge. He left 
three children in Illinois. 

1322. Mary Ann', bom Feb. 10, rSii ; manned Christopher Dan- 
iels, 1S39. 

1323. George B.', born Oct. 27, 1S13; married first, Amanda 
M. Southwick, Feb. 2, 1837; second, Marj Green, Aug. 
7, 1842. 

1324. Louisa", born June 10, 1816, died Aug. 18. 1816. 

1325. Andre', born Dec. 1,1817; married, Feb. 26, 1843, Betsev 
W. Taft, born Nov. 28, 181 5. 

1326. Maria Louise', born Oct. 8, 1824: married Davis Bills. 
July 17. 1858. No children. 

George Southwick, son of John and Chloe 
(Bartlett) Southwick, was born July 6, 1784. He 
was a man of good intellectual abilities, much above 
the average. He was fond of reading and always 
selected books to read which were written by first- 
class writers, he was a great admirer of the best Eng- 
lish poets and classical literature and consequently 
became a good critic, although very unpretentious. 
While a young man he taught school, he became a 
farmer and was a very industrious, prudent and pros- 
perous man, and was very much esteemed by those 
who knew him ; he was an honored member of the 
Society of Friends. 

Wait SoUTH\\TCK^ (John^ Jonathan\ Daniel"'. 
Daniel^, Lawrence'), daughter of John and Chloe A. 
(Bartlett), born Jan. i, 1782, died July 13, 1841. 
Married, Feb, 2, 1803, in Friend's Meeting, Savel 
Aldrich, a farmer, of Uxbridge, Mass. Children: 


1327. Lavinia Southwick', born Sept. 11, 1804, died Aug. 28. 
1S74. Married, Nov. 17, 182S, John A. Smith, a fanner of 
Uxbridge, Mass., they had three children, viz. : Albert", 
born 1832, died young; Albert S.**, born May 28, 1S34, died 
Dec. 5, 1854; Ellen S.®, born March 3, 1837, died Nov. 10. 
1S70. Albert S. Smith*, married, June 17, 1865. Marcilia 
Richardson, of Woonsocket, R. I., had three children, viz. : 
Elma C.^ born July 27, 1858; Katy ¥.», born May 2. i860; 
Mary C.^, born July 2, 1862. Ellen S. Smith*, married. May 
3, 1857, Levi S. Cook, of Mapleville, R. I., had two children, 
viz. : Garton^, born Feb. 15, 1S58; Martha M.", born Nov. 
20, 1862. Garton Cook', married, March 3. 1877, Katy 
Cooper, of Providence, R. I., had three children, viz. : 
Howard A. '°, born July 29. 1S7S; Albert S."^, born Aug. 30. 
1S79; Lulu S."^, born May 12, iSio, died aged 3 days. 

1328. Lucy Green', born Feb. 24, 1S06, died Aug. 30, 1856. 
Married Richard Henry. 

1329. Alvira Maria', born Sept. 16, 1S07, died Jan. 20, 1875. 
Married Josiah Fisher, had two children, viz. : Eldora*. 
born Sept. 10, 1865 : Ernest Savil*, born Oct. 24, 1S66. 


George South WICK^ (DanieP, Lawrence', Law- 
rence"*, DanieP, Lawrence'), son of Daniel and Jem- 
ima (Bartlett), born Feb. 14, 1800; married, 1827, 
Louisa Tenney, in Danby, Vt., deceased. He was a 
school teacher, at Collins, Erie Co., N.Y. Children : 

1330. Mary', born May 20, 1828; married Aug. 20, 1845. 

133 1. Aaron', born March 8, 1830. 

1332. Melissa', born Feb. 14, 1836. 

1333. Jacob', born Feb. 4, 1839; deceased. 

1334. Emma', born Feb. 21, 1S44; married Gilbert Mayo, Aug. 8. 

1335. Sarah', born May 26, 1S51 ; married Coburn Blake, Aug. 
29, 1869. 


Sarah SoUTHWICK^ (Daniel', Lawrence', Law- 


rence^, Danie^^ Lawrence'), daughter of Daniel and 
Jemima (Bartlett), born 1795; married, July 1814, 
Luther Colvin, deceased. Children : 

1336. Caleb', born probably in 1815; deceased. 

1337. Prussa'', born probably in 1817; deceased. 

1338. Benoni''', born probably in 1819; deceased. 

1339. Mary', born probably in 1821 ; deceased. 

1340. Henry', born probably in 1823 ; deceased. 

1341. Lydia', born probably in 1825. 

1342. Moses', born probably in 1827. 


Judith SouTHWICK^ (DanieP, Lawrence', Law- 
rence'\ DanieP, Lawrence'), daughter of Daniel and 
Jemima (Bartlett), born 1801 ; married John Roberts. 
Children : 


Susan Anna". Deceased. 




Jemima'. Deceased. 






Chloe'. Deceased 






Lydia SoUTHWICK^ (Daniel' Lawrence', Law- 
rence^ DanieP, Lawrence'), daughter of Daniel and 
Jemima (Bartlett), born 1807 ; married Calvin Hitch- 
cock, of Brant, N. Y. Children : 

135 1. George'. 

1352. Abigail'. Deceased. 

1353. Helen'. Deceased. 



Maria South WICK^ (DanieP, Lawrence*, Law- 
rence'\ DanieP, Lawrence'), daughter of Daniel and 
Jemima (Bartlett), born Jan. 9, 1809; married Austin 
Shaw. Children : 

1354. Emily'. 
1355- Harry'. 
1356. Edgar'. 


Patience SouTHWICK^ ( Daniel', Lawrence*, Law- 
rence^, DanieP, Lawrence'), daughter of Daniel and 
Jemima (Bartlett), born 1803; deceased. Married 
Ebenezer Holton, of Dorset, Vt., died 1833. Chil- 
dren : 

1357- Elijah'. 

1358. Plynn'. 

1359. Eliza'. 

1360. Lydia'. 

1361. Rachael'. 


Anna SouTHWICK^ (DanieP, Lawrence*, Law- 
rence^, DanieP, Lawrence'), daughter of Daniel and 
Jemima (Bartlett), born 1797; married David Clark; 
deceased. Children : 

1362. Abigail'. 

1363. Joseph'. Deceased. 

1364. Maria'. 

1365. Naomi'. 


Daniel SouTHWICK^ (Daniel*, Lawrence*, Law- 
rence^, DanieF, Lawrence'), son of Daniel and Jem- 


ima (Bartlett) ; married first, Nov. i6, 1853, Sally- 
Ann Fisk, and went to Brant N.Y. ; second, Dec. 24, 
1859, Lydia Sisson, of Oueensbury, Warren Co., N.Y. 
He was a farmer. One child : 

1366. Jemima". 


Jacob South WICK^ (DanieP, Lawrence', Law- 
rence'\ DanieP, Lawrence'), son of Daniel and Jem- 
ima (Bartlett), born May 20, 1820; married Mary 
A, Wealthy, Jan. 11, 1857. He settled on his father's 
homestead in Brant, N.Y. ; occupation, shoemaker, 
farmer, blacksmith and and carpenter. Children : 

1367. John D.'', born Dec. 3, 1857; deceased. 
136S. Phebe', born Jan. 18, i860. 

1369. George'', born Dec. 6, 1S62. 

1370. Alice O.', born Aug. 10, 1866. 

1371. Anna K.'', born Aug. i, 186S; deceased. 

1372. Anna M.', born April 9, 1870. 
1373- John D.'', born Dec. 10, 1879. 


Asa S0UTHWICK^ (DanieP, Lawrence', Lawrence^ 
Daniel, Lawrence'), son of Daniel and Jemima 
(Bartlett), born March 19, 1805; married, 1827, 
Sarah Tenney, of Danby, Vt., went to Brant, N. Y. 
He is a cheese manufacturer at Burbank, Wayne Co., 
Ohio. Children : 

1374. Artemas R.', born 1828; married Ann Widafield, 1850. 

1375. Clark S.', born 1831 ; not married, lives with Naomi. 

1376. Naomi^, born 1839; married Harrison Tajlor, 1862. 



Nathan South wick*, (Daniel*, Lawrence*, Law- 
rence^ DanieP, Lawrence'), son of Daniel and Jem- 
ima (Bartlett), born April 19, 1808, died Sept. 22, 
[867, killed by a falling tree. Married, Feb. 22. 
1832, Clarinda Hall. He was a farmer. Children: 

1377. Mercj Ann', born July 13, 1834. 
.1378. Melissa', born July 19, 1849. 


Mercy SoUTHWICK^ (George*, John', John^, John". 
Lawrence'), daughter of George and Sarah (Sitchell), 
born March 19, 1769, deceased. Married Joseph 
Brown. Children : 

1379. Betsej'. 

1380. John'. 
13S1. Daniel'. 

1382. Joseph Jr.' 

1383. George'. 

1384. Sarah or Sallej'. 

1385. Rebecca'. 

1386. Mercy'. 


Mary Southwick', (George", John', John-\ John", 
Lawrence'), daughter of George and Sarah (Sitchell), 
born June I 5, 1777 ; deceased. Married Robert Wil- 
son. Children : 

1387. Samuel'. 

1388. Mercy'. 



Cassandra South wick^, (Josiah', John\ DanieP, 
Danic^^ Lawrence*) daughter of Josiah and Elizabeth, 
born March 2, i/Si.died Dec. 25, 1819. Married, 
Oct. 29, 1812, Stephen Nichols,* son of John Nichols, 
born Aug. 15, 1770, died Dec. 17, 1846. Children: 

1389. George", born Jan. 12, 1814; married Lydia Horton. 

1390. Stephen', born Jan. 4, 1815, died Feb. i, 1828. aged 13 years. 

28 days. 

1391. Abigail Moulton'. born Oct. 9, 181 7. 


Arn()L1) Southwick", (Lemuel", Jonathan', Sam- 
ueP, John^ Lawrence'), son of Lemuel and Mary 
(Spencer), born June2,i8o2; married, Aug. 5, 1838, 
widow Sally Ellis, born Nov. 16, 181 7. He served -in 
the late war. They reside at East Valley, McKean 
Co., Pa. Children : 

1392. Philetus P.', born April 26, 1839; entered the army in 1862 
and was killed in the battle of the Wilderness, 1864. 

1393. Samuel G.', born Aug. 30, 1842; married Emma Rice. 1866. 

1394. John F.^born Oct. 8, 1858, died May 30, 1878. 


Lemuel Southwick*, (LemueP, Jonathan^ Sam- 

* Stephen Nichols man-ied for first wife, Jan. 28, 1798, Abigail 
Moulton, born Dec. 12, 1773, died Oct. 13, 1810. Children : John, 
born Nov. 25, 1798; Samuel, born Dec. 6. 1800, died Oct. 17, 
1856; Josiah Moulton, born Sspt. 25, 1804; David, born Aug. 
23, 1809. He married third wife, April 19, 1821, Mary Buxton, 
daughter of Henry and Eleanor, born Oct. 2. 1786. died Feb. 20. 
1865, aged 88 years. 

C2)a'0''i^^ ^i 


ueP, John^ Lawrence'), son of Lemuel and Man- 
(Spencer), died Sept. 1857, in Upper Sandusky, Ohio. 
Married Joanna Rice, died, 1863, at Big Island, Marion 
Co., Ohio. He served in the war of 181 2, his term of 
service altogether was 9 months. Children : 

1395. Alonzo', born June 7, 1S19; married Jane Van Warner. 

1396. Electa^, born Aug. 30, 1821 ; married Jones Cram. Nov. i. 


1397. Adaline', born Dec. 15, 1S22, died April 15. 1832. 

1398. Mary', born July 29, 1824. 

1399. Lemuel', born Aug. 9, 1826. 

1400. Elizabeth', born Feb. 22. 1828. 

1401. Lydia', born Jan. 13, 1830, died April 20, 1835- 

1402. Arnold', born Feb. 7, 1S32, died in the army. 

1403. Russel', born Sept. 22, 1833. 

1404. EzekieF, born Feb. 28, 1835. 
1405 David', born Sept. 29, 1836. 


Mary S0UTHWICK^ (Joseph^ Lawrence\ Law- 
rence^ DanieP, Lawrence'), daughter of Joseph and 
Ailse (Sayles), born July 15, 1787, at Mendon, died 
Aug. 26, 1872. Married, Feb. 28, 181 i, Daniel 
Farnum, at Uxbridge, son of David and Ruth (South- 
wick) Farnum, born Nov. 22, 1784, died Dec. 10, 
1879, aged 95 years, 18 days. He was a farmer at 
Northbridge, Mass. Children : 

1406. Jonathan Sayles', born Oct. 15. 1812. at Uxbridge. died July 

14, 1814. 

1407. Joseph Southwick', born Aug. 21. 1814, at Mendon, died 
Dec. 22, 1873, at Worcester. Mass. Married Lois N. Stod- 
dard, 1841. 

1408. Luke Southwick", born Jan. 20, 1817. at Mendon; married 
Chloe M. Taft, 1849. 


1409. Ruth Maria', born Aug. 29, 1S19, at Northbridge. 

1410. James Moore", born April, 11, 1822, at Northbridge; mar- 

ried Ophelia Stoddard, 1847. 

1411. Marj Alice', born Aug.4.i82S. at Northbridge, died Dec. 31, 


The venerable DANIEL FarNUM of Northbridge, 
the oldest man in that town or vicinity, departed this 
life Dec. 10, 1879, aged 95 years and 18 days. The de- 
ceased was of the fifth generation in descent from 
John Farnum, an early settler at the ancient town seat 
in Mendon, and a little later in the southerly part of 
Uxbridge. The lineage is John, Moses, Moses, David. 
Daniel. His grandfather, Moses, was an eminent 
minister in the Society of Friends, whose memory is 
still fragrant in many bosoms. The deceased has 
dwelt through all the mature part of his long life, in 
Northbridge, near the border of Uxbridge. He was 
the oldest son of a large family, and is survived only 
by his youngest brother, Samuel J. Farnum, formerly 
mayor of Newburg, N.Y., now resident in or near 
Poughkeepsie, and past his three score and ten. The 
wife of his youth preceded him into the higher life 
about seven years ago. Two sons and a daughter 
with their companions, and numerous grandchildren, 
were privileged to soothe and cheer his old age, and to 
nourish him tenderly at his bedside in his last sickness. 

He was born with a good constitution, which he 
preserv'cd well by regular and temperate habits, expe- 
riencing but little sickness, and retaining his faculties 
in remarkable vigor till within the last year. His was 
emphatically a sound mind in a sound body; he was 


characterized for sound common sense, a strong sen- 
timent of justice and honesty, insistence on his own 
rights, and respect for those of others ; economy, 
simphcity, and hospitahty in domestic affairs ; was 
provident, faithful, and kind in the family circle ; a 
peaceable, prudent, and accommodating neighbor ; 
a serviceable, judicious, and trustworthy townsman, 
honored with the principal municipal offices, includ- 
ing those of selectman and representative in the legis- 
lature; a reliable counselor in financial matters; a 
lover of his country and its liberties ; a firm opposer 
of slavery and oppression ; sparing in religious pro- 
fessions ; of broad tolerance towards all denomina- 
tions ; liberal in theology, and a steadfast hoper in 
the final triumph of good over evil. These were 
qualities and characteristics which in the deceased 
overshadowed the incidental imperfections common 
to human nature. He was warmly attached to the 
interests of the town, and was a constant attendant on 
town meetings, the last one he attended being in 1878, 
when in his 94th year. Among the positions of pub- 
lic financial trust he occupied, was that of director in 
the Blackstone Bank of Uxbridge, over twenty years. 
He had been expecting his departure for three years, 
expressed his entire resignation to the Divine disposal, 
and passed away in the confident assurance of the 
life everlasting. Appropriate funeral honors were 
paid to his memory and remains, at his late residence, 
the 13th, with ministrations by Rev. Geo. S. Ball of 
Upton, Rev. Adin Ballou of Hopedale, and now his 
mortal part sleeps with the dust of his ancestors in 


Friends' Cemetery at South Uxbridge. All the num- 
erous descendants of the deceased were present at 
the funeral, except the four great grandchildren. 

A. B. 



LovELL PULSIFER Southwick', (Moses^ Joseph', 
Lawrence*, Lawrence', DanieP, Lawrence'), son of 
Moses and Sarah (Pulsifer) Southwick, born Dec. 7, 
1806; married first, Dec. 13, 1830, Phebe Lougee, 
born Nov. 11, 1 8 1 1 , died Aug. 6, 1 85 i ; second, April 
4, 1854, Lucinda Thayer, born July 15, 1827. He is 
a millwright and carpenter, and has built several first 
class houses in Uxbridge and vicinity and is an ener- 
getic and much esteemed man. Children: 

1412. Ira^, born Nov. 2, 1S32; married Angenette F. Thayer. 

1413. Wellington®, born June 21, 1835, died Sept. 6, 1853 bj burst- 
ing a blood vessel. 

1414. Mary®, born Sept. 4, 1837; married Addison J. Williams. 

1415. Samuel Taylor®, born Sept. 7, 1838, died July 17, 1840. 

1416. Augustus®, born Oct. 25, 1840, died Dec. 8, 1841. 

1417. George Lovell®, born Dec. 3, 1845; married, June 2, 1869, 
Mary Adeline Morton, daughter of Alfred and Mary 
(Abbott) Morton. 

Married second wife, April 4, 1854, Lucinda Thayer. 
Children : 

1418. John Slater®, born Dec. 26, 1854, died March 1855. 

1419. Manly®, born March i6, 1855, died Sept. 12, 1855. 

1420. Edward Francis®, Oct. 3, 1857, died Aug. 23, 1858. 

1421. Wellington®, born Oct. 15, 1859. He was a farmer. 

1422. Louisa®, born Aug. 22, 1864, died June 20, 1865. 

1423. Adeline May®, born Sept. 12, 1868; deceased. 


Luke S0UTHWICK^ (Moses^ Joseph', Lawrence', 



Lawrence^, DanieP, Lawrence") son of Moses and 
Sarah (Pulsifer), born Dec. 3, 1823; married, Dec. 
20, 1840, Sarah Smith Thayer, born Feb. 20, 1825. 
He was a millwright. Children : 

1424. Dirantha Augustus*, born April 13, 1S47, died Sept. 20, 


1425. Elsie Maria*, born March 27, 1848; married Jan. 19, 1867, 
Lyman F. Arnold, occupation, a blacksmith. 

1426. Chloe Francis^, born March 31, 1850; married, Jan. i, 1873, 
Leroj D. Morrill, occupation, engineer. 

1427. Marvel Walter*, born June 4, 1857, occupation, carpenter. 


Edward Seth Southwick', (David^ Edward', 
Lawrence'*, Lawrence^, DanieP, Lawrence'), son of 
David and Mary (Sherman), born Oct. 3, 18 14; mar- 
ried Lucy Ruany Fuller. He lives (1881), at Rut- 
land, Vt. Children : 

1428. Edward Oscar*, born May 31, 1849, ^^ Ludlow Vt., died 
March 31, 1851. 

1429. Austin Edward*, born Sept. 27, 1852, at Rutland, Vt., died 
Nov. 6, 1861. 

1430. vVnna Jane*, born Sept. 16, 1858, at Stoughton, Wis. ; mar- 
ried, Oct. 25, 1877, John Patterson, lives at Rutland, Vt. 

1431. Herbert*, born Aug. 31, 1866, at Rutland, Vt., died Aug. 

4, 1867. 

1432. Mattie May*, born March 2^, 1869, at Rutland, Vt. 


Lucy Southwick', (Moses^ Joseph^ Lawrence\ 
Lawrence^, DanieP, Lawrence"), daughter of Moses 
and Sarah (Pulsifer), born July 7, 1805 ; married 
Leonard Lougee. Children : 

1433. Sewell*. Married Maria Young, May 24, 1853. He was a 

1434. Margaret*. Married Young, Dec. 8, 1853. 



Elisha Southwick', (Enoch"', John', Jonathans 
Daniel\ Daniel", Lawrence' ), son of Enoch and Waity 
((Arnold), born May 31, 1805; married, July 1828, 
Athaline Inman, of Smithfield monthly meeting, R. 1. 
'Children ; 

-3435. Lvdia*, born Oct. 11, 1831 ; married, 1S52. Edward Shernian, 

of Millbury, Mass. 
0436. Wiilett^ born about 1848. 
^437. Cornelia*, died young. 


Masa Branch Southwick', (jonatl^an^ Samuel\ 
Daniel*, Samuef, John^, Lawrence'), son of Jonathan 
and Sarah (Branch), born at Orwell, Rutland Co., 
Vermont, April 5, i8o{, died at Mont St. Hilaire^ 
Canada, Oct. 16, 1879, in his seventy-eighth year. 
Married, Feb. 5, 1827, Eliza Andres, daughter of 
Samuel Andres, Esq., of Acadia, Canada. Children: 

1438. Daughter*, born Dec. 9, 1S29, died Dec. 10, 1829, at Monl 
St. Hilaire, Canada. 

1439. Daughter*, born June 23, 1837, died March 24, 1838. at Mont 

St. Hilaire, Canada. 

Masa Branch Southwick was the son of Jona- 
than and Sarah (Branch) Southwick, of the town of 
Orwell, Rutland County, Vermont, born April 5^ 1801, 
his mother died when he was thirteen years of age> 
He was remarkably kind to his )'ounger brothers and 
sisters, exercising an almost parental care over them, 
his superiority of character enabled him to have a 
great influence over them for their good. During his 


early youth he secured a good business education, 
and being an excellent observer and thinker he be- 
came a person of very general and useful information, 
which he used for his mechanical inventions, and 
horticultural pursuits. He, like many before him, 
felt that knowledge was power, he therefore learned 
to speak and write the English and French languages 
correctly. He was apprenticed at thirteen years of 
age to learn the wool carding, cloth dressing and dye- 
ing business. When he was seventeen years of age, 
his employer, Judge Moore, of Champlain Village, 
N.Y., sent him to take charge of a new mill near 
Chambly, Canada. Afterwards Judge Moore built 
another mill at Mont St. Hilaire, Canada and admitted 
him as a partner in the business, and at the death of 
Judge Moore he purchased this property of the heirs. 
He was married to Miss Eliza Andres, Feb. 5, 1827. 
she was the daughter of Samuel Andres, of L'acadie, 
Huntingdon Co., 21 miles S. E. of Montreal. May 
17, 1827, he settled at Mont St. Hiliare ; his wife and 
himself being in perfect accord he felt all the more 
encouraged in his enterprises and efforts to perfect 
his inventions. They were noted for their hospitality, 
far and wide. 


Home ! home ! at last I've found thee ! 

Thou dearest spot on earth : 
Each nook and tree around thee 

And e'en the rough old hearth. 
Are dearer now than ever, 

Since far from thee and thine 
I've roamed o'er hill and river; 

O! there's no home like mine I — M. b. s. 


He invented many improvements in the flax man- 
ufacture, which are acknowledged to be the best in 
use and for which patents were obtained by him in 
Canada and the U. S., he also obtained a patent for 
desiccating meats and vegetables, which was approved 
by Prof Horseman, of Cambridge, Mass. He sent 
specimens of dried meats, apples, potatoes, etc., to 
the Paris Exposition, for which a bronze medal was 
awarded to him, and in Canada a silver medal was 
awarded to him by the Canadian government. His 
widow has now (1881), potatoes which were dried 
26 years ago and are as good and fresh as when dried ; 
by putting hot water on it sufficient to moisten it, in 
a minute it will be mashed potatoes, and most excel- 
lent to eat. For his mechanical skill and inventive 
genius he was made an honorary member of the Mon- 
treal Mechanics' Institute, in 1854. He was in busi- 
ness in St. Hilaire 57 years, and held a commission 
for the local Courts, for many years. He held office 
and performed many duties in the municipality, hold- 
ing the rank of Major in the Canadian Militia for 
many years with honor. 

About ten years before his death he had a sun- 
stroke, from which he never fully recovered. He died 
October 16, 1879, of apoplexy, and was buried in 
Mount Royal Cemetery, Montreal, Lot 1257, Sec- 
tion B. 


Joseph Southwick Farnum', (Mary', Joseph', 
Lawrence*, Lawrence*, Daniel*, Lawrence'), son of 
Mary (Southwick) and Daniel Farnum, born Aug. 


2 1, 1 813, died Sept. 22, 1873. Married Lois Stod- 
dard, 1 841. Children: 

1440. Ann Eliza**, born 1842; married Frank E. Lancaster, 1871 • 

1441. Marj Janette*, born 1846; married John Edwards Rockwood, 


Luke SouTHwrcK Farnum', (Mary*^, Joseph*, 
I^awrence'', Lawrence'^, DanieP, Lawrence'), son of 
Mary (Southwick) and Daniel Farnum, born Jan. 20,, 
1 81 7; married Chloe M. Taft, 1849, Children: 

1442. Elizabeth Southwick^, born 1852: married Jerome Prentiss,, 


1443. Ella Frances^, born 1855; married George Fisher, 1876-. 
J444. Moses TatV, born 1858. 

1445. Walter James**, born 1862. 


James Moore Farnum', (Mary*", Joseph*, Law- 
rence*, Lawrence*, Daniel", Lawrence'), son of Mary 
(Southwick) and Daniel Farnum, born April 1 1, 1822 : 
married Ophelia Stoddard, 1847. Children: 

1446. Marj Alice**, born 1S49; married Charles W. Ellison, 1S71. 
Thej had two children, viz. : Minnie®, born 1873, died 1S74; 
Elizabeth CIark^ born 1876. 

1447. Daniel Stoddard^, born 1855; married P'lora Lilly Bailey. 


1448. James Herbert*, born 1857. 

1449. Sarah Joanna*, born i860. i 


MosEs B. Southwick', (Moses^ Joseph^ Law- 


rence'', Lawrence^, DanieP, Lawrence'), son of Moses 
and Sarah (Pulsifer), born Dec. 7, 1827; married 
Persis A. Thompson. Occupation, carpenter, at 
East Douglass, Mass. One child : 

1450. Gardner*, born Sept. 3, 1854; occupation, school teacher at 
East Dousjlass, Mass. 


Jonathan Irish Southwick', (Jonathan'', George", 
Jonathan\ DanieP, Daniel, Lawrence'), son of Jona- 
than and Martha (Irish), born June 16, 1819; married 
Sarah Hull, July i, 1842. Children: 

1 45 1. Joseph*, born July 6, 1S43, at North Collins, Erie Co., N. Y. : 

married Elizabeth Austin, Oct. 3, 1866. Thej live (1880) at 
Bennett Station, Lancaster Co., Nebraska. 

1452. James George*, born Nov. 10, 1845, at North Collins, Erie 

Co., N. Y. ; married first, Mary Donavan, Jan. i, 1S67 ; 
second, Esther Austin, April 6, 1871. Thej live (iSSo) at 
Bennett Station, Lancaster Co., Nebraska. 

1453. Mark Welford*, born July 12, 1851, at North Collins, Erie 
Co., N.Y. ; married Lillie May Robinson, Oct. 25, 1874. 
They live (1880) at Bennett Station, Lancaster Co., Ne- 

1454. Charles Sumner*, born July 17, 1856. 

1455. Henry Lee*, born May 10, 1859. 

1456. Alice Bathshabe*, born Sept. 21, 1865. 


William D. South wick', (David^ Joseph", Jos- 
eph\ Solomon^ Josiah^, Lawrence'), son of David 
and Betsey (Moore), born Sept., 1805 ; married first, 
Fanny Albro, born 1805, died 1865, aged 60 years; 

second, Cannor or Connor. Children : 



1457. Mar/. 

1458. Jane«. 

1459. Ann**. 

Married second wife, Cannor or Connor, had 

one daughter. 


Mary South wick', (Moses^ Joseph*, Lawrence', 
Lawrence'^ DanieP, Lawrence'), daughter of Moses 
and Sarah (Pulsifer), born Oct. 3, 181 1; married 
Chandler Walker. Occupation, farmer at East Doug- 
lass, Mass. Children : 

1460. Sarah**, born Oct. 14, 1835. 

1461. Ruth^ born March 22, 183S: married William C. Baylej, 
Dec. 27, 1S56. 

1462. Hiram E.**, born July ii, 1840. 

1463. Chandler M.**, born Jul_y 14, 1842. 

1464. Henrj A.**, born June 28, 1851 : occupation, farmer at East 
Douglass, Mass. 


Elsie South wick', (Moses^ Joseph*, Lawrence\ 
Lawrence^, DanieP, Lawrence' ) , daughter of Moses and 
Sarah (Pulsifer), born July 11, 1816, died Dec. 10, 
1855. Married Smith Sherman, a farmer at East 
Douglass, Mass. Children : 

1465. Moses*. 

1466. Adrastus*, born Feb. 21, 1838; married Celia Angel. He 
was a stone-cutter, 

1467. Sarah Roena'', born Sept. 7, 1832; married April 10, 1870. 
Charles William Allen, a farmer at East Douglass. Mass. 



Christopher Southwick', (Joseph^ Joseph', 
Joseph\ Solomon^, Josiah^, Lawrence'), son of Joseph 
and Dorcas (Sweet), died 1879. Married Charlotte 
Almy. One child : 

146S. Alfred*. 


Thomas Mussey Southwick', (Enoch^ John', 
Jonathan^ Daniel^, DanieP, Lawrence'), son of Enoch 
and Waity (Arnold), born March 9, 1812, died in 
North Smithfield, Aug. 9, 1871 ; married, Feb. 11, 
1838, Lavinia Bufifum Mowry, born Dec. 20, 1820, 
daughter of Osborne Mowry, and granddaughter of 
Ahaz Mowry, who was a distinguished preacher of 
the Society of Friends or Quakers ; also grand- 
daughter of Amasa Southwick. Occupation, mechanic, 
artist and farmer. Children : 

1469. Ellen Herbert", born at Uxbridge, Mass., Dec. 14, 1838, 
died Feb. 8, 1842. 

1470. Osborne Mowry*, born at Uxbridge, Mass., March 9, 1841, 
Married first, April 30, 1863, Maria Wilmarth, of Slaterville, 
died Aug. 16, 1871 ; second, Nov. 22, 1872, Adelaide 
Amelia Bjrns, of Somerville, died Nov. 24, 1879. 

1471. Alice Lavinia*, born at Uxbridge, Mass., Feb. 22, 1846; 
married, April 20, 1863, in Uxbridge, Thomas Wilmarth, 
of Providence, R. I. 

1472. Emily Waity*. born at Uxbridge, Mass., Jan. 20, 1848; 
married, Oct. 7, 1866, in Blackstone, Mass., William H. 
Thayer, of Watertown, Mass. 


JosiAH Southwick', (Stephen^ Josiah', Joseph', 


Solomon^ Josiah*, Lawrence'), son of Stephen and 
Lydia (Backus), born Sept. 12, 181 2, died Jan. 16, 
1875. Married first, Dec. 8, 1833, Phebe R. Place, 
daughter of Henry and Rebecca Place, born 18 16, 
died Aug. 14, 1842 ; second, Mrs. Mary V. Townsend, 
May 30, 1852. Children: 

1473. Amanda M.*^, born Sept. i, 1S35 ; married George S. Sher- 

man, June 30, 1850. 

1474. Stephen Henrj^, born Maj 19. 1836, died Feb. 26, 1837. 
aged 9 months, 7 dajs. 

1475. Stephen Henry®, born Dec. 20, 1838, was killed at the battle 
of Plattsburgh Landing, April 6, 1862. 

Married second wife, Mary V., widow of Capt. 
William Townsend, May 30, 1852. One child: 

1476. Frank T.*, born March 25, 185S, is a music teacher. 


Artemas R. SoUTHWICK^ (Asa^ Daniel', Law- 
rence*, Lawrence^ DanieP, Lawrence'), son of Asa and 
Sarah or Sally (Tenney), born 1828; married, 1850. 
Ann Widafield, probably born 1829. Children: 

1477. Netta*. born 1852. 

1478. Clarence®, born 1854. 

1479. Edward®, born 1857. 

1480. Thomas H.®, born 1861. 

1 481. Rachael L.® 

1482. Permelia®. 

1483. Child®, name not known. 


Naomi Southwick', (Asa^ Daniel", Lawrence\ 
Lawrence^, Daniel*, Lawrence'), daughter of Asa and 


Sarah (Tenney), born 1839; married 1862, Harrison 
Taylor. Children : 

1484. Norris L.*, born 1862, 

1485. Sarah M.*, born 1864. 
i486. Child*, born 1866. 

1487. David E.^ born 1868. 


David Southwick', (Paul^ Caleb\ Lawrence*, 
Lawrence^, DanieP, Lawrence'), son of Paul and Sarah 
(Coffee), born Sept. 29, 1831 ; married June i, 1871, 
Sarah Frances Vilas, of Ogdensburgh. N. Y. Chil- 
dren : 

1488. Harriet Louisa*, born 1872. 

1489. Sarah Frances^, born 1874. 

1490. Pauline Chase*, born 1876. 

1 491. Ellen Marj*, born 1878. 


Hannah Southwick', (Jonathan*. George*, Jon- 
athan\ DanieP, DanieP, Lawrence'), daughter of 
Jonathan and Martha (Irish), born July 8, 1812, at 
North Collins, Erie Co., N.Y. ; married Nehemiaii 
Hull. Children : 

1492. Ruth*, born Sept. 12, 1842, at North Collins, Erie Co., N.Y. 

1493. Daniel*, born April 9, 1844, at North Collins, Erie Co.. 
N.Y. ; married Margarett . 

1494. Ljdia*, born July 10, 1847, at North Collins, Erie Co., N.Y. : 
married James Judson Coats, of Medina, N.Y. 

1495. George*, born April 19, 1S53, at North Collins, Erie Co.. 
N.Y. ; married Julia Ella Vogan, Buftalo, N.Y. 



Caleb T. Southwick', (Edward^ Caleb*, Law- 
rence\ Lawrence^, Dan^el^ Lawrence' ), son of Edward 
and Maria (Miller), born Oct. 4, 1833: married, 
Aug. 16, 1859, Susan W. L. Dodge, of Salem, Mass., 
born June 6, 1839. Children; 

1496. Frederick W.-, born July 20, 1866, died March 10, 1874. 

1497. Eliza M.*^, born July 23, 1869, died March 15, 1874. 

1498. William E.*^, born Sept. 12, 187 1, died Sept. 16, 187 1. 

1499. Annie J.*, born Sept. 12. 1871, died Sept. 16, 1871. Annie 
and her brother William were twins. 

1500. Harrie^. born Nov. 5, 1877, died Nov. 8. 1879. 


Mary Southwick', (Jonathan^ George*, Jona- 
than\ DanieP, DanieP, Lawrence'), daughter of Jona- 
than and Martha (Irish), born March 22, 1814, at 
North Collins, Erie Co., N.Y. Married, Jan. 12, 1841, 
Timothy Austin. Children : 

1501. Elizabeth*, born July 19, 1842, at North Collins, Erie Co.. 
N.Y. ; married Joseph Southwick, Oct. 3, 1866. 

1502. Esther*, born July 10, 1844, at North Collins, Erie Co.. N.Y. : 
married, April 6, 1871, James George Southwick. 

1503. John*, born Aug. 25, 1846, at North Collins, Erie Co., N.Y. ; 

married Alice Hartzell. 

1504. Jonathan*, born x\ug. 5, 1848. 

1505. William*, born June 24, 1852, at Springfield. Iowa. 

1506. Thomas Perry*, born April 25, 1858, at Springfield, Iowa; 
married. Sept. 10, 1879, ^^^ Hartzell. 


Susan Buel SouTHWICK^ (Henry C.^ Solomon', 
.Solomon\ Solomon^, Josiah\ Lawrence'), daughter of 


Henry and Julia Catharine (Buel), born Aug. 4, 1843 ; 
married George Cary Briggs, Nov. 10, 1865. Chil- 
dren : 

1507. Southwick Carv**, born Sept. 18, 1866. 
150S. Maria'*, born June 20, 1868. 

1509. Henry Southwick^, born Maj 25, 1870. 

1510. George Cary^, born May 25, 1870. He and his brother 
Henry Southwick were twins. 


Anna Remington Southwick', (William', The- 
ophilus'', Daniel*, Lawrence\ Daniel", Lawrence'), 
daughter of William and Rebecca (Bowditch), born 
Jan. 21, 181 3; married, March 11, 1832, Thurber 
Warfield Hill, born Dec. 12, 1802, died Nov. 15, 1877. 
Children : 

151 1. William'*, born Jan. 31, 1833, occupation, a farmer. 

1512 Caroline**, born Oct. 10, 1835: married Theodore -, fune 

17, 1869. 

1513. George*, born May 18, 1837; married Hattie Wales, Nov. 
27, 1879. Occupation, a dealer in horses and carriages, at 
Woonsocket, R. I. 

1514. Amos*, born Aug. 20, 1S38, died Sept. 4, 1839. 

1515. Nancy O.*, born May 6, 1840, died April 5, 1841. 

1516. Sybil*, born Oct. 13. 1842; occupation, a school teacher in 
Woonsocket, R. I. 

1517. Nathan Southwick*, born Jan. 31, 1845; was a Universalist 
preacher in Brooklyn, N. Y., in i88o. 

Rev. Nathan Southwick Hill was born in the 
town of Woonsocket, R. I., Jan. 24, 1846. It being 
a manufacturing centre, considerable attention had 
been paid to educational facilities, of which Mr. Hill 
availed himself, passing through the different grades 
and completing the High School course of study at 17 


years of age. Subsequently he studied at Scholfield'.s 
Commercial College, in Providence, R.I. In 1869 
he resolved to prepare for the Christian ministry, and 
for this purpose he entered the Divinity School con- 
nected with Tufts' College, four miles from Boston, 
under control of the Universalist Church. 

Naturally studious and fond of good books, school 
exercises were never irksome, and he was never so 
happy as when some abstruse problem was satisfac- 
torily solved. One of his earliest characteristics was 
a fondness to see how his playthings were made ; he 
was never satisfied to take this knowledge at second 
hand, but he must take to pieces and then re-construct ; 
and we may add that in mature life this tendency still 
lingers and is manifest in his chosen work. Before 
he was eleven years old he had twice read the New 
Testament ; and without any solicitation he presented 
himself to his venerable pastor, the late lamented Rev. 
John Boyden, for membership in the Universalist 
church of his native town. After a rigid examination 
on the entire New Testament he was accepted, and 
Christmas day 1858, witnessed his reception into the 
Church of Christ, of which he continues a consistent 
professor, and a staunch advocate of Liberal Chris- 

January i, 1878, he received and accepted an invi- 
tation to the pastorate of the Third Universalist 
Church, Brooklyn, N.Y., which position he occupied 
for two years. When his resignation became known 
the Brooklyn Star averred: "We regret to learn that 
Rev. Nathan S. Hill is about to sever his connection 


as pastor of the Church of the Reconcihation. Dur- 
ing the reverend gentleman's stay in Brooklyn, he has 
drawn around him by a sort of magnetic influence a 
host of friends who wish him success wherever he may 


The Rev. C. H. Leonard, D. D., of Tufts College 

says of him: "We gladly commend him as a chris- 
tian man and devoted student. While in college his 
whole course was marked by conscientious study and 
religious devotion. We are glad to say, also, that 
since he left the formal study of the Divinity School, 
he has not relaxed in earnestness, but has studied 
under the direction, to some extent, of his old teach- 

The Hon. L. W. Ballou, M. C, a valued friend has 
a kindly word. "It gives me great pleasure to com- 
mend Rev. Nathan S. Hill, as a most worthy, consci- 
entious, upright christian minister, with social qualities 
of a high order, a devoted student, industrious and 
faithful to all the duties of his profession, and whose 
moral character and conversation have been exemplary 
from his youth." 


Andrew J. Chilson', (Judson', Mary', Lawrence', 
Lawrence'\ DanieP, Lawrence'), grandson of Mary 
(Southwick) and Israel Chilson, and son of Judson 
and Sophia Smith, born Aug. 21, 1828 ; married Jane 
M. Walker, March 23, 1851. Children: 

151S. Homer A.*, born F"eb. 12, 1S52 ; married Susan E. Craw- 
ford, June 15, 1S71. ' 


1519. Waraner C.**, born Oct. 28, 1853 '1 married Phebe Parley. Nov. 
23, 1875. 

1520. Cora Jane'', born Feb. 14, 1856. 

1521. Albert J.'^, born March 9, 1863. 

1522. Edward F.'^, born July 21, 1867. 


Daniel South wick', (Elisha^ Lawrence^ Danier, 
Lawrence^ DanieP, Lawrence'), son of Elisha and 
Margaret (Moshier), born Sept. 26, 1784, died 1869. 
Married Frances Paine. He was a large dr}' goods 
merchant, at Troy, N. Y. 

1523. Lewis Ljnian'*, born 1819, died 1S7S, iiad no children. 

1524. Joanna*, born 1825; unmarried, lives (1880) at Trov, N.Y. 

1525. Marj®, born 1832; marj-ied Charles W. Tillinghast, lives 

(1880) at Troj, N. Y. ; has a daughter Frances. 

1526. Warren*, born 1835; unmarried; lives (1880) at Troj. N.Y. 


Mary Chii.SOn', (Elizabeth^ Edward", Lawrence', 
Lawrence^ Daniel^ Lawrence'), datighter of Eliza- 
beth (Sotithwick) and Moses Chilson, born June 21, 
1819; married, 1842, Thomas Dana, at Wallingford, 
Vt., born Dec. 21, 18 I 7, at Danby, Vt. Children: 

1527. Marion Eliza-, born Oct. 21. 1847. 

1528. Wallace Moses®, born Aug. 15, 1849: married Cevil Frost. 
Sept. 8, 1872. 

1529. Edgar Thomas'^, born Feb. i. 1851: married Fannie Clark. 
Feb. 28, 1872. 

1530. Edna Maria*^, born Oct. 12, 1855. 

1531. Allston William^, born Maj' 5, 1857. 

1532. Stella May**, born July 21, 1851. 

1533. Fenella Hattie**, born Sept. 9, 1861. 

1534. Marshall Ezra*, born Nov. 19, 1863. 



Olive Aramintha Southwick', (Jonathan^ Lem- 
uer, Jonathan\ SamueP, John", Lawrence'), daughter 
of Jonathan and Esther (Corwin), born March 17, 
1828, died Nov. 13, 1857. Married George W. Rose, 
Jan. 1 , 1852. Children : 

1535. Emma Florence**, born March 28, 1S54; married William 
Tuft, Nov. 14, 1878, 

1536. Esther Amelia", born Oct. 31, 1855; occupation, school 

1537. George Edgar'*, born Nov. i, 1857. 


MowRV Farnum', (Ruth^ Lawrence', Daniel', 
Lawrence^ Danie^^ Lawrence'), son of Ruth (South- 
wick and David Farnum, born Dec. 23, 1799, at Ux- 
bridge, Mass., died 1868. Married, 1826, at Fitchburg, 
Mass., Evehna Johnson Gibson, daughter of Leonard 
Gibson, born 1802, at Westminster, Mass. Both died 
of pneumonia at Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He moved to 
Cedar Rapids, Iowa, about 1854, and engaged in 
manufacturing plows, etc. ; was appointed trial justice, 
and was elected mayor of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, for 
two terms. Children : 

1538. Charles Willard*, born June 14, 1S27, at Fitchburg, Mass.: 
married first, Fannj Eugene Benchlj ; second, Caroline 
Amelia Bishop. 

1539. George Southwick'*, born 1829, at Grafton, Mass. ; married 

Alice Tuft. 

1540. David Gibson*, born 1S31, at Grafton, Mass.; married 
Fannj Todd. 

1541. Henry Clay'* born 1833, at Grafton, Mass. 


1542. Daniel Webster®, born 1834, at Grafton, Mass., died 1845. 

1543. John Davis**, born 1836, at Grafton, Mass., died 1S45. 

1544. Evelina Jane**, born Sept. 2, 1837, at Grafton. Mass.; mar- 
ried Wellington W. Higley, April 8, 1858. 

1545. Sarah Ellen**, born 1839, at Grafton, Mass.: married John 

1546. Marv Ellen^, born 1841, died 1843. 


George Folger Southwick', (Enos^ George", 
Jonathan'*, Daniel^ DanieP, Lawrence'), son of Enos 
and Pamela (Barker), born Sept. 10, 18 10; married, 
Jan. I, 1830, Anna Soule, died Nov. 24, 1878. He 
was the first white child born in the present town of 
North Collins, Erie Co., N. Y. Children: 

1547. Franklin*, born Aug. 4, 1835, died Oct. 26, 1837. 

1548. Albert**, born Aug. 24, 1839; married, July 1, 1862, Phebe 
A. White. 

1549. Lattie*, born July 12, 1845; married, 1866. Willard Slocum. 


Enos Henry Southwick', (Enos^ George^ Jona- 
than^ Daniel\ Daniel", Lawrence'), son of Enos and 
Pamela (Barker), born June 30, 18 19; married, July 
9, 1850, Clarinda Jane Howe. Children: 

1550. Ada*, born June 8, 1851 ; married, Jan. 8, 1S73, John White. 

155 1. Stella*, born Nov. 4. 1853 ' married George Warren Mitchell, 
Sept. 19, 1877. 

1552. Grace*, born May 2^. 1856; married David White, March 
31, 1S80. 

1553. Dora*, born June 24, 1S5S: married William H.Morrison. 
Dec. 18, 1878. 

1554. Arthur H.*, born Aug 24, i860. 

1555. Mary Edith**, born Oct. 14, 1862. 

1556. Jessie**, born Dec. 11, 1864. 


1557. Eugene Penfield*, born Jan. i, 1S69. 
11558. Enos H.. Jr. ^. born Aug. 26, 1872. 


James Chapman Southwick', (William', William', 
John\ John"^, John'"', Lawrence'), son of William and 
Lucy (Kilburn), born March 20, 1793, died Nov. 14, 
1 841. Married Eliza Southwick, Nov. 26. 1820. 
One child : 

1559. Prescott"^. born Aug. 29. 1821. died Feb. 16. 1833. 


William Southwick', (William', William', John', 
John^ John', Lawrence*), son of William and Lucy 
(Kilburn), born July 30, 1787, died Jan. 15, 1825. 
Married, Sept. 3, 1809, Betsey Foster, born Dec. 10. 
I 79 1. Children: 

1560. Benjamin Franklin**, born Dec. 17, 1809. 

1561. Susan A.**, born May 22, i8n. 

1562. Sally^ born March 28, 1813. 

1563. Sumner^, born Feb. 2, 1815. 

1564. Brooks'*, born Dec. 25, 1817. 

1565. Orlando*, born Jan. 21, 1819. 

1566. William Henry**, born March 27. 1825, 


Jonathan S. Southwick', (Georcre^ George', 
John^ John^ John', Lawrence'), son of Nathan and 
Molly (Moulton), born May 10, 1805 ; married first, 
Aug. I, 1830, Charlotte Downing, born Dec. 18 10, 
died Feb. 28, 1832; second, March 20, 1824, Mar\' 
Brown, born May 12, 1805. Occupation, a farmer. 
One child : 


1567. Charlotte Elizabeth**, bom Maj 20, 1831 ; married John 
Farren. They had one child, Charlotte. 

Second wife, Mary Brown. One child : 

1 56S. Daniel Brown-, born June 22, 1834: married, 1874, Eliza 
Nichols, daughter of John Nichols. They had two chil- 
dren, viz. : Arthur, born 1876; Walter. 


Eben Moulton Southwick', (George'', George''. 
John^ John^ John", Lawrence'), son of Nathan and 
Mary (Moulton), born July 29, 181 1 ; married first. 
Aug. 18, 1 83 I, Abigail Locke, of Burlington, Mass., 
born 1809, died 1862; second, Keziah Reynolds, 
died 1876. Children : 

i-;69. Eben, Jr.*, born July 4, 1832; married Phoebe N. Taylor. 
1856. They had one child, Thurza. 

1570. William Henry*, born Aug. 2, 1834; married Clara Brown, 
1865. They had two children, viz. : Clarence E., and 

1 57 1. Joel Locke'*, born Feb. 12, 1838; married, April 26, 1863. 

Maria Mosher, daughter of William and Eliza Mosher. 
They had two children, viz.: Charles F., and Walter H. 
He is a farmer, at West Peabody, Mass. 


GeoR(;e South wick', (George®, John^ John". 
John'\ John^ Lawrence'), son of George and Hephzi- 
bah (Burrill), born June 5, 1773, died Jan. 7, 1846. 
Married first, Hannah Twiss, April 2, 1795 ; second, 
Mary Lakeman. He kept tavern at Danvers, now 
Peabody, on Lowell Street. Children : 

1572. Hannah*, born July 2, 1795, died Feb. 12, 1803. 

1573. George*, born May 20. 1797. died May 15, 1803. 



1574. Clarissa*, born Jan. 15. 1799. 

1575. George*, born June 3, 1804; married, Sept. 14. 1S26. Rachael 


1576. Samuel*, born Maj 15, 1S06. 

1577. Amos*, lived a few days. 

1578. Amos*, born Maj i. 1S09. 

Second wife, Mary Lakeman. 

1579. Mary*, born May 23, 181 1. 
15S0. Hannah*, born Aug. i, 1S14. 

1581. Martha*, March 28, 1817. 

1582. Jesse Harding*, born Sept. 22, 1820. 

1583. Thomas Harding*, born May 16. 1S24. 


William Henry Southwick', (Chade^ Law- 
rence^ Daniel*, Lawrence^ DanieP, Lawrence'), son 
of Chade and Chloe (Giddings), born at Manchester. 
Vt., Feb. 10, 18 1 5, now living (1881) at Palmyra, 
Wayne Co., N.Y. Married, June 23, 1840, Henrietta 
A. Chapman, born Oct. 29, 1820, died Feb. 6, 1879. 
Children : 

1584. William C.*, born June 29, 1842, died May 16, 185 1. 

1585. Henry K.*, born Aug. 30, 1846; married. May i. i<S72. 
Julie E. Andreson. No issue. 

1586. Edwin M.*, born Oct. 22, 1852, died Aug. 19. 1855. 


Darwin H. Brown', (Hiram', Mary', Lawrence', 
Lawrence^ DanieP, Lawrence'), grandson of Mary 
Southwick (Chilson) and Jacob Brown, and son of 
Hiram and Jane J. (Smith), born June 9, 1853, lives 
at North Adams; married, Nov. 22, 1877, at North 
Adams, Mary Eddy. One child : 

1587. Mary Dame*, born Aug. 9. 1878. 



Alpheus Baker Southwick', (Remington^ The- 
ophilus*, Daniel*, Lawrence^, Daniel^ Lawrence'), 
son of Remington and Philena (Cook), born July 
lO, 1805 ; married first. May 20, 1833, Elizabeth Edd>' 
Rowland, of Providence, R. I., a descendant of John 
Rowland, who came over with the Pilgrims to Ply- 
mouth, Mass., died June 28, 1835, aged 23 years; 
second, Aug. 11, 1841, Mrs. Lucy Claflin Farrar. 
daughter of Benjamin and Puah Herrick, of Hopkin- 
ton, Mass. Alpheus was a machinist and mechani- 
cal engineer. One child : 

1588. Maria Green**, born April i8. 1834. died May 15. 1859. 
Was a school teacher. 

Second wife, Mrs. Lucy Claflin Farrar. Children: 

1589. Elizabeth Howland*, born Oct. 7, 1842, died Aug. 12. 1848. 

1590. Eliza Herrick-, born Oct. 12, 1S49, died Nov. 3, 1865. 


HOSEA Soithwick", (Nathan^ Jonathan", Jona- 
than\ DanieP, Daniel', Lawrence'), son of Nathan 
and Hannah (McWaters), born Oct. 4, 1798, died 
March 2, 1876. Married, Feb. 6, 181 7, Anna Hatch, 
born Feb. 6, 1800. After the births of Nathan E. and 
Huldah, they moved from Whitehall, to Randolph. 
Pa., where all the rest of the children were born, 
Anna is now ( 1880) living with her son Levi. Hosea 
was a millwright, carpenter and joiner by trade. 
Children : 

1591. Nathan Elisha*. born June 22, 1818, at Whitehall : married 
Mary Smith, July 3, 1840. 




1592. Huldah"*, born x\pril 8, 1820, at Whitehall, N.Y. ; married. 
Oct. 15, 1847, Charles Browley. a farmer of Meadville, Pa. 
The}' had four children, viz. : Jane, Eva, Charles and Dora. 

1593. Amanda Viola'^, born April 21, 1822. died, 1839. 

1594. Lucinda', born April 22, 1824, deceased. Married C. Svker. 
Thev had seven children. 

1595. John W.**, born April 19, 1826; married, and lives in Burtalo. 


1596. Levi^, born Sept. 29. 1829; married Catherine Parkhurst. 

1597. Hosea*, born Sept. i, 1831 ; married first, Dec. 8, 1851. 
Harriet A. Winston, died Dec. i, 1875; second, Aug. zt,. 
1877. Jerusha Jones, of Kentucky. 

1598. Ellen Maria**, born Oct. 8, 1833, deceased. Married Lewis 
Smith. Thej had two children. 

1599. Delilah Eliza**, born Oct. 6, 1835; married Charles Loop. 
They reside in Tama Co., Iowa. 

1600. Emeline E.-, born July 18, 1838, deceased. Married Frank 
Warren. They have two sons living. 

1601. Amanda Viola**, born Oct. 6, 1840; married, May 24, i860. 
Lewis Smith, who previously married her sister, Ellen 

i6o2. Byron Tlieodoric'*, born June 13, 1843; residence. Bradford. 


Dewey Southwick', (Nathan*, Jonathan', Jona- 
than\ Daniel"^, Daniel"', Lawrence'), son of Nathan 
and Hannah (McWaters), born Dec. 12, 1800, at 
Whitehall, N.Y. ; married first, 1822, at Whitehall, 
N.Y., Dorcas Bigelow, born in Whitehall, N.Y., died 
1840; second, 1843, ^t Lyndon, Adaline A. Sterling, 
born Dec. 14, 18 18. He went to Downsville, N. J., in 
1877, ^\here he now resides, thirteen of his family are 
still living. Children : 

1603. Jerome**, born 1823. at Whitehall, N. Y., died 1S56. at Craw- 
ford Co., Pa. Married, 1S42, Minerva Hulbert. of Boon- 
i-ille. Oneida Co.. N.Y. 


1604. Esther^, born 1825, at Whitehall, N.Y. ; married first, 1840, 
Jacob Boyce, of Boston, died 1862, at Sullivan Co., N.Y., 
was a farmer; second, 1S65, Mr. Hojt, was killed bj an 
accident on the Pennsylvania R. R. She lives (1880) at 
Ashley, Luzerne Co., Pa. 

1605. Hannah**, born 1829, at Whitehall, N.Y.; married, 1847. 
Hojt, in Ashley. Luzerne Co., Pa. 

1606. Diadema**, born 1831, in Whitehall, N.Y. ; married, 1845. 
Arant Deypeyster, of Constableville, N.Y. She is x\o\\ 
(18S0) a widow living in Lydon, N.Y. 

1607. Amaretta*. born 1833, in Whitehall, N.Y. ; married. 1S49. 
Emery O. Freeman, a farmer of Jefferson, N.Y. 

1608. Myron H.-, born 1837, in Crawford Co., Pa. ; married 

Britton, of Stark Co., Ohio. He served three years in the 

late war, from Crawford Co., Pa. 
Three children died in infancv. 

Second wife, Adaline A. Sterling, of Sparta, Craw- 
ford Co , Pa., a native of Orleans Co., N.Y. Children: 

1609. Isabella Kelso", born June 12, 1845, at Crawford Co., Pa.: 
married, Oct. 12, 1865, Hiram Holcomb, of Rundells, 
Crawford Co., Pa., occupation, a farmer. 

r6io. Henry Cl.ay'*, born July 2, 184S, in Crawford Co., Pa., died 

161 1. Laneon C*. born Nov. 30, 1850. at Crawford Co.. Pa.: 
married. 1878, George Pancoast, a farmer of Downsville. 

1612. William B. .Sterling^, born 1852, at Crawford Co., Pa.: 
married. 1874, Rebecca Duffield, of Forest Grove, N. J. 

1613. An infant unnamed'. 

1614. Clara L.**, born 1S54, in Crawford Co., Pa.; married 1872. 
Williain Sine, a painter of Plumsteadville, Bucks Co., Pa. 

1615. Verona C.**. born 1S55, in Crawford Co., Pa. 

1616. Flora^, born 1859, i" Crawford Co., Pa. 

1617. Blanche Maud**, born 1862, at Crawford Co.. Pa. 


Dr. Moses Daniels Southwick', (George", 
John\ Jonathan\ DanieP, Danief, Lawrence' )» son of 
George and Sallie (Daniels), of Blackstone, Mass., born 




July 9, 1805, died June 9, 1875. Married first, 
Rachael Adeline Fisher, of Uxbridge, died Jan. 13, 
1842; second, Aug. 1842, Lorana Farnum, of Slaters- 
ville, R. I. Children : 

161S. Sarah Josephine*, born June 19, 1830; married Ellis Albee,Jr. 

1619. Elizabeth**, born March 14, 1S34; married Charles A. Taft. 

1620. Edward Livingstone*^, born F^eb. 7, 1S36; married Elizabeth 

Married second wife, Aug. 1842, Lorana Farnum, 
of Slatersville, R. I. Children : 

1621. Frederic William^, born July 13, 1843; married E. Maria 

1622. Adeline Fisher**, born Oct. 24, 1845 ! lives at Millville, Mass. 

1623. Laura Albee^, born Nov. 25, 1849; married Fletcher A. 


1624. Maria Louise**, born May 13, 1S52 ; married George P. 

Dr. Moses Daniels Southwick, son of George 
and Sallie (Daniels) Southwick, of Mendon, Mass., 
was born July 9, 1805. His early days were spent on 
a farm. His preparation for college was made under 
the instruction of Rev. Simeon Doggett, of his native 
town. He passed through a regular collegiate course 
at Brown University, Providence, R. I., and studied 
with Dr. Usher Parsons, receiving his medical diploma 
from the Brunswick Medical School, Maine. Being 
thus thoroughly grounded in his profession, he com- 
menced practice in Welfleet, Mass., where he remained 
three years. From there he removed to Millville, 
Blackstone, Mass., and settled for the remainder of 
his life, about forty years. He was a man of sterling 
character ; of vigorous powers of mind ; well balanced, 
and of remarkably even temperament. Among his 


prominent traits were his strong reasoning faculties ; 
his sound judgment and good common sense, always 
manifested by his fidelity to principle ; and a firm 
adherence to his convictions of right and duty. There 
was no man in the community whose opinion was 
more respected, or better entitled to respect, than his. 
The purity of his motives and his steady consistent 
pursuit of all objects approved by his sense of right 
and justice, were marked attributes in his character. 
In public life he has at times held most of the town 
offices, and was twice elected to the Massachusetts 
State Senate, where he served with honor to himself 
and the towns he represented. He was an active 
member, and for two years President of the Worcester 
District Medical Society. He was officially connected 
with the Massachusetts Temperance Union, and was 
a staunch advocate and efficient worker in this most 
important field. In his professional capacity he was 
able, faithful, always prompt in his engagements, kind 
and attentive to his patients and sincere and upright 
in his counsels. During the later part of his life he 
was an active member of the Society of Friends, hon- 
ored and highly esteemed. He died June 9, 1875. 

John Wesley Southwick", (Nathan". Jonathan'. 
Jonathan\ DanieP, DanieP, Lawrence'), son of Nathan 
and Hannah (McWaters), born Jan. 7, 1802, at White- 
hall, N.Y. ; married first, Jan. 8, 1823, Esther Chap- 
man; second, Huldah Wells, June i, 1844. Children: 


1628. Huana*. born Oct. 20, 1823, died 1S64. 

1629. Nathan**, born June 27, 1S25. 

11630. John W.**, born Aug. 18. 1827, died Aug. 26, 1832. 

1631. Andrew J.*, born June 7, 1829, died in Illinois. He went to 
college in Schenectady, N.Y. 

1632. Helen M. R.**, born Sept, 5, 1831. died in Arkansas, 

1633. Joseph*^, born Aug. i, 1833. 

1634. Mary Ann*, born Jan. i, 1835. 

1635. Stephen R.*. born Feb. 12, 1837: went to Ursa college. 

Second wife, Huldah Wells. Children : 

1636. Welcome^, born March 31. 1845. 

1637. Whitman R.**, born Feb. 27, 1847. 

1638. Davis Wesley**, born Aug. 29, 1849. 

1639. Esther Matilda'* born Aug. 9. 1851, died Aug. 3. 1S75. 

1640. Elisha Jason*, born Feb. 13, 1854. 


John Hannie Southwick',* Nathan*, Jonathan', 
Jonathan\ DanieP, DanieP, Lawrence'), son of Nathan 
and Hannah (McWaters), born Jan, 7, 1802, died Aug. 
1869, at Conquest, Cayuga Co., N.Y. Married, Dec. 
10, 1822, Hannah Rooker, born Dec. 15, 1805, at 
Whitehall, N.Y., died March 26, 1853, at Conquest, 
Cayuga Co., N. Y. Children : 

1641. Joseph Madison*, born Oct. 4. 1824, died in the army. 1S63. 

Married, Oct., 1848, Keziah E. Olney, 

1642. Almeda M.*, born Dec. 5, 1827. died May 14. 1858; married 
Edward H. Bates, July, 1849. 

1643. Almira Eveline'', born Nov. 30. 1830; married. Aug. 15. 

1869, James W. Reynolds, born Sept. 4, 1825, died Oct. 15.' 
1874, at Fulton. Oswego Co., N.Y.. with disease contracted 
in the army. 

1644. Candace Dorcas*, born July 11, 1834, died April 2, 1862. 

Jo hn Wesley (626) and John Hannie. were twins. 


1645. Daniel Socrates**, born April 6. 1836. 

1646. Hannah Lovina*. born Oct. 24, 1839. 

1647. John Weslev**, born June 10. 1841, died March 4, 1858. rif 

Conquest, Cayuga Co., N.Y. 

1648. Sabrina Estelle®, born July 27. 1S43: married Henry C 
Wilcox, Feb. i860. 

J. Leon.VRI) Brown', (Hiram". Mary", Lawrence', 
Lawrence"*, Daniel", Lawrence'), grandson of Mar\' 
Southwick (Chilson) and Jacob Brown ; son of Hirani 
and Jane (Smith), born March 6, 1844; married, 
Feb. 22, 1867, Nancy Day, of Stamford, Vt. Chil- 
dren : 

1649. Jennie H.*^, born at Clarksburgh, Mass.. Feb. 17. 1868. 

1650. Henry L.*^, born at Clarksburgh, Mass., June 23, 1869. 

1651. Hiram^, born at Clarksburgh, Mass., March 25, 1871. 

1652. Mary M.", born at Clarksburgh. Mass., Dec. 12, 1872. 

1653. George C.^. born at Clarksburgh, Mass., March 19, 1874. 

1654. Laura^. born at Clarksburgh. Mass., March 17, 1876. 


VVhj.iam Bowron Southwick^ (George", George". 
Jonathan\ Daniel"', Daniel^ Lawrence'), son of George 
and Jane (Bowron), born at Peru, CHnton Co., N.Y., 
June 7, 1810. died March 1877. Married, March 11, 
1838, at Leon, Cattarangus Co., N.Y., Maria Rideout. 
born Feb. 28, 18 18, at Riga, Genesse Co., N.Y. Chil- 
dren : 

1655. Jane Bowron*. born Dec. 24. 1S38, at Collins, Erie Co.. 

N.Y. ; married William E. Seavy. They live at Saegers- 
town. Pa. 


1656. *Henry Green-, born Sept. 5, 1840, at Collins, Erie Co., N.Y. : 

married Minnie Ciiapman, They live at Warren, Ohio. 

1657. Mary Lucinda**, born May 21, 1S42, at Dayton. Cattarangiit; 
Co., N.Y. ; married Garretson DeMille, July 5, 1S57, at 
Richmond, Crawford Co., Pa. They live at Otsego, Mich, 

1658. Clarinda Hibbard^. born April 30, 1S45 ; married Silas 
Walden. They live at Guys Mills, Crawford Co., Pa. 

1659. Esther Fidelia**, born Jan. 21. 184S, died Feb. 5, 1873. 
Married, Thomas O. French, at Leon. Cattaraugus Co.. 
N. Y. 

i66o. Ezra Alvin*^, born Julj' 13, 1S49: married Christina Keopaz. 
They live at Keene, Kansas. 

1661. Emily Miranda^, born Sept, 3, 1853 ; married Thomas O. 

French. They live at Cattaraugus Co., N.Y. 

1662. Julia Francelia^, born Feb. i. 1855. She live.s at Otsego. 
Allegan Co., Mich. 

William Bowron Southwick had a very check- 
ered hfe, being a very energetic industriou.s man. He 
had many reverses by fire and flood, and many other 
adverse circumstances, which is the lot of most of the 
sons of men who pursue the phantom of wealth, but 
he had the great success to rear a family of eight 
children to honor and cheer him in the down hill of 


Asa Smith SouTHWICK^ (EzRA^ Edward*, Law- 
rence\ Lawrence^, Daniel", Lawrence'), son of Ezra and 
Deborah (Smith), born Nov. 22, 1807, at Danby Vt. ; 
married Mary Hopkins. He lives at Rantoul, 111. 
Children : 

1663. Frank Benjamin'*, born March 15, 1838, at Bellevue. Eaton 
Co., Mich. 


1664. Henrietta**, born Feb. 13, 1834. at Collins, Erie Co., N.V. : 
married Manly Hall. They live at Richfield, Summit 
Co., Ohio. 

1665. Archelaus A.**, born Aug., 1839. at Bellevue, Eaton Co.. 

i666 Ezra**, born Aug. 20. 1842. at Bellevue. Eaton Co.. Mich., 
died March, 1847. 


Abrah.VM Lapham Southwick", (Ezra^ Edward'. 
Lawrence*, Lawrence^ Danie^^ Lawrence'), son of 
Ezra and Deborah (Smith), born Aug. 4. 1809, at 
Mt. Holly, Rutland Co., Vt. ; married first, April 27, 
[836, Maria Smith, daughter of Augustus Smith, of 
Danby, Vt., died Eeb. 19, 1840; second, Aug. 25. 
I 841, Elizabeth Smith, daughter of Barak Smith, born 
Aug. 25, 1820. Abraham now (1880) resides at 
Gowanda, Erie Co., N.Y. Children : 

1667. Albert*, born April 6. 1837, at Collins, Erie Co.. N.Y. He 

went to Iowa in 1856 or '57. there he joined John Brown of 
historic fame, in his strike for freedom, in Kansas, and nar- 
rowly escaped death by the treachery of " Quantrel " the 
noted desperado who burned Lawrence, in Kansas. His 
cousin Edward Morrison was killed at the time of the be- 
trayal of the party by " Qiiantrel." He enlisted in a Mis- 
souri regiment and served on the side of the Union during 
the Rebellion, and is now (iSSo) living at Salina. Kansas. 

1668. Maria**, born Feb. 9, 1840, at Farrington. Mich. 

Married second wife Elizabeth Smith, Aug. 25, 1841, 
born Aug. 25, 1820, daughter of Barak Smith. 

1669. Gilbert Smith*,* born April 13, 1843, '^^^^ T)(tc. 24, 1866. 

1670. Joseph Addison*,* born Aug. 13, 1846, at Collins, Erie Co. . 

N.Y., he now (1880) resides at Gowanda, Erie Co., N.Y. 

* Gilbert and Joseph both served in the war of the Rebellion 
and were in the trenches before Petersburgh when Lee surrendered 
at Appomattox. 



David Southwick', (David^ Jesse*, Jonathan', 
SamueP, John", Lawrence'), son of David and Eunice 
(Deming), born May 20, 1804, died Nov. 1867. 
Married first, Aureha Hyde, 1 830, died June 17,1 847 ; 
second, Catharine Cooper, 1852. He was a farmer 
in Tyre, Seneca Co., N.Y. Children: 

1671. William Henry^. born Feb. 5, 1S31 ; married, Jan. 2t^, 1856. 

Harriet N. Traphagen, at Junius, Seneca Co., N.Y. Thej 
live at Martin, Allegan Co., Mich. 

1672. Ann Eliza^, born June 13, 1832; married, 1850, Orson 

Porter, a farmer of Wolcott, Wayne Co., N.Y. Thej^ live 
at Wolcott, Wayne Co., N.Y. 

1673. Maria^ born July 8, 1834, died 1858, at Tyre, N.Y. Married 
William A. Stephenson, Nov. i, 1855. 

1674. David®, born May 16, 1843. died Nov., 1S67. Married 
Lamira Porter, of New Orleans, La. He was a doctor at 
New Orleans, La. 

1675. Albert®, born June 3, 1845; married, Aug. 14, 1867, at 
Parsons, Kansas, Kate Curran, born in Ireland. He is, a 
farmer and lives at Parsons, Kansas. 

Second wife, Catharine Cooper. Children : 

1676. Eunice", born Feb. 4, 1S53 ; married William Lawrence, of 
Galen, Wayne Co., N.Y. 

1677. Jennie®. Married Fred D. Kline. 

1678. Nellie®. 

1679. John®, lives on the homestead with his mother. 


Marbra Southwick BROWN^ (Lucy^ Theophi- 
lus^ Daniel\ Lawrence^ Daniel^ Lawrence'), daugh- 
ter of Parley and Lucy (Southwick), born July 28, 
1813; married, Jan. 29, 1838, in Douglass, Mass., 


Isaac Dunham, a clergyman. They reside at Bridge-" 
water, Mass. Children : 

1680. Isaac*, born July 19, 1842, died Dec. 23, 1862, in Westport, 
Mass., from injuries received in the army. 

1681. William E.'^, born Jan. 13, 1848; married in Fall River. 
Mass., Feb. 17, 1869, Marie E. Remington. He is a mer- 
chant, at Fall River, Mass. 

16S2. Lucy R.*, born July II, 1853; mai-ried James L. Hill, a 
clergyman. March 28, 1S78. They reside in Lynn, Mass. 


Elizabeth Southwick', (Jonathan^ George", 
Jonathan\ DanieP, Daniel', Lawrence"), daughter of 
Jonathan and Martha (Irish), born Jan. 5, 18 16, at 
North Collins, Erie Co., N.Y. ; married, April 28, 
1845, Abner Taft. Children: 

1683. Mary Elizabeth^ born 1846, at Collins, Erie Co., N.Y. 

1684. Martha Anna*, born 1848, at Collins, Erie Co., N.Y. ; mar- 

ried Gilbert H. Bull. They had one daughter, born at 
Central City, Colorado. 

1685. Sarah H.*, born 1850, at Collins, Erie Co., N.Y. ; married 
Swantzen. They had two boys. 


Adin Deming South WICK^ (David^ Jesse% Jon- 
athan'', SamueP, John^ Lawrence'), son of David and 
Eunice (Deming), born 18 13; married first, 1834. 
Susanna Hunt ; second, Margaret Hunt. Occupation, 
a farmer. Children : 

1686. Cornelia*, born 1835 ; married. 1854, Warren II. Howe, of 
Austin, Mich. 

1687. Ellen*, born 1837; married, 1857. Alonzo E. Scribner, of 
Junius, N. Y. 


1688. Charles^, born Nov. 1838; married, Nov. 23, 1867, Lois 
Kate Hosier, died Oct. 26, 1878. He is a broker at Louis- 
ville, Kentucky, where he lives. They had one child. 
Charles Aden Southwick, born Jan. 29, 1869. 

1689. Morell*, born 1840; married Frances Angell. Thej live at 
Odell. 111. 

1690. Augusta**, born 1844, died 1845. 

1691. Thurlow Weed*, born 1849; married Amelia Brice, 1866. 
They have four boys, and live on his father's homestead, 
at Junius, N.Y. 

1692. Larissa C.*, born 1853; married, 1S73, Byron Garnett, of 
Junius. N.Y. 


Eunice Southwick', (Jesse^ Jesse% Jonathan', 
SamueP, John^ Lawrence'), daughter of Jesse and 
Nancy (Moore), born 1798; married Patrick Lynch. 
One child : 

1693. Jesse*'. Married Harriet Whitcomb. He is a lawyer in 

Chenoa, 111., and has five children, viz. : Jesse, Henry. 
Harriet. Burton and Willie, the two latter died. 


Adaline Southwick', (Jesse^ Jesse', Jonathan', 
Samuel\ John^ Lawrence'), danghter of Jesse and 
Nancy (Moore), born 1800; married, 1818, Fortu- 
natus Berry, who was a tanner by trade, and moved 
to Wisconsin. Children : 

1694. William*, born 1819. 

1695. Adelaide*, born 1821 ; married Billings. They had one 

son, Charles. 

1696. Mary*, born 1823 ; married LeMars. They live in 



Pauline Southwick', (Jesse^ Jesse", Jonathan', 


Samuer\ John", Lawrence'), daughter of Jesse and 
Nancy (Moore), born 1814, died 1871. Married 

first, 1832, in Illinois, Fields; second, 

Judd. One child : 

1697. James**, born 1833. 

Married second husband Judd, and had sev- 
eral children. 


Mercy Ann South wick', (Nathan^ Daniel*, Law- 
rence\ Lawrence', DanieP, Lawrence"), daughter of 
Nathan and Clarinda (Hall), born July 13, 1834; 
married Franklin Sprague, Dec. 7, 1856. Children: 

169S. Elva Jane*, born Aug. 28, 1857. 

1699. Marcus Bartlett*, born Oct. 5, 1S62. 

1700. Homer Eli*, born April 27, 1865. 

1701. Milton Ameron*, born March 30, 1870. 


Sarah Jane Southwick', (George^ George', Jon- 
athan^ DanieP, DanieP, Lawrence'), daughter of 
George and Sarah Jane (Bowron), born Sept. 8, 1826. 
died Oct. 9, 1869. Married Peter Russell, July 8, 
1844. Children: 

1702. Delana*. born Aug. 25, 1845, died Sept. 20, 1847. 

1703. Ellen C.*, born June 18, 1847. She graduated in State 
Normal School, Edenborough, June, 1873, and is a profes- 
sional teacher; lives at Saegertown, Crawford Co., Pa. 

1704. Delilah*, born July 24, 1848; married Franklin Bunting, July 
4, 1870. Thej have (1880) five children, viz. : Sarah 
Zuleme^, born July 26, 1871 ; Bertha I.^, born April iS, 1S73 ; 
Maurice Revere^, born Jan. 24, 1875; Grail E'', born June 
18, 1877; Franklin Philetus^ born Feb. 16, 1879. 


1705. Edmond**, born June 12, 1850; married Lejula Hunter. Oct. 
8, 1871. They have (18S0) three children, viz. : Delana 
BelF, born Oct. 24, 1S72:; Vernon C®, born April 23. 1875: 
Maud Minnie^, born Sept- 10, 1877. 

J706. Alice^, born June 23, 1853; married Simeon Glenn. Feb, 
^7' 1S77. They have two children, viz. : Ira M.^, boi-n 
Nov. 14. 1877, died April 11, 1878; Niva', born April 3. 


James Lawrence Southwick', (Jesse^ Jesse\ 
Jonathan^ Samuel^, John", Lawrence'), son of Jesse 
and Nancy (Moore), born July 18 12, died Feb. 1867. 
Married, 1834, Louvicy Trumbo, died 1875. 'Children: 

1707. Jesse*, born 1835 ; married Docia Burney. 

1708. Harness*, born 1836; is a farmer near Springfield, 151. 

1709. Amanda*, born 1837, died in Missouri. Married Willian^ 
Butler, 1873. They had four children. 

1710. Caroline*, born 1839; married Henry Payne. They had 
four children, viz. : Annie, Jesse, Celia and Burton. 

1711. Adam*, born 1843, died in the Army. 

17 12. William*, born 1845, died and left a family in Springfield. 
111. Married Sarah Brunk. They had five children, viz. ; 
William, Minnie, James, Edward and Rosa. 

1713. x\ndrew*, born 1852; married Ann Brunk. 

1714. Olive*, born 1S54. 


MiRRlAM Southwick', (Stephen^ David', Law- 
rence\ Lawrence^, DanieP, Lawrence'), daughter of 
Stephen and Mary Wheeler, born Oct. 29, 18 12; 
married, Oct. 6, 1836, Thomas Wheeler. Children: 

1715. Caroline M.*, born July 5, 1837, died June 4, 1873. 

1716. Roena*, born Dec. 16, 1838. 

1717. Nancy M.*, born March 2, 1842. 



WiLlJAM South WICK^ (Jesse*, Jesse', Jonathan", 
SamueP, John", Lawrence"), son of Jesse and Nancy 
(Moore), born 1.805, at Junius, Seneca Co., N. Y. ; 
married, 1830, Louvicy P. Proctor, born 181 f. They 
live on the farm settled by Jesse, his father, in 18 19,, 
in Sangamon Co., 111., being one of the ftrst settled 
in that County. Jesse and Nancy (Moore), endured 
in their early life the privations incidenttoa pioneer'.s 
life. Children: 

1718. Nancy E.®, born 1832, died 1S78. Married Jerome Duncan. 
1852. Tliej had seven children, Clarissa, Carrie, Eddie 
and Laura; the rest are dead. 

1719. Eunice*, born 1835; married C. Osborn Fox, died 1S73. 
They had six children, viz. : Leslie, D. E. Bond, Mary O.. 
Marcellus, Luello and Charles. 

1720. David**, born July 23, 1839; ^^^ i" Co. A., Illinois Cavalry 
through the war. 

1721. James Webster"*, born 1841 ; was in Co. E. 114 Illinois In- 
fantry, through the war. Is in New Mexico, in the mer- 
cantile business. 

1722. John H.*', born Feb. i, 1S45; married Ida Newton, Sept. 30. 

1S76. They live at Atlantic, Iowa. He is a stock dealer. 

1723. Philip Swingly-, born 1847; not married in 1880. 

1724. Laura Adelia®, born 185 1 ; married, 1873, H. A. Stevens. 

a practicing lawyer at Springfield, 111. 

David Southwick, son of William and Louvicy 
(Proctor), was born near Springfield, Illinois. He 
went to school in Magnolia, Putnam County, Illinois, 
one and a half years. In 1861, he entered the Union 
army, as a member of 3d Regiment, 111. Cavalry, Co. 
A. He served three years: under Gen. John C. 


Fremont, in Missouri, in 1861 ; under Gen. Curtiss, 
in Missouri, and Arkansas in 1862; taking part in 
nearly all the engagements in southwestern Missouri, 
including the battle of Pea Ridge, Arkansas. Was 
under Gen. Sherman at the first attack on Vicksburgh, 
Miss., in the spring of 1863, and was with Gen. John 
A. McClernand, at the capture of Arkansas Post, 
the same spring. Was at Vicksburgh under Gen. 
Grant from his first attack until the surrender of the 
Rebel Gen. Pemberton, July 4, 1863 ; taking part in 
the engagements around that stronghold, including the 
hard-fought battle of Baker's Creek or Champion 
Hills. He was at the capture of Jackson, Miss., under 
Gen. Sherman a few weeks later, and in August of 
the same year was transferred to the department of 
the Gulf. Was under Gen. Franklin in southwestern 
Louisiana in the fall of 1863, when the regiment was 
actively engaged in scouting and skirmishing until 
the latter part of 1863, when they were sent to Port 
Hudson, where they remained doing outpost duty 
and scouting until July, 1864. Was at Memphis, 
Tenn., when the Rebel Gen. Forest made his raid into 
that city, Aug., 1864. Was mustered out of service 
at Springfield, 111., Sept., 1864. In 1866 started for 
the mountains. Left St. Louis, April 18, 1866; went 
by boat to Fort Benton, Montana Territory ; spent 
five years in Montana engaged in gold mining. In 
Feb., 1 87 1, went to Arizona Territory, at Mohave 
County, Cerbut, engaged in silver mining. Was 
elected to the iith leg-islature in the fall of 1880. 



OrI'HA Southwick^ (Jesse^ Jesse*, Jonathan*. 
Samuel*, John*. Lawrence*), daughter of Jesse and 
Nancy (Moore), born 1794; niarried Abraham Pease.. 
They moved to Ilhnois with her father Jesse, in 1819,. 
to Springfield. Children : 

1725. Dextei-*, lives iiii Elpasso, Woodford Co., III., :tnd has a wife 

and family. 
f726. Theodore^ lives at Ottawa, Lasalie Co., II!. 
1727. Brigham*', died 1S75. Married Matilda Matthew. The_\ 

had four children^ viz. : Jesse, Alice. Marj and Arthur, alf 

living in Sangamon Co., 111- 
172S. Nancy", died in infaincj. 

Edward Southwick', (Amasa^ Nathaniel, Law- 
rence*, Lawrence*, Daniel", Lawrence*), son of Amasa 
and Polly (Richardson), born May 31, 1812, died 
May 7, "1867. Married, June 3, 1847. Ann H. Earl. 
Children : 

1729. Edward Milton^ born April 30, 1850. 
T730. Sarah Earl*, born April 30, 1852. 

1731. Jeanie", born Aug. 18. 1S53. 


Thomas SoUTHWICK', (Amasa*, NathanieP, Law- 
rence**, Lawrence^, Daniel", Lawrence'), son of Amasa 
and Polly (Richardson), born April, 1816; married, 
Jan. 21, 1868, Ann B. Marshall. Children: 

1732. Albert Amasa**, born Dec. 20, 1868, died March 6. 1875. 

1733. Nathan Marshall**, born May iS, 1872. 

1734. Sarah Maria*, born March 12. 1S76. 



Nathan South wick', (Amasa*, Nathaniel', Law- 
rence^ Lawrence^, DanieP, Lawrence*), son of Amasa 
and Polly (Richardson), born Jan. 30, {818; married. 
May J I, 1847, Elizabeth S. Mason, born April 16, 
1823, Children: 

11735- Katherine M.*, born March 6, 1848; married, Nov. 22, 1,876, 
A. D. Schroeder. They had one chiJd, Nathan Southwick. 
born Sept. 3, 1877. 

8736, Walter'^, born Nov. 19, 1S51. 

*737- Fj-ancis H.*^, born Nov. 12, 1853. 


Ira H, South W1CK^ (Ichabod^ lchbaod\ Jona- 
than\ Samuel^ john^ Lawrence'), son of Ichabod 
and Beula, born 1802, in N.Y., died 1833. Married, 
1825, Ann Jane Ely, born 1802. He was a carpen- 
ter and millwright, also was engaged as a raftsman in 
the spring of the year, and died on a raft about three 
hundred miles from home. One child: 

173S. Ely B.*, born 1826. at Hartford Co,, Maryland: married 
Jane McGee. 1S48. 


Plinv Buffum Southwick', (Stephen*, David\ 
Lawrence\ Lawrence'^, DanieP, Lawrence'), son of 
Stephen Sweet and Mary (Wheeler), born Sept. 7, 
1 821; married first, Oct. 3, 1850, Mary J. Hartwell, 
born June 15, 1833, died April 4, 1867; second, Julia 
E. Smith Burrill, Feb. 24, i868. Children; 


17^1. George Milton'^, born Jan. 4, 1857; married Addie Adelia 
Carter, Jan. 9, 187S. 

1742. Lilla Maria*, born Maj 19, i860. 

1743. Mary Susan**, born Aug. 29, 1866. 

Pliny B. SouthwicK, aged 56 years, prohibitionist 
and republican, coal, grain and flour dealer. Mr. 
Southwick is too radical to have been born anywhere 
in the United States, except the state of Massachu- 
setts. He was born there in the town of Berlin, Sept. 
7, 1 82 1, in fact he is radical in everything, neutral in 
nothing. During the Anti-Slavery controversy he was 
a Garrisonian Abolitionist. He is a believer in a God 
of love, not of wrath, and in a religion that makes 
men better. For thirteen years he was a member of 
the Hopedale Community, at Milford, Mass., founded 
by Adin Ballou and others. He is a justice of the 
peace, a member of the school committee, a deput}' 
of the Worcester County Lodge of Good Templars; 
hence he believes in the equality of the sexes and of 
course in woman's rights to the ballot. He is a friend 
of the working man, but not a believer in strikes, and 
he believes moreover in progress here and hereafter, 
and that an honest man is the noblest work of God. 
Residence, Berlin, Worcester County, Mass. — New 
England Directory, 1 880. 


Anna Southwick', ( Jonathan^ George*, Jonathan', 
DanieP, Daniel*, Lawrence'), daughter of Jonathan 
and Martha (Irish), born May 27, 1823; married, 
Sept. 29, 1823, William Hull, a farmer of Springdale, 
Iowa. Children: 




1744. Austin'*, born 1824, at Springdale, Iowa. 

1745. Mary**, born 1826, at Springdale, Iowa, died 1869. 

1746. Nehemiah*, born 1828. 


Benjanin Southwick', (Benjamin*, Benjamin', 
Benjamin\ SamueP, John', Lawrence'), son of Benja- 
min and Sarah (Fiske), born June 8, 1789, died April 
24, 1870. Married, Sept. ib, 18 18, Clarissa Barton, 
daughter of David Barton and Lydia (Fuller) Barton, 
born June 26, 1800, died May 13, 1872. Benjamin 
was at New Salem, Mass. as per Records Congrega- 
tional Church. Occupation a blacksmith and farmer. 
Lived at Sangerfield and Waterville, Oneida Co., N.Y. 
Children : 

1747. Lathrop Barton'^, born Sept. 5, 1S19, died June 15, 1836. 

1748. Caroline Elizabeth*, born Feb. 11, 1822, died Sept 10, 1833. 

1749. Martha Sophia*, born June 22, 1826; married, Dec. 16, 1846. 

at Sangerfield, Robert J. Thacher. They live at Rome. 
Oneida Co., N.Y. 

1750. Rinaldo Marshall*, born Dec. 9, 1828, died April 11, 1874. 
at Madilla, N.Y. Married, May 26, 1852, Mary Porter. 

1751. Alfred Dwight*. born Jan. 29, 1835, died Aug. 7, 1842, at 


1752. David Brainerd*, born Sept. 6, 1837, died Feb. 13, 1S38. at 

1753. Edward Stewart*, born Dec. 16, 1838, died Oct. 23, 1839, ^^ 

1754. Dr. Augustus Benjamin*, born June 20, 1840; married Har- 
riet F. Scudder, April 29, 1874. They live at Rome, Oneida 
Co., N.Y. 


Stephen Hanson Southwick', (Stephen^ David", 


Lawrence\ Lawrence"*, Danier\ Lawrence'), son of 
Stephen Sweet and Mary (Wheeler), born March 9, 
1827, died Dec. 30, i860. Married Sapiah H. Whit- 
comb, at Bolton, Mass. Children : 

1755. Edward EarJe*. born Julj 7, 1853. 
[756. Chester*, born May 26, 1855. 


Pernina JustiNA Southvvick\ (Jonathan^ Lem- 
ueT, Jonathan*, Samuel*, John*, Lawrence'), daughter 
of Jonathan and Esther (Corwin), born April 7, 1839. 
died Feb. 26, 1873, in Cardington, Ohio. Married, 
Aug. 12, 1858, Francis Marion Sargent, born May 
22, 1834, at Cardington, died Oct. 12, 1878. He was 
a carpenter at Marion, Ohio. Children : 

1757. Gerald Durando^ born May 31, 1S60, died Oct. i, i860. 
:758. Cortez Ellsworth*, born Dec. 29. i86i ; is a telegrapher at 
Marion. Ohio. 


Admah ZaDINA SoUTHWICK^ (Jonathan^ Lemuel'. 
Jonathan^ SamueP, John^ Lawrence'), daughter of 
Jonathan and Esther (Corwin), born March 21, 1837; 
married, Sept, 20, 1862, Francis Marion Wood, born 
May 12, 1839. Children: 

1759. Adah Lucretia*^, born July 24, 1863, at Big Island, Marion 

Co., Ohio. 

1760. Charles Corydon*, born April 10. 1S65. died April 24, 1865. 

1761. Ira Arabellah"; born May 6, 1869. 








Polly Southwick\ (Benjamin^ Benjamin\ Ben- 
jamin*, Sarauel', John', Lawrence"), daughter oi Ben- 
jamin and Sarah (Fiske), born Aug. 22, 1799, at New 
Salera, Mass., died April 13, 1826. Married Hezekiah 
Ik-ardsley, 1820. Children: 

1J762. Sarah R.*, feorn April .13, 1S21, at Rome. Oneida Co., N.Y- ; 
married Lodowick G. Williams, Sept. i, r842.. Thev live 
at Sangerfield, Oneida Co., N.Y. 

8763. Clarissa Pollv^ bom Feb. 17, 1823. died April 12. 1S55. 
Married Richard Gorton, Jan. 2, 1841. They live at San- 
gerfield, Oneida Co., N.Y. 

S764. Sherrald*. born 1S25, died 1826. at Whilestown. Oneida Co,. 


AbiJAH Southwick'. (Benjamin\ Benjamin% Ben- 
jamin*, Samuel'', John*', Lawrence'), son of Benjamin 
and Sarah (Fiske), born March 9, 1797, died Aug. 26, 
1865. Married, July 25, 1825, Roxanna McDonald, 
born Feb. i, 1805, died Jan. 13, 1877. Children; 

1765. Alfred Porter*, born May 18, 1826: married Mary M. Flynn, 
May 26, 1853. 

1766. Amos Fiske-, born Aug. 8, 1828, died Sept. 20, 1833. 

1767 Amelia*, born June 27, 1832; married Truman H. Lewis, 
Sept. 14, 1S52. 

1768. Daniel Kellogg*, born Dec. 2, 1836, died Nov. it, 1864. 

1769. Ophelia*, born Nov. 9, 1838, died March 3, 1839. 

1770. Amos A.^, born April 19. 1840: married Eliza Eastman. 
Feb. 14, 1872. 

1771. Caroline A.*, born Aug. 21^ 1846: married Preston B. 
Plumb, March 8. 1867. 


Elmina Lamberton', (Deborah^ Sarah^ Daniel*, 


Lawrence% Daniel', Lawrence*), granddaughter of 
Sarah (Southwick) and Nathan Eaton, and daughter 
of Deborah and Adam Lamberton, born Nov. 6, 1 808 ; 
married, Nov. 11, 1830, Daniel Livern>ore, at Sanger- 
field, Oneida Co., N.Y. Children : 

J772. Henrietta!^ bom probablj, 1831. 
J 773. Emil/, born probably, 1833.. 

1774. Virginia'^, born probably, 1S35,. 

1775. Daniel^ born probably, 1837. 


James Comstocic Southwick\ (Danief, John". 
Jonathan', DanieP, Daniel', Lawrence'), son of Daniel 
and Hannah Smith, born Dec. 12, 1824; married. 
Sept. 18, 1845, Elizabeth Holbrook. He is a success- 
ful farmer at Millville, Mass., and occupies a part of 
the original farm owned by Daniel Southwick, who 
married Ruth Shove. Children : 

,776. Mendora Elizabeth*, born June 7, 1847; married, Dec. 24. 
1880, Josiah B. Davis, of Blackstone, Mass. 

1777. Eva Amandas, boj-n Aug. 14, 1852; married, Jan. 29, 1880. 
Charles H. Buffum. 

1778. Le Etta Holbrook*, born Feb. 28, 1859. died Aug. 7. i860. 

1779. Wilder Daniel^ born April 19, 1866. 


George Baxter Southwick', (Ezra^ Joseph', 
Lawrence\ Lawrence', Danier, Lawrence'), son of 
EzraandChloe (Taft), deceased. MarriedRuth Smith. 
May 12, 1840. Children: 

1780. Ruth Emma®, born April 16, 1872. 

1781. George A.», born Oct. 7, 1875, died July 23, 1876. 

' Clovis Lapham Southwick', (Arnold', Joseph'. 

J Lawrence\ Lawrence'', Daniel", Lawrence'), son of 

y^ Arnold and Patience (Lapham), born Dec. 19, 1829; 

married Julia A. Henett, July 25, 1856. Children: 

8 782. Frank Al■nold^ born May ii, 1856; married Minnie M, 
Mowrej, July 4, 1880, Thev live (1880) at Brooklyn N. Y. 
He is a watch-case manufacturer. 

'783- Jeannett Kennett*, born Jan. {6, i860. 

1784. Emily Maria^ born Feb. 10, 1S67, died Auij-. 3. 1S7K 

1785. Gertrude Louise^, born July 19, 1869. 

1786. Cora Mabel*, born July 15, 1871. 


Henry Collins Southwick, }r.\ (Henry C.*, 

Henry*, Solomon*, Solomon^ Josialr, Lawrence'), 

V son of Henry Collins and Mary (Parkman), born June 

3, 1827; married Margaret Jtilia P>aser, born Ian. 

nS6. 1832. Children: ^ DUoL 19/i^ 

-^K '^^^^ -^'""^^ Butters*, born July 28. 1851. 

^ ^C;^ r788. Harry C.*, born April 2," 1853. 

^ ^. 17S9. Julia Ann*, born Dec. 15, 1854. ^/(^d ^*C 

\ VD '790- Mary*, born Aug. 14. iSs7- died at FootviUe, Wis.. Sept. 
'V^ ^ IS, 1858. 

\j\ ^ '791- John Fraser*, born April 22, 1859, died Oct. iS. 1.860. 

\^ 179-- Margaret W.*, born April 24, 1861. 

^v^ 1793- George Newell*, born March 7, 1863. 

^ 1794. Harvey J.*, born Dec. 18. 1864. 
^ v-^'795- Effie*, born Feb. 7, 1867. "D,cid CUif 22,/ J^S^ 

"S \ '796- Charles*, born March i, t868, died Aug.' 29, 1868. 

^|M 1797. Edwin*, born July 24, 1869, died Nov. 11, 1875. 

"^N;^ 1798. William Albert*, born Nov. 18, 1874, died March 2. 1876. 


Duty Southwick', (Ezra*. Joseph'. Lawrence'. 



Lawrence^, DanieP, Lawrence*, son of Ezra and Chloe 
(Taft), born i8i2,died Aug-. 3, i860. Married, Jan. 
20, 1833, Sally Paine, Children: 

Two children died in infancj. 

1799. Emory S.**, born Oct. no, 1834; married, Aug^. 5, iS^S, Sarah 
A. Titts. 

1800. George Edward*, born Feb. 2S. 1S3S; married Anna Potter, 


David SoLfTHWrcK^ (Benjamin", Ichabod", Jona- 
than", Samuel*, John*, Lawrence'), son of Benjamin 
Franklin and Charlotte (Haddock), born Feb. 22, 

1808, died 1879. Married, 1832, Laura L. Harring- 
ton, at Busti, N.Y., died 1863. Children: 

1801. Marfha*^, born 1S33; married Whitney Abbott, oi Sugar 
Grove. Pa., a carpenter, and resides at Columbus, Kan- 
sas. , 

1802. Harriet"*, born 1835, in Harmony, N.Y. ; married Ezra W. 
Hibberd, of Jamestown, N.Y. , an engineer. 

1803. Levi**, born April 30, 1S36, at CarrolJ, N.Y. ; man-ied, i860. 
Laura A. Garfield, of ElJery, N.Y. They live at James- 
town, N. Y. 

(804. Jane**, born 183S; married. 1S57, Lafayette Eastman. They 
live at Nashville, Mich. 

1805. Mary*, born 1839. '^^^ Carroll, N.Y. ; married, 1857, Myrain 
Norton, of Jamestown, N.Y. They live at San Mateo Co., 

1806. Florilla^, born 1S40; married, 1862, Albert Coon, a black- 
smith. They live at Jamestown. N.Y. 

180". Lois*, born 1841, at Carroll, N.Y. ; married, 1859, Adrian 

Like, a miner at Gowanda, N.Y. 
180S. Ellen*, born 1842; married Robert Moon. 1S64. They live 

at Mason, Mich. 

1809. David, Jr.*, born 1843, at Jamestown, N.Y. ; married 1873. 


1810. Charles'*, born 1844, died 1876. 

181 1. Elnara**, born 1846; married, March, 1871, Eugene Lewis, of 
Jacksonville, a carpenter. 

1812. Lucina^, born 1851 ; married Abram Hosier. They live at 
Corry, Pa. 

1813. Oliver', born 1853; not married (18S1). 

1814. Charlotte*, born 1859; married, 1873, Peter Eaker, died 
1879, a shoemaker. She lives at Blockville, N.Y. 

1815. William*, born 1855; not married (1881). 


William SouTHWICK^ (Lemuer', Asa*, Lawrence', 
Lawrence^, DanieP, Lawrence'), son of Lemuel and 
Rhoda (Arnold), born May 10, 1830; married Har- 
riet Holmes, 1852. Children: 

1S16. Lannes^, born 1861 ; married Mary Patterson. 
1817. John**, born 1863, died Dec. 9, 1873 or 1879. 
i8i8. Hattie*, born 1865, died 1865. 


Lydia Southwick\ (Lemuel, Asa^ ■Lawrence\ 
Lawrence'', DanieP, Lawrence'), daughter of Lemuel 
and Rhoda (Arnold), born Aug. 9, 1820; married 
Benjamin Sherman. Children: 

1819. Charles*, born 1850, died Aug. 31, 1878, of consumption. 
Married Mary Dart. 

1820. Hattie*, born 1852. 

182 1. Peleg**, born 1854. 

1822. William*, born 1856. 


Jerome S0UTHWICK^ (Lemuel^ Asa\ Lawrence*, 
Lawrence^ DanieP, Lawrence'), son of Lemuel and 


Rhoda (Arnold), born Nov. 20, 18 14; married 
Rebecca Covert. Children : 

1823. Chauncey*, born Feb. 19, 1835 ; married Eliza M. McConney. 

1824. Mina*. Married Hoxter, lives at Garfield, Paunee Co., 


1825. George A.** P. O. address, East Toledo, Ohio. 


LuciEN Southwick\ (Lemuel, Asa', Lawrence', 
Lawrence^ DanieP, Lawrence'), son of Lemuel and 
Rhoda (Arnold), born July 19, 1816, died 1867. 
Married Susena Stannard. Children : 

1826. Alfred'*, born Sept. 7, 1837; married Sarah A. Jones, 1861. 
at Majfield, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio. P. O. address, Ithica, 
Gratiot Co., Michigan. 

1827. Sylvia*, died aged 7 years. 

1828. Joel*, died aged 2 years, 6 months. 

1829. Hellen**, born June 1844; married Thomas Corlett, at 
Warrensville Centre, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio. 

1830. Lucien G.**. born Dec. 17, 1852 ; married Elizabeth Covert, 

1831. Charles*, born 1853; married Hattic Wroath, Euclid, Cuya- 
hoga Co., Ohio. 


James SouTHWICK^ (SamueP, Benjamin', Benja- 
min\ SamueP, Samuel", Lawrence'), son of Samuel 
and Mary (Porter), born Jan. 13, 1782, died 1851. 
Married, Dec. ^,0, 1806, Polly Lawson, at Montpelier, 
Vt., died 1855, daughter of David and Hannah Law- 
son. Children : 

1832. Benjamin"*, born Jan. 18, i8n, died April 29, 1869. Married, 
June 15, 1838, Mary B. Gray, of East Montpelier, Vt. 


1833. Matilda Ann*, born March 14, 1819, died April 15. 1S55. 

Married Mjrick Ainsworth, of Calais. 

1834. Lawson^ born Feb. 22, 1S27, died Sept. 16, 1S52, at Sacra- 

mento, California. 


Deborah Southwick', (PauP, Caleb*, Lawrence', 
Lawrence^, Daniel"\ Lawrence'), daughter of Paul 
and Sarah (Coffee), born Sept. 15, 1835; married. 
Sept. 16, 1862, Henry Harris, of West Chazy. N. Y. 
Children : 

1835. David Platt«, born Oct. 15, 1S6S. 

1836. Marv Frances*, born Jan. 30, 1S76. 

1837. William Henry*, an adopted child. 


Phebe Southwick', (PauP, Caleb", Lawrence\ 
Lawrence', Daniel^ Lawrence'), daughter of Paul 
and Sarah (Coffee), born Aug. 29, 1829 ; married first, 
Oct. 25, 1848, Ansel N. Partridge; second. Dr. N. 
N. Child, Dec. 27, i860. Children: 

1838. Annie Laura*, born Mav 11, 1864, died 1865. 

1839. Frank Southwick*, born Feb. 21, 1866, died 1879. 

1840. Sarah Augusta*, born 1864, an adopted child. 


Orin Southwick', (David^ Jesse', Jonathan\ 
Samuel", John^ Lawrence'), son of David and Eunice 
(Deming), born 1808; married, 1833, Laura A. 
Hewes. Children : 

1841. Emma*, born 1833; married Lucius E. Moore. 1854, at 
Fairport, N.Y. 


1542. Caroline M.**, born 1835; married. 1S56. at Chicago- HI-, 

Alfred Weed, a lumber merchant, at Chicago, 111. 

1543. Marv S.^, born 1837; married Martin Van Buren Van De 

Mark, born March 2, 1837, a banker at Clyde, Cloud Co.. 

1844. Anna H.*^, born 1839; married first, 1S67, John G. Coleman, 
a farmer, of Junius, N.Y. ; second, 1S79, John W. Booth, 
a farmer, of Waterloo, N.Y. 

1845. Emertine I.**, born 1841 ; married, 186S, Myron H. Cozad, 

a farmer, of Seneca Falls, N.Y. 
1S46. John H."^, born 1844, died 1848. 

1847. Linus Ely'^, born 1846; married, Dec. 25. 1879, M«H"y 
Simonds, born Feb. 1859. No children. (18S0). He is a 
banker at Friend, Nebraska. 

1848. John H.^, born 1849. 

1549. Charles H.*, born 1849, died 1S50. He and his brother 
John H., were twins. 

1550. William Orin*. born 1853; is a farmer at Junius. Seneca 
Co., N.Y. 

1551. Laura A.*^, born 1855; married. 1874. Millard F. P'rantz, 
a farmer at Fayette, N.Y. 


Edmund SoUTHWlCK', (Edmund", Asa', Lawrence', 
Lawrence^, Danier\ Lawrence'), son of Edmund and 
Chloe (Clark), born March 22, 1833; married, Nov. 
9, 1852, Maria S. Keyes, in Pittsfield, Mass., born 
Dec. 25, 1 83 1, in Adams, Mass. One child: 

1852. George L.**, born Oct. 7, 1S53. died Sept. 10. 1S56. in North 
Adams, Mass. 


Truman Wilbur", (Lydia^ Asa', Lawrence^ Law- 
rence^, DanieP, Lawrence'), son of Lydia (Southwick) 
and Samuel Wilbur, born June 12, 1821; married 


first, Lucy Ann Miner, Jan. 7, 1841 ; second, Betsey 
Ann Parrish, Oct. 8, 1848 ; third. Theresa Ward, Sept. 
15, 1864. Two children: 

1853. Eunice'', born April 13, 1S44: married, i860, Cliarles L, 

Huntley, a farmer in Brant, Mich. Tliey have two children, 

viz. : Bertha and Frank. 
i!854. Lucj C.*, born March 29. 1848: married, 1864, David E. 

Ward, a farmer in Leslie. Mich. They have two children. 

viz. : George and Elma. 

Second wife, Betsey Ann Parrish. Children : 

1855. John W.**, born Aug. i, 1S49: married May M. Coy. 1872. 

They have three children, viz.: Elma, Blanch and Homer. 
He is a farmer in Leslie, Mich. 

1856. Sarah A.**, born Aug. 28. 1858. 

1857. Lucinda*. born Nov. 11, 1854; married. 1874, Alexander 
McDougall, a farmer in Brant, Midi. They have two chil- 
dren, \iz. : Nancy and Cora. 

Third wife, Theresa Ward. One child: 

1S5S. William H.«. born Aug. 18, 1866. 


WlLLL\M C. SOUTHWICK', (Zadock^ Lawrence\ 
Daniel, Lawrence'^ DanieP, Lawrence'), son of Za- 
dock and Elizabeth (Carpenter), born Aug. 21, 1808 ; 
married first, Cornelia Everitt, of Poughkeepsie, N.Y. ; 
second, Lydia Maria Hughes, of I^oughkeepsie, N.Y. 
He is a tanner. One child : 

1859. Cornelia^, died in infancy. 

Second wife, Lydia Maria Hughes. Children : 

i860. Catharine^ Married Marcus M. Tuthell, They iiad one 
child. William. 


1861. Josephine*. Married Ely Dobbs. 

1862. Mary*, was killed by a blast of rocks. 

1863. Robert W.« 

1864. Royal C.** Married Alice Tubby. 


Henry Soutiiwick', (Zadock", Lawrence', Dan- 
iel'', Lawrence", Daniel, Lawrence'), son of Zadock 
and Elizabeth (Carpenter), born Sept. 17, 1791, died 
March 26, 1871. Married, July 10, 18 14, Hannah 
Winans, born March 6, 1792, died May 15, 1866. 
Children : 

1865. James Moore**, born Jan. 20, 1816. died Jan. 4, 1866. Mar- 

ried Maria A. Upton. 

1866. Mary D.**, born April 8, 1818; married John Ilalsted Nor- 
throp, April 9, 1839. 

1867. Elizabeth^ born March 8. 1S20; married Du Bois Fitz 
Gerald, May 10. 1840. 

1568. Zadock'*, born Sept. 28, 1821, died Dec. 16, 186S. Not 

1569. Lydia*, born Dec. 10, 1824, died Jan. 3, 1826. 

1870. Julia A.**, born Jan. 13. 1827; married Benjamin Vernooey, 

Feb. 20, 1865. 

1871. Hannah W.*, born Feb. 24, 1S29; married Perry C. Stod- 
dard, July 15, 1850. 

1872. Susan*, born April 29, 1S32, died April 29, 1832.' 

Henry Soutiiwick, son of Zadock and Elizabeth 
(Carpenter), was born in the town of Clinton, Dutch- 
ess Co., N.Y., Sept. 17, 1 791 ; and married Hannah 
Winans of Poughkeepsie. He learned the trade of 
a tanner of his father. 

In 1 8 14, his father Zadock purchased a landed prop- 
erty with a good water power and built thereon a 


tannery and put his son Henry in possession oi it to 
do the business as partners. About 1 820, he (Zadock ) 
sold to his son Henry the entire business, and Zadock 
bought a property about three miles down the stream, 
called the Beerskill, and erected in 1821 a tannery 
at that place. A few years after, Henry's tannery 
was burned, and he felt very discouraged, but the 
neighbors held him in such esteem that they clubbed 
together and delivered the lumber necessary to erect 
a new tannery, which he promptly did and was suc- 
cessful as a tanner. He was elected many times to 
town offices ; was a very industrious and upright man, 
and highly esteemed for his sterling integrity and 
independence of character. He was a very active 
and efficient anti-mason after the murder of William 
Morgan by the Free Masons. He was a practical 
temperance man and a friend to the poor ; also a 
plain straight Foxite Quaker. He reared a large and 
respectable family of children who revere his memory. 
He died March 26, 1871, aged about 80 years. He 
was buried in the Friends' burying ground at Green- 
field in the town of Wawarsing, Ulster Co., N.Y. 


WiLLETT H. Soutiiwick', (Zadock^ Lawrence^ 
Daniel\ Lawrence^ Daniel", Lawrence'), son of Za- 
dock and Elizabeth (Carpenter), born Sept. 9, 1793, 
died Feb. i, 1818. Married Laura Capron, of Ux- 
bridge, Mass. He was a very exemplary man who 
won the love and respect of all who knew him. He 
was stricken down in the bloom of youth, two years 


after marriage. His wife was a most lovely person, 
beautiful, amiable, good and intelligent. When court- 
ing his wife, he rode from Poughkeepsie in a single 
.seated, two wheeled vehicle, to Uxbridge, about two 
hundred miles; but she was a prize worth going that 
far after. One child : 

1573. Olivia'^. Died young. 


Edward C. Southwick', (Zadock^ Lawrence*, 
Daniel', Lawrence^ Daniel'^ Lawrence'), son of Za- 
dock and Elizabeth (Carpenter), born May 8, 1797, 
died Jan. 20, 1870. Married first, Oct. 23, 1828, 
Eliza A. Birdsall, of Rahvvay, New Jersey, born July 
16, 1808 ; second, Margaret Laing, of Plainfield, New- 
Jersey, born Sept. 26, 1806, died April 4, 1880. 
Children : 

1574. Helen**, born Nov. 6, 1829, died May 8, 1848. 

1875. Willett H.«, born Dec. 18, 1831. 

1876. Robert B.^, born Jan. 23, 1S34, died April 18, 1837. 

1877. Julia**, born Aug. 3, 1836, died April 15, 1S46. 

1878. Laura C.**, born April 7, 1S39. 

Married second wife, Margaret Laing, Feb. 22, 1843. 
One child : 

1879. Thomas L.'^, born Aug. i, 1846; married Mary E. Davis. 
Oct. 21, 1874. 

Edward C. Southwick, was the sixth child and 
fifth son of Zadock and Elizabeth (Carpenter) South- 
wick, and was born at Clinton, Dutchess Co., N.Y., 
May 8, 1797. He learned the tanners trade of his 



father, and in 18 16 he succeeded to his father's busi- 
ness at Poughkeepsie, in company with his brothers 
Willett H. and Robert B., under the firm name of 
W. H. Southwick & Co. Willett H. d3/ing that year, 
his brother Stephen entered the firm, the style being 
R. B. Southwick & Co. Robert's health becoming 
poor, he retired from the business about 1826, his 
brother WilHam C. becoming a partner in 1 830. After 
about five years William withdrew and Stephen also, 
then Edward carried on the business until 1861, when 
he took his son Willett H. into the business with him, 
with the firm name of E. C. Southwick & Son. An- 
other son, Thomas L., succeeded his uncle George, 
who died in the fall of 1864. Edward continued in 
business until his death in 1870, having been in the 
business fifty-four years. His business consisted of 
tanning and currying and pulling wool ; and he had 
a coal yard and lumber yard and had a dock and ran 
a sloop, etc., etc. He annually tanned from 5,000 
to 6,000 sides of leather ; part was finished in harness 
and part in wax leather, and about 1,500 calf skins; 
and pulled about 8,000 sheep skins per year and gen- 
erally tanning the pelts. He was one of the old style 
of Friends. 


George Southwick', (Zadock^ Lawrence", Dan- 
iel, Lawrence^, DanieP, Lawrence'), son of Zadock 
and Elizabeth (Carpenter), born Dec. 22, 1805, died 
Oct. 19, 1864. Married first, June 7, 1831, Susan 
Brewster, of Orange Co., N.Y. ; Second, Cecelia 


Meyers, of Kingston, Ulster Co., N.Y., no chilbren. 
He was a most excellent man, was killed in the fall 
of 1864, by falling through a trap door in his leather 
store, at Kingston, Ulster Co., N.Y. Children: 

1850. Benjamin B.*^, born April 5, 1S32. 

1851. Davis L.*', born April 19, 1834. 

1852. Laura C.^. born 1837, died 1837. 


Richard C. Southwick', (Zadock^ Lawrence', 
Daniel, Lawrence^ DanieP, Lawrence'), son of Za- 
dock and Elizabeth (Carpenter), born Sept. 13, 1804, 
died Nov. 8, 1868. Married first, Aug. 23, 1831, 
Elizabeth R. Bevier, born Oct. 24, 18 10, died May 
7, 1865 ; second. Avis Coffin, no children. Children : 

1853. Genette^ born May 26, 1832, died Oct. 20, 1842. 

1854. Adna H.«, born Nov. 13, 1834, died Jan. 26, 1838. 
1885. Cornelia**, born June 16, 1837. 


Sarah SouTHWICK^ (Zadock^ Lawrence*, Dan- 
iel*, Lawrence^, DanieP, Lawrence'), daughter of 
Zadock and L^lizabeth (Carpenter), born June 12, 
1789, died Jan. 12, 1845. Married, Sept. 21, 1811, 
John Caller, born Aug. 5, 1786, died Aug. 17, 1854. 
Children : 

18S6. James Moore^, born Jan. 11, 1813: married Lucj Fr_ye 
Frost, Aug. 20, 1846. 

1887. Willett S.**, born March 9, 1815, died April 29, 1815. 

1888. Elizabeth S.», born Nov. 28, 1816, died Aug. 23, 1838. 

1889. Laura Capron®, born Julj 17, 1819, died Sept. 21, 1838. 



1890. Lydia, born March 15, iSii ; married George W. Frost, 
Oct. 7, 1852. 

1891. Stephen S.®, born Sept. 14, 1822, died May 14, 1S51. 

1892. Ruth Oaklej®, born March 19, 1824; married Corneilus 
H. Delamater, June 12, 1843. 

1893. Hannah Moore'^, born Aug. 19, 1827; married John O. 
Stephens, May 19, 1858. 

1894. Susan Brewster"*, born April 3, 1832, died Aug. 30, 1836. 

Sarah Southwick, daughter of Zadock and Eliz- 
abeth (Carpenter) Southwick, was a person of supe- 
rior education and most excellent intellectual qualities. 
She received a part of her education at John Comly's 
boarding school in Pennsylvania, not far from Phila- 
delphia. Her physical constitution was never very 
vigorous and strong, consequently she gave much 
attention to the laws of health and the best and most 
natural remedies for disease, and by so doing lived 
many years longer than she otherwise would have 
done. She was very decided against the use of cal- 
omel, never using it herself and advising her family 
not to use it. She was one of the earliest abolitionists, 
and wrote many articles for the press and was a 
zealous advocate for equal rights before the law for 
the people of all nations and colors. She was a con- 
scientious and consistent Friend or Quaker, and 
sometimes spoke in meeting very acceptably ; she 
was a warm advocate of home education and thought 
mothers should be more careful to practice what 
they preached, and by so doing would materially aid 
in building up good characters. Her life was worthy 
of imitation. She was always kind and considerate for 


the poor, particularly the worthy poor, by rendering 
timely aid in their hour of distress. It is the good 
mothers who are the makers of good men and women. 
She was a most zealous Anti-Masonic advocate, and 
said that if Masonry was good it need not be sworn 
to, and their light should not be hid under a bushel, 
and that true benevolence should assist all good people 
without being bound by oath to assist a brother Mason, 
only because he was a Mason. She was highly 
esteemed by all who knew her, and none knew her 
but to praise. She was a very industricms person, 
and although not having a strong constitution, she 
accomplished a great amount of work by her great 
method, both physical and mental. One of her mot- 
tos was, "be just and fear not;" another was, "right 
was right through all the world should err." She 
was one of the most faithful of mothers, and always 
said she wished to leave her children the best of 
legacies, viz. : a good education, both by example 
and precept. 

John Caller was a person of remarkable memory 
and strength of mind, he was a great reader. His 
parents dying when he was very young, he was appren- 
ticed to a saddler and harness maker, a Quaker named 
James Jenkins, at Pleasant Valley, Ulster Co., N. Y. 
After his marriage he found that the business did not 
agree with him, he quit it and carried on a small farm, 
and grocery store, at Poughkeepsie, N.Y., for a few 
years, and bought a larger farm and quit store keep- 
ing ; and in 1835 he sold it and engaged in freighting 



business to New York city. He was afterwards elected 
as Magistrate of Poughkeepsie for several years. 


Adnah H. Southwick', (Zadock*, Lawrence", Dan- 
iel, Lawrence"\ Danie^^ Lawrence'), son of Zadock 
and Elizabeth (Carpenter), born April 30, 1803, died 
Feb. II, 1875. Married Mary D. Reynolds, Feb. 8, 
1827. Children: 

1895. James R.^, born Nov. 4, iSjy. 

1896. Lydia®, born Feb. 18, 1830, died Dec. 2, 1879, after several 
years of patient suffering with spinal curve. 

1897. Catharine^, born Oct. 29, 1832, died Dec. 17, 1S38. 
189S. Elizabeth R.**, born Aug. 25, 1835. 

1899. Hannah**, born Dec. i, 1839. 

Adna H. Southwick was born April 30, 1803, 
and was 20 years old when his father Zadock died 
(in 1823). He being the oldest son at home, was 
given the charge of the business, consisting of the 
Franklin sole leather tannery, capable of tanning 
12,000 hides per year ; a saw mill; a store of general 
merchandise ; a shoe shop ; a farm, etc., and was to 
pay the four younger children their legacies and finish 
their education, and take care of his mother; all of 
which he faithfully did. By his untiring energy and 
good judgement, with the aid of his older brother, he 
was able in 1831 to buy a large landed property of 
500 acres of beautiful valley land at a place called 
" Napanoch," with a great water power, where he built 
a superb grist and flouring mill, costing $20,000, and 


an axe and edge tool factory, where they made 200 
dozen axes per day, and other tools and machinery. 
He then built a very large stone sole leather tannery, 
200 feet long, 60 feet wide, and three stories high, which 
with the machinery cost $54,000 ; its capacity was 
25,000 hides, i. e., 50,000 sides of sole leather per 
year. He then took into partnership his brothers 
Richard and George and built a large store for selling 
general merchandise for their help. They built a 
hotel, and being near the Delaware and Hudson Canal, 
had two canal boats and about twenty-five teams to 
haul bark and do other work. They also had a 
wagon maker's shop, shoe factory, tailor shop, and 
about twenty-five dwelling houses ; but a complica- 
tion of disasters befel them, and in the financial tor- 
nado of 1837 they were compelled to surrender. 
Adna H. with his brother Stephen then went to 
Galveston, Texas, taking with them a frame for a large 
building which they erected at Galveston, which sub- 
sequently became very valuable as the city grew. 
Adna H. then sold out to his brother Stephen and 
returned to his family, who did not go with him. He 
then engaged in several enterprises and finally became 
a real estate broker in New York City, dying Feb. ii, 
1875. His career was a very checkered one, but 
always marked with great energy of character. 


Lydia Southwick', (Zadock^ Lawrence', Daniel', 
Lawrence^ Daniel', Lawrence'), daughter of Zadock 
and Elizabeth (Carpenter), born Jan. i, 1799, died 


Sept. 13, 1829. Married, 1825, Dr. Samuel Blois, of 
New York City, died Oct. 19, 1873. One child: 

1900. Olivia*^, boi-n Aug. 19, 1827. died in infancy bj her clothe.s 
taking fire from an open grate. 


Stephen South wick', (Zadock^ La\vrence\ Dan- 
iel'', Lawrence^, Daniel, Lawrence'), son of Zadock 
and Elizabeth (Carpenter), born Dec. 16, 1800, died 
Oct. 20, 1870. Married first, Adeline Brewster, of 
Poughkeepsie ; second, June 16, 1847, Julia Shelton, 
of Connecticut. Children : 

igoi. Sanford B.**, born Oct. 12, 1833. 

1902. Joseph W.*^, born May 6, 1S37. killed in the Secession War. 

Second wife, Julia Shelton. One child: 

1903. Liilie^, born 1848. 


Jane Lucretia Southwtck', (David^ Jacob*, 
Jonathan\ DanieP, Daniel', Lawrence'), daughter of 
David and Lucretia (Larkin), born Dec. 13, 1837, ^^ 
Smithfield, R. L; married. May i, 1855, George W. 
Winslow, son of Simeon A. Winslow. Children : 

1904. George Arthur*, born June 25, 1S58, at Northbridge, Mass. 

1905. Frederick Irving*, born Jan. 30, 1863, at New Bedford, Mass. 

1906. Alice Maria*, born Aug. 15, 186S, at New Bedford, Mass. 

1907. David Herbert*, born Dec. 19, 1873 at New Bedford, Mass. 

1908. Grace Mabel*, born Oct. 14, 1S79, '^^ South Boston, Mass. 


Mary Ann Southwick', (George^ John^ Jona- 
than", Daniel', Daniel', Lawrence'), daughter of 


George and Sally (Daniels), born Jan. lo, i8ir: 
married Christopher Daniels, May 26, 1839. Chil- 
dren : 

1909. Mint' r\-£i'', born June JO, 1S40. 

1910. Sarah*, bom March 9, 1842 : married Charles Henry, April 
4, 1865. 

191 1. Nathan George-, horn March i. 1S52. 


George Stanford South wick', (Eber", John^ 
Jonathan\ Daniel'^, DanieP, Lawrence*), son of Eber 
and Marcy (Cass), born Feb. 28, 1813; married 
Maria Morse. Children : 

1912. Ehnira'*, born Dec. 30, 1S33, died March 15, 1879. Married 
John Donaldson. 

1913. Child*^, died in infancy. 

1914. George E.*, born April it,, 1S40: married Sarah Jane 
Thayer, Nov. 20, 1861. 

1915. Noyes S.®, born Dec. 22, 1844. died in infancy. 
\()\^a. Child'*, died in infancy. 

Edward SouTHWICK, Jr.'. (Edward^ Lawrence', 
Daniel, Lawrence^, Danier\ Lawrence'), son of Ed- 
ward and Catharine (Wilkinson), born Aug, 10, 1812, 
died Nov. 26, 1857. Married Lucinda Smith. Chil- 
dren : 

1916. Edward^, born Feb. 14. 1848. 

1917. Gilbert Wilkinson®, born Dec. iS. 1850; married Mary 
Seat, Nov. 29, 1877. 

1918. Henry'*, born Feb. II. I S57 ; married Jennie Douglass. 1S79. 



Mary SoUTHWICK^ (Danier, David', Lawrence', 
Lawrence^, Daniel", Lawrence'), daughter of Daniel 
and Jerusha (McCloud), born Oct. 19, 1838; married 
Marcus Kinsella, Nov. i, 1859. Children: 

1919. Sarah E.**, born Aug. 4, i860. 

1920. Marcus V.*, born Feb. 4, 1862, died Aug. 15, 1864. 

1921. Jerusha A.**, born July 11, 1865. 

1922. Jerome*, born Oct. 5, 1867. 

1923. Charles*, born April 20, 1870. 

1924. Mary*, born May 28, 1873. 

1925. Addie*, born Sept. 9, 1875. 

1926. Ida*, born Sept. 9, 1875. She and her sister Addie were 

1927. Enoch W.^, born Feb. 9, 1878. 


Urania SouTHWICK^ (Nathan"', Theophelu.s'\ Dan- 
iel*, Lawrence', DanieP, Lawrence'), daughter of 
Nathan and Amy (Wilkinson), born April 24, 181 1 ; 
married, Aug. 29, 1839, Thomas W. Aldrich, born 
Oct. 13, 1 8 14, is a farmer. Thomas W. and Urania 
and their descendants reside on the farm where The- 
ophilus Southwick was born, and a considerable 
number of the four generations of his descendants 
claim it as their honored home. One child : 

1928. Robert*, born July 21, 1S40; married Frances Dorr Aldrich. 
daughter of Burrill Aldrich. 


James Southwick', (Francis®, George", John'. 


John', John^ Lawrence'), son of Francis and Hannah 
(Nourse), born April 3, 1795, died April 14, 1877. 
Is named in grandfather's will. Moved to Dover, N. H. 
Married, in Lynnfield, April 7, 18 16, Ann Downing, 
died July 9, 1876. Children: 

1929. James x\sa**, born Feb. 11, 1817, died Oct. 20, 1825. 

1930. Marj Ann'*, born April 26, 1819: married William Beavins. 

Sept. 6, 1848. 

1931. Martha^, born July \1, 1830; married John Smellie. April 
8, 1869. 


Betsey Southwtck', (Samuel^ Benjamin', Ben- 
min\ SamueP, John", Lawrence'), daughter of Samuel 
and Mary, born April i, 1780, died June 8, 1861. 
Married, July, 1800, Lovel Bullock, born April 16, 
1775, died March 11, 1859. Children: 

1932. Eliza'', born Nov. 13, iSoi, died Aug. 6. 1S72. Married, 
March 28. 1S33. Samuel K. Tucker, born Nov. 3, 1801. died 
April II. 1S44. 

1933. Irena*, born Oct. 4, 1803, died April 17, 1879. Married, 
Jan. 25, 1825, Wesley Dodge, born July 13, 1803, died March 
4. 1879. 

1934. Mary'^, born Nov. 21. 1805; married. Aug. 2, 1829, Rev. 
Amos Blanchard, born Sept. 16, 1800, died Jan. 6. 1869. 

1935. Hannah P.**, born June 7, 180S, died Sept. 27, 1835. 

1936. Elvira'*, born July 18, 1810, died Aug. 23, 1857. 

1937. Calista A.^. born April 10, 1817, died April 14, 1846. Mar- 
ried Frederick W. Dow, Nov., 1835. 

1938. L\nian^, born April 6, 182 1 ; went to California. 


E.\Rl. Southwick". (Elisha^ David", Lawrence', 
Lawrence'', Daniel^ Lawrence'), son of Elisha and 


Lydia (Houghton) ; married first, June 10, 1845, 
Sophia Morse, died Nov. 29, 1857; second, April 10, 
1858, Clarinda Miller, died June 9, 1876. He changed 
his name to George Houghton, is a large shoe manu- 
facturer in Hudson, Mass. One child : 

1939. George E.^. born Oct.. 1847, died Aug. 5. 1864. 
Second wife, Clarinda Miller. Children : 

1940. Charles M.*, born May 3, 1S60. 

.1941. Willie A.^, born Dec. 10, 1862, died Dec. 5, 1S63. 

1942. Hattie S.*^, born May 21, 1864. 

1943. Frank S.**, born May 13, 1S67, died Feb., 186S. 

1944. A.**, born Feb. 8, 1869. 

1945. Lizzie G.*, born Feb. 4, 1871. 

1946. Infant'^, born June 9, 1876. died Sept. 23, 1S76. 


Emma D. Southwick', (Philip^ Edward', Joseph*, 
Lawrence^ DanieP, Lawrence'), daughter of Philip R. 
and Amelia (Dexter), born April 5, 1834; married, 
in Westford, Mass., June 28, 1880, Dr. J. Bernard 
Brinton, of Philadelphia. 

Emma D. Southwick, born in 1834, the eldest of 
seven children, attended private schools until she 
entered Bradford Academy, where she spent four years. 
In 1861, she entered the Mansion House Hospital at 
Alexandria, as nurse, the demand at that time being 
very great for care-takers for the sick and otherwise dis- 
abled soldiers who were filling our hospitals. She 
spent nearly a year there in active service, having 
under her care about sixty men at a time ; at first all 


cases of sickness, but for the last months wounded 
men entirely, where a rich and most interesting work 
was opened to her. Then after a vacation at home, 
she found occupation in a ward in Armory Square 
Hospital at Washington, where the nurses were all 
volunteers, and being encouraged to make everything 
as pleasant as possible, the wards were arranged so 
pleasant!)' that many a man said it was like going into 
his mother's room at home. Here she spent nearly 
a year, ministering to many hundred men, there being 
among the younger ones many who called her mother. 
Her schemes for diverting the minds of her patients 
were various and often amusing, not only would she 
introduce games and join in them herself, but she 
would devise something useful for them to do ; and 
as the hospital stockings were never mended when 
sent to the wards, she would get the men together 
each week, and providing needles and yarn, have a 
mending bee. The city people being very kind too, 
entertainments were often gotten up and the patients 
gathered at Miss Southwick's ward, and thus man}' 
tedious hours were saved our crippled boys. Her 
work ceased when the battles of the Wilderness led 
to the opening of hospitals at Fredericksburgh, when 
with two other ladies, securing passes from the sur- 
geon, she went into the field work, first at Fredericks- 
burg, where a general care was given the men lying 
closely together in lO by lOO buildings; and from 
six in the morning until ten at night, there was no 
cessation from dressing woimds, and providing food 
for the sufferers. 


From Fredericksburgh to White House Landing, 
and then up the James River in the 5th and 2d corps, 
she found all she could do, until prostrated with the 
heat, bad water, and over-work, she was taken to 
Alexandria ajid then home. But after a while, in 
1864, she found a field of labor again at Harpers 
Ferry, where she made many improvements, but suf- 
fering severely from chills and fever, she accompanied 
her cousin Mrs. Stephenson and son to South Caro- 
lina, where they spent five or six months on a planta- 
tion on Helena Island ; Miss Southwick acting as 
teacher for two plantations, caring for those up to 
14 years of age in the morning", and the older ones 
every afternoon. 

Here, too, she found scope for other energies, 
nursing the old and sick; feeding the hungry little 
ones left at home for hours together, while their 
mothers were obliged to be at work ; and Sundays 
gathering them in groups to read and sing. They 
made also pleasant trips to Savannah and Charleston 
just after Sherman had made his "march to the sea," 
and saw the first enthusiastic gathering of the colored 
people and the desolation of the southern cities. The 
call for teachers for the Freedmen being very loud, 
Miss Southwick entered that work at Richmond and 
Petersburgh, and was attached to it for about three 

Then in 1868, with an invalid sister, she accom- 
panied a party of ladies through fifteen months' jour- 
neying from Glasgow^ Scotland, to Naples, spending a 
winter in Rome and studying with intense interest the 


wonders of the old world. After this, from 1870 to 
1873, was spent at home. 

Being desirous of attending the Universal Exhibi- 
tion at Vienna, in 1873, Miss Southwick sought and 
obtained a commission to write for the Boston Daily 
Traveller and Conuncrcial Bulletin; and spent seven 
months in Vienna, travelling through Switzerland, 
France and England ; writing letters for the press 
and taking part in the first meeting ever held in 
Hungary, of the Unitarians of that country, England 
and America, and which she considers one of the most 
interesting gatherings ever held, and of which a full 
account was given in the Traveller and Christian 

While at Vienna, the breaking up of our commis- 
sion and generally disgraceful appearance of our 
department, led to a desire on her part to take an 
active place in the Centennial Exhibition, and a }'ear 
before its opening she accepted a position offered her 
(in the office of the Massachusetts state commission) 
where she made use of the knowledge gained, for the 
general good, and as her own work made application 
for space for the building of a log cabin to illustrate life 
in New England, one hundred years ago. The idea 
being to furnish it with articles, and keep it open to 
the public every day ; with six ladies always there 
knitting, spinning, quilting, netting, making lace, etc. ; 
these ladies to change every day, having half of their 
time to themselves and with no expense excepting 
their passage out and back. Then beside the old 
house a modern kitchen where a complete contrast 


would be shown, and an old fashioned dinner prepared 
and sold each day. 

This work being accepted, was successfully carried 
out during the whole exhibition, receiving" (it was 
•estimated) half a million visitors, and giving the 
benefits of the exhibition to one hundred and twenty 
persons, man}' of whom could not have visited Phil- 
adelphia in any other way. Miss Southwick having 
closed her work, went the last of Nov., 1876, to Santa 
Barbara, Cal., and spent the winter with her sister 
Abba (Mrs. G. W. Young), since deceased, but re- 
turned in the spring to take part in the permanent 
exhibition at Philadelphia. And the next spring, in 
April, 1878, she sailed with a party of ladies for a 
long European tour; going out accredited as the 
special correspondent of the Daily Traveller of Bos- 
ton, and landing at Glasgow. She went to Paris for 
the first six weeks of the exhibition ; then through 
Norway, Sweden and Russia, and back to Paris, for 
October and November ; after which the winter was 
spent in Rome, and the spring in Egypt and Palestine : 
a party of four ladies spending holy week in Jeru- 
salem, and twenty days on horse-back to Beirut, then 
to Constantinople and Rome, reaching Paris early in 
July, 1879. Writing up Britain and Normandy, and 
after a tour of England made alone and among the 
peasantry, she sailed Sept. 13, 1879, for New York. 


Jonathan Southwick', (David', Jacob", Jona- 
than\ Daniel'*, Daniel', Lawrence'), son of David and 


Lucretia (Larkin), born 1821 ; married Miranda Car- 
penter, 1812. Children: 

1947. Josephine*; iiiavried PJenson. 

7948. Jerome'^. 

1949. Marion'*, • 

1950. Hattie*^. 

1951. Ella«. 


John SouthwICK", (Stephe^^ William", ]o\\n\ 
John^, John*, Lawrence''), son of Stephen and Pru- 
dence Southwick, born Sept. 18, 1788, died April 19, 
1849. Married, May 14, 181 5, Elizabeth Russell, born 
Dec. 3, 1792, died (^ct. 14, 1877. Children: 

1952. John Russell**, born July 19. 1S16; married Lucy Sophia 

Kemp, Sept. 2, 1842. 
195.1- William**, born July 14, 1818, died Dec. 3, 181S. 

1954. William^, born Nov. i, 1819, died Jan. 26, 1875. Married. 
May 12, 1844, Elizabeth Marinda Parker. 

1955. Elizabeth Sutton**, born Dec. 6, 1821. 

1956. Stephen Augustus**, born March 31. 1824: married Ljdia 
Elizabeth Daniels, June 15, 1859. 

1957. David Henry**, born Jan, 25, 1827; married widow Harriet 
Lord, {nee Cate) Sept. 24, 1868. 

1958. Edwin®, born July 30. 1829. 

1959. Child**, born May 7, 1832, died May 7, 1832. 

T960. Child*, born May 7. 1832, died May 9, 1832. 1959 and 1960 
were twins. 

1961. Benj. Franklin**, born July 5. 1835; married Mary Ann Os- 
born, Oct 20, 1868. 

1962. A son*, born March 20, 1838, died March 22, 1838. 

1 104. 

Jesse Southwick', (David', Jacob', Jonathan'. 
Daniel'', Daniel", Lawrence'), son of David and Lu- 


cretia (Larkin), born 1815 ; married Ruth Taft. Chil- 

1963. Emma*. Married Fenner, of Groton, Mass. 

1964. Sarah*. 

1965. Charles*. 

1966. Frank*. 


David Southwick", (David^ Jacob*, Jonathan*, 
Daniel^, Daniel"', Lawrence'), son of David and Lu- 
cretia (Larkin), born 1821; married Elsie Fowler, 
Nov. 25, 1849. Children: 

1967. George*, born March 29, 1853, died July 8, 1862. 

1968. Austin*, born Aug. 5, 1861. 

1969. Harret E.*, born April 24, 1S63. 


Daniel Southwick', (Stephen^ William', John', 
John^ John^ Lawrence'), son of Stephen and Pru- 
dence Southwick, born March 11, 1800; married 
Esther Fowler, July 9, 1829. Children: 

1970. Samuel Fowler*, born Aug. 5, 1S30; married Elizabeth 
Mulchj, Dec. 5, 1872. 

1971. Edward*, born Feb. 24, 1833 ; married, Jan. 19, 1853, Rachel 
Annible Barker. 


Electra Wilder Southwick', (David^ David", 
Lawrence\ Lawrence', Daniel*, Lawrence'), daughter 
of David Jr.j and Polly (Cooledge) ; married Lyman 
Balcomb, Sept. 8, 1846. Children: 



1972. Charles DanieP, born May 31, 184S. 

1973. Henry Lewis**, born July 35, 1S52. 

1974. Edmund Walter**, born Jan. 36, 1854, died Oct. i, 1854. 

1975. Mary Electra*, born May 16, 1856, died July 16, 1856. 

1976. Ellen Elizabeth**, born Nov. 15, 1857. 

1977. Frances Lyman**, born April 13, 1859, died April 26, i860. 
197S. Ezra Ammi**, born Oct. 17, 1863. 

1979. Emeline Sarah®, born Dec. 25, 1866. 


Abk;ail Elmira Southwick', (David^ David', 
Lawrence", Lawrence^ Daniel*, Lawrence'), daughter 
of David Jr., and Polly (Cooledge), born Jan. 27, 
1822; married, April 2, 1845, George F. Flagg, born 
Nov. 21, 1 8 16. Children: 

1980. Charles Henry**, born April 7, 1846, died Aua^. 29. 1848. 

1981. Sarah Elizabeth'*, born Feb. 16, 1850. 

1982. Mary Grace**, born Jan. 16, 1S54. 


Edmund Blood Southwick', (David^ David", 
Lawrence\ Lawrence\ Daniel^ Lawrence'), son of 
David Jr., and Polly (Cooledge), born Feb. 8, 18 18; 
married Abigail Green, Oct. 12, 1842. Children: 

1983. Abbyjane**, born March 12, 1844. 

1984. Almira Elizabeth**, born Jan. 13, 1846. 

1985. Mary Caroline®, born July 21, 1847. 

1986. Cynthia Angeline®, born Oct. 8, 1849. 


Susanna Harkness', (Betsey^ Enoch", Jonathan', 
Daniel', DanieP, Lawrence'), daughter of Betsey 


(Southwick) and George Harkness, born July 27, 1806, 
died Dec. 20, 1879. Married, 1825, Javis Hoag. He 
moved with his family to Scipio, Cayuga Co., N. Y., 
where all his family were settled. That fell destroyer, 
consumption, which made them his early prey, took 
the parents and three of the children out of the five 
(Mary, Delia and Franklin), in a few short years. 
Children : 

19S7. Mar/, born June 26, 1828; married J. D. H. Batty. 

1988. Lvdia D.*^, born May 25, 1830; man-ied Wm. Meader, in 
the fall of 1855. 

1989. Delia*, born April 24, 1833, deceased. Married John Hazard. 

She left one child. 

1990. Franklin-, born July 10, 1836, deceased. Married Lydia Haz- 
ard. He died leaving two children. 

1991. Emeline**, born Sept. i, 1841 ; married Locke. iif- 


James Harkness', (Betsey^ Enoch", Jonathan', 
DanieP, Daniel", Lawrence'), son of Betsey (South- 
wick) and George Harkness, born Oct. i, 1807; 
married Phebe C. Taber, June 30, 1836. Children: 

1992. Lewis'*, born March 8, 1S3S; married Hannah Newcomer. 
Feb. 28, 1867. 

1993. Sarah'*, born March 29, 1840; married J. G. Miner, March 
9, 1859. 

1994. Edwin**, born Sept. 22, 1842; married Ellen Lamb, Nov. 
30, 1879. 

1995. Henry"*, born April 6, 1845 ; married Caroline Lamb, June 
8, 1867. 

1996. Elmira*, born Jan. 2, 1848; married H. N. Evarts, Oct. 13. 


1997. Emily*, born June 7, 1850; married C. I. Haines, Aug. 24. 

199S. Nathan. J.*, born Sept. 4, 1852. 



George Harkness', (Betsey^ Enoch", Jonathan'. 
DanieP, Daniel*, Lawrence'), son of Betsey (South- 
wick) and George Harkness, born June 3, 1809; 
married, March 9, 1837, Mary J. Batty, born April 
17, 1 8 19, died Feb. 8, 1879. Children: 

1999. Susanna**, born March 7, 183S, died Jan. 27, 1876. 

2000. Betsej*, born Dec. 24, 1839; married Martin Potts, Oct. 
24, 1858. Thev have three children, viz. : Estella^, born 
Nov. 20, i860; George L.^, born June 27, 1865: Mary E.'*, 
born Jan. 21, 1876. 

2001. Lysander G.*, born Jan. 30, 1S42. died Feb. 13, 1864. 

2002. Lois B.*, born May 28, 1844, died 1858. 

2003. John W.®, born Aug. 6, 1S46. 

2004. Joel'*, born Aug. 9, 1848. 

2005. Mary J.", born March 14, 1851. 

2006. Jesse S.*, born May 29, 1853. 

2007. Wilson J.^, born Jan. 21, 1856. 

2008. Newton L.'*, born March 20, i860. 


LVDIA Varney', (Mary*, David", Lawrence\ Law- 
rence\ DanieP, Lawrence'), daughter of Mary (South- 
wick) and Timothy Varney, born April 5, 1827; 
married first, Edward Bufifum, June 3, 1852 ; second, 
J. W. Foster of Westerly, R. L Children : 

2009. Fredrick C.**, born July 29, 1853. 

2010. Arthur H.*, born Jan. 11, 1855. 

2011. Edward H*, born July 18, 1861. 


George Varney', Mary^ David\ Lawrence\ Law- 
rence^ Daniel", Lawrence'), son of Mary (South- 


wick) and Timothy Varney, born Dec. 20, 1836: 
married first, Oct 18, 1868, Mary E. Dakin of Sud- 
bury, died in childbirth ; second, Lucie Gilpatrick, oi 
Great Falls, N. H., Oct. 2>(^, 1872. Children; 

.2012. Lucie Maud'^, born April 3, 1876. 
.2013. Mary E-, born Jan. 21, 1S79. 


Isaac Varnev', (Mary®, David^ Lawrence'. Law- 
rence^, Daniel'^ Lawrence'), son of Mary (Southwick) 
and Timothy Varney, born July 19, 1839; married, 
Oct. 29, 1862, Phebe E. BulTura, of North Berwick. 
Me. Children: 

2014. Louisa B.**, born Aug. S, 1S64. 

2015. Edward**, born May 3, 1S68. 

2016. Geasquin^, born Jan. 10, 1870. 
-:oi7. Willie**, born Feb. 11. 1872. 


Oliver Bartlett Southwick', (John*, John\ 
Jonathan\ Daniel"^ Daniel", Lawrence*), son of John 
and Ann (Galium), born March 19, 1799, died Feb. 
I, 1873. Married, Nov. 22, 1832, widow Mary Oakes 
Winch Smith, born Feb. 18, 1807. He was a ship 
carpenter. Children : 

J018. Harriet Maria^, born Dec. 15, 1835 ; married Henrv G. Spear. 

May II, 1853. They live at Providence, R. I., (1880). 
J019. Ellen J.^, born Dec. 30, 1837 ; married Barzillai H. N. Tucker. 

May 13, 1856. They live at Spencer, Mass., (1880). 
-;o2o. Francis S.^, born Jan. 4, 1843; married first, Henrietta B. 

Davis. Oct. 26, 1865; second, Nettie M. Barnes. Sept 20. 

1878. They live at Leicester, Mass.. (1880.). 


iQ)2\. Henrv E.*. born Nov. 19, 1S44; married Josie Marah, Junt- 
6,1868. The V live at Worcester, Mass., (18S0). 


John Southwick", (John**, John*, Jonath3n^ Dan- 
ieP, Daniel', Lawrence*), son of John and Ann (Gal- 
ium), born Nov. 5, 1804, died Feb. 2, 1874. Married 
first, May, 1836, Harriet Walker, of Charlestovvn, 
Mass.; second, Jan. 15, 1843, Louisa Richardson, of 
Medford. Children : 

2022. Louisa Maria**, born Feb. 11, 1844, died Maj i, 1848. 

2023. Albert Plympton**, born Maj 11, 1S50; not married, (1880). 

2024. Helen Mary*, born April 9, 1853. 


Wn^LiAM Arnold Southwick', (John*'', John*, 
Jonathan*, DanieP, DanieP, Lawrence'), son of John 
and Ann (Galium), born April 17, 1797, died Sept. 26, 
1866, Married, 181 7, Betsey Guerney. Ghildren : 

2025. John**. Married Sarah Jones. 

2026. Alonzo*^. 

2027. Mary**. 

2028. Julia M.* Married Rand. 


TABrrHA Leland SouTHWICK^ (Isaac®, Jacob*, 
Jonathan^ DanieP, DanieP, Lawrence'), daughter of 
Isaac and Tabitha (Roberts), born Nov. 20, 1809, 
died 1878. Married Harrison S. Prentice, of Worces- 
ter, Mass. Ghildren: 



^029, George Henry», born Oct. 11, 1834; married Elvira Andrews. 

of Worce-ster, died 1869. 
^030. Harrison Southwick^, born Aug. 1S36; married Emma 

Bowen. He was a merchant, of Worcester, died i86i. 
-'031. Edward C.^ born April 1840, died joung, 
::o32, Eliza Forbes*, born Aug. 1S49. 


Isaac Harrison South wick\ (Isaac', Jacob'. 
Jonathan\ Daniel^ Danier, Lawrence'), son of Isaac 
and Tabitha (Roberts), born Aug. 14, i8u, lives at 
Providence, R. I. Married, Aug. 8, J837, Clarissa 
Ann Keith, of Grafton, Mass. Children : 

J033- Henrj Keith*, born Oct. 11, 183S; married first. Sarah Jane 

Fiske; second, Louise Harden. 
:!034. Clara Maria«, born April 11, 1840; married Joshua Butium, 

a tea merchant of New York City. 
-035- Sarah Eliza^ born March 12, 1S43, died joun"-. 

2036. RojalKeith«, born Feb. 23, 1845; married, Feb. 6, 1871. 
Ella Metcalf, daughter of John Trumbul Metcalf, of New- 
York City. No children : 

2037. Joseph Harrison*, born March 8, 1847, at Providence, R. I. 

2038. Annie Keith«, born Aug. 22, 1849, at Providence, R. I. 

2039. Isaac Hinkle/, born Jan. 2^. 1S54. at Providence. R.I. 
He is a lawyer. 


Joseph Edward South WICK^ (Isaac^ Jacob', 
Jonathan\ DanieI^ DanieP, Lawrence'), son of Isaac 
and Tabitha (Roberts), born 1815; married first. 
Marinda Chamberlain; second, Lydia Scott. He 
lives at Pana, Ills., and is a magistrate there. Children : 

2040. Frances^ born Aug. 1841, died 1842. 

2041. Annie Chamberlain*, born Feb. 1843, died i86£;. 


2042. Joseph Ashland**, born Nov. 4, 1844. 

2043. Edward Harrison**, born 1846, died 1870. 

2044. Isaac*, born 1848. 

2045. Samuel^, born 1S54. 

2046. Mar\-*. born 1857. died 1S60. 


Eliza Lucy Southwicr', (Isaac^ Jacob", Jona- 
than'*, Daniel'', DanieP, Lawrence'), daughter of Isaac 
and Tabitha (Roberts), born Jan. 27, 1813; married, 
Nov, 12, 1837, Moses Forbes, "ii^d 1850. She Hves 
at St. Louis, Mo. Children : 

2047. Arthur Page**, born April 15, 1S40; n-jarried Tlieresa James. 
They reside at St. Louis, Mo. 

2048. Moses Southwick**, born Oct. 11, 1842; married Virginia 
Isabella Stagg. They live at St. Louis, Mo. 

2049. Eliza Frances**, born March 18, 1845, died Jan. 6, 1S66. 


Melissa Southwick', (George^ DanieP, Law- 
rence\ Lawrence^, Daniel, Lawrence'), daughter of 
George and Louisa (Tenney), born Feb. 14, 1836: 
married March 20, 1854, Charles C. Adams. Children : 

2050. Flora®, born Aug. 24, 1S55. 

2051. Ida*, born May 9, 1857; married John M. Locke. 

2052. Etta**, born Aug. 10, 1859; married Ilenrj Craig. 

2053. Charles**, born May 18, 1867. 


Aaron Southwick', (George^ DanieP, Lawrence\ 
Lawrence^ DanieP, Lawrence'), son of George and 
Louisa (Tenney), born March 8, 1830, in Danby, Vt. ; 


married, April 16, 1858, Annette E. Fairbanks, of 
Massachusetts. Children : 

2054. George Willis®, born Sept. 26, 1859. 

2055. Charles Aaron*, born Dec. 5, 1S61. 

2056. James Jacob*, born Feb. 26, 1864. 

2057. Nettie Alice*, born Jan. 6, 1866, died Oct. 26, 1869. 

2058. Earnest Alonzo*, born Nov. 24, 1S75. 

Aaron Southwick is now settled in the town- 
ship of Madison, near Manhattan, in Kansas. He is a 
farmer and publishes a weekly newspaper at Riley 
Center, Riley Co., Kansas. In July, 1838, Aaron 
with his parents moved to Medina Co., Ohio ; they 
lived in various parts of Ohio, till he was 23 years 
old, once, however, moving to Lagrange Co., Indi- 
ana, and residing there four months, when they 
returned to Ohio. In the same year he removed to 
Kalamazoo Co., Mich., where he purchased a farm and 
followed the occupation of farming for several years. 
He sold his farm in Kalamazoo Co., and bought an- 
other in Allegan Co., Mich., to which he moved and 
on which he lived until 1868. In 1868 he sold his 
farm in Allegan Co., and bought another in Kalamazoo 
Co., Mich., where he lived till the spring of 1869. 
That year the Kansas fever became epidemic and he 
again sold his property in Michigan and started for 
Kansas, where he arrived April 24, 1869, and pur- 
chased 160 acres of land in Madison township. He 
has been adding improvements yearly and now has 
a beautiful and comfortable home. The country has 
settled up well and a thrifty village has sprung up 
adjoining his farm. 



Emma SoUTHWICK^ (George^ Danier, Lawrence', 
Lawrence^ DanieP, Lawrence'), daughter of George 
and Louisa (Tenney), born Feb. 21, 1844; married. 
Aug. 8, 1862, Gilbert Mayo. Children: 

2059. Frank*, born June 13, 1863, died Nov. 28, 1864. 

2060. Nellie*, born Oct. 4, 1865, died Feb. 13, 1870. 

2061. Nora-, born Aug. 4, 1871. 

2062. Archie*^, born Oct. 29, 1S75. 

2063. Edith*, born Sept. 17, 1S77. 


Sarah Southwick', (George^ Daniel', Lawrence', 
Lawrence^ Daniel, Lawrence'), daughter of George 
and Louisa (Tenney), born May 26, 185 i ; married, 
Aug. 29, 1869, Coburn Blake. Children: 

2064. Anna*, born May 23, 1S71. 

2065. Artie*, born March 10, 1876, died April 13, 1876. 

2066. Hettie*, born April 30, 1S77. 


Mary Joy Southwick", (Daniel^ Theophilus', 
Daniel', Lawrence*, DanieP, Lawrence'), daughter of 
Daniel and Lucinda (Brown), born Dec. 14, 1824; 
married, Aug. 22, 1849, Edward F. Dyer. Children: 

2067. Edward Foster*, born May 31, 1852. 

2068. Manning Wheelock*, born Dec. 29, 1855, lives at Pawtucket, 
R. I. 

2069. Martha Jane*, born Oct. 6, 1S58. 


Daniel William Southwick', (DanieP, Theoph- 


ilus\ Daniel, Lawrence^ Daniel', Lawrence',) son 
of Daniel and Lucinda Brown, born Nov. 16, 1826; 
married, Feb. 6, 1849, Susan Thayer, died Nov. 4, 
i860. Children: 

2070. Ella Lucinda**, born May 11, 1854; niarried, July 25, 1S72, 
Theodore Brown. 

2071. George Frederick**, born March 30, 1S58, died June 4, 1S61. 

2072. Susan Mary Louisa^, born March 31, 1S60. She is a school 
teacher at Central Falls, R. I. 


Susan Maria Southwick', (Daniel^ Theophilus*, 
Daniel\ Lawrence^ DanieP, Lawrence'), daughter of 
DanieLand Lucinda (Brown), born Sept. 19, 1828; 
married, Oct. i, 1850, Francis N. Hall, born Sept. 29, 
1826. Children: 

2073. Mary Augusta**, born July 18, 1851 ; married David S. Bas- 
sett, June 23, 1S75. 

2074. Nettie Frances**, born March 10, 1862. 


George H. Brown', (Henry C.^ Mary*, Lawrence*, 
Lawrence'^ DanieP, Lawrence*), grandson of Mary 
Southwick (Chilson), and Jacob Brown, and son of 
Henry Cummings Brown and Clarrissa M. (Baker), 
born Nov. i, 1834; married Harriet E. Sedgewick, 
1856. Children: 

2075. Charles**, born 1857. 

2076. Frederick^, born 1859. 

2077. Mary**, born 1861. 

2078. William**, born 1865. 



CORRILLA M. Brown', (Henry C.^ Mary', Law- 
rence'*, Lawrence^, Daniel'^ Lawrence'), granddaughter 
of Mary Southwick (Chilson) and Jacob Brown, and 
son of Henry Cummings Brown and Clarrissa M. 
(Baker), born May 15, 1838 ; married Charles N. Patrie, 
born Sept. 6, 1837, near Poughkeepsie, N.Y. One 

2079. Frank N.**, born Jan. 24, 1865. 


Nelson S. Brown', (Henry C.^ Mary^ Lawrence\ 
Lawrence^ DanieP, Lawrence'), grandson of Mary 
Southwick (Chilson), and Jacob Brown, and son of 
Henry Cummings Brown and Clarrissa M. (Baker) ; 
married Lucy Patterson, 1868. Children: 

2080. George^ born 1869. 

2081. Cora*, born 1871. 

2082. Henrj®, born 1S73. 

2083. Clarrissa*, born 1874. 


Elisha Southwick', (RoyaP, Lawrence^ Daniel', 
Lawrence^, Daniel', Lawrence'), son of Royal and 
Phebe (Farnum), born April 27, 1809, died Feb. 6, 
1874. Married, Jan. 13, 1835, Delia Purington, at 
Monson, Mass. He is a tanner, and shoe manufacturer. 
He moved from Uxbridge to Sturbridge in 1839, and 
lived there until his death. Children : 

2084. Marrianna*, born Jan. 16, 1838; married A. C. Morse, June 

I, 1858. 

2085. Farnum*, born Aug. 21, 1840; married Sarah E. Nichols. 



Jonathan F. Southwick*, (Royal*, Lawrence', 
Daniel*, Lawrence^, DanieP, Lawrence'), son of Royal 
and Phebe (Farnum), born Dec. 14, 1799; married 
first, Nov. 14, 1822, Chloe Holbrook, born Aug. 13, 
1801, died Aug. 1 1, 1855, at Ironstone, Mass. ; second, 
Jan. 12, 1858, widow Lucy S. Darling. Children: 

-;oS6. Emeline*, born Nov. 29, 1825; married C. Me-sservj, Mav 
14, 1846. 

2087. Stephen Holbrook^ born Aug. 15, 1827. 

2088. Lydia Morse*, born May 28, 1829. 

2089. Mary Urania Farnum^, born May 31, 1S32. 

2090. Sylvanus Holbrook*, born Jan. 15, 1835. 

2091. Jonathan Farnum*. born Dec. 15, 1839, died July 15, 1840. 

Jonathan F. Southwick, son of Royal and 
Phebe (Farnum), born Dec. 14, 1799, learned the tan- 
ning business of his father Royal, and carried on the 
tanning and currying business at Ironstone, in the 
town of Millville, until within a few years (1881 ), and 
had in connection a farm. Bark becoming scarce 
and dear it was not profitable to carry on the business 
at that place, and at his time of life he did not deem 
it wise to remove to a more favorable locality to carry 
on the business. He has always been a regular attend- 
ant of the yearly meetings of Friends at Newport, R.I. 
He is now (1881) 82 years of age and has reason- 
ably good health, both mental and physical. 


James SouTH\VICK^ (Royal*', Lawrence", Daniel', 
Lawrence^ Daniel", Lawrence'), son of Royal and 


Phebc (Farnum), born Oct. 7, 1789, in Uxbridg-e : 
married, Oct. 4, 1809, Ruth Darling, daughter of 
Hannah (Southwick) and Jesse DarHng, born Dec. 
3, 1783. died Nov. 3, 1858. He left home in 1830, 
and has never been heard from. Children : 

2092. Hannah Darling**, born }ii\y 10, iSro, in Uxbridge, jVIass.. 
died in Pawtuxet, R. I., Oct. 20, 1S49. 

2093. Phebe Farnum*, born July 28, 1814, in Millville, Mass. : 
married S. B. T. Loring, of Boston. No children. 

2094. Urania Farnum*, born Oct. 19, 1S17, in Millville, Mass., 
died in Smithfield, R. I., Aug. 4, 1844. 


Royal Southwick 2d', (Royal®, Lawrence^ Dan- 
iel, Lawrence^ Daniel", Lawrence"), son of Royal 
and Phebe (Farnum), born Sept. 9, 1795, died Sept. 
23, 1875. Married, March 7, 1827, Direxa Claflin, 
born Feb. 27, 1805. Children: 

2095. Josephine Mellen*, born Dec. 15, 1827; married, Nov. 14, 
1850, Dr. James C. Ayer, of Lowell, Mass., died July 3, 1878. 

2096. Henry Clay, Jr.*, born Oct. 12, 1829, died Dec. 12, 1878. 
Married Elsa D. Eames, June i, 1854. 

2097. Royal 3d^, born March 21, 1834. 

2098. Edward Farnum*, born Oct. 27. 1837, died Aug. 20, 1855. 

2099. John Clailin*, born Dec. 2, 1S35 ; married Ella M. Clapp. 

2100. Edna Burnette*. born April 19, 1841. 

The late ROYAL SoUTHWiCK had entered upon 
his eighty-second year when " the fatal asterisk of 
death " was set against his name. He was born at 
Uxbridge in this state, September 14, 1795, and was 
a lineal descendant of Lawrence and Cassandra South- 
wick of Salem, Mass.. who were banished from the 


State by the Puritans, in 1659, for believing in Quak- 
erism ; they went to Shelter Island, where they died 
within three days of each other, in the spring of 1660, 
from exposure and privation. They were, previous to 
banishment, fined, whipped and imprisoned for non- 
attendance at the First Church, of Salem. The in- 
herited faith which sustained the heart of the noble 
William Penn, and which inspired the verse of Whittier, 
never lost its hold on Royal Southwick, nor did he 
ever forget the martyrdom which his ancestors suffered 
for the love of truth. It was his practice through 
life to attend the yearly meetings of the Friends or 
Quakers, at Newport, R. I. His father, brother and 
sister were all elders of the Society of Friends. 

In 1826, he married Direxa Claflin, daughter of 
Major John Claflin, of Milford, sister of Horace B- 
and Aaron Claflin, of New York. 

In 1829, when the Lowell Manufacturing Compan}' 
commenced operations here, Mr. Southwick, Alex- 
ander Wright, the Wilson brothers, and others, moved 
to Lowell from Medway, and engaged in the manu- 
facture of carpets. Mr. Southwick took the proces- 
ses of carding and spinning by contract. He remained 
in that company's employ till 1844. and his contract 
proved highly remunerative to him and also to the 

In 1844, he visited England, and informed himself 
thoroughly touching the latest improvements in the 
various processes of the woolen manufacture, that 
had been introduced there. He then purchased a 
large interest in the Baldwin Manufacturing Company 



at North Chelmsford, whose business he conducted 
with signal success for about ten years ; then trans- 
ferred his interest to the Wilton Manufacturing Com- 
pany, and successfully conducted the operations of 
the latter company until near the opening of the 

Outside of manufacturing, he engaged extensively 
in other operations, and was for some years President 
of the Merchants Bank, succeeding Dr. Pillsbury , and 
preceding Mr. Hosford in that office. 

He remained a citizen of Lowell until 1859, when 
he removed to Boston, and continued to reside there 
until his death. During his long abode in Lowell, 
he was prominent in many public movements, and 
exerted himself strenuously in behalf of the Whig 
party, which, in fulfillment of the dying prediction of 
his illustrious friend, Daniel Webster, now lives "only 
in history." 

While cherishing the friendship of Webster, Mr. 
Southwick cherished with still greater fondness the 
friendship of Webster's celebrated Whig rival, Henry 
Clay. For "Harry of the West" he named his first- 
born son. To secure the prize of the Presidency for 
"Harry of the West," he thought no sacrifice of time 
or money too great. And when, in visiting Lowell, 
in October, 1833, Mr. Clay took upon his knee, and 
blessed, and caressed the boy whom his far-off Lowell 
friend had named for him, the fond father's "cup of 
happiness" was full. Endeared as Henry Clay was 
to him, Mr. Southwick felt a natural and just pride, 
(as a Delegate from Massachusetts to the National 


Whig Convention of 1 840), in voting for the nomina- 
tion of Mr. Clay. But it was written in the Book of 
Destiny that Kentucky's greatest son, (loved and 
honored, as he was, above all others, by millions of 
Americans), should never enter the Promised Land 
of Presidential power. Fate, which, with grim irony, 
is forever laughing at the wisest calculations, and 
dashing to the ground the fondest hopes of the chil- 
dren of men, passed both Clay and Webster by, and 
bestowed her laurel crown on William H. Harrison. 

In 1844, it seemed that Mr. Clay's hour had come, 
and the interest felt in his election was as great among 
the Whigs of Lowell as among those of Ashland. 
Mr. Southwick was then a member of the State Senate, 
and seemed likely to become a member of Congress. 
He exerted himself to the utmost for Mr. Clay. The 
telegraph not having been introduced, if the mails 
alone were relied on, the Whigs of Lowell would 
have to remain during the whole night following the 
national election in painful doubt whether they had 
lost or won in the great struggle for power. There 
was then no Times office where the returns could be 
learned from New York — the pivotal State — as now. 
Southwick arranged that instantly upon the arrival at 
the Albany depot in Boston of the New York train at 
ten o'clock on the decisive night, a swift horse should 
receive the returns and bring them, with all speed, to 
Woburn. At Woburn, his own well-known horse, 
"Old Royal," stood ready to bring the returns to 
Lowell. The Democrats also ran a similar " pony 
express "' to the Lozvell Advertiser office. " Old Royal" 



brought the disastrous news of Clay's defeat from 
Woburn to his master in one hour. The excitement 
of that night will never be forgotten by those who 
participated in it, though one and thirty years have 
rolled by since it subsided into silence and calm. 
How grimly and wildly the Democrats rejoiced over 
Mr. Polk's success! How the Whigs mourned — 
many actually wept — over the final defeat of their 
idolized Clay ! None more than Horace Greeley, who 
twenty-eight years later, encountered a similar Water- 
loo. Mr. Southwick could never feel such an inter- 
est in any later contest. 

Having mentioned his Whigism, it is but fair to 
state that his courage and independence far outweighed 
his devotion to party. With his Quakerism he inher- 
ited an earnest opposition of human slavery, and a 
disposition to treat the black man with the same re- 
spect which he bestowed on the white. It was largely 
through his instrumentality that George Thompson, 
the English anti-slavery agitator, visited Lowell, while 
a member of Parliament, in 1834, and spoke, and was 
mobbed in the old City Hall, and he it was who enter- 
tained Mr. Thompson and William Lloyd Garrison 
(who accompanied him) at his house. It required 
real courage for any Democratic or Whig politician, 
in those days, to receive such "firebrands" into his 
house as his guests ; but, a few years later, Mr. South- 
wick indulged his hospitable disposition in a manner 
more daring still. When Frederick Douglass and 
Charles Lennox Remond came to Lowell and addressed 
her people in the same hall in which Mr. Thompson 


had been mobbed, Mr. Southwick took them to his 
house in Tyler street, and extended to them the same 
civilities to which by courtesy they would have been 
entitled had they not been " guilty of a akin not col- 
ored as his own." In spite of the then prevailing 
prejudice against negroes and abolitionists, Mr. South- 
wick, perhaps, lost nothing of official position by 
showing "the courage of his opinions." In 1833, 
1839 and 1840 he served as a member of the House 
of Representatives ; in 1 841 , in the Common Council ; 
in 1844 and 1845, in the State Senate; and for several 
years he was Chairman of the Whig City Committee. 
But for many years prior to his sudden death on Sept. 
23, 1875, he had wholly withdrawn from any form of 
public service. 

Mr. Southwick leaves three sons, Henry Clay and 
John Claflin, New York merchants for many years past, 
the latter of whom appeared as a principal witness for 
the Rev. Henry Ward Beecher in the famous Tilton 
case ; and Royal, now on his return voyage from 
Europe. He also leaves two daughters — Mrs. Jos- 
ephine Mellen Ayer, wife of Dr. James C. Ayer, and 
Miss Edna B. Southwick. His wife, also, survives 
him. He was buried at Mount Auburn, the Rev. 
Dr. DeWitt conducting his funeral services. The 
attendance of relatives was unusually large, and the 
casket which contained his remains, beautiful in death 
as he was in his prime of manhood, seemed buried 
in a bank of flowers. 

Mr. Southwick was a subject of great interest to 
the phrenologist on account of the magnitude of his 


brain. The circumference of his head was the same 
as that of the head of Mr. Webster; and for many 
years he and Webster wore hats made on the same 
block. Very few such heads are recorded in human 
annals. Here and there, in the long procession of 
the centuries, larger heads may have appeared than 
history or biographers have taken notice of, just as, 
according to Sir Thomas Browne, more remarkable 
persons have been forgotten "than any that stand 
remembered in the known account of time." A few 
only, even of those conspicuous enough to attract the 
attention of the biographer, have had their cranial 
dimensions transmitted to us. In virtue of his bulk 
of brain, the late Mr. Southwick deserves to pass into 
history with Franklin, Webster and James T. Brady, 
among Americans; Addison, Fox and Sir James 
Simpson, among Englishmen ; Baron Cuvier, Mira- 
beau and Napoleon the First, among Frenchmen ; 
Dr. Chalmers, among Scotchmen ; Pope Leo the 
Tenth, among Italians; and Haller, Leibnitz and 
Puffendorf, among Germans. 


David Southwick', (Lemuel®, Lemuel, Jonathan', 
SamueP, John^, Lawrence'), son of Lemuel and Jo- 
anna (Rice), born Sept. 29, 1836; married, Aug. 24, 
1868, Maria Messenger, died Jan. 25, 1878. One 
child : 

2101. LeiTine Correl*. born Jan. J5, 1877. 


Mary Southwick', (Lemuel^ Lemuel*, Jonathan', 


SamueP, John', Lawrence'), daughter of Lemuel and 
Joanna (Rice), born July 29, 1824; married, March, 
i860, Jackson Munroe, was in the army in the late 
war and discharged on account of faihng health. 
They moved to Kansas, Nov. 10, 1874. Children: 

J102. Alonzo D.'* 

2103. Rosalthj A.* 

2104. Udora E.** 

2105. Rosetta L.* 

1 3J)5. 

Alonzo South wick', (Lemuel', Lemuel*, Jona- 
than^ Samuel'^, John^ Lawrence'), son of Lemuel and 
Joanna (Rice), born June 4, 1818, in Clark Co.; 
married, in Marion Co., Ohio, April 27, 1842, Mar>- 
Jane Van Warner, daughter of William Van Warner 
and Anna (Faurotte). Alonzo and family moved 
to Pleasant Hill, Mo. He is a farmer and an exten- 
sive land owmer in Texas. Children: 

'2106. Lemuel*, born March 23, 1S44, in Marion Co., Ohio; mar- 
ried first, Aug. 15. 1866, Elnora Higgins. died Jan. 12, 1870; 
second. Jennie Walker, March 4, 1879. 

2107. David Dudley*, born March 12, 1846, in Marion Co., Ohio. 

2to8. Harriet Elizabeth*, born Dec. 25, 1847, in Marion Co., Ohio ; 
married, Feb. 9, 1870, William Yarrell, died Feb.. 10, 1873. 

2109. Arthur Clyden*, born March 8, 1850, in Marion Co., Ohio; 
married Laura Mvers, Sept. 24, 1S79. Thev live in Sumner 
Co.. Kan:>as. 

2HO. Alice Louisa*, born March 4, 1852. in Marion Co., Ohio; 
married John Walker, Sept. 4, 1878. Thej live in Sumner 
Co., Kansas. 

21 11. Kennina Adell*, born Nov. 25, 1855, in Marion Co., Ohio. 

2112. Sorvina Elvira*, born Dec. 2, 1857, in Marion Co., Ohio, 
died Oct. 8, i860, in Marion Co., Ohio. 


2113. Edward Alonzo'*, born May zo. i860, in Marion Co., Ohio. 

2114. Anna Matilda*, born July S, 1863, in Marion Co., Ohio. 
2114^/. William Clarence**, born Aug. 15, 1866. 


Arnot.D Southwick', (LemueP, Lemuer, Jona- 
than*, Samuel\ John^ Lawrence'), son of Lemuel 
and Joanna (Rice), born Feb. 7, 1832, died in the 
army. Married Maria Harper. Children: 

.'1 15. Ella.« 

2116. Sherman Durando.* 


Electra Southwick', (Lemuel, Lemuel*, Jona- 
than*, SamueP, John^ Lawrence'), daughter of Lem- 
uel and Joanna (Rice), born Aug. 30, 1821 ; married 
Nov. I, 1846. Children: 

2117. Joanna-, born Oct. 31, 1849; married Henry Shultz. 
2n8. John'^, born May 2, 1854. 

21 19. Mary E.^, born Nov. 1, 1855. 

2120. Madora*, born Feb. 16, 1857; married Lewis Britton. 

2121. Arnold'*, born Jan. 22, 1S58. 


Mary Ann SouTHWICK^ (George^ David", Law- 
rence*, Lawrence^, DanieP, Lawrence'), daughter of 
George and Paulina (Howard), born Nov. 13, 18 16; 
married, April 16, 1835, John Treffry, died June 16, 
1850. Children: 

2122. George^, born July 2, 1S39, '^^^^ 1841. 

2123. Hannah Haywood*, born Sept. 4. 1841, died 1843. 

2124. Marianna**, born Aug. 30, 1843. 

2125. John Haywood*, born March 24, 1845. 

2126. Alice*, born May 11, 1847. 

2127. Joshua*, born Aug. 24. 1849. 



Henry SoUTHWICK^ (George*, David", Lawrence', 
Lawrence^, Daniel, Lawrence'), son of George and 
Paulina (Howard), born June 12, 1818; married, 
Sept. II, 1842, Julia Ann McAvoy. Children: 

J128. George*, born July 4, 1S43. 

2129. Mary'^, born Sept. 11. 1S44. 

2130. Caroline Elizabeth-, born Sept. \i, 1846; married Flavins 
Gillott, Oct. I, 1S66. 

J131. William^, born Oct. 11, 1848. 

2132. Henry Albert**, born April 27, 1S57. 


Augusta MelvinaSouthwick', (George^ David'', 
Lawrence*, Lawrence', Daniel', Lawrence'), daughter 
of George and Paulina (Howard), born Aug. 18, 1828 ; 
married, Oct. 12, 185 i, John Marshall. Children; 

2133. Janet Ann*, born Aug. 26, 1852. 

2134. Emily*, born July 11, 1854, died Sept. 19, 1S54. 

2135. John Haywood*, born May 9, 1S56. 

2136. George Edmond*, born June 11, 1858. 

2137. Charles Henry*, born May 11, i860. 

2138. Stephen Thorn*, born Jan. 16, 1862. 

2139. Ernest Alfred*, born Feb. 22, 1865, died April 26, 1866. 

912 a. 

Benjamin F'ranklin Southwick', (Jesse^ Law- 
rence", Daniel*, Lawrence^ Daniel*, Lawrence'), son 
of Jesse and Charlotte (Marsh), born Oct. 3. 1806; 
married Eliza Riggs, 1836. Children: 

2140. Mary*. 

2141. Hamilton*. 



Dorcas Southwick', (Jesse**, Lawrence*, Danier. 
Lawrence', Danie^^ Lawrence'), daughter of Jesse 
and Charlotte (Marsh), born i8io, died 1856. Mar- 
ried Theron Tayton. 1828. One child: 

2142. Mary*. 


George W. Southwick\ (Jesse*, Lawrence^ Dan- 
iel*, Lawrence', Daniel^ Lawrence'), son of Jesse and 
Charlotte (Marsh), born 1812, died 1870. Married 
Boutwell, 1844. One child : 

2143. George W.* 


Johnson M. Southwick', (Jesse*, Lawrence*, 
Daniel*, Lawrence', DanieP, Lawrence'), son of Jesse 
and Charlotte (Marsh), born 1803; married, 1830, 
Ann Castle. Children : 

2144. Charles*. 

2145. Castle*. 

2146. Albert*. 


Hamilton Southwick', (Jesse", Lawrence", Dan- 
iel*, Lawrence', Danier\ Lawrence'), son of Jesse and 
Charlotte (Marsh), born 1806; married, Jan., 1838, 
Martha Sherwood, daughter of James and Sarah 
Sherwood, born 1816. Children: 


:i47. Theron Taylor*, born 1S40; married Celia Stilwell, of Dan- 
ville, N.Y., 1S63. 

!i48. Frederick Sherwood*^, born 1850; married Drua Boorman, 
at Rochester, N.Y., 1877. 

J149. Millard Fillmore®, born 1856. 

M50. Hattie**, born 1858; married Chester W. Snyder, at Rochest- 
er, N.Y., 1877. Chester W. Snjder and Brother are bank- 
ers and grain dealers, at Clifton, Kansas (i5 


Gilbert SouTHWICK^ (Amasa^ John', Jonathan', 
DanieP, Daniel', Lawrence'), son of Amasa and AHce 
(Chase), born at Pelham, Mass., May 24, 1822; 
married, Oct. 31, 1849, AHce M. Kellogg, at Amherst. 
Mass. Children : 

2151. Henry G.*, born Aug. 1851 ; married Ida Green. Nov. 12, 

2152. Susan H.*, born June 7, 1856, died Oct. 5, 1861. 


Eliza Ann Southwick', (Amasa^ John", Jona- 
than*, DanieP, DanieP, Lawrence*), daughter of 
Amasa and Alice (Chase), born at Uxbridge, Aug. 
8, 1801 ; married first, Aug. 8, 1818, Osborne Mowry, 
of Newport, R. L, born March ii, 1792, at Smith- 
field, R. L ; second, Sept. 25, 1843, Patrick Connell, 
born May 9, 18 14, who was killed in the Mexican 
War, May 9, 1847. Children: 

2153. Lavinia Buffum-, born Dec. 20, 1820, in Pelham, Mass.: 
married, Feb. 11, 1838, Thomas Mussey Southvsrick, died 
of a cancer, at North Smithfield, R. I., Aug. g, 1871. 

2154. Alice Chase*^, born Sept. 7, 1822, in Pelham, Mass.; mar- 
ried first, Jan. 28. 1840, Slater Mowry, died Oct. 22, 1846: 
second, Nov. 28, 1850, Ezra B. Reed, of Providence, R. I. 



2155. John Osborne*, born Feb. 25, 1824, in Pelham, Mass. : 

married Emeline Meacham. 

Second husband, Patrick Connell. One child : 

2156. Elizabeth Ann*, born July 17, 1844; married, 1869, Edward 
C. Swan, died in England, 187S. 


James Southwick', (Amasa^ John*, Jonathan', 
Daniel\ DanieP, Lawrence'), son of Amasa and Ahce 
(Chase), born March 19, 1803, at Uxbridge, Mass., 
died, Sept. 29, 1878, at Southington, Ohio. Married 
first, April 27, 1829, at Wolcottville, Conn., widow- 
Lois (Hayden) Curtis, daughter of Elisha Hayden 
and Irene (Warner), born Feb. 14, 1804, in N.Y., 
died Sept. 25, 1857, in Minn.; second, Jane Robin- 
son, of Ohio. He was a shoemaker and farmer. Chil- 
dren : 

2157. Charlotte Marion*, born Nov. 8, 1830, at Wolcottville, 
Conn.; married Laban Hopkins. 

2158. Alice Irene*, born Dec. 19,1832, at Torrington, Litchfield 
Co., Conn. ; married first, 1849, in Ohio, Joseph A. Wol- 
cott; second, David Durjea. 

2159. Ellen Eveline*, born March 8. 1S35, at Old Hadley, Mass. ; 
married Samuel Painter. 

2160. Henry Hayden*, born Sept. 3, 1837 at West Hampton, Mass., 
died Aug. 3, 1866, at Elba, Winona Co.. Minn., of con- 
sumption, contracted in the Army. 

2 161. Charles Wesley*, born Sept. 20, 1839; "i^rrJed Mary Jane 
Jones, of Minnesota City, Minn. 

2162. George Franklin*, born Jan. 28, 1842, died March 7, 1845. 

2163. James Oliver*, born Oct. 23, 1844, at Nelson. Ohio, died 

Nov., 1844. 

2164. Mary Blanche Lois*, born July 7, 1846, at Nelson, Ohio; 
married first, Joseph Nye Woods, Oct. 19, 1866; second, 
May 15, 1870, Orson Bagley, born Oct. 12, 1846. 


Second wife, Jane Robinson, of Ohio. One child : 
2165. Hepzibeth*. 


Peter Southwick', (Amasa^ John", Jonathan*, 
DanieP, Daniel', Lawrence'), son of Amasa and Alice 
(Chase), born at Newport, R.I., July 23, 18 13, died 
at Palmer, Mass., Nov. i, 1851. Married Mary 
Boynton. Children : 

2i66. Lawson Henry*. 

2167. Maria*. Married Sedgewick. They live at Palmer, 

216S. Albert*. 

2169. Joanna*. 


Hei'ZIBETH Southwick', (Amasa^ John*, Jona- 
than", DanieP, DanieP, Lawrence' ) , daughter of Amasa 
and Alice (Chase), born July 19, 1807 ; married, Jan. 
19, 1835, Charles U. Wood, in Hadley, Mass. Chil- 
dren : 

2170. Catharine A.*, born June 25, 1836, deceased. 

2171. Mary Jane*, born July 12, 1S38. 

2172. William H.*, born Nov. 29, 1S40, died 1858. 

2173. George H.*, born Sept. 3, 1837, died 1853. 

2174. Joseph N.*, born Feb. 28, 1845, died 1863. 

2175. Charles G. Jr.*, born May 8, 1851, died 1852. 


George Southwick Jr.', (George^ George", John', 
John^ John^, Lawrence'), son of George and Betsey 


(Ashton), born July 14, 1786; married Keziah Perkins, 
June 22, 1808. Children: 

2176. Kissie**, born 1809. 

2177. Mary*, born 181 1. 


Mary South wick', (Nathan*, George", John', 
John^ John^ Lawrence'), daughter of Nathan and 
Molly (Moulton), born July 19, 1809; married Sam- 
uel Wilson. Children : 

2178. Samuel**. 

2179. Sarah*. 

2180. Child*, died young. 

2181. Elizabeth*. 

2182. Abb/. 

* 815. 

Joseph A. Southwick', (George^ George*, John', 
John^, John*. Lawrence*), son of George and Betsey 
(Ashton) , born Dec. 24, 1 788 ; married, Oct. 6, 1813^ 
widow Keziah ( Perkins) Southwick, widow of George, 
Jr. Children : 

2183. Joseph*, born 1814; married Marj Clairage. 

2184. Mary*, born 1816; married Samuel Cate. 

2185. Keziah*. born 1S18; married Joseph Farmer. 


Abigail Southwick', (George^ George^ John', 
John\ John^ Lawrence*), daughter of George and 
Betsey (Ashton), born 1801 ; married Charles Bruce. 
Children : 


-186. Charles'*. 

J 187. Washington*. 

jeSS. Augu.stus'*. 


Platts Southwick', (George*, George\ John', 
John^, John^, Lawrence"), son of George and Betsey 
(Ashton), born April 9, 1798 or 1799; married, 
March 13, 1823, EHzabeth Twiss, born Sept, 27, 1806, 
died 1872, Children: 

2189. Catharine Elizabeth'*, born Sept. 4, 1825; married John 
Pilling, Aug. 3, 1852. Thej have three children, viz. : Marv. 
Bell and William. 

2190. Abigail Bruce"*, born March 31, 1829. 

2191. Catharine Eiiza*, born Sept. 2, 1831. died Mav 15. 1873. 
Not married. 

2192. Mary Wilson'*, born March 6, 1834, died July 16. 1S71. Mar- 
ried Frank Putnam, 1855. They have two children, viz. ; 
Ralph and Lillie. 

2193. William Henry'', born June 23, 1S37: married Jennie Jones, 
1869. They have one child, Ernest. 

2194. Jonathan Twigs'*, born June 13. 1841 ; married Louisa Mun- 

roe, April 28. 1868. 

2195. George E.**, born May 3, 1844: not married (iSSo). 


Ebenezer Cass Southwick', (Eber*, John", Jon- 
athan\ DanieP, Daniel', Lawrence'), son of Eber 
and Marcy (Cass), born Dec. 3, 1803 ; married Sarah 
Ann Luther. Children : 

2196. Marcy^, born April 4, 183 1. died May 5. 1863. Married 
James Emerson. 

2197. Amanda M.*, born Jan. 17, 1835, died April, 1S72: married 
Nahum J. Morse. 


2198. Lydia B.*^, born April 24, 1838. 

2199. David L.'*, born Oct. 12, 1S42 ; married Mary Eliza Leddv- 


William F. South WICK^ (Nathan*, George', John'. 
John', John^ Lawrence'), son of Nathan and Molly 
(Moulton), born June 5, 1815; married Clarissa 
Sweetser, May 24, 1843. Children: 

2200. Mary Elmira*. born Oct. 2. 1844, died April 11, 1845. 

2201. William Leverett^, born March 4, 1S48, died Nov. 21. 1S50. 

2202. Clara E.^, born June 25, 1850. 

2203. Altred"^. born July 11, 1853, ^^^'^ '^73. 

2204. Frank W.«, born Oct. 16, 1858. 


Hannah Southwick', (Edward^ Lawrence', Dan- 
iel\ Lawrence^ DanieP, Lawrence'), daughter of 
Edward and Catherine (Wilkinson), born May 6, 1803. 
died July 8, 1877. Married, Dec. 11, 1822, Doctor 
Lester Jewett, born May 18, 1793, died Dec. 23, 1863, 
at Lima, Mich. Children : 

2205. Francis Jewett*, born Sept. 5, 1823, died May 7, 1825. 

2206. Robert Jewett*, born May 3, 1827, died May 23, 1852, on the 
overland route to California. He was a teacher. 

2207. Edwards. Jewett*. born Feb. 7. 1829; married Feb. 7, 1S56. 
He is a farmer. 

2208. Harvey Jewett*, born Nov. 14, 1831, died July 24, 1856, ot' 
typhoid fever, at Lima, Mich. He was a teacher. 

2209. Catherine Jewett**, born June 23, 1836; married James G. 
Wilkinson, Feb. 16, 1858. 

2210. Mary Jewett*, born March 18, 1839, died July 24, 1856. 
Married Jacob Talford, July 3, 1854. 

221 1. William Jewett*, born April 6, 1841, died Dec. 16, 1862, 
in Army Hospital at Nashville, Tenn. 


^212. Ruth Jewett*, born April 2, 1S44, died April 5. 1846. 

2213. Oaklej Jewett**, born July 4, 1845, died April 9, 1846. 

2214. Nathan Jewett*, born July 17, 1847; married, Nov. i86j. 
Celia Brown. They have five children. 


HOSEA SOUTHWICK', (David^ Samuel^ David', 
SamueP, John^ Lawrence'), son of David and Betsey 
(Stacey), born April 17, 1791, died Sept. 3, 1832, in 
Champlain, N.Y. Married, April 26, 1819, in Benson, 
Vt., Maria D. Smith, born Aug. 17, 1800, died Ma>- 
16, 1857, in Mooers, N.Y. Children; 

2215. Henry Zelotes**, born Jan. 27, 1820, died July, 1820. 

2216. Maria A.**, born Feb. 17, 1821 : married Joranthuni Ober. 
Aug. 3, 1841. 

2217. Almira H.*, born Jan. 27, 1828; married. Oct. 10, 1848. 
Allen M. Angel, died Sept. 24, 1867, in Mooers. N. Y. 


Ebenezer Southvvick', (David', SamueP, David', 
SamueP, John^ Lawrence'), son of David and Betsey 
(Stacey), born 1782, died 18 16. Married. 181 i, 
Clarissa Williams, of Benson, Vt. Children: 

2218. Hiram**, born Feb. 28, 1812; married first, Elizabeth Ten- 
nent, Feb., 1839; second, Freeman, Nov. 15, 1858. 

2219. James Ebenezer**, born Dec. 17. 1814; married Phebe Doug- 

lass. Dec. 31, 1846. 


Seth Southwick", (Joseph^ Benjamin", Benjamin', 
John^ John^ Lawrence'), son of Joseph and Hannah 
(Hunt), born Jan. 27, 1768, died Oct. 16, 1835. 


Married first, Miss Lucinda Staples, June, 1794; sec- 
ond, Alpha Walden {ncc Aldrich), of Bellingham. 
Children : 

1220. Ruth*, born Jan. 24. 1794, died Oct. 16, 1835. 

222\. Elvira*, born Jan. 26. 1796: married first, Rufos Paine, of 

Mendon, Mass. : second. Percy Daniels, of Hopkinton. 

Mass. No children. 
1222. Seth*. bom May 1. 1798. died April 11. 1854. Married 

Deborah Wilcox, Aug. J9, 1819. 

Second wife, Alpha Walden. Children : 

2227,. Amy*, born May 4. 1803: ?narried Caleb Taft. June 7- 

2224. Anne*, born June i"], 1S05 ; married Daniel Hutcherson. 
died Feb. 5, 1865. No children. 

2225. Rachael*. born Dec. 26. 1808; inarried Absalom Daniels, 
died Feb. 24. 1866. 

2226. Mary*, born Sept. 22. 1816; married Elihu Corburn, died 
March 7. 1842. They had four children. 

2227. Alpha*, born Nov. 13, 1818; married Edward Tompson. 
Oct. 20. 1850. They have four children. 

2228. William*, horn Sept. 20. 181 1. died May 27. 1814. 


Benjamin Southwick", (Joseph^ Benjamin', Ben- 
jamin\ John^, John^ Lawrence'), son of Joseph and 
Hannah (Hunt), born March 9, 1777, died June 6, 
1836. Married first, 1799, Agnes Smith, of Smith- 
field, R. I. ; second, Lydia Coats Douglass, no chil- 
dren ; third, Sept. 12, 1813, Lydia Bachelor, no 
children ; fourth, Eliza Bacon, of Burrillville, who is 
now living with her daughter Mary Robbins, in Lons- 
dale, R. L Children: 


2229. George*, born May 29, iSoi, died at Mansfield, Conn. Mar- 
ried Salina Waldron, of Gloucester, R. I. They had three 

2230. Daniel Smith*, born March 25, 1S05; married, June 28. 
1832, Sally Wilson, of Blackstone, Mass. They had eight 
children, five died young. 

2231. Keziah**, born Feb. 13, 1803, died Jan. 9, 1877. Married, 
Oct. 27, 1825, Isaac Wallace, of Dalton, N. H. 

2232. Susan Sayles**, born March 5, 1809; married Merrill Smith. 
July I, 1834. 

Fourth wife, Eliza Bacon. Children : 

2233. James*, deceased. Not married. 

2234. Mary Ann*, born 1825; married first, Dec. 9. 1844, Joshua 
Trask, of Millville, Mass. ; second, Jeremiah Robbins, 
Feb. 19, i860. 

2235. Eliza*. Married Mr. Waterman, of Pawtuxet, R. I. 


LUCRETIA South wick', (David', SamueP, David', 
SamueP, John^, Lawrence'), daughter of David and 
Betsey (Stacey), born Sept., 1801, died April 14. 
1867. Married, Jan. 7, 1824, Dr. E. S. Loomis, of 
Montreal, P. O., born 1793, died Dec. 31, 1872. 
Children : 

2236. Alvah*, born Dec. 6, 182S, died July 29, 1S46. 

2237. Laura*, born Nov. 2, 1S34, died Sept. 25, 1862. 

2238. Martha*, born July 25, 1840, died Jan. 25, 1841. 

LuCRETiA SOUTHWICK, when about twelve years 
of age, and a short time previous to the battle of 
Plattsburgh, when the British were seizing men, teams, 
and provisions, in Mooers, and its vicinity, her father 
being warned of the danger of remaining at his house, 
he with his sons drove the cattle into the depths of 
a forest, fitted up booths, and stored hay, grain, and 



other valuables, coming home nights to look after the 
house and procure cooked food ; Lucretia was left in 
charge of the house, her mother being on a visit to 
her old home in Connecticut, and her older sister 
being also absent. The expected British soon arrived, 
who ransacked the house and catechised her, wishing 
to know about her father and brothers, she managed 
to evade their questions and to excite their surprise 
by her smart answers. They at length took their de- 
parture, and in leaving the house helped themselves 
to some plums, and while doing so remarked to her 
that they were going down to take Plattsburgh, she 
replied that they probably would have to take large 
quantities of plum sauce in doing so. They were 
somewhat profuse in their profane replies, and on 
reaching Plattsburgh they could not capture it, and 
found it was easier to steal plums than to capture 


M.-\LINDA South WICK^ (David®, SamueP, David", 
SamueP, John^ Lawrence'), daughter of David and 
Betsey (Stacey), born 1796, died Nov., 1856, in III. 
Married, in Mooers, N.Y., 18 14, Capt. Winthrop 
Wheden, died Dec. 23, 1846, in southern 111., aged 
153 years. Children : 

2239. Betsey Maria*, born Sept. 25, 1S15 ; married. Jan. i, 1836, 
Daniel Loomis. 

2240. Edwin*, born Nov. 25, 1816, died Sept. 25, 1836, in Canton, 
N. Y. 

2241. Fanny S.**, born March 10, 1820, died Jan. 30, 1846. Mar- 
ried Clark Churchel, a farmer. 


2242. Jane M.**, born June 24, 1821 ; married James Suitor. 

2243. Warham*, born Aug. 21, 1S23, died Aug. 12, 1861. Married 
Hester Elizabeth Ford, April 6, 1846. 

2244. Lucien'*, born Dec. 15, 1825, in Mooers, N.Y., died Jan. 22. 
1846, in 111. 

Warham Southwick had an eventful life, which 
would be very interesting to relate had we all the par- 
ticulars, as it is we can only give sketches. 

After living many years at Kinderhook, 111., where 
he was a farmer and stock raiser, he moved to Ross- 
ville, Iowa, and then to Pleasant Valley (same state), 
where he carried on trade with the Indians in the 
most friendly and prosperous manner. 

An incident is related of his wife putting a dishpan 
full of Mexican dollars into the stove oven to secure 
it from the pilfering Indians, as she was going out for 
a little while. The next morning she forgot to re- 
move it until the fire had been built some time ; though 
not injured they were very hot. 

After trading in this way a few years, or until 1854, 
they, in company with many others, emigrated by the 
Freemont overland route to California, taking with 
them a large stock of cattle, and a large body guard, 
mounted and sufficiently armed for protection. They 
were well furnished with emigrant wagons, and every- 
thing necessary for the journey. His wife has been 
heard to say it was one of the most enjoyable she 
ever undertook.* 

* Her father with his wife and sons had undertaken the same 
journey the year before, and when near Utah, were attacked by 
the so-called Indians, the father killed and the cattle taken from 
them. The family remained at Utah, and putting the affair into a 
lawyer's hands, he recovered satisfaction for the property. 


Warham's death seemed almost a tragedy. He 
was returning from a political meeting in California, 
and with him were riding two men of opposing poli- 
tics. (VVarham inherited the plain outspoken char- 
acteristic of the Southwicks.) They were noticed to 
be warmly engaged in discussing their favorite topics. 
The termination of it was, he was found lying beside 
the road in an unconscious state, his head badly 
bruised, while his team had run away. He lived two 
days apparently unconscious, except at intervals. 
During one of these, not being able to speak, he made 
signs that he had been unfairly treated.* His widow, 
one son and two daughters, still live in Soquel, Cali- 


Amos Pettengale Sc)UTH^vICK^ (David^ Sam- 
ueT, Daniel, Samuel'', John", Lawrence'), son of 
David and Betsey (Stacey), born June 25, 1807, at 
Benson, Vt. ; married Maria Finch, June 26. 1833. 
Children : 

2245. Charles Dolittle**, born April ii. 1S35 ; married Charlotte 

A. Weeks, Oct. 4, 1857. 
J246. Juliet*, born Jan. 22, 1837: married M. O. Reynolds, Juh- 

14. 1S61. 


Erastus Royal Southwick', (David^ SamueP, 
Daniel*, SamueP, John'*, Lawrence'), son of David 

* The two men escaped uninjured. Though thej were arrested 
and tried, nothing could be brought to bear against them beyond 
circumstantial evidence. 


and Betsey (Stacey), born March 25, 1808, at Mooers, 
N.Y. ; married first, Oct. i, 1832, Mary Williams, 
at Erie, Penn., died Nov. 8, 1874; second, widow of 
Dr. William Ross, of Marysville, Ohio. Children; 

J247. George Washington". 
J248. Charles Clifford^ 
J249. Julia A.* 

2250. JuHus A.**, born April 25, 184I; in Wooster, Ohio. 

2251. Hamilton B.*, born Aug. 4, 1834, in Erie Co., Pa. ; married. 
186S, Flora Tabbot. daughter of Dr. Tabbot. of Cincin- 
nati, Ohio. 

Second wife, widow of Dr. William Ross. Chil- 
dren : 

2252. Helen Maria^, born Jan. 5, 1836, at Salem Cross Roads. 
N. Y. ; married Charles Scott. 

2253. Mary Louisa®, born April 18, 1839, in Salem Cross Roads. 
Chautauqua Co., N.Y. 


MlLT(3N Southwick', (David^ SamueP, Daniel*, 
Samuel^, John', Lawrence'), son of David and Betse}' 
(Stacey), born June 25, 1800; married, Nov. 14, 
1826, Harriet Chamberlain, died Nov. ri, 1S65. 
Children : 

2254. Merrett Zelotes M.*, born Nov. 11, 1827; married. Jan. 23. 

1S58. Ruth E. Sheffield, of Bedfordshire, England. 

2255. Sarah Antha-, born June 19, 1830, in Mooers, N.Y. ; mar- 
ried, March 20, 1850, John F. Peckslj. 

2256. Joel Erastus*, born July 15, 1832: married. Oct. 31. 1868. 

Eliza R. Porter, of Minnesota. 

2257. Mary*, born Dec. 4, 1838; married Abram I. Lombard. 
May 8, 1862. 

2258. Ely Chamberlain^, born Aug. 4, 1833, in Mooers; married, 
in Minnesota. Anna Reuterskiold. of Sweden. 


2259. Flaccus Norbanus F.**, born Aug. 25, 1836, in Mooers ; mar- 
ried in Minnesota, Marj Ann Slater. 

2260. Matilda Harriet**, born March 22, 1841 ; married, April 29. 

1S62, Ira M.Jenkins, of Queensbury, Warren Co., N.Y. 

2261. Emeline Sabina* born Nov. 26, 1S43; married, Oct. 14, 1866. 
Fobian A. Reuterskiold, of Stockholm, Sweden. 

2262. Eben Charles'*, born Feb. 2, 1845, in Lagrange, Wis. He 
enlisted in the army in 1863, got as far as St. Louis and 

2263. Franklin Bosworth*'. 


David Southwick', (David^, Samuel*, Daniel\ 
.Samuel^ John"\ Lawrence'), son of David and Betsey 
(Stacey), born May 12, 1803; married first, 1824, 
Elizabeth Smedley, at Mooers, N.Y. ; second, a south- 
ern lady. Children : 

2264. John*. Settled in Olnej, 111., was there in 1869. 
Second wife, a southern lady. Children : 

2265. Rufus E.*, born 1845; married Matilda Richards, 1S72. 

2266. Rosetta Orilla*, born 1847; married Oram, of Ashley. 


2267. Alice*, born 1855; married Climans, of Milford Center. 



Polly South WICK\ (David^ SamueP, Daniel'. 
Samuel^, John^ Lawrence'), daughter gf David and 
Betsey (Stacey), born May 2, 1786, died June 15, 
1854. Married, Feb., 181 1, Enos Merrill, born Nov. 
5, 1785. Children : 

2268. Mariett**, born Feb. 13, 1S14, died May 21, 1842. Married. 

May 7, 1839, David H. Rood, of Mooers, N. Y. 


2269. Ruby G.*, born Feb. 13, 1816, died Sept. 28, 1838. 

2270. Frances M.*, born April 2, 1819; married George Waite. 
They reside in San Francisco, Cal. 

2271. Harriet^, born May 3, 1821 ; married, Feb. 19, 1840, John 
Egbert Miller, died in California, 1873. They had three 
children, viz. : Ellen S.*, born 1843, married Dr. E. S. 
Pearsall.of Saratoga, N. Y. ; Charles Egbert^, born 1845, 
died Dec. 26, 1873, he enlisted in the war of the Rebellion, 
and served his time out, then went into business in Kala- 
mazo, Mich ; Elwin I.*, born 1847. 

2272. Jane*, born Aug. 15, 1823; married, Jan. i. 1852, Alexander 

Conkev, of Canton, N. Y. She was educated at Castleton 
Seminary, Vt. Went South at the age of 2T, years, as 
teacher of a Female Seminary, in Mississipi. They have 
six children, viz.: child^, died in infancy; Mary'', married. 
1877, Frank Haddock, a congregational minister; Charles^; 
Walter'; Theodore'; Parsey'; the last four are all living at 
Appleton, Wi.s. 

2273. Orsamus C®, born Dec. 27, 1825 ; married Eliza Woodward, 
Oct. 14, 1852. They have three children, viz. : Carlton, 
Mary Frances and Hatta Maria. They reside in Minneapo- 
lis, Minn. 

2274. Olive Branch®, born Sept. 8, 1828, died Aug. 3, 1846. 


Edmond Z. Southwick\ (Job', George*, Jona- 
than\ Daniel', DanieP, Lawrence'), son of Job and 
Sophia (Smith), born June 10, 1823 ; married, March 
26, 1850, Marietta Clough. Children: 

2275. Frank*, born Dec. 29, 1850; married, Sept. 22, 1874, Fran- 
ces Carmel. 

2276. Ida^ born Jan. 10, 1854; married, Jan. 19, 1875, Watson 
Curtis, died June 11, 1876. 

2277. Ernest*, born July 13, 1855. 

2278. Lawrence**, born July 8, 1857. 


Wheeler B. Southwick', (Job^ George', Jona- 


than\ DanieP, DanieP, Lawrence'), son of Job and 
Sophia (Smith), born May i8, 1821, died May 27, 
1864, while in camp with the army of the Potomac. 
Married first, Dec. 25, 1843, Sarah Stafford ; second, 
Ellen Bersee, Nov. 14, 1850. He was a corporal in 
Co. F, 24th Regiment, N. Y. Cavalry. Children : 

2279. Sophia Elizabeth*, born Sept. 18, 1S47 ; married William 
H. Slocum. 

Second wife, Ellen Bersee. Children : 

2280. Melvia May*, born Dec. 22, 1855. 

2281. Burt*, born Nov. 27, 1857; married, Sept. 16, 1S80, Louisa 

2282. Emmet Wheeler*, born June 27, i860. 


Richard Southwick', (Job®, George*, Jonathan', 
DanieP, Danie^^ Lawrence'), son of Job and Sophia 
(Smith), born March 25, 18 19; married first, Permela 
Pound, Nov. 6, 1835 ; second, Elizabeth Stafford, Dec. 
25, 1843. Children : 

2283. Ellen*, born Oct. 29, 1840; married, Sept. 11. i860, Luther 
Landon, a farmer, son of Horace Landon. 

2284. Owen*, born March 4, 1847 ; married, Dec. 3, 1866, Mary 
Sticknej, daughter of Rufus Sticknej, of Brant, Erie Co. 
He is a farmer 

P. O. address of all the above is Eden, Erie Co., 


Phoebe Southwick', (Job", George*, Jonathan\ 
DanieP, DanieP, Lawrence'), daughter of Job and 


Sophia (Smith), born Feb. 23, 1817; married Walter 
Kimball, Oct. 10, 1832. Children: 

2285. Henry®, born June iS, 1S33 ; married Ann Eliza Stedwall, 
March 28, 1852. 

2286. Josiah®, born April 28, 1838; married Pauline Hathaway. 

Oct. 17, 1866. 

2287. May*, born April 5, 1S46; married Uhlric Baker, April 5, 

2288. Emma*, born June 17, 1848. 

2289. Bertha*, born Nov. 22, 1858; married Edgar Shaw, April 

13, 1874. 


SorillA Southwick'. (Job^ George^ Jonathan', 
DanieP, Daniel", Lawrence'), daughter of Job and 
Sophia (Smith), born April 13, 1835, at Brant, Erie 
Co., N.Y. ; married, Dec. i, 1861, Stephen Landon, 
son of John Bishop Landon and Rebecca (Canfield), 
born March 10, 1830; a farmer and hardware mer- 
chant. Children : 

2290. Harmon*, born July 30. 1863. 

2291. Lovejoy*, born April 7, 1865. 

2292. Weston*, born Nov. 16, 1867. 

2293. Rose*, born Sept. 10, 1871. 

2294. Martha*, born Oct. 28, 1876. 


Priscilla Southwick', (Job^ George", Jonathan', 
Daniel'\ Daniel^ Lawrence'), daughter of Job and 
Sophia (Smith), born Sept. 20, 1825 ; married Thomas 
Brownell, Aug., 1847. Children: 

2295. Howard*, born Sept. 28, 1848, died Oct. 17, 1S4S. 

2296. Millard*, born June 5, 1850, died Oct. 2, 1S67. 


2.2<yj. Phoebe*, born Feb. i6, 1852. 

2298. Albert*, born April 24. 1854; married Nettie M. Read, April 
17, 1878. 

2299. Alice M.*, born Nov. 15, 1856; married H. A. Wightman, 
May 21, 1879. They have one child.- Ward H.^, born July 
21, 18S0. 

2300. Charles*, born Dec. 24, 1S58. 

2301. Susie*, born Nov. 12, i860. 


Amanda Southwick', (Nathan^ Jonathan^ Jona- 
than\ DanieP, Daniel^ Lawrence^), daughter of 
Nathan and Hannah (McWaters), born at Whitehall, 
Washington Co., N.Y., May 4, 1804, died July 29, 
1850. Married, Sept. 5, 1822, Asa Densmore, born 
I 799, died 1880, aged 80 years, 6 months. Children : 

2302. Chloe Julia*, born June 2, 1824, at Whitehall, died 1847. 
Married, April 19, 1846. Alfred J. Thrall, born Dec. i, i8i6, 
at Goveneur, St. Lawrence Co., N.Y., died May 24. 1S79. 
They settled near Oshkosh, Winnebago Co., Wis. No chil- 

2303. Obadiah Roger*, born Aug. 8, 1827, died April 28, 1S28. 

2304. Hosea Southwick*, born Jan. 5, 1829; married, May 5, 1850, 
Sally Jane Ashley, at Randolph, now deceased. They had 
three children. 

2305. Hannah Eleanor*, born Jan. 27, 1831 ; married, Sept. 8, 
1S51, Ellis B. Thrall. 

2306. Nathan Guy*, born July 25, 1833, died April 13, 1861, aged 
27 years, 6 months; went to Kansas in 1855. Married, 
April 15, i860. Elizabeth Drew, at Burlingame. Kansas 


Philadelthia Cook\ (Philadelphia^ John', Jon- 
athan^ DanieP, DanieP, Lawrence'), daughter of Phil- 


adelphia (Southwick), and Pascho Cook, born June 
17, 1803, died Nov. 26, 1859. Married, Sept. 30, 
1830, Jabez Green, of Oxford, Worcester Co., Mass., 
born Dec. 20, 179 1, died Oct. 8, 1864. She was his 
second wife, he married first, Jan. ii, 181 3, Nancy 
Brown, died March 20, 1829. Children by his first 
wife : 

2307. Marcus*, born 1S14, died when six weeks old. 

2308. Lucy*, born Nov. 23, 1S16, in Lyons, N. Y., died March i. 


2309. Mary*, born Nov. 16, 1818, at Lyons, N. Y.,; married. 
June. 1842, George B. Southwick, of Uxbridge, Mass. 

Second wife, Philadelphia Cook. Children : 

2310. Cordelia A.*, born July 5, 1831, in Lyons, N. Y. She is a 
thoroughly educated woman in medicine, surgery, etc., has 
a large practice, and is very successful in the treatment ot 
female diseases, and is a very benevolent person. She has 
adopted four children and is giving them a thorough edu- 
cation ; it is to be hoped they will grow up and call her 

2311. David E.*, born March 23, 1S35. in Lyons, N. Y. ; married 
Alzira Gaines, of Castile, N.Y. 

2312. George A.**, born Aug. 5, 1836; married, Aug. i, 1858, 
Anna S. Taft, of Mendon, Mass. 

2313. Joseph Francis*, born Aug. 30, 1839; married first, Emily 

Bolatine. died 1859; second, Jennie Leroyd. died in Pike. 
N. Y. ; third, Aug. 30, 1872, Ellen Ingraham, of Bristol. 
N. Y. 


Royal Southwick', (Daniel*, Samuel", David', 
SamueI^ John^ Lawrence'), son of Daniel and Polly 
(Churchill), born Feb. 7, 1813; married, Jan. 13. 
I 841, Lydia R. Child. Children: 


2313a. Alice M.*, born Aug. 5, 1S42 ; married, March 5. 1S63, 
Capt. William F. Williams. Thej have one son. 

2314. L. Almeda^, born Oct. 21, 1843. 

2315. Mary E.", born Nov. 7, 1846; married, Feb. 18, 1S69, Silas 
M. Oliphant, a farmer, at Cambria N.Y. 

2316. Martha S.*, born Jan. 5, 1S49. 

2317. Maria L.**, born Dec. 20. 1851 ; married, Dec. 20. 1875. 
Andrew A. Bowers, of Somerset, N.Y. Thev have one 
child, Ljdia J., born April 25, 1877. 


JOSIAII SuUTHWICK', (Job^ George\ Jonathan', 
DanieP, DanieP, Lawrence'), son of Job and Sophia 
(Smith), born Aug. 18, 1828; married Nov. 13, 1850, 
Huldah Ann Havvley, daughter of Solomon and Jane 
(Huson) Hawley, born Nov. 28, 1833, at Brant, Erie 
Co., N.Y. He is a dairyman and farmer in Brant and 
Evans, Erie Co., N.Y. Children: 

2318. Richard Elwin**, born April 27, 1852; married, April 5, 

1877. ^t ^i& Spring, Ottawa Co., Mich., Emma Rogers, 
daughter of Isaac and Eliza Ann (Mills) Rogers. He was 
a farmer at Angola. Erie Co., N.Y., also at Englishville. 
Kent Co., Mich., and Hart, Ocean Co., Mich. 

2319. John Jay*, born June 21, 1856. He was born and lives at 

Angola, Erie Co., N.Y. 

2320. William W.^, born Jan. 19, 1859. '^^ ^^^ born and lives at 
Angola, Erie Co., N.Y. 

2321. Lillian**, born May 6, 1864. 

2322. Sophia**, born April 20, 1872. 


Job Southwick, Jr.', (Job*, George', Jonathan', 
DanieP, Daniel^ Lawrence'), son of Job and Sophia 
(Smith), born Oct. 22, 1837; married, Jan. 14, 1863, 
Arabella Smith. Children : 


^323. Grace'^, born Nov. 5, 1863. 
J324. Georgianna'^, born June 5, 1867. 
-:325. Ljnn'', born Oct. 12, 1875. 


Mary Southwick', (George^ Daniel\ Lawrence'. 
Lawrence^, Danier, Lawrence'), daughter of George 
and Louisa (Tenney), born May 20, 1828; married 
Aug. 20, 1845. Children: 

2326. Charles B.^ born Sept. 12, 1847, died Oct. 2, 1847. 

2327. Louisa*, born April 20, 1849. 

2328. Libbie**, born Sept. i, 1851. 

2329. Warren*, born Nov. 3, 1853. 

2330. Charles W.*, born Sept. 6, 1857, died 1863. 

2331. Beatrice*, born Julv 9, 1S64, died July 11, 1864. 


Maria M. Southwick', (Daniel^ Samuer, David*, 
SamueP, John', Lawrence'), daughter of Daniel and 
Polly (Churchill), born Aug. 6, 1804, died Aug. 25. 
1874. Married Abel Knapp, Aug. 13, 1846. Chil- 
dren : 

2332. Almeda Julia", born Sept. 17, 1827 ; married Miron Messen- 
ger, Aug. 20, 1846. Thej have one daughter, Julia E.", born 
May 13, 1867; married, Sept. 20, 1S66. Pliny Dunn, of 
Mooers, N.Y. 

2333. Delia*, born June 12, 1829, died Sept. 24, 1S63. Married, 
Sept. 10, 1850, P. P. Douglass, died Dec. 14, 1878. Thev 
had one son, Charles R.*", married Bell Johns, ot" Mattoon. 

2334. Abel Parsons*, born Nov. 2, 1831 ; married Juliet H. P. 
Shedden, Sept. 5, 1861. They have one son. William P.''. 
born 1865, in Michigan. 


2335. Chauncj F.**, born Dec. 21, 1833; married Fannj' Matlock. 
Oct. 20, 1862. He is a merchant at Westfield, 111. They 
haveone son, Walter M.^, born June, 1865. 

2336. Horatio F.^, born Jan. 17, 1836; married Kate A. Fitch. 
Nov. 26. 1864. He is a merchant at Mooers, Clinton Co., 
N. Y. Thej have one son, Wallace*, born April i, 1869. 

2337. Emma M.*, born March 22, 1838; married, March 26, 1863. 
Dr. Willard A. Child, died Feb. 10, 1878. 

2339. Charles I.-, born Jan. 4, 1841 ; married Maria Hager, Jan. 
I, 1867. He is largely engaged in the manufacture of lum- 
ber and shingles, in Mooers, Clinton Co., N. Y. They 
have three children, viz. : Mary, Maurice and Gaylord. 

2340. Amelia M.®. born June 28, 1843; married D. C. H. Bidwell. 
June 27, 1872. They had one son, Frank^, died Oct., 1877, 
aged 3 years. They reside in Mooers. Clinton Co., N. Y. 

2341. Orville E.^, born Jan. 17. 184.6, died June 17, 1870. 


Isaac Mott Southwick', (Isaac^ Isaac^ Law- 
rence^ Lawre^ce^ DanieP, Lawrence'), son of Isaac 
Southwick Jr. and Elizabeth (Otis), born at Danby. 
Vt., March 28, 1829; married first, Feb. 14, 1851, 
Rebecca Williams, of Mendon, Vt., died 1867; sec- 
ond, April 24, 1867, Elizabeth VVardvvell, of Rutland, 
Vt. He keeps a hotel in Boston, (1880). Children: 

2344. Homer H.*, born March 15, 1852, at Clarendon, Vt. 

2345. Isaac Nelson®, born Sept. 27, 1853, ^^ Mendon, Vt. 

2346. Frank Eugene**, born March 13, 1858 at Rutland, Vt., died 
April 8, 1873. 

2347. Ida Bell*, born July 13. 1862, at Rutland, Vt.. died March 
26, 1864. 

2348. Otis William*, born Sept. 22. 1865, at Rutland, Vt., died 
Aug. 8, 1866. 


Homer Hersey Southwick', (Isaac^ Isaac', 


Lawrence\ Lawrence'\ DanieP, Lawrence'), son of 
Isaac Southwick Jr. and Elizabeth (Otis), born at 
Starksboro, June 13, 1831 ; married, March 12, 1854, 
Catherine Brownson Germond, daughter of James and 
Patty (Stoddard) Germond, o( Middletown, Cayuga 
Co., N.Y., born July 22, 1832. He was sergeant of 
Company B, 14th Regiment Vermont Volunteers, and 
was engaged in the battle of Gettysburgh and other 
skirmishes. Children: 

J349. Harris*^, born Dec. 13, 1858, died Dec. 17, 185S. 

-2350. Horace Homer*, born Aug. 15, 1864, in Middletown, Vt., 

while his father was at Citj Point, Virginia, in the War of 

the Rebellion. 


David Southwick', (Daniel^ David*, Lawrence*. 
Lawrence^, Daniel^, Lawrence'), son of Daniel and 
Jerusha (McCloud), born Jan. 12, 1829; married first, 
Feb. 22, 1852, Jane Carthers, died Aug. 19, 1874; 
second, Elizabeth Jane Clark, Dec. 5, 1879, Chil- 
dren : 

2351. Annie M.", born March 10, 1854. 

2352. Elgin*, born Aug. 31, 1855. 

2353. Jane L.*, born April 29, 1857. 

2354. Caroline D.**, born Dec. 7, 1S58. 

2355. David A.*, born Oct. 19, i860. 


Elizabeth Southwick', (DanieP, David\ Law- 
rence\ Lavvrence^ DanieP, Lawrence'), daughter of 


Daniel and Jerusha (McCloud), born June 30, 183: ; 
married Mathew Young, Jan. 22, 1847. Children: 

2356. Margaret A.**, born Oct. 15, 1847. 

-357- I^aniel L.**, born Nov. 11, 1S49; married Ophelia Birch . 

Dec. 24, 1873. They have two children, viz. : Percival 

and Addie. 

2358. Willam L.**, born Sept. 27, 1851 ; married Elizabeth Wilson. 
Feb. 14, 18S0. 

2359. Mathew L.*, born July 28, 1S53; married Jane Sussex, May 
3, 1S72. They have two children, viz. : Elma and William. 

2360. James L. J.**, born Jan. 7, 1S55. 

2361. Francis S. N.**, born Jan. 18, 1857. 

2362. Charles S.**, born Feb. 5, i860. 

2363. Edmond L.'^, born March i, 1862. 

2364. George H. F.*, born March 15. 1864. 

1236 a. 

Daniel Southwick', (Daniel", David", Lawrence'. 
Lawrence^ DanieP, Lawrence'), son of David and 
Jerusha (McCloud), born Oct. 31, 1836; married, 
Nov. 22, i860, Christian Link. Children: 

2365. Emma S.*, born Nov. 19, 1862. 

2366. Nettie*, born March 8, 1864. 

2367. Daniel E.*, born Aug. 3, 1S66. 

2368. Alfreda*, born April 11, 1868. 

2369. George*, born Sept. 22, 1873. 

2370. Lottie*, born Nov. 13, 1876. 

2371. Orinda*. born May 9. 1878. 


Caroline South wick', (DanieP, David*, Law- 
rence*, Lawrence^ DanieP, Lawrence'), daughter of 
Daniel and Jerusha (McCloud), born Oct. 25, 1825 ; 
married Thomas G. Tompson, of Cass City, Tuscola 
Co., Mich. Children : 


2372. Caroline*, born 1S64. 

2373. Sarah F.**, born Oct. 15, 1866. 

2374. Daniel T."*. born 1S67. 

2375. Thomas'^, born 1869. 


George H. Southwick', (George^ Get)rge", Jon- 
athan\ DanieT', Daniel^ Lawrence'), son of George 
and Jane (Bowron), born April, 182 I, in Collins, Erie 
Co., N.Y. ; married, 1839, Fidelia Ridout, born in the 
town of Riga, Genesse Co., N. Y. Children: 

2376. Mary Ann**, born Sept. 4, 1841, in Collins. Erie Co., N.Y. : 
married Jason P. Little, 1S56. They live in Kansas. 

2377. Angelina S.'^, born Oct. 18, 1842; married John McLelland. 
1S65. Thej live in Crawford Co., Penn. 

237S. Pamelia B.**, born Aug. 15, 1845, in Davton, Catarangus 
Co., N. Y. ; married Joseph Faunce, 1863. They live in 

2379. Lydia M.®, born Dec. 28, 1847. '^•tjd Oct. 16, 1870. Married 
John Watson, 1S62, 

2380. Enos Matthias'', born Feb. 10, 1850, in Randolph. Ci^awtbrd 
Co., Penn. ; married, Sept. 10, 1875, Atlanta Faunce. 
widow of Amos Sweet, who had one child. Amy Sweet. 

2381. Adelbert Moses**, born April 19, 1854; married Nora Sny- 
der, Sept. 19, 1879. 

2352. Jason Ebert**, born Aug. 13, 1S56. in Steuben, Crawford 

Co., Penn.; married Catharine Yochum, 1877. 

2353. James Elliott'*, born June 4. 1S59, '"^ Steuben, Crawtbrd Co., 

2384. Ciotilde Jane**, born Feb. 6, 1S62, in Troy, Crawford Co.. 

■ Penn. ; married Rilej' S: Waterman, iSSo. 
23S5. Ella May'*, born Sept. 22, 1865, in Rome, Crawford Co., 

Pen n. 


Clariss.\ SoL'THWUk", (George", George", Jona; 


than\ Daniel^ Daniel', Lawrence'), daughter of 
George and Jane Bovvron, born Jul)-, i8i6; married 
Joel Margott, born May 2, 18 16, died April, 1876. 
Children : 

23S6. Candace^. born Aug. 27, 1838: married. Jan. i, 1858. 
■2.387. Jane**, born April 22. 1S40, died Aug. i, 1864; married, Jul_\ 

20. 1S56. 
238S. Merc\'*: born March 26. 1842. died Sept. 4. 1864; married. 

June 25. 1859. 

2389. Stephen**, born Maj it^. 1846: married. Sept. 19, 1865. 

2390. George"*, born March 7, 1S4S; married, Dec. 25, 1871. 

2391. Iliddali'*. born Sept. 7. 1850, died March lo, 1864. 

2392. James**, born Maj 3, 1853; married, Sept. 26, 1876. 

2393. yVda**, born July 19, 1S56; married, Dec. 12, 1876. 

2394. Aerie**, born Oct. 6, i860. 

Jane Ann Southwk k', (Jesse^ Lawrence^ Dan- 
iel', Lawrence^, Daniel^ Lawrence'), daughter of Jesse 
and Charlotte (Marsh), born i8i8,died 1844. Mar- 
ried William Q. Studdiford, 1839. Children: 

2395. Theron T^. 

2396. Henry**. 

2397. Elizabeth**. 

William H. Southwick', Jesse^ Lawrence% Dan- 
iel, Lawrence^ Daniel^ Lawrence'), son of Jesse and 
Charlotte (Marsh), born 1820; married Mary Frost. 
1845. Children: 

2398. William H.** 

2399. Bronson**. 



Maria Sol thwick", (Jesse®, Lawrence% Daniel\ 
Lawrence", Daniel", Lawrence'), daughter of Jesse 
and Charlotte (Marsh), born 1801 ; married, 1827, 
Norman Jewell. Children ; 

2400. Charlotte'^. 

2401. William H.* 


Hannah Sol'TMWICK', (Jesse*, Lawrence*, Daniel', 
Lawrence^, Danier\ Lawrence'),- daughter of Jesse 
and Charlotte (Marsh), born 1805; married. 1826, 
Elias J. Mershon. Children : 

2402. Augustus-. 

2403. John". 

2404. Jennie**. 

2405. Edward'^. 


Sarah Miranda Southwick', (Nathan^ Moses', 
Lawrence', Lawrence', DanieP, Lawrence'), daughter 
of Nathan and Sarah (Darling), born July 19. 1840 ; 
married Fenner Darling, July 19, i866. Children: 

2406. Charles Fenner"*, born Aug. 27, 186S. 

2407. Frederick A.**, born Aug. 23, 1S71. 

2408. Sarah L.**, born June 29, 1S74. 

2409. Clara A.®, born Aug. 19, 1876. 

2410. Fannie G.**, born April i, iSSo. 


Lucv Green S )UTH\VICK^(John^ John", Jonatl)an\ 


Daniel'', Daniel", Lawrence'), daughter of John and 
Anna (Galium), born Nov^ ii, 1807; married Cyrus 
Baker. Children : 

J412. Isabel M.^. born Marcb 31, 1S32 : niurried Edwin Hcatb, of 

Plattsburgh. N. Y. 
.'413. Lucj Anqa*, born July 20. 1836; married, 1853, L. A. White, 

of Littleton, Mass. 

2414. Edwin*, born Aug. i, 1859. 

ABUiAIL Bartlett Southwick', (John", John', 
Jonathan', Daniel^ Daniel", Lawrence'), daughter of 
Jolin and Anna (Callum), born Jan. 28, 1S12; mar- 
ried Henry \ . V. Blanchard. Children : 

2415. Mar\- Anna^, born June 27, 1839; married Albert H. Dix. 
Oct. 18. 1871. 

2416. John Henry*, born June 28, 1845; not married (iSSi). 

2417. Claude Emile", born July 18, 1848. died April 23. 1S52. 


Sarah N. Sou THWICK', (George^ George", Dan- 
ieP, Lawrence^ Daniel", Lawrence'), daughter of 
(ieorge and Betse>- (Chilson), born July 20, 1824; 
married first, Aug. 15, 1 84 1, Thomas Aldrich, died 
-Sept. 1849; second, Sept. 14, 1856, Zadock H. 
Spaulding. Children ; 

2418. William C.^, born May 20, 1842. 

2419. Edgar E.*. born April 14, 1845. 

Second husband, Zadock H. Spaulding. One child : 

2420. Lizzie May*, born Sept. 30, 1858. 



George W. South WICK^ (George*, George", Dan- 
icl^ Lawrence'^, Danier\ Lawrence'), son of George 
and Betse)' (Chilson), born May 13, 1826; married. 
Sept. 15, 1852, Maria Elliott. One child; 

J421. Stella*^, born March 20, 1S54. 

L.\V1NL\ SOUTHWTCK AlI)RICH\ (Wait^ John\ 
Jonathan*, DanieP, Daniel', Lawrence'), daughter of 
Wait (Southwick) and Savel Aldrich, born Sept. i i, 
1804, died Aug. 28, 1874. Married, Nov. 7. 1828, 
John A, Smith, a farmer at BurrelKnlle, Uxbridge, 
Mass. Children: 

-;422. Albert*, born 1S32, died soon after birth 

2423. Albert S.®, born May 28, 1834, died Dec. 15, 1870. Married, 
June 17, 1865, Marcelia Richardson, of Woonsocket, R. I. 

2424. Ellen S.**, born May 3, 1S37, <^J6d Nov. 10, 1870. Married 
Levi S. Cook, of Mapleville, R. I. 


Lucy Greeke Aldrich', (Wait^ John\ Jonathan\ 
Daniel'\ DanieP, Lawrence'), daughter of Wait (South- 
wick) and Savel Aldrich, born Feb. 24, 1806, died 
Aug. 30, 1864. Married, March 10, 1838, Richard 
Henry, of Worcester, Mass., a farmer. Children: 

2425. Charles A.*^, born Sept. 17, 1840. 

2426. Andrew F.", born March 2, 1844. 

2427. Albert F.'^, born Sept. 11, 1842. 

2428. Richard F.**, born Oct. 17, 1846, died Jan. i, 1847. 

2429. Lucy M.'*, born Dec. i, 1850. 


1 329. 

Alma Maria Aldrich', (Wait^ John', Jonathan\ 
Daniel'\ DanieP, Lawrence'), daughter of Wait (South- 
wick) and Savil Aldrich, born Sept, i6, 1807; 
married, Jan. 18, 1823, Josiah Fisher, a mechanic of 
Uxbridge, Mass. Children : 

2430. Lavinia M.*^, born Aug. i, 1S24, died Feb. zS, 1848. 

2431. Twins*, born 1826, died soon after birth. 

2432. Abbie C*. born March 3, 1828. died Nov. 6, 1832. 

2433. Louisa A.**, born May 12, 1830; married, Oct. 3, 1847, John 
Gregory, of Uxbridge. 

2434. Abbie C.^, born Nov. 18, 1832; married. Oct. 15, 1847. 
Samuel F. Wilbur, of Uxbridge, Mass. Thej had one 
child. Alma M.", born April 4, 1869. 

2435. Evelina**, born Oct. i, 1834; married, Jan. 4, 1854, Geo. F. 
Searls, of Uxbridge, Mass., he is a hardware dealer, at 
Uxbridge. (1881). They have three children, viz. : Arthur 
F.9, born Aug. 21, 1856; Frank J.^, born July 28, i860: 
Mabel M.^, born Nov. 29, 1868. 

2436. Mary C.**, born March 3, 1837; married first, Oct. 15, 186S. 
Lucius Taft; second, March 3, 1875, Daniel C.Johnson, of 
Worcester, Mass. 

2437. Josiah P.*, born May 10, 1839; married, Feb. 11. 1864, Chloe 

Fletcher, of Mendon. They have two children, viz. : 
Eldora'', born 1865; Ernest S.', born 1866. ' 

2438. Adeline M.^ born Sept. 18. 1845, died Oct. i, 1846. 

2439. Alma**, born Jan. 12, 1847, died April 17, 1847. 


Rhoda South wick', (Joseph^ Benjamin', Benja- 
min*, John'', John^ Lawrence'), daughter of Joseph 
and Hannah (Hunt), born May 19, 1780; married 
Ahab Smith, June 2j , 1799. Children: 

2440. Martin**, born Aug. i, 1799; married first, Sally Wiles: 
second, Miss Hunt. They had one child, Jane. 


2441. Susan**, born Feb. 15, iSoi, died Dec. 28, 1S72. Married 
first, Stafford Harris; second, Andrew Wheelock, no chil- 

2442. Merrill^, born May 8, 1803; married Susan Southwick, 
July I. 1834. They had several children, only two children 
living (i8Si). 

2443. Julia^, born April 7, 1S05; married Julius Strong, of Conn. 

They had two children, \iz. : Ira and Smith. 

2444. Emily Orra*, born Nov. 26, 1808; married Francis Averv. 
of Bolton, Conn., no children. 

2445. Mary Ann'*, born Aug. 27, 1810; married Warren Rislev. 
of Bolton, Conn., no children. 

2446. Rhoda**, born Sept. i, 1814; married Norman Woodworth, 
of Waterbury, Conn. They have three children, viz. : 
Ada, Alice and Ella. 

2447. Sally*, born March g, 1818; married Kinsley, a car- 
penter of Bolton, Conn. They have one child, Perry. 

2448. Alva*, born Sept. 13, 1S20; married Mary E. Hewett, of 
Bolton. Conn. They have one child, Mary Ellen. 


Hannah Southwick', (Joseph", Benjamin'', Hen- 
jamin\ John^ John*, Lawrence'), daughter of Joseph 
and Hannah (Hunt), born March 20, 1770; married 
Samuel Harkness, May 15, 1788. Children: 

2449. Data-, born 17S9: married George Gaskill. They have 
seven children. 

2450. Abbi*, born 1791 ; married Jonas Green. They have ten 

2451. James*, born 1793: married Juda Thayer. They have five 

2452. Samuel*, born 1795; married Esther Evans. They have 
two children. 

2453. Southwick*, born July S, 1797, died June 18, 1875. Married 
Phebe Thayer. They had nine children. 

2454. Mercy*, born 1800; married Thomas Taft. They have 
eight children. 


241^5. Prusha**, born 1802; married Mowry Smith. Tiiey have 
seven children. 

2456. Sullivan^, born April 10, 1804; married Eliza Taft. The\ 
have two children. 

2457. Sophia**, born Oct. 23, 1806; married Lyman Wilson, Oct. 
1833. Thej have two children. 

24';8. Mary**, born June 3, 1809; married Thomas Taft, Oct. i. 
1861, no children. 


Marion Southwick', (Joseph^, Benjamin^ Bcn- 
jamin^ John^ John", Lawrence'), daughter of Joseph 
and Hannah (Hunt), born 1772; married Samuel 
Prentiss, 1 79 1 - Children : 

2459. George**, born Jan. 19, 1792 : married Fanny Mowry. They 
have one son, Mowry. 

2460. Hannah**, born Feb. 14, 1794; married Joseph Chesley. 
They have one child, Joseph. 

2461. Abigail**, born Aug. 20. 1796; married Ezekiel Sheldon. 
They have four children, viz. : Hiram, Ezekiel, Lowell and 

2462. Samuel**, born Nov. 6, 179S; not married. 

2463. Willard*. born Aug. 9, 1801 ; not married. 

2464. Olive**. Married Henry Albee. no children. 

2465. Joseph**. Married Sally Hull. 

2466. Parley". Married Emily Ballou. They Iiave two children, 
viz. : Georgianna and Samuel. 

2467. Permela*. Married Amasa Bower. They have one son. 


Lois Alley Southwick', (John^ Josiah', John'. 
Daniel*, Daniel^ Lawrence'), daughter of John and 
Rebecca (Alley), born Oct. 30, 1804, died March 24, 
1873; married, Sept. 8, 1827, John M., Ives, born 
July 8, 1799. Children: 


2468. Rebecca S.*, born Oct. 14, 1S28; married Gilbert Streeter. 

2469. Mary Louisa*, born May 7, 1830, died 1830. 

2470. Mary Ellen", born Jan. I't,, 1832, died Oct. 13. 1863; mar- 
ried George Hawks. No children. 

2471. John S.^, born Dec. 25, 1S33. 

2472. Harriet Vaughn*, born Oct. 17, 1835, died 1840. 

2473. Louisa M.®, born Feb. 26, 1838. 

2474. Charles F.*, born Nov. 4, 1843 ; married Ida Washburn. 


Israel Mowry Southwick', (Enoch", John', 
Jonathan^ DanieP, Daniel^ Lawrence'), son of Enoch 
and Waity (Arnold), born Aug. 22, 1809; married, 
June 3, 1840, Lucy H. Sayles, born July 12, 181 7. 
He was first a farmer, then he went to blacksmithing, 
afterwards went into a machine shop working iron and 
wood work, he then became a partner with his brother- 
in-law, Richard Sayles, in the manufacture of woolen 
goods; he is now (1881) retired from business. Chil- 
dren : 

2475. Royal Alexander*, born Ma3'2i, 1841. died April 5, 1846. 

2476. Leroj- De Loss*, born March 29, 1848. died Aug. 16, 1863. 


Hannah S. Southwick', (DanieT, John', Jona- 
than\ Daniel'*, DanieP, Lawrence'), daughter of Dan- 
iel and Hannah (Smith), born April 30, 1829; 
married, April 6, 1850, William P. Holder, a lineal 
descendant of Christopher Holder, who had his right 
ear cut off, by order of Gov. Endicott, for being a 
Quaker. Children : 


lA^II. Christopher Harris®, born March 30, 1856. 

2478. Frederick Christopher**, born Feb. 15. 1857. 

2479. Lunette Elsworth*, born July 28. 1861. 


Lydia Keith\ (Sarah®, Joseph*, Lawrence\ Law- 
rence^ DanieP, Lawrence'), daughter of Sarah South- 
wick and Gershom Keith, born Oct. 17, 1805, died 
1878. Married Nahum Mowry. Children: 

2480. Farnum S.** 

2481. Almira*. Married Arnold Pickering. 


Duty S. Keith', (Sarah^ Joseph', Lawrence', 
Lawrence^ Daniel', Lawrence'), son of Sarah (South- 
wick) and Gershom Keith, born April 3, 1808; mar- 
ried Phebe Jefferson. Children: 

2482. David**. Married Darling. 

2483. Sarah*. Married Edwin Smith. 

2484. Almon*. Married Smith. 

2485. Marj*. Married David Pelky. 

2486. Phebe*. 
24S7. Duty C.** 


Gershom Keith', (Sarah^ Joseph% Lawrence', 
Lawrence^ Daniel', Lawrence'), son of Sarah South- 
wick) and Gershom Keith, born Dec. 6, 1809, died 
Dec. 16, 1879. Married Mary Ann Howard. Chil- 
dren : 


2488. Hiram Alonzo*, born Sept. 30, 1833; married Eliza Ann 

Allen, Dec. 20. 1853. 

2489. Helen Maria*, born Sept. 3, 1835; married Edmond W. 
Ryan, March 2t,, 1854. 


Luke S. Keith', (Sarah^ Joseph', Lawrence", Law- 
rence^ Daniel^ Lawrence'), son of Sarah (South- 
wick), and Gershom Keith, born Feb. 28, 1812; 
married Louisa Ballou, born 18 14, died July 24, 1879. 
Children : 

2490. Luke C* Married Marj M. Kendrich, of Woonsocket, 
R. I. 

2491. Orlando L. S.* Married Hattie J. Kendrich, of Woon- 
socket, R. I. 


Mary Eliza Keith', (Sarah^ Joseph', Lawrence', 
Lawrence^ DanieP, Lawrence'), daughter of Sarah 
(Southvvick) and Gershom Keith, born Dec. 14, 1813 ; 
married first, Eatham A. Albee ; second, Stephen 
Lougee. Children : 

2492. Lydia S.® 

2493. Anna*. 

Second husband, Stephen Lougee. Children: 

2494. Ellen*. 

2495. Stephen*. 

2496. Edward*. 


Simeon Keith', (Sarah^ Joseph\ Lawrence', Law- 


rence\ Daniel\ Lawrence'), son of Sarah (Southwick) 
and Gershom Keith, born Sept. 4, 181 5; married 
first, Esther Cook ; second, Susan Bell. Children : 

2496 a. Susan". Married first, Daniel Burnham : second, Samuel 
W. Cook, Passaic, N.J. 


Collins Keith", (Sarah*, Joseph*, Lawrence', 
Lawrence^ DanieP, Lawrence'), son ol Sarah (South- 
wick) and Gershom Keith, born Feb. 4, 181 8; mar- 
ried first, Lettice Mackay; second, Harriet Howard; 
third, Phebe Whipple ; fourth, Mary E. Moore. 
One child : 

2497. Collins Alexander**. Married first, Crosby; second, 

Emma Eames. 

Second wife, Harriet Howard. One child: 

2498. Hattie Lettice**, born Dec. 5. 1S43 ; married John M. Cad- 
well. June 13, 1S63. 

Third wife, Phebe Whipple. One child : 

2499. Walter Whipple-. 

2500. Elwin Southwick^ 


Remington Southwick", (Elijah^ Jonathan^ Jon- 
athan\ DanieP, DanieP, Lawrence'), son of Elijah 
and Elizabeth (Bentley), born June 8, 1805, died 
Oct. 31, 1832, at Newport, R. L Married, April 14, 
1827, Celinda Whitford, daughter of John P. Whit- 
ford and Mary (Cooper), born June 2, 1804. He 
was a sea captain. Children: 



2501. Daniel Remington^, born Dec. 30, 1828; married Belinda 

Perry, Oct. 18, 1852. 
3502. John W.*, born Feb. 10, 1S31, died Jan. 23. 1833. 


Nathan Southwick', (Elijah", Jonathan*, Jona- 
than\ DanieP, DanieP, Lawrence'), .son of EHjah and 
Ehzabeth (Bentley), born 1795, died Nov. lo, 1866. 
Married Mary Kenyon, at Point Judith, died Nov. 12, 
1867. Children: 

2503. Marj*, born Nov. 10, 1820; married Isaac L. Coe. of Mid- 
dletown. Conn. 

2504. Nathan G. K.**, born Nov. 26, 1822. 

2505. Daniel F-, born Aug, 19, 1832. 

2506. Lyman*, born July zt^, 1838. 


Bradford Southwtck', (Elijah^ Jonathan\ Jon- 
athan^ DanieP, Daniel", Lawrence'), son of Elijah 
and Elizabeth (Bentley), born 1812, died 1845, aged 
33 years. Married, 1836, Catharine Antonio De 
Medicis, born Nov. 12, 18 14. He was a sea captain. 
Children : 

2507. Frances Isabella*, born Feb. 25, 1837: married, Oct. 13, 
1856, Samuel Lecj Cook. 

2508. Elizabeth Ann*, born Jan. 29. 1839, ^^^^ at St. Augustine. 
Florida, 1842. 

2509. William S.*, born 1838. 

2510. Charles S.*, born 1842, died at St. Augustine, Florida, 1851. 

251 1. Elijah S.*, born 1841, died at St. Augustine, Florida, 1842. 

2512. Bradford*, born 1847, died at St. Augustine, Florida, 1850. 


Lydia Ann Southwick', (DanieP, John', Jona- 


than^ DanieP, DanieP, Lawrence"), daughter of Dan- 
iel and Hannah (Smith), born Feb. 19, 1836; mar- 
ried Dr. George Bullard. Children : 

2514. George Southwick*, born July 4, 1859, died Jan. 21, 1861. 

2515. Anna Maria*^, born Feb. 28, 1862. 

2516. Mary Lizzie*, born April 13, 1870. 

2517. Alice Adele*', born Oct. 1, 1873. 


Catharine C. SouTHWICK^ (Daniel®, John*, Jona- 
than^ DanieP, DanieP, Lawrence'), daughter of 
Daniel and Hannah (Smith), born Nov. 10, 1826; 
married Seth T. Aldrich. Children : 

2518. Daughter*, lived but a few days. 

2519. Helen Wagnor-, born Sept. 15, 1864. 


Gideon BentleySouthwick', (Elijah^ Jonathan', 
Jonathan\ DanieP, DanieP, Lawrence'), son of Elijah 
and Elizabeth (Bentley), born Sept. 8, 1791, died 
March 14, 1872. Married, Dec. 16, 18 16, Hannah 
Ennis, born Dec. 22, 1789, died Jan. 14, 1868. Chil- 
dren : 

2520. Mary*, born Aug. 24, 1S24, in Lenox, Madison Co., N. Y., 
died Jan. 15. 1838, of consumption. 

2521. Hannah E.*, born Maj- 12, 1827, died July 28, 1S43. 
3522. Elizabeth Ann*, born Jan. 30, 1835, died Feb. 7, 1856. 


Hannah Southwick', (Elijah^ Jonathan', Jona- 
than*, DanieP, DanieP, Lawrence'), daughter of Elijah 
and Elizabeth (Bentley), born Aug. 8, 1808, died 


July 8, 1843. Married, Sept. 20, 1827, Varnum Ennis, 
born Oct. 15, 1799, died Oct. 20, 1853. a farmer at 
Augustus, Oneida Co., N. Y. Children: 

2^2T,. Benjamin Franklin'*, born Aug. 23. 1829; married Mary 
Adaline Barnard, March 23, 1853. He is a farmer and 
school teacher, in Augusta, Oneida Co., N. Y. 

2524. Harriet Elizabeth**, born Oct. 5, 1832 ; married Nicoll Com- 
stock, in Marshall, Mich. 

2525. Varnum Remington'', born March 5, 1837. died Nov. 20. 

1862, at Washington. 


Nancy S()UTHWICK^ (Nathan*, George', John*, 
John^, John', Lawrence'), daughter of Nathan and 
Molly (Moulton), born June 7, 1797; married Wil- 
liam B. Miller. Children; 

2526. Maria*. 

2527. Sarah**. 

2528. William*'. 

2529. Edward'*. 

2530. George*. 


George South wick", (Nathan', George', John', 
John', John^ Lawrence"), son of Nathan and Molh' 
(Moulton), born May 17, 1813; married Abigail 
Taylor. Children : 

2531. Marj E.* Married Eli Richardson. " They have two chil- 
dren, viz. : George and Milton. 

2532. Thomas T.**, born March 6, 1835 ; married Mary Barbour. 

2533. Levi*, born Jan. 28. 1838; married Caroline Legro. 

2534. Nathan**. Married Katie Barbour. 


Eben Moulton Southwick', (Nathan®, George", 


John'', John^, John^ Lawrence'), son of Nathan and 
Molly (Moulton), born July 29, 18 10; married Abi- 
gail Locke, born Aug. 10, 1809, died Aug. 29, 1862. 
Children : 

2535. Eben, Jr.*, born June 4, 1832, died Aug. 22, 1861. Married 
Phebe Taylor, April, 1854. 

2536. William H.**, born Aug. 2, 1834; married Clara Brown. 
Aug. 5, 1866. 

21^37. Joel L.^, born Feb. 12, 1838; married Maria A. Mosher, 
April 26, 1863. 


Betsey SouTHWICK^ (George^ George*, John", 
John^ John', Lawrence'), daughter of George and 
Betsey (Ashton), born April 3, 1791 ; married 
William Pickering. Children : 

2538. Elizabeth*. 

2539. John®. Married Priscilla Smith. 


Rebecca South wick', (Francis'', George*, John', 
John^ John^ Lawrence'), daughter of Francis and 
Hannah (Nourse), born Dec. 25, 1786; married 
William Patterson. Children : 

2540. Hannah*. 

2541. Rebecca*. 


Hannah Southwick', (Francis^ George', John', 
John', John', Lawrence'), daughter of Francis and 
Hannah (Nourse), born Sept. 13, 1792; married 
Jonathan Berry. Children : 

2542. Eliza Ann*. 

2543. Hannah*. 




Hannah Rust', (Racher, Benjamin', Benjamin", 
Samuel', John^ Lawrence'), daughter of Rachel 
(Southwick) and Nathaniel Rust, born at Rochester. 
Vt., July 16, 1808; married, April 4, 1830, Orson 
Perkins, born at Hartland, Vt., Dec. 17, 1802; he 
began to teach at twenty years of age, and kept a 
singing school for thirty winters. Children: 

2544. William Oscar^. born May 23. 1S31. lives in Boston, Mas^■. 


2545. Ilenrv Southwick'*, born March 20, 1833, lives in Chicago. 
111. OS81). 

2546. Azro O.'*, born June 27. 1S3S; married, July 7, 1863. Clara 

Leonard. They live at Santa Barbara, California. 

2547. Lucilia'^, born Feb. i, 1837, died March 17, 1837. 

2548. Hiram C.-, born May 24, 1839, died Sept. 22, 1839. 

2549. Edwin Hazen**, born Sept. 28, 1S40; married, Nov., 1S66. 
Juliette Morey. Thej' have three children, viz. : Grace", 
born April 2. 1867; Jessie", born Dec. 4, 1870; Nathan". 
born July 30, 1S72. They live at Taftsville, Vt. 

2550. Ellen Francillia'^. born Dec. 17. 1S42 : married, Nov. 2, 1S65. 

George S. Cheney. 

2551. Julius Edson'*, born March 19, 1845. died Feb. 25, 1875, at 

Manchester, England. Married, July 23, 1874, Maria Roze. 
barn in Paris, France, who was an opera Singer in Paris and 
London; her mother was an opera singer and actress. He 
was a leading basso in Her Majestv's Opera, London, dur- 
ing the season of" 1874 and 1S75, until his death. They had 
one son, Jule Henr\'. born May i, 1875. died Oct., 1875. 


Allen Southwick', (William^ James', Josiah\ 
Josiah', Josiah', Lawrence' ), son of William and Eliz- 
abeth (Allen), born Sept. 10, 1783, died Oct. 7, 1843. 



Married, probably 1805, Beulah Grant, born 1785, 
died Oct. 10, 1846. Children: 

J552. Hannah**, born April 2. 1806. died June i. 1867. Married 
James Dobbin. Tliej had three children, viz.: William'': 
Sarah^, died i860; John**, died 1858. 

-'553. Eliza*, born April 9, 1S08. died Dec. 20, 187 1. Not mar- 

2554. John*, born Dec. 24, 1809. died July 13, 1837, ^W drowning. 

Not married. 

2555. Mary R.*, born Dec. ii. iSii; married Samuel Woolston. 
no children. 

2556. Priscilla*. born July 3, 1814: married Japhet Pricket, no 

2557. Dorothy*, born March 28, 1815; married Charles C. Shim. 

2558. Martha*, born Dec. 28, 1819; married John Bryan. 

2559. Anna*, born Dec. 28, 1819, died Aug. 20. 1841. She and 
her sister Martha were twins. 

2560. Beulah*, born April 14, 1823. died Nov. 17, 1S67. Mar- 
ried Simeon Ellis. They had one child. Anna. 

2561. Joseph Allen*, born Nov. 21, 1824, married first, Beulah 

Lamb; second, Fanny Hance. 

2562. Mayum*. born Nov. 14, 1826, died Aug. 17. 1829. 


Jemima Southwick', (William®, James', Josiah', 
Josiah^, Josiah*, Lawrence'), daughter of William and 
Elizabeth (Allen), born Sept. 10, 1791, died July 
19, 1865. Married Gershom Jobes, born 1792, died 
July 16, 1833. Children: 

2563. Charles*, born 1818, died Jan. 18, 1842. 

2564. Thomas R.*. born 1819, died Dec. 24, 1855. 

2565. Susan N.*. born 1823, died Feb. 12, 1842. 
2666. Elizabeth*, born 1825, died July 5, 1842. 

2567. Garrett P.*. born 1827, died Aug., 1847. 

2568. George R.*. born 1829, died May, 1830. 


001 a. 

William Southwick', (William" James*,' Josiah', 
Josiah^ Josiah^ Lawrence'), son of William and 
Elizabeth (Allen), born Sept. 14, 1794; married 
Eliza Vandergriff. Children : 

2569. Elizabeth^. 

2570. Sarah^. 

2571. William*. 

2572. Charles*. In trade, corner nth and Chesnut Sts., Phila- 

2573. Anna"^. 

2574. Maria*. 

2575. J. Allen*. In trade, corner nth and Chesnut Sts., Phila- 


2576. John*. 


James Southwick', (William^ James', Josiah', 
Josiah^ Josiah^ Lawrence'), son of Solomon and 
Rachael (Zelley), born Jan. 3, 1780, died 1864. 
Married first, 1828, Sarah Mick, a Quakeress, born 
April 30, 1804, died 1867; second, Sarah Carr, of 
Ocean Co., N. J. Children: 

2577. William Shim*, born Dec. i, 1806; married Sarah Francis. 

2578. Charles*, born Oct. 17. 1808; married Mary Walcott, died 
Dec. 31, 1852. 

2579. Marj*. born March 25, 1812; married Robert Garrison. 
They have seven sons. 

2580. James*, born Sept. 17, 1814. died 1846. 

2581. Philip Rensellear Van Wjck*, born March it,, 1817; mar- 
ried Mary F. Page, March 23, 1841. 

2582. Sarah*, born Sept, 10, 1819, died July 22. 1857. Married 
Charles Risdon, March 3, 1843, no children. 

2583. Margaret*, born Sept, 9, 1822 ; married Benjamin Coley. 

Sept. 9, 1848. They have four children, viz. : Eldest died. 
Martha. Alma and Benjamin. 


Second wife, Sarah Carr. Cliildren : 

2584. Elizabeth^, born Dec. 16, 1829. 

2585. Joseph K.**, born March 12, 1832. 

2586. Allen^ born Feb. 18, 1835. 

2587. Ellinor'*, born March 4. 183S. 


Mary Southwick', (William'. James', Josiah\ 
Josiah^ Josiah'\ Lawrence'), daughter of William and 
Elizabeth (Allen), born Nov. i, 1773; married Rich- 
ard Gregory. Children : 

2588. Rachael." 

2589. Elizabeth.'* 


LvDi.\ Southwick', (William". James^ Josiah', 
Josiah^, Josiah\ Lawrence'), daughter of William 
and Elizabeth (/Vllen), born Aug. 25. 1778; married 
Philip Halzel, born Oct. 24. 1778. Children: 

2590. David**, born July 10. 1804; not married. 

2591. Elizabeth'*, born May 20, 1806; married William Streab\. 

2592. Rebecca^, born Dec. 7, 1807; married Nathaniel Parker 

2593. Catharine**, born Oct. 11, 1809; married John G. Alberi;er. 

2594. Ljdia**, born Sept. 26, 181 1; married Thomas Booth. 

2595. Sarah**, born June 6. 1816; not married. 


R.\CHAEL Soi'THWiCK', (William", James', Josiah', 
Josiah^ Josiah*, Lawrence'), daughter of William and 
h>lizabeth (Allen), born April 9, 1781 ; married lUijah 
(laskill. Children : 


^596. Abraham''. Married Marv Dix. 
J597. Elizabeth'^. Married William Skim. 
J598. Elijah*^. Married Fanny F"razier. 

2599. Rebecca**. Married Robert Love. 

2600. L_vdja^ Married Jonas Stone. 

John Southwick', (SanuieP, Benjamin', Benja- 
min\ Samuel^, John", Lawrence'), son Samuel and 
Mary (Powers), born April 18, 1787, died Sept. 13, 
1813. Married, probably 1808, Mary Sloan, born 
1786, died 1878. Children: 

-;6oi. Willard**, born May 5, 1809, died Feb. 10. 1852. Married 
first, 1838, Sally Hoyt. died July 13. 1842 ; second. May. 1843. 
Marriet Conant. 

-:6o2. Clotina*. born Nov. 5, i8io: married Gilman Gurnsey. 
born Sept. 6, 1806, died Oct. 3, 1873. 

2603. Samuel**, born Sept. 6, 1813 ; married first, Sarah W. Ben- 
nett, born 181 7; second, Lucretia Faulkner, born 1803; 
third. Mary E. Mellorey, born Jan. iS. 1836. 

7 7 J). 

GeoR(;e H. SoUTHWICK', (George^ Joseph', Jos- 
eph*, Solomon"', Josiah', Lawrence'), son of George 
H. and Elizabeth (Sweet). Married Harriet Soiitli- 
wick, daughter of Joseph and Dorcas (Easton). 
Children : 

2604. George-. 

260^. Joseph*. Deceased. 

2606. Andrew**. 

2607. Catharine'^. 


Joseph Bowler Erv', (Sarah^ Wilmarth^ Solo- 


mon\ Solomon\ Jos^ah^ Lawrence'), son of Sarah 
Sherman (Southwick) and Wilham Greene Fry, born 
March 27, 1830; married Mary V. B. Utter, April 22, 
1852, at Albany, N. Y. Children: 

2608. Sarah Southwick'*, born Feb. 6, 1853; married Williatn H. 
Clendening, Feb. 22, 1871, at Troj, N. Y. 

2609. William Gilbert*, born Feb. 9, 1855. 

2610. Thalia*, born Jan. 27, 1857; married George R. Cardwell. 
Feb. 18. 1880, at Albany, N. Y. 

2611. Robert M.*, born Dec. 2, 1859. 

2612. Charles A.**, born May 24, 1862. 

2613. Marj Helena*, born Sept. 27, 1864. 

2614. Adelia U.*, born Julj 6, 1870. 

2615. Horace*, born Dec. 19. 187 1. 
2616 Fannie L.*. born Sept. 26. 1874. 


Robert Maxwell Fry', (Sarah^ Wilmarth', Sol- 
mon\ Solomon"*, Josiah^ Lawrence'), son of Sarah 
Sherman (Southwick) and William Greene Fry, born 
April 17, 1832; married Julia A. Woodworth, April 
9, 1874, at St. Louis Mo. Children: 

2617. Mariam*. born 1875. 

2618. Josephine*, born 1877. 


M.\RV Ann Fry', (Sarah*, Wilmarth', Solomon', 
Solomon^, Josiah^ Lawrence'), daughter of Sarah 
Sherman (Southwick) and William Greene Fry, born 
Jan. 7, 1835; married Charles A. Edwards, Dec. 6. 
1858, at Albany, N. Y. Children : 

2619. Walter*, born 1859. 

2620. Robert*, born 1861. 

2621. Nellie*, born 1863. 

2622. Grace*, born 1865. 



Polly Southwick', (Samuel', Benjamin", Benja- 
nlin^ Sarah^, John\ Lawrence'), daughter of Samuel 
and Mary (Powers), born Aug. 16, 1784, died Sept. 8, 
1863. Married, May [, 1 806, Jacob Goldthwait. born 
Dec. 28, 1775, died April 13, 1845. Children: 

J623. Laura*, born April 17. 1808; married Lvnian Hill, June 14, 


2624. Elvira*, born Oct. 11, 1810, died Dec. 16, 1878. 

2625. Samuel C*. born March 8, 1813; married Zilpha Thaver, 
March 1848. 

2626. Mary S.*. born April 7, iSi6; married Loren D. Watts, 
Dec. 13, 184S. 

2627. Christiana G.**. born Dec. 13. 1819. died May 13, 1873. 
Married Alvah C. Elliout, died Oct. 29, 1872. 

2628. Diana*, born Feb. 6, 1822, died April n. 1870: married 
Benjamin B. Cook, Aug. 28, 1849. 

2629. Adaline C.*, born Sept. 5, 1824; married, Nov. 9. 1859. 
Luke W. Kilburn. born 1827, at Waterburv, Vt., died March 
5, 1869. 


Helen M. Fry', (Sarah', Wilmarth', Solomon', 
Solomon', Jo.siah'\ Lawrence'), daughter of Sarah 
Sherman (Southwick) and William Greene Fry, born 
Sept. 30, 1837; married, May 17, i860, John E. 
Simmons, of Albany, N. Y. Children : 

2630. Laura*, born 1861. 

2631. Nellie*, born 1863. 

1 322. 

Mary Ann Southwick', (George"', John\ Jona- 
than*, DanieP, Daniel^, Lawrence'), daughter of 
George and Sally (Daniels), born Jan. 10, 181 1 ; mar- 


ried Christopher Daniels, June 20, 1839. Children: 

2632. Minerva'^, born June 20, 184.0. 

2633. Sarah*, born March 9. 1842; man-ied Charles Henrj, April 
4, 1865. 

2634. Nathan George*, born March i. 1852. 


Benjamin T. Solthwick', (Daniel", George*, 
Daniel*, Lawrence"*, Daniel', Lawrence'), son of Dan- 
iel and Lucina (Thayer), born Oct., 1804, at North 
Adams; deceased. Married, Dec, 1825, Mary Ann 
Wilber, born April 2, 1 81 3, at North Adams, Mass., 
ilied in Stamford, Vt., March 4, 1880. He was a 
sailor. Children ; 

2635. Daniel Wilbur*, born April 2. 1827; married. Aug. 21, 1S48, 
Laurana M. Amadon, born Aug. 9, 1827. 

2636. George T.*, born in Springwater, N. Y., deceased. 

2637. Mary*, born at Albany N, Y., Jan. 29, 1S32 : married. Aug. 
2, 1849, ^t Stamford, Vt.. Charles H. Jones, born at North 
Adams, Mass., Sept. 20, 1822. He is a cotton manufacturer. 

2638. Susan J.*, born July 20, 1834, in Springwater. N.Y., died at 
North Adams. Feb. 4, 1S73. She was adopted by John P. 
Clark. Oct. i. 1837: married. July 3. 1854, Lester M. Hay- 
den, at Pownal. Vt.. born at Clarksburgh, Mass.. May 10. 
1829. They had three sons. viz. : John^. born Dec. 15. 
1855. born in Clarksburgh ; Arthur L.', born in North 
Adams, Feb. 20, 1859; Frederick C.*, born in North Adams. 
May 29, 1867. Lester M. Harden married second wife, 
March 3. 1S80. widow Emma N. Farwell. 


Baruch a. Soutiiwick', (George^ John', Jona- 
than*, Danief, DanieP, Lawrence'), son of George 



and Sally (Daniels), born March 28, 1807, died July 
16, 1 87 1. Married, Nov. 6, 1833, Mary Fowler, of 
Northbridge, Mass. Children : 

2639. Abbie D.^, born April 24, 1835; married, Feb. 10, 1861, 
Thomas Benton Brumback. 

2640. Ruth A.'*, born Nov. 19, 1S3S; married, Feb. it,, 1862. 
George W. Shinkle. 

2641. Mary F.^, born Oct. 27, 1S45 ; married, March 3, 1S65, John 


Almeda Southwick', (Daniel', Samuel', David', 
SamueP, John*, Lawrence'), daughter of Daniel and 
Polly (Churchill), born July 4, 18 10, in Mooers, N.Y. ; 
married Solon Knapp, 1838, in Mooers, N.Y. Chil- 
dren : 

2642. Henry W.**, born Aug. 28, 1841 ; married Ellen Ordwav, 
May 2, 1867. They reside in Ottawa, 111. They have three 
children, viz. : Carrie, Jesse and Edith. 

2643. Almira C.*, born 1S43 ; married James McClune, 1863. 
They live in Kansas (1880). They have three sons, and one 

2644. Adelia*, born 1S48; married, Oct. 20, 1864, Edwin Beard. 
They live in Chicago, 111., (1S80.) They have one daughter 
and three sons. 

2645. Charles R.^, born 1850, died Aug, 5, 1865, 


Elijah Baker Southwick', (Jonathan^ SamueT, 
DanieT, SamueP, John", Lawrence'), son of Jonathan 
and widow (Shaw), born Feb. 8, 18 19, in Champlain, 
N.Y. ; married, Jan. i, 1846, Harriet Brown, daugh- 
ter of Melvin Brown, who had moved from Clinton- 


ville, Clinton, N.Y., to Mendon, Mich., some time 
previous. Children : 

2646. Albert Baker*, born 1S49; married. Oct., 1876, Mary Fred- 

2647. Melvin Sanford®, born 185 1, died aged 11 months. 

2648. Elain Danford*, born 1857, ^^^'^ aged 7 years. 

2649. Mary Elizabetli*, born 1858. 

2650. Wilbur Elbridge*, born 1861. 

2651. Uri Barber*, born 1865. 

Elijah B. Southwick here gives us a sketch of 
incidental life : 

He writes : In 1837, when 18 years old, I went with 
my mother to live in a small place near Lockport, 
N.Y. Here I made my home for nine years. In 
these years I had a varied life ; I travelled in New- 
Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, In- 
diana and Michigan. When I was 20, I commenced 
teaching school; at 21, I cast my first vote for Harri- 
son and took quite an interest in politics for a while. 
I then began to think of a profession, and turned my 
attention to medicine. I studied and attended college 
at Cincinnati, Ohio; graduated in 1846 and came to 
Centerville, St. Joseph Co., Mich., and commenced 
practicing. In 1848, married. In 1849, I moved to 
Mendon, same county. In 1852, I crossed the plains 
to California, and in 1854 returned home, via Isthmus 
and New York. (I still reside in Mendon, (1880), 
and my children with me). Since that time I have 
been engaged principall}' in farming. I abandoned 
the practice of medicine outside of my own famil\-. 
when I returned from California. 



Pamela Southwick', (Jonathan^ Samuel', Dan- 
ieT, SamueP, John*, Lawrence'), daughter of Jona- 
than and Sarah (Branch), born April 12, 1803, died 
Nov. 12, 1845, '" Crown Point, Essex Co., N. Y. 
Married, April 20, 1822, in Mooers, N. Y., Alfred 
Cooley, a farmer, died Dec. 20, 1858, Children: 

2652. Orson E.®, born April 8, 1825 ; married, Jan. 25, 1847, Chloe 
J. Norton. Thej live at Bluft'ton, Iowa. 

2653. Laura M.®, born Feb. 14, 1827; married Sept. lo, 1845, 
John Cram, a farmer. 

2654. Alfred B.**. born July 10, 1829; married Minna Shelden, 
Feb. 25, 1863. 

2655. J"'ia A.^, born Dec. 9, 1836; married Jonathan S. Putnam, 
April 10, 1854. 


Semantha South wick', (Jonathan^ Samuel', Dan- 
ieT, SamueP, John^ Lawrence'), daughter of Jona- 
than and Sarah (Branch), born April 12, 181 2; 
married, Aug. 16, 1832, Piatt Warren, M. D., born 
Sept. 27, 1809. Children: 

2656. Achsah**, born May 17, 1833; married, Nov. 23, 1852. 

2657. Alonzo**, born 1835, deceased. 

2658. Melissa**, born 1837. 

2659. Horatio N^, born Oct. 13. 1839; married and lives in Louis- 
ville. Kj. 

2660. Jerome*, born 1841, deceased. 

2661. Ansel*, born 1842; married, and has four children. 

2662. Julia*, born June 12, 1844; married Sept. 17, 1861, lives in 


2663. Ithia*, born Sept. 4, 1847; married, and has four children. 

2664. Josiah M.*. born Jan. 24, 1850; married Feb. 19, 1869, and 

has three children. 


2665. Adelia-, born 1852, deceased. 

2666. Franklin*, born 1854, deceased. 


Orin Southwick', (Daniel^ Saniuer, David', 
Samuel^ John", Lawrence'), son of David and Betse)' 
(Stacey), born Nov. 28, 1789, in Benson, Vt., died 
Feb. 7, 1881, aged 92 years. Married, May 10, 1829, 
Hannah Stone,* of Champlain, N.Y., born Sept. 3, 
1 8 1 I . He was a merchant until 40 years of age, when 
he became a farmer. He was in the battle of Platts- 
burgh, Sept. 11, 1814. They resided in Mooers 
Forks, N.Y. Children : 

2667. Edward A.**, born April 29, 1S30; married, Feb. 24, 1859, 
Achsah Bateman. He is a lumber manufacturer. 

266S. Orin Frederick"*, born Oct. 31, 1831; married, Aug. 20. 
1S67, Mary Benson, of Minn. 

2669. Ilosea"*, born July 29, 1833, died Feb. 10, 1836. 

2670. Isaac*, born Nov. 13, 1834, died Feb. 5, 1836. 

2671. David H.*, born Dec. 13, 1836, died Sept. 8, 1870. Married. 
Oct. 7, 1868, Fanny Benson, daui>htcr of Rev. Dr. Benson. 

2672. Horatio I.**, born Oct. 5, 1838; married first, Nov. 15. 1864. 
Julia N. Hay, died May 12, 1865; second, Sept. it,, 1879. 
Ellie L. Thomson, widow of William Blair. 

2673. William Henry*, born Aug. 13, 1S40; married, May 10. 

1869. Eva Crocker, of Vt. 

2674. Elbridge G.*, born May 7, 1842; married Mary Brewster, 
of Northampton, Mass. 

2675. Marion M.*, born Aug. 29, 1S44, died Sept. it,, 1866. 

* Hannah Stone's mother was the great granddaughter of Gen. 
Whitemore, who with his family (except Mary, whom he left 
behind), undertook a voyage to England, and were all lost at sea. 
He had previously secured a grant for the whole of the land on 
which now stands the city of Halifax, Novia Scotia, but he had the 
deeds of conveyance with him. Means were never taken by Mar\ 
or her descendants to secure their rights. 



2676. Titus A.*, born Jan. 25, 1847: married. July 14. 1871, 

Maggie Perdj, of Minn. 
-:677. Flora Isadora*, born May 9, 1852: married. Sept. 18, 1872. 

Dr. Ralph Irwin. 
-2678. Pliny F.^ born Sept. 7, 1850; married. Sept. 11. 1878. 

Cornelia Tabb, of Harrisonburgh. Va. 

Orin Southwick and wife Hannah (Stone), cel- 
ebrated their golden wedding, May 10, 1879, at 
Mooers, N.Y. Their children, grandchildren and 
other relatives numbered about 70. They came from 
east, west and south ; two sons from Minnesota, two 
sons from Massachusetts, with their families, and two 
sons who reside in Mooers, and one daughter, Mrs. 
R. Erwin. 

Mr. Orin Southwick, although somewhat feeble and 
lame, retained his mental faculties as clear as ever, 
and his sound business qualities were esteemed by all 
who knew him. He was a man of temperate habits 
and good morals. He, with his wife, resided with 
their son Horatio, who rendered to them all in his 
power for their comfort. They received from their 
children and others, many beautiful and valuable 
presents, and speeches were made giving thanks for 
the many happy years their parents had lived. After 
the speeches a bountiful table was ready for the guests, 
after which music was enjoyed, by the Mooers Cornet 
Band, and to wind up to part, all sang the Sweet 
Bye and Bye. 


Lorenzo Dow Southwick', (Jonathan", Samuel", 


DanieT, SamueP, John% Lawrence'), son of Jonathan 
and Sarah (Branch), born March lO, 1807, died Jan, 
16, 1877. Married first, Jan. 9, 1829, Eunice Hart, 
born Oct. 25, 1809, in MontpeHer, Vt., died Aug. 16. 
1866; second, Ehza Hart, a widow. He was a black- 
smith in Stockholm, St. Lawrence Co., N.Y. Chil- 
dren : 

2679. Saniantha'^. born Aug. 24, 1832, died Dec. 12. 1850. 

2680. Henry Jonathan**, born Julj 12, 1836; married first, Dec. 
28, 1S57, Malhala Hull, of Bellevue, Eaton Co., Mich.: 
second, Mary Johnson. 

2681. Alonzo Edward-, born Sept. 2, 1842; married first, June 6. 

1867, Sarah Wilkinson, of Castleton, Eaton Co., Mich., 
died Nov. 2, 1867; second, Feb. 5, 1871, Marj Miles, of 
Middleville, Barry Co., Mich. 

2682. Sarah Pamelia*, born April 12, 1845 ; married, Jan. 28, 1865- 
in Bellveille. Mich., Albion Foot, of Eaton Co., Mich. 


Sarah Maria Southwick', (Jonathan^ Samuel*, 
DanieT, Samuel^ John^ Lawrence'), daughter of 
Jonathan and Sarah (Branch), born Aug. 22, 1808; 
married first, John L. Putnam, Dec. 20, 1826 ; second. 
Asa Cram, June 13, 1846. Children: 

2683. Sarah P.**, born Dec. 29. 1828; married Caleb Cram, Jul\ 

15, 1846. 

2684. Cornelia E.*, born July 21, 1831 ; married, June 20, 1853. 
G. B. Heastis, a sea captain. 

2685. John S.**, born Aug. 28, 1833; married Julia Cooly, April 

16, 1854. 

Second husband, Asa Cram. Children : 

2686. Landon W.**, born Sept. 5, 1847; married Mary French. 
Nov. 25, 1 868. 


John Southwick', (Joseph*, Benjamin*, Benja- 
min\ John^, John'\ Lawrence'), son of Joseph and 
Hannah (Hunt), born 1761. died Dec. 11, 1833. 
Married first, Hannah Cass, of Blackstone, died Ma}- 
19, 1816; second, Rhoena Trask, born 1784, died 
!868, aged 84 years. Children: 

-1687. Abigail*, born Jan. 10, 178S; marrieti, 1806, George Smith. 

of Smithfield, R. 1. They had thirteen children. 
^688. Hannah*', born Nov. 30, 1789; married. 1809, Andrew Young, 

of Burrillville, R. I. They had seven children. 
-:689. Phoebe-, born Nov. i, 1793 ; married Dexter Boutelle, of 

Blackstone. They had five children. 
2690. Sally**, born Oct. 13, 1791 ; married Nahum Gaskill. of 

Mendon, Mass. They had twelve children. 
J691. Ruby*, born Dec. 7. 1795: married Othonial Young, of 

Burrillville. R. I. 

Second wife, Rhoena Trask. Children : 

-;692. Joseph*, born April 14, 1817; married, March 6, 1838, 

Eunice Brown, of Killingly, Conn. 
J693. William*, born May, 1S19, served in the late war and was 

killed at Grand Station, Tenn., in 1862, and buried there. 

Married Philesta Ellison, of Vermont. No children. 

2694. Maria*, born June. 1821 ; married Rodney Martin, of North- 
bridge. Mass. They had one son, Malan D. 

2695. John Marcus*, born March 13, 1824; married. May 12, 1844, 

Caroline Bemis, of Cavendish, Vt. They had five children. 

2696. J. Moses*, died in Andersonville prison, in 1864; married 

Maria Howard, deceased. No children. 


Jacob Southwick', (Joseph^ Benjamin\ Benja- 
min*, John^, John", Lawrence'), son of Joseph and 
Hannah (Hunt), born 1763, died March 3, 1842. 


Married, 1793. Sarah Darling, died March 24, i84r. 
Children : 

2697. Marvel*, born 1795, died Aug. 26, 1842. Not man-ied. 

2698. Philadelphia*, born 1797 ; married, Nov. 22, 1824, Stepheni 
Sherman. Thej had one child. Sarah, who married 
Thomas Rich, a sea captain. 


Nathan South\vick\ (Nathan^ Jonathan*, Jona- 
than\ DanieP, Daniel", Lawrence'), son of Nathan 
and Hannah (McWaters), born May 22, 1806; mar- 
ried, April, 1828, Susan Guy, born March 7, 1808. 
died March 29, 1866. Children: 

2699. Helen*, died young. 

2700. Juliet*, died joung. 

2701. Emeline*, died young. 

2702. Susan M.*, born Aug. 3;, 1831 ; married W. B. King. They 
reside in West Oakland, Cal. 

2703. Augustus*, born Sept. 5, 1S35; married, Nov. 17, 1870. 
Emma M. Atwater. Thev reside in Joplin City, Mo. He 
is a carpenter by trade. 

2704. Nathan*, born Dec. 12, 1846. Resides in Clare, Mich. 

2705. George W.*, born March 6, 1839; married, Jan. i, 1864. 
Emelia Kinney. They reside in Spartansburg, Pa. 

2706. Dewitt Clinton*, born April 22, 1841. 

2707. Jacob Guy*, born Jan. 6, 1843, died July 4. 1863. 

2708. Hannah Letitia'^. born Nov. 14, 1S47, died June 9, 1873. 

Dewitt C. and Jacob Guv, both laid down their 
lives for their country during the late war. Jacob was 
killed by an accident, July 4, 1863, near Caladonia 
iron works, returning from the battle of Gettysburgh. 
Dewitt was in the battle of Fort Donaldson and Pitts- 
burgh Landing, was taken prisoner at the latter place. 


and held until exchanged, but died soon after. They 
both responded to the first call for volunteers. Dewitt 
C. enlisted in Iowa, and Jacob G. in Pennsylvania. 


Andre Southwick', (George^ John^ Jonathan', 
DanieP, DanieP, Lawrence'), son of George and Sally 
(Daniels) ; married Betsey W. Taft. Children: 

2713. George Henrv*^, born Feb. 10, 1844; married Olive Stearns, 
of Millville, Mass. 

2714. Andre Arnold*, born Oct. 9. 1845, late superintendent of 

agricultural college. 

2715. Alonzo Lewis'*, born March 19, 1847. 

2716. Sarah Abbie**, born May 4, 1849. 

2717. Selwyn Fennimore'*, born May 19, 1851. 

2718. Justin Fenelon^ born Dec. 19, 1853, died Sept. 25, 1877. 


George B. Southwick', (George^ John', Jona- 
than\ DanieP, Daniel", Lawrence'), son of George 
and Sally (Daniels), born Oct. 27, 1813; married 
first, Feb. 2, 1837, Amanda M. Southwick, born Oct. 
16, 1820; second, Aug. 7, 1842, Mary Green, born 
Nov. 16, 1818. He lives at Evans, Erie Co., N.Y. ; 
he was a tanner, currier and boot and shoemaker. 
Children : 

2719. Henry*, born Feb. 12, 1838; married Angie Blanchard. 
They live in Worcester, Mass. He is a mechanic. 

Second wife, Mary Green. 

2720. George A.*, born June 4. 1843; married, May, 1866. Ellen 
Tobey. He is a bookkeeper. 

2721. John J.'*, born Jan. 24, 1849; married, Aug. 1879, Mary II. 

Bliss. He is a woolen manufacturer, at Pike, Wyoming 
Co., N.Y. 


2722. Francis L. R.^ born July i, 1850; married, Feb. 6, 1877, 
Anna J. Adams. He is a woolen manufacturer, at Pike. 
Wyoming Co., N.Y. 

2723. Mary Ellen*, born July 8,. 1855. lives at Evans, Erie Co.. 

2724. Edwin**, born Jan. 18, 1857, died Jan. 2, 1S74. 

2725. William A.**, born June 25, 1859. lives at Evans, Erie Co., 


Samuel G. Southwick', (Arnold^ Lemuer, jona- 
than\ SamueP, John', Lawrence'), son of Arnold and 
widow Sall\- (Ellis), born Aug. 30, 1842; married 
Emma Rice, 1866. Children: 

2726. Merta May"*, born Nov. 2, 1868, died April 29, 1869. 

2727. Bertha^ born Dec. i, 1869, died Oct. 13, 1879. 

2728. Earnest P.-, born Jan. 29, 1873. died Feb. 7, 1875. 


Remington Southwick', (Nathan^ Theophilus', 
Daniel\ Lawrence^ DanieP, Lawrence' ) , son of Nathan 
and Amey (Wilkinson), born Sept. 18, 1808; mar- 
ried, March 24, 1833, Hannah White, of Burrillville. 
Children : 

2729. Emeline*, born July 18, 1S34; married Amos A. White. Sept. 
II, 1871, a real estate broker in Providence, R. I. 

2730. Emuel'*, born June' 16, 1837; married, April 17, 1865. Ade- 
laide L. Fisher, of New York city. He is a lawyer and 


Stephen Wilker Southwick', (Jonathan^ 


George\ Jonathan\ Daniel'\ DanieP, Lawrence'), 

son of Jonathan and Martha (Irish), born Feb. 4, 

1821; married Rachael Wood Irish, Dec. 12, 1838. 
Children : 

2731. Cynthia^, born Nov. 4, 1S39, ^'^ North Collins, Erie Co.. 

N. Y. ; married Elias Bird, Sept. 18, 1876. 
273:!. Albert Henrj^, born May 24, 1S41, at North Collins, Erie 

Co., N. Y.; married Hannah Osborn, of St. Louis, Mo. 

2733. Esther Jane'*, born Feb. 24, 1843, at North Collins, Erie Co., 
N. Y. ; married Henry Mossman, Aug. 31, 1862. 

2734. Lindley Murray^, born Feb. 20, 1845, in North Collins. 
Erie Co., N. Y. ; married Ellen Gathorpe, March 29, 187S. 

2735. Lydia Phebe^. born March 10, 1847, i" North Collins, Erie 
Co.,N. Y. 

2736. Jonathan Wood", born Feb. 11, 1849, ^t North Collins, 

Erie Co., N. Y; married Martha Kendall, Nov. 26, 1871. 

2737. Hannah Eliza'^, born June 7, 1851, in North Collins. Erie 
Co., N. Y. ; married Samuel H. Graham, Sept. 3, 1869. 

2738. Israel Griffith'*, born March 7, 1853, in Springdale. Iowa: 
married Minnie Anderson. 

2739. John H.-, born May 4, 1856, in Springdale, Iowa; married 

Mary Ann -, July 5, 1876. 

2740. Jesse Negus**, born Aug. 31, 1858. 

2741. William Penn-, born April 14, 1862. 


Mary Soutmwick", (Lemuel^ Lemuel", Jonathan', 
SamueP, John"', Lawrence'), daughter of Lemuel and 
Joanna (Rice), born July 29, 1824; married, March 
12, i860, Andrew Jackson Munroe, born May 3, 1829 ; 
he was in the army of the late war and was discharged 
on account of failing health. They moved to Kansas, 
Nov. 10, 1874. Children: 

2742. Sarah Jane*, born June 14, 1861. 

2743. Alonzo Decatur*, born Nov. 29, 1862. 


2744. Rosaltha Angell-, born May 2, 1864. 

2745. Udora Elizabeth^, born March 7, 1866. 

2746. Rosetta Livonia**, born Jan. 14. 1868. 


EZEKIEL South WICK', (Lemuel', Lemuel", Jona- 
than", Samuel^ John^ Lawrence"), son of Lemuel 
and Joanna (Rice), born Feb. 28, 1835 ' married 
Sophia Irwin. They had two children. 


Electra Southwick", (Lemuel, Lemuer, Jona- 
than\ SamueP, John^ Lawrence'), daughter of Lem- 
uel and Joanna (Rice), born Aug. 30, 1821 ; married, 
Nov. I, 1846, James Cram, a farmer. Children: 

2748. Joanna**, born Oct. 31, 1S49; inarried Henry Sclmltz. 

2749. Medora*, born Feb. 15, 1867; married Lewis Britton. 

2750. John^, born May 2, 1854. 

2751. Arnold®, born Jan. 22, 1858, at Upper Sandusky. Ohio, died 
Jan. 13, 1881. 

2752. Mary E.-. born Nov. 1. 1855. 


Phebe Southwick', (Royal^ Lawrence", Danier, 
Lawrence^ DanieP, Lawrence'), daughter of Royal 
and Phebe (F"arnum), born Sept. 15, 1797, died Jan. 
25, 1866, at Ironstone. Married, May 7, 181 8, Dr. 
Daniel Pond, born 1783, died March 31, 1834, at 
Waterford. Children : 

2753. Catharine**, born Oct. 10, 1819. 

2754. Daniel F.*. born July 14, 1822. 



11 50. 

Philetus E. Southwick', (Daniel*"', Samuer, Dan- 
iel, SamueP, John'^, Lawrence'), son of Daniel and 
Folly (Churchill), born Nov. /, i8o2, died April 9, 
1864. Married, 1827, Ann Eliza Stacey, born June 
18, 1808, died April 15, 1855. Children: 

2755. Ebenezer"*. born May 29. 1S2S: married. 1852. Elizabctli 
Hunger, died Dec. 27, 1853. 

2756. Asher F.^. born June 29, 1831 ; married. Aug. 15. 1855. 
Sarah Cherry, died July 21, 1856- 

2757. Oliver-, born Feb.. 1834: married Marion Crambell. Sept.. 


2758. Roxana^. born Aug. 6, 1836; married, Jan. 28, 1861, Mar- 
cus L. Hedding, a farmer. They reside at Belmont. N. "\'. 

2759. Daniel W.*'. born 1841 ; residence, Plattsburgh. N. Y. 

2760. William Judson'*, born May 8. 1S43 '■> Married Miss Cham- 
berlain, 1874. They reside at Leroy, Minn. 

2761. Julia Elizabeth-, born July 11, 1849, died April iS. 1878. 

Married, Dec. 30. 1864, C. D. Roulstone, died March 14. 
1878. They left three children, ^■iz. : Burnie^. born Sept. 
27, 1866; Julia E.**, born March 27, 1869; an infant", born 
April 13. 1878. 



Ira SouTHWICK*. (Loveir, Moses^ Joseph", Law- 
rence', Lawrence*, DanieP, Lawrence'), son of Lovell 
and Phoebe (Lougee), born Nov. 2, 1832, at Sutton, 
Mass.; married, Dec. 28, 1852, Angenette F. Thayer, 
He is a contractor and builder at Uxbridge, Mass. 
One child : 

J762. Vara J.**, born March 25. 1855. 


Sewell Loucee', (Lucy', Moses"', Joseph*, Law- 
rence\ DanieP, Daniel^ Lawrerice'), son of Lucy 
(Southwick) and Leonard Lougee. Married Maria 
Young, May 24, 1853. He is a blacksmith at East 
Douglass, Mass. One child : 

2763. Herbert^, born March 2. 1856; a blacksmitli at East Doui^- 

lass. Mass. 


WiLLET Southwick', (Elisha', Enoch", John'. 
Jonathan*, DanieP, Daniel"', Lawrence'), son of Elisha 
and Athaline (Inman), born about 1847; married 
Emma Clarke, of Mapleville, R.I. One child: 

2764. Gertrude^, born about 1868. 



Ann Eliza Farnum-, (Joseph^ Mary*, Joseph', 
Lawrence\ Lawrence^, Danie^^ Lawrence'), daughter 
of Joseph S. Farnum and Lois ( Stoddard ) , born 1 842 : 
married, 1 871, Frank E. Lancaster. Children; 

-765- Joseph F.^, born 1872. 
2-i(i6. Henry Stoddard^, born 1S75. 
-1767. William Dickenson'^ born 1878. 


Joseph Southwick^ (Jonathan Irish', Jonathan^ 
George^ Jonathan\ Daniel"^, Daniel'. Lawrence'), son 
of Jonathan Irish and Sarah (Hull), born July 6. 
1843, at North Collins, Erie Co., N.Y. : married. Oct. 
3, 1866, Elizabeth Austin. Children: 

2768. Edith^, born Nov. i, 1866, at Springdale, Iowa. 

2769. Mjra^, born Sept. 2, 1869, at Springdale, Iowa. 
-1770. Grace^, born March 31, 1S73, at Springdale, Iowa. 

J771. Edgar Howard^ born Jan. 26, 1S75. at Bennett Station. 


James George Southwick*, (Jonathan L'. Jona- 
than^ George", Jonathan\ DanieP. Daniel', Law- 
rence'), son of Jonathan Irish and Sarah (Hull), born 
Nov. 10, 1845 ' married first, Mary Donavan, Jan. 1, 
1867; second, Esther Au.stin, Oct. 25, 1874. Chil- 
dren : 

2772. Allison Duane^, born March 21, 1S74. 

2773. Vesta^, born April 23, 1876. 

2774. Lyle^ born April 12, 1879. 



Mark Wilford Southwick*, (Jonathan Irish', 
Jonathan", George", Jonathan\ DanieP, DanieP, Law- 
rence'), son of Jonathan Irish and Sarah (Hull), born 
Jul)' 12, 1851, at North Collins, Erie Co., N.Y. ; mar- 
ried Lillie May Robinson, Oct. 25, 1874. Children: 

2775. Bertha Eveline^ born Aug. 18, 1875. 

2776. Alfred MerrilF, born Maj 8, 1877. 

2777. Elma Ma\^ born Dec. 24. 1878. 


Osborne Mowrv S(:)UTH\VICK^ (Thomas M.', 
Enoch'*, John", Jonathan\ Daniel^ DanieP, Law- 
rence'), son of Thomas Muzzy and Lavinia Buffum 
(Mowry), born March 9, 1841 ; married first, April 
30, 1863; Maria Wilmarth, of Slaterville, died Aug. 
16, 1871; second, Nov. 22, 1872, Adelaide Amelia 
Byrnes, of Somerville, Mass., died Nov. 24, 1879. 
Children : 

2778. Albertus M.''. born Jan. 28, 1864. 

Second wife, Adelaide Amelia Byrnes, of Somerville. 
Mass. One child : 

2779. Child^. 


Alice Lavinia SouTHWICK^ (Thomas Muzzy', 
Enoch*, John", Jonathan\ DanieP, DanieP, Law- 
ence'), daughter of Thomas Muzzy and Lavinia B. 
(Mowry), born Feb. 22, 1846; married, April 20, 
1863, in Uxbridge, Mass., Thomas Wilmarth, of 
Providence, R. I. One child : 


2780. Ernest A.^, born March i, 1869. in Woonsocket, R. I., 
died Nov. 5, 1875, in Providence, R. I. 


Emily Waitv S0UTHWICK^ (Thomas Muzzy', 
PLnoch*, John', Jonathan*, DanieP, DanieP, Law- 
rence"), daughter of Thomas M. and Lavinia B. 
(Mowry), born Jan. 20, 1848; married, Oct. 7, 1866, 
in Blackstone, Mass., Wilham H. Thayer, of Water- 
town, Mass. One child : 

J781. Emmie A.", born March 9, 1S71. in North Smithfield. 


Amanda M. Southwick', (Josiah', Stephen^ 
Josiah% Joseph\ Solomon^ Josiah", Lawrence'), 
daughter of Josiah and Phebe (Place), born Sept. i, 
1835, died Jan. 30, 1864; married, June 30, 1850, 
George S. Sherman, born at Newport, 1830. Children : 

2782. Joseph Perry'', born Dec. 31, 1850, died April 23, 1S5S. 
27S3. George William'', born July 20, 1852. 

2784. Rebecca Place', born Oct. 20, 1853, died July 28, 1S59. 

2785. Adelaide", born Jan. 15, 1856, died March 20, 1864. 

2786. James Lew^is", born March 22, 1858. died Jan. 22, 1864. 

2787. Rebecca Place'', born June 24, i860, died Sept. 15, i£64. 

2788. Joseph Perry", born June 16, 1S61, died March 7, 1864. 


Mary South wick", (Daniel', Elisha®, Lawrence', 
DanieP, Lawrence^ Daniel', Lawrence'), daughter of 
Daniel and Frances (Paine), born 1832; married 
Charles VV. Tillinghast. One child : 

2789. Frances". 



Wallace Moses Dana', (Mary', Elizabeth". 
Edward^ Lawrence*, Lawrence^ DanieP, Lawrence'), 
grandson of Elizabeth (Southwick) and Moses Chil- 
son, and son of Mary (Chilson) and Thomas Dana, 
born Aiit^. 15, 1849, at Danb}-, Vt. ; married, Sept. 8, 
1872, Ccvil Frost. One child: 

2790. Herman Wallace", born May lo. 1S75, at Mt. Holly, Vt. 


Edgar Thomas DANA^ (Mary', Elizabeth", 
Edward'\ Lawrence\ Lavvrence^ Daniel', Lawreifce'), 
grandson of Elizabeth (Southwick) and Moses Chil- 
son, and son of Mary (Chilson) and Thomas Dana, 
born Feb. i, 1851; married, Feb. 28, 1872, Fannie 
Clark. They live at Mt. Holly, Vt. Children : 

2791. Herbert Edgar'*, born Jan. 15, 1S73. 

2792. Leo Hiram'', born May 6, 1S77. 

2793. Maud May^, born Sept. 27, 1879. 


Charles Willard Farnum', (Mowry', Ruth^ 
Lawrence", Daniel\ Lawrence^ DanieP, Lawrence'), 
son of Mowry Farnum and Evelina Johnson (Gibson), 
and grandson of Ruth (Southwick) and David Far- 
num, born June 14, 1827, at Fitchburgh, Mass.; 
married first, Fanny P2ugene Benchly, Jan. 30, 1846, 
at Milbury, Mass. ; second, Caroline Amelia Bishop, 
April 3, 1865, at Pawtucket. He is now a merchant at 
Worcester, Mass., (1881), has been a railroad engi- 
neer 25 years. Children : 


2794. Child", died young. 

2795. Charles Mowrj", born July 30. 1862, at Worcester. 


George Southwick FARNUM^ (Mowry', Ruth^ 
Lawrence', Danier, Lawrence^, DanieP, Lawrence'), 
son of Mowry and Evelina J. (Gibson), and grandson 
of Ruth (Southwick) and David Farnum, born 1839; 
married Ahce Taft. One child : 

2796. George^. 


Jennie Evelina FARNUM^ (Mowry', Ruth^ Law- 
rence", DanieT, Lawrence^ DanieP, Lawrence*), 
granddaughter of Ruth (Southwick) and Daniel 
Farnum, and daughter of Mowry Farnum and Evelina 
J. (Gibson), born Sept. 2, 1837, at Graftpn, Mass.; 
married, April 8, 1858, Wellington W. Higley. Chil- 
dren : 

2797. Jessie Evelina^, born Sept. 17, 1S61. 

2798. Charles Wellington", born March 18, 1866. 

2799. William Mortimer", born July 24, 1S74. 


Ada Southwick" (Enos PL', Enos', George', Jon- 
athan\ DanieP, Daniel^ Lawrence'), daughter of Enos 
Henry and Clarinda Jane (Howe), born June 8, 185 i ; 
married John White, Jan. 8, 1873. Children: 

2800. William S.", born Dec. 16, 1S73, at Ellington, Chautauqua 
Co.,N. Y. 

2801. James Casey", born Oct. 2, 1876. 



Stella SouTHWlCK^ (Enos H.', Enos^ George'. 
Jonathan^ DanieP, DanieP, Lawrence'), daughter of 
Enos Henry and Clarinda Jane (Howe), born Nov. 
4, 1853; married George Warren Mitchell, Sept. 19, 
1877. Children: 

2802. Arthur Warren^, born Dec. 2, 1S78. 
2S03. Girl^. born Sept. 21. iSSo. 


Benjamin Franklin Southwick*. (William', 
William^ William^ John\ John"\ John^ Lawrence'), 
son of William and Betsey (Foster), born Dec. 17, 
1809, died Oct. 8, 1838. Married, Jan. 2, 1833, 
Isabella Hamilton, of New York city. Children: 

2804. Lucj Elizabeth^, born April 8, 1835. 

2805. Benjamin Franklin", born March 28, 1837. 


Sumner Southwicr-, (William', William^ Wil- 
liam°, John\ John^, John", Lawrence'), son of William 
and Betsey (Foster), born Feb. i, 1815; married. 
May 24, 1836, Hannah Gowen. Children: 

2806. Child^, born Sept. 12, 1836, died voung. 

2807. Marv Elizabeth", born Jan. 25, 1838. 
2S08. Susan Lucj", born Jan., 1841. 

2809. Samuel G.", born Jan. 12, 1846; married, Sept. 20, 1865, 
Rebecca Kinsman. 


Charlotte Eliza Southwicr-, (Jonathan", 


George^ George\ John', John', John"', Lawrence'), 
daughter of Jonathan and Charlotte (Downing) 
born May 20, 1831; married John Farren. (^ne 

-:8io. Charlotte". 


Daniel Brown Southwuiv", Jonathan', George*, 
George^ John', John^, John"^, Laurence'), son of Jon- 
athan and Charlotte (Downing), born June, 1834; 
married Eliza Nichols. Childrej]; 

jSii. Arthur'', born 1876. 

j8i2. Walter''- ^' 


Orlando Solithwkk-, (William', Winiam\ Wil- 
liam", John^ John^, John", Lawrence' ). .son of WJlliam 
and Betsey (Toster), born Jan. 21 , 18 19; married, Oct. 
13, 1840, widow Isabella Hamilton South wick. (4" 
New York city. Children; 

2S13. Henry Prescott^, born Nov. 19, 1840. 

J814. Albert Edward^, born Feb. 19, 1842, died Aug. 5. 184.^. 

2815. Lewis Brooks^, born March 18, 1843. deceased. 

2816. Horace Austin', born Jan. 6, 1845. 

2817. Sarah Elizabeth King^, born March 25, 1S4S. 
jSiS. Albert Edward^ born Nov. 2, 1849. 

2819. Lucy Isabella'', born Jan. 20. 1854. 


Eben Southwick% (Eben", George^ George*. 
John\ John\ John', Lawrence'), son of Eben Moul- 


ton and Abigail (Locke), born July 4, 1832, died 
i86i. Married, 1856, Phoebe N. Taylor, born 1839, 
died 1876. Children: 

2820. Ellen='. bom 1S56. died 1861. 

2821. Thurza". born 1S58. 

15 70. 

William Henkv Suuthwick', (Eben% George*^, 
George% John\ John^ John^, Lawrence'), son' of 
Eben Moulton and Abigail (Locke), born Aug. 2, 
1834; married Clara Brown, 1865. Children: 

2822. Clarence J.", born July 30, 1S68. 

2823. Fred L.^, born May 27, 1875. 


George Southwick", (George', George", John". 
John\ John^ John^ Lawrence'), son of George and 
Hannah (Twiss), born June 3, 1804; married Rachael 
Poor, Sept. 14, 1826. One child: 

2824. George HenrN^. born June 14, 1834; married Adeline A. 


Joel L. So^JTHWICK^ (Eben', George^ George', 
John', John^ John^ Lawrence'), son of Eben Moulton 
and Abigail (Locke), born Feb. 12, 1838; married, 
1863, Maria Mosher, born July 26. 1845. Children: 

2825. Charles T.^ born May 25, 1864. 

2826. Walter H.^. born June 5. 1867. 


Samuel Sol ^II\VICK^ (George', George^ John", 


john\ John'\ John', Lawrence'), son of George and 
•Hannah (Twiss), born May 15, 1806; married Mar\' 
Uodge Fiske, June 8, 1831. Children: 

.2827. Samuel Augustus^, born March jo. 1S3.;. 
J82S. Mai-j Fiske", born Jan. 25, 1S34. 
2829. Amos Augustus', born Aug. iG, 1836. 


Henry K. Solthwick", (William H.', Chade^ 
Lawrence', Daniel\ Lawrence', Daniel"', Lawrence'), 
son of William Henry and Henrietta A. (Chapman), 
born Aug. 30, 1846; married. May 1, 1872, Julie E, 
Anderson. He is a postal clerk ( 1880), on cars and 
has been engaged in that business since 187 1, when 
it was established. Children; 
2S30. Henrietta A., 2nd^, born March 5, 1873, died June 7, 1S76. 


Nathan E. S»)UTH\\TCK^ (Hosea", Nathan^ Jona- 
than*, Jonathan\ DanieP, Daniel", Lawrence'), son of 
Hosea and Anna (Hatch), born June 22, 18 18, in 
Whitehall, N.Y. : married first, July 3, 1840, Mary 
Smith, died Feb. 12, i860; second, Rebecca F, 
Smith, Sept. 4, i860. Children: 

2831. Marion F.^, born Dec. 12, 1S41. in Plumb. Venango Co., 
Pa.. He enlisted in the cavalry-, in October, was shot the 
6th of May and died the Sth of Mav. 1864. at Spottsylvania 
court house. 

2832. Mary E.^, born Feb. 29, 1S44, in Randolph. Crawford Co., 
Pa. ; married Charles B. Washburn, Sept. 14, 1865. 

2833. Zelpha", born June 28, 1S46, in Randolph, Crawford Co.. 

Pa. ; married William F. Mason. March li. 1863. 

2834. Elnathan N.^ born Feb. 16, 184S, in Athens. Crawford Co.. 
Pa. ; married Hattie Curry, April. 1876. 


Second wife, Rebecca F. Smith. Children : 

jS'35. Carrie A.*, born Jan. 26. 1864, in Titiisviile, Crawford Co.. 

2836. Lillic C.^, born July 31. 1866. in TitusvilSe. Crawford Co.. 

2837. Oliver W.'', born Jan. 29, 1871. in Buffalo. Dallas Co.. Mo. 

Nathan Elisha Southwick has spent the greater 
part of his life in Crawford Co., Pa. His business 
has been principally that of a carpenter and cabinet 
maker. The first year after his marriage he bought 
a farm of 100 acres in Venango Co., Pa., on Oil 
Creek, and was engaged part of the time in gathering 
oil (what is now called Petroleum), by spreading flan- 
nel cloths over the water where the oil was seen on 
the surface and wringing them out. He was the first 
one to take it down the river to Pittsburgh, but found 
it very slow of sale as the people knew little of what 
uses it could be put to, it then being used only as a 
medicine. He sold out his farm on Oil Creek and 
bought 440 acres on the Alleghany River, near what 
is now called Oil City, built a hotel and carried on 
quite an extensive business for several years ; sold 
out and returned to Crawford Co., and in Oct., 1871. 
removed to Buffalo, Dallas Co., Mo., his present 


Amanda Viola Sou^HWICK^ (Hosea', Nathan^ 
Jonathan% Jonathan\ Daniel'\ Daniel^ Lawrence' ) , 
daughter of Hosea and Anna (Hatch), born Oct. 6, 
1840, in Randolph, Pa.; married. May 24, i860, in 


Randolph, Pa., Lewis Smith, of Bloomfield, Pa. 
Children : 

283S. Leon^, born Nov. 12, iS6i, in Bloomfield, Pa. 

2839. Leone'', born March 14, 1S64, in Bloomfield, Pa. 

2840. Gerald", born Oct. 17, 1S67, in Deerfield, Mich., died. Nov. 
II, 1S73. 

2841. Zoa'', born Oct. 9. 1874, in Deerfield, Mich. 

2842. Zella^, born May 29, 1S77, in Deerfield, Mich. 


John Wesley SouTHWICK^ (Hosea', Nathan^ 
Jonathan", Jonathan\ DanieP, DanieP, Lawrence'), 
son of Hosea and Anna (Hatch), born April 19, 
1826; married Esther Lucinda Pardee, April 4, 1850. 
Children : 

2843. Artimitia', born March 12, 1851 ; married, Au^. 26, 1S66. 
lidmund Cork^j. They live at Benton, Mo.. (1880). 

2844. Theodore", born April 15, 1853, died Jiitie 10, 1853. 

2845. Flora Lucinda'', born Nov. 23. 1854, died at Bullalo, Mo.. 
Dec. zz. 1874. 

2846. Hoscu Iowa'', born April zt,, 1S5S; married Frances Milly 
Green. Nov. 22, 1874. They live at Benton, Mo., (i83o). 

2847. Mary Ellen", born April 24, i85d; married, Aug. 2, 1876. 
William Wallace Barton . They live at Baflalo, Mo. 

2848. DeWitt Clinton", born May i, 1862. 

2849. Letitia", born Oct. 30, 1864, at Waterloo, Lowa. 

2850. Emina Honora", born Nov. 11, 1866, at Titusville, Pa. 

2851. Jesse Floreal", born July 21, 1875, at Buftalo, Mo. 

John Wesley Southwick was appointed post- 
master at Little Cooley, Pa., went to Iowa, June 22, 
1855 ; was elected Justice of the Peace, in Bucking- 
ham township, held it until the township was divided, 
then was elected Justice of the Peace for Perry town- 



ship, Tama Co., Iowa; was trustee and judge of 
elections, and also assessor; was elected supervisor; 
moved back to Pennsyvania in 1865, on account of 
his wife's health, was there three years, then went to 
Buffalo, Dallas Co., Mo. He is a carriage manufac- 


Levi South WICK^ (Hosea', Nathan^ Jonathan^ 
Jonathan\ DanieP, DanieT', Lawrence'), son of Hosea 
and Anna (Hatch), born Sept. 29, 1829; married 
Catherine Parkhurst. Children : 

2852. Hosea A.^, born Sept. 28, 1856. 
2S53. Levi I.', born Dec. 13, i£69. 


Hosea South WICK^ (Hosea', Nathan", Jonathan", 
Jonathan*, Daniel'', Daniel', Lawrence'), son of Hosea 
and Anna (Hatch), born Sept. i, 1831; married 
first, Dec. 8, 1851, Harriet A. Winston ; second, Aug. 
23, 1877, Jerusha Jones, of Kentucky. He is a farmer 
and dealer in cattle. Children : 

2854. Lettie^ born Oct. 7, 1853; married, Nov., 1868, C. C. 

2855. Althea L.^, born Dec. i, 1854, died March 12, 1S54. 

2856. Ina E.', born June 28, 1861. 

2857. I'"""^ L.", born Sept. 15, 1872. 

2858. Arthur E.^ born Nov. 25, 1874, died Oct. 16, 1875. 


Jerome SouTHWICK^ (Dewey', Nathan^ Jonathan", 
Jonathan\ Daniel'\ Daniel", Lawrence'), son of 


Dewey and Dorcas (Bigelow), born 1825, died 1857, 
in Correyout, Crawford Co., Penn. Married, 1842, 
Minerva Hurlburt, of Boonville, Oneida Co., N. Y. 
One child : 

2859. William INI. ^, born 1S43 ; married and has three children 

(iSjo). They live at Boonville. At 18 years of age he 
joined the 97th Regiment of N.Y., and was with it until 
the close of the war in 1S65. 


Sarah Josephine SouTHWICK^ (Moses D.', 
George^ John^ Jonathan\ DanieP, Daniel', Law- 
rence'), daughter of Dr. Moses D. and Rachael A. 
(Fisher), born June 19, 1830 ; married Ellis Albee, 
Jr., of Uxbridge, a farmer. Children: 

2860. Louis Fremont', born Oct. 6, 1856. 

2861. Everett Ellis^, born Feb. iS, 1859. 

2862. Percy Sumner^, born Feb. 18, 1859, '^'•^'^ Nov. 2, 1S77. 
Everett and Percy were twins. 


Elizabeth SouTHWICK^ (Moses D.\ George^ 
John^ Jonathan\ DanieP, Daniel^ Lawrence'), daugh- 
ter of Dr. Moses D. and Rachael A. (Fisher), born 
March 14, 1834; married CharlesA. Taft, of Uxbridge, 
postmaster and bank treasurer. Child : 

2863. Sarah Adeline', born Nov. 15, 1S61. 


Edward Livingston Southwick*, (Moses', 
George^, John", Jonathan*, ' DanieP, DanieP, Law- 


rence'), son of Dr. Moses D. and Rachael A. (Fisher), 
born Feb. 7, 1836; married Elizabeth Pitts, of Black- 
stone, Mass. Children : 

2864. Mary Elsie^, born Julj 2, x'ld'^. 

2865. Albert Edward^, born Aug. 21, 1870. 

2866. William Sajles^, born June 11, 1874. 


Frederick William Southwick', (Moses D.'. 
George", John^ Jonathan\ DanieP, Daniel', Law- 
rence'), son of Dr. Moses D. and Lorana (Farnum), 
born July 13, 1843; married, July 24, 1875, Eunice 
Maria Walker, of Worcester, born Dec. 28, 1849. 
He is a lawyer and in the Probate office, at Worces- 
ter, Mass. Children : 

2S67. Lucy Walker' born June 10, 1876. 

286S. Elizabeth Augusta'', born March 29, 1879. 


Laura Albee S()UTHWICK^ (Moses D.', Gcorge^ 
John^ Jonathan\ Daniel'', Daniel", Lawrence'), 
daughter of Dr. Moses D. and Lorana (Farnum), 
born Nov. 25, 1849; married Fletcher A. Thompson, 
of Rockville, Conn. Children : 

2869. Annie Louise", born Feb. 22, 1S71. 
2S70. Sarah Elizabeth", born Nov. 7, 1872. 

2871. George Southvvick", born Dec. 30, 1873. 

2872. Margaret", born July 3, 1876, died June 18, 1879. 

2873. Fletcher Allen", born Nov. 13, 1878, died July 19, 1879. 


Mary Lucinda SouTH\VICK^ (William Bowron', 


George^, Georg"e^ Jonathan\ Daniel', DanieP, Law- 
rence'), daughter of William Bowronand Maria (Ride- 
out), born May 21,1 842 ; married Garretson De M ille, 
July 5, 1857. They live at Otsego, Allegan Co., 
Mich. Children : 

2S74. Lawrence Henrj'', born Oct. 19, i860, at Rome, Crawtbrd 

Co., Pa. 
2875. Forest Linn^, born Nov. 23, 1866, at Steuben, Crawford, 

Co., Pa. 
2S76. Lena Maria^ born Dec. 6, 1877, at Otesgo, Allegan Co.. 



Frank Benjamin SouTHWICK^ (Asa Smith', Ezra*, 
Edward", Lawrence*, Lawrence^, Lawrence^ Law- 
rence'), son of Asa Smith and Mary (Hopkins), 
born March 15, 1838, in Bellevue, Eaton Co., Mich.; 
lives at Rantoul, 111. (1880). Children: 

2877 Ca.ssnes Irving^, born April 22, 1S6S, in Dayton, Newago 
Co., Mich. ; living (iSSo) in Rantoul, 111. 

2878. Myrta Gay^, born April 11, 1S71. in Alpine, Kent Co.. 
Mich.; living (iSSo) in Rantoul, 111. 

2879. Albert^, born Dec. 12, 1874, in Alpine, Kent Co., Mich., 
died Jan. 9, 1875, in Alpine, Kent Co., MicR. 

2880. Jennie Maud", born June 12. 1S79, in Rantoul. 111. 


Archelaus a. Southwick', (Asa Smith', Ezra^ 
Edward", Lawrence\ Lawrence^, Lawrence", Law- 
rence'), son of Asa Smith and Mary (Hopkins), born 
Aug. 8, 1839, at Bellevue, Eaton Co., Mich.; living 
(in 1880), at Charlotte, Eaton Co., Mich. Children: 


2SS1. Alfred^, born 1S6S, at Livonia, Wajne Co., Michigan, 
2882. Rose', born 1871, at Livonia, Wajne Co., Michigan. 


WlLLL\M Henry Southwick*, (David', DanieP, 
Jesse", Jonathan", SamueP, John^ Lawrence"), son of 
David and Aurelia (Hyde), born Feb. 5, 1831, at 
lyre, Seneca Co., N.Y. ; married Harriet N. Trapha- 
gen, Jan. 23, 1856. They Hve at Martin, AUeghan 
Co., Mich. Children: 

2883. Marv E.*, born May 21, 1S57. at Junius. N.Y., died April 19. 

1858, at Soda, 111. 

2884. Harriet E.^ born Oct. 11, 1858, at Soda, 111., died Sept. 5. 

1859, ^'^ Soda, 111. 

28S5. Mary E.^ born Dec. 14, 1859, at Junius, N.Y. 
2SS6. Aurelia^, born Dec. 22, 1861. at Soda, 111. 
2887. Lois", born Feb. 26, 1867, at Martin. Mich. 


Ann Eliza SouTHWICK^ (David', DanieP, Jesse\ 
Jonathan', SamueP, John^ Lawrence'), daughter of 
David and Aureha (Hyde), born June 13, 1832, at 
Tyre, Seneca Co., N.Y. ; married, Dec. 25, 1850. 
Orson Porter, born May 18, 1829, a farmer atVVolcott, 
Wayne Co., N.Y. Children: 

288S. Josiah", born May 26, 1852; married Miss Ida Dunham. 
April 10, 1S75. He is a farmer at Wolcott, Wayne Co., 
N. Y. 

2889. Aurelia^, born Nov. 14, 1854; married, Jul}- 3, 1S71, George 
L. Chapman, of Sodus, N.Y. He is a millwright at Wolcott. 

2890. Larrissa^, born April 4, i860; married Albert Hapeman, 

Oct. 3, 1877, '" Wolcott. 


J891. Mar j", born Feb. 21, 1866. 
2892. Cora^, born April 11. 187 1. 

2593. Jennie^ born Jan. 10, 1874. 

2594. David S.^ born May 3, 185S, died Feb. 8, 1S59. 

2895. Cornelia^, born Feb. lo, 1863, died Jan. 21, 1864. 

10 73. 

Maria SouTHWICK^ (David', Daniel^ Jesse', Jona- 
than', Samuel"', John^ Lawrence'), daughter of David 
and Aureha (Hyde), born July 8, 1834, died 1858. 
Married, Nov. i, 1855, William A. Stevenson. One 

2896. William^, born June, 1857; lives at Tyre, N.Y. 


David Southwick*, (David', Daniel^ Jesse", Jona- 
than\ SamueP, John", Lawrence'), son of David and 
Aurelia (Hyde), born May 16, 1843, at Tyre, N.Y. ; 
married Lamira Porter and was divorced after first 
child. He is a doctor at New Orleans, La. One 
child : 

2897. Jessie^ 


Albert Southwick*, (David', Daniel*, Jesse'. 
Jonathan\ SamueP, John", Lawrence'), son of David 
and Aurelia (Hyde), born June 3, 1845; married 
Lois Kate Curran, born in Ireland. Children : 

2898. Clarence^ born Feb. 20, 1868. 

2899. William^, born Sept. 20, 1869. 

2900. Nellie^, born March 5, 1871. 

2901. Marj", born May 9, 1879. 



Jesse SouTI-lWICK^ (James', Jesse®, Jesse*, Jona- 
athan^ SamueP, John', Lawrence'), son of James 
and Louvicy (Trumbo), born 1833; married Docia 
Burney. Children : 

2902. Albert". 

2903. Iniogene". 


Caroline S0UTH\VICK^ (James', Jesse®, Jesse". 
Jonathan\ Samuel^ John', Lawrence'), daughter of 
James and Louvicy (Trumbo), born 1836; married 
Henry Payne. Children : 

2904. Jesse''. 

2905. Andrew*. 

2906. Celia*. 

2907. Burton*. 


William Sc)UTH\VICK^ (James', Jesse®, Jesse", 
Jonathan\ Samuef, John'\ Lawrence'), son of James 
and Louvicy (Trumbo), born 1845; married Sarah 
Brunk. Children : 

2908. Minnie*. 

2909. William*. , 

2910. James*. 

2911. Rose*. 

2912. Edwin*. 

2913. Child*. 


Andrew SoUTHWICk", (James', Jesse®, Jesse", Jon- 


athan*, SamueP, John", Lawrence'), son of James and 
Louvicy (Trumbo), born 1852; married, 1873, Ann 
Brunk. Children : 

J914. SamueP, born 1874. 

2915. John", born 1876. 

2916. George", born 1S78. 


Caroline M. VVHEELER^ (Miriam', Stephen^ 
David", Lawrence\ Lawrence^, Daniel', Lawrence'), 
daughter of Miriam and Thomas Wheeler, born July 
5, 1837, died June 4, 1873. Married, Dec. 2. 1856. 
George Jacobs, of Bolton. Children: 

J917. George E.", born Aug. 20, 1S58. 

2918. Charles J.", born Oct. 13, 1863. 

2919. Hattie L.", born Aug. 6. 1S70. 


Nancv M. WHEELER**, (Miriam', Stephen^ David\ 
Lawrence\ Lawrence^, Daniel", Lawrence'), daughter 
of Miriam and Thomas Wheeler. Married Robert 
B. Wheeler. March 29, i860. Children: 

2920. Miranda Lois'', born Dec. 2, 1861. 

2921. Alice Lillion", born Aug. 18, 1863. 

2922. Gilbert Hanson", born Sept. 13, 1S66. 

2923. Bertha Miriam", born Oct. 28, 1869. 

2924. Laura Agnes", born Sept. 29, 1873. 


Nancy E. Southwick*, (William", Jesse^ Jesse^. 


Jonathan\ Samuel', John^ Lawrence'), daughter of 
William and Louvicy P. (Proctor), born 1832, died 
May 2, 1878; married, Feb. 7, 1852, Jerome Duncan. 
Children all live with their father at Tailorsville, 111. : 

2925. Mary M.", born Dec. 16, 1S52. 

2926. Clarissa*, born 1855. 

2927. Carrie*, born 1858. 
292S. Eddie^ born 1861. 

2929. Laura*, born 1863. 

2930. William David*, born 1864. 

2931. Charles W.*, born 1871. 


Eunice Southwick", (William', Jesse*, Jesse*. 
Jonathan\ SamueP, John^ Lawrence'), daughter of 
William and Louvicy P. (Proctor), born 1835, died 
1856; married C. Osborn Fox. Children: 

2932. Leslie*. 

2933. D. E. Bond*. Lives in Arizona. 

2934. Mary O.* Lives in Indianapolis, Ind. (1880). 

2935. Marcellus*. Lives with his mother in Sangamon Co., 111. 

2936. Luello*. Lives with his mother in Sangamon Co., 111. 

2937. Charles*. Deceased. 


John Howard SouTHWICK^ (William', Jesse^ 
Jesse% Jonathan\ Samuel\ John^ Lawrence'), son of 
William and Louvicy P. (Proctor), born P^eb. 14, 
1845 I married, Sept. 30, 1876, Ida Newton. He was 
in the Union Army of the Rebellion and discharged 
on account of sickness ; is now (1880) a stock dealer 
at Atlantic, Iowa. One child : 

:938. William Grin*, born Sept. 19, 1878. 



Laura Adelia S()UTHWICK^ (William', Jesse'. 
Jesse*, Jonathan\ SamueP, John", Lawrence'), daugh- 
ter of William and Louvicy P. (Proctor), born 1851 : 
married, 1873, H. A. Stevens, a practicing lawyer at 
Springfield, III. Children; 

2939. Bertha^, born 1S74. 

2940. Albert^ born 1876. 


Brigham S(3Uth\vick Pease®, (Orpha', Jesse^ 
Jesse", Jonathan\ Samuel^ John'\ Lawrence'), son of 
Orpha (Southwick), and Abraham Pease. Married 
Matilda Mathews. Children : 

2941. Jesse'. 

2942. Alice^ 

2943. Mary''. 

2944. Arthur". 


Katherine M. South W1CK^ (Nathan", Amasa^ 
NathanieP, Lawrence*, Lawrence^, DanieP, Law- 
rence'), daughter of Nathan and Elizabeth S. (Ma- 
son), born March 6, 1848; married A. D. Scroeder, 
Nov. 22, 1876. One child: 

2945. Nathan Southwick'\ born Sept. 3, 1S77. 


Ely S(JUTHWICK^ (Ira', Ichabod^ Ichabod', Jon= 
athan\ SamueP, John", Lawrence'), son of Ira and 


Ann Jane (Ely), born 1826; married Jane McGee, 
1848. Children: 

2946. William Thomas*, born 1S49 ; niarried Marv E. Blanchard. 

Nov. 2, 1871. 
iQ-^J- Louisa O.*, born 1854; married Gould J. Baldwin. July 23. 



George Milton Southwick', ( Pliny B.', Stephen". 
David", La^vrence^ Lawrehce^ DanieP, Lawrence'), 
.son of Pliny B. and Mary J. (Hartwell), born Jan. 4, 
1857, in Berlin ; married Addie Adelia Carter, Jan. 9, 
1878. Children: 

294S. Harry Buffum", born July 28, 1878. 

2949. Carl Albert'\ born Nov. 2T,. 1879. 


Martha S. SouTH^\TCK^ (Benjamin', Benjamin", 
Benjamin% Benjamin\ Samuel'\ John', Lawrence'), 
(laughter of Benjamin and Clarissa (Barton), born 
June 22, 1826; married, Dec. 16, 1846, Robert John- 
son Thacher, son of Rev. Washington Thacher and 
Malvina (Johnson). Children: 

2950. Benjamin W.", born Dec. iS, 1847. 

2951. Clarissa Maria'', born July 28, 1849: married, Sept. 15, 1S75. 
Albert Barnes Kennej. Thev live at Rome, Oneida Co., 

2952. Caroline Ida'', born Sept. 29, 1850; married, Nov. 14, 1870, 
Plondon R. Muggins. They live at Mt. Union, Henry Co., 

2953. Mary Cornelia', born Dec. 8. 1S62. 



. RiNALDO M. SoUTHWICK^ (Benjamin', Benjamin*, 
Benjamin^ Benjamin*, Samuel"', John\ Lawrence'), 
son of Benjamin and Clarissa (Barton), born Dec. 
9, 1828, died April 9, 1874, at Sidney, Delaware Go., 
N.Y., of inflammatory rheumatism. Married, May 
26, 1852, at Sidney, Delaware Co.,N.Y., Mary Porter, 
daughter of George Roland Porter, born at Conway, 
Franklin Co.* Mass., March 11, 1831. He was a far- 
mer at Sangerfield, Oneida Co., N.Y., and at Sidney, 
Delaware Co., N.Y. He was a very exemplary man 
and an elder in the Presbyterian church at Unadilla, 
where he was buried in 1874. The family now live 
at Frankhn, Delaware Co. Children : 

jg54. Mirriam^, born June 3, 1856, died Sept. 28, 1856. 

J955. George R.^, born Sept. 4, 1S59: is a physician, at Boston, 

2956. Anna Elizabeth'', born Aug. 1867, died Sept. 12. 1S67. 


Dr. Augustus Benjamin SouTnwICK^ (Benja- 
min\ Benjamin*, Benjamin", Benjamin^ Samuel"". 
John^ Lawrence'), son of Benjamin and Clarissa 
(Barton), born June 20, 1840; married, April 29, 
1874, Harriet Fidelia Scudder, daughter of Samuel 
Osborn Scudder and Harriet Almira (Chase), born 
July 14, 1852. One child: 

-957- George Scudder^, born Jan. 5. 1875. at Rome. Oneida Co., 


Augustus Benjamin Southwick entered Hamil- 


ton College in 1859, and graduated in 1863; com- 
menced the study of medicine, and graduated from 
the Medical College in 1867, and began practice at 
Rome, Oneida Co., as a Homoeopathic physician, 
and is now ( 1882) practicing there. 


Edward Earle Southwick', (Stephen\ Stephen". 
David", Lawrence*, Lawrence^ DanieP, Lawrence'), 
son of Stephen H. and Sapiah H. (Whitcomb), born 
July 7, 1853, in Berlin, Mass.; married Celestine M. 
G. Dwelshaver, Nov. 12, 1874. Children: 

2958. Edward Everett", born March i, 1876, died Nov. 24, 1877. 

2959. Lilly Genevieve®, born Sept. 28, 1877. 


Sarah R. Beardsley', (Polly', Benjamin", Benja- 
min\ Benjamin^ Samuel'', John^ Lawrence'), daugh- 
ter of Polly (Southwick) and Hezekiah Beardsley, 
born April 23, 1821 ; married Lodowick G. Williarns. 
Sept. I, 1842. Children: 

2960. Marshall®, born Nov. i, 1843; married Emma Lois Baylis. 
Jan. 22, 1868. 

2961. Elbert Hezekiah®, born Aug. i, 1845, died April 30, 1865. 

2962. Charles Porter®, born Jan. 7, 1847; niarried Emma C. 
Terry, Nov. 5, 1868. 

2963. Riley Walter®, born Nov. 15, 1848. 

2964. Sarah Amelia®, born Jan. 6, 1851, died Nov. 24, 1869. Mar- 
ried James Delos Terry, Nov. 5, 1868. 

2965. Emma Clarissa®, born Dec. 7, 1S52; married James S. 



James Butters SouTHWICK^ (Henry C, Hen- 
ry C.*, Henry C", Solomon*, Solomon^ Josiah^, Law- 
rence'), son of Henry Collins, Jr. and Margaret J. 
(Fraser), born July 28, 1851 ; married Kate E. Flan-' 
ders. One child : 
J966. Evelyn', born April 29, 1877, atEvanston, 111. 


Emory S. Southwick*, (Duty', Ezra^ Joseph*, 
Lawrence*, Lawrence^, Daniel', Lawrence'), son of 
Duty and Sally (Paine), born Oct. 10, 1834; married 
Sarah A. Fitts, Aug. 5, 1858. Children: 

2967. MabeP, born May 20, 1861. 

2968. Emma', born March 29, 1863. 
2969. 'Charles Duty', born Julj 8, 1866. 

2970. Grace', born Jan. 12, 1869. 


George Edward Southwick*, (Duty^ Ezra^ 
Joseph", Lawrence*, Lawrence', Daniel^, Lawrence'), 
son of Duty and Sally (Paine), born Feb. 28, 1838; 
married Anna Potter. They reside in Detroit, Mich. 
Children : 

2971. William Dutj'. 

2972. George'. 

2973. Clarence'. 

2974. Florence'. She and her brother Clarence were twins. 


Harriet SouTHWICK^ (David', Benjamin F.^ 


Ichabod^ Jonathan", Samuel'\ John', Lawrence'), 
daughter of David and Laura L. (Harrington), born 
1835, at Harmony, Chautauqua Co., N.Y. ; married, 
1853, Ezra W. Hibbard, of Jamestown, Chautauqua 
Co., N.Y., an engineer. Children: 

J975. Luceiia^, born March 29, 1S54; married, Oct. 30. 1868. 

Charles Leale, a farmer at Jackson, Mich. 
.1976. Marj^, born Nov. 15, 1856; married, Julj 12. 1869, Angus; 

Young, a miner, at Jackson, Mich. 
-'977. Frank B.', born 1858; married Hattie Ward, Dec. 22, 1880. 

He is an engineer. 

2978. Freddie'^ born July 7. 1868, died Aug. 8, 1869. 


Levi Southwick*, (David^ Benjamin F.^ Ichabod^ 
Jonathan", SamueP, John^ Lawrence'), son of David 
and Laura L. (Harrington), born April 30, 1836; 
married, i860, Laura A. Garfield, of Ellery, N.Y. 
They live at Jamestown, N.Y. Children : 

2979. Sarah^, born Dec. 30, i860. 

2980. Clara^, born March 17, 1863. 


Chauncy SoUTHWICK^ (Jerome', Lemuel, Asa'. 
Lawrence", Lawrence^, Daniel', Lawrence'), son of 
Jerome and Rebecca (Covert), born in Mayfield, 
Cuyahoga Co., Ohio, Feb. 19, 1835 ; married, Dec. 
20, 1857, Eliza M. McConney. Children: 

2981. May Florence^ born April 25, 1862. in Bainbridge, Cuya- 
hoga Co., Ohio. 

2982. Julia®, born July 15, 1872, in Oregon, Lucas Co., Ohio. 

died Feb. 19, 1873. 

2983. William Jerome®, born Dec. 21. 1873, in Oregon, Lucas Co.. 
Ohio, died Oct. 23, 1876. 



George A. S0UTHWICK^ (Jerome', Lemuel^ Asa'', 
La^vrence^ Daniel'', DanieP, Lawrence'), son of 
Jerome and Rebecca (Cov^ert), born July i i, 1849, i'"' 
Mayfield, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio ; married, June 26, 
1 87 1, Maria Robens, of Bainbridge, Cuyahoga Co., 
Ohio. Children : 

2984. Addie''. born May 24, 1872. 

29S5. Marv Maria", born Nov. 13, 1874. 


Alfred SouTHWICK^ (Lucien", Lemucl^ Asa'', 
La\vrence\ Lawrence^, DanieP, Lawrence'), son of 
Lucien and Susena (Stannard), born Sept. 7, 1837, 
at Mayneld, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio; married, Feb. 14, 
1 86 1, Sarah A. Jones, born in Mayfield, Ohio, May 
4, 1841 . Children : 

2986. Charles Bradford'', born Aug. 2t^, 1S70, in Wakeshma, Mich. 

2987. Laura Straight', born July 14, 1873, in Wakeshma, Mich. 
29SS. Stella Lucina''. born Dec. 5, 1875, in Ithaca, Mich. 

2989. Alfred Bradley^ born Oct. 18, 1878, in Ithaca, Mich. 


LuciEX G. Southwick', (Lucien', Lemuel'', Asa", 
Lawrence\ Lawrence^ Daniel^ Lawrence'), son of 
Lucien and Susena (Stannard), born Dec. 17, 1852, in 
Bainbridge, Ohio ; married Elizabeth Covert. Chil- 
dren, all born in Euclid, Ohio, Lucien's present resi- 
dence : 

2990. William A.^, born Dec. 10, 1874. 

2991. Arthur}.'', born May 3, 1876. 

2992. Clitflian', born Feb. 11,1873. 



Benjamin S(3UTHWICK^ (James', Samuer, Benja- 
min'', Benjamin', Samuel"*, Samuer', Lawrence'), son 
of James and Polly (Lawson), born Jan. i8, 1811, 
died April 29, 1869. Married, June 8, 1838, Mary 
B. Gray, of East Montpelier, Vt. Children : 

-993- George W.", born March 15, 1839; niarried. Dec. 22. 1864. 

Florence E. Keeler, of Essex, Vt. 
J994. Charles B.^, born Sept. 8, 1S42, died Nov. 28, 1842. 

2995. Estella^, born Maj 11. 1844, died June 20, 1S62. 


Matild.\ SouTH^VICK^ (James', Samuel", Benja- 
min^ Benjamin'', SamueP, Samuel', Lawrence'), 
daughter of James and Polly (Lawson), born March 
14, 1 8 19. died April 15, 1855. Married Myrick 
Ainsworth, of Calais, Vt. Children : 

2996. Lovina^, born 1848; married Ira Ide, of Calais. Vt. 

2997. Olive M.**, born 1850; married Oliver Wheelock, Calais, Vt. 

2998. Clarence", born Sept. i, 1S52 ; married Adda Lane, of 
Barre, Vt. 

2999. Clara Jane", born Sept. i, 1852; married first, Frank E. 
Marsh ; second, George W. Prince, of Calais. Vt. She 
and her brother Clarence are twins. 


Emma SoUTHWICK^ (Orin\ David^ Jesse\ Jona- 
than*, SamueP, John", Lawrence'), daughter of Orin 
and Laura A. (Hewes), born 1833; married, 1854, 
Lucius E. Moore, of Fairport, N. Y. Children: 

3'X)o. Orin S.', born 1859; lives at Denver, Colorado. 
3001. Lena J. ^, born 1862; lives in Chicago, 111. 



Caroline M. S0UTHWICK^ (Orin', David®, Jesse"', 
Jonathan\ SamueP, John^ Lawrence'), daughter of 
Orin and Laura A. (Hewes), born 1835; married 
Alfred Weed, 1856. They live at Chicago, 111. Chil- 
dren : 

3002. Paul S.''. born 1861 ; lives in Kearney, Nebraska. 

3003. Anna S.^, born 1866; lives in Chicago, 111. 


Emertine S0UTHWICK^ (Orin', David^ Jesse', 
Jonathan\ SamueP, John", Lawrence'), daughter of 
Orin and Laura A. (Hewes), born 1841 ; married, 
1868, Myron H. Cozad, of Seneca Falls, N.Y. Chil- 
dren, all living in Seneca Falls, N. Y. : 

3004. Eugene S.^, born 1869. 

3005. Laura E.'-*, born 1875. 

3006. Myron^. born 1878. 

3007. H. Louise^, born 1879. 


Laura A. S0UTHWICK^ (Orin\ David^ Jesse'. 
Jonathan\ Samuel\ John^ Lawrence'), daughter of 
Orin and Laura A. (Hewes), born 1855 ; married, 
1874, Millard F. Frantz, of Fayette, N.Y. Children: 

3008. Arthur H.^ born 1876. 

3009. Louis S.^, born 1877. 


Josephine Southwick", (William', Zadock', Law- 
rence% Daniel\ Lawrence^, Daniel", Lawrence'), 


daughter of William C. and Maria (Hughes) ; married 
Ely Dobbs. Children : 

3010. Eliza W.'^ 

301 1. Alice R.^ 


James Moore Southwick', (Henry', Zadock", 
Lawrence"', DanieP, Lavvrence^ Danie^^ Lawrence'), 
son of Henry and Hannah (VVinans), born at Pough- 
keepsie. New York, Jan. 20, I 816, died Jan. 4, 1866. 
Married, Nov., 1847, ^- Maria Upton, of Danvers. 
He was a tanner. Children : 

3012. Julia Maria'', born Any. 6, 1S49: inarried William Oliver 

Batchelder, of Peabody. 

3013. James Henry^ born Nov. 13, 1852. 

3014. Gennette', born Oct. 19, 1856, died Nov. 4. 1858. 

3015. Allen P.^ born April 27, 1858, died Sept. 2, 1S63. 


Mary D. SolithwicK", (Henry", Zadock^ Law- 
rence^ Danier, Lawrence^ Danier\ Lawrence'), 
daughter of Henry and Hannah (Winans), born 
April 8, 1818, died Feb. 2, 1877. Married, April 9, 
1839, John H. Northrop. Children: 

3016. Elizabeth Northrop'', born Feb. 2, 1S40; married first, 
March 27, 1S60, Angevine Devoe, they had one child. 
Aminta^", born Aug. 12, 1861 ; second, Dec. 31, 1871, Wil- 
liam E. Brace, they have three children, viz. : Benjamin V.'", 
Anna May'" and Frank"'. 

3017. James S.^, born June 2, 1842; married Mary A. Braden. 
Feb. 17, 1869. They have one child, Minnie v.'", not living. 


3018. Susan'-*, born Jan. 6, 1S46, died Sept. 9, 1849. 

3019. Juliet S."; born Dec. 21, 1847; married Wright H. Thorne, 

Nov. iS, 1878. 

3020. Martha F.**, born July 8, 1851 ; married Ephriam W. Holmes. 
Feb. II, 1873. Thev have t\\'0 children, \iz. : William H."^ 
and Georgiana S.'"- 

3021. Hannah M.'', born Sept. 30. 1S54; married James Gray. 
July 5, 1874. They have one child, Stoddard P.'". 

3022. Cecelia S.", born Oct. 9, 1858. 

3023. Linda^. born Nov. 30, i860. 


Elizabeth Southwick", (Henry', Zadock', Law- 
rence^ Daniel\ Lawrence', Daniel", Lawrence'), 
daughter of Henry and Hannah (Winans), born 
March 8, 1820; married Du Bois Fitz Gerald. May 
10, 1840. Children: 

3024. Daniel'^, born June 11, 1841 ; married Sarah Frear, ^'o^ . 
25, 1862. They have three children, viz, : Hattie A.'", 
Townsend S.'" and Edward D.'" 

3025. Sarah'-", born Dec. 26, 1847, died March 7, 1863. 

3026. Edward'', born Nov. 26, 1S56, died Nov. 5. 1878. 

3027. Mary^. born March 17. 1862. 


Hannah W. Southwick', (Henry", Zadock^ Law- 
rence^ Danier, Lawrence"', DanieP, Lawrence'), 
daughter of Henry and Hannah (Winans). born Jan. 
21, 1829; married, July 15. 1850, Perry C. Stoddard. 
Children : 

302S. Stephen Winans", born Oct. 14, 1851, died May 11. 1874. 
3029. Zadock S.", born Feb. 18, 1S5S: married Dora M. Winter, 
Aug. 17. 1879. 



WiLLET H. SOUTHWICK*, (Edward C/, Zadock^ 
Lawrence", Daniel\ Lawrence^ Danie^^ Lawrence'), 
son of Edward C. and Eliza A. (Birdsall), born Dec. 
18, 1831 ; married, July 16, 1867, Elizabeth Sander, 
born 1848. He succeeds to the business of his 
father Edward C, at Poughkeepsie, in tanning, curry- 
ing and pulling wool, etc. Children: 

3030. Edward C®, born March 6. 1869. 

3031. Eliza B.^; born 1871. 

3032. Henry", born 1873. 

3033. Willet H.^ born 1875. 

3034. Elizabeth^, born 1S77. 

3035. John", died March 12, 1880. 


TE^OMAS L. Southwick", (Edward C, Zadock^ 
Lawrence^ Daniel, Lawrence', DanieP, Lawrence'), 
son of Edward C, and Margaret (Laing), born Aug. 
I, 1846; married, Oct. 21, 1874, Mary C. Davis, 
born Oct. 17, 1849. He bought the tannery and 
store at Kingston, after his Uncle George's death in 
1864, and carries on the business himself. Children: 

3036. Hugh L.", born Oct. 10, 1875. 

3037. Earnest D.", born June 30, 1877. 

3038. Waiter H.", born Nov. 7, 1879. 


Davis Lander SouTH\VICK^ (George', Zadock^ 
Lawrence", DanieT, Lawrence^ Daniel', Lawrence'), 
son of George and Susan (Brewster), born April 19, 
1834, in Greenfield, town of Wawarsing, Ulster Co., 

.. ^TffSl^ 



N, Y. ; married Henrietta Vallett. Oct. 27, 1866. 
They live in Eufaula, Alabama. Children : 

3039. Laura Celia^, born July 7, 1867. 

3040. Emma Lillie", born May 15, iS6t;. 

3041. Edward K.^, born July 7, 1871. 


CORNEIJA South WICK*, (Richard C". Zadock^ 
Lawrence% DanieT, Lawrence'\ Daniel". Lawrence' ), 
daughter of Richard C. and Elizabeth R. (Bevier), 
born June 16, 1837; married, Oct. 6, 1858, John 
Bayley, of Poughkeepsie, N.Y. Children : 

3042. Gennette", born Jan. 6, 1S62, died Sept. 10, iS6j. 

3043. Southwick Bevier^, born Jan. 12. 1S60; married Frost. 


James Moore Caller", (Sarah', Zadock", Law- 
rence% Daniel\ Lawrence'', Daniel', Lawrence'), son 
of John and Sarah (Southwick), born Jan. 11, 1813 ; 
married, Aug. 20, 1846, Lucy Frye Frost, of Danvers, 
Mass., daughter of Caleb L. Frost, born June 16, 
1825. He is a tanner. Children; 

3044. Caleb Frost**, born June S, 1847 ; married Harriet L. Pierson, 
Jan. iS, 1872, died Dec. 12, 1873. They had one child, 
Harriet Lawrence'", born Dec. 11, 1873. died Jan. 7. 1875. 

3045. John*, born Sept. 23, 1S48. 

3046. Alice^ born July 29, 1850; married, Oct. 3, 1877, Charles 
Coulthurst, of Liverpool, England. They have two chil- 
dren, viz. : Sarah Caller'", called Sally, born Oct. 13. 187S; 
Roger'", born July 29, 1880. 

3047. Sarah Frost^, born July 27, 1852. 

3048. Ida", born Aug. 13, 1855. 

3049. George Frost®, born May 6, 1857. 

3050. Charles Frost®, born Dec. 16, i860. 

3051. Lucy Lowe®, born Dec. i, 1861. 


James Moore Caller went in the spring of 1830, 
to help his uncle Adnah H. Southvvick keep store, 
measure bark, keep account of hides received for 
tanning, and account of leather sent away, etc. In 
1835, he went with his father, who had sold his farm 
and gone into the freighting business, to New York 
city, he buying a steamboat for passengers and freight. 
In 1842, James went with his uncle Richard C. South- 
wick to keep a leather store, buy hides and sell leather, 
etc. In 1844 he went to Danvers, Mass., to assist 
his uncle Adnah, who had taken the tanning and 
currying shop belonging to P. R. Southwick, at 
Danvers. In 1846 he married Lucy Frye Frost, and 
then went into partnership with his uncle Edward 
Southwick at Poughkeepsie. In 1848 James moved to 
Binghamton, Broome Co., N. Y., intending to build 
and operate a sole leather tannery there, but altered 
his mind and in the spring of 1849 moved to Danvers, 
Mass. Subsequently he became the owner of the 
Southwick tannery property, which he rebuilt and 
very much enlarged, and operated first with John 
Pinder and Rufus Brown for five years, until 1866, 
when said Pinder retired on account of poor health ; 
then the business was carried on as Brown & Caller 
until 1874. In 1876 said Caller sold the tannery 
property to E. W. Upton. Said property was capable 
of tanning and currying 3,000 sides of leather per 


Lydia S. Caller", (Sarah", Zadock", Lawrence", 



Daniel, Lawrence', DanieP, Lawrence') daughter of 
John and Sarah (Southwick), born March 15, 1821 ; 
married, Oct. 7, 1852, George W. Frost, at Baltimore, 
born Feb. 22, 1797, died Oct. 23, 1873. Children: 

3052. Nicholas®, born Sept. 19, 1856, in Hall Co., Georgia. 

3053. Sarah Lucj®, born Feb. 26, 1858, in Hall Co., Georgia. 


Ruth Oakley Caller', (Sarah', Zadock^ Law- 
rence^ Daniel\ Lawrence', DanieP, Lawrence'), 
daughter of John and Sarah (Southwick), born March 
19, 1824; married, June 12, 1843, Cornelius H. 
Delamater, of New York city ; he carries on a very 
large establishment for the manufacture of boilers, 
steam engines and machinery, at the foot of West 
13th street, New York city. Children: 

3054. Laura^, born June 16, 1844; married. Feb. 9, 1869, Curt 
Ramshon, of Leipzig, Germany, born Jan. 27, 1844, died 
at Nice, France, March 30, 1873. Thej had one child. 
Oakley Ramshon''', born Feb. 12. 1S70. 

3055. Sarah^, born Dec. 12, 1846; married, June 14, 1869, George 
Robinson, son of Atmore Robinson, of Wakefitld, R. I. • 
born April 20, 1847. They have (1882), four children, viz : 
Ruth'^ born March 28, 1870; Edith'", born March 10, 1873; 
Laura'", born Oct. 19, 1874; Atmore'", born Nov. 18, 1S81. 

3056. Eliza^, born Feb. 21, 1850; married, May 10, 187), John N_ 
Robbins, of New York, born March 16, 1846. They have 
had (1882) three children, viz. : Adah D.'", born Aug. 15, 
1872, died March 31, 1876; Cornelius I>.'°, born Sept. 10. 
1876; Ralph'", born Oct. 2^, 1877. 

3057. William^ born June 17, 1852. 

3058. Zillah^ born Oct. 4, 1854. 

3059. Adah'', born Nov. 21, 1858. 

3060. Cora®, born Nov. 21, 1858, died June 25, 1859. Adah and 
Cora were twins. 



Sanford Brewster Southwick", (Stephen', 
Zadock®, Lawrence^ Daniel\ Lawrence", DanieP, 
Lawrence'), son of Stephen and AdeHne (Brewster), 
born Oct. 12, 1833; married, Dec. 18, 1855, EHza- 
beth A. Booth. They hve at Galveston, Texas. 
Children : 

3061. Stephen Kelsej^, born Nov. 12, 1S56. 

3062. Joseph Sanford*, born May 23, 1858. 

3063. Lizzie Wright*, born March 12, i860. 

3064. Charles Fowler', born Nov. 6, 1861. 

3065. Marie Lienez*, born Feb. i, 1864. 


Elmira Southwick'*, (George S.', Eber', John', 
Jonathan\ DanieP, Daniel^ Lawrence'), daughter of 
George Stanford and Maria (Morse), born Dec. 30, 
1833, died March 15, 1879. Married John Donald- 
son, Oct. I, 1853. Children: 

3066. Irving J.*, born Jan. 7, 1S55, died May 15, 1864. 

3067. Elba*, born July 8, 1857. 

306S. Willie*, born Feb. 19, 1858, died May 7, 1858. 

3069. Isabella*, born Feb. 21, 1859. 


George A. S0UTHWICK^ (George B.\ George^ 
John^ Jonathan\ Daniel'', DanieP, Lawrence'), son of 
George B. and Mary (Green), born June 4, 1843; 
married, 1865, Ellen Tobey. One child: 

3070. Oscar Howard*, born 1865. 


George E. SoUTHWICK^ (George S.', Eber*, John\ 


Jonathan\ DanieP, DanieP, Lawrence'), son of George 
Stanford and Maria (Morse), born April 23, 1840; 
married first, Nov. 20, 1861, Sarah Jane Thayer, died 
P'eb. 7, 1875; second, Georgiana A. Farris, Nov. i, 
1876. Children: 

3071. Elwin Elsworth', born April 10, 1864. 

3072. Aovello I.^, born May 18, 1867. 

3073. Sarah M.**, born July 5, 1871. 

3074. Noyes J.^, born Dec. 22, 1S74, died Sept. 30, 1S79. 

Second wife, Georgiana A. Farris. One child : 

3075. Florence E.^, born April 17, 1879. 


Gilbert W. S0UTHWICK^ (Edward', Edward", 
Lawrence", Daniel*, Lawrence', DanieP, Lawrence'), 
son of Edward and Lucinda (Smith), born Dec. 18, 
1850; married, Nov. 29, 1 877, Mary Seat. One child : 

3076. Grace Ruth'', born Nov. 6, 1879. 


Robert ALDRICH^ (Urania', Nathan^ Theophi- 
lus°, Daniel*, Lawrence^ DanieP, Lawrence'), son of 
Urania (Southwick) and Thomas Whitehouse Aldrich, 
born July 21, 1840; married Francis Dorr Aldrich, 
in Smithfield, R. L Children : 

3077. Hattie F.^ born July 2^, 1862, in Smithfield, R. L 

3078. Maria L.**, born Oct. 9, 1854, in Smithfield, R. I. 

3079. Alice M.®, born Sept. 12, 1867, in Smithfield, R. I. 
30S0. Annie U.^, born Aug. 2, 1875, at Blackstone. 
3081. William T.', born June 24, 1877, in Blackstone. 


Mary Ann South WICK^ (James', Francis^ George*, 
John\ John^ John^ Lawrence'), daughter of James 
and Anna (Downing), born April 26, 18 19; married, 
Sept. 6, 1848, William Beavins. Children: 

3082. Annie M.^ born June 22, 1849. 

3083. Marj^, born July 12, 1851, died Oct. 17, 1861. 

3084. James'', born May 15, 1854. 


Irena Bullock*, Betsey', (SamueP, Benjamin*, 
Benjamin\ SamueP, John^ Lawrence'), daughter of 
Betsey (Southwick) and Lovel Bullock, born Oct. 4, 
1803, died April 17, 1879. Married, Jan. 25, 1825, 
Wesley Dodge, born July 13, 1803, died March 4, 
1879. One child : 

3085. Abba^, born Oct. 20, 1825, in Barre, Vt. ; married, Oct. 28, 

1849, Horace W. Sowles, born April 10. 1825. 


Mary BuLLOCK^ (Betsey', Samuer, Benjamin^ 
Benjamin\ Samuel'', John^ Lawrence'), daughter of 
Betsey (Southwick) and Lovel Bullock, born Nov. 21, 
1805 ; married, Aug. 2, 1 829, Rev. Amos Blanchard, 
born Sept. 16, 1800, died Jan. 6, 1869. One child: 

3086. Lizzie^. Married Burnas Gammel. 


Calista Bullock", (Betsey', Samuel^ Benjamin", 


Benjamin\ SamueP, John^ Lawrence'), daughter of 
Betsey (Southvvick) and Lovel Bullock, born April 
10, 18 1 7, died April 14, 1846. Married Frederick 
W. Dow, Nov., 1835. One child: 

30S7. Irena J.' Married Clinton Farlie. 


John Russell SouTHWICK^ (John\ Stephen*, 
William^ John^ John^, John', Lawrence'), son of John 
and Elizabeth (Russell), born Jul}'' 19, 18 16; married, 
Sept. 2, 1842, Lucy Sophia Kemp. Children: 

3088. John Hanry^, born Feb. 23, 1846, died Aug. 18, 1S47. 

3089. Lucy Maria^, born July 22, 1848; married, Feb. 7, 1867. 
Russell Z. Mason, died June 8, 1874. 

3090. Charles^, born July 18, 1850, died July 19, 1850. 

3091. George RusselP, born Oct. 31, 1851. 


William Southwick*, (John', Stephen^ William", 
John', John^, John^, Lawrence'), son of John and 
Elizabeth (Russell), born Nov. i, 18 19, died Jan. 26, 
1875. Married, May \2. 1844, Elizabeth Marinda 
Parker. Children : 

3092. William Augustus^, born Oct. 5, 1844, died Dec. 25, 1847. 

3093. James Henry^, born Sept. 17, 1846, died Jan. 6, 1848. 

3094. Sarah Elizabeth^, born Oct. 8, 1848; married, Aug. 11, 1869, 
John W. Locke, of Seabrook, N.H. 

3095. Edwin Augustus", born Oct. 31, 1850; married. July 16, 
1874, Lorania G. Brown. 

3096. John Henry*, born Aug. 11, 1854. 


Stephen Augustus SouTH\vICK^ (John', Stephen^ 
William^ John^ John'\ John', Lawrence'), son o\ 


John and Elizabeth (Russell), born March 31, 1824; 
married, June 15, 1859, Lydia Elizabeth Daniels. 
Child : 

3097. Mary Abbie^, born Oct. 27, 1S61. 

David Henrv Southwick', (John', Stephen^ 
William\ John\ John\ John^ Lawrence'), son of 
John and Elizabeth (Russell), born Jan. 25, 1827: 
married widow Harriet Lord ^nee Cate), Sept. 24. 
1868. Children: 

3098. William Henrj", born Aug. 25, 1S69, died Aug. 31. 1869. 

3099. Charles Warren', born Nov. 26, 1870. 

3100. Carrie Florence', born Nov. 15, 1872. 

3101. Lizzie Maria', born May 11, 1876, died Feb. 9, 1878. 

19 70. 

Samuel Fowler Southwick', (DanieP, Stephen*', 
William", John'*, John*, John^ Lawrence'), son of 
Daniel and Esther (Fowler), born Aug. 5, 1830; 
married Elizabeth Mulchy, Dec. 5. 1872. Children: 

3102. Carrie Esther', born Oct. 25, 1876. 

3103. Edith Fowler', born May 13, 1879. 


Edward Southwick', (Daniel', Stephen®, William'. 
John\ John^ John", Lawrence'), son of Daniel and 
Esther (Fowler), born Feb. 24, 1833 ; married Rachel 
Annible, Jan. 19, 1853. Children: 


3104. Edward Pierson^, born June 6, 1854. 
3C05. Anna Fowler^, born Feb. 14, 1858. 

3106. Esther Fowler^, born Aug. 16, i860. 

3107. Edward^, born March 27, 1863. 

3105. Samuel Fowler", born July 13, 1S64. 

3109. Edward Augustus", born Nov. 13, 1867. 

3 1 10. Emma Augusta", boi-n April 4, 1870. 

3111. Elizabeth Huelton", born Jan. 31, 1872. 

31 12. Alice Gertrude", born Aug. 25, 1877. 


Charles Daniel Balcoml^, (Electra', David", 
David\ La\vrence\ Lawrence'', Danier\ Lawrence'), 
grandson of David J. and Polly (Cooledge) South- 
wick, and son of Electra and Lyman Balcomb, born 
May 31, 1848; married, Jan. 1. 1872, Emma F, 
Foster. Children; 

31 13. Edgar P.", born Dec. 13, 1872. 

31 14. Sarah Electra", born Oct. 6, 1S76. 


Lewis HARKNESS^ (James', Betsey\ Enoch', Jon- 
athan*, Danier\ Daniel^ Lawrence'), grandson of 
Betsey (Southwick) and George Harkness, and son 
of James and Phebe C. (Taber), born March 8, 1838 ; 
married, Feb. 28, 1867, Hannah Newcomer. Child: 

31 15. Orva", born Oct. 24, 1S71. 


Sarah HARKNESS^ (James', Betsey^ F^noch', 
Jonathan*, Daniel'', Danie^^ Lawrence'), granddaugh- 
ter of Betsey (Southwick) and George Harkness, and 


daughter of James Harkness and Phebe C. (Taber) ; 
born March 29, 1840; married, March 9, 1859, J. G. 
Miner. Children : 

3116. Frederick", born Jan. i, 1S61, died Nov. 13, 1879. 

3117. James H.", born Feb. 20, 1S65. 

3118. Alfred A.**, born Jan. 18, 1867. 

31 19. Delia^, born March 15, 1869, died April 15, 1869. 


Henry Harkness*, (James', Betsey**, Enoch", 
Jonathan"? DanieP, DanieP, Lawrence'), grandson of 
Betsey (Southwick), and George Harkness, and son 
of James and Phebe C. (Taber), born April 6, 1845 ? 
married CaroHne Lamb, June 8, 1867. Children: 

3120. Warren*, born Sept. 17, 1870. 

3121. Adilbert", born Jan. 19, 1872. 

3122. Charles", born March 10, 1875. 

3123. William A.", born Nov. 19, 1878. 


Elmira Harkness\ (James', Betsey^ Enoch*, Jon- 
athan\ Daniel'^, DanieP, Lawrence'), granddaughter 
of Betsey (Southwick) and George Harkness, and 
daughter of James and Phebe C. (Taber), born Jan. 
2, 1848; married H. N. Evarts, Oct. 13, 1867. One 

3124. Cora", born Aug. 20, 1869. 


Emily HARKNESS^ (James', Betsey*, Enoch", Jon- 
athan", DanieP, DanieP, Lawrence'), granddaughter 
of Betsey (Southwick)" and George Harkness, and 


daughter of }ames and Phebe C. (Taber), born June 
7, 1850; married C. I. Haines, Aug. 24, 1870. Chil- 
dren : 

3125. Frank^, born Aug. 29, 1S71. 

3126. Lida R.^, born July 14, 1S74 

3127. Elma N.^, born Oct. 2, 1S76. 


Harriet Maria Southwick", (Ohver B.', John*, 
John^ Jonathan*, DanieP, DanieP, Lawrence'), 
daughter of Ohver B. and Mary O. (Smith), born 
Dec. 15, 1835; married Henry G. Spear, May 11, 
1853. Children: 

3128. Hattie E.^ born March 17, 1854. 

3129. Mary M.^, born Nov. 20, 1S55. 

3130. Lucy E.**, born March 18, 1858. 

3131. Annie L.^, born Feb. 11, 1861. 

3132. Francis H.^, born Feb. i, 1864. 

3133. James H.^, born May 19, 1866. 


Ellen J. S0UTHWICK^ (Oliver B.', John^ John', 
Jonathan^ DanieP, Daniel'^ Lawrence'), daughter of 
Oliver B. and Mary O. (Smith), born Dec. 30, 1837; 
married, May 13, 1856, Barzillai H. N. Tucker, died 
June 24, 1874. Children: 

3134. Martha J. ^, born June 4, 1857. 

3135. William H.^, born Nov. 3, 1S59. 

3136. Emma M.^, born June 2, 1S61. 

3137. Harriet M.^, born May 9, 1869. 

3138. Hosea F.^, born Aug. 23, 1867. 

3139. Clara A.^ born Nov. 6, 1863. 


3140. John N.^, born April 11, 1868. 

3141. XAt-ia^ E.", born Aug. 6, 1872. 

3142. Emilj H.^, born June 22, 1874. 


Francis S. SoUTH\VICK^ (Oliver B.', John^ John", 
Jonathan\ DanieP, DanieP, Lawrence'), son of OHvxm- 
B. and Mary O. (Smith), born Jan. 4, 1843: married 
first, Oct. 26, 1865, Henrietta B. Davis, died Dec. 18. 
1875 ; second, Nettie M. Barnes, Sept. 20, 1878. He 
is a boot maker. Children : 

3143. Clara L.^, born Aug. 29, 1S66. 

3144. George H.", born April iS, 1868. 

3145. Henrietta S.^, born Oct. 11, 1870. 

3146. Emily S.®, born Jan. 4, 1871. 

3147. Edward F.^, born May 17, 1875, died May 6, 1876. 


Henry E. Southwick', (Oliver B.', John^ John', 
Jonathan\ DanieP, DanieP, Lawrence'), son of Oliver 
B. and Mary O. (Smith), born Nov. 19, 1844; mar- 
ried Josie Marah, June 6, 1868. He is a machinist. 
Children : 

3148. Adelaide M.^, born June 17, 1870. 

3149. Lizzie M.^, born Dec. 23, 1871. 


John Southwick", (William Arnold", John"', John", 
Jonathan^ DanieP, Danief, Lawrence'), son of Wil- 
liam Arnold and Betsey (Gurney). Married Sarah 
Jones. Children : 


3150. Child®, died in infancy. 

3151. Louisa®. Married William Crown, of Charlestown. 


Harrison S. Prentice", (Tabitha^ Isaac^ Jacob', 
Jonathan\ DanieP, Daniel', Lawrence'), grandson of 
Isaac Southwick and Tabitha (Roberts), and son of 
Tabitha Leeland (Southwick) and Harrison Pren- 
tice, of Worcester, born Aug., 1836; married Emma 
Bowen, 1859. Children: 

3152. Charles Henry®, born April i860. 

3153. Edward®, born 1862, died young. 

3154. Lizzie®, born Oct. 16, 1864. 

3155. Harrison Bowen®, born 1870. 

3156. Clara Emma®, born 1875, died 1877. 


Henry K. Southwick', (Isaac H.', Isaac^ Jacob', 
Jonathan\ DanieP, Danie^^ Lawrence'), son of Isaac 
H. and Clarissa (Keith), born May 20, 1838 ; married 
first, March i , 1 864, Sarah Jane Fisk, died Dec, 1 864 ; 
second, Louise Harden, April 29, 1875. He is a tea 
merchant, in New York city. Children : 

3157. Henry K.®, born May 20, 1876, died 1877. 

3158. Elizabeth®, born Jan. 22, 1878. 

3159. Walston Brown®, born Dec. 12, 1879. 


Clara Maria Southwick-, (Isaac H.'', Isaac^ 
Jacob", Jonathan^ Daniel', Daniel*, Lawrence' )j 


daughter of Isaac H. and Clarissa Ann (Keith), born 
April II, 1840; married, 1864, Joshua Buffum, of 
New York City. He is a tea merchant, and resides 
in New York city. Children : 

3160. Harrison Southwick^, born March 7. 1866. 

3161. Louise*, born Nov. 14, 1867. 

3162. Albert Joshua*, born Sept. 17, 1869. 

3163. Frederick Henry*, born July 20, 1871. 

3164. Clara*, born Jan. 24, 1873. 


Arthur Page Forbes^ (Eliza L.", Isaac^ Jacob', 
Jonathan\ DanieP, DanieP, Lawrence'), son of Eliza 
L. (Southwick) and Moses Forbes, born April 15, 
1840; married Theresa James, Dec, 1864. Children: 

3165. Alice Eliza*, born Feb., 1866. 

3166. Mary James*, born Nov., 1867. 

3167. Arthur Henry*, born Nov., 1871. 

3168. Florence Theresa*, born Nov., 1871. She and her brother 
Arthur Henry are twins. 

3169. Helen Francis*, born 1874. 
3169^^. Ruth Rogers*, born June 15. 1S81. 


Moses Southwick Forbes", (Eliza L.\ Isaac", 
Jacob^ Jonathan^ DanieP, DanieP, Lawrence'), son 
of Eliza L. (Southwick), and Moses Forbes, born 
Oct. II, 1842; married, 1 87 1 , Virginia Isabella Stagg, 
of St. Louis. Children : 

3170. Gracie Mabel*, born July, 1872. 

3171. Clara Bell*, born Oct., 1876. 

3i7ir?. Chester Leland*. born born Nov. 23, 18S1. 



Farnum SoUTH\VICK^ (Elisha', Royal®, Lawrence", 
Danier, Lawrence^, Daniel", Lawrence'), son of Elisha 
and Delia (Purington), born Aug. 21, 1840; married 
Sarah E. Nichols, Feb. 20, 1866. One child: 
J172. Mvron^. born Oct. 24, 1866. 


Marrianna SoUTHWiciv', (Elisha', Royal*, Law- 
rence*, Danier, La\vrence^ Daniel', Lawrence'), 
daughter of Elisha and Delia (Purington), born Jan. 
16, 1838; married A. C. Morse, June i. 1858. Chil- 
dren : 

3173. William C", born April 23, 1859. 

3174. Edna S.^ born Feb. 8, 1863. 

3175. Ilenrv A.", born June 3. 1S71. 


Josephine M. Southwick*, (Royal', Royal^ 
Lawrence''. Daniel, Lawrence"*, Daniel", Lawrence'), 
daughter of Royal and Direxa (Claflin), born Dec. 
15, 1827; married, Nov. 14, 1850, James C. Ayer, 
died July 3, 1878. Children: 

3176. Fred C.^, born Sept. 12, 185 1. 

3177. Henry S.^. born May 16, 1853. 

3178. Lillie Josephine^, born July 20. 1S55. 

Dr. James C. Ayer was born in the to\vn of 
Groton, Conn., May 5, 1818, and came to Lowell to 
reside with his uncle, ex-mayor James Cook, in 1833, 
hi 1837 l^s commenced active business as a clerk. 


and in a very short space of time acquired sufficient 
knowledge and experience to manage, in the absence 
of his employer, the business of one of the two prin- 
cipal drug establishments in the city. In a very 
short time he became proprietor of the establishment ; 
and by investigating and experimenting he produced 
several medicines which had a great sale and brought 
him great wealth. His laboratory for compounding 
medicines gave employment to about three hundred 
persons. As his wealth increased, he gave attention 
to manufacturing industries. He also became a large 
real estate owner in New York, Boston, Chicago. 
Philadelphia and many other cities of the Union. 
He was a man of remarkable energies, and his too 
close application to business was undoubtedly the 
the cause of his mental faculties becoming overthrown. 
He died July 3, 1878. leaving an estate valued at 
several millions. 

Henry Clay Southwick", (Royal', RoyaP, Law- 
rence^ DanieP, Lawrence', Daniel', Lawrence'), son 
of Royal 2d and Direxa (Claflin), born Oct. 12, 1829, 
died Dec. 12, 1878. Married Elsa D. Eames, June 
1, 1854. Children : 

3179. Henrv C. Jr.', born Jan. 2, 1857. 

3180. John A.', born Sept. 7, 1859. 

3181. Fuederick'', born Feb. 13, 1862, died Nov. 23, 1S63. 

3182. Maud'', born Nov. 17, 1865. 

Henry C. Southwick, for many years of the boot 
and shoe firm of Benedict, Hall & Co.. New York, 



died in Cincinnati, Ohio, a^ed 49 years. The deceased 
came to New York when he was sixteen years old, 
and when he attained his majority, w^as made a mem- 
ber of the above firm. Short!}' before the war his 
health failed and he made a trip to Europe, from 
which he returned greatly improved, and at once 
assumed a leading position in carrying on the large 
transactions of the firm of which he was a member, 
and which, during the war, assumed extraordinary 
proportions. He enjoyed a high degree of popularity 
and his large operations, embracing the filling of 
many heavy government contracts, were always 
marked by that quickness of perception and prompt- 
ness in deciding, which are such essential qualities of 
a successful merchant. He retired from the shoe 
business about eight years ago, but has been since 
that time, connected with Horace B. Claflin & Co., 
in the dry goods trade. He is a nephew of Mr. 
Claflin, and a brother of John C. Southwick, of the 
New York Swamp, the centre of the hide and leather 
business of New York city. 


John Claflin Southwick', (Royal', Royal'', 
Lawrence", Danier, Lawrence^, DanieP, Lawrence'), 
son of Royal 2d and Direxa (Claflin), born Dec. 2, 
1835, at Lowell, Mass. ; married Ella M. Clapp, Nov. 
I, 1864. Children : 

3183. John C, Jr.3, born Dec. j, 1865. 

3184. Susie Kent^ born July 24, 1868. 

3185. Horace Claflin^, born June 28. 1871. 
31S6. Clifford^, born June 16, 1875. 


John Claflin South wick, son of Royal and 
Direxa (Claflin) Southwick, was born in Lowell, Mass., 
Dec. 2, 1835. Having finished his education he went 
as clerk with Messrs. Young & Schultz, hide and 
leather dealers, corner of Ferry and Cliff streets, New- 
York city, Feb. 23, 1856. He was a clerk with them 
for four years, and by his close application to their 
business and learning to be a salesman, was admitted 
a partner with the said firm in i860. Their business 
soon becoming too large for the store they then oc- 
cupied, Messrs. Young & Schultz built a ver}' large 
store on Cliff street, running through to Franklin 
Square. Owing to the death of the senior partner, 
Edmund M. Young, Esq., who died Oct. 8, 1864, the 
firm then became Schultz, Southwick & Co. ; they soon 
after mov^ed their business to No. 65 Clifi" street, and 
in 1879. their business having grown very large. Jack- 
son S. Shultz, Esq., the senior partner, built a very 
capacious store at the north end of Cliff street, which 
connected with their hide house, where they moved 
in the fall of 1879, being Nos. 1 09, ill and 113 Clifif 
street. The firm have always maintained a just repu- 
tation for a high order of business integrity, and with 
a large capital have an unlimited credit in merchan- 
dise or money. 

John C. Southwick by his active mind and careful 
scrutiny in buying and selling, and by his close atten- 
tion to the business has relieved Mr. Schultz from the 
care of business, by which he has been able to give 
much time to many things outside of his business. 
In 1873 Mr. Schultz went to Vienna as commissioner 


to the World's Fair, leaving their very large business 
of buying and selling and all their heavy financial 
business with said Southwick to attend to, he then 
being only in his thirty-eighth year, which he very 
successfully managed, to the great satisfaction of his 
partner Mr. Schultz. 


(jEorge Southwick*, (Henry', George', David', 
Lawrence\ Lawrence^ Danier\ Lawrence'), son of 
Henry and Julia Ann (McAvoy), born July 4, 1843 ; 
married first, June 4, 1866, Emma J. Hamilton, died 
Feb. 12, 1872; second. May 5, 1873, Mary Josephine 
Cook. Children : 

3187. Clarence G.". born Feb. 26, 1874. 

3188. Vernon Eugene^, born July 26, 1876. 


Mary Southwick*, (Henry', George^ David', 
Lawrence\ Lavvrence^ DanieP, Lawrence'), daughter 
of Henry and Julia Ann (McAvoy), born Sept. 11, 
1844; married first, Jan. 25, 1865, John W. Storer. 
who was killed at the raising of a barn by the falling of 
the plate; second, George W. C. Longstreet, Oct. 26, 
1875. One child : 

3189. Charles Jasper^, horn Oct. 9. 1878. 


William Southwick', (Henry', George', David'. 
Lawrence\ Lawrence\ DanieP, Lawrence'), grand- 


son of George and Paulina (Howard), and son of 
Henry and Julia Ann (McAvoy), born Oct. 1 1, 1848 ; 
married March 12, 1872. Children: 

3190. Frank Howard^, born April 20, 1873. 

3191. Florence May', born Dec. 14, 1875. 

3192. George Almont*. born Sept. 26, 1876. 


Alice Chase Muwr\^ (Eliza Ann', Amasa^ 
John^ Jonathan\ Daniel'\ DanieP, Lawrence'), grand- 
daughter of Amasa and Alice (Chase) Southwick 
and daughter of Eliza Ann (Southwick) and Osborn 
Mowry, born Sept. 7, 1822; married first, Jan. 28, 
1840, Slater Mowry, died Oct. 22, 1846; second, 
Nov. 28, 1850, Ezra Reed. Children: 

3193. Lavinia B.', born in Warwick, R. 1., May 28, 1843, died 
Sept. 5, 1845. 

3194. Irving B.®, born in Smithfield, Woonsocket, R. I., April 5, 
1846; married, Oct. 30, 1868, Belle H. Tilden. 


Alice Irene Southwick', (James', Amasa^ John", 
Jonathan\ DanieP, DanieP, Lawrence'), daughter of 
James and Lois Hayden (Curtis), born at Torrington, 
Litchfield Co., Conn., Dec. 19, 1832; married, 1849, 
Joseph Wolcott, born in N. Y. state, deceased ; second, 
1856, David Duryea. Children: 

3195. Ada Josephine', born 1850, died 1876. Married William 
Walker, of Minn., 1867. They had two children, viz. : 
David William"', born 1868; Delbert Orange'", born 1870. 

3196. Oliver Hayden', born 1852, died in infancy. 


Married second, David Duryea. Children : 

3197. Sylvia Lois', born 1857; married, 1880, at Saint James^ 
Minn., Frank Queen, of Boston, Mass. 

3198. Charles Henrj*, born 1859. 

3199. Alice Irene', born 1862, died 1863. 

3200. Alice Luella' born 1866. 

3201. Daniel Henrique', born 1870. 

3202. Gerald David', born 1872. 


Mary Blanche Lois SouTHWICK^ (James', 
Amasa®, John^ Jonathan*, DanieP, DanieP, Law- 
ence*), daughter of James and Lois Hayden (Curtis), 
born July 7, 1846; married first, Oct. 19, 1866, Joseph 
Nye Woods, died Sept. 25, 1857; second, Orson 
Bagley, May 15, 1870. One child: 

3203. Joseph', born Aug. 7, 1867, in Pleasant Grove, Minn. 
Second husband, Orson Bagley. One child. 

3204. Elbertie Alice', born June 29, 1873. 


Joseph Southwick*, (Joseph', George*, George', 
John\ John*, John^ Lawrence'), son of Joseph and 
Keziah (Perkins), widow of George Southwick. Mar- 
ried Mary Clairage. Children : 

3205. Frank'. Married Augusta Bickford. 

3206. Elizabeth'. 

3207. Fossie'. Married Mason. 

3208. Frances'. Married Andrew G. Clarke. 

3209. Joseph P.' 

3210. Charles E.' 



Catharine Eliza South wick*, (Platts\ George". 
George*, John\ John^, John^ Lawrence'), daughter 
of Platts and Eliza (Twiss), born Sept. 4, 1825 ; mar- 
ried, Aug. 3, 1852, John Pilh'ng, born Dec. 24, 1824. 
Children : 

321 1. Marj^, born Aug. 9, 1853. 

3212. Arabella^, born Jan. 10, 1855. 

3213. G. WiUiam^. born Deo. 27. 1856. 


Marv Wilson Southwtck', (Platts', George". 
George% Jolm\ John*, John', Lawrence'), daughter 
of Platts and Eliza (Twiss), born March 6, 1834, died 
July 16, 1871 ; married, Dec. 22, 1855, Frank W. 
Putnam, born Aug. 12, 1831. Children: 

3214. Caroline Lillian", born Sept. 15. 1858. 
3315. Ralph F.", born April 11, 1870. 

3216. Walter Eben', born July 16. 1871. 


William Henrv Southwick', (Platts', George", 
George% John\ John"', John", Lawrence'), son of Platts 
and Eliza (Twiss), born June 23, 1837; married, 
1871, Jennie Jones. Children: 

3217. George Earnest", born July 16, 1872. 

3218. Mary PZliza", born Feb. 17, 1874, died June 30. 1877. 

3219. Gertrude", born May 12, 1876, died July 6. 1877. 

3220. Henry Lester', born Jan. i, 1878. 

3221. Edner May", born Dec. i, 1879, died Sept. 20. 1880. 

3222. John L.". born Feb. 10, i88i. 



Jonathan Twiss Southwick-, ( Platts', C'Teoroc"', 
(Teorge^ John\ John'\ John', [,awrence'), son of" 
Platts and Elliza (Twiss), born June 13, 1841 ; mar- 
ried, April, [869, Louisa Munroe, born Feb. 6, 1X3;. 

3223. Chjirles Edgar'', born Aug. 10. rSyo. died ]iih 3. 1S77. 


Marcv SoltHWICK\ (Ebenezer C.', Eber', Jo]in'\ 
Jonathan*, Daniel*. Daniel', Lawrence'), daughter of 
Lbenezer Cass and Sarah \n\\ (Luther), born April 
4, 1831, died May 5. 1863. Married. May 22. i S4S, 
James Emerson. Children : 

3224. Eunice Whipple'', bon^ Feb. 9, 1849. 

3225. Jonathan'', born Aug. 10, 1850, died Aug.. 1852. 

3226. Eldoni Clarissa^, born Feb. 3, 1854. 

3227. Willis Augustus'', born Oct. 10. 1859. 

3228. Lydia Amanda", born Dec. S. 1862. 


Amanda Minerva Solihwick-, (Ebenezer C.', 
l{!ber', John', Jonathan', Daniel"\ Daniel", Lawrence'), 
daughter of Ebenezer Cass and Sarah Ann ( Luther), 
born Jan. 17, 1835; married, June 10, 1835. Xahuni 
J. Morse. Children: 

3229. Edgar Cass", born Aug. 6, 1856. 

3230. .Sarah Annie", born Dec. 24, 1S58. 


David L. Southwick', (Ebenezer C.', Eber''. 
John'. Jonathan*, Daniel''. Daniel", Lawrence' ). son of 


Ebenezer Cass and Sarah Ann (Luther), born Oct. 
12, 1842; married, Jan. 15, 1878, Mary EHza Leddy. 
One child : 

,5231. Cora Louisa^, born Jan. 19, 1879. 


Maria A. Southwick*, (Hosea', David^, Samuel*. 
David\ Samuer\ John^, Lawrence'), daughter of 
Hosea and Maria D. (Smith), born Feb. 17, 1821 ; 
married, Aug. 3, 1841, Joranthum Ober. Children: 

3232. Harriet Almira®, born Julj 11, 1845, died Aug. 8, 1846. 

3233. Hosea J.^, born July 6, 1842 ; married, Sept. 30, 1873, 
Clarinda Whitnej, of Mooers, N.Y. Thej live at Sciota. 
Clinton Co., N.Y. No children. 

3234. Florence Jennette', born Jan. 6, 1849; married, Nov. 28. 

1878, George D. Wheat, of Putney, Vermont. She gradu- 
ated at Baxter's University, of Friendship, N.Y., then went 
to Boston Musical Conservatory, where she was nearly two 
years practicing and teaching music. 

Maria A. Southwick, second child of Hosea and 
Maria D. (Smith) Southwick, was born Feb. 17, 1821, 
and married Jorantham Ober Aug. 3, 1841. She is 
assistant compiler of the records of the descendants 
of Lawrence and Cassandra Southwick. Maria's 
mother's father, Asahel Smith, was an engineer and 
surveyor and a brother of judge Chauncy Smith, of 
Benson, Vt. She was sister of the late Rev. Henry 
H. Smith of the Methodist Episcopal Conference. 

Her father Hosea, and mother, Maria D., moved in 
the spring of 18 19 on a new farm, with only a log 
house and barn, in the midst of a forest ; but the land 




was soon cleared and the wood reduced to potash, 
one of the staple products of the country at that 
time, and teamed with oxen to Montreal to market. 
Although deprived of many pleasing" associations, 
they were able to have all the necessities of life. 
It was no uncommon thing to hear the howling of 
wolves at night, which would be kept at bay by throw- 
ing firebrands at them. The making of maple sugar 
was an important industry in the spring, when the 
maple sap would run. After eight years of pioneer 
life they purchased and moved on another farm which 
was nearer church but not so near school, where the}- 
stayed two years, and in the spring of 1 829 they moved 
to Champlain, P. O. address, Perrys Mills, being a 
pleasant change to village life. In 1832 her father died 
from cholera, which was very rapidly fatal ; he had 
intervals of consciousness and was resigned to depart 
this life. Twenty-five years after, her mother died 
from a cancer or perhaps poison, which was used out- 
wardly, being absorbed by the blood ; she died at 
Mooers, at the house of her youngest daughter, Mrs. 
Almira H. Angell. May 16. 1857. 


Almira H. SuuthwicK", (Hosea", David^ Sam- 
ueP, David", Samuel\ John^ Lawrence'), daughter 
of Hosea and Maria D. (Smith), born Jan. 27, 1828 ; 
married, Oct. 10, 1848, Allen M. Angel, died Sept. 
24, 1867, in Mooers, N.Y. Children: 

3235. Allen Eugene'', born Julv 10, 1850, died Jan. 21. 1852. 


:;236. Leonard Angelo^. born May 30, 1851 : married, Oct. 21. 
1874, Jose Hall. They have three children, viz. : Ernest"'- 
Edith"* and Olive"*. He is (1S82) a farmer at Mooers, N. Y. 

\iyi- Hcnrj Eugene^, born Julj 25, 1853. He is an inventor, hav- 
ing secured several patents in his own nanne. 


HiKAM SOUTHWICK*, ( Ebenezer', David^ Samuel". 
iJanier, SamueP, John^ Lawrence'), son of Ebene- 
zer and Clarissa (Williams), born Feb. 2'^, 1812: 
married first, Feb,, 1 839, Elizabeth Tennent ; second, 
Nov. 15, 1858, Elizabeth Freeman. Children: 

3238. Hiram Eugene", born Nov. 15, 1859. 

3239. Mai-j E.*, born Oct. i, 1861, died April 10. 1862. 

3240. William^ born Aug. 25, 1864. 

3241. Ida Mav^, born Feb. 14, 1S72. 


Ja.ME.sEbenezek Southwick', (Ebenezer', David". 
.SamiieP, DanieT, Samuel"', John^ Lawrence'), son (if 
FLbenezer and Clarissa (Williams), born Dec. 17, 1814; 
married, Dec. 31, 1846, Fhebe Douglass. Children: 

3242. Mary- Elizabeth^ born Sept. 24, 1847. 

3243. Alonzo David^, born Aug. 9, 1850, died April 30. 1S53. 

3244. Sarah Augusta^, born May 23, 1854. 

3245. Jessie Elmira^. born April 14. 1859. 

SetH Southwk'K*. (Seth', Joseph^ Benjamin*. 
]ienjamin\ John*, John^ Lawrence'), son of Seth and 
Lucinda (Staples), born May i. 1798, in Mendon. 
Mass., died April 11, 1854, in Mendon, Mass. Mar- 
ried, Aug. 29, 1 8 19, Deborah Wilcox, born Jan. 18. 
1795, in Jencksville, R. L Children: 


3246. Willis', born June iS, 1S20; married, March 19, 1S43, Julia 
A. T. Allen, of Mendon. 

3247. Lucinda^, born Dec. 20, 1S21 ; married Alvin Allen, April 
30, 1S43. 

3248. George^, born April 14, 1S24, died Oct. 10, 1826, in Belling- 
ham, Mass. 

3249. Rufus', born March 20, 1827 ; married Susan Robbins, 
June, 1874, no children. 

3250. Ruth', born Jan. 30, 1830; married Fenner Wilcox, June 
20, 1855. 

3251. Elvira D.', born Nov. 25, 1834; married Edmond Kempton, 
Sept. 5, 1 86 1. 


Amy S0UTHWICK^ (Seth', Joseph^ Benjamin*, 
Benjamin^ John', John^ Lawrence'), daughter of Seth 
and Lucinda (Staples), born May 4, 1803; married, 
June 7, 1829, Caleb Taft. Children: 

3252. B. Franklin', born March 23, 1830, died Aug. 31, 1864. 

3253. Alpha E.', born Sept. 15, 1833, died Dec. 8, 1853. 

3254. M. Carrie', born April 20, 1835. 

3255. Harriet W.', born July 24, 1839. 

3256. Lucius D.', born Feb. 16, 1840. 

3257. Caleb S.', born Oct. 20, 1842. 

3258. Elvira E.', born Feb. 18, 1848. 


Alpha SouTHWICK^ (Seth', Joseph*, Benjamin*, 
Benjamin\ John^ John*, Lawrence'), daughter of 
Seth and Lucinda (Staples), born Nov. 13, 1818; 
married Edward Tompson, Oct. 20, 1850. Children: 

3259. Wendell Phillips', born Feb. 12, 1852, died Aug. 26, 1876. 

3260. Frank Edward', born July. 20, 1854. 

3261. Etta Maria', born Oct. 25, 1857. 

3262. Alice Eliza', born May 18, 1862. 


RachaeL S()U^HW1C!^L^ (Seth\ Joseph", Benjamin,' 
Benjam[in\ John'', John", Lawrence'), daughter of 
Seth and Alpha (VValdron). born Dec. 26, 1808; 
married, 1829, Absalom Daniels, died Feb. 24, 1866. 
Children : 

3263. Hiram^. born July. 1830. died July, 1875. Married Elizabeth 
Thayer. They had two children, viz. : Carrie E. Daniels"^ 
and Hiram F.'" 

3264. Rachael Marion''. Married William H. Hall, of Blackstone. 
They live (1S81) at Worcester. They have two children, 
viz. : William'" and Liicv'°, married, iSyy, George Eames, 
has one child (iSSo). 

Geokge SouTHWiCK^ (Benjamin', Joseph^ Ben- 
jamin', Benjamin\ John\ John\ Lawrence'), son of 
Benjamin and Agnes (Smith), born May 29, 1801, 
died in Mansfield, Conn., Dec. 26, 1874. Married, 
1828, Salinda Waldron, of Gloucester, R. I. He was 
a clothier by trade, but his health failed quite early 
and he died of consumption. Children: 

3265. George Henry'*, born July 29, 1S29; married, July 6, i85(>. 
Ruby Boutelle. of Blackstone. He was 4 gardener. 

3266. Albert^, born April 6, 1833; lives in Mansfield, Conn. 

3267. Byron", born Oct. 10, 1835; lives in Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Daniel Smuh Sol riiwicK", (Benjamin', Joseph^ 
l^enjamin', Benjamin', John"', John", Lawrence'), son 
of Benj imin and Agnes (Smith), born March 25, 
1805; married, June 28, 1 832, Sally Wilson, of Black- 

M .5 >" 



Stone, Mass. They reside in Millville, Mass. Trade, 
scythe manufacturer; occupation, farmer. Children: 

3263. Alonzo Wilson^, born Oct. 31, 1^34, aL Blackstone; married. 
Maj II, 1865, Marrietta \\. Osboni, of Chelsea, Vt. 
Thej \\\Q at Millville, Mass. He learned the scythe man- 
ufacturing trade of his father, but now lives on the farm at 
Millville, with his father. 

3269. Emorj Austin'', born Feb. 2, 1S36, died March ii, 1S47. 

3270. Nancy Agnes'*, born Dec. 14, 1838, died Nov. 14, 187S, of 
heart disease. Married, Jan. 26, 1S59, Fred. B. Smith, of 
Blackstone, a woolen manufacturer. She was an excellent 
scholar and graduated at R. I. State Normal School; she 
was a school teacher and much respected by all who knew 

3271. Adaline^, born May 11, 1841. died Feb 3, i 42. 

3272. Daniel Fenner^, born May 7, 1846; married. May 16, 1873. 
Juliette Richardson, of Burrillville. R. I. He has a iivcrs' 
stable at Putnam. Conn. 


Kezsah Soltthwicm", (Benjamin', Jo.3eph^ B;:nja- 
min^ Benjamin\ John^ John', Lawrence'), daughter 
of Benjamin and Agnes (Smith), borii Feb. 13, 1803, 
in Blackstone, Mass. (then Mendon), died Jan. 9, i 877. 
Married, Oct. 27, 1825, Ira Wallace, of Dalton, N. H., 
died Feb. 27, 1844. They lived in Dalton, N. H. 
Children, all born in Dalton N. H. : 

3273. Mary Agnes^, born June 26, 1826; married, Oct. 26, 1848. 
Warren Boyden, of Foxboro, Mass., no children. They 
reside in Foxboro, Mass. 

3274. George E.^, born June 15, 1S27 ; married, Nov. it^, 1854. 
Adaline B. Ma\o, of Freeman, Maine. They reside in 
Dalton, N. H. 

3275. William Oscar^, born Feb. 17, 183 1 ; married, July 5, 1S52. 
Rogena Marsh, of Millville, Mass. They have seven chil- 
dren. They reside in Providence, R. I. 


3276. Sarah Susan^, born June 28, 1835 ; married Menry Wheat. 
Dec. 7, 1856. They have three children. Thev reside in 
Medwaj, Mass. 

3277. Ira Merrill^, born Sept. 14, 1S37 ; married first, Manilla 
George, of Dalton,[N. H., died Aug. 22, 1867, no children; 
second, L. Maria Wilcox, of Pascoag, R. I., died Nov. 24. 
1868. Thej have four children. He is now living at 
White Rock, Kansas. 

3278. C. Amelia®, born June 14, 1842; married, April 22, 1867, 
J. Warren Clark, of East Medwaj, Mass. Thev have one 

They had twins, who died joung. 

Kezia Southwick, daughter of Benjamin and 
Agnes (Smith), was born in Blackstone, Mass., (then 
Mendon), Feb. 13, 1803, and married Ira Wallace, 
of Dalton, N. H., Oct. 27, 1825. She was a very- 
energetic, persevering, fine looking woman, and it 
was her fortune to meet more of the hardships and 
trials of life than usually falls to the lot of woman. 

In November, after she was married, she went with 
her husband, taking their goods with them, and leav- 
ing all her friends, to his home in Dalton, N.H. ; then 
scarcely anything but a wilderness. They were eight 
days on the road, as they travelled by carriage, there 
being no better mode of conveyance at that time ; 
now it takes nine hours to go the same distance. It 
was very cold, through a lonely country, and many 
times she had to walk to keep warm ; so that with all 
her resolution, she became very homesick, and as 
they passed through Franconia Notch, they stopped 
at the basin, to see the wonders of nature ; it looked 
so quiet and restful, that she was tempted to jump in 
and end all her fatigue, but she was spared by the 


hand of the Lord, to be a strong help to her luisband 
and childr(Mi. When they arrived at Dalton, their 
house wa^ not finished ; just one acre of land cleared, 
where the house stood, the rest all woods, so they had 
to begin life in earnest. She did all her own work; 
made all their own cloth ; carding, spinning, and 
weaving both wool and flax for the famil\- ; braiding- 
straw, both coarse and fine; making both hats and 
bonnets for ladies and gentlemen, besides lending a 
hand at work on the farm when it seemed necessary. 

She had eight children, Mary, George, Oscar. 
Susan, Ira, Amelia and a pair of twins, which died 
young, fler husband died Feb. 2"], 1844. of erysip- 
elas, being sick only two days, leaving her with sev- 
eral small children to care for, which she did well. 
Two of them were taken so sick the da\- her husband 
died, with cr) sipelas, that their lives were despaired 
of, but they were spared, with all the others, to be a 
comfort and help to her in her years of helplessness. 
In May, 1845, •'^^le was thrown from her carriage and 
broke her right arm, at the wrist, so that the bone 
protruded through the flesh. She had to wear splints 
on it for seventeen weeks. In the \-ear 1847 she was 
attacked with rheumatism, wdiich never leit her. 
Most of the time she was a great sufi"erer, many of 
her joints grew out of joint, and bone formed in their 
sockets, so that for several years she was very help- 
less, but she bore her suff"erings with great patience, 
doing light work to pass the time away, when it 
seemed impossible for her to do anvthing. 

Sept. 3, 1849, she was again thrown from a car- 


riage, at nearly tlie same place as before, and so much 
injured that she was taken up for dead, her head 
striking on a rock. She lay unconscious for several 
days, and when she came to herself her eyes were 
crossed and never turned back again. She used to 
say in telling of it in after years, that her head split 
the rock. 

The 14th of April, 1857, at midnight, a cold rainy 
night, they discovered their house on fire, and so badly 
burned, that the family had barely time to escape 
in their night-clothes, which was all they saved from 
the house; Mrs. Wallace being at that time so lame 
that she could not get oft' the bed alone, her son Ira 
had just time to carry her out. It rained at the time 
and the snow and slosh was ankle deep. They were 
obliged to remain out in it for several hours, as all 
their buildings were burned, and neighbors quite a 
distance off. With the kind assistance of neighbors 
they soon had another house erected on the same 
spot, living in it as soon as it was boarded up, and 
finishing it as they could, but she did not complain. 
She died Jan. 9, 1877, nearly 74 years old, glad to 
be free from the sufferings and trials of this life, and 
rejoicing in the blessed hope of immortality beyond 
the grave. 

Her son Ira M. Wallace, was a soldier in the late 
rebellion. He enlisted April 22, 1861, for three 
months, and reenlisted June i, 1861, in the 2d N. H. 
Vol., Col. Maston, Co. F., Capt. Snow, for three years. 
He was in the first battle of Bull Run, fought July 2 i , 
1861 , the battle of Williamsburg ; seige of Yorktown ; 


battle of Fair Oaks ; Seven Pines ; Balls Church ; both 
battles of Melvin Hills ; and lost his right arm, Aug. 
29, 1862, at the second battle of Bull Run. His arm 
was a great loss to him, and he says " I feel my loss 
very much, and often, but never regretted that I en- 
listed." He now lives in Kansas, where I think he 
took up a soldiers claim. 


Mary Ann Southwick", (Benjamin', Joseph*, 
Benjamin*, Benjamin\ John^ John', Lawrence'), 
daughter of Benjamin and Eliza (Wilson), born 1825 ; 
married first, Dec. 9, 1844, at Millville, Mass., Joshua 
Trask ; second, Jeremiah Robbins. Children : 

3279. Isaac**, born Jan. 7, 1846. 

3280. Herbert^, born March 20, 1849. 

3281. Anna^, born July 25, 1852. 

Second husband, Jeremiah Robbins. One child : 

3282. Walter^, born 1S61. 


Susan Sayles SOLITHWICK^ (Benjamin', Joseph*, 
Benjamin*, Benjamin\ John', John^ Lawrence'), 
daughter of Benjamin and Eliza (Wilson), born 
March 5, 1809; married, July i, 1824, Merrill Smith. 
Children : 

32S3. Helen M.^, born Dec. 31, 1S3S; married, Nov. 14, 1859, 
Austin A. Wheelock, of Blackstone. They had three 
3284. Manton M.^, born June 16, 1843; married, Sept. i, 1874, 
Mrs. Maria Nichols. 

5 I 4 THE S O V TH H 1 CK GENE A L Od 1 '. 


Charles Dolitile Southwick', (Amos P/, 
David**, Samuel", DanieT, SamueP, John", Lawrence'), 
son of Amos Pettengale and Maria (Finch), born 
April 11, 1835; married, Oct. 4, 1857. Charlotte A. 
W eeks. Children : 

},2Ss- William D.^ born Nov. 11, 1858. 

5286. Pliny C.^ born Aug. 6, 1S62. 

^^87. Phtbe Ma^ia^ born April 9, 1868. 

5288. Lotta V.^. born Aug. 31, 1S78. 


Juliet Southwick", (Amos P.', Da\ul", Samuel". 
Daniel', Samuel^ John'', Lawrence'), daughter of 
.Amos Pettengale and Maria (Finch), born Jan. 22, 
1837; married, July 14, 1861, M. O. Reynolds. 
Children : 

52.59. George E.^, born June 17, 1862. 
5290. Orlettie M.", born Sept. 11, 1864. 


Hamilion B. South WlCK^ (Erastus Royal', 
David^ SamueP, DanieP, SamueP, John", Lavxrence'), 
son of Erastus Royal and Mary (Williams), born in 
l'>ie Co., Pa., Aug. 4, 1834; married, 1868, Flora, 
daughter of Dr. Tabbot, of Cincinnati, (Jhio. Chil- 
dren : 

.5291. Nettie". 

.5292. Charles'', born 1872. 


xVlERRir ZeLOTES SuUTHWlCK^ (Miltoil', David^ 


Samuel*, Danier, SamueP, John^ Lawrence'), son 
of Milton and Harriet (Chamberlain), born Nov. ii, 
1827; married, Jan. 23, 1858, Ruth E. Sheffield, of 
Bedfordshire, England. They have no children, but 
an adopted daughter: 

3293. Belle". 


Sarah Orrilla South WICK^ (Milton', David*, 
Samuel', Danier, Samuel\ John"\ Lawrence'), daugh- 
ter of Milton and Harriet (Chamberlain), born June 
19, 1830; married John F. Pixley, March 20, 1850. 
They reside at Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin. Children: 

3294. John E.', born Feb. 5, 1851. 

3295. Ruba M.^ born July 25, 1853: married William O. Potter, 
Dec. 25, 1871. 

3296. Hattie", born Jan. 24, 1856; married William F. Wescott, 
June 18, 1878. 

3297. Joel F.^, born Aug. 18, 185S. 

3298. Emma", born March 29, 1861. 

3299. Freddie", born Nov. 23, 1863. 

3300. Ruth", born Aug. 2, 1866. 

3301. Sarah C", born June 29, 1869. 

3302. Frank M.", born Dec. 17, 1872. 


Mary Southwick', (Milton', David*, Samuel*, 
Danier, SamueP, John^ Lawrence'), daughter of 
Milton and Harriet (Chamberlain), born Dec. 4, 1838 ; 
married. May 8, 1862, Abram L Lombard, of Ches- 
terfield, Minn., a hardware .merchant, at Fountain, 
Minn., formerly a preacher. Children: 



3303. Elbert^, born Jan. 13, 1864. 

3304 Grosvenor^, born June 2, 1866, died Sept. 30, 1868. 

3305. George F.', born Jan. 31, 1870. 

3306. Sumner J.*, born May 5, 1873. 

3307. Rose E.*. born Oct. 17, 1877. 


Joel Erastus SoUTHWICK^ (Milton', David^ 
Samuer, Daniel\ Samuel', John", Lawrence'), son of 
Milton and Harriet (Chamberlain), born July 15, 
1832; married first, Oct. 31, 1868, Eliza R. Porter, of 
Minnesota, died Sept. 7, 1871 ; second, Mary Nettle- 
ton, Oct. 30, 1873. He is a carpenter and joiner by 
trade, occupation a farmer, in Alma city, Minn. One 
child : 

330S. Minnie L.^, born March 2, 1S70. 

Second wife, Mary Nettleton. Children : 

3309. Clara BelP, born Dec. 18, 1874, deceased. 

3310. Milton E.^ born Sept. 26, 1876, died Oct. 15, 1878. 

331 1. Lottie May^, born June 18, 1878. 


Ely Chamberlain Southwick', (Milton', David^ 
SamueT, Daniel\ SamueP, John^ Lawrence'), son of 
Milton and Harriet (Chamberlain), born Aug. 4, 1833, 
in Mooers ; married, in Minnesota, Anna Reuterskiold, 
of Sweden. He is a farmer. Children : 

3312. Albert E.^, born Julj 18, 1866. 

3313. Minnie F', born Oct. 9, 1S67. 

3314. Charles Eben^, born June i8, 1870. 



David*, SamueP, Daniel\ SamueP, John^ Lawrence'), 
son of Milton and Harriet (Chamberlain), born Aug. 

25, 1836, in Mooers ; married Mary Ann Slater, in 
Alma City, Minn. 

3315. Charles Willis^, born Nov. i, 1866. 

3316. Reuben^, born July 2, 1868. 

3317. Ira Martain^, born Sept. 16, 1873. 

3318. Mary Lois*, bom Jan. 25, 1874. 

3319. Frederic H.', born Oct. 27, 1878. 


Matilda SOUTHWICK*, (Milton', David®, Samuel*, 
Daniel*, SamueP, John^ Lawrence'), daughter of Mil- 
ton and Harriet (Chamberlain), born March 22, 1841 ; 
married, April 29, 1862, Ira M. Jenkins, of Queens- 
bury, Warren Co., N.Y. Children: 

3320. Martha L.^ born Sept. 10, 1863. 

3321. Franklin C.*, born Sept. 29, 1868. 

3322. Emma M.^, born July 7, 1875. 


Emeline Sabina SouTH\VICK^ (Milton', David^ 
Samuel'\ Danier, SamueP, John^ Lawrence'), daugh- 
ter of Milton and Harriet (Chamberlain), born Nov. 

26, 1843 ; married, Oct. 14, 1866, Fabian A. Reuters- 
kiold, of Sweden. They reside in Busseyville, Jeffer- 
son Co., Wis. Children : 

3323. Clara Bella*, born July 11, 1867, in Paola, Kansas. 

3324. Ella Frances*, born Aug. 18, 1870. 


3325. Alma E.*, born May 30, 1872. 

3326. Charles E.^, born April 14, 1877. 


Franklin Bosworth SouTHWICK^ (Milton'. 
David®, Samuel', DanieP, SamueP, John^ Lawrence'), 
son of Milton and Harriet (Chamberlain), born Sept. 
28, 1848, in Genesee, Walworth Co., Wis.; married. 
Jan. 3, 1875, at Fort Atkinson, Wis., Cornelia M. 
Sheffield, born 1850, daughter of John Sheffield and 
Ann (Chapman). He is a general merchant, at Lake 
Mills, Iowa, (1880); graduated at the North Wes- 
tern Business College, Wis. In 1872, he went to Santa 
Barbara, Cal. to improve his wife's health. Children : 

3327. Lucia MabeP, born Feb. 10, 1876, in Easton, Minn. 

3328. Florence Maj^, born May 10, 1877, in Santa Barbara, Cal. 


John S0UTHWICK^ (David', David', Samuel', 
Daniel^ SamueP, John^ Lawrence'), son of David 
and Elizabeth (Smedley), settled in Olney, 111., and 
was there in 1869; moved further west, friends have 
not heard from them since. Children : 

3329. Daughter^ born 1870. 

3330. John9, born 1875. 

3331. Rufus*, born 1878. 


RUFUS E. SoUTHWICK^ (David', David^ Samuel', 
Danier, SamueP, John^ Lawrence'), son of David 



and Elizabeth (Smedley), born 1845 ; married, 1872, 
Matilda Richards. He is a leather merchant at Ash- 
ley, Ohio. Children : 

3332. Burtie^, born 1873. 

3333. John R.^, born 1876. 


' Sophia Elizabeth SouTHWICK^ (Wheeler B.\ 
Job*, George*, Jonathan*, Daniel\ Danie^^ Lawrence'), 
daughter of Wheeler B. and Sarah ( Stafford), born 
Sept. 28, 1847; married William H. Slocum. Chil- 

3335. Ljmer O.', born Aug. 18, 1866, Windsor, Fajette Co., 

3336. Irene EUen^. born Sept. 7, 1870, at West Union. 

3337. Charles G.^, born April 7, 1874, at West Union. 

3338. William W.*, born Sept. 5, 1877, at Black Jack, Douglass 
Co., Kansas. 


Frank SouTHWICK^ (Edmond', Job*, George*, 
Jonathan\ DanieP, DanieP, Lawrence'), son of 
Edmond and Marietta (Clough), born Dec. 29, 1850; 
married, Sept. 22, 1874, Frances Carmel. Child: 

3334. Edmond^, born 1875. 


Nathan®, Jonathan*, Jonathan', DanieP, Danief , Law- 
rence'), son of Amanda (Southwick) and Asa Dens- 
more, born Jan. 5, 1829; married first, May 5, 1 850, 


Sally Jane Ashley, at Randolph, Pa., died Oct. 29, 
186,3; second, Aug. 5, 1867, Mrs. Mary A. Keep. 
Children : 

3339. Elmer Leroj', born Jan. 27, 1854. 

3340. Amanda Diademia', born March 19, 1856. 

3341. Annie Lucerne^ born Dec. 24, 1858. 

Married second, widow Mary A. Keep. Children: 

3342. Alta Marv^, born March 13, 1869. 

3343. Nathan Guy^, born July 9, 1877. 


Hannah PLleanok Densmore", (Amanda', Na- 
than^ Jonathan^ Jonathan\ DanieP, DanieP, Law- 
rence'), daughter of Amanda (Southwick) and Asa 
Densmore, born Jan. 27, 1831; married, Sept. 28, 
1851, Ellis B. Thrall. Children: 

3344. Watson", born Nov. 29, 1853; married, Nov. 25, 1876, 
Addie Knapp. 

3345. Melville^, born Sept. 12, 1855; married, Dec. 24, 1879, 
Addie S. Hull. He is living in Dakota; his P. O. address 
is Waukan, Winnebago Co., Wis. 

3346. Ada A.^, born July 17, 1857; married, March 8, 1877, Frank 

3347. Forrest', born April 12, 1859. 

3348. Carrie B.', born April 6. 1861 ; married, March 12, 1881. 
Silas Perkins. 

3349. Permelia C", born Feb. 6, 1863. 

3350. Burton H.*, born Feb. 9, 1866. 

3351. Lulu L.^, born Aug, 26, 1868. 

3352. John A.^, born March 15, 1871. 

3353. Jiilia^, born April 27, 1874. 


David E. GREENE^ (Philadelphia', Lucy*, John", 
Jonathan\ Daniel, DanieP, Lawrence'), son of Phil- 


adelphia (Cook) and Jabez Greene, born March 23, 
1835 ; married Alzira Gaines, of Castile, N.Y. Chil- 
dren : 

3354. AHce^, born Oct. 24, i860, died Feb. 10. 1870. 

3355. Carrie^ born Sept. i, 186S. 

3356. Edith^, born Sept. 26, 1871. 


George A. GREENE^ (Philadelphia', Lucy^ John', 
Jonathan\ DanieP, DanieP, Lawrence'), son of Phila- 
delphia (Cook) and Jabez Greene, born Aug. 5, 1836, 
in Lyons, N.Y. ; married, Aug. i, 1858, in Hopedale, 
Mass., Anna S. Taft, daughter of Arnold and Martha 
(Harrington). He and his brothers D. E. and J- 
Frank Greene, are manufacturers of woolen cloths, 
cassimeres, doeskins, flannels and yarns, and ready- 
made clothing, at Pike, Wyoming Co., N. Y. They 
lived twelve years in Massachusetts, and are now living 
in the state of New York. Children : 

3357. Cordelia Agnes , born Oct. 9, 1859, in Mendon, Mass. 

3358. Mary Theresa*, born Aug. 12, 1S66, in Newfane, N.Y. 

3359. George Albert^, born Feb. 13, 1868, in Pike, N.Y. 

3360. Annah Taft*. born Aug. 3, 1874, in Pike, N.Y. 

3361. Irving*, born Sept. 2, 1880. 


Joseph Francis Greene*, (Philadelphia', Lucy®, 
John^ Jonathan\ Danier\ DanieP, Lawrence'), son of 
Philadelphia (Cook) and Jabez Greene, born Aug. 30, 
1839; married first, Emily Bolatine, died 1859; sec- 
ond, Jennie Lloyd ; third, Ellen Ingraham, Aug. 30, 
1872. Children: 

3362. Jennie Lloyd*, born April 25, 1866. 

3363. Junia Ingraham*, born April 24, 1875. 



Mary E. South WICK^ ( Royal', DanieP, SamueP, 
David\ SamueP, John\ Lawrence'), daughter of 
Royal and Lydia R. (Child), born Nov. 7, 1846; 
married, Feb. 18, 1869, Silas M. Oliphant. Children: 

3364. Ira M.", born Aug. 8, 1875. 

3365. Alice L.®, born Aug. 8, 1877, died Aug. 23, 1878. 

231 7. 

Maria L. Southwick*, (Royal', DanieP, Samuel*, 
David\ SamueP, John^ Lawrence'), daughter of 
Royal and Lydia R. (Child), born Dec. 20, 1851; 
married Andrew A. Bowers, Dec. 20, 1875. One 
child : 

3366. Lydia J.^ born April 25, 1877. 


Richard E. Southwicr,', (Josiah', Job^ George*. 
Jonathan\ DanieP, Daniel*, Lawrence'), son of Josiah 
and Huldah Ann (Hawley), born April 27, 1852, in 
Brant, Erie Co., N.Y. ; married, April 5, 1877, in 
Big Springs, Ottawa Co., Mich., Emma A. Rogers, 
daughter of Isaac Rogers. He is a farmer. They 
live in Hart, Ocean Co., Mich. Children, born in 
Hart, Mich.: 

3367. Josiah Rogers*, born April 20, 1878. 

3368. Bertha A.', born Aug. 31, 1879. 


Almeda Julia KNAPP^ (Maria', DanieP, Samuel*. 
David\ SamueP, John^ Lawrence'), daughter of 


Maria (Southwick) and Abel Knapp, born Sept. 17, 
1827; married, Aug. 20, 1846, Miron Messenger. 
One child : 

3369. Julia E.", born May 13, 1847, died Feb., 1S7S. Married, 

Sept. 20, 1866, Pliny Dunn. They have three children, 

viz. : Lillian A.'°, born June 26, 1867, died April 17, 1S69; 

Pliny I.'", born Jan., 1872, died June 20, 1873; Ruthie'". 
bgrn July i, 1S74. 


Dell\ H. KNAPP^ (Maria", Daniel^ Samuel', 
David*, SamueP, John^ Lawrence'), daughter of 
Maria (Southwick) and Abel Knapp, born June 12, 
1829, died Dec. 24, 1863; married, Sept. 10, 1850, 
P. P. Douglass, died Dec. 14, 1878. One child: 

3370. Charles R.^, born April 4, 1S52 ; married, Dec. 17, 1876. 
Bell Johns, died Feb. 4, 187S. 


Abel Parsons KNAPP^ (Maria', DanieT', Samuel', 
David\ Samuel, John^ Lawrence'), son of Maria 
(Southwick) and Abel Knapp, born Nov. 2, 1831, 
died Aug. 29, 1877; married, Sept. 5, 1861, Julia H. P. 
Shedden. One child: 

3371. William P.", born March 1, 1S65. 


Chauncy F. KNAPP^ (Maria', Daniel^ Samuel', 
David\ SamueP, John', Lawrence'), son of Maria 
(Southwick) and Abel Knapp, born Dec. 31, 1833; 



married Fanny Mattock, Oct. 20, 1862. He is a 
merchant in Westfield, 111. One child : 

3372. Walter M", born June, 1865. 


Horatio F. KNAPP^ (Maria", Daniel^ SamueP, 
David*, SamueP, John^ Lawrence'), son of Maria 
(Southwick), and Abel Knapp, born Jan. 17, 1836; 
married Kate A. Fitch, Nov. 26, 1864. One child: 

3373. Wallace H.^, born April i, 1869. 


Emma M. Knapp', (Maria', DanieP, Samuel', David', 
SamueP, John^ Lawrence'), daughter of Maria 
(Southwick), and Abel Knapp, born March 22, 
1838 ; married Dr. Willard A. Child, March 26, 1863. 
One child : 

3374. Edward W. L.^, born Dec. 29, 1863. died Feb. id, 1878. 


Charles L KNAPP^ (Maria', Daniel*, Samuer, 
David', SamueP, John^ Lawrence'), son of Maria 
Southwick and Abel Knapp, born Jan. 4, 1841 ; mar- 
ried, Jan. I, 1867, Maria Hager. He is largely en- 
gaged in the manufacture of lumber, shingles and 
starch. Children : 

3375. Mary E.^, born Jan. 1868. 

3376. Maurice H.®, born March 17, 1871. 

3377. Gaylord H.^, born Oct. 22, 1874. 



Amelia M. Knapp', (Maria', Daniel*, Samuel'. 
David\ SamueP, John'', Lawrence'), daughter of 
Maria Southwick and Abel Knapp, born June 28, 
1843; married, June 27, 1872, Dr. Charles H. Bid- 
well. One child : 

3378. Fl-ank^ born Oct. 5, 1874, died Oct. 4, 1877. 


ROXANA Southwick', (Philetus', Daniel', Samuel', 
Daniel, SamueP, John^ Lawrence'), daughter of 
PhiletusE. and Ann Eliza (Stacy), born Aug. 6, 1836 ; 
married, Jan. 28, 1861, Marcus L. Hedding. Chil- 
dren : 

3379. Burnie®, born April 2, 1862, died Dec. 18, 1S62. 

3380. Elida'', born June 19, 1864, died 1875. 

3381. Julia M.9, born July 16, 1869. 

3382. Fredda G.', born April 27, 1872. 

3383. Nettie G.^ born Feb. 16, 18/4, died Feb. 29, 1876. 


Homer H. SoUTHVVICK^ (Isaac M.', Isaac*, Isaac', 
Lawrence\ Lawrence^ DanieP, Lawrence'), son of 
Isaac Mott and Rebecca (Williams), born March 15, 
1852, in Clarendon, Vt. ; married Catharine Brunson 
Germond, born July 22, 1832, in Mentz, N. Y., died 
July 29, 1880, in Hoosick Falls. One child: 

3384. Horace Horner^. 


Elgin Southwick', (David', Daniel*, David". 


Lawrence\ Lawrence'*, DanieP, Lawrence'), son of 
David and Jane (Carthers), born Aug. 31, 1855; 
married Georgianna S. Churchell, April 17, 1878. 
Children : 

3385. Somers M.', born March 12. 1879. 
3385.7. Child^, born 1880. 


Jane L. Southwick', (David', DanieP, David', 
Lawrence^ Lawrence^ Daniel^ Lawrence'), daughter 
of David and Jane (Carthers), born April 29, 1857; 
married, July 27, 1875, John Rupert. Children: 

3386. Lottie Jane^ born Ma^- 28, 1876. 

3387. Zilla May^, born April 30, 1877. 
338S. Mabel A.^ born Oct. 20, 1878. 

3389. James W.^, born March 14, 1880. 


Caroline D. Southvvick*, (David', Daniel', 
David^ Lawrence\ Lawrence^ DanieP, Lawrence'), 
daughter of David and Jane (Carthers), born Dec. 
7, 1858; married James H. Rupert, Oct. 14, 1876. 
Children ; 

3390. Emeline^, born July i8, 1877. 

3391. Caroline Maud', born Jan. 8, 1879. 

3392. James W.", born March 14, 1880. 


Margaret A. YoUNG^ (Elizabeth', Daniel^ David", 
Lawrence\ Lawrence^ DanieP, Lawrence'), daughter 
of Elizabeth (Southwick) and Mathew Young, born 


Oct. 15, 1847; married Thomas Wood, Feb. 10, 1870. 
Children : 

3393- George F." 

3394. Mathew E.' 

3395. Elizabeth A.' 

3396. Anna^. 

3397. Ella^. 


Mary Ann SoUTH^VICK^ (George H', George*. 
George% Jonathan*, DanieP, Daniel^, Lawrence'), 
daughter of George H. and Fidelia (Rideout), born 
Sept. 4, 1840; married, Jan., 1856, Jason Putnam 
Little. They live in Kansas (1880). Children: 

3398. Laura^, born July 3, 1859; married. 1879, Odd Rutledge, 
They live in Kansas (1880). 

3399. William^, born Oct. 10, 1861. 

3400. L,awrence^ born 1863, died 1866. 

3401. Mary^, born Jan., 1866. 

3402. Forest*, born 1869. 

3403. Clarry Fidelia*, born Jan. 3, 1872. 

3404. Arthur^, born Sept. 7, 1877. 


Angelina Selina SouTHWICK^ (George', George*, 
George"", Jonathan*, DanieP, Daniel^ Lawrence'), 
daughter of George H. and Fidelia (Rideout), 
born Oct. 18, 1842; married, 1865, John McLelland. 
Children : 

3405. Cora*, born 1865. 


Pamela B. Southwick", (George H.', George^ 


George% Jonathan\ DanieP, Daniel', Lawrence'), 
daughter of George H. and Fidelia (Rideout), born 
Aug. 15, 1845; married Joseph Faunce, 1863. They 
live in Crawford Co., Penn. Children : 

3406. William Wallace^, born Feb. 28, 1S66. 

3407. Tillian Latitia', born Sept. 23, 1874. 


Lydia M. Southwick®, (George H.', George^ 
George*, Jonathan*, DanieP, Danier\ Lawrence'), 
daughter of George H. and Fidelia (Rideout), born 
Dec. 28, 1847, died Oct. 26, 1870. Married, 1862, 
John Thomson Watson, lives in Randolph, Crawford 
Co., Penn. Children: 

3408. Lavergne', born June i8, 1S68, died 1S70. 

3409. Ljdia', born May 10, 1870. 


Enos Matthias SouTHWICK^ (George H.\ 
George*, George\ Jonathan*, DanieP, DanieP, Law- 
rence') son of George H. and Fidelia (Rideout), born 
Feb. 10, 1850; married, Sept. 10, 1865, widow Atlanta 
(Faunce) Sweet. Children: 

3410. Hattie", born 1866, 

3411. Estella*, born 1872. 

3412. Curtis Pray, born 1877. 


Adelbert Moses Southwick*, (George H.", 
George®, George*, Jonathan*, DanieP, DanieP, Law- 
rence'), son of George H. and Fidelia (Rideout), 


born April 19, 1852; married Nora Snyder, Sept. 19, 
1879. They live in Kansas (1880). One child: 

.:;4i3. Gertrude^, born 1S80. 


Jason Elbert SouTHWICK^ (George H.', 
George*, George^ Jonathan\ DanieP, DanieP, Law- 
rence'), son of George H. and Fidelia (Rideout), 
born Aug. 13, 1856; married Catharine Yocum, 1877. 
They live in Steuben, Crawford Co., Penn. One 

3414. Child", born Sept. 23, 1877. 


Lucy Anna BARKER^ (Lucy Green', John**, John', 
Jonathan\ Daniel', Daniel^ Lawrence'), daughter of 
Lucy Green (Southwick) and Cyrus Barker, born 

July 20, 1836; married. May 4, 1854, White. 

Children : 

3415. Edwin Markland", born Feb. 10, 1855. 

3416. Fanny Fletcher", born May 4, 1S58. 


Ellen Southwick Smtih', (Lavinia S.', Wait'', 
John", Jonathan'', DanieP, DanieP, Lawrence'), 
daughter of Lavinia Southwick (Aldrich) and John 
Smith, born May 3, 1837, died Nov. 10, 1870. Mar- 
ried, May 3, 1857, Levi S. Cook, of Mapleville, R.L 
Children : 


3417. Garton^, born Feb. 15, 1858; married, March 3, 1877, KaU- 
Cooper. They have three children, viz. : Howard'", born 
Julj 29, 1878; Albert S.'*, born Aug. 30. 1879; Lulu S.'''. 
born May 12, 1880, died May 15, 1880. 

3418. Martha M.^, born Nov. 20, 1S62. 


Albert F. Henry', (Lucy Green', Wait'', John'. 
Jonathan\ DanieP, DanieP, Lawrence'), son of Rich- 
ard Henry and Lucy Green (Aldrich), grandson of 
Wait (Southvvick) and Savel Aldrich, born Sept. 1 i. 
1842; married, Aug. 26, 1866, Alice Holbrook, of 
Blackstone, Mass. Children: 

3419. Albert F.', born April 10, 1867. 

3420. Richard®, born April 27, 1868. 

3421. Flossie*, born Jan. 6, 1870. 

3422. Alice C.^ born Sept. 24, 1872. 

3423. Walter C", born March 30, 1874. 

3424. Annie M.*, born Oct. 16, 1876. 


Albert S. Smith*, (Lavinia', Wait^ John^ Jona- 
than^ DanieP, Daniel, Lawrence'), son of John A. 
Smith and Lavinia (Southwick) Aldrich, and grand- 
son of Wait (Southwick) and Savel Aldrich, born 
May 28, 1834, died Dec. 15, 1870; married, June 17. 
1855, Miranda M. Richardson, of Woonsocket, R. L 
Children : 

3425. Elmer Everett^ born July 27, 1858, died Sept. 27, 1858. 

3426. Hattie Viola®, born May 21, i860. 

3427. Marietta®, born July 29, 1863. 


Lucy M. Henry*, (Lucy G.', Wait^ John', Jona- 


than^ Daniel^ Daniel", Lawrence'), daughter of Rich- 
ard Henry and Lucy Greene (Aldrich), and grand- 
daughter of Wait (Southwick) and Savel Aldrich, born 
Dec. I, 1850, died March 20, 1880. Married, Feb. 
14, 1872, Charles H. Chickey, of Dover, Mass. 
Children : 

3428. Alma M.^, born April 23, 1877. 

3429. James C.^, born Nov. i, 1S78. 

3430. Henry I.^, born Jan. 16, 1880. 


LousiA A. FISHER^ (Alma M', Wait^ John', Jon- 
athan\ Daniel^, DanieP, Lawrence'), daughter of 
Josiah and Alma M. (Aldrich), and granddaughter 
of Wait (Southwick) and Savel Aldrich, born May 
12, 1830; married, Oct. 13, 1847, John Gregory, of 
Uxbridge. Children : 

3431. Maria C.^, born Aug. 17, 1848; married John Lane, Aug. 
17, 1869. They have three children, viz. : Olivia F.^'^, 
born Oct. 28, 1870; Elwyn^", born Oct. 27, 1871, died 
Aug., 1873; George E.'", born Feb. 11, 1875. 

3432. Olivia F.^ born Nov. 5, 1850; married, Nov. 19, 1872. 
George L. Church, of Tiverton. 

3433. Euclid P.*, born Nov. 5, 1854, died Sept. 15, 1855. 

3434. Louisa A.®, born Dec. 27, 1857. 

3435. Abbie G.^, born Jan. 11, 1871. 


Data Harkness*, (Hannah', Joseph^ Benjamin', 
Benjamin'', John^ John^ Lawrence'), daughter of 
Hannah (Southwick) and Samuel Harkness, born 
1789; married George Gaskill. Children: 


5436. Rhoda®. Not married (1880). 

3437. Hannah^. Married Samuel Chase. Thej have one child. 

3438. SamiieP. Married Abbie Thayer. They have one child, 

3439. George''. Not married. 

3440. Sarah^. Married Artimus Pickering. They have seven 

3441. Gilbert". Married Sarah Caldwell. 

3442. Data Ann". Married Willard Bennett. They have five 


Abbi HARKNESS^ (Hannah', Joseph"', Bcnjamin^ 
Benjamin'', John'*, John^ Lawrence'), daughter of 
Hannah (Southwick) and Samuel Harkness, born 
Jan. 20, 1791, died June 15, 1843. Married, April 
20, 1809, Jonas Green, born March 14, 1784, died 
Dec. 24, i860. Children: 

3443. Almina", born Oct. 7, 1809; married Seth Brown. They 

have five children. 
5444. Hannah", born July 4, 1811 ; married George Wilson. They 

have seven children. 

3445. Samuel H.", born Sept. 2, 1813; married first, Juda Taft; 
second, Mary Taft; third, Sarah Allen. 

3446. Malinda", born April 2, 1816, died Aug. 12, 1S55. Married 
Burney Ellis. They have two children. 

3447. Francis M.", born Junei,iSi8; married Mary Ellis. No 

3448. Clarissa H. D.", born April 22, 1820, died May 22. 1822. 

3449. Prusia Ann", born June 26, 1822, died Dec. 24, 1839. 

3450. Daniel", born Oct. 28, 1824; married first, Abby S. Hills; 
second, Lucy Hills; third, Martha D. Gaines. 

3451. George Washington", born June 7, 1827; married Sarah 
Ellis. They have two children. 

3452. Asel", born March i6, 1832, died Nov. 28, 1868. 



James HARKNESS^ (Hannah", Joseph^ Benjamin% 
Benjamin\ John^, John"^ Lawrence'), son of Hannah 
(Southwick) and Samuel Harkness, born 1793 ; mar- 
ried Juda Thayer. Children : 

3453. Nancj^. Married Washington Hunt. Tliey have seven 
children. Thej live in Blackstone (iSSo). 

3454. Jiida^. Married Smith Thayer. Tliey have two children. 

viz. : Andrew'" and Mary'". 

3455. James^. Married Julia Arnold. They have two children. 

3456. Hiram^. Married Mary Paine. 

3457. Arminda^. Married Henry Atkins. They have three 
children. They live in Providence, R. I. 


Saml'EL Harkness®, (Hannah', Joseph^ Benjamin", 
Benjamin", John', John^ Lawrence'), son of Hannah 
(Southwick) and Samuel Harkness, born 1795; mar- 
ried Esther Evans. Children : 

3458. Elisha". Not married. 

3459. Hannah*. Married Macklum. 


Southwick Harkness*, (Hannah', Joseph^ Ben- 
jamin% Benjamin", John^ John", Lawrence'), son of 
Hannah (Southwick) and Samuel Harkness, born 
July 8, 1797, died June 18, 1875. Married Phebe 
Thayer. Children : 

3460. Samuel", deceased. 

3461. Prof. Albert*. Married Maria Smith. They have' two 
children, viz. : Albert'" and Clara'". 


3462. Alma", died young. 

3463. Amanda", died young. She and her brother Alma were 

3464. OIney". Married Hattie Johnson. 

3465. William". Married first, Maria Remington, they had one 
child; second, Annie Earl. They live in New York. 

3466. Ellis". Married Jane Bates. They have one child, Jennie'". 

3467. Emeline". Married Russell Wilson. They have three chil- 
dren, viz. : Annie'", Willie'" and Dora'", and live at Millville 

3468. Emily", died young. She and her sister Emeline were twins. 


Mercy HARKNESS^ (Hannah\ Joseph^ Benjamin', 
Benjamin", John*, John", Lawrence'), daughter of 
Hannah Southwick and Samuel Harkness, born 1800; 
married Thomas Taft. Children : 

3469. Sullivan". Married Lydia Paine. They have four children, 
viz. : Alma'", Edgar'", Mary'", Charles'". 

3470. Hannah". Married Otis Nelson. They have six children. 
They live at Milford, Mass. 

3471. Eliza". Married Samuel Adams. They have eight children. 

3472. Lawson". Married Elizabeth Taft. They have two children. 

3473. Samuel". Married Waity Wood. They have four children. 

3474. Jefferson". Married Hannah Taft. 

3475. Mercy". Married Millens Emerson. They have one child, 

3476. Susan". Married William Hooker. They have two chil- 
dren, VIZ. : Grace'" and Etta'". 


Prusia Harkness*, (Hannah', Joseph*, Benjamin', 
Benjamin", John^ John^ Lawrence'), daughter of 
Hannah (Southwick) and Samuel Harkness; born 
1802; married Mowry Smith. Children: 


3477. Samuel*. Married Rachael Mowrj. 

3478. Simon^ Married Neachv. Thej have two children. 

3479. Daniel®. Not married. 
J480. Hannah®. Not married. 

3481. John®. Not married. 

3482. James®. Not married. 

3483. Mowry®. Not married. 


Sullivan HARKNESS^ (Hannah\ Joseph*, Benja- 
min", Benjamin^ John'\ John^, Lawrence'), son of 
Hannah (Southwick) and Samuel Harkness, born 
April 10, 1804; married Ehza Taft. Children: 

3484. Sarah*. Married Wiliiam Northrop. Thej' have one son- 

Charles Freemont. 

3485. Maria®. Not married. 


Sophia Harkness*, (Hannah', Joseph^ Benjamin", 
Benjamin\ John"\ John*, Lawrence'), daughter of 
Hannah (Southwick) and Samuel Harkness, born 
Oct. 23, 1806; married Lyman Wilson, Oct., 1833. 

3486. Sullivan®, born Aug., 1838; married Jane CorbelK They 
have one child, Ella'". 

3487. Hannah®, born Sept., 1840; married Dr. E. Cornell Eston. 
They have one child, Paulina'", married Joseph Hannaves, 
of Kansas. 


Rebecca Southwick Ives', (Lois', John", Josiah\ 
John\ DanieP, DanieP, Lawrence'), daughter of Lois 
Alley (Southwick) and John Ives, born Oct. 14, 1828 ; 
married Gilbert Streeter. Children : 


3488. Lewis G.", born Jan. 4, 1855, died Jan. 27, 1863, 

3489. Mary Louisa^, born Dec. 10, 1857, died 1S57. 

3490. Rebecca I.^, born Oct. 18, 1859. 

3491. Mary Ellen'', born Oct. 13, 1863. 

3492. Abbie*. born Aug. 23, 1866. 

3493. Gilbert Streeter*, born March 10, 1868. 


Luke C. Keith*, (Luke S.', Sarah^ Joseph*, Law- 
rence*, Lavvrence^ Daniel", Lawrence*), grandson of 
Sarah (Southwick) and Gershom Keith and son of 
Luke S. Keith and Louis (Ballou) ; married Mary M. 
Kendricks. One child : 

3494. Harold Southwick®, born Nov. 20, 1878. 


Helen Maria KEITH^ (Gershom', Sarah^ Jos- 
eph% Lawrence\ Lawrence', Daniel*, Lawrence'), 
granddaughter of Sarah (Southwick) and Gershom 
Keith and daughter of Gershom Keith and Mary Ann 
(Howard), born Sept. 3, 1835. Married, March 23. 
1854, Edmund W. Ryan. Children: 

3495. Walter Edward^ 

3496. William Gershom^. 

3497. Georgia Moranda'. 

3498. Girtie MabeR 

3499. Edmund W.', deceased. 

3500. Howard'*. 


Daniel Remington Southwick*, (Remington'. 
Elijah®, Jonathan^ Jonathan*, DanieP, Daniel", Law- 
rence'), son of Remington and Celinda (Whitford), 
born Dec. 30, 1828, in Point Judith Light House; 


married, Oct. 18, 1852, Belinda Perry, daughter of 
Robinson and Phebe Ann Perry. Children: 

3501. Daniel Remington, Jr. ^, born July 26, 1856, in Wakefield; 
married Ella Underwood, Oct. 29, 1877. 

3502. Wanton R.^, born Aug. 22, 1S58; married Anna Holland, 
March 15, 1880. 

3503. John M.^, born Oct. 13, i860. 

3504. Mary E.^ born Nov. 8, 1863. 


Frances Isabella SouTHWICK^ (Bradford', 
li^lijah*, Jonathan", Jonathan\ DanieP, DanieP, Law- 
rence'), daughter of Bradford and Catharine Antonio 
(De Medicis), born Feb. 25, 1837, at Catskill, Greene 
Co., N.Y. ; married, Oct. 13, 1856, Samuel Levy 
Cook, son of Capt. William Cook, born Nov. 13, 1832, 
at Charlotte, N.C. Children : 

3505. Samuel Bradford^, born March 25, 1858, died at Jacksonville, 
Florida, Nov. 13, 1S69. 

3506. John William", born Dec. 2, 1859, at St. Augustine, Florida- 

3507. Robert Moran^, born Jan. 7, i860. 

3508. Henry Levy^, born Nov. 6, 1862, at Sanderson, Florida, 
died Oct. 16, 1863. 

3509. Frances Isabella^, born March 11. 1866, at Jacksonville, 
Florida, died July 6, 1866. 

3510. Fannie May^, born May 10, 1868, at Jacksonville, F'lorida, 
died May 10, 1S70. 

3511. Delia* born Aug. 10, 1869, died Feb. 12. 1870. 

3512. Catharine*, born 1870, died 1871. 

3513. Samuel Gonzales*, born Jan., 1871, died 1871. 

3514. William*, born Dec. 25, 1873 at St. Augustine. Florida, died 
at St. Augustine. 


Mary E. SouTH\VICK^ (George', Nathan", George", 


John'', John"', John^ Lawrence'), daughter of George 
and Abigail (Taylor). Married Eli Richardson. 
Children : 

3515. George'*', 
J516. Milton^- 


Thomas F. Southwick*, (George\ Nathan^ 
George', John*, John^ John', Lawrence'), son of 
George and Abigail (Taylor), born March 6, 1835; 
married Mary Barbour. Children : 

3517. Oscai-^. 

3518. Abby». 


Levi South wick*, (George', Nathan", George", 
John*, John^ John^ Lawrence'), son of George and 
Abigail (Taylor), born Jan. 28, 1838; married Caro- 
line Legro. Children : 

3519. Susie®. Deceased. 

3520. Susie®. 

3521. Samuel*. 

3522. Charles®. 

3523. Abb/, 


Nathan SouTHWICK*, (George', Nathan^ George', 
John*, John\ John*, Lawrence'), son of George and 
Abigail (Taylor) ; married Katie Barbour. Children : 

3524. George*'. 

3525. Matthew®. 



Eben Moulton Southwick, JR.^ (Eben^Nathan^ 
George", John\ John^ John^, Lawrence'), son of 
Eben Moulton and Abigail (Locke), born June 4, 
1832, died Aug. 22, 1861. Married Phebe Taylor. 
Children : 

3526. Eben^. 

3527. Thissie'. 


William H. SouTHWICK^ (Eben Moulton', 
Nathan'', George^ John\ John'', John^ Lawrence'), 
son of Eben Moulton and Abigail (Locke), born 
Aug. 2, 1834; married Clara Brown, Aug. 5, 1866. 
Children : 

352S. Clarence E.^ 

3529. Frederick^. 


Joel L. Southwick*, (Eben Moulton\ Nathan®, 
George*, John\ John^ John^ Lawrence'), son of 
Eben Moulton and Abigail (Locke), born Feb. 12, 
1838; married, April 26, 1863, Maria A. Mosher, 
born July 26, 1845. He is a farmer in West Peabody, 
Mass. Children : 

3530. Charles T.^, born March 25, 1864. 

3531. Walter H.^, born June 5, 1867. 


Hannah Southwick*, (Allen^ William^ James*, 


Josiah\ Josiah^ Josiah^ Lawrence'), daughter of 
Allen and Beulah (Grant), born April 2, 1806, died 
June I, 1867. Married, 1830, James Dobbin, born 
1807, died Sept. 25, 1858. Children: 

3532. William^, born 1S31, died Juh' 25, 1832. 

3533. Sarah^, born 1835, died i860. 

3534. John^, born 1837, died 1858. 


Dorothy SouTHWICK^ (Allen', William*, James', 
Josiah^ Josiah^, Josiah*, Lawrence'), daughter of 
Allen and Beulah (Grant), born March 28, 1815; 
married Charles C. Shim. Children : 

3535. Garrett^, born 1839. 

3536. Charles H.*, born 1843. 

3537. Anna^ born 1846. 

3538. Beulah®, born 1848. 

3539. Sallie', born 185 1. 


Martha SouTH\\TCK^ (Allen', William^ James*, 
Josiah^ Josiah^ Josiah^ Lawrence'), daughter of 
Allen and Beulah (Grant), born Dec. 28, 18 19; 
married John Bryan, born Sept. 27, 1820, died Sept. 
7, 1852. Children : 

3540. Mary Ann®, born 1847. 

3541. Eliza®, born 1850, died Sept. 14. 1877. 

3542. Beulah®, born 1850, died 1S51. She and her sister Beulah 
were twins. 


Joseph Allen SouTHWICK^ (Allen', William", 


James', Josiah\ Josiah^ Josiah"\ Lawrence*), son of 
Allen and Beulah (Grant), born Nov. 21, 1824; 
married first, Beulah Lamb, died Feb. 3, 1861 ; sec- 
ond, Fanny Hance. Children : 

3543. Anna®, born 1848, died 1851. 

3544. Beulah®, born 1850. 

3545. Marj®, born 1852. . 

3546. James®, born 1854. 

3547. Joseph®, born 1856. 

Married second wife, Fanny Hance. One child : 

3548. Edward®, born 1859. 


William Shim SouTHWICK^ James', William", 
James", Josiah\ Josiah^ Josiah*, Lawrence'), son of 
James and Sarah (Mick), born 1804; married Sarah 
Francis. Children : 

3549. Nathan®. He is a carriage manufacturer at AUentown, N. J. 

3550. Mar/. 

3551. Bessie®. 

3552. Charles®. 

3553. Edward®. 

3554. Kate®. 

3555. Sarah®. 

3556. Jane®. 

3557. John®. 


Charles South WICK^ (James^ William^ James\ 
Josiah"*, Josiah^ Josiah*, Lawrence'), son of James 
and Sarah (Mick), born Oct. 17, 1808; married 
Mary Wolcott, died Dec. 31, 1852. Children: 


3558. Charles Henrj^. 

3559. Edwin Stevens^. 

3560. Frank'. 


James Southwick', (James', William^ James^ 
Josiah*. Josiah^ Josiah^ Lawrence'), son of James 
and Sarah (Mick), born Sept. 17, 1814, died 1846. 
Married. Children : 

3561. Charles'. 

3562. Philip'. 


Philip Rensellear Van Wyck SouTHWICK^ 
(James', Wilham®, James", Josiah^ Josiah^, Josiah^, 
Lawrence'), son of James and Sarah (Mick), born 
March 23, 181 7; married, March 23, 1841, Mary F. 
Page, daughter of Rev. Edward and EHzabeth 
(Hughes) Page, born Oct. 8, 1823. Children: 

3563. Alvin Mick', born March i, 1842, died Oct. 6, 1S55, of con- 

3564. Annie', born Nov. 8, 1S43; married Isaac Nelson Albert- 
son, Feb. 24, 1870. 

3565. Edward Page', born May 7, 1846; married Emma Slack. 
Jan. 18, 1876. He enlisted in the war in 1862, and served 
until it ended, he became the orderly of the Commander 
of a Cavalry Brigade. He was sick with camp fever after 
the battle of Gettysburgh. 


WiLLARD SoUTH\VICK^ (John', SamueP, Benja- 
min'^ Benjamin\ Samuel\ John^ Lawrence'), son of 
John and Mary (Sloan); born May 5, 1809, died Feb. 
10, 1852. Married first, 1838, Sally Hoyt ; born 1804, 


died July 13, 1842; second, May. 1843. Mariett 
Conant. One child ; 

3566. John M.^ born Jan. S, 1842; married, Aug. 23. 1S6S. Abbie 

I. Osgood, born May 8, 1845. 

Second wife, Mariett Conant. Children: 

3567. Malintha^ born Nov. 20, 1845, died May 5, 1863. 

356S. William O.^, born May 28, 1848: married. June 9, 1879. 
Nellie J. Hall, born Jan. 20, i860. 

3569. Hattie L,^, born April 20, 1S51; married. May 28, 1873. 
William H. Hood, born April 15, 1838. 


Clotina SouTHWICK^ (John', Samuel*, Benjamin*, 
Benjamin*, Samuel^, John", Lawrence'), daughter of 
John and Mary (Sloan), born Nov. 5, 1810; married 
Oilman Gurnsey, born Sept. 6, 1806, died Oct. 3, 1873. 

3570. Mahala A.^, born Sept. 27, 1836: married, Feb. 6, i860, 
Abram Wallace. 

3571. George H.^, born Dec. 10, 1839; married, Aug. 17, 1S67. 
Alpha A. Hill, born Nov. 17, 1846. 

3572. 0.scar W.", born Jan. 28, 1S47; married Jennie Leach. 


Samuel C. Goldthwait-, (Polly^ Samuel^ Ben- 
jamin', Benjamin\ Sarah^, John', Lawrence'), son of 
Polly (Southwick) and Jacob Goldthwait, born Nov. 
9,1813; married Zilpha Thayer, March, 1848. Chil- 
dren : 

3573. Jerome B. Thayer^. 

3574. Wesley D.' 
3575- Jacob C.^ 
3576. Laura A.^ 



Adaline C. GoLDTHWAlT^ (Polly', SamueP, Ben- 
jamin', Ben]amin\ Sarah^ John', Lawrence'), daugh- 
ter of Polly (Southwick) and Jacob Goldthwait, born 
Sept. 5, 1824; married, Nov. 9, 1859, Luke W. Kil- 
burn, of Waterbury, Vt., died March 5, 1869, Chil- 
dren : 

3577. Laura J. ^, born 1S60. 

357S. Child", born June 29, 1863, diedjulj 17, 1863. 

3579. Julia D.", born Dec. 5, 1864, died Feb. 17, 1872. 

3580. George Wilbur", born Aug. 5. 1867, died Oct. 20, 1867, 


Sarah Daniels*, (Mary Ann', George^ John*. 
Jonathan\ Daniel*, Danief, Lawrence'), daughter of 
Christopher and Mary Ann (Southwick) Daniels, 
born March 9, 1842 ; married, April 4, 1865, Charles 
A. Henry, son of Richard Henry and Lucy Green 
(Aldrich), and grandson of Wait (Southwick) and 
Savel Aldrich, born Sept. 17, 1840. He is a farmer. 
Children : 

3581. Andrew Christopher", born Jan. 22, 1867. 

3582. Darius Daniels", born Oct. 7, 1869. 

3583. Charles Albert", born March 18, 1873. 


Daniel Wilbur Southwick*, (Benjamin T.', 
Daniel®, George^ Daniel\ Lawrence^ Daniel, Law- 
rence'), son of Benjamin T. and Mary Ann (Wilber), 
born April 2, 1827, in North Adams; married, Aug. 
2 1, 1848, Laurana M. Amadon, daughter of Ansell 


and Susan (Parker) Amadon, born Aug. 9, 1827. 
He was a powder manufacturer at Clarksburgh, Mass. 
Enlisted in the fall of 1862, in Clarksburgh, Co. G,. 
Mass. Vol. His regiment was stationed at Baton 
Rouge, and was in the battle of Port Hudson. He 
returned in the fall of 1863, sold out and went to 
Ashtabula, Ohio ; returned to Pownal, Vt., and bought 
a large farm and after a few yeai-s sold out and came to 
North Adams. One child: 

3584-. Ida AdelP, born May 9, 1849, ^"^ Clarksburgh, Mass; mar- 
ried, Sept. 28, 1S65, in North Adams, George S. Stockwell, 
son of Arad H. and Susan A. (Hooker) Stockwell, born 
June 17, 1844, in Newfane, Vt. He enlisted in Co. B., 16 
Vermont Inlantrj, for nine months, and was in the battle 
of Gettjsburgh. They have one child, Ernest Wilber 
Stockwell'", born July 11. 1S67, in Pownal, Vt. 


Mary Jones SoUTHWICK", (Benjamin T.\ Daniel\ 
(Jeorge^ Daniel*, Lawrence^, Daniel', Lawrence'), 
daughter of Benjamin T. and Mary Ann (Wilber), 
born Jan. 29, 1832, in Albany, N. Y., died Aug. 12, 
1879, in North Adams. Married, Aug. 2, 1849. 
in Stamford, Vt., Charles H. Jones, son of Amos and 
Nancy (Hodge) Jones, born Sept. 20, 1822, in North 
Adams, Mass. ; he is a cotton manufacturer. Chil- 
dren : 

.5585. Arthur H.^, born April 11, 1852, in North Adams ; married. 
Dec. 18. 1873, Mattie F. Wheelock. born May 25, 1852. 
They have two children, viz.: Lois M.'", born Dec. 21. 
1874, in North Adams, Mass. ; Mabel F.'°, born March 8, 
1S77. in Athol, Mass. He is a cotton manufacturer. 


5SS6. George T.^, born Aug. 12, 1855, in Conway, Mass., died 
Aug. 25, 1855. 

3587. Addie E.^, born Nov. 29, 1S57, i" Colerain, Mass. ; mar- 
ried Edward F. Brown, June 14, 1877. He is an officer in 
the Athol Bank. They have two children, viz. : Florence 
A.'*', born April 11, 1S78, in Athol, Mass.; Clarence E.^", 
born Ma}' 11, 1879, in Athol, Mass. 

j6SS. Lizzie M.^, born Aug. 10, 1859, '" Colerain, Mass., died 
Aug. 9, 1S60. 

36S9. Hattie J.^. born April 19, 1862, in Colerain, Mass. 

3590. Nellie E.^, born Aug. 29, 1767, in Athol, Mass. 


Abbie D. South wick*, (Baruch^ George^ John% 
Jonathan*, Daniel*, DanieP, Lawrence'), daughter of 
Baruch A. and Mary (Fowler), born April 24, 1835 ; 
married, Feb. 10, 1861, Thomas Benton Brumback, 
a farmer of Illinois. They reside in Illinois. Children : 

3591. Arthur H.**, born March 31, 1S62. 

3592. Mary G.^, born Dec. 5, 1S63, died Feb. 2, 1865. 

3593. Lewis Lee®, born Aug. 7, 1865, died Jan. 15, 1S71. 

3594. Son**, born July I7, 1868, died July 27, 186S. 

3595. Jacob S.^ born March 24, 1870, died Jan. 3, 1871. 


Ruth A. SoUTHWICK^ (Baruch^ George^ John% 
Jonathan\ Daniel'', Daniel', Lawrence'), daughter of 
Baruch A. and Mary (Fowler), born Nov. 19, 1838; 
married, Feb. 23, 1862, George W. Shinkle, a farmer 
of Ohio. They reside in Illinois. 

3596. Mary M.^ born Sept. 16. 1866. 
3597- George B.®, born Feb. 11, 1874. 
3598. Sarah A.**, born March 27, 1S76. 



Mary F. Southwick*, (Baruch^ George^ John*, 
Jonathan*, DanieP, DanieP, Lawrence'), daughter of 
Baruch A. and Mary (Fowler), born Oct. 27, 1845 ; 
married John Wahon, March 3, 1865. He is a farmer 
in Kentucky. They now reside in Ilhnois. Children : 

3599. Ruth L.^, born Feb. 27, 1S66. 

3600. Moses S.^, born July n, 186S. 

3601. Frederick W.^, born May 22, 1870. 

3602. Hugh A.'', born March 9, 1872. 

3603. Mary E.", born May 21, 1876. 

3604. A. Frances^, born June 5, 1879. 


Edward A. SouTHWICK^ (Orin', David^ Samuel', 
Daniel", SamueP, John^ Lawrence'), son of Orin 
and Hannah (Stone), born April 29, 1830; married 
Achsah Bateman, Feb. 24, 1859. He is a lumber 
merchant in Mooers, N. Y. Children : 

3605. Elizabeth^, born April i, 1S60. 

3606. Marion C.^, born Aug. 5, 1862. 

3607. Simon F.^, born Sept. 28, i£64. 

3608. Ehnira®, born 1866, died 1876, aged 10 years. 

3609. Errin E.®, born July 18, 1870. 
36:0. Louisa L^, born Jan. 17, 1876. 


Orin Frederick SouTIIWICK^ (Orin', David^ 
Samuel", Daniel*, SamueP, John^ Lawrence'), son of 
Orin and Hannah (Stone), born Oct. 31, 1831, in 
Mooers, Clinton Co., N.Y. ; married, Aug. 20, 1867, 
in Freeborn, by her father, Rev. John Benson, Mary 


E. Benson, of Minnesota, born March 5, 1845, i" 
Corina, Me. Children, all born in Wells, Minn.: 

3611. Gertrude Susan^, born June i, 1868. 

3612. Claudius Edward', born Jan. 15, 1872. 

3613. Martha Fredrica', born April 29, 1878. 

Orin Frederick Southwick, second son of Orin 
and Hannah (Stone), was born in Mooers, Clinton 
Co., N. Y., Oct. 31, 1 83 1. He remained with his 
parents till he was twenty-one, helping to clear up and 
develop the Southwick homestead. His education 
was obtained in the common school, Champlain Acad- 
emy, and Fort Edward Collegiate Institute. He 
taught several terms of school in Mooers and Cham- 
plain, and was a very successful teacher. He was a 
member of the first Teacher's Institute held in Clinton 
Co., and assisted in organziing the first Teacher's Asso- 
ciation of Clinton Co., being one of the committee on 

His first speculation on an extensive scale was in 
the purchase of corn in Ogdensburgh, in car-load lots, 
shipped to Centerville, then with teams to the old 
grist mill of A. J. C. Blackman, where it was ground 
and sold. 

On Monday, May 9, 1859, he left Mooers, home 
and friends, and went West, spending a few weeks 
with Milton Southwick and family in Wisconsin, and 
here received his first introduction to western customs 
and western life. Continuing his journey west, he 
crossed the Mississippi for the first time at Prairie 
Duchine, thence by stage into Iowa, remaining a few 
weeks at Burr Oak, a pleasant village in the southern 


part of the state, where he met with several famiHes 
formerly from Mooers and Champlain. While here 
he engaged to teach the Burr Oak Institute, com- 
mencing in September. After spending nearly two 
weeks at this place, he loaded a team with flour, meal 
and smoked hams, and started across a new country 
to Freeborn, Minn., this being his first introduction 
to pioneer life. As the settlements were far between, 
he had to camp out nights, either sleeping on the 
ground or on his load ; as there were no bridges, he 
had to ford streams and sloughs, often having to unload 
and carry his load over on his back, with the help of 
the teamster. After a tiresome journey with an ox 
team through a new country, quite early in the morn- 
ing of June 8th he arrived at Freeborn, where he 
received a joyful reception from his brother David 
and cousins Joel and May Southwick, who were 
keeping house. Here he sold his flour for $6.00 a 
hundred pounds, and meal for $4.00. Remaining here 
during the summer, he preempted 160 acres of land, 
going to the U. S. land office at Chatfield, 85 miles, 
for that purpose, but went with two ox teams and 
two wagons, taking Joel Southwick with him, and 
loading back with corn meal ; he thus continued his 
-trade in provisions, which paying a liberal profit, 
was also entered into by his brother David Southwick, 
which might be called the commencement of the 
extensive mercantile firm of Southwick Brothers. 

On the 4th of July, 1859, he delivered the Fourth 
of July oration in Freeborn, which was listened to by 
a large gathering of pioneers. About the last of 


August he left Freeborn and journeyed to Burr Oak, 
Iowa, to fulfil his engagement to teach the Burr Oak 
Institute. His stay in the west had already brought 
upon him the great western malady, the fever and 
acfue, which continued for several months at times ; 
but disregarding the chills and shakes, on the 19th 
day of September he commenced his first term of 
school in Burr Oak, and remained here till the spring 
of 1 86 1, having taught five terms of school with good 
success. During vacation, in the autumn of i860, 
he was employed by the State Superintendent to con- 
duct and teach the first Teacher's Institute in Winnes- 
heik County, held at Decorah, for which he received 
at the rate of $78 per month. In the spring of 1861 
the mercantile business established two years before 
at Freeborn, which had been under the management 
of David Southwick, had so increased that it needed 
both of these brothers, hence Frederick resigned his 
position as principal of the Burr Oak Institute, con- 
trary to the wishes of the trustees and the school, 
and returned to Freeborn, Minnesota, by an indirect 
line of stages, reaching Freeborn May 3. 

The war had commenced, and the financial crisis 
was upon the country. The Banks of Illinois and 
Wisconsin had many of them failed and the notes of 
others were at a great discount, so much that out of 
about $700 in bank bills the firm of Southwick Broth- 
ers could raise but about $400 to purchase a spring 
stock of goods ; but having already established a 
credit, they were able to buy all the goods needed 
for their trade. Trade continued to increase, and 


immigration continued to flow into the country. No 
railroads being yet built in the state of Minnesota, 
all goods had to be hauled from the Mississippi River; 
the nearest point being Hastings, 90 miles from Free- 
born. Soutliwick Brothers employed several teams 
to draw wheat, hides, etc., to Hastings and load back 
with goods ; paying 25 cents per bushel for drawing 
wheat, and 50 cents per 100 pounds for drawing goods 
back. It took horse teams five to six days to make 
the trip, and ox teams seven to eight. Business con- 
tinued, trade increased and money accumulated, 

Orin Southwick having a knowledge of surveying, 
spent part of his time surveying and plotting roads, 
and surveying and subdividing timber lots. He 
served one term as superintendent of schools of Free- 
born Co., which occupied part of his time, the rest 
was spent in the store, either behind the counter or 
upon his books in the office, except such time as he 
was in the market purchasing goods. He made 
several visits to his native home. The Winnebago 
Indians' reservation being near Freeborn, Southwick 
Brothers received a share of their patronage, exchange 
ing goods with them for furs, feathers, etc, and by 
fair dealing gained their confidence, friendship and 
trade; but after the Sioux outbreak of 1862 the 
Winnebago Indians were removed west, and thus 
ended this branch of trade. 

In 1867 Orin Southwick was married, and with his 
wife made a tour through the western, middle and 
eastern states, visiting O. C. Merrill and family in 
Michigan City, Ind., and Erastus and David South- 


wick and families in Ohio, besides spending a few- 
weeks at his father's, in Mooers, and visiting with 
friends in Mooers, Champlain, Chazy, Beekmantown 
and Schuyler's Falls, also visiting with friends in Mas- 
sachusetts and New York city. 

The Southern Minnesota Railroad passed about 
seven miles south of Freeborn, building up the towns 
of Alden and Wells, thus Freeborn being left away 
from the railroad it became a dull town, and to-day 
Freeborn is a village of the past, though once a beau- 
tiful thriving business town resting on the north bank 
of the beautiful inland lake of Freeborn, a spot yet 
destined in the future to be the resort of lovers of 
beautiful scenery and delightful lake breezes. 

Freeborn being left off the railroad line, Southwick 
Brothers built a large store at Wells, and took in with 
them two young men, Huntley and Terhune, and 
opened their extensive store at Wells, June 6, 1870. 
The future seemed bright, and business promised 
good ; but David Southwick, after a brief illness of 
eleven days, died in September of the same year and 
left the business of Wells and Freeborn in the hands 
of O. F. Southwick, who shortly after sold the stock 
of goods at Freeborn to his younger brothers, Titus 
and Pliny. In the spring of 1871 he bought out 
Terhune's interest in the Wells store, and the next 
spring, 1872, bought out Huntley's interest and has 
since owned and run the business alone, and is now 
doing an extensive mercantile business ; besides farm- 
ing on an extensive scale, owning 1440 acres of rich 
prairie land. 


O. F. Southvvick is a large robust man, now weigh- 
ing 262 pounds, and enjoying life. He is a radical 
temperance man, having served two terms as mayor 
of the city of Wells, elected by the temperance party. 
He is connected with the M. E. Church of Wells and 
is superintendent of the Sunday School. 


William Henry SouTHWICK^ (Orin', David*, 
SamueT, DanieP, Samuer\ John^ Lawrence'), son of 
Orin and Hannah (Stone), born Aug. 13, 1840; mar- 
ried, Aug. 24, 1869, Eva L. Crocker, of St. Albans. 
Vermont. They reside at Chicopee Falls, Mass. 

3614. Effie Henrietta", born Feb. 20, 1870. 

3615. Grace Aleen", born Nov. 3, 1876. 


Elbridge G. Southwick", (Orin', David^ Sam- 
uer, DanieT, SamueP, John^ Lawrence'), son of 
Orin and Hannah (Stone), born May 7, 1842; mar- 
ried Mary Brewster, whose great grandfather with two 
brothers were sons of John Russell, Duke of Bedford, 
England : one settled in Connecticut, one in New 
Hampshire and one in Rhode Island before the Revo- 
lution ; they had a coat of arms. Elbridge lives at 
Northampton, Mass. Children : - 

3616. Robert E.» 

3617. Percy C? 

3618. Russell B.' 



David H. SouTHWICK^ (Orin', David% SamueP'.. 
Daniel*, Samuel'^, John*, Lawrence*), son of Orin and 
Hannah (Stone), born in Mooers, Clinton Co,, N.Y., 
Dec. 12, 1836, died in Wells, Faribault Co., Minn.. 
Sept. 8, 1870. Married, Oct, 7, 1868, in Clinton 
Falls, Steele Co., Minn., by Rev. John Benson, father 
of the bride, Fanny M. Benson, born in Dover, Me., 
Aug. 28, 1 85 I. One child: 
3619. Zona^, born at Freeborn, Aug^. 13, 1869, died Feb. 23, 1S71- 

Mr. David Southwick died at Wells, Minn., 
Thursday, Sept. 8, 1870, at one A,M,, of bilious fever, 
aged thirty-three years. He was one of our oldest 
and best citizens. Coming to this section of the 
State at twenty years of age, thirteen years ago, he 
settled at Freeborn, in Freeborn County, where he 
engaged in trade. Two years later, his brother, 
Frederick, came west and connected himself with him. 
They remained at Freeborn, building up a handsome 
village as well as an extensive business until this spring, 
when David connected with him two young men from 
the East, Messrs. Huntley and Terhune, and put in a 
large retail establishment at Wells. 

Two weeks ago Mr. Southwick was in the best of 
health and exuberant spirits. To-day he is lifeless, 
his wife mourns the loss of a husband, his child a 
father, and the community in which he lived, one of 
its best citizens. The bereaved family have the heart- 
felt sympathy of the entire community. About two 
years since, we announced his marriage in TJic Stand- 


ard, and his union, we believe, proved a very happy 
one. It seems therefore, a hard decree of fate that 
his young wife and child should be called, thus early, 
to mourn his loss. — The Stajidard, Wells, Minn. 

Lines addressed to Mrs. Fanny Southwick on the 
death of her husband, Mr. David Southwick, who 
died Sept. 8, 1870, aged thirty-three years: 

Did I dream as I counted my jewels o'er 

That mj lintel was marked like a Jewish door.' 

That my ear was sealed to the midnight cry 

As the angel of Death was passing by.'' — 

A guest unbidden, he stood at my side, 

And the lov'd of my household drooped and died. 

That dear lov'd one in his morning dew, 

His skeleton fingers chilled him through; 

Like a snow drift he lay so passing fair, 

I had worshipped my idol even there, 

And rashly queried the Giver — why 

He willed that my cherished gift should die! 

No upward glance in the deepening gloom 

For my heart went down to the dreary tomb, 

They spoke of my lov'd in a happier sphere. 

But their solace fell on a listless ear — 

For I knew full well in my utter woe 

I had held the fluttering wing below; 

And I wildly mourned as the seraph band 

Were bearing him on to the Glory land. 

Oh, tempted and tried! — yet recreant still, 

For I bow'd me not to Thy Sovereign will. 

And " by many stripes must my healing be " 

Ere a chastened heart I can bring to Thee. 

The chalice of bitterness drank — Oh, God! 

With a broken spirit I kiss the rod ; 

For I think of the jewel yet in store 

And of Justice stern, that may ask for more. 



Then I bovv'd,m_y spirit and felt how vain, 
Mj tears could not call him to life again : 
Like David of old — I will cheer me now, 
I will throw the sackcloth off my brow. 
For faith springs up and a hope is given 
The loved and lost will be met in heaven. 
Where I soon may rest from my will and care, 
When my Heavenly Father calls me there. 
" As it seemeth good to the Holy One 
Be it life or death, may His will be done." 


Some weeks ago we noticed the death of David 
Southwick, one of our most esteemed citizens. A 
copy of our paper strayed way down to Virginia, 
where the War King made such sad desolation during 
the war. Our remarks met the eye of Mrs. Penn, a 
lady who in that dark time, though ill-treated, robbed 
of home, property and friends, and wrecked in health, 
dared to remain, hoped on, looking ever to Him above 
for comfort. She at once addressed to Mrs. South- 
wick the above lines, which are regarded by her 
friends as singularly apt as well as stored with beauti- 
ful thought. — The Standard, Wells, Minn. 

In May, 1857, David H. Southwick, with a small 
capital, started for the west, made his way to Chicago 
and then to Illinois and Wisconsin, from thence he 
started for Minnesota, arriving at Prairie Duchene on 
the Mississippi, he took passage on a steamer and 
went up the river nearly 200 miles to Redwing where 
he disembarked, and alone with his traveling sack he 
walked over an unsettled prairie, about 100 miles, to 


Freeborn, a small settlement on the north shore of 
the beautiful lake bearing the same name. Here he 
made his home and soon engaged in trade with the 
Indians, buying and selling furs, blankets, etc. Two 
years later he was joined by his brother Orin F. 
They united interests and enlarged the business and 
were known by the name of Southwick Brothers, and 
thus continued until his death. The brothers built 
up an extensive trade and accumulated money, each 
working for the interest of the firm without any divi- 
sion of property or any individual account. David 
filled many places of trust, had a large circle of friends 
and was blessed with superior traits of character. 
Being a great reader his mind was richly stored with 
historical anecdotes, he was well versed in history, 
and especially in the general and current news of the 
day. He died Sept. 8, 1870, leaving an untarnished 


Pliny Fitch SouTHWICK^ (Orin^ Daniel*, Sam- 
uer, David*, SamueP, John*, Lawrence'), son of Orin 
and Hannah (Stone), born Sept. 7, 1850, in Mooers ; 
married, Sept. 1 1, 1878, in Harrisonburg, Va., Cornelia 
Wilson Tabb, daughter of George Washington and 
Mary Creighton (Wilson) Tabb, of Virginia, Jefferson 
Co., born March 13, 1850, in Berkley Co., Virginia, 
died April 13, 1880, of peritonitis, George Washing- 
ton Tabb was one of the jurymen who signed the death 
warrant of John Brown. One child: 
3620. Cassandra Tabb^, born April 2, 1880, died when 4 days old. 


Pliny Fitch Southwick went to Northampton in 
1866, at the age of 16, and learned the dry goods 
business, remained there till 1870, then went into 
business in Freeborn, Minn., with T. A. Southwick; 
spent two months on the frontier, and then returned to 
Northampton, Mass., where he became a partner in 
the store where he learned his business. He afterwards 
sold his interest and became a commercial traveller 
for a New York importing house. Was in the dry 
goods business (1880) in Harrisonburg, Va. 

Mrs. Cornelia Wilson (Tabb) Southwick was 
born in Berkley Co., W.Va., near Martinsburg, March 
13, 1850. She purchased another home at Fair View, 
Jefferson Co., on the Opeaquon Creek, near Charles- 
town, where her family moved a year later, the 
place rendered historical by John Brown's trial, and 
where her father, George Washington Tabb, served in 
this trial and wrote his verdict; also a noted place of 
numerous conflicts during our late civil war. She was 
educated by private teachers until during the war, 
when she completed her education at Ann Smith 
Academy at Lexington, Va. Remaining at home 
until her family moved to Harrisonburg, where she 
had numerous opportunities of travel and gratifying 
her taste for literature, she married Pliny F. Southwick 
Sept. II, 1878, but died April 13, 1880, having 
attained the type of a true and lovely woman at an 
early age. 


The following graphic account, from the Lynch- 
burg Vifginian, of the marriage in this place of Mr. 
Pliny F. Southvvick and Miss Cornelia W. Tabb, 
youngest daughter of our worthy townsman, G. W. 
Tabb, Esq., will be read with much interest by the 
many friends of both parties in Harrisonburg: 

Harrisonburg, Va., Sept. 15, 1878. 
Dea r Virgin ia n : 

Dear C. — When I arrived in Harrisonburg two 
months ago " a stranger in a strange land," I little 
imagined the charming affaire de r^j^v/r whose progress 
I was to watch, until it terminated in an Old Virginia 

I apply this epithet to the offering so recently 
made to Hymen, because all connected with it was 
so utterly different from the present marriage a la 
mode ; and because its quiet, refined modesty reminded 
me of the days when the marriage rite was regarded 
as the public seal to a compact, considered solemn 
and binding from the first moment of its formation 
— not merely an occasion of gorgeous displa}-, much 
gossip and sometimes, even scandal. 

Yet this quiet, little marriage was attended by such 
romantic circumstances, that you must let me repeat 
them to you : 

The bride, Miss. C. T., was the youngest daughter 
of Mr. G. W. T., formerly of Jefferson county, and 
whose family are too well known throughout Virginia, 
to require further comment, except that he had been 
a prominent juryman at the John Brown trial. 


During the late war, this fact appeared to increase 
the animosity extended to him and his family, by the 
Federal soldiers — indeed, so great were the hard- 
ships endured by this family, that it was quite natural 
their recollections of "the Yankees" should not be 
the most agreeable imaginable. But they had prom- 
ised to become loyal subjects to tlie United States 
Government, and they would certainly be true to 
their word ; so last winter, when Mrs. T. found it 
necessary to receive boarders into her family, she 
accepted the application of a gentleman, actually 
born in New York, and partly bred in New England. 
His very complexion, fair and ruddy, proved him a 
true son of the North : perhaps, like many other 
Americans, he is descended from those old Northmen, 
the Danes, who so frequently disturbed the peace of 
the ancient Britons. At all events, he was now about 
to imitate the example of the Danes by invading 
this happy home. 

Personally there was no objection to this gentleman, 
still Mrs. T.'s children could not give him a very 
cordial welcome, and Miss C. (whose warm Southern 
heart caused her to feel particularly belligerent to- 
wards him) privately resolved to treat him with the 
coldest civility, holding only such intercourse with 
him as was required by common courtesy. Little 
did Miss C. imagine that, through her instumentality, 
he was to become what Susan Nipper would term 
"a permanency," and not " a temporary." However, 
by the time Spring had arrived, it was discovered 
that not only had this "young man's fancies," but 


also those of this patriotic young maiden, had very 
seriously turned to "thoughts of love." 

Of course everybody now knows the sequel, but 
during that wonderful period of "engagement," every- 
thing was kept delightfully quiet. Even the neigh- 
bors had to forego the pleasure of discussing the 
bride's trousseau, every article of which was never- 
theless, thoroughly comuic il faiit. 

The usual white veil and orange blossoms were 
replaced by a stylish traveling costume, more appro- 
priate for seven o'clock in the morning, at which hour 
Miss L. entered the parlor on Mr. S.'s arm, looking 
as if only a true Northerner could make her happy, 
so entirely does love triumph over even our national 
prejudices. But, one word about the parlor. It was 
literally a mass of lovely flowers, and from the centre 
depended the grand marriage bell, formed of white 
flowers and geranium leaves; that wonderful bell, 
which would, so soon, 

" Ring out a slowly djing cause, 

And ancient forms of party strife, 
Ring in the noble modes of life. 
With sweeter manners, purer laws.'" 

And in contrast to the white flowers, there might 
be seen in the distance a background of dusky faces 
and woolly heads, belonging to those dear old " aunts" 
and " uncles," who are often the most truly loved 
relatives of a Southern child. 

Then followed the parental blessing, the friendly 
congratulations, the hurried farewell, and the next 
moment two happy souls were whirling up the Shen- 


andoah Valley. I imagine they were rather oblivi- 
ous to its beautiful scenery, as on such occasions, 
each soul is supposed to be absorbed with gratitude 
at having found its "better half." Hoping you may 
enjoy the report of this little marriage occasion as 
much as I did the reality, and with many thanks for 
the patience extended to this long letter, I am yours 
sincerely, L. W. W. 

Eighteen months after the above we have the 
following from Mr. Pliny F. Southwick's own pen : 

April 23, 1880. 
My Dear Mother and Friends at home: 

I have been trying to gather fortitude to write you 

Last week I wrote you of the death of our little 
one only four days old. But now I must tell you 
that Cornelia too is dead. 

They lie side by side in the cold and silent grave 
* * * She exhorted friencis to meet her in heaven, 
then bade us a triumphant adieu, saying, "The angel 
troop are waiting." 


Henry Joxathan Southwick*, (Lorenzo Dow', 
Jonathan*, Samuel", Daniel, SamueP, John^ Law- 
rence' ), son of Lorenzo Dow and Eunice (Hart), born 
July 12, 1836; married first, Dec. 28, 1857, Malhala 
Hall, of Bellevue, Eaton Co., Mich., died Sept. 15, 
1859; second. Mary Johnson, bf Yankton, Dakotah. 


He served three years in the late war, and afterward 
removed to Colorado. One child : 

3621. George Wesley^, born Sept. 16, 1S59. 

Second wife, Mary Johnson, May 15, 1871. Child: 

3622. Richard^, born March, 1872. 


Alonzo Edward SouTHWICK^ (Lorenzo Dow^ 
Jonathan^ SamueP, DanieP, SamueP, John^ 'Law- 
rence'), son of Lorenzo Dow and Eunice (Hart), 
born at Stockholm, St. Lawrence Co., N.Y., Sept. 2, 
1842 ; married first, June 13, 1867, at Nashville, Barry 
Co., Mich., Sarah Wilkinson, died Nov. 26, 1867; 
second, Feb. 5, 1871, Mary Miles. They live in 
Middleville, Barry Co., Mich. He served three years 
in the late war. Occupation, a shoemaker. One 
child : 

3623. Mary Augusta^, born Feb. 13, 1867. 

Second wife, Mary Miles. Children : 

3624. Ernest Miles^, born Nov. 5, 1871. 

3625. Maud Eunice^ born Jan. 24, 1S74. 

3626. Mabel Lilian^, born June 16, 1876. 

3627. Franks born Jul v 18, 1878, died Aug. 8, 1878. 

3628. Fay^ born July 18, 1878, died Aug. i, 1878. Frank and 
Fay were twins. 

3629. Burton Edward^, born April 9, i88o. 


Sarah Pamelia SouTHWICK^ (Lorenzo Dow', 
Jonathan^ SamueP, Danier, SamueP, John^ Law- 



rence'), daughter of Lorenzo Dow and Eunice (Hart), 
born April 12, 1845; married, Jan. 28, 1865, Albion 
Foot, of Eaton Co., Mich. One child : 

3630. Pearl Maj'', born April 2, 1876. 


Titus A. South WICK^ (Orin', David^ Samuel*, 
Daniel", SamueP, John^ Lawrence'), son of Orin and 
Hannah (Stone), born Jan. 25, 1847; married, in 
Freeborn, Minn., April 12, 1870, Margaret Purdie, 
born April 22, 1848, in Hammond, St. Lawrence Co., 
N.Y. He is a farmer and merchant at Freeborn, 
Minn. Children, all born at Freeborn, Minn. : 

3631. Hannah J.*, born April 25, 1871. 

3632. Marion A.^, born May i, 1874. 

3633. Florence I.', born Nov. 29, 1875. 

3634. Bernice^, born Maj 29, 1880. 


Flora Isadore SouTHWICK^ (Orin', David®. 
SamueT, Daniel", SamueP, John'^ Lawrence'), daugh- 
ter of Orin and Hannah (Stone), born May 9, 1852 ; 
married, Sept. 18, 1872, Dr. Ralph Irwin. They liv^e 
at Malone, N.Y. Children : 

3635. Winnie", born Jan. 11, 1874, died Feb. i, 1875- 

3636. Blanche", born Feb. 3, 1876. 

3637. Parke", born Dec. 2, 1879. 


Abigail SoUTHWICK^ (John', Joseph®, Benjamin', 
Benjamin", John', John^ Lawrence'), daughter of 


John and Hannah (Cass), born Jan. 10, 1788; mar- 
ried, 1806, George Smith. Children: 

3638. Hannah S.", born April 4, 1S07, died June 16, 1S79. ^o\. 

3639. Lucinda^, born Aug. 28, 1S08, died Jan. 8, 1864. Not mar- 

3640. Ruth^, born June 24, 1810, died Jan. 17, 1854. Married, 
May 1834, George Passmore. They had five children. 

3641. Julia Ann", born May 29, 1812, died Nov. 26, 1843. Not 


3642. George Washington", born May 3, 1814; married, Aug. 14, 
1834, Esther Ann Slater, born Dec. 14, 1813. They had 
four children. 

3643. Dexter^ born Aug. 26, 1816, died Aug. 16, 1817. 

3644. Welcome", born June 21, 1818; married Sarah Bullock. 
They had one daughter. 

3645. Daniel', born Feb. 10, 1S21 ; married, Sept. 19, 1841, Phebe 

A. Smith. They had four children. 

3646. Albert", born April 25, 1823. 

3647. Abigail", born April 25, 1823, died July 25, 1825. Albert 
and Abigail were twins. 

3648. John S.", born Sept. 20, 1825; married Julia Humes, died 

March 9, 1874. No children. 

3649. Ruby Ann", born Feb. 21, 1828, died July 4, 1856. Not 

3650. Sarah Ellen", born Jan. 3, 1841 ; married, Dec. 25, 1866, 
Albert A. Mowry. 


Hannah Southwick*, (John', Joseph^ Benjamin', 
Benjamin\ John\ John^ Lawrence'), daughter of 
John and Hannah (Cass), born Nov. 30, 1789; mar- 
ried Andrew Young, of Burrillville, R.I. Children: 

3651. John E. G.", born March 10, iSio, died Jan. 6, 1844. 

3652. Rhoda", born April 27, 1S13; married Philander Darling. 
They live in Providence, R.I. (i88o), and have two sons. 


3653. Martin^ born July 2, 1815, died Jan. 4, 1816. 

3654. Alzada®, born May 14, 1817, died Aug. 28, 1845. 

3655. Sallj^ born Dec. 20, 1820, died April 14, 1852. 

3656. Thankful^ born Oct. 29, 1822, died Aug. 11, 1847. 

3657. Robert A.*, born March 3, 1825, died March 17, 1850. 


Phebe S0UTHWICK^ (John', Joseph^ Benjamin', 
Benjamin'*, John'\ John^ Lawrence'), daughter of 
John and Hannah (Cass), born Nov. i, 1793 ; mar- 
ried Dexter Boutelle, of Blackstone. Children: 

3658. Martin^ born Dec. 5, 1817; married, June 29, 1S40. Sally 
Gaskill. They have two children. 

3659. Alvin®, born Aug. 7, 1820; married Harriet . No 


3660. Hannah^. 

3661. Lucinda*. Married Henry E. Thompson. They live at 
South Manchester, Conn. 

3662. Ruby^, born Jan. 31, 1835; married, Dec. 6. 1S59. George 
H. Southwick. They have one child, Frederick L.'" 


Sally Southwick*, (John', Joseph^ Benjamin", 
Benjamin\ John^ John', Lawrence"), daughter of 
John and Hannah (Cass), born Oct. 13, 1791 ; mar- 
ried Naham Gaskill, of Mendon, Mass. Children: 

3663. John Southwick®, born Dec. 12, 1S07 ; married, June iS, 

1843, Harriet Staples, died Sept. 3, 1S74. They had one 
child, Julia E.*", born Oct. 10, 1843; lives at Mendon, Mass. 

3664. Samuel", born Jan. 14, 1810; not married, 1880. He lives at 
So. Milford, Mass. • 

3665. Hannah®, born Sept. 9, 181 1 ; married May 7, 1840. Abner 
Sprague. No children. 

3666. Olive®, born June 10, 1813; married, July 30, 1837, Elkana 
W. Barrows, died April 30, 1S75. They had ten children. 


3667. Micajah Collins^ born Sept. 26. iSi6; married first, April 7, 
1842, Hannah M. Taft, died July 31, 1S44. Thev had two 
children; second, Abzada Gould, Feb. 12. 1S50. 

366S. Mary Thu^ber^ born Aug. 13,1818; married, April 6, 1845, 
Willis Gould. They have three children. They live at 
So. Milford, Mass. 

3669. Almira Fairbanks", born June 8. 1S21 ; married Dec. 8, 1844, 
Charles Fletcher. They have four children. They live at 
So. Milford, Mass. 

3670. Gilbert", born April 28, 1823; married first, Sept. i, 1848, 
Olive W. Gould ; they had two children ; second, Feb. 18, 
1855, Ellen Frances Wheelock. They have six children. 

3671. Naham Jr.", born April 18, 1825; married, July 4, 1850, 

Fannie Wheelock. Thej' have eight children. They live 
at So. Milford, Mass. 

3672. Richard George", born Mai'ch 16. 1S27 ; married first, July 

I, 1849, Caroline Briggs; second, May 2, 1875, Serinda 
Brooks. They live at So. Milford, Mass. 

3673. Lewis Boyden", born Jan. 4, 1S29; married. May 8. 1863. 
Annie E. Jenks. 

3674. Albert Warner", born Dec. 28, 1831 ; married, March 25, 

1857, Maranda Hill. They have six children. 


Ruby Southwicic", (John', Joseph^ Benjamin", 
Benjamin*, John'\ john^ Lawrence'), daughter of 
John and Hannah (, born Dec. 7, 1795 ; married 
Othonial Young. Children: 

3675. Brainbridge Hiram". 

3676. Seth John". 

3677. Hannah". 

3678. Abigail". 

3679. Nelson", died Oct. 6, 1852. Married Nancy L. Mann. Oct. 

I, 1839. 


Joseph SoUTHWICK^ (John^ Joseph*, Benjamin"', 
Benjamin\ John^ John^ Lawrence'), son of John and 


Rhoena (Trask), born in Blackstone, Mass., April 14, 
1817; married first, March 6, 1838, Eunice Brown of 
Killingly, Conn. ; second, Hannah Haselton, of Cum- 
berhmd, R. I., Nov. 18, 1840. Children: 

36S0. John^, deceased. Married Ada Robinson, of Slaterville. 
R. I. 

3681. L^'iTian P.^, born Feb. 19, 1S42 ; married, Feb. 22, 1863. 
Ellen A. Worrall. 

3682. Candace M.^, born April 15, 1844; married, Jan. 31, 1S67. 
Horace M. Curtis. 

3683. Mary Ellen^, born Aug. 4, 1851, died Sept. 26, 1857. 


John Marcus Southwick*, (John', Joseph^ Ben- 
jamin', Benjamin\ John^, John^ Lawrence'), son of 
John and Rhoena (Trask), born March 13, 1824, in 
Blackstone, Mass.; married, May 12, 1844, in Hali- 
fax, Mass., Caroline Bemis, of Vermont, born April 
2, 1827. They live in Claremont, N. H. He served 
three years in the war of the Rebellion, and at one 
time was a prisoner in Libby Prison, Richmond ; two 
years in First R. \. Cavalry and one year in First 
N. H. Cavalry, under Sheridan and Custer ; was in the 
Shenandoah campaign, and Sheridan and Wilson 
raids, and was with the army of the Potomac at the 
time of Lee's surrender at Appomatox. Children : 

36S4. Phebe Ann'', born June 24, 1845, in Halifax, Mass. 

3685. Eliza Jane^, born Feb. 16, 1847, in Halifax, Mass. 

3686. Lucius Jerome^, born Aug. 11, 1850, in Blackstone, Mass. 

3687. Franklin Pierce', born March 2, 1852, in Cumberland, R. I. 

3688. George Henry^, born June 30, 1S57, in Cavendish, Vt. 



George Henry Southwick*, (Andre', George^ 
John^ Jonathan\ Daniel\ DanieP, Lawrence'), son of 
Andre and Betsey (Taft), born Feb. 10, 1844; mar- 
ried, June 14, 1871, Olive Stearns. One child: 

3689. George Andre^, born Sept. 25, 1872, died Sept. 25, 1873. 


Andre Arnold Southwick*, (Andre", George', 
John*, Jonathan*, DanieP, Daniel", Lawrence'), son of 
Andre and Betsey W. (Taft), born Oct. 9, 1845; 
married Josephine Snow. He was recently superin- 
tendent of Agricultural College. One child: 

3690. Bertha Josephine*. 


Alonzo Lewis Southwick*, (Andre', George^ 
John*, Jonathan*, DanieP, DanieP, Lawrence'), son of 
Andre and Betsey (Taft), born March 19, 1847; 
married, Oct. 28, 1875, Alice M. Clark. Children: 

3691. Leon Lewis', born Aug. 18, 1876. 

3692. Justin Fairinan^, born Feb. 25, 1880. 


Henry Adelbert SouTHWICK^ (George B.', 
George*, John", Jonathan*, DanieP, DanieP, Law- 
rence'), son of George B. and Amanda (Southwick), 
born Feb. 12, 1838; married, Nov. 29, i860, Angle 
Blanchard. One child : 

3693. Adelbert Blanchard^, born Aug. 14, 1S69. 



Francis L. Southwick*, (George B.', Georg-e", 
John% Jonathan\ DanieP, DanieP, Lawrence''), son of 
George B. and Mary (Green), born July i, 1850: 
married Anna J. Adams, Feb. 6, 1877. He is a 
woolen manufacturer at Pike, Wyoming Co., N. Y. 
One child : 

3694. Howard Adams'*, born Jan. 16, 1S80. 


Hannah Eliza Southwick*, (Stephen W.^ Jona- 
than®, George% Jonathan*, Daniel^ DanieP, Law- 
rence"), daughter of Stephen Wilber and Rachael 
Wood (Irish), born June 7, 1 851, at North Collins, 
Erie Co., N.Y. ; married, Sept. 3, 1869, Samuel H. 
Graham. One child : 

3695. Rosa Bell*', born Dec. i, 1872, at Oskaloosa, Iowa. 


Israel Griffith Southwick*, (Stephen W.', 
Jonathan®, George^ Jonathan", DanieP, DanieP, Law- 
rence'), son of Stephen Wilber and Rachael Wood 
(Irish), born March 7, 1853 ; married Minnie Ander- 
son. Children : 

3696. Bessie May', born Oct. 7, 1S77, at Oskaloosa, Iowa. 

3697. Rachael T.', born April i, 18S0, at Oskaloosa, Iowa. 


John H. South wick', (Stephen W.', Jonathan", 


George'\ Jonathan\ Daniel'', Danie^^ Lawrence'), 
son of Stephen Wilber and Rachael Wood (Irish), 
born May 4, 1856; married, July 5, 1876, Mary Ann 
. Children : 

3698. Lindley Murray^, born Jan. 21, 1S78, at Oskaloosa, Iowa, 
died March 2, 1878, at Oskaloosa, Iowa. 

3699. Charles Albert'', born March 3, 1879, at Oskaloosa. Iowa. 


Ebenezer Southwick', (Philetus', Daniel^ Sam- 
uel^ Daniel, SamueP, John^ Lawrence'), son of 
Philetus E. and Ann Eliza (Stacey), born May 29, 
1828; married first, March 10, 1852, Elizabeth 
Munger, died Dec. 27, 1853; second, 1855, Harriet 
L. Dustin, died Aug. 15, 1859; third, 1861, Susanna 
Mussen, died March 19, 1865; fourth, 1868, widow 
Cornelia Walker, {nee Sterns). He is a farmer and 
general speculator, at Mooers, N. Y. One child : 

3700. Miller^, born Mav 14, 1853, lives in Mooers, N.Y. 

Second wife, Harriet L. Dustin. One child: 

3701. Martain^, born May 14, 1857, died June 21, 1857. 

Third wife, Susanna Mussen. One child : 

3702. Susanna^, born Nov. 29, 1864. 


Oliver SouTHWICK^ (Philetus\ Daniel^ Samuer, 
DanieT, SamueP, John^ Lawrence'), son of Philetus 
and Ann Eliza (Stacey), born Feb., 1834; married 
Marion Crambell, Sept., 1869. Children: 

3703. Nellie^. 

3704. William^. 

3705. Frederick^. 




Emuel SoUTHWICK^ (Remington\ Nathan", The- 
ophilus\ Daniel\ Lawrence'\ DanieP, Lawrence'), 
son of Remington and Hannah (White), born June 
i6, 1837; married, April 17, 1865, Adelaide L. Fisher, 
of New York city. He is a lawyer and stock broker. 
Children : 

3706. Stafford R.**, born Nov. 17, 1869. 

3707. Stanley W.', born Nov., 1871, died Aug. 26, 1S73. 

3708. Ethel Douglass®, born July 27, 1874. 


Almira MowRY^ (Gershom', Sarah*, Joseph', 
Lawrence\ Lawrence'', DanieP, Lawrence'), grand- 
daughter of Sarah (Southwick) and Gershom Keith, 
and daughter of Lydia (Keith) and Naham Mowry. 
Married Arnold Pickering. One child : 

3709. Alonzo N.*, died 1880. Married Katie McKarty. 


Hiram Alonzo KEITH^ (Gershom', Sarah^ 
Joseph^ Lawrence\ Lawrence^, Danie^^ Lawrence'), 
grandson of Sarah (Southwick) and Gershom Keith, 
and son of Gershom Keith and Mary Ann (Howard), 
born Sept. 30, 1833; married Eliza Ann Allen. 

3710. Edgar Hiram®. 

371 1. Charles Eugene®. 



George Henry SouTHWICK^ (George^ George\ 
George*, John^ John\ John*, John\ Lawrence'), son 
of George and Rachael (Poor), born June 14, 1827; 
married, 1850, Adaline A. Cheever. They Hve at 
Beverly (1881). Children: 

3712. Sall_y'°, born 1851. 

3713. George'", born 1854. 

3714. Rosamond H.'", born 1856. 


William Thomas SouTHWICK^ (Ely^ Ira\ Icha- 
bod^ Ichabod^ Jonathan*, SamueP, John*, Lawrence'), 
son of Ely and Jane (McGee), born 1849; married, 
Nov. 2, 1 87 1, Mary E. Blue. One child : 

3715. Ely B.'o, born Sept. 16, 1S72. 


George W. Southwick', (Benjamin^ James', 
Samuel®, Benjamin", Benjamin^ SamueP, SamueP, 
Lawrence'), son of Benjamin and Mary B. (Gray), 
born March 15, 1839; married, Dec. 22, 1864, Flor- 
ence E. Keeler, of Essex, Vermont. Children : 

3716. Charles B.'", born Nov. 24, 1865, at Essex, Vt. 

3717. Mary Estelle'°, born Dec. 30, 1869, at Greensboro, Vt. 




Olive M. AINS\voRTH^ (Matilcla^ James', Sam- 
uel®, Benjamin", Benjamin\ Samuel', Samuer\ Law- 
rence'), daughter of Matilda (Southwick) and Myrick 
Ainsworth ; married Olive Wheelock, of Calais, Vt. 
One child : 

371S. Clarence'". 


Clara Jane AINSW(JRTH^ (Matilda', James', 
SamueT', Benjamin% Benjamin', Samuel\ Samuel^ 
Lawrence'), daughter of Matilda (Southwick) and 
Myrick Ainsworth, born Sept. i, 1852. Married first, 
Frank E. Marsh, of Calais, Vt. ; second, George VV. 
Pierce, of Calais, Vt. One child : 

3719. Vinnie'°, daughter of Frank E. Marsh. 


Julia Maria Sc)UTH\VICK^ (James M.', Henry', 
Zadock", Lawrence", Daniel, Lawrence^ Daniel^ 
Lawrence'), daughter of James M. and A. Maria 
(Upton), born Aug. 6, 1849; married, June 6, 1870, 
William O. Batchelder of Peabody Mass. One child : 

3720. Grace F.'", born May 2, 1871. 


Leonard Angelo ANGEL^ (Almira H.-, Hosea', 
David®, SamueP, David\ SamueP, John"', Lawrence'), 
son of Almira H. (Southwick) and Allen M. Angel, 


born May 30, 185 1; married, (Jet. 22. 1874. Jose 
Hall. He is a farmer. Children; 

3721. Ernest^", born Oct. 17. 1875. 

3722. Edith'", born April 6, 1877. 

3723. Olie'", born Juh' 13. 1879. 


Elizabeth Northroi'-', (Mary D.\ Henry', 
Zadock''', Lawrence", DanieT, Lawrence\ Daniel", 
Lawrence'), daughter of Mary D. (Southwick) and 
John Halsted Northrop, born Feb. 2, 1840; married 
first, March 27, i860, Angevine Devoe ; second, Dec. 
31, 1 87 1, William E. Brace. One child; 

3724. Arminta'". 

Married second, William E. Brace. Children: 

3725. Benjamin V.'" 

3726. Anna May'". 

3727. Frank>'\ 


Daniel Fitz GERALD^ ( Elizabeth-, Henry', 
Zadock^ Lawrence^ DanieT, Lawrence^ Daniel', 
Lawrence'), son of Elizabeth (Southwick) and Du 
Bois Fitz Gerald, born June 11, 1841 ; married, Nov. 
25, 1862, Sarah Frear. Children; 

3728. Hattie A.'» 

3729. Townsend S.'° 

3730. Edward D.'" 


Alba P. DoDGE^ (Irena^, Betsey', Samuer, Ben- 


)amin^ Benjamin", Samuel\ SamueP, Lawrence'), 
granddaughter of Betsey (Southwick) and Lovel 
Bullock, and daughter of Irena (Bullock) and Wesley 
Dodge, born Oct. 20, 1825; married, Oct. 28, 1849. 
Horace W. Sowles, born April 10, 1825. Children: 

3731. Dodge W.'°, born May lo, 1S54; married Bell Hathaway- 
Nov. 18, 1877. 

3732. John J."*, born Sept. it,, 1862. 

3733. Ella J. '°, born Nov. 16, 1857; married Charles O. Foster, 
May 23, 1878. 


Irena J. Do\v^ (Calista*, Betsey', Samuer, Ben- 
jamin", Benjamin", SamueT', Samuel, Lawrence'), 
daughter of Calista (Bullock) and Frederick W. 
Dow, and granddaughter of Betsey (Southwick) and 
Lovel Bullock. Married Clinton Fairlie. One child : 

3734. Minnie F.^° 


Sarah Elizabeth SouTHWICK^ (William', John\ 
Stephen^ William', John", John^ John^ Lawrence'), 
daughter of William and Elizabeth Marinda (Parker), 
of Pcabody, born Oct. 8, 1848; married, Aug. ii, 
1869, John W. Locke, of Seabrook, N.H. Children : 

3735. Rinda Chesley'", born Sept. 17, 1870. 

3736. James E.'", born Sept. 6, 1877. 


Edwin Augustus SouTHWICK^ (William*, John', 


Stephen^ William', John', John'', John", Lawrence'), 
son of William and Elizabeth Marinda (Parker), born 
Oct. 31, 1850; married, July 16, 1874, Lorrania 
Gallucia Brown, born 1852. One child: 

3737. VVilliain'", born March 13, 1877, died March 14, 1S77. 


Irving B. M0WRY^ (Alice^ Eliza Ann', Amasa", 
John^ Jonathan\ DanieP, Daniel", Lawrence'), son 
of Alice Chase (Mowry) and Slater Mowry, born 
April 5, 1846; married Belle H.Tilden, Oct. 30, 1868, 
at Worcester Mass. Children : 

3738. Irving B., Jr."*, born May 26, 1869, in Barre, Worcester Co., 

3739. Alice Belle'", born Dec. 8, 1871, in North Smithfield, R. I 

3740. Berton T.'", born May 11, 1873, in North Smithfield. R. I. 

3741. Mabel Alice'", born Feb. 14, 1875, in Auburn, Worcester 

Co., Mass. 


Frank SoUTHWICK^ (Joseph^ Joseph', George^ 
George^ John\ John'', John^ Lawrence'), son of Jos- 
eph and Mary (Clairage) ; married Augusta Bickford. 

3742. Mary'". 
3743- Justin". 

3744. John'". 

3745. Benjamin'". 

3746. George'". 

3747. William'". 


Willis SouTHWiCK®,,(Seth', Seth', Joseph^ Ben- 


jamin\ Benjamin', John\ John\ Lawrence'), son of 
Seth and Deborah (Wilcox), born June i8, 1820, in 
Bellingham, Mass. ; married first, Julia A. T. Allen, 
March 19, 1843; second, Nov. 29, 1857, Malinda 
Welch, of Blackstone. Children, all born in Mendon : 



Harriet E.^°, born Feb. 7, 1859. 
Deborah W.''', born Sept. 17, 1S60. 
Ruth LJ", born Sept. 12, 1862. 
Sophia L."^. born June 8. 1864. 
Everett E.'", born June 26, 1866. 


LuciNDA S0UTH^VICK^ (Seth*, Seth', Joseph^ 
Benjamin', Benjamin\ John^, John"', Lawrence'), 
daughter of Seth and Deborah (Wilcox), born Dec. 
20, 1 82 I, in Bellingham, Mass., died June 7, 1861, in 
Mendon, Mass. Married Alvin Allen, April 30. 1843. 
One child ; 

3753. James M."'. deceased. 


Ruth S0UTH^VR•K^ (Seth', Seth', Joseph^ Benja- 
min', Benjamin\ John^ John^ Lawrence'), daughter 
of Seth and Deborah (Wilcox), born in Bellingham, 
Mass., Jan. 30, 1830; married, June 20, i855,Fenner 
Wilcox, of Blackstone. Children : 

3754. Daniel'", born in Woonsocket. R. I., Jan. 18, 1856. 

3755. Emma L.'". born in Bellingham. Mass., Aug. i.i, 1862. 


Elvira Sol'thwick", (Seth', Seth', Joseph^ Ben- 


janiin', Benjamin', John^ John^ Lawrence'), daughter 
of Seth and Deborah (Wilcox), born in Belhngham, 
Mass., Nov. 25, 1834; married, Sept. 5, 1861, Ed- 
mund Kempton, of Blackstone. Children : 

3756. Mary A.'°, born in Uxb'ridge, Mass., Aug. 29, 1S65. 

3757. Sarah I.^°, born in Uxbridge, Mass., June 9, 1877. 


Ge(3RGE Henry SouTHWICK^ (George^ Benja- 
min^ Joseph^ Benjamin', Benjamin*, John^ John^ 
Lawrence'), son of George and Salinda (Waldron), 
born July 29, 1829; married, July 6, 1859, Ruby 
Boutelle, of Blackstone, born Jan. 31, 1835. One 

3758. Fred Lincoln'", born July 29, 1866. 


Albert W. SouTHWICK^ (George^ Benjamin\ 
Joseph^ Benjamin', Benjamin\ John^ John^ Law- 
rence*), son of George and Salinda (Waldron), born 
April 6, 1833; married Harriet M. Carter, Nov. 7, 
1855. They reside in Mansfield, Conn. Children: 

3759. George M.'", born July 30, 1856. 

3760. Orton E.'°, born June 2, 1858. 

3761. Mary S.'", born Sept. 23, i860. 

3762. Lizzie A.'°, born July i, 1863. 

3763. Henry J.'", born June 4, 1866. 


Nancy AGNES^ (DanieP, Benjamin', Joseph*, Ben- 
jamin\ Benjamin*, John'\ John^ Lawrence'), daugh- 
ter of Daniel S. and Sally (Wilson), born Dec. 14, 


1838; married Frederick B. Smith, Jan. 26, 1859. 
She was a school teacher and an excellent scholar. 
Children : 

3764. Frederick Southwick'", born June 8, 1866. 

3765. Everitt Walter'", born May 21-, 1868, died Nov. 1878. 


George E. Wallace®, (Keziah^ Benjamin', Jos- 
eph®, Benjamin\ Benjamin\ John^, John^ Lawrence'), 
son of Keziah (Southwick) and Ira Wallace, born 
June 15, 1827; married, Nov. 22, 1854, Adeline B. 
Mayo, of Freeman, Maine. Children : 

3766. Ira Freelon'", born June 27, 1856; married, Oct. 1874. 

3767. George Ernest'", born May 29, 1864. 


William Oscar WALLACE^ (Keziah^ Benjamin', 
Joseph^, Benjamin^ Benjamin\ John^ John"', Law- 
rence'), son of Keziah (Southwick) and Ira Wallace, 
born Feb. 17, 1831; married, July 5, 1852, Rogena 
Marsh, of Millville, Mass. Children: 

3768. William Henry'", born in Millville, Mass., Sept. 18, 1853. 

3769. Fred. Addington'", born in Pawtucket, R. I., Dec. 5, 1855. 

3770. Henry Estes'", born in Providence, R.I. 

3771. Susan S.'", born in Providence, R. I., 1858. 

3772. Charles Burnside'", born in Providence, R.I., died in i860. 

3773. C. Oscar'", born 1864, deceased. 

3774. George Warren'", born in Providence, R. I., Jan. 5, 1866. 


Sarah Susan WALLACE^ (Keziah^ Benjamin', 


Joseph*, Benjamin*, Benjamin^ John^ John*, Law- 
rence'), daughter of Keziah (Southwick) and Ira 
Wallace, born June 28, 1835 ! married Henry Wheat, 
Dec. 7, 1856. Children: 

3775. Wilber'", born April 8, 1859, i" East Foxboro, Mass. 

3776. George W.'", born Jan. 20, 1865, in East Medway, Mass. 

3777. Marj A.'", born Feb. 20, 1868, in Franklin, Mass., deceased. 


C. Amelia Wallace*, (Keziah*, Benjamin', 
Joseph*, Benjamin*, Benjamin\ John*, John*, Law- 
rence'), daughter of Keziah (Southwick) and Ira 
Wallace, born June 14, 1842 ; married, April 22, 1867, 
J. Warren Clark, of East Medway, Mass. One child : 

3778. Mary A.'°, born Nov. 24, t868, in East Medway, Mass. 


Ira Merrill Wallace', (Keziah^ Benjamin', 
Joseph^ Benjamin% Benjamin\ John^ John^ Law- 
rence'), son of Keziah (Southwick) and Ira Wallace, 
born Sept. 14, 1837; married first, Nov. 12, 1865, 
Marrilla George, died Aug. 22, 1867, no children; 
second, L. Maria Wilcox, Nov. 24, 1868. He moved 
to Sycamore, 111., Sept. 5, 1869, and April 18, 1871, 
to White Rock, Kansas, where he took up a soldiers 
claim, and is now living there with his family. Chil- 
dren, three youngest born in White Rock, Kansas: 

3779. Leslie Merrill'", born Feb. 8, 1870, in Sycamore, 111. 

3780. Gracie M."*, born Sept. 22, 1873. 

3781. Bertha H.'", born Sept. 14, 1875. 

3782. Mary Amelia'°, born April 27, 1878. 


Ira M. Wallace, entered the Volunteer service, 
April 22, 1 861, for three months, and reenlisted June 
I, 1861, in Co. F., 2d N. H. Vol., for three years. 
He was in the battles of Bull Run ; Williamsburgh ; 
Fair Oaks; Seven Pines ; Balls Church ; both battles 
of Melvin Hills, and seige of Yorktown ; was wounded 
in 2d battle of Bull Run, Aug., 1862, which caused 
him the loss of his right arm. 


Daniel GREEN^ (Abbi^ Hannah', Joseph^ Ben- 
jamin", Benjamin\ John'\ John^ Lawrence'), grand- 
son of Hannah Southwick and Samuel Harkness and 
son of Abbi (Harkness) and Jonas Green, born Oct. 
28, 1824; married first, Sept. 22, 1852, Abby S. Hills, 
died Aug. 8, 1855; second, Lucy Hills; third, 
Martha D. Gaines, died April 21, 187 1. He is a 
carpenter and lives at South Manchester, Conn. 
Child : 

3783. Abbj'o, born 1855, died Oct. 7, 1855. 
Second wife, Lucy Hills. Children: 

3784. Child'", died young. 

3785. EUa J.'", born April 26, 1859. 

Third wife, Martha D. Gaines. Children: 

3786. George L."\ born Sept. 29, 1866. 

3787. Lavinia A.'", born Dec. 9, 1867. 

3788. William"', died jo^ng. 


John M. S0UTHWICK^ (Willard^ John', SamueP, 
Benjamin^ Benjamin\ SamueP, John", Lawrence'), 


son of Willard and Sally (Hoyt), born Jan. 8, 1842 ; 
married, Aug. 23, 1868, Abbie J. Osgood, born May 
8, 1845. Children: 

37S9. Frank W.'". born July 18, 1871. 

3790. Flora L."^ born Nov. 21, 1S75. 


William O. SouTHWICK^ (Willard-, John", Sam- 
uel^ Benjamin^ Benjamin\ Samuel'', John\ Law- 
rence'), son of Willard and Mariett (Conant), born 
May 28, 1848 ; married. June 9, 1879, Nellie J. Hall, 
born March 20, i860. One child: 

3791. Nellie L.'». born March 23. 1880. 


Hattie L. Southwick", ( Willard^ John', Samuel^ 
Benjamin", Benjamin*, SamueP, John', Lawrence'), 
daughter of Willard and Mariett (Conant), born 
April 20, 1851; married William H. Woods, May 
28, 1873. Children : 

3792. Mabel Maud'", born Oct. 27, 1S76. 

3793. Lee Alberton"^. born Jan. 28. 1879. 


George H. GURNSEY^ (Clotina-, John', Samuel®, 
Benjamin% Benjamin\ SamueP, John^ Lawrence'), 
son of Clotina (Southwick) and Oilman Gurnsey, 
born Dec. 10, 1839. Married, Aug. 17, 1867, Alpha 
H. Hill, born Nov. 17, 1846. One child: 

3794. Mary A.'", born June 12, 1868. 



OSCAK W. GUKNSEY*, (Clotina*, John', SamLIeI^ 
Benjamin", Benjamin\ Samuer, John^ Lawrence'), 
son of Clotina (Southwick) and Oilman Gurnsey, 
born Jan. 28, 1847; married Jennie Leach. Children: 

3795. Mvrtie Ma\id'", born June 6, 1876. 

3796. Alice"', born June i88o. 


Daniel Smith', (Abigaii^ John', Joseph^ Benja- 
min', Benjamin\ John^ John*, Lawrence'), son of 
Abigail (Southwick) and George Smith, born Feb. 
10, 182 1 ; married, Sept. 19, 1841, Phebe A. Smith, 
of Burrillville, R. I., born Jan. 6, 1825. Children: 

3797. Julia Ann"*, born July 30, 1844, in Slaterville. 

3798. Charles Edward'", born May 8, 1S48, in Slaterville; married 
Alice M. Wood, May 7, 1874. They have one child, Alice 
Bertha, born Sept. 19, 1878. 

3799. Ella Rernon"', born June 27, 1852 ; married Charles G. 
Trafton, Sept. 29, 1S75. They have one child, Cora Rernon. 
born Aug. 6, 1876. 

3800. Cora Bell'", born Nov. 12, 1857, died Feb. 14, 1873. 


Albert M. Smith', (Abigail', John', Joseph^ 
Benjamin", Benjamin^ John^, John", Lawrence'), son 
of Abigail (Southwick) and George Smith, born 
April 25, 1823; married, June 17, 1844, Maria L. 
White, of Cranston, R. L, born Jan. 21, 1826. They 
live at Berkley, R. L, (1881). Children: 

3801. Benjamin W.'", born April 16, 1845. ^^^^ J^'j -^' 1845. 

3802. Abbie M.'", born May 6. 1846. 


3803. Marj T.'", born Nov. 25, 1849. 

3804. Hattie E.'**, born Julj 16, 1855 ; niairied, Julj i-^^ 1S7S, Hiram 
Martin, born March 30, 1854, in Calais;, Vt. 


Rl'TH Smith', (Abigail'', John', Joseph', Benjamin', 
Benjamin*, John^, John^, Lawrence'), daughter of 
Abigail (Southwick) and George Smith, born June 
24, 1 8 10, died Jan. 17, 1854: married. May. 1834. 
George Passmore. Children: 

3805. George"', born March 1835. 

3806. Elizabeth"*, lives in Providence. R. I. 

3807. Louisa"*, born April, 1840. 

3808. Albert"\ 

3809. Alonzo'", lives in Providence, R.I. 


George Wa.shington SMITH^ (AbigaiP, John', 
Joseph*, Benjamin*, Benjamin*, John^ John', Law- 
rence'), son of Abigail (Southwick) and George 
Smith, born May 3, 1814; married, Aug. 14, 1834, 
Esther Ann Slater, daughter of Stephen Slater, of 
Slaterville, R. L Children : 

3809^. George Washington, Jr., born Aug. 15. 1835; married 
Caroline Sherman. Thej have one child, Stephen .Slater- 
born Jan. II, 1855; married, Mav 7, 1876, Fannie Curtis, 
thev have two children, viz. : Carrie, born May 13. 1877: 
Everett, born Mav 28, 1879. 

3810. Herbert Slater'", born 1841 ; married Nellie Thorndike. 
They have one child, Edith Lillian, born Dec. 2, 1863. 

3811. William De Forest"*, born Aug. 16, 1849; married Leafie 
Stockwell. They have one child, Anna Elizabeth, born 
June 28, 1873. 

3812. Edward Alden Grovenor'", born Aug. 25, 1861. 



Welcome SMITH^ (Abigail', John', Joseph^. 
Benjamin", Benjamin\ John^ John^ Lawrence'), son 
of Abigail Southvvick and George Smith, born June 
2 1, i8i8; married Sarah E.Bullock. One child: 

3813. Sarah E.'" 


Sarah Eli,en SMITH^ (Abigail', John', Joseph^ 
Benjamin^ Benjamin\ John^ John', Lawrence'), 
daughter of Abigail (Southwick) and George Smith, 
born Jan. 3, 1841, died July 28, 1878, at Putnam, 
Conn. Married, Dec. 25, 1866, Albert A. Mowry. 
Children : 

3814. Arthur Devens"^, born July 6, 1S68. 

3815. Bertha Louise'", born Feb. 2, 1876. 

3816. Ellen Smith'", born May 28, 1878, died Jan. 13, 1879, '^t 
Putnam, Conn. 


John Southwick GASK^.L^ (Sally', John', Jos- 
eph", Benjamin', Benjamin\ John^John^ Lawrence'), 
son of Sally (Southwick) and Naham Gaskill, born 
Dec. 12, 1807; married, Jan. 18, 1843, Harriet 
Staples, died Sept. 13, 1879. One child: 

3817. Julia E.'", born Oct. 10, 1843; married, Nov., 187 1, Alex 

A. G. Pond. They live at Mendon, Mass. 


Olive GASKILL^ (Sally', John', Joseph^ Benja- 
min", Benjamin\ John^ John% Lawrence'), daughter 


of Sally (Southwick) and Naham Gaskill, born June 
10, 1813, died July 12, 1881. Married, July 30, 
1837, Elkana Barrows, died April 30, 1875. Children: 

3818. Edward C", born June 18, 1839. 

3819. Eliza S.'", born Dec. 2, 1840; married Hamilton Wilcox. 
They have one child, Cora. 

3820. Charles E.'", born Nov. 8, 1842, died April 1881 ; married 
E. Cook. They had four children. 

3821. William E., born Jan. 6, 1S44; married Lizzie . 

They have two children. 

3822. Lewis H.'", born Oct. 28, 1846; married Bertha Robbins. 
They have three children. 

3823. Ellen O.'", born Oct. 19, 1847. 

3824. John G.'", born Oct. 15, 1849: married, Oct. 25, i88i,Mary 

A. Estes. 

3825. Albert W., born Dec. 28, 1851 ; married Ida Robbins. 
They have two children. 

3826. Naham G.'^ born Jan. i, 1854. 

3827. Alfred Irving'", born Dec. 17, 1857; married Lizzie Crumb, 
Oct., 1878. They have one child : 


MiCAjAH Collins GASKILL^ (Sally*, John', Jos- 
eph^, Benjamin^ Benjamin*, John*, John'\ Lawrence'), 
son of Sally (Southwick) and Naham Gaskill, born 
Sept. 26, 18 16; married first, April 7, 1842, Hannah 
M. Taft, died July 31, 1844; second, Feb. 12, 1850, 
Abzada Gould. Children : 

3828. Leonard T.'", born Jan. 3, 1843. 

3829. Edwin C."^, born May 3. 1844. 

Married second, Abzada Gould. Children : 

3830. Hannah'", born Nov. 17, 1853, died June 26, 1870. 

3831. Cora Elsie'", born Dec. i, 1855. 


032. Lucinda M.'", born March 4, 1858; married John Weslej 
Estes, July 6, 1878. They have one child, Jessie A., born 
Feb. 7, 1879. 

3833. Annie W.'^, born Sept. 18, 1861. 

3834. Albion Andrew, born Aug. 18, 1864. 


Mary Thurber GASKILL^ (Sally', John', Joseph*, 
Benjamin*, Benjamin\ John\ John^ Lawrence'), 
daughter of Sally (Southwick) and Naham Gaskill, 
born Aug. 13, 1818; married, April 6, 1845, Willis 
Gould. Children : 

3835. George W.*°, born Jan. i, 1846. 

3836. Naham'°, born Sept. 19, 1848; married. They have two 
children, viz. : MaryT., born Aug. 13, 1875; Davis H., 
born March 27, 1878. 

3837. Andrew'", born Oct. 17, 1854; married. They have one 
child, Charles H.. born Oct. 30, 1876. 


Almira F. GASKILL^ (Sally', John', Joseph*, 
Benjamin*, Benjamin\ John^ John^ Lawrence'), 
daughter of Sally (Southwick) and Naham Gaskill, 
born June 18, 1821 ; married, Dec. 8, 1844, Charles 
Fletcher. Children : 

3838. Charles L.'°, born Jan. i6, 1847, died March 25, 1847. 

3839. Lorrain Leslie"', born June 26, 1848; married Mary E. 
Wilcox, Dec. 14, 1872. They have one child, Annie. 

3840. Ada H.'", born Aug. 4, 1851 ; married Charles B. Williams, 
Oct. 25, 1876. 

3841. Charles A.'", born Dec. 5, 1843; married, Oct. 31, 1877, 
F. Emogene Cole. 



Gilbert GASKILL^ (Sally^ John', Joseph^ Ben- 
jamin% Benjamin*, John^ John*, Lawrence'), son of 
Sally (Southwick) and Naham Gaskill, born April 
28, 1823; married first, Sept. i, 1848, Olive W. 
Gould, died March 24, 1854; second, Feb. 18, 1855, 
Ellen Frances Wheelock. Children : 

3842. Samuel'", born Oct. 5, 1849. 

3843. Adaline'", born Dec. 14, 1852. 

3844. Gilbert'". 

Married second wife, Feb. 18, 1855, Ellen Frances 
Wheelock. Children : 

3845. Jennie Louise'", born Feb. 26, 1856, died Oct. 17, 1856. 

3846. Warren Frances'", born Aug. 24, 1859. 

3847. David Mellen'", born June 8, 1864, died Sept. 26, 1874. 

3848. Henry Clayton'", born March 21, 1867. 

3849. Minnie Dianna'", born Dec. 3, 1872. 


Naham Gaskill, JR.^ (Sally', John', Joseph*, 
Benjamin^ Benjamin\ John^ John^ Lawrence'), son 
of Sally (Southwick) and Naham Gaskill, born April 
18, 1825; married, July 4, 1850, Fannie Wheelock. 
Children : 

3850. Auburn'", born Nov. 18, 1852. 

3851. Rosabelle'", born Dec. 11, 1854; married, Oct. 25, 1871. 
Lewis Bates. They have one child, Jesse L., born Aug. 
20, 1S77. 

3852. Wilfred'", born Dec. 31, 1856. 

3853. Frank'", born Jan. 5, i860; married Minnie Wilson, April 
10, 1881. 

3854. Jesse'", born Jan. 19, 1862. 

3855. Jennie E.'", born Feb. 7, 1865. 

3856. Hannah S.'", born Sept. 11, 1871. 

3857. Frederick'", born Oct. 31, 1872. 



Richard George Gaskill', (Sally*, John', Jos- 
eph^ Benjamin^ Benjamin\ John'', John", Lawrence'), 
son of Sally (Southvvick) and Naham Gaskill, born 
March i6, 1827; married, July i, 1849, Caroline 
Briggs. Children : 

3858. Caroline"', born Feb. n, 1852; married Frank Collins. 
Thej have four children, viz. : Sallj, Annie, Grace, Frank. 

3859. Sallj'", born Aug. 22, 1S55, died young. 
3S60. Richard George'", born March 15, 1857. 

3861. John S.'°, born July 16, 1859. 


Albert Warren GASKILL^ (Sally^ John', Jos- 
eph^ Benjamin% Benjamin\ John^ John", Lawrence'), 
son of Sally (Southwick) and Naham Gaskill, born 
Dec. 28, 1831; married, March 25, 1857, Amanda 
Hill. Children: 

3862. Nathan E.'", born Feb. i, 1858; married, June 23, 187S, 
Emma Holbrook. 

3863. Walter A.'", born Maj 30, 1861 ; married, Nov. i, 1879, 
Harriett Bates. Thej have one child, Edith, born Nov. 10, 

3864. Milo A.'", born Jan. 13. 1863. 

3865. Bertha'", born April 7, 1866. 

3866. Peter O.'", born March 19, 1868. 

3867. Moses U.'", born Nov. 19, 1869. 


Nelson Young', (Ruby-, John', Joseph', Benja- 
min", Benjamin\ John^, John^ Lawrence'), son of 
Ruby (Southwick) and Othonial Young, died Oct. 6, 
1852; married, Oct. i, 1839, Nancy L. Mann. Chil 
dren : 


386S. Henry Harrison'", born Feb. 9, 1841. He served with 
honor in the war of the Rebellion on the Union side : after 
the war he went to Mexico and has not been heard from, 

3S69. Ellenora'", born Aug. 12, 1849; niarried, Dec. 4. 1872, 
Edwin H. Blake. They have one son. 


Lyman P. SoUTHWICK^ (Joseph^ John', Joseph', 
Benjamin', Benjamin*, John^, John^, Lawrence'), son 
of Joseph and Hannah (Haselton), born Feb. 19, 
1842; married, Feb. 22, 1863, Ellen Worrall, of 
Millville, Mass. They reside in Manville, R. L 
Children : 

3870. Edward Lyman"*, born Nov. 7, 1863. 

3871. Joseph Hemingway'*, born Oct. 31, 1865. 
3S72. Ellen Fuller'^, born June 16, 1S69. 


Phebe a. Southwick®, (John M.^ John', Joseph^ 
Benjamin^ Benjamin\ John^ John*, Lawrence'), 
daughter of John Marcus and Caroline (Bemis), born 
in Halifax, Mass., July 24, 1825 ; married, Sept. 2, 
1865, James H. Perkins, of Claremont, N.H. Chil- 
dren : 

3873. Abbie 0.'^ born May 11, 1S66. 

3874. Charles H.'", born April 25, 1868. 

3875. William F.'«, born Sept. 17, 1S71. 

3876. Franklin E."*, born Aug. 10, 1873. 


Eliza Jane SoUTHWICK^ (John M.*, John", Jos- 
eph*, Benjamin'', Benjamin*, John\ John', Lawrence'), 



daughter of John Marcus and CaroHne (Bemis), born 
in HaHfax, Mass., Feb. i6, 1847; married, April 21. 
1878, George A. Bonney. Child: 

3877. EInaN."*, born Jan. 22, 1879. 


Lucius Jerome Southwick', (John M.^ John'. 
Joseph", Benjamin*, Benjamin% John\ John*, Law- 
rence') son of John Marcus and Caroline (Bemis), 
born in Blackstone, Mass., Aug. 11, 1850; married, 
Nov. 27, 1 87 1, Eunice R. Ross. Children: 

3878. Florence E.'°, born March 21, 1873. 

3879. Rutherford B.'°. born July 10, 1877. 



John Flood SouTHWICK^ (John\ John*, John^ 

John", Lawrence'), son of John and Eunice ( ), 

born probably 1754, deceased. Married, Jan. 27, 
1776, Molly Tukesbury, daughter of Richard Tukes- 
bury and Mollie Herbert (Follett). He was overseer 
of the poor at Salem or Danvers. The family man- 
sion was on Aborn St., Salem. Children: 


Jonathan Slade'. 

John', deceased. Married Nancy Manning. 



Philip R. Southwick, after the death of his 
father, Edward Southwick, took the business and 
very much enlarged the tannery and currying shop 
at Danvers (now Peabody). He engaged largely 
in tanning sole leather and became largely engaged 
in the manufacture of boots and shoes. His business 
being very extended, the great depreciation in mer- 
chandise caused him to lose all the capital which his 
father left him, which was very large for those days. 
He afterwards became a broker in hides and tanning 
material in Boston, and did a large business and was 



quite successful in it, but lost heavily by the great 
fire in Boston in 1872. His life was a very chequered 
one, and he died shortly after the great fire. He 
was a man of great energy and genial disposition. 


Lydia Southwick', (George^ John", John'. 
John^ John^ Lawrence'), daughter of George and 
Hepzibath (Burrill), born June 5, 1771, died March, 
1837. Married first, Elias Abbott; second, Robert 
Moore, who lived but a short time, no children ; third, 
March 16, 181 5, Amos Lampson, of Hamilton, no 
children. One child : 

Elias Abbott*, born March 30, 1798; married Ljdia Lampson. 
daughter of Amos Lampson, by his first wife, Elizabeth 


Elias Abbott*, (Lydia', George*, John^ John". 
John^ John°, Lawrence'), son of Lydia (Southwick) 
and Elias Abbott, born March 30, 1798, died about 
1839. Married, about 18 16, Lydia Lampson, born 
Oct. 14, 1778, died Feb. 13, 1882. Children: 

Elias*, born Nov. 5, 1S17; married McCloy, no children. 

Lj'dia^, born Oct. 12, 1S19; married Joseph A. Smith. They have 
three children, viz. : Augustus A.'", born Feb. 7, 1843 ; mar- 
ried, Jan. 21, 1869, Etta Rowell ; one child, Jesse Abbott", 
born June 11, 1870. Laura E.'" Helen F.'°, married, Oct. 
15, 1S79, Olnej Brooking; one child, Helen M.", born 
Aug. II, 1880. 


Elizabeth', born Aug. 7, 1S21, died Sept. 11, 1S64. Married 
Samuel G. Danforth. They have three children, viz. : 
Charlie*^, Jenne K.^^and Mary Eliza'", married Frank A. N. 
Peabody, Sept. 24, 1880, one child. 

Susan', born July 20, 1824, died Sept. 30, 1850. Married, Nov., 
1S46, James B. Gifford. They have two children, viz. : Mary 
Adelaide'", born Feb. 15, 1848; Emma S.'", born Aug. 8, 
1850. Mary Adelaide married, Aug. 4, 18^)9, William 
Maloon. They had three children, viz.: Mina", born Oct. 
23, 1870; Emma", born Jan. 19, 1873; William G.", born 
March 26, 1877. 

Mary®, born April 22, 1836, died June 24, 1854. Married Joseph 
G. Foster. They had one child. 


Mary Southwick*, (George^ George*, John*, 
John\ John', John^ Lawrence'), daughter of George 
and Mary (Lakeman), born May 23, 181 1 ; married, 
May 5, 1836, David Neal, born Dec. 7, 1808, died 
Sept. 7, 1844. Children, all living in Concord, N. H. : 

Daniel L.'. born Feb. 8, 1837. 
William H.', born Oct. 24, 1838. 
Mary H.', born Oct. 8, 1840. 
Caroline', born Oct. 25, 1842. 


Martha South WICK^ (George^ George^ John*, 
John*, John^ John^ Lawrence'), daughter of George 
and Mary (Lakeman), born March 28, 181 7, died 
April 13, 1873. Married, Nov. 9, 1842, Benjamin 
B. Neal, born April 14, 1807, died Nov. 8, 1868. 
One child : 

William Silver', born Aug. 11, 1843; Married Rebecca Millett, 
Dec. 12, 1871. They have one child, William Francis, 
born Feb. 11, 1S75. 



The figures before each name denote the geiieological number; the flgureB 
after the name indicate the page on which it is to be found. 

First Generation. ^) 
\ I Lawrence and Cassandra 

Second Generation. 

6 Daniel 

2 John // ^ 
4 Josiah • 

3 Mary '' 

7 Provided 

Third Generation. 
zi Cassandra 
32 Daniel 
^^ Eleanor 
13 Isaac 


II John 
^, 18 Josiah 
28 Lawrence 
10 Samuel 
t/23 Solomon 

Fourth Generation. 

59 Abram 

61 Benjamin 
42 Benjamin 
71 Caleb 

75 David 
69 Daniel 
88 Daniel 
39 Ebeiiezer 

62 Is.iac 

42 Jonathan 
56 John 









79 Josiah 
74 Joseph 
87 Jonathan 
90 John 3d 

84 Josiah 

85 James 

72 Lawrence 
S3 Solomon 




158 Asa 147 

160 Abigail 148 

176 Anna 160 


414 Amasa 194 

314 Amasa 280 

392 Asa 286 

3SS Anna 285 

428 Arnold 209 

570 Arnold 28S 


1 374 Artemas R. 302 

1188 Anna Remington 305 

1(^3 Alpheus Baker 314 

S75 Asa Smith 321 

8 6 Abraham Laphani 322 

607 Adin Deming 324 

583 Adaline , 325 

loiS Anna 332 

I 375 Admah Zadina 334 





I -5 1 
133 1 

1 169 


II 58 


Adnah H. 

Abigail Elmira 




Augusta Melvina 


Amos Pettengale 


Abigail Bartlett 






Alice Lavinia 

Amanda M. 


Amanda Viola 

Archelaus A. 

Ann Eliza 



Dr. Augustus Benj. 


Alice Irene 

Amanda Minerva 

Almira H. 



Angelina Selina 

Adelbert Moses 

Abbie D. 

Alonzo Edward 


Andre Arnold 

Alonzo Lewis 






3266 Albert W. 


209 Benjamin 
135 Benjamin 

242 Betsey 
281 Betsey 










532 Benjamin 236 

235 Benjamin Franklin 238 


1078 Benjamin 333 

962 Betsey 356 

9i2rt Benjamin Franklin 385 

653 Benjamin Franklin 394 

1303 Bradford 423 

816 Betsey 426 

799 Benjamin T 434 

1321 Baruch A. 434 


1560 Benjamin Franklin 454 

1S32 Benjamin 476 


153 Caleb 151 


473 Chade_ 215 

279 Cynthia 226 

462 Cassandra 288 


707 Christopher 301 

980 Caleb T. 304 

854 Clovis Lapham 337 

1231 Caroline 410 

1048 Clarissa 411 

1275 Catharine C. 424 


1567 Charlotte Eliza 454 

1710 Caroline 466 

1823 Chauncey 474 

1842 Caroline M. 477 

18S5 Cornelia 481 

2034 Clara Maria 493 

2191 Catharine Eliza 502 

2245 Charles Doolittle 514 

2354 Caroline D. 526 

257S Charles 541 

2602 Clotina 543 



152 Daniel 151 

151 David 153 




223 David 


241 David 


440 Daniel 


449 David 


470 Dorcas 


299 David 


512 Daniel 


510 David 


433 Daniel 


407 Daniel 


404 David Jr. 


319 Daniel B. 


397 Daniel 



985 David 


894 Daniel 


625 Dewey 


603 David 


1720 David 


850 Duty 


1119 David 


987 Deborah 


1 107 David 


728 Daniel 


iigi Daniel William 


1405 David 


913 Dorcas 


116S David 


1233 David 


1236^ Daniel 



1568 Daniel Brown 


1674 David 


1 88 1 Davis Lander 


1957 David llenrj 


2199 David L. 


2230 Daniel Smith 


2501 Daniel Remington 


2i^S7 Dorothy 


2676 David H. 


2635 Daniel Wilbur 




201 Elizabeth 
182 Edward 


95 Ebenezer 180 

147 Edward 157 

178 Esther i6a 

190 Esther 14a 

193 Enoch 140 


478 Elizabeth 196 

442 Elizabeth 205 

420 Ezra 2og 

4!;2 Ezra 212 

453 Elizabeth i88 

464 Elisha 213 

469 Edward 216 

340 Edward 224 

382 Edward 225 

576 Enos 232 

295 Esther 240 

321 Eliza 264 

323 Edward 264 

408 Elisha 266 

406 Elizabeth 266 

313 Enoch 276 

310 Eber 277 

307 Elijah 278 


888 Edward Seth 294 

1279 Elisha 295 

864 Elsie 300 

1039 Enos Henry 310 

827 Eben Moulton 312 

1015 Elizabeth " 324 

582 Eunice 325 

678 Edward 330 

973 Edmund 342 

945 Edward C. 346 

922 Edward Jr. 354 

1237 Earl ' 356 

1203 Emma D. 357 

1253 Electra Wilder 363 

1249 Edmund Blood 364 

10S7 Eliza Lucy 370 

1334 Emma " 372 

936 Elisha 374 

1396 Electra 384 

1314 Eliza Ann 387 

1287 Ebenezer Cass 391 

1 160 Ebenezer 393 

1 170 Erastus Royal 398 

1032 Edmond Z. 401 



1^34 Elizabeth 409 

S27 Eben Moulton 425 

1 155 Elijah Baker 435 

1404 Ezekiel 446 

1396 Electra 446 


1472 Emilv Wait 451 

1569 Eben" 455 

1619 Elizabeth 461 

1620 I'3dward Livingston 461 
1719 Eunice 468 
173S Ely 469 
1755 Edward Earle 472 
1799 Emory S. 473 
1841 Emma 
1845 Emertine 
1S67 Elizabeth 
191 2 Elmira 
1971 Edward 

2019 Ellen J. 

2258 Ely Chamberlain 
2261 Emeline Sabina 
235^ Elgin 
2380 Enos Matthias 
2535 Eben Moulton Jr. 
2667 Edward A. 
2674 Elbridge G. 
2755 Ebenezer 
2730 Emuel 

3095 Edwin Augustus 
3251 Elvira 
3685 Eliza Jane 


491 Francis 


1621 Frederick William 
1663 Frank Benjamin 

2020 Francis S. 
2085 Farnum 

2259 Flaccus Norbanus 
2263 Franklin Bosworth 
2275 Frank '' 
2507 Frances Isnbella 

2677 Flora Isadore 
2722 Francis L. 


3025 Frank Southwick 577 



116 George 161 

191 George 183 

145 George 156 



246 George 


443 George 


490 George Jr. 


572 George 


405 George 


497 George 


317 George 


3S9 George 



1037 George Folger 


1286 George 


852 George Baxter 


950 George 


1290 George Stanford 

914 George W. 

1319 Gilbert 


10^0 George H. 


808 George W. 


814 George Jr. 

828 George 

779 George H. 

1323 George B. 

1296 Gideon Bentley 



1575 George 


1 741 George Milton 


iSoo George Edward 


1825 George A. 


2720 George A, 


1917 Gilbert W. 


2128 George 


2229 George 


2713 George Henrj 













60 1 


2824 George Henry 573 

2993 George W. 573 

3265 George Henry 579 




126 Henry Collins -/<l2<i -5^165 
203 Hannah ^f 139 

329 Hannah 
477 Hannah 


^/ / liaijiiaii J 196 

522 Henry Collins Jr..^-^^3PO' 
546 Henry Collins 20/ 

44S Hannah 2/1 

472 Hannah 2'22 

341 Hannah 225 










Henry Collins |r. 





















Homer Hersey 









Hannah S. 










Henry K. 









Hannah W. 



Harriet Maria 



Henry E. 



Henry K. 



Henry Clay 






Hamilton B. 



Homer H. 





2680 Henry Jonathan ^62 

26S8 Hannah 565 

2719 Henry Adelbert 569 

2737 Hannah Eliza 570 


3569 Hattie L. 583 

117 Isaac — '/" 

155 Isaac -^ 
102 Ichaboa 

504 Isaac Jr. 
296 Isaac 
233 Ichabod 

1086 Isaac Harrison 
636 Isaac Mott 
I2to Israel Mowry 
1 137 Ira H. 





1412 Ira 


2738 Israel Griffith 




l88 John 


165 Josiah 


79 Joseph 


loi Jesse 


174 Jonathan 


172 Josiah 


167 John 


192 Jacob 


184 Jonathan 


149 Joseph 


199^ Josiah 


115 Joseph 


no John 


209^ Josiah 


2io<7 James 



236 Josiah 


499 John Flood 




218 Jesse 


140 Joseph 


445 Judith 


426 Joseph 


471 Jesse 


575 Jonathan 


454 John 


569 Jonathan 


511 Jonathan 


320 Jo!:.eph 


322 Jacob 


312 John 


390 Judith 


399 Jacob 


484 Joseph 


509 James Jr. 


270 fames 


578 job 


499 John Flood 



1016 Jonathan Irish 


740 Josiah 


S25 Jonathan S. 


722 James Chapman 


626 John Wesley 


627 John Hannie 


5S6 James Lawrence 


1274 James Comstock 


967 Jerome 


963 James 


1 1 12 Jane Lucretia 


S35 James 


iioS Jonathan 


725 John 


1 104 Jesse 


1310 John 


loSS Joseph Edward 


933 Jonathan F. 


929 James 


910 Johnson M. 


1315 James 


815 Joseph A. 


1034 josiah 


1036 job Jr. 


915 Jane Ann 


601 Jemima 


591 James 


965 John 


647 Jacob 


646 John 



1451 Joseph 

1452 James George 
157 1 Joel L. 

1595 John Wesley 

1603 Jerome 

1707 Jesse 

1722 John Howard 

1787 James Butters 

1S61 Josephine 

1865 James Moore 

1952 John Russell 

2025 John 

2095 Josephine M. 

2099 John Claflin 

2183 Joseph 

2194 Jonathan Twiss 

22 rg James Ebenezer 

2246 Juliet 

2382 Jason Elbert 

22516 Joel Erastus 

2264 John 

2353 Jane L. 

2537 Joel L. 

2561 Joseph Allen 

25S0 James 

2692 Joseph 

2695 John Marcus 

2739 John H. 

3566. John M. 



1735 Katherine M. 
2231 Keziah 

106 Lemuel 
156 Lydia 
138 Lawrence 

554 Lydia 
447 Ljdia 
474 Lydia 













33S Lemuel 


339 Lydia 


574 Lydia 


432 Lucy 


309 Lucy 


318 Lavinia 


393 Lydia 


564 Lemuel 




862 Lovell Pulsifer 


865 Luke 


861 Lucy 


968 Lucien 


969 Lydia 


946 Lydia 


1 166 Lucretia 


1056 Lois Alley 


1278 Lydia Ann 


594 Lydia 


1150 Lorenzo Dow 


131 1 Lucy Greene 


1284 Lydia 



1596 Levi 


1623 Laura Albee 


1724 Laura Adelia 


1803 Levi 


1830 Lucien G. 


1 85 1 Laura A. 


2379 Lydia M. 


3533 Levi 



3247 Lucinda 


3681 Lyman P. 


3686 Lucius Jerome 



162 Mary 
158 Moses 


530 Mary 
422 Moses 
424 Mary 
292 Mary A. 





434 Marbra 
409 Mary 
395 Maria 
493 Mercy 
496 Mary 
424 Mary 




1 147 
1 194 

1 190 





1 167 







Masa Branch 295 

Moses B. 298 

Mary 3°° 

Mary 304 
Dr. Moses Daniels 317 

Marbra 323 

Mercy Ann 326 

Mirriam 3:27 

Mary Ann 353 

Mary 355 

Melissa 37° 

Mary Joy 372 

Mary 382 

Mary Ann 384 

Mary 39° 

Malinda 39^ 

Milton 399 

Mary 407 

Maria M. 407 

Maria 4^3 

Marion 418 

Mary 43° 

Mary Ann 433 

Mary 445 






Mark Wilford 450 

Mary • 45 1 

Mary Lucinda 462 

Maria 465 

Martha S. 47° 

Matilda 476 

Mary D. 47^ 

Mary Ann 486 

Marrianna 49S 

Mary 499 
Mary Blanche Lois 501 

Mary Wilson 502 

Marcy 503 

Maria A. 504 

Mary Ann 513 

Meri-itt Zelotes 514 



2257 Mary 


2260 Matilda 


2315 Mary E. 


2317 Maria L. 


2376 Mary Ann 


2531 Mary E. 


255S Martha 


2637 Mary Jones 


2641 Mary E. or F. 


1579 Mary 


15S1 Martha 



150 Nathaniel 


305 Nathan 
376 Nathan 
494 Nathan 
430 Nathan 
394 Nathan 





1376 Naomi 302 

6S1 Nathan 331 

129S Nathan 423 

821 Nancy 425 

629 Nathan 442 


1591 Nathan E. 457 

2534 Nathan 53S 

1718 Nancy E. 467 


3270 Nancy Agnes 579 



298 Olive 239 


1070 Olive Aramintha 309 

580 Orpha 330 

605 Orin 341 

130S Oliver Bartlett 367 

1 163 Orin 438 

1470 Osborne Mowry 450 

1565 Orlando 455 

2668 Orin Frederick 547 

-757 Oliver 571 


244 Pitts 202 

378 Paul 225 

326 Philip R. 261 

311 Philadelphia 271 

391 Patience 285 

303 Phoebe 185 


587 Pauline 325 

1076 Pernina Justina 334 

1083 Polly 335 

9S4 Phebe 341 

13 1 8 Peter 389 

819 Platts 391 

1 161 Polly 400 

1029 Phoebe 402 

1033 Priscilla 403 

964 Polly 433 

1 1 48 Pamela 437 

932 Phebe 446 

1 156 Philetus E. 447 

1257 Pliny Buffum 331 

2378 Pamela B. 527 

2i;8i Philip Rensellear Van 

Wyck 542 

2689 Phebe 566 

2678 Pliny Fitch 557 

3684 Phebe A. 591 



205 Ruth 
204 Ruth 



441 Ruth 
534 Rachael 





467 Ruth 





466 Rojal 



Stephen Sweet 


573 Royal 





429 Remington 





Susan Buel 


949 Richard C. 


105 1 

Sarah Jane 


931 Royal 2d 



Stephen Hanson 


1039 Richard 





1 159 Royal 





654 Rhoda 





1301 Remington 


1 192 

Susan Maria 


831 Rebecca 





596 Rachael 





1 184 Remington 



Sarah Miranda 



Sarah N. 



1 1 46 



1750 Rinaldo M. 



Sarah Maria 


2225 Rachael 



Samuel G. 


2265 Rufus E. 



Stephen Wilber 


231S Richard E. 


2340 Roxana 



2640 Ruth A. 



Sewell Lougee 


2691 Ruby 












3250 Ruth 



Sarah Josephine 


190 1 

Sanford Brewster 



1956 Stephen Augustus 



Samuel Fowler 






214 Simeon 



Susan Savles 


127 Solomon 



Sarah Orilla 


208 Samuel 



Sophia Elizabeth 


98 Samuel 



Sarah Pamela 


100 Sarah 





109 Samuel 





Sarah Elizabeth 


560 Solomon 


255 Silas 



243 Susan 


252 Simeon 



239 Sarah 


179 Tamson 


249 Solomon 


146 Theonhilus 


508 Stephen 


518 Sarah Sherman 



251 Stephen 


439 Thomas Musses' 


421 Sarah 


463 Sarah 



529 Samuel 



Thomas Musse^- 




680 Thomas 
1085 Tabitha Leiand 


1879 Thomas L. 
2532 Thomas F. 
2676 Titus A. 


1 185 Urania 355 



1307 William Arnold 


829 William F. 

2243 Warham 

1031 Wheeler B. 


916 William H. 


6oirt William 


943 Willett H. 


Ill William 


128 Wilmarth 



506 William 


431 William 


316 Wait 


562 William 



691 William D. 


720 William 


907 William Henry 


1045 William Bowron 


585 William 


970 William 


951 William C. 





1436 Willett 
1570 William Henry 
1671 William Henry 
1712 William 
187s Willett H. 
1954 William 
2131 William 
2193 William Henry 
2536 William H. 
-S77 William Shim 
2601 Willard 
2673 William Henry 

2946 William Thomas 
3246 Willis 
3568 William O. 


195 Zacheus 139 

468 Zadock 219 






Sixth Generation. 


370 Hiram 

36S Henry Cummings 

369 Maria 



363 Judson 



226 Deborah 



373 Mary SoCithwick 


Seventh Generation. 


1328 Lucy Greene 415 
1327 Lavinia Southwick 415 

1329 Alma Maria 416 


1003 Darwin H. 313 

1002 J. Leonard 320 

loio George H. 373 

loii Corrilla M. 374 

1012 Nelson S. 374 


363 Andrew J. 307 

616 Mary 30S 


1270 Philadelphia 404 


1005 Joseph Southwick 297 

1006 Luke Southwick 29S 
1008 James Moore 298 

927 Mowry 309 

733 Joseph Bowler 431 

734 Robert Maxwell 432 

735 Mary Ann 432 

736 Helen M. 433 


995 Susanna 364 

996 James 365 

997 George 366 

15 17 Nathan Southwick 305 


838 Lydia 420 

841 Duty S. 420 

S40 Gershom 420 

841 Luke S. 421 
845 Mary Eliza 421 

842 Simeon 421 

843 Collins 42:: 


1061 Elmina 335 


902 Hannah 42 

1265 Lydia 366 

1266 George 366 

1267 Isaac 367 

Eighth Generation. 

Elias 594 

1928 Robert 485 

2414 Lucy Ann 529 

1972 Charles Daniel 489 


1762 Sarah R. 472 


1933 Irena 486 

1934 Mary 486 
1937 Calista 486 




1886 James Moore 
1890 Ljdia S. 
1892 Ruth Oakley 
152S Wallace Moses 
1529 Edgar Thomas 
2633 Sarah 


2304 Hosea Southwick 

2305 Hannah Eleanor 

1440 Ann Eliza 
1.S38 Charles Willard 
1539 George Southwick 
1544 Jennie Evelina 

2433 Louisa A. 


2047 Arthur Page 

2048 Moses Southwick 

2625 Samuel C. 
2629 Adaline C. 


2311 David E. 

2312 George A. 
'^Z'^Z Joseph Francis 


1992 Lewis 

1993 Sarah 

1995 Henry 

1996 Elmii-a 

1997 Emily 

2449 Data' 

2450 Abbi 

2451 James 

2452 Samuel 

2453 Southwick 

2454 Mercy 

2455 Prusia 

2456 Sullivan 

2457 Sophia 











2429 Lucy M. 
2427 Albert F. 

246S Rebecca Southwick 

248S Luke C. 
2489 Helen Maria 
2488 Hiram Alonzo 

2332 Almeda Julia 
2^7,1 Delia H. 

2334 Abel Parsons 

2335 Chauncey F. 

2336 Horatio F. 

2337 Emma M. 

2338 Charles L 

2339 Amelia M. 

2154 Alice Chase 
2481 Almira 

1727 Brigham Southwick 

2030 Harrison S. 

2424 Ellen Southwick 
2423 Albert S. 

17 15 Caroline M. 
1717 Nancy M. 

2356 Margaret A. 

Ninth Generation. 














Olive M. 

Clara Jane 




Leonard Angelo 



Alba P. 






3087 Irena J. 


3016 Elizabeth 



3024 Daniel Fitz 




3645 Daniel 


3663 John Southwick 

3666 Olive 

3672 Richard George 



3646 Albert M. 

3640 Ruth 

3642 George Washington 



3674 Albert Warren 
3667 Micajah Collins 

3644 Welcome 
3650 Sarah Ellen 


3668 Mary Thurber 



3669 x\lmira F. 


3670 Gilbert 


3274 George E. 


3671 Naham Jr. 


3275 William Oscar 


3276 Sarah Susan 



3278 C. Amelia 


3450 Daniel 


3277 Ira Merrill 




3571 George H. 

3572 Oscar W. 


3270 Nancj Agnes 




3194 Irving B. 


3679 Nelson 


ERRATA. 64a 

Page J36. Benjamin Southwick, 532, should be 533. 

Pages 237 and 36S. Tabitha Leland Southwick (10S5), married 
Henrj Prentice. 

Page 240. Francis Eddy (1139), married Philetta Brooks, of 

Page 240. Hannah Eddy (1140), married Lorin Davis, of 

Page 242. Rojal Southwick (1159), was dorn Feb. 7, 1013. 

Page 261. The biographical account of Philip R. Southwick 
(236), accidentally omitted, will be found on page 593, at the 
end of the book. 

Page 288. Arnold Southwick (570), was »of in the last war. 

Page 307. Andrew J. Chilson, is son of Judson (363). who 
is omitted in Generation 6. 

Page 312. George Southwick, 1286, should be 1285. 

Page 355. Mary, Southwick, 1235, should be I2^6a. 

Page 361. Jonathan Southwick, iioS, should be 1107. 

Page 363. David Southwick, 1107, should be 1108. 

Page 369. Harrison Southwick (2030), should be Isaac Har- 

Page 375. Jonathan F. Southwick (933), lives in Uxbridge, 
Mass. His daughter Emeline (2086), married C. A. Messenger. 

Page 377. Royal Southwick (931), was married to Direxa 
Claflin, March 7, 1827. 

Page 397. Warham Southwick (2243) should be Warham 
Southwdck Wheden. 

Page 398. Amos Pettengale Southwick (1169), died March 3. 

Page 402. Richard Southwick, 1039, should be 1030. 

Page 404. Chloe Julia Southwick (Densmore) (2302). is living 
(1882) at Elo, Winnibago Co., Wis. 

Page 407. William P., son of Abel Knapp (2334), and Julia 
H. P. Shedden, was born in Mooers, N.Y. 

Page 420. Duty S. Keith, 841, should be 839. 

Page 443. Andre Southwick, 1326, should be 1325. 

Page 458. Amanda Viola, 1593, should be r6oi. 

Page 464 Ann Eliza Southwick's (1672) descent should read : 
David^ Davids etc. 

Page 479. Hannah W. Southwick, 1S70, should be 1871. 

Page 507. Alpha Southwick, 2228 should be 2227. 

64/" ERRATA. 

Page 515. Sarah Orilla (2255) should be Sarah Antha. 

Page 523. Chauncy F. Knapp, 2235, should be 2335. 

Page 524. Charles I. Knapp, 233S, should be 2339. 

Page 525. Amelia M. Knapp, 2339, should be 2340. 

Page 525. Roxanna Southwick, 2340, should be 2758. 

Page 529. Lucv Anna Barker, 2414, should be 2413. 

Page 536. Luke C. Keith, 24SS, should be 2490. 

Page 554. David H. Southwick, 2676, should be 2671. 

If any should find themselves neglected, or left out entirely, 
in this volume, they will oblige by corresponding with us in re- 
gard to the same, and by sending whatever may have been 
omitted, in order that in our next edition, they may be remem- 
bered and included. 

Our family tree is so large, and its branches so numerous, that 
it is possible we may not have gathered all into this work. 

M. A. Ober, Sciota, Clinton Co., N.Y-., or 
James M. Caller, Salem, Mass. 



'nttod^f?- V, 

f^ ■-^/i^^k'i^